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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 17, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PST

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now at 5:00. 5,000 shots a day. that is the goal at a new mega vaccine site opening here in the bay area today. >> there is nothing that holds us back from getting to herd immunity, except the limited supply. >> one on one with governor newsom, when he believes most of us will be vaccinated and his outlook on the reopening of schools. and ash wednesday in masks. the holy day will look different this year because of the pandemic. what we can expect to see in san francisco. good morning everybody, it is wednesday february the 17th. >> and first a check with mike nicco and the weather today. hey mike. >> hey reggie. hi jobina, kumasi, hi everybody. thanks for joining us. a dry doppler 7, beautiful shot from crystal hills. livermore and napa some fog. visibility 3 and 1 mile.
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we'll keep an eye on that. right now it is pretty much confined to the southern part of the san ramon valley. walnut creek pretty clicear and9 degrees. mid-40s to low-o 40s at. at. at. track tracking those two storms ill have that coming up. today many catholic wills attend mass to celebrate ash wednesday nan effort to build a better bay area and protect your health during the pandemic t archdioc ofanraisco s unced a f but we already know what ash wednesday is going look like today because we already have some images from rome. take a look. we see the pope. it shows him and what priests
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will be doing all day today, sprinkling the ash on worshipper's heads, rather than placing them on the forehead. as far as the service. indoor services are allowed in california now that the supreme court has ruled the government cannot ban them. but the churches must limit capacity because of covid. people will be masked and distanced. and there won't be any singing. here at st. patrick on mission street, they say they will be holding indoor services and they will start -- they will have a few of them today. the first one will be at 8:00 this morning. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. thank you amy. happening today a covid-19 mega distribution site will open at the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton. the goal to vaccinate 5,000 people a day. eligib patients include healthcare workers and residents who are 65 and up.
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appointments are required. they can be made through the county or your provider. the long-term parking garage at san francisco international airport has turned into a mass vaccination site. abc7 news was there as cars started streaming think yesterday. vaccinations are taking place today and friday. san mateo county is offering free drive-thru shots for residents 65 and older. you do need to register ahead of time. president biden says he expects all americans will be able to get two doses of the covid vaccine by tend of july. but there are some short-term delays. jobina has some of the details in the speed bumps to vaccinate america. >> thank you kumasi. moderna is reporting a delay but the company insists it will be resolved quickly. a bigger concern may be with the johnson and johnson vaccination.
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i it has not been approved yet government officials expected up to 30 million by the end of april. this news has forced dr. anthony fauci to push back his timeline whenbe available to all americans. >> it may take till june, jewel and august to finally get everyone vaccinated. >> the biden administration says more shots are on the way. it is reporting a 57% increase in shipments sent to states in the last month and it is doubling the number of doses sent to pharmacies. johnson and johnson is still promising to deliver 100 million doses by july. the fda is meeting on february 26th when the j and j vaccine may receive emergency use authorization. sp and running now in ation california. one of them -- the other is in east los angeles. in oakland. pfizer and the national guard are administering vaccines --
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people other 65 and educators. and you can find the appointment portal b tke abo t biggest issue in the vaccination effort and when he believes most of us will be vaccinated. he also shared his outlook on schools reopening. >> the end of the day supply is our biggest issue and this is an additional supply on top of what the state's already allocated so this is profoundly significant. it is about another hundred thousand doses a week that we otherwise wouldn't get. not only here at l.a. but also up in alameda. the issue for all of us is the manufacturing of these vaccines. j and j we believe will be a game going to be stubborn. perhaps more frustration. not less. the allegations are pretty
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consistent. they are not growing but anxiety is growing and people's desire and demands are increasing. but boy, in 6-8 weeks i think when we work our way through the end of march and you get into april, may, this is a fly wheel and we're going to move very very quickly. and i really do think, bright light. bright light at the oefbd this tunnel come end of august. we're putting $8.6 billion up of our state support to move quickly and right now we've got to move past who's to blame and fingert finger pointing. by the end of the day. school is almost over. we've got to get our yourngs kids back in school. question do that safely now. >> conserve electricity in the evening. that is the request for us here in california because of all the extreme weather people are getting in other parts of the country. pg&e and the operator of california's power grid asking
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customers to limit energy use in order to relieve stress on other grids. millions still without power from the great plains to the golf cl gulf coast. texas is taking the biggest hit. a surge in demand pushed its grid to the brink. mike, i was talking to friends in austin and they have been out power for days now. >> days. with temperatures well below freezing. oh my goodness, i hope nothing else is happening. because, you know, when they lose power at that temperature you can burst pipes and really things just snowball and get worse and worse and worse. so my heart's out and thoughts for your friends there, reggie. i hope they can get through okay without minimal damage or with minimal damage i should say. the ice storm is moving through right now. snow in dallas to ice and snow in louisiana and arkansas. on top of the snow they are getting ice, which could cause power outages for weeks.
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back at home we are up to 13 degrees cooler. upper-30 toss low-40 in san ramon val. fog in livermore. theality mont pass, visibility a little low lower there. mid-30 it is north bay valleys to 37 in around the bay. let's talk about what's going happen with our next storm. heading into tomorrow evening as we get near midnight, rain starts reaching the ground in the north bay. notice it does weaken and fall apart as we head into the morning commute at 5:00 friday. but it will still be around and i think it will still be slick just about everywhere. we'll just have a few scattered showers possible through the early afternoon hours and clearing early friday night and then once we head into saturday morning, that weaker storm rolls in and it is gone by noon saturday and that will leave us
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with sunshine and a warming trend for the weekend. rainfall amounts still look a tenth to a third of an inch from the south bay to the north bay. let's turn over to traffic since it is dry and see what's going on. high jobina. >> hi mike, thank you. yes, very dry so we don't have any problems to report on our roads right now. but the two things i want to mention are the bits of fog we're seeing through altamonte pass which mike addressed. and also from napa down to vallejo, expect low visibility in the area. so be careful. live shots the san mateo bridge here. you can see what's happening live right now. clear traffic in both directions for people headed to and from the eek, showing o 680 camera thereghts a making their but so far things looking good.
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new emojis are on the way. the tweet that apple made to one to make it a little less graphic. and also this morning. >> hey thieves, layoff. okay? give us a break. >> fed up with a string of violent incidents the plea for restrain from oakland's new police chief. >> and today marks the end of former president trump's mark on one city. the property that will be demolished in a matter of
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happening today the man charged in 1988 kidnapping of a hayward girl. a palm print. mish is already locked up for another separate double murder. police got a break in the case last year. he faces a murder charge in two
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separate connections. she has never been found. this morning oakland's police chief is urging people not to arm themselves as the city is dealing with aendents. well-intentioned. what we cannot have is people firing guns at others in our community. and so we just want to make sure that we send a clear message that it is important that we help one another and that we come together as the community. but it is as important that we don't put anybody else at harm's way. >> that plea is coming after a store owner opened fire during a robbery at ninth and franklin on monday. the robber took off. no one was hit but police arrested the shop owner. we spoke with a woman in the area. >> everybody is scared out of their jackets right now. you know people just frustrated. and finally they think they want to take it, you know, the law into their own hands. >> in california defending
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yourself or someone else with a gun is legal but there is some gray area here and that includes whether someone was in imminent danger or if force was necessary. in san francisco, mayor breed is also addressing attacks on asian americans. >> it's really heartbreaking what we've seen. and i don't care what race you are, you should be disgusted and bothered when you see anyone put their hand on someone who is elderly in this city. and we won't stand for it. and we'll continue to stand in solidarity and hold those accountable. >> one of the more shocking incidents was last month. when an 84-year-old man died after being attacked. a young man is under arrest in this case. as the bay area confronts issues of the race and social justice we are here to help.
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happening today the crumbling former trump plaza in atlantic city set to be demolished in less than an hour. this seven years after the plaza closed its doors. the once lavish casino and hotel is now just a shell of exposed concrete and plumbing. its destruction also means the end of former president donald trump's mark on the city. >> this is not object donald trump. this is not about politics. >> the usual fanfare of the building explosion is going to be scaled back because of the pandemic. however some hotels are the offering viewing passages for hotels that face trump plaza. the biden administration just relaunched snapshot. the first message shows president biden wearing a mask and pleading with people on snap chat to put on on too. dr. anthony fauci also made an appearance. the white house snap chat account was first created in
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2016 under president obama. but snap chat terminated it after the capitol riots. >> you might soon be able to test yourself for covid with the help of your phone. kroger health is awaiting fda prvl for the first smart phone rapid antigen test. you do your own nasal swab, scan the test with an app and the results pop up within seconds.yn the test with an app and the results pop up within seconds. apple is changing its syringe emoji. it was dripped with blood and now there i a version without blood and anyway duplicates vaccines. emoji pedia says it saw an upward trend of people using the syringe in 2020. that is not the only new emoji from apple. there is heart on fire. okay. that's cool. a heart on the mend. yes. and faces exhaling and faces with swirly eyes. new, nearly 220 new emojis are expected with an operating
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system update. that is coming later this month. what do all the emojis exactly mean? because some of them have meaning -- >> what's that? that one on the right? >> with the cloud face? uh-huh. >> head in the clouds? >> what's going to be? >> is that one covid? what is on the left. >> i was thinking did they just go to the dispensary? >> see what i'm saying? you need clarity. you can be like i'm coughing. i think i'm sick. and somebody else be like oh, what are you over there doing? >> reck rating. >> i had visions when you mention that reggie as spicollial falling out of the van in fast times at ridgemont high.
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here is a look at san jose where it is 41 and mostly clear. a dry 87 heading from the shark tank to shaez international. definitely going to be brighter and milder than today. yesterday we turned off the rain but kept the stubborn clouds around. today definitely sunshine. unsettled and wet thursday night through saturday morning. two storms, one on the storm impact scale. and the warming trend saturday to tuesday. some 70 in our future. couple of days. fog is a issue in the in the ine valley. vallejo canyon possibly. the winds almost non existent so that fog is not going to move much. it could drift a little to the south through the mork commute. but we're looking at mostly sunny a few high clouds from time to time. and 56 at half moon bay, to 61 in santa cruz. 60-66 for bay and inland neighborhoods. around the state it is going to be quieter than yesterday and
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brighter with 60s in the central valley to 70s in so cal. tonight, couple degrees cooler than this morning under partly cloudy conditions. mid 30s inland to barely mid-30s in san francisco. wednesday and thursday will be dry. thursday late towards midnight rain moves in to the north bay and heads south. lingering friday in the morning commute. early scattered showers and clearing friday evening before saturday morning we've got one more chance of light rain and look at the temperatures take off. 60s and 70s starting monday and tuesday. thank you, mike. happening today, spring training officially begins if for giants and the a's. pitchers and catchers report to camp in arizona. this comes 11 months after major league baseball was forced to shut down spring training because of the covid pandemic. squads for both teams are due to report on monday. the a's and giants are scheduled the will this th
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saturday from 10:00 to 5:00. coming up next the seven things to know this morning. also a teenage volunteer describing the moment a tiger attacked her at an animal sanctuary. we'll talk this terrifying encounter. >>
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a covid-19 mega vaccination site will open today in pleasanton at the fairgrounds. two, jobs and johnson says it will only be able to provide 20 million covid-19 vaccine doses in april. that is about 10 million fewer than expected. j and j could get emergency authorization this month. the biden administration says vaccines may not be available to even until june or july. >> three, it is ash wednesday but of course we know it is going to look different this year for bay area catholics. this year a wl sprinkled on t o people's
5:23 am
heads because of covid-19. >> four t second storm in three days could make this deadly week of winter weather even more historic. in texas more than four million people are without power. new storm watches and warnings a aad coming up and showing you what they are dealing with. back here at home, pretty comfortable with sunshine, near average to about 4 degrees above average. low- to mid-60s. pretty comfortable. six, fog could impact your -- >> we'll check back with jobina for number 6. but this is number 7. uc berkeley lifted the lockdown for students in residential halls. started february 1st after a surge in covid-19 cases on campus. today we're hearing from a teenager who survived a tiger
5:24 am
attack. >> reporter: a gma exclusive. >> i just had to scream and scream and hope someone would hear me. >> 18-year-old summer stephens is speaking out this morning after surviving a terrifying tiger attack at an animal sanctuary in tennessee. >> what's going on? >> somebody got grabbed by one of the tigers. >> reporter: stevens who's only within working at tiger haven for two months tripped over debris when her hand fell through the metal mesh cage and in an instant a tiger pounced and latched on to her arm. >> grabbing my hands he pulled my arm into his mouth and he skipped this section right here and went up to my elbow i suppose and worked his way up until he got all the way to my shoulder. >> reporter: at 7:00 more details on how she managed to walk away. with your gma "first look." i'm kennethework. bankhe pandec. time the celebri
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couple has donated a million dollars to two food charities. feeding america food banks canada announced the generous contribution. the couple issues a statement saying many of our neighbors faced hunger last year for the first time and the struggle sl still not over. >> if your interest in britney spears hasn't been satiated. a new documentary is coming to netflix on the heels of a different documentary. netflix was apparently already doing this film before the success of the current film. the hulu documentary focuses on theonrvatorsh shecuently under. serena spotted on the tennis court in australia. his alexis olympia. how cute. shows the 3-year-old taking practice swings with williams'
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coach in melbourne. williams is there for olympia up for tennis lessons. look at olympia. >> i don't know what's in her hair but it is really cute. is it like a little flower or something? >> she is always cute with her little outfit. listen you got to pro tennis coach. you got a pro tennis mom. >> yeah and who is this man? >> that's the coach. the guy on the left right here. >> who's the one on the right that she goes to go hug? >> oh we don't know him. >> what's >> we're coming back with another with a 90-year-old woman who would not let a snow storm stop her from getting vaccinates. and amazonen isn't happy about what they say is happening in warehouses. and a a tar pfir.
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what some congregations will be doing with ashes today instead of just a cross on foreheads. it could be affecting
5:30 am
vaccinationing people in santa clara county. still more snow as the threat of a new storm approaches. welcome to wednesday february 17th. those stories in a moment but first mike nicco and look at what our forecast is looking like. hi mike. >> hey kumasi, reggie, hi everybody. let's talk about the fog. we don't have any rain falling but we do have moisture in the area in the form of fog. as you can see, come through the altamonte pass and into the east bay valleys, livermore, dublin, pleasanton, 580, 680 and 84 visibility down to around a hundred feet.37 80,ou hav se rectio in vibility. those are the only ones out there right now. and with light winds, hopefully that is the way it stays. up in the upper parts of our neighborhoods, you can see from
5:31 am
the east bay hills we got north wind around 9:00-16. temperatures cooler, mid-40 toss low-40s. mid-4050 toss low-50s. going to be --. hundreds of thousands of catholics marking the start of lent with ash wednesday today. things are going to be, stay with me now, a little bit different this year. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at st. patrick catholic church in san francisco. hi amy. >> reporter: hi reggie. leave it to covid to change a centuries old ritual. it is going to look a bit different this year. and we already have video of what it will look like. because they have already done it in rome. here is the pope today. sprinkling ashes on worshipper, rather than rubbing ashes on to their foreheads. that is so they can keep a safe distance. some catholics have complained about this change saying wearing
5:32 am
the ashes all day is a way to show their faith. but you will not be seeing ashes on people's foreheads today. they are doing this to keep the priest from coming in close contact with the worshippers. also, they are expecting to say it only once to the entire congregation. here in the bay area each church will decide whether it wants to hold out door or indoor services. indoor is now allowed after the supreme court ruled the government could not ban indoor services. but they do have to limit capacity inside because of covid. everyone will be masked and distanced and no singing is allowed. here at st. patrick they have decided to go and have indoor services. this church here on mission street and their first service ve in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. thank you amy. a third mass vaccination site is now open in san francisco. the newest locations is in bay
5:33 am
view at the sf produce market. the other two are still closed because of a supply shortage. once the supply catches up p the location is expected to be able to give out about 10,000 doses a day. right now it is offering vaccinations to healthcare workers and people 65 and up. this location is an important one to san francisco because the city is trying to address vaccine equity in one of its hardest hit neighborhoods. >> we know that in the southeast sector of san francisco we have been disproportionately affected by the a step to let everyone know that we are concerned about all of our communities here. >> the city college site are expected to start back up on friday but only for second doses. moscone center is not expected to reopen until monday. in the south bay no shows could be slowing the effort to vaccinate more people in santa clara county. we're told more than 4,000 people didn't show up for their
5:34 am
appointment last week. roughly 10%. county-run vaccination sites actually overbook by 10%. that is so ensure that no doses go to waste. still the no shows are a missed vaccination opportunity for other elig people. >> when they have an appointment they are not planning to keep. feels like only one appointment but in reality those individual appointments really add up. >> the county believes some make multiple appointments or sign up before they are even eligible. >> south korea government claims north korea tried to hack its --. pfizer told cnn it would not th. north korea is yet to report a single case of coronavirus but the country is expected to receive 2 million doses of the astrazeneca vaccine in the coming weeks. happening today, ride share
5:35 am
and delivery drivers are going to hold what they call a clean in protest at headquarters. they claim there is a lack of covid-19 safety and sanitation supplies provided by the companies. they also want help paying to disinfect their vehicles. drivers plan to turn off that you are apps for two hours to take part in this socially distanced protest that begins at 11:00 a.m. >> the covid-19 case rate has now surpassed san jose as the second most affected city in santa clara county. abc7 news reporter kris reyes explains how local community leaders are trying to bring in more resources. >> i wish i could say this is what's causing the spike. then we could address it. but it is just -- it's disheartening to know that our citizens are suffering -- >> reporter: this is the latest dashboard out of santa clara county. second to gilroy surpassing san jose where numbers have been getting better along with the rest of the bay area.
5:36 am
>> we need to make sure people are testing. we also want to make sure those people at highest risk are getting their vaccination. >> reporter: one problem leaders are trying to address. morgan hill doesn't have a single vaccination site. residents have to travel to san jose or gilroy to get the shot. >> just being able to get people to vaccination sites, i think is probably going to be where we have to focus our energies. >> reporter: morgan hill is also home to large black and latino population. both groups have been hard hit by covid-19. add to that many other vulnerable populations live in the city. the elderly and essential workers. a case rate spike is a sobering reminder to stay aggressive on community outreach. >> there are still severe gaps in providing the assistance people need to be able to cover themselves economically as well as from a health perspective. >> i would ask the community or the latino community to take your seniors and get them vaccinated or get scheduled for an appointment. >> continue getting tested. that is very important.
5:37 am
continue to socially distance. now is not the time to let up. >> kris reyes for abc7 news. president biden is pushing his coronavirus relief plan. the president made his first official trip last night for a town hall in wisconsin. this relief plan extends unemployment benefits it. sets aside $160 billion for vaccinations and testing and provides aid for small businesses, including $1400 stimulus checks. he's also looking to raise the federal minimum wage that 15 bucks an hour. >> no one should work 40 hours a week and live in poverty. no one should work 40 hours a week and live in poverty. >> and the president also predicted erye ccine rollout. of the summthe middl >> weoses available. we have now by the end of july we'll have over 600 million doses. enough to vaccinate every single american.
5:38 am
>> congress could enact the president's nearly 2 trillion dollar plan by the middle of march. the second storm in three days could make this deadly week of winter weather even more historic. and jobina we know this next storm is coming as millions of people still county have power. >> yes kumasi. so this same area, really all the areas of the country that are impacted by snow, ice and record cold are getting hit again this morning. in texas, more than 4 million people are without power as the state's power grid is pushed to the limit, adding to the blackouts, natural gas, wind and nuclear facilities are also being knocked offline. many are now angryith e non pritrgization that coms most of the state's energy for not maintaining the >> this was a total failure by urcot. they showed they were not
5:39 am
reliable. >> watches and warnings stretching to virginia with a threat of another round of dangerous storms. a live picture of th can expect. >> hi jobina, so disheartic to hear another electrical company that we entrust has let us down. us being texas, with those blackouts. let's take a look. you can see the green is liquid. the pink is sleet and freezing rain falling on top of snow already on the ground in the east texas area and also into louisiana. and then you can see more snow heading through the mid-south into the ohio river valley. winter weather advisories from the panhandle of texas up to boston thet 72 hours. adding insult to jaur for sure. back at home we've got colder conditions. mid- to upper-30s in the north
5:40 am
bay and follow in the napa valley toh livermore and pleasanton. tri-valley. temperatures range mid-30 toss mid-40 in san francisco. south bay, 45 and dry. and other than areas of fog and having to dress a little warmer this morning, pretty easy commute. maybe not so friday morning. here we are thursday as we strike midnight into friday. you can see rain falling in the north bay, mainly light and it does foul apart as it heads through the rest of the bay in the morning commute. and a few scattered showers left over as we head into lunch and you can see a little bit of sunshine late in the afternon and then more rain coming early saturday morning and then it is gone by about 8:00 and we'll see increasing sunshine and warmer temperatures saturday afternoon. rainfall amounts about a tenth to a third of an inch after these two light storms. talk about the 70s coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. jobina back and our morning
5:41 am
commute. hi jobina. >> good morning everyone. if you do need to head out the door to commute you are in great shape. i want to start with a map here. we have two pockets of fog i want to address through tante surrounding livermore and up north napa down to live camera showing off san jose and 101 in the area. very, very clear commute in the south bay as you can see there traffic flowing in both directions nicely. and also want to show you here oakland in our 880 at the coliseum camera. for reference the headlights are making their way south. as you travel northbound you do see brake lights at the coliseum but should be able to pick up and move smoothly there. a new loss against amazon. the claim about its warehouse workers. >> and was the same coyote
5:42 am
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including immune or nervous system problems, if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance for more horizons. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. neyork is taking on amazon in a new lawsuit. and jobina we know the state is claiming amazon has failed to protect workers during the pandemic. >> yes kumasi. new york's attorney general filed the lawsuit against
5:45 am
amazon. it alleges amazonn't provide adequate safety protection for workers in new york city. the attorney general also accuses amazon of retaliating against employee who is reported safety concerns. amazon spokesperson says in a statement, "we don't believe the attorney general's filing presents an accurate picture of amazon's industry--leading response to the pandemic. last week amazon filed its own lawsuit arguing workplace safety is a matter of federal law and not state l. dr. fauci says it is not necessary for all teachers to get a vaccine before schools can reopen. >> it would be very helpful and all of us are very empty threatic and want the teachers to get vaccinated. they are priority when it comes to essential personnel but we think we can move forward as we vaccinate teachers. but it doesn't have to be that if they are not vaccinated then you don't open the school. >> dr. fauci says if schools
5:46 am
follow the schools masking and socially distancing guidelines, that should alleviate the concerns of teachers as well as parent who is want to get kids back into class as soon as possible. uc berkeley has lifted the lockdown for student who is live in their residence halls. they can now leave their rooms, go outside and visit dining halls if they wear face coverings and socially distance. the policy does not apply to those who have been asked to officially quarantine or isolate. the lockdown started february 1st after a surge in covid-19 cases on campus. stanford will hold another virtual commemorate this year. including virtual events and activities and culminate with a celebration on june 13th. last year celebration was also virtual. authorities are investigating another coyote attack in moraga. a 3-year-old got bit yesterday.
5:47 am
the girl was walking with her mom who was pushing another child in a stroller. fish and wildlife officials crediting the mom for quick action. >> she had a blanket in her hands. shi went after the coyote and drove it off of her child and then away. the coyote was not -- didn't manage to inflict any life threatening injuries. >> thankfully. investigators took a dna sample from the bite wound and they will use that to determine if this is the same coyote that is responsible for previous attacks which began last july. if you look at this map you can see where the other attacks took place. i have the fun animal story. a cathedral cat in the uk has a track record of stealing things that just simply aren't his. well he's at it again. >> give us life and shall call upon your name. while tiger is finding some breaking news, it is pancake day for him as well.
5:48 am
>> tiger, the cat, helped himself to the breakfast during morning prayer. last time he stole milk. tiger is one of four cats who live at the cathedral. >> not during prayer though. that is so rude. during prayer? >> he needs to come to my house. come on over. >> he needs to come to jesus. >> thank you. he needs prayer. >> right. he should have been, you know, hello. hands -- paws together. eyes closed. maybe head bowed. instead he's being sneaky like cats are. we had to give up pancakes for lent. they are considered sweets in our household. so he can come to our house the next 40 days. no pancakes. i may be grouch monday morning. east bay hills 37 under a clear sky. school to milder today. a little cooler than yesterday. mostly sunny sky this afternoon. mostly clear just as cold
5:49 am
tonight and patches of fog like we're dealing with this morning as our pattern day. and then wet weather thursday night through saturday and the pattern turns dry and warmer, the weekend and well into next week. today we've got 56 at half moon bay and that is about it as far as the 50s. mainly along the coast until santa cruz at 61. san francisco, richmond at 60. 62 around oakland. and then mid-60 in our inland neighborhoods with san jose at 63. concord 64. 65 in vallejo today. 64 in napa. dining out? we'll be mid- to upper-50 was sunshine through at least 5:51 today and then drop into the low- to mid-50s at 7:00 cooler than average tonight. mid- to upper-30s in middleland valleys. san francisco our mild spot tomorrow morning. thursday night into friday
5:50 am
morning a one on the storm impact scale. friday's evening commute will be dry but saturday morning will be wet to a lesser extent and saturday afternoon let the sunshine and warming again. 70s by monday and tuesday. hope you enjoy that. let's get back to kumasi and reggie. new at 6:00 app act of vandalism that is now being investigated a as hate crime in the east bay. >> first, sailing suspended. the c calling off trips even longer than it initially wanted. and the 90-year-old woman who went to very great lengths to make sure i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. former president trump has removed the hel ipad from its club in palm beach florida. the city doesn't allow helipads
5:53 am
but made an exception while he was president. so that's over. meanwhile current zoning only allows people to stay at the few weeks a year. norwegian cruise line announced it is going to suspend cruises through may. cruises were previously canceled through april 30th. they will continue to work with government and public health authorities to protect its customers, crew and communities it visits. the change applies not only to norwegian but its sister lines as well. oceania and rooejt seven seas. a rare winter storm did not stop a 90-year-old woman in seattle from getting her covid-19 vaccine. so this is fran goldman, who walked six miles in the snow, uphill -- i'm guessing. just to make it to her appointment. goldman said it took weeks just to get the appointment. so when the storm came he was on
5:54 am
a mission to get there. the walk was upill and icy she said. she was hoping the snow stays away so she can drive to get the second shot. shovels and snow blowers coming in handy for millions across the country because of these storms. in st. louis one man found another way to clear the snow. a blow torch. he used the torch to melt the snow and ice to create a path for his dogs. a 30 minute shoveling job took only five minutes. until now he had never used this method to remove snow but he has use it to thaw pipes, so he does have some experience. >> let's hope. >> that scares me, mike. i don't -- >> i know. he's kind of showing off, maybe. as long as he did my yard too i guess i'd be okay with that. i wanted to show you the windchills. while the worst of the cold weather is behind us, it is
5:55 am
still very dangerous. feel like 15 in dallas. minus 15 in des moines for some of our yastrzemsextremes, right. the warmest days in the back half of the seven day forecast. 60 to near 71 on sunday. mid-60 toss mid-70s monday. and mid-60 toss mid-70s even a couple degrees warmer tuesday. new at 6:00 another punchy throw in the fight to reopen schools in friction. and a new mass vaccination site opening in the east bay today. find out if you qualify to make an appointment. >> and the vaccination rollout hits a pump in the road. the challenges facing moderna and johnson and johnson. >> a live look at the former trump plaza hotel and casino in new jersey. crews set to implode it any minute now. you can see a big crowd of people -- are they? oh yeah. >> on the left. >> oh there they are. i don't see anyone to the right because it is not safe to be
5:56 am
there. on the left side you see people gathering to watch this happen. we'll we'll be right back. s
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, ash wednesday marks the start of lent. catholics across the bay area expected to attend mass. the changes they will see due to the pandemic. first, the city of san francisco sued the school district over reopening for in person learning. now there is an effort to recall the school board. the committee launched this week. plus, a new mass vaccination site is opening today in the east bay. it is expected to serve thousands of people every day. hello and welcome to wednesday, february 17th. while much of the country suffers under ice and snow, we're kind of one of the few exceptions, mike. >> yeah, kind of works that way. once the polar plunges hit east of the rockies, we tend to warm up a little bit. a little bit of a seesaw action in the wind currents and polar
6:00 am
plunge, more like an arctic outbreak. back here at home, quiet on live doppler 7 as we look from the east bay hills camera. we have a little bit of fog out there around napa and also in livermo livermore, the southern end of the san ramon valley. around walnut creek, clear and 37 degrees. definitely chilly this morning. mid-30s to low 40s through 7:00. upper 50s under mostly sunny sky at noon and warmer this afternoon, mid-50s to low 60s. we'll take a look at rain and then 70-degree temperatures coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. now back to reggie and kumasi. >> a quick look to the east coast now. this is the former trump plaza casino in atlantic city, new jersey. we're looking at this because any moment now we expect this building to come down. an implosion is scheduled. it comes seven years after the plaza closed its doors. the once lavish casino and hotel now just a shell of what it once was. its destruction also means the end


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