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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 14, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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frustrated. >> what first started as hate-based attacks, has become a crisis against the asian-american community. this morning the bay area faces to find answers. good morning, everybody, it's february 14th. happy valentine's day. we will get to the latest discussions in a moment. as always, let's start with a quick look at the weather, with lisa argen. a little more rain on the way. >> that's another level 1 system coming in later on tonight, but starting out your sunday,
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valentine's day, it's dry. we're not looking at anything in the way of fog either. so as we look at our current numbers, much cooler this morning. 45 in nevada, it's 43 in hayward, 47 in san jose, anywhere from about two to 12 degrees colder. that's due to some clearing. we'll call it partly cloudy skies. as we get towards 7:00, more 40s. the clouds increase by noon time. upper 50s, mostly cloudy. we'll stay dry. spokesman ma county could see a shower later in the afternoon. temperatures tong out in the low 60s. a level 1 system arrives tonight. it stays with us through president's day. we'll track it coming up. happening today, the calm for safety and justice for asian americans moves across the bay area now. dozens of community groups will hold a rally in san francisco today, similar to what we saw here in oakland yesterday, on saturday. of course, we have teen violence
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against the asian community, particularly the elderly has been front and center in the national spotlight. we are showing you these videos, deadly, sensely attacks caught on camera, putting our neighbors truly in frozen fear. issues of race and social justice are topics we are exploring. this morning, abc 7 reporter matt boone explains what the solution of support and immunity may be much more complicated. >> reporter: this is what solidarity looks like in oakland during a pandemic. dr. jennifer tran helped organize the event saying she was surprised by the turnouts. >> it just meant that others are listening. >> reporter: one of those incidents happened on thursday on east 12th street a. woman had just quickly exited a tea shop when a suspect jumped out of a car and stolen her purse in the
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backseat. >> they left without a purse in a traumatizing event. >> reporter: that's the owner of the store, chen wen, who spoke to the crowd saying he was frustrated by the slow response. >> two days, they still haven't responded to us yet? that's way too long. >> reporter: but the idea of increasing police resources in oakland is at the center of a wide egg conversation. in the crowd, they held up signs to de-fund the police. the slogans, fund community,, not cops. >> oftentimes, when the city budget is tight, communities are pit against each other, fighting over crumbs. >> reporter: he came with the shirt asian black community calling for a more responsive approach. >> the responsibility isn't on the police. >> reporter: in a statement from mayor libby shaft, she revealed they will be reinstating a police liaison in china town saying the horrific targeting of victims based on race or nationality has no place in our
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diverse sanctuary city of oak. we will restore these officer, as so many in the community have demand, while at the same time most have invested in safe measures as well. >> i am happy to hear from the community concern, that person will be restored. >> reporter: she says she feels these discussion need to be had in a public forum in front of the city council to be considered in future budget and public safety decisions. >> to really make sure all of our communities being served. >> and coming up this morning, oakland's newly-sworn-in police chief louis armstrong will be speaking about the uptick in violence. you will see what he is trying to do to fight the attacks. now, as the bay area confronts these issues of racism and social justice, we are here to help. head to our website for complete list of conversations and local resources. now, former president donald
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trump has been acquitted for a second time in an impeachment trial. seven republicans joined the democrats to say trump is guilty of inciting the deadly january 6th insurrection. but that did fall ten votes short to convict. abc news reporter ted hernandez has this story. >> reporter: for the second time, former president donald trump was acquitted during an impeachment trial. however, house managers calm at this time most bipartisan trial in history. seven republicans joined democrats to say he is guilty of the january 6th insurrection. but in the final vote, the house impeachment managers fell short of the two-thirds majority needed for conviction. mitch mcconnell delivering a blistering rebuke of trump immediately after voting to acquit. >> president trump's actions preceded the riots or a disgraceful, disgraceful der lex
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of duty. the people who stormed this duty believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions are of their president. >> reporter: following the conclusion of the trial, speaker of the house nancy pelosi slammed mitch mcconnell and other senate republicans. >> what we saw in that senate today was a cowardly group of republicans who iparentally have no options because they were afraid to defend their jobs, respect the institution in which they serve. >> reporter: former president donald trump issued a statement, in part, saying his make america great again movement has only just begun. timer hernandez, abc news, new york. >> later this morning, u.s. congressman of the east bay will be joining us here live for his brand-new reaction to this impeachment acquittal. we will also have abc 7 news reporter here with us to join the conversation to break everything down about what comes
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next. also maybe some governor newsom recall, what is happening there. we will have that at 9:00 a.m. eric swalwell served as an impeachment manager in the trial, if you watched the trial. now he is saying despite the acquittal, the trial proves trump is guilty of the greatest crime ever of the constitution. >> this is not the end of the accountability for donald trump it's not the beginning of the end. it may be this the beginning. you have criminal proceedings in georgia, manhattan, who knows, for some of the federal exposure the president has. of course, all of the civil cases suspended will nom home to roost. >> congressman swalwell blasted the former president for the delay in the insurrection. he also says senator mitch mcconnell gave trump a loophole. >> we needed more than words. we needed deeds. you know for the seven who voted
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guilty. they did the right thing. they followed the evidence for leader mcconnell, he gave the president a loophole and again i think the american people know what the president did and he'll be held accountable in other forms, whether it's civil or criminal liability. but we did our job. >> trump still faces a number of legal challenges, including a criminal probe in georgia over his attempts to overturn the election, coming up on "this week," senator bill cassidy over his vote to convict trump. you can watch the full interview on abc 7. all right, let's turn now to the coronavirus pandemic. we are seeing steady improvements overall in the state's case rate. california reported 433 deaths on saturday. that number is high due to a case surge that lasted into the second week in january. but the seven-day positivity rate is down to 4.1% for the
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first time in months. the number of people in the hospitals is 9,444, dropping more than 50% since the beginning of the year. and this california expands vaccine eligibility list, questions are currently mounting over who is considered the highest risk and how much it will be for doctors to decide. abc 7 news reporter luis pena is a part of our back team. she spoke to a disability advocate who says their underlying health conditions should be on the list. >> reporter: for nearly a year, the fear of getting covid has isolated carice from the rest of the world. she was diagnosed with a chronic disease. >> i live with axial spond lo arthritis, which is an inflammatory condition that affects my whole body. >> and only left home for doctors appointments, her health has been at risk. >> last year i went to the emergency room three times because of infections that i
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couldn't fight at home. >> reporter: when california expanded the vaccine eligibility ages 16 to 64, carice thought they were included. but the expansion only listed those the states categorize as the highest risks, which included those with cancer or heart conditions, among others. but if you keep scrolling down, it also includes individuals who are likely to develop severe life-threatening illness or death from covid. and the state advises for healthcare providers to use their clinical judgment. >> and my instinct tells me there may be some zrelgs at the provider's levels, saying, hey, are you not in these listed disease categories, you are still immunocompromised or high risk. >> reporter: that's the grey area some california medical doctors are concerned about, wondering, how much power will they have in deciding who is at the highest risk? dr. nadine burks harris, the leading spokesperson in california's health matters,
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says the supply is still limit and responded. >> it's really crucial for providers really to exercise a fair amount of recognition of the scarce supply to ensure that those who are at highest risk are able to get access to the vaccine. >> reporter: a thought that leaves many with underlying health conditions wondering, if ultimately the state will prior tease them. do you think you will qualify? >> personally, i think i qualify. but there is no direction for how i would prove that i qualify. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> we are tracking california's vaccination progress on our website. you can, too. see where distribution stands and when you might be eligible to get the shot on okay, the lunar new year's celebrations in san francisco. you see in china town businesses put off fire crackers when they
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scare off bad luck and evil spirit. the usual celebrations are, of course, being scaled back this year because of the pandemic. three new murals have been unveiled in san francisco china town. the works have gone up on parklets, but they are a part of a bigger project called paint the void. local artists have been painting boarded-up businesses and other parklets in san francisco as a way to not only keep busy but to bring some light and hope to city streets. i love that. that's great. all right. yesterday again was a very nice day. >> it was pretty nice. those winds were on the cool side. here's a live look outside. you will notice we have pretty good visibility here. temperatures are cool. anywhere from the low 40s to 50s. we'll talk about increasing clouds. our next storm system. a level 1. a weak one and amounts, well, not too impressive. a look ahead, which includes
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more spring-like temperatures next. >> thank you, lisa. also next. >> it was extremely scary. you came out, you could feel the heat. we were very scared and very sad to see such a historic barn gone. >> a beloved family's business has grown from the ground up now burnt to ash. the story behind what makes this barn so special. plus, bay area churches fearing closure. the oldest one mom: look at you. no braces, all the internet you can handle. i wasn't so lucky. vo: invis is not your parent's braces vo: invis is predictable... less painful, more comfortable.
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morning. six men were shot in the area of 9th and washington streets. all of their injuries are not life-threatening. anyone with an idea of what happened is asked to call oakland police a. reward of up to $30,000 was offered for information leading to an arrest. sunday mass is fuelling a major pandemic pinch here in the bay area. san francisco's historic st. mary cathedral is one now on the brink of closure. the cathedral held its first in-person mass last night, a week after the u.s. supreme court lifted the ban on indoor services in california. it pay be too little too late. they report they owe $250,000 in insurance to the city's archdiocese. but donations have nearly dried up with parishioners forced to say home for months. half moop bay will be
5:17 am
hitting two farmer's market because of this they are vowing to resell after a pottery barn burned to the ground. it is in a beloved spot of the community for more than 100 years. >> reporter: a similar rifle is in san mateo county is no more. the historic barn, belonging to the andreatti family farms was destroyed on friday. >> it's definitely a building that had a lot of soul and a lot of history. >> reporter: nearby homeowners describe the tense moments when the barn went up in flames. >> reporter: the neighbors were hosing down their house. my husband was on the roof. because we were afraid of starting embers. so it was extremely scary. >> reporter: firefighters are still investigating the cause but say the barn the a total loss. >> it's almost like losing a family member kind of thing and day-to-day operations
5:18 am
[ inaudible ] >> reporter: the family got farm in 1926. it first specialized in artichokes and has evolved to growing fruits and vegetables near round. it's known for annual pumpkin patch and sun flower field. it gives the community a place to shop for farmed table ingredients throughout the pandemic. >> our farm suddenly had more meaning. it's really touching beautiful sentiments and memories that people have. >> reporter: and because of that community support, andreotti family farms is vowing to rebuild. >> certainly, you will not see the last of the farm. >> and today the family farm plans to be at those two family markets to get the produce to the community. one is in oakland, located at lasalle avenue and moraga. the other is a belmont farmer's market in the caltrain parking
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lot in el camino real. all right, heavy snow this year is the perfect get-away for ski boarders. look at that white snow. and u.s. 50 heading into the tahoe area and, of course, didn't deter people. it's at 50%, but the family says they have plenty of time to hit the slopes. >> we are with our friends, it will be fun. >> probably did 16 or 17 runs so far. >> the storm is expected to bring up a foot of snow in some spots. chp says expect some traffic on the way back tomorrow. not surprising. that is really fun. >> you know, snow lovers will be rising a little bit and that ar that we got really boosted our snow pack and that was key.
5:20 am
because that's really what saved us for as much of this season so far. we are barely at 30, 45% of average. as we go into this next system, you will see a little snow. but we will see maybe some slushy snow as well, because this one is a milder system. but it will add to that snow pack. here we go on live doppler 7. as you notice the cloud cover. partly cloudy to start out. know this system is up to the north as we widen the view. it's been that kind of year where everything is pointing to the pacific northwest around we usually have been on the tail end of it and no different as we get into late today and monday. now, look right now at numbers in the upper 40s, san mateo, belmont, 48 in redwood estimate as we he ed to the north. not too bad. certainly cooler. yesterday, we had all that wind. temperatures are about 40 degrees in napa. 47 in sonoma county. that's where we could see the first chance later on this
5:21 am
afternoon. so partly cloudy, a chance of showers later on today, a lingering shower tomorrow and that front will get held up a bit. we will get to that in a moment a. level 1 system into your monday. spotty light showers. looking at under a quarter of an inch, bringing slick roadways. so the rest of the day today, if you get some sun this morning, that's a bonus. you will notice the clouds and the moisture to to the north were increased. so about 3:00, 4:00, you could see a shower around santa rosa. this is early monday morning. still some spotty light shower chances. it's not until we get to the later morning hours where this front finally makes a move. look what happens by 2:00 in the afternoon, north bay is getting some clearing. but the peninsula and south bay still some lingering showers for your president's day. by the evening hours, the snow winding down in the sierra nevada looking at rainfall amounts today, early anywhere from nothing to about a tenth up in santa rosa. this is through about 7:30.
5:22 am
then that front moves through and the totals very scant here. we hate to call it a storm. right a. tenth of an inch in fremont. along the peninsula, maybe .2 up by sonoma county. so temperatures today, this is a look at the east bay, upper 50s is average. we'll be about 61. you notice as we go up tuesday and wednesday, sunny and mild conditions. but expecting anywhere from the mountains, well, we got more snow, midnight through 4:00 on monday, a look at what we can expect by kirkwood, maybe 6 inches. a couple of inches, tahoe city. so maybe that shower chance later on today in the north bay, upper 50s to near 60. the accuweather forecast linked today into tomorrow. we're dry and sunny. the next chance of rain, another weak system, liz, late thursday into friday. >> lisa, thank you. just ahead, the american idol anticipation coming to a point for tonight's season premier right here on abc 7.
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and ask your doctor if keytruda can be part of your story. welcome back. long-time bachelor host chris harrison is temporarily sting aside. he faced backlash after defending a woman on the current season which for the first time ever has a black bachelor. images appear to show her at an antebell lull plantation-themed party in 2018. in an interview, he called for fwras for the woman and criticized the quote woke fleet and he apologized and said he is dedicated to getting educated. the bachelor monday night at 8:00 here on abc 7. happening tonight, all eyes are back on those undiscovered talents. the return of "american idol". we saw two bay area since, make it last year.
5:26 am
tonight another local surprise is in store. the new senior premier will be dramatically different and reporter sandy kenya in new york city is here with the high profile contestant that will certainly catch your eye. >> we want an "american idol." >> reporter: "american idol" has already caused a sensation on certainly media and the season hasn't even started yet. >> i'm very nervous, but very excited. >> reporter: 16-year-old claudia conway is the daughter of former trump adviser kellyanne conway. she has more than a million-and-a-half followers on tiktok but insists this is no pub lissity stunt and she is one of a record number of applicants this season. >> all you have to do is click to your dreams. >> reporter: with idol hopefuls now able to apply online. >> we also hope that it may motivate somebody to try out that may have not necessarily tried out on a normal year. >> reporter: last season, due to
5:27 am
the coronavirus, the hosts ended up in different locations. >> the next "american idol" for 2020, just sam. congratulations to sam. >> reporter: but this time, they're bringing the team back all in one place. >> we have all been through so much. we are wanting normalcy. we want some of those things 23 are used to and "american idol" is a showcase show for talent and you will see that this season. >> reporter: producers are following very strict pandemic safety protocols and that's been the biggest challenge facing one of the country's most competitive talent shows. >> grab a spot on the couch. tonight's season premier of "american idol" is right here on abc 7 starting at 8:00 p.m. stay tuned for the rookie and abc 7 news right after that. the next half hour of abc 7 morning, is coming your way with that new government guidance on what it will take to reopen schools.
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so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. don't miss our presidents day weekend special. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed, . plus, 0% interest for 36 months & free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. trending towards the coronavirus practice and the brand-new milestone this morning, 50 million vaccine doses administered. also this morning, a certain set of factors will determine how the pandemic unfolds from here. good morning again, everybody. we will start this half hour with another look at the weather with meteorologist lisa arjen. >> hey, our valentine's day today. >> happy valentine's had to do that. hopefully, you are getting a pete is start this sunday.
5:31 am
23 are not expecting rain the entire day really. but in the north bay, maybe for 30 or so in santa rosa. so that's most of the day. as we look right now at our current numbers, we're in the low 40s here for santa clara. 45 in mountain view. 50 for you and 46 in san pablo. so we are cooler. anywhere from 9 to 12 degrees cooler in the north bay. 10 in livermore. san jose 5 degrees cooler. we look towards 2:00, 3:00, we could see a slight chance of a shower. otherwise, we're cloudy, upper 50s to 60s. notice 7:00, the hills could see a few sprinkles. otherwise, it's later on tonight into your monday. we look at this level 1 system coming into play. we'll talk and track those spotty light showers the next time we see you, liz. >> thank you. this morning, scientists, lawmakers, educators around parents collaborating on how to move forward in reopening schools across the country the
5:32 am
cdc has that road map and classroom modification. most districts in the bay area already align with the safety protocol, many schools starting to reopen this past week. other schools say there are many more ahead. >> it's also making sure we have the resources for it and making sure that districts actually make them real. >> cdc director rochelle wolinski says the guide offers suggests and will not be used to shut schools down. it comes as efforts to get millions of americans vaccinated continues. neither of the moderna very pfizer vaccines are recommended for children under 16. people can get their vaccination at gilroy high school a. palmettos are required. gilroy residents face the highest case and positivity rates of any city in santa clara
5:33 am
county. they account for 1,000 vaccinations a day. possible news in the recall of gavin newsom. the republican party is donating $100,000 into the effort. the gop went to rescue california when several committees working to oust newsome from office. organizers surpass the necessary signatures needed to put the proposal on this year's ballot. if those signatures are verified, the recall election would happen this summer or sometime later this year. and new this morning, facebook is reportedly building its own bay area social media app clubhouse. it's an invite-only app base on audio chat that attracted big names like opa and elon music. you can listen in to podcasts, but it's live. the "new york times" reports that facebook executives had ordered employees to create a
5:34 am
similar product. but it's in the early stages of development so it's unlikely their version will be released any time soon. the pandemic keeping us home has one benefit, sharing more of the love on valentine's day today. bay area florists are getting much needed business. abc 7 was in berkeley at ashby flowers. customers were lined up outside the door to buy their gifts from items and roses shaped like an oxe for the lunar new year. >> every other holiday has been two or three times busier than previous years. we have been doing this 30 years. it's wonderful. we are so grateful for our community that completely supports us. >> ashby expects to be busy, double the orders from last year. still ahead, there are plenty of val intine's day deals to take advantage of today from tweets to meals, we share some
5:35 am
of the offers. plus, it's 1482 which was 50% more than what it appraised for a couple weeks prior. >> almost 1.5, $500,000 more. >> it's a half million dollar difference. but these homeowners say it's evidence of discrimination. see the shocking, yet all too common story spreading all over online. and here is a live look as we head to brake outside, looking out over the embarcadero on
5:36 am
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that in mind. olive garden, pf changs are having a special day as well. other businesses offering deals include cinnabon, bj's restaurant and auntie anne's pretzels. check this out, an arctic blast brought freezing rain to austin and nearby cities. one man lost his fighting and slid down on the ice. oh. the national weather service has seen the coldest temperatures since 1949 are forecast for tomorrow and tuesday in texas. and take a look at this a flag outside a home was frozen solid after freezing temperatures hit the area. wow, lisa. what an image that is. >> and i'm sure you hear about the day before they had that 100-mile -- 100-car pileup so very scary there.
5:39 am
yes, texas definitely gets cold weather. we are looking at more typical bay area weather. although, a live look outside, great visibility. we don't have fog as an issue. we will bring in our level 1 system later on tonight. we will tell you how much rain to expect. then we got a 180 by the middle of the week. i'm explain next. >> thank you. >> the warriors have a solid reunion with kevin durant. they all at lowe's, every weekend is a holiday weekend with big savings on home appliances. from what you need to what you want. save with special values and free delivery on appliances $299 or more. there's no better day than today to shop appliances at lowe's.
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welcome back. in sports, the warriors are off until tomorrow night when they host the cleveland cavaliers. they welcome back david durant, chris alvarez with the highlights of that in many morning's sports. >> good morning, could you imagine the buildup for a game like warriors as if all was normal. a packed house full of energy.
5:42 am
brooklyn's big three took on steph and the warriors. the game was on abc. so you knew it was big time. first quarter, steph being steph. nbc forms from way out and, of course, it's a splash for steph a. little back door cut a. pass from dremond. kevin durant, james harden with three of his own. the beard, brooklyn led by 15 at the break. anderson is going to miss. kelly uray slams it home. another layup off the nice pass. he gets help from kd. guess what, the play is still going. no foul. kyrie irving will go the other way, a pass to dremond. such good presence in the lane. durant's that's easy money for
5:43 am
him and kkhyri. how good he had it. >> my time here at golden state was so much fun. it was such a big learning experience, especially learning in the game of basketball. it's a different philosophy. i'm going to take that with me for the rest of my life. >> it's always, you cross paths with some of the guys, i believe when you actually team up. like you said with a championship, it's a different bond. we're still competing. so it's not lovey dovey out there. but those memories are near and dear for sure. >> reporter: the sharks, first period no soar until vegas pops it in. martin jones, 1-nil los vegas. late in the 2nd, sharks down 2-0. the one-timer, the sixth of the year ties him for the team lead. bad luck for the sharks, the pass was off the skate.
5:44 am
chandler stephenson passed jones. sharks are back at it monday against anaheim. and a beautiful day at pebble. the third round, the pro-am. nate ashley found the beach and nearly played the shots. went from the beach to a double bogey. remains tied for a second after a 68. in golf, sometimes it's hard, jordan spieth was in third place until this approach on 16. spieth is playing some really good golf these days. rolls into the cup for, how about an eagle? the first player to do that in almost 20 years, he has a two-shot lead and a new championship sunday today. that's your look at sports, we're going to send things back to you. >> a check of the forecast with lisa arjen. a little valentine's day sprinkle, a little rain? >> maybe. the pro-am, they tried to change it, get it from february. it was always a huge rainstorm, but those days are behind us. no rain there, maybe a sprinkle,
5:45 am
yes, later on today and some showers following as a weak level 1 system brings minimal precip our way. here's doppler 7. the activity remains to the north of us. just very mine as we look at the bigger picture, it's been pretty nice season there up in seattle and portland, with very active storms, but we haven't managed much of it and that is certainly worth one reason, perhaps, thenila nenia. right now we are looking like we are getting brushed by the systems. 42 in fremont. here's a look from our explore storium camera. -- exploratorium camera. otherwise, will you see the rain moving overnight. lit get hung up a bit by tomorrow. it's a level 1 system sunday
5:46 am
into monday. spotty light showers under .2. today a few peaks of sun to start out. the skies will cloud up. at 4:00, you will notice a few showers well to the north. even as we get into the later evening and overnight hours, not much is going on. we're still awaiting that front. it looks as we get into early monday and pushes through the north bay. lingers south of the golden gate throughout your monday afternoon, that's why by about 2:00, 3:00, could be getting wet to the south of us. who ill the north can see a few peaks of sun. things are quieting down until monday night so by this afternoon, a couple hundredths. maybe a tenth in santa ro sarks as we get into your later day monday, very little to talk about here a. tenth of an inch in fremont. maybe 1-100th in concord. mild starting tuesday and wednesday and then we'll cloud up again, next chance of showers
5:47 am
remains very weak late thursday into friday. so middle snow maker with midnight tonight until 4:00 p.m. on monday. two-to-four inches of snow. it begins to rise to about 7,000 feet in the mountains, about 2 inches, south lake and as we look at highs today, with the cloud cover in the upper 50s to near 60s, this is average for mid-february. the accuweather 7-day forecast, level 1 system today in your monday, outside chance of a shower up in the north bay this afternoon. milder, tuesday, wednesday, then that next system hasn't even warranted a number yet, liz, it's telling you it's weak, once again. so we'll see if we can work on that for you. >> thank you. it's no secret that homeownership is the pathway to building the so-called american degree what's hard in the bay area is even harder for others. it's one of the important conversations abc news is
5:48 am
committed to having as we work towards race and social justice. well, this morning, our story that has since gone viral online, abc 7 news julian glover introduces to you a marine couple who almost got cheated out of half a million dollars. >> you know me, it was work, it was exciting. >> reporter: palm and his wife felt like they captured a slice of the american dream in 2016 when they purchased their first home together. this original moment they called home. but it wasn't without challenges. >> as soon as the house came on the market, you go in, put your pid in and get elevated by 100,000 or more rather quickly and that can be, you know, a little bit depressing. >> reporter: they bought the home off market from another black family hoping to make homeownership a reality for a young black couple. after moving into the home built in the 1960s, the austin's staged major renovations, adding a floor and 1,000 square feet of space, a liening with a deck,
5:49 am
new floors and a fireplace and new appliances. then they got it appraised. >> this is unbelievable. >> reporter: the family tells me, the appraiser was an older white woman. they are convinced race was a factor. it appraised for $989,000, 100,000 more than they got it appraised for despite $400,000 in renovations. >> it's like a slap in the face. >> reporter: the austins immediately called their lender and pushed back. after a month of escalating their complaints, they were approved for a second appraisal. when the date came, they got creative. >> we had a conversation with one of our white friends and she is like, no problem, i'll be tenecia, i'll bring over pictures of my family and made it look it longed to her. >> it appraised 4.182, which was 50% more than a couple weeks prior. >> almost 1.5, 500,000 more. >> reporter: the austins were
5:50 am
outraged and believe this is another result of larger systemish issues. >> there are implication of a generation of wealth to pass things on in our shouse appraised for 50% less than what it's valued at. we know discrim nation is in nearly every aspect of the home officer and we should be addressing it as an industry. >> reporter: discrimination in the housing market comes in many forms. it has a long history in the company and the bay area. leading to alarming low rates of black americans owning their own home. black own wereship lags across the country with less than half, only 44 worse of black or middle kids own a any home. looking at the golden state, 34% of black californians own a home. in the bay area, those numbers are lower. 33% of black san francisco residents own a home compared to 61% of white san fransicoans. the numbers are more drastic in
5:51 am
san jose two a rate of 31% and a white homeownership rate of 65%, more than double. >> why are we seeing such a great disparity? >> there are problems in the housing industry a. lot of people are being steered away from white neighborhoods. even though that is illegal. they have the same access to emergency white people have. >> reporter: according to national association of realtors, they are rejected three times higher than white applicant. another factor suppressing homeownership. >> black americans doubled the amount of student loan debt than white home buyers. so that's one of the many things that african-american home buyers are slapped with, and it's the buying power. >> reporter: the pandemic made things worse a. representative stressed, closing the homeownership gap is essential to closing the wealth gap in our country. to make that happen, equity and
5:52 am
housing must be the central focus. the austins agree. >> we are aware advice exists in other systems, police, cool, why wouldn't they exist in the housing market? what can we do to fix that? >> reporter: there could be help on the way in the form of two biden administration proposals, the first would extend $15,000 in downpayment assistance for first time home buyers. another $100 billion fund for creating new affordable housing. covering race, culture and social justice, julian glover, abc 7 news. >> if you have a tip, you can reach out to julian as well a. reaction on twitter and facebook. you can find them at julian gabc7. and tins we first showed you this story, the interest exploded online. we are continuing the conversation right now on facebook as well. let us know what you think about
5:53 am
this story. all right, next, valentine's day, anyone would be jealous of. see the wedding family. why they're so advanced non-small cell lung cancer can change everything. but your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread and that tests positive for pd-l1 and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene.
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here's to a chance for more horizons. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. . today is extra special for a couple in, no they got married yesterday and it was worth the way. jorge is a front line hospital worker. christine is a special education teacher. the newlyweds got engaged three years ago at the empire state building. that's where they had an all expenses paid ceremony after winning a contest for a valentine's weekend wedding. very cool, congrats to the happy couple or the location, too. >> she looks cold, get ler a jacket. very fun. we're back with another full hour of abc 7 mornings at 6:00 a.m. what will be seeing today? the prime site against asian american and pacific islanders
5:56 am
in the bay area. plus, oakland's brand-new police chief gives his battle plans, speaking exclusively in gma. local lawmakers sounding off on what they say comes next.
5:57 am
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at lowe's, every weekend is a holiday weekend with big savings on home appliances. from what you need to what you want. save with special values and free delivery on appliances $299 or more. there's no better day than today to shop appliances at lowe's. i mean, it's heart breaking. it's heart breaking and frustrated. >> thousands in oakland pleading
6:00 am
for an end to violence. what first started at hate-based attacks brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, growing even further against the asian community. this morning the bay area working to find answers. good morning, everybody, it is sunday, february 14th. thank you for joining us on this valentine's day. we'll get to very important discussions in a moment. first let's get a look at the weather with lisa argen. more rain is on the way? >> just a little bit. a level one system later on today. right now we are cloudy in the north bay and some holes in that overcast in the south bay. so it looks like we can wait for the bulk of the day before we see any precip. as we look at current numbers, 41 in fremont. villejo, 45 there. 50 on the coast him cooler numbers than we had yesterday. cloud will increase, upper 50s by noontime, you could see a sprinkle up towards santa rosa,


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