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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 14, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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at ross. yes for less. good morning, america. acquitted again. former president donald trump cleared of the charge of inciting the insurrection of the capitol. chaos in the chamber over possible witnesses just before the vote. speaker pelosi's anger at senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. >> it was a very disingenuous speech. >> reaction from president biden on the verdict, and are trump's legal battles over? a look ahead. major winter blast. snow and ice putting nearly the entire country on alert. seattle seeing the snowiest day in more than a half century. cars overturning on icy roads. a 21-car pileup in tennessee. hundreds of thousands of customers without power. our weather team tracking a very stormy week ahead. searching for a shot.
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the inventive ways americans are getting covid vaccine appointments. >> such a relief. >> plus, a focus on children, when will the vaccine be authorized for kids? dr. ashish jha here to answer the big questions. caught on camera. an 8-year-old's terrifying fall. now speaking exclusively to "gma." >> it was going way too fast. >> and what her mom says about seeing her daughter dangling. "bachelor" bombshell. longtime franchise host chris harrison announcing he's stepping aside for a period of time. following the major backlash for defending that contestant under fire for racist social media posts. what he's saying about his sudden decision. good morning. it's valentine's day. in case you forgot, but there's
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not a lot of love in washington, d.c. we're waking up after donald trump's second impeachment trial and his second acquittal. the former president issued a statement calling the whole thing, quote, a witch hunt. his son eric whose twitter account is still active, tweeted simply, 2-0. >> this latest acquittal comes one year and eight days after democrats first tried and failed to convict trump. overnight, president joe biden put out a statement, reading, in part, this sad chapter in our history has reminded us that democracy is fragile and that each of us has a duty and responsibility as americans and especially as leaders to defend the truth and to defeat the lies. >> seven republicans voted to convict trump. at least one already feeling the political backlash. louisiana's republican party saying it has unanimously voted to censure senator bill cassidy because he voted to convict. rachel scott with us again on capitol hill with more on the historic vote. rachel, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning.
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this was an impeachment trial unlike any other in our nation's history. the first for a former president. all the jurors witnesses themselves. and the case tried at the scene of the crime, inside the senate chamber. the final day full of twists and turns, but it ended in an outcome that republicans said was all but certain all along. donald trump acquitted for a second time. this morning, former president donald trump acquitted, again. >> he is hereby acquitted of the charge. >> reporter: this time on the charge of incitement of insurrection. just over a month after violent mobs stormed the u.s. capitol, breaking into the very chamber where the case was tried, a majority of the senators, 57, voting to convict. 7 republicans breaking ranks, joining every democrat, finding trump guilty. but it was still short of the two-thirds necessary to convict. moments after, senate republican
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leader mcconnell voted to acquit, when he gave this blistering rebuke, placing the blame squarely on trump. >> there's no question, none, that president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day. no question about it. >> reporter: mcconnell standing by his decision, insisting trying a former president is unconstitutional. >> if president trump were still in office, i would have carefully considered whether the house managers proved their specific charge. >> reporter: and democrats were outraged by his words. noting that it was mcconnell who refused to start the trial while trump was still in office. >> it was a very disingenuous speech. i say that regretfully because with the leadership of the other party. >> reporter: the trial was quick but raw and emotional. on the final day, a curveball, five republicans voting with democrats to call witnesses,
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hear depositions, see more evidence, lead manager jamie raskin said he wanted to subpoena congresswoman beutler. >> needless to say this is an additional piece of evidence. >> reporter: beutler said that mccarthy told her of a heated phone call he had with trump as the violence unfolded. pleading with him to tell the supporters to stand down. trump's defense objected to that call for witnesses. >> i think that's inappropriate and improper, we should close this case out today. >> reporter: and confusion filled the chamber. in the end, democrats backed off. no witnesses were called. in their final arguments, democrats warning of grave consequences if the senate did not act. >> this cannot be the beginning. it can't be the new normal. >> reporter: and the president's lawyers blasting the trial until the very end. >> this impeachment has been a complete charade from beginning to end. the entire spectacle has been
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nothing but the unhinged pursuit of a longstanding political vendetta against donald trump. >> reporter: never before has so many members of a president's own party supported their removal from office. in the end, ten republicans voted to impeach. seven voted to convict. eva? now to reaction from the trump camp, abc's alex presha is in washington with that. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, eva. i got to see this detail with you, after yesterday's verdict trump attorney van der veen said we're going to disney world, as if they had just won the super bowl. now this outcome of this trial may have been expected, but this was a big win for team trump, and the former president is taking a victory lap not showing any signs of remorse or regret, calling this trial in a statement, another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of you are country, and also hinting at the future saying, the movement to make america great again has only
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just begun, and that, i look forward to continuing this new credible journey together. now the rnc is already fund-raising on this acquittal saying, we want to send a message that the republican party is stronger than ever before, but the truth is how the party evolves from here is really uncertain. president biden responding to the verdict in a statement saying, while the final vote didn't lead to a conviction, the substance of the charge is not in dispute. he went on to point out that senate minority leader mcconnell who opposed conviction, believed donald trump was guilty of a disgraceful dereliction of duty. and practically and morally responsible for provoking the violence unleashed on the capitol. repeating of course mcconnell's own words about the former president. dan. >> alex presha, thank you, in washington. let's bring in our chief legal analyst dan abrams. good morning. in his speech after the vote to acquit, after he in fact voted to acquit, mitch mcconnell said, trump, and i'm quoting here, didn't get away with anything yet. so what legal consequences could
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trump still face? could there be state charges, federal charges? what do you think? >> i think the state charges are more likely than federal charges. i think that the feds are going to be a little bit more reluctant, a little bit more concerned about the political imagery, ramifications of prosecuting a former president. but the investigation in fulton county, georgia, about the president's efforts to overturn the election, the investigation in manhattan over the former president's finances, tax returns, et cetera, are very serious and should be of great concern to him. >> do you think it's possible that having a not guilty outcome in the senate trial on saturday could in some way increase the odds that trump ultimately faces somewhat of a criminal prosecution at a state level? >> i think the language of people like mcconnell and senator tillis of north carolina and others could certainly
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provide law enforcement officials who believe that a crime was committed but are concerned about the political ramifications, the reassurance that they need that they're the ones who are supposed to take care of this. when you hear these republican senators saying, look, this is what the criminal justice system is supposed to do, i think that can lead reluctant officials who might be on the fence, even though they believe a crime has been committed, to move forward. >> let me ask you one question about the trial itself, were you at all surprised by the fact that the house managers successfully convinced the senate, including republicans, to vote in favor of callen witnesses? some republicans i should say, but then ultimately the democrats decided not to move ahead with witnesses. were you surprised by that whole chain of events? >> absolutely. that would never happen in the context of a trial. witnesses who could actually help your case and decide not to call them. it shows you the difference between a trial and an impeachment, which is a
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political proceeding. raskin had to take into consideration the political ramifications of calling witnesses. what does it mean to extend the trial? what does this mean for the biden administration? and so, i think that they had an opportunity here, and i think people thought they should have moved forward with it, but it's not a simple equation of would those witnesses have helped. there's that enormous political equation as well. >> the question of whether this would in some way hinder biden's legislative priorities. dan abrams, really appreciate your analysis on a sunday morning. >> yep. i want to give everyone a quick programming note. tune into "this week." our chief anchor george stephanopoulos will go one-on-one exclusively with senators bill cassidy and chris coons. and house manager madeleine dean to talk about the outof donald trump's second impeachment trial. plus, dr. anthony fauci discusses the biden administration's covid-19 response. that's all coming up on this "this week" later this morning right here on abc. whit, over to you. dan, to the major winter
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blast that's impacting nearly the entire u.s. with dangerous snow and ice, meteorologist brittany bell from our abc station in raleigh, north carolina, is in for rob marciano this morning. brittany, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. we're tracking two winter storms and that combination of that snow, cold and ice could be historic. in seattle, they actually on saturday picked up their snowiest day in 52 years. you can see the video of those cars struggling to drive in that snow, also in oregon city, ice was a big problem. crews were cleaning up that ice that was stuck on trees and power lines. leaving many without power. ice also significantly caused a lot of issues in virginia, that big rig almost fall off the side of the road. the national weather service said that was the worst ice storm in 20 years. we have about 47 states under alerts and even that threat for severe weather in florida.
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we'll see that snow falling in oklahoma and texas throughout this evening heading into early monday morning. spreading farther to the east, houston, mississippi and alabama. and then, eventually heading into monday, more of that snow pressing into the ohio river valley and more snow across the northeast on tuesday. eva. >> all right, thanks, brittany. now to the pandemic. a number of vaccine doses administered hitting a milestone overnight. 50 million, with 37 million people receiving a first dose, and another 13 million receiving their second, but still, many find it tough to get a shot. abc's trevor ault joins us now with details on creative ways some are doing it. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, eva. we're seeing some great progress fighting covid-19 with new cases down more than 60% from their peak a month ago, but the virus is still a serious threat and the vaccine is still in short supply. now we're seeing some people trying to find the loopholes to score an appointment, and others
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are stepping up to help hundreds of strangers get their shots. this morning, with millions hoping to get vaccinated as soon as possible, state leaders and individual americans are getting inventive. massachusetts, adopting an experimental buddy system. offering shots to people who accompany another person 75 or older. >> such a relief to have it done. >> reporter: in maryland, many who qualify for an appointment, but can't manage to book one are turning to quote/unquote vaccine hunters, a group of teachers who have helped hundreds of elderly people get their shots. >> one senior for me, if i help one person, for me, i can go to bed happy with my heart full. but i know that we can do more than that. working for our seniors and the doing the best we can to get the shots in the arms of our seniors. >> reporter: the vaccine rollout is slowly picking up steam. with more than 37 million americans receiving at least one dose. pharmacy chains like cvs and walgreens now jumping into the
7:14 am
process, and on monday, fema is sending out 30 mobile vaccination vans. as healthcare workers are still battling this virus day in and day out. >> sometimes we get all exasperated and upset because of, you know, we have to deal with the patients every day but to the public that doesn't see this, you know, some of them have a hard time understanding. >> reporter: and looking ahead, experts are stressing the importance of eventually vaccinating children. overseas, oxford university's now extending its vaccine study to some as young as 6 years old. with nearly 25% of the american population under 18, getting young people inoculated will be crucial to returning to regular life. moderna is in talks with the fda to potentially increase the number of doses in their vials from ten shots up to as many as 15. with the vaccine in such high
7:15 am
demand, every little increase matters. whit? >> that can speed up the distribution as well. trevor ault for us, thank you very much. joining us now is dr. ashish jha, dean of the brown university school of public health. dr. jha, thanks for joining us. i want to ask you first about vaccines and kids. experts from cincinnati children's hospital medical center report that the infection rate in children is now the equivalent to the infection rate in adults. how urgent is it now to get the vaccines authorized for kids and how soon could it happen? >> good morning, whit. thanks for having me on. i think it's important that we figure out whether we can vaccinate kids safely or not. right now, moderna and pfizer are studying it in 12-year-old to 17-year-olds. i expect that data late spring to early summer. the big issue is going to be about, what about younger kids? we need to do safety studies. to make sure it's safe for younger kids. i think that all of that will take into summer/fall.
7:16 am
i think it's important that we figure out whether we can get kids vaccinated. i think we'll get there, and get them vaccinated. >> i want to ask you about this, too, on friday the cdc released, updated its road map to get kids back in the classroom. at one point they got a lot of attention, and they said that teachers should be made a priority for vaccines, but vaccinating teachers and staff is not required to reopen schools. what's your take on that? >> yeah, that's pretty consistent with the experience, we have had lots of schools open quite safely without having teachers vaccinated. that said, i have been in favor of getting teachers vaccinated early and making them a priority, i think it will add an important level of assurance. >> a recent study shows that the risk of allergic reaction to the vaccine is even lower than initially thought. moderna for example, the rate is only 2.5 reactions per 1 million
7:17 am
shots. how significant is that information when it comes to public confidence in the vaccines? >> yeah, you know, this has been the most visible public rollout of a vaccine in history. so every single reaction gets a lot of attention and it makes sense it would. but what this data suggests that these vaccines are exceedingly safe and even allergic reactions are incredibly rare. that should add confidence for people. >> dr. jha, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. dan, over to you. let's go back to the weather, there's so much going on. i was struck this morning on reading an email from one of our weather producers who said, he's never seen a national map with so much going on on the map. let's go back to meteorologist brittany bell who is in for rob this morning. you picked quite a weekend to be filling in. >> that's right, there's definitely plenty to talk about. even when it comes to that ice, it only takes a little just to make traveling dangerous. that was the case. here's video showing a multiple car wreck over in washington state, near north bend, washington, just a little ice,
7:18 am
all that snow, too, causing that car pileup. then in oklahoma city, that snow continues to fall. so far they picked up between 2 and 3 inches. they can receive up to 10 inches once all is said and done. on top of that snow and ice we'll have to deal with dangerous, potentially record-breaking cold. these windchills will be well below zero. especially across the northern plains. that coldest air arriving early on tuesday. when we combine both of those winter storms we could see significant snow accumulations across the heartland. also a lot of ice stretching from southeast texas, louisiana, mississippi, even as far north as philadelphia and also new york city. . good morning sunday. valentine's day and san rafael looking pretty nice here a. little pink for you want partly cloudy this morning. increasing clouds, a chance of showers later today in the north bay. lingering showers for the
7:19 am
holiday on president's day a. mostly dry afternoon. by about 4:00, santa rosa could see showers. the accuweather forecast, we'll see lingering showers that storm now bringing a lot of snow to texas and central oklahoma, will bring more snow and ice to the northeast by tuesday. eva. >> snow and ice we're all experiencing it. at least we're all in it together. >> i don't like it one bit. >> not at all. makes my knee ache. >> are you going to become the old dancer -- >> i'm getting there quickly. now to a young girl's frightening ordeal speaking exclusively to "gma." after what could have been a catastrophic fall to a ski slope chair lift, and it was all caught on camera. abc's stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: this is the terrifying moment. 8-year-old shiloh dangling
7:20 am
almost 25 feet above the ground from a ski lift in maine. >> it's the horror above horror as a parent to go through this kind of thing. >> reporter: shiloh never getting on to the lift properly. her mother holding on to her the entire time. >> i just grabbed her and tried to keep pulling her in and she was trying to pulling herself up, and the lift keeps going. all of a sudden, you're like, oh, no, no. >> i felt like it was going way too fast. >> reporter: ski patrol and nearby skiers springing into action. holding to catch shiloh's fall. >> i just did my best to hold on to her. i was, you know, as a mom i'm not letting my kids go. and i had another child right next to me on the lift, her older sibling. >> we need medical attention. >> reporter: the second grader's immediate injuries didn't appear life-threatening but she was air lifted to an area hospital due to a pre-existing heart condition. her mom says she's thankful for the strangers who cared for shiloh on the ground. >> i'm excited that she's not
7:21 am
letting this get in the way and that she knows that that it was an accident and that we can continue to ski as a family and have fun. >> a sugarloaf spokesperson said they are also thankful to those who helped shiloh. now with so many families hitting the slopes over winter break, experts say this is how you can stay safe. make sure to ask a lift attendant for help and remove and carry any backpacks and don't use a phone when you're getting on and off the ski lift. as for shiloh, she doesn't remember much from the fall. but as you heard from her mom, she is anxious to get back on the slopes. guys? >> thankfully she wasn't at a higher point. really dangerous spots. >> exactly. >> thank you, stephanie, appreciate it. still ahead here -- bachelor bombshell. the controversy that led host chris harrison to step aside for what he called a period of time. what he's saying about it this morning. attacks on asian americans in the san francisco bay area, how oakland's new police chief
7:22 am
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good morning, everybody. happy valentine's day. happening today, a call for safety and justice for asian americans moves across the bay. dozens are hold a rally in san francisco, similar to what we say here in oakland on saturday.
7:28 am
of course, obscene violence against the asian community, particularly the elderly has been thrown front and center into the national spotlight. we show you these videos of the deadly and senseless attacks on camera. hey, lisa. >> clouds have been on the increase north of the san jose area, but you can see the sun here. 42 mountain view. it is 47 in oakland. so a dry day for most. this is walnut creek. we will see a chance of showers in afternoon. a level one system tonight, numbers near 60. still a few lingering showers presid
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7:30 am
oh, my gosh. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> because we need some love on valentine's day. welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. those are doctors, steven beam and raaga vemula, two of our frontline workers from texas, who got engaged right here on weekend "gma" yesterday morning. steven surprising his bride-to-be, and this morning, they have a message for us. >> hi, we're back. we wanted to say thank you to "good morning america." >> we wish everyone a lot of love this weekend. please stay safe. >> her reaction -- >> that was so good. >> the couple says they'll wait until more people receive the covid vaccine before they finalize plans for the wedding and in the meantime, happy valentine's day.
7:31 am
>> the choreography, kudos to the producers and everyone behind the scenes. that was quite the surprise. >> and he was just standing behind her. >> and she said yes. a look at other big stories, happening right now, former president donald trump acquitted again in his second impeachment trial just over a month after violent mobs stormed the u.s. capitol. a majority of the senators voting to convict with seven republicans breaking ranks, finding trump guilty on the charge of incitement of insurrection, but the vote came short of the two-thirds necessary to convict. also right now, the search intensifies for a person of interest in the fatal shooting of a yale graduate student last weekend. a mit graduate student is now wanted for questioning. in connection to the murder of 26-year-old kevin jiang. police say the suspect was last spotted near atlanta. a big weekend for american women's tennis at the australian open. serena williams and naomi osaka advancing to the quarterfinals.
7:32 am
this puts williams one step closer to tying the record of 24 grand slam titles overall, and could lead her to her eighth championship at melbourne park. >> she's incredible. we'll start this half-hour with the announcement from the host of "the bachelor" chris harrison, that he's stepping aside from the show for a period of time. this move follows growing backlash over comments he made that seemed to defend the controversial actions of one of this season's contestants, andia n -- janai is right here with the latest on that. good morning, janai. >> the backlash even prompting a some online prompting for chris harrison to be removed from the bachelor franchise. this morning, a bachelor bombshell. >> the most shocking finale in bachelor history. >> reporter: longtime franchise host chris harrison announcing he's stepping aside for a period of time. harrison writing, i set
7:33 am
standards for myself and have to meet them. by excusing the historical racism, i defended it. i am ashamed over how uninformed i was. i was so wrong. the move follows major backlash for defending current contestant rachel kirkconnell. who recently came under fire for racist social media posts, including tiktok videos alleging to show videvid posts with the confederate flag, sharing qanon conspiracy theories. and one photo of 24-year-old attending an old south plantation party in 2018. in an interview with former bachelorette rachel lindsey, he defended rachel. >> is it not a good look in 2018, or is it not a good look in 2021? >> it's not a good look ever, she's celebrating the old south. if i went to that party, what would i represent at that party? >> reporter: bachelor nation is rallying behind lindsay, condemning harrison's words. saying he ultimately defended
7:34 am
racism, and the show's few leads of color speaking out. matt james, the first black bachelor in the franchise's history posting on instagram that he stands with rachel, and the rest of the women advocating for change and accountability. tayshia adams, the second black bachel bachelorette of the show, stunned. >> my jaw was kind to the floor, just because it was an ongoing conversation that was filled with so much defense, and what i feel is ignorance. >> reporter: lindsay telling "gma" in an interview before the news of harrison's stepping away, there's still a learning curve for the show. >> the franchise was called out in summer 2020, they responded by having their first black bachelor after 40 seasons in 18 years, and then you have the face, the spokesperson of that franchise say the things that were said this week and it lets you know that the work isn't done. >> reporter: during an episode with "higher learning," taped before harrison's announcement,
7:35 am
lindsay said her future with the franchise will likely come to an end. >> i'm contractually bound in some ways, but when it's up, i can't. i can't do it anymore. >> reporter: and this week, 25 women of color from this season of "the bachelor," all sharing the same letter calling for accountability. harrison said this is a commitment to much better understanding that he says that he'll actively make every day. >> the story getting a lot of attention. okay, janai. thank you so much. we want to turn now again to get a check of the weather. brittany bell is in for rob this morning and brittany, i understand at one point, some 200 million people were under an alert of some kind. >> that's right, even parts of texas, south texas were under an alert for the first time in decades.
7:36 am
that shows you just how cold it's going to be on top of that ice is making travel very dangerous, that was the scene in nashville, slick roads led to this 21-car crash near i-24, about six people were injured. now, let's track this storm, that snow is already falling this morning throughout the central and southern plains, really coming down in oklahoma and texas. it will pick up throughout the remainder of the evening. heading into early monday, we'll see most of that know and also that ice moving farther to the south, closer to houston, louisiana, mississippi and arkansas, and through monday afternoon, s happy valentine's day to you. temperatures today will be in the upper 50s to near 60. looking at clouds on the increase. as we get towards the evening hours, a level 1 system,ea
7:37 am
and that weather report was sponsored by weathertech. guys. >> brittany, thank you. coming up on "gma," oakland, california, police chief release his plan to combat attacks on asian-americans in his city. in a "gma" exclusive interview. in a "gma" exclusive interview. my husband and i have never eaten healthier. shingles doesn't care. i logged 10,000 steps today. shingles doesn't care. i get as much fresh air as possible. good for you, but shingles doesn't care. because 1 in 3 people will get shingles, you need protection.
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♪ back now on "gma" and while this is a day of love it's also a day to love sales. abc's deirdre bolton joins us with the presidents' day sales that will save you some money. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. you said it, the pandemic has changed so much but not changing how many good deals are out there right now. so from mattresses to appliances, any kind of home goods, electronics, shoppers can get really big discounts. traditionally presidents' day is one of the best times of the year to upgrade big items. this year is no different. cocoon by sealy cutting prices by 35% on
7:48 am
tempurpedic, another great brand, advertising $500 on mattress sets. a boutique brand is including accessories worth $399 with every purchase. this weekend, also a great time to replace appliances. best buy offering $200 off lg washer/dryers. $370 off some samsung fridges. competitor lowe's also in the mix, discounting washing machines, refrigerators, bathroom fixtures if you're renovating. samsung, the refrigerators that stand out on its website, not to be outdone by bed, beyond, and jc penney, running 20% to 25% off. on kitchen, bedding, bath items. one analyst tells me that with more cooking from home, retailers pricing pressure cookers, air fryers to move. as for electronics we're consuming more, watching more, lenovo offering up 72% off
7:49 am
select laptops, 68% off monitors, tablets and more. hp as well offering 45% off select laptops, desktops, and monitors. so basically, dan, all the major chains, all the major department stores, they're offering huge promotions and since we all are spending more time at home, relaxing more, working from home, these items are particularly useful and, at least at this moment, cheaper. >> thank you so much. deirdre, really appreciate it. we'll be right back with "pop news." because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. at the first sign, call your doctor, start an anti-diarrheal, and drink fluids. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor about any fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection that can lead to death.
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or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain, high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. ♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. we're back with a special valentine's day edition of "pop news." we already broke the tongs here because we have treats. since janai didn't bring us food last week you made up for it today. >> i did. i went to take a pretzel and dan just swatted my hand so hard and okay, that's what we're starting off with, notice all the treats i brought for you guys. for valentine's day. enjoy that.
7:54 am
i figured you guys should get candy. now while we take a look at valenti valentine's day by the numbers, according to wallethub, americans will be spending almost $22 billion on valentine's day this year, a whole lot of money, but that's actually down 20% from the year before, part of it is limited romantic restaurant dining. 73% of americans feel it's important to celebrate this year despite being in a pandemic. 58% of celebrators plan to buy candy, 36%, flowers. 18%, jewelry. here's where we save the day for you, a list of the least desired gifts, 24% say it's tools or gym membership. don't do it. but i have to say 2020 was a redeeming year for the peloton husband. it was. sporting equipment also on that list.
7:55 am
kitchen appliances, cheesy stuffed animal, or a mixtape. stars who brought us one of the most romantic films in history were honored with stars on the hollywood walk of fame, just in time, ali mcgraw and ryan o'neal. the timeless classic, love means never having to say you're sorry, psych. turned 50 years old. the ceremony was held virtually with the film stars remarking on the honor from separate locations. >> i have rarely had an experience in my long working life that was as joyful as making this film and the whole thing that happened to it afterwards was so surreal for me that i still can't get over it. >> who would have thought i would end with a star on the walk of fame. i thought i would end up in jail, and look where i am. so that's pretty good. >> dan says that every day by the way. >> "love story" is available now in a limited edition blu-ray, because we're taking it back, blu-ray and mixtapes.
7:56 am
that's it, guys. happy valentine's day. >> you have outdid yourself. >> had to make up for last week. >> look at your mess. >> i know. the strawberry, the chocolate comes off and there's a little bit of drool mixed in there as well. had to make up for last week. >> thank you, janai. great "pop news." happy valentine's day, everyone. thank you for watching. stay tuned for george. george. good morning, everybody. san francisco's his tore you can st. mary's cathedral is one church on the brink of closure. the first cathedral in california held its first in-person mask last night a.
7:57 am
week after the u.s. supreme court lifted the ban on indoor services in california. but it may be too little too late. the chronicle reports the order of priests who runs st. mary's owes $250,000 in insuring to the city's archdiocese. donations have nearly dried up with parishioners forced to stay home. all right, let's get a check of the weather now, excuse me with meteorologist lisa argen. happy valentine's day. >> happy valentines, amazing sun here in the city, it's 49 downtown, 44 in san jose, a little cooler where the clouds have been cooler longer. mount tam, you see the clouds increasing. 40 in livermore. upper elevation precip. not reaching the ground yet. we are expecting spotty, light showers, perhaps in the north bay a. level 1 system coming in tonight. it will last through your president's day holiday. we are not expecting much if you see a sprinkle today. but the rainfall, that cold front moves through overnight. maybe a tenth of an inch, maybe .2. so plan on that for later on
7:58 am
today through tomorrow. upper 50s to about 60. the accuweather seven-day forecast are dry out. the next chance of rain thursday night into friday. >> lisa, thank you. "this week" with george stephanopoulos is next. later, mark saulinnier will be joining us for impeachment acquittal. and we will break everything down that we need to know. and what comes next. that's on abc 7 morning, at 9:00 a.m. have a great morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. acquitted again. >> the yeas are 57. the nays are 43. >> the senate fails to convict donald trump for inciting insurrection. >> the failure to convict donald trump will live as a vote of infamy. >> seven republicans break with the former president. >> my vote stems from my own oath and duty to defend the constitution. >> even his supporters strike. >> there's no question, none, that president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. >> the final vote after a dramatic twist. >> we would like the opportunity


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