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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 18, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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teachers i've spoken to are exhausted. they don't feel like they're appreciated, despite having to learn a new way of teaching, right. parents have had to sacrifice a seeing their kids fall behind. and that's sad. i feel for both sides.hi case, e oakley school board put it out there for everyone to hear. >> whatever. i wasn't doing anything bad. records the oakley union elementary school district board thought they were just chatting amongst themselves. >> are we alone? >> their webex call was being recorded as they were responding to complaints from parents who didn't understand why their children were still in distance mode. this board member didn't mince words. she talked what she would do if parents who commented online did it to her face. >> if you're going to callou i'[ that's just
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>> it was really shocking to hear that it was appalling. >> another board member suggested that parents just want to send their kids back to school so they could smoke pot again. >> my delivbrother had a delive service for medical millennial who had clients with their kids in school. >> they see us writing letters monthly, weekly to the board members. you know, detailing our stresses and our grief about distance learning. so for them to say that we're doing nothing and we're sitting at home smoking pot is so far from the truth. >> the conversation went on for eight minutes. >> it's really unfortunate they want to pick on us because they want their baby-sitters back. >> right. >> right. >> the open microphone incident reached parents in other parts of the bay area. >> i don't think any of my collective parenting friends ever would expect a teacher to
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be a baby-sitter. that's just not what education is about. >> these san francisco parents expressed their frustration that classes have not resumed for in-person learning. today they began the first in a series of zoom-in morning. online classes were held outside a closed clarendon elementary. >> to me it's all ridiculous. vaccinate them. make them feel safe, get the kids back. >> reporter: and in case you're wondering, this is the moment when the oakley school board discovered they were still live. >> oh. >> we have the meeting open to the public right now. >> na-ah. >> and a statement from the superintendent came out late this afternoon. the comments made were not in alignment with our vision and are definitely not what any of us stand for as leaders. i know that we lost trust with the community. larry, a lot of work needed. >> wow.
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that story, it seemed to get worse with ever sound bite. so the superintendent, if the superintendent was on the call, why didn't he alert them? did he know? it just seemed to spiral out of control. >> a lot of people are asking that. why didn't he say something to stop that conversation. and today in a statement, in that statement that you heard, he said "i am the superintendent. i'm responsible and accountable and i am truly sorry for what took place." but again, maybe he didn't have a the audio on. we don't know. or maybe he was in the bathroom, one can hope. or as one of our producers said, maybe he was feeding his cat. >> well, whatever they were all doing, they're going to end up in some way paying the price for this, one would think. lyanne melendez, thank you. well, state superintendent of public instruction tony thurman has denounced the comments by oakley's school
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board. he appeared on our 3:00 show "getting answers" earlier this afternoon. >> i just hope that those school board members take responsibility for their statements and their actions and get focused on how we support families. they need our support right now. not criticism. not minimizing the situation that's in front of us. >> thurman says the comments were particularly unconstructive given the negative toll distance learning has had on california students and their families. california lawmakers have agreed on a billion dollar plan to get kids back into classrooms this spring. the safe and open schools plan would require county health departments to offer teachers vaccinations and would give extra funding to schools that open by april 15th. schoolsrableudents children, and english learners. chico state university is making plans to reopen in-person learning this coming fall, but only shooting for 20 to 30% of the student body back in classes, and that is not going
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over well among parents or students. abc7 news reporter laura anthony talked with one student and parent about their plans for next semester. >> but right now i think 30% is a solid number. >> reporter: it's hardly the prediction many chico state students and parents wanted to hear. more than six months ahead of the start of the fall semester that so few classes will be in person. >> it's just confusing and frustrating. >> vincent evangelist, a freshman student moved from the bay area. he is taking all his classes online. >> i personally don't see why we couldn't even be open with masks on. >> reporter: 20% in-person classes at chico state comes as covid cases in california are dropping and vaccinatisre under way. this week, many of chico's own staff and faculty will and most students could be vaccinated by the end of summer. still, the administration says they are limited by small
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classrooms and older buildings. >> we're currently creating some sort of a document that's going say hey, here's what your typical day could look like in fall to highlight for those parents and students how exciting it will be to be on campus and in our area. while you may only have a couple of in-person classes. >> reporter: the chancellor of the larger csu system of the 23 campuses has said a more aggressive goal. >> that is going to vary differently on the campuses, and that's going to depend on what the spread of the virus looks like, the availability of vaccinations in the counties. but that is the goal, to have the majority of those activities and instruction in person the coming fall term. >> reporter: chico state's announcement for its modest reopening comes just as many high school students are trying to decide where they'll attend fa. >> 2 toale got t dobetter better.ome cho udents i don't
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could do besides look other places. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc7 news. california's 14-day covid-19 positivity rate is now below 4%. 5,573 new cases were reported in the last day. hospitalizations and icu admissions continue to decrease. they're now fewer than 8,000 covid-19 patients hospitalized in california. a week ago there were more than 10,000. contra costa county has just expanded its vaccine eligibility to essential workers. that means teacher, grocery workers, and other frontline essential workers who live in contra costa county can now sign up to receive the vaccine for free. >> a reminder to anyone heading to the oakland coliseum to get their covid vaccination. bart is available for anyone who doesn't have a car or would rather not drive. it's about a one-mile walk round tripp to the vaccination site. a free shuttle bus is also available, courtesy of ac
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transit. just present email proof of your appointment to the bus driver. people should also keep a lookout for bart personnel who are handing out a free $7 bart ticket. if you want to find out thou make an appointment at the coliseum, we have a link on our website that will help you find if it's your turn for the vaccine. if so, that same link lets you sign up. the newly appointed oakland police liaison officer assigned to chinatown's district walked her beat for the first time. officer may foo met with the chinatown chamber of commerce leaders and business owners during a walking tour of the neighborhood today. she assumes the role following a rash of high profile attacks targeting asians. officer foo one of two newly appointed liaison officers. the other officer has been assigned to oakland's fruitvale district. meanwhile, in san francisco officers there spent time in chinatown today connecting with business owners and residents in light of recent attacks against the asian american community.
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officers walked the streets. they were handing out flyers and making sure the area knows there are resources available to them. and an anonymous tip line in cantonese and mandarin. >> we want to ensure that they know that the police department is here and present. >> i've met with the dea and the police chief. these crimes, we will figure out who did them. we will prosecute them to the fullest extetent of the law the is no place in san francisco or anywhere. >> chinatown has been flooded with beat cops and undercover officers to provide extra visibility and safety during the lunar new year. things are picking up at the port of oakland. check out this long line of big rigs waiting to pick up goods. the port says the reason is pretty simple. perseverance lands on mars after very tense minutes. the purpose of the mission next. i'm spencer christian. get ready for some showers, then
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a very busy day at the port of oakland. sky 7 spotted big rigs waiting to get loaded. the line of trucks stretch in order than three miles from the international maritime port along middle harbor road all the
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way back to the embarcadero west. the long line was increased container volume. sky 7 flew over the bay and found several idle container ships waiting to be off-loaded. now to a major milestone for nasa. the rover perseverance is on the surface of mars after a seven-month journey. its mission is to collect samples that might determine if life ever existed on the red planet. abc7 news reporter zurene shaw takes us inside the mission. >> reporter: does life exist on mars or has it ever? with today's historic touchdown, we could soon have that answer. >> we've been thinking about the possibility of life on other planets for hundreds of years now, and that is our first opportunity to perhaps find it. >> and liftoff. >> reporter: after seven months of flying through space at 50,000 miles miles per hour and seven very tense minutes, nasa's rover perseverance touched down. >> touchdown confirmed.
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persons veerns perseverance is safely on the surface of mars. >> reporter: the most advanced robot ever to go into space finally touched down on an ancient dried up lake, beaming back its first images. >> perseverance has within it the most complex, sophisticated robotic system we've ever sent outside of earth. >> reporter: equipped with 23 cameras which captured its landing on mars. but it's also going to be collecting samples from the planet. scientists say it might take years for the samples to return to earth for analysis. but depending on what is discovered, it could change how we see the rest of the universe. >> based on everything we know about that environment, it was habitable. life should have been there. so i think we are very optimistic. i'm railroad optimistic that we will find signs of ancient life there if they ever existed on mars. >> reporter: the journey for the rover has been long and pricey. eight years and a total of $2.7
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billion, and it's a rare flight. >> it's so difficult that only one country has been successful in landing a rover so far, and that's the united states. >> in addition to searching for microbial life, perseverance will also fly a helicopter called ingenuity to take aerial photos of mars and use a special machine called a moxie to turn carbon monoxide into oxygen. our abc news team will be live to show you the first images from the planet. zohreen shaw, los angeles. >> the final descent has been described as seven minutes of terror. david louie shows us how a team at nasa ames in silicon valley played a key role in the landing. >> reporter: the final seven minutes were the most critical. the mars rover was hurling toward the crater at 50,000 miles an hour and enduring as much as 3800 degrees fahrenheit as it prepare to land.ngrs and scientists at nasa ames played a
4:16 pm
critical role in two areas. one was the parachute that helped to slow the perseverance rover. the lid covering the parachute compartment had to withstand the extreme heat yet separate safely. dr. helen wong worked on it. >> it has to be very lightweight because it has to be very low mass. we don't want that lid to come back and do what we call a recontact, to hit that part of the spacecraft again or hit the parachute that would be terrible. >> reporter: the rover's heat shield material was invented at nasa ames and tested at its arc jet complex that simulates mars entry conditions. protecting the rover, its instruments on board is especially critical in those last minutes. a special computer and now work of cameras have to withstand the extreme heat to make critical landing decisions. >> that vision system is looking at the terrain, looking at obstacles and making onboard decisions to divert the rover in hopes of landing it somewhere safe. >> touchdown confirmed.
4:17 pm
perseverance safely -- >> reporter: even with the successful landing, research and development will continue at nasa ames on a new woven heat shield for future landings on mars to retrieve soil and rock samples. >> and that heat shield is going to be using this new woven material. it's very robust. it's very strong, and we really think this is the way to go in the future, to be able to weave an entire heat shield in one piece. >> there is much work ahead to continue the mars mission to find evidence of life, the study of its climate and geology and the hope of extending the reach of humans in space. david louie, abc7 news. >> that is absolutely fascinating, and they did it. success. nearly half a million customers in texas still without power right now, and hundreds of public water systems throughout the state are reporting disruptions. these are just some of the many complications that texans are facing after this week's historic winter storm in that region. several big cities are under
4:18 pm
boil water advisories because of pipes that have burst, also failed infrastructure. hospitals throughout the state are warning of low oxygen supplies necessary to treat covid-19 patients, and icy roads have broken the supply chain. supermarkets can't get fresh groceries, and workers haven't been able to show up for their shifts. over the last three day, several hundred volunteers have been braving the winter weather to try and save these little guys. 1500 sea turtles all lined up. they've been washing them along the south texas shoreline, going through what's known as a cold stun, which makes them lifeless. the volunteers are working to warm them up and get them back into the water. and today the san francisco zoo is pledging its support to help raise money for the rescue. as we bring in spencer christian with a look at the forecast, spencer, it's going to warm up slowly. the key word for the texans at this point and the turtles is slowly. >> that is true. slowly. we are hoping of course that they can save these little guys
4:19 pm
and get them back into the natural habitat. looks like they're working on that quite well. here in the bay area we have a warm-up coming our way as well. i can't tell right now looking at all the clouds in the sky, looking over san francisco from sutro tower. currently 59 degrees in the city. mid- to upper 60s at oakland, mountain view, san jose and sa mortgage hi morgan hill. the clouds are getting lower and thicker and darker as rain is approaching. 61 at novato. mid-60s at napa, fairfield, concord and livermore, and from emeryville. a stunning view of the western sky looking toward the golden gate. yes, that is the golden gate. these are our forecast features. light rain and showers will develop overnight, continue into tomorrow morning. more light rain will develop into early saturday morning. and then weekend clearing and much warmer weather next week. here is the forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. notice that first wave of rain will swing down from the north bay. during the overnight hours, just
4:20 pm
as the morning commute is about to begin, it will start to get wet in other parts of the bay area. that system moves through, breaks up by midday, giving us some partial clearing tomorrow. the storm ranks 1 on the impact scale. for tonight and tomorrow morning, look for light rain and drizzle. less than 0.2 of rain likely across the region, and of course the slippery commute. skipping ahead to tomorrow night, the next wave of rain that will swing down in similar fashion from the north bay during the overnight hours overnight into early saturday morning. that breaks up quickly as well. it could be followed by a few widely scattered showers, but the pattern of the second will be much like the one coming through tonight and tomorrow morning. on we go to rainfall totals. by midday on saturday, we expect under a tenth of an inch of rain for most, but the inland east bay, concord may get about a quarter of an inch of rain from the systems. so tonight, temperatures, low
4:21 pm
temperatures will be mainly in the mid- to upper 40s. san francisco will have a low of 51 degrees. it will be much mild were all the cloud cover tonight. and tomorrow, even in the afternoon hours, as we get some breaks of sunlight here and there, it's not going to warm up very much. mid-50s a the coast. highs to 60 around the bay shoreline, and maybe to 62 degrees in the mildest inland areas. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. as i mentioned, sort of like a repeat performance from tomorrow. it's a saturday. and then on sunday, it's sunny and warming begins and high temperatures for monday and tuesday, low 70s inland and up to around 70 around the bay shoreline. and later next week we get a slight cooldown, but still very pleasant. mainly sunny and dry dry dry dry kristen? >> it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the new sleep number 360 smart bed what if i sleep hot? ...or cold? no problem, with temperature balancing you can sleep better together. can it help keep me asleep?
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companies are rushing into the direct to consumer video market, and that is sparking new competition in broad band services. there is a new player in town, and 7 on your side's michael finney is here to introduce us to its service. michael? >> kristen, the service is new. the company is well-known, verizon has offered video for years and years. but now it has a new wireless broad band service it's calling 5g home. streaming services like disney plus are making fast inroads
4:25 pm
into our homes, distributing video, you need brud band service, the faster the better. >> in order to have a really great streaming experience, you need a reliable and super fast network connection. and that's what verizon is bringing to you with 5 g home. you get super fast speeds. we're talking 1 gig into your home without any wires. >> reporter: the industry watch website broad band search says there are about two dozen companies in the bay area offering broad band service. now you can add one more. verizon calls its new wireless service 5g home. but you night want to think of it as broad band in a box. the equipment is shipped to your home and you install the receiver in a window like this. the 5g signal is beamed directly to the box, and from the box into your home. it's a new service and currently only available locally in san francisco. the difference in download and upload speeds will be
4:26 pm
noticeable, making it less frustrating to learn and work from home. >> there is no delay between the video being sent and you receiving it on your device. so no more buffering and a little thing spinning. no waiting for stuff to happen. it's terrific for gaming and future streaming video and for videoconferencing. >> okay. so what does this cost? verizon's current wireless customers will pay $50 a month. others $70. i'll post links on to the industry comparison website and to verizon 5g home. kristen, here is my question. would you hang one of those on your window? >> if you say i should, he will. as you know, i always listen to you, michael. that's the right way to go, right? >> okay. >> thank you, michael. yea the efforts to recall governor newsom fast approaching its signature deadline. we'll talk to a man who wants that job if the recall succeeds.
4:27 pm
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> we're a little less than a month from the deadline for supporters to submit signatures in their effort to recall governor newsom. organizers have surpassed the 1.5 million threshold, but are still collecting more because invariably, thousands will be thrown out when they can't be validated. but the recall election is looking possible, and republicans are already angling to be newsom's replacement. yesterday former san diego mayor kevin faulconer campaigned in san francisco in front of a closed lincoln high school to
4:30 pm
say that the governor has failed in getting education back on track. today another republican, one who ran against newsom and last in 2018 is making news. joining us live is san diego businessman john ing us john >> great to be with you. thank you. >> you told us you were definitely runs. today you committed a new round of $1 million to your campaign, bringing your personal contribution to $2 million. so you have the money, but do you have the grassroots support? >> well, actually, kristen, we've got over 2,000 contributors already. and i'm calling people who helped in 2018 and everybody wants to get involved in this, because they see the massive mismanagement and corruption that's gone on in this state. you know, kristen, i have got nephews that live in orlando, florida. and disney world has been open since july. they've been going to school full-time the whole time. our schools are still shut down. our kids are still not going to
4:31 pm
school. they're not involved in their activities. were inflicting untold damage on our kids. our restaurants are still closed. you know, california is the only state in the country that still doesn't allow indoor dining. our results any different. this is not about the science. our results aren't that much different than florida's, and i think people are just t of this and they just want some change. >> if you think the governor as failed on safe school reopenings and i heard you talk about his handling of the vaccine distribution as well, on those two huge challenges, how would you have done things differently? >> first of all, i would have involved the pharmacies. the governor of west virginia, who was a democrat, is a business guy, and he went right to the pharmacies. he immediately got 90% of the doses into the arms of people there. in california, we've got 6,000 pharmacies. we should have used them for testing early on. now we should be using them for vaccines.
4:32 pm
that's massive distribution instead of these huge super sites. obviously, i would have had our kids back in school. i mean, they've been back in school all across the nation. there aren't any real instances of teachers having any problems or students having any problems. and we're inflicting untold damage on our kids. and of course the small businesses. the big businesses have been allowed to operate. costco and home depot are doing fine, but our small businesses are literally being crushed. we have millions of people unemployed. yet we're still sending $30 billion in unemployment insurance, in fraudulent payments. the mismanagement of this state is legendary, kristen. and meanwhile, gavin newsom gives no big contracts to people who make contributions to his campaign. it's the same old corrupt circle in sacramento. and i think people are sick of it. i am. and we want to change. and i'm going to try to bring real results to sacramento. >> so, john, i know you have
4:33 pm
also hammered governor newsom over his french laundry dinner. to be fair, do you also denounce republican senator ted cruz for going to cancun amid a massive disaster in his state? >> listen, i pointed out corruption on the part of republicans. i called out kevin faulconer, who gave a sweetheart deal to a major donor, bought a building from him that turns out to have asbestos. it's those kind of corruption by republicans and democrats. you know, kristen, i'm a businessman. i'm not a career politician. i just want to solve the problems of this state. i hope people recognize that we can have water. we can have electricity. well can do something about the fires. we can do something about homelessness and the cost of living and housing, but we've got to get away from these politicians who really aren't interested in solving the problems. th'r intereste i their future and their ambitions. i'm just interested in getting this state back on track, getting real solutions. and i hope that's what people focus on. >> so we're out of time, but i
4:34 pm
don't want to just infer. so you're saying ted cruz probably should not have gone to cancun? >> if he knew the state was having these problems, no, i wouldn't have gone to cancun. but listen, we need to call out all kinds of misbehavior on people. he was dealing with his own kids. what i'm focused on is california. i'm focused on getting results here. and that's what this recall is all about, turning this state around, getting real solutions, and people can go to and they'll see a whole selection on real solutions to all these issues. i think that's what the voters of this state should be focused on and really want. >> john cox hoping to replace governor newsom should the recall happen. thank you so much for your time today. take care. >> thank you, kristen. >> maybe you're wondering how does a recall actually work in california? no need to google that yourself because ains core liz kreutz has done the work. you can watch our explanation on
4:35 pm
the recall process right now on our apps for your connected tv devices, roku, apple tv, amazon fire and android tv. just search for abc7 bay area. from interns to the head of san francisco's oldest newspaper that serves the black community, abc7 news reporter kumasi aaron spoke with a woman who got a chance to do what she loves and serve her community. >> selling water. >> reporter: for the last 30 years, amelia ashley ward has been answering the call, leading the sun reporter, san francisco's oldest newspaper serving the black community. >> we tell the stories that others don't tell. and we zero right in on our community, and we tell those stories. >> reporter: she started as an intern under owner dr. carlton go goodlit and worked her way up to publisher. >> i got a chance to do what i love to do. be with the people that i love,
4:36 pm
cover the community that i love. i've had fun things like interviewing superstars, hanging with sports figures, covering aazing women like maya angelou. >> reporter: it wasn't always easy, but she persevered, driven by her belief in the black press and what it means for the black community. >> we get to have this audience and this conversation with our community every week. what you should be doing, who you should vote for, who should we have a talk with because they're not doing their part. by giving back to our community. we also -- we have a special that was strict i will only about kamala. >> reporter: she is proudest of her work to uplift black women, especially vice president kamala harris, who ashley ward supported in her first campaign to be district attorney of san francisco. >> the people were evil, you know, like they do women every day. you're not strong enough. you're just a pretty face, you're not going to do this and
4:37 pm
do this. oh, amelia, i'm not going win. i say well, let's see about that. >> reporter: that friendship has continued, along with ashley ward's commitment to the sun reporter and the community it serves. >> i would think that people at the end of the day would say that we made a difference. we fought to make the world a better place. we helped to promote the kamalas of the world by giving them a voice every week, fighting their cause, pleading their cause. and i think that we'll have our place in history. the black press, which should plead our own cause for two long others have spoken for us. >> in san francisco, kumasi aaron, abc7 news. up next, the ted cruz backlash. how the senator is explaining his brief trip to sunny mexico while his constituents back in texas are freezing w
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texas senator ted cruz. the uproar over these photos showing the senator on a plane for a trip to cancun. this is right in the middle of the weather and power disaster in his state of texas. cruz issued a statement saying he took a trip with his two daughters because he wanted to be a good dad. he has already flown back home.
4:41 pm
constituents blasted the center on social media, and the texas democratic party is calling on him to resign. he is a republican. so he'll probably ignore that. but in any case, i'm not sure what's worse here. the decision to go or then to yank your daughters into this as the reason for taking the trip. but dan, don't you think he should earn consideration for father of the year, huh? >> without question. you know, optics, optics, optics. it's never the crime that gets you in trouble -- it is sometimes. the excuse is worse and lame, to throw his daughters under the bus. he wasn't planning to come back today apparently. he was coming back this weekend. and when the fuss started to grow on social media and the criticism began, he hurried up, changed his flight and flew back today. >> i think people would be willing probably to give ted cruz a break if his personality were more mild mannered. but he has such an attack dog
4:42 pm
style, i think that he invites criticism when he does something like thinking that's a good point. he would certainly have attacked an opponent in a very strong way in similar circumstances. >> you guys mean when he attacked austin's mayor for going to cabo in the middle of a pandemic? exactly that. and what was beto o'rourke, the man when beat out for the senate seat doing during that time he was flying to cancun? beto was on the phone trying to get help for people who needed help. >> one thing if he was flying to minneapolis where it was cold. but going to cancun to lie in the sun. >> all right. questions about the future of american tennis star serena williams after she lost in the semifinals at the australian open to naomi osaka in straight sets. in her post match press conference, she was asked if having a hand on her heart was a way of saying farewell. she said if i ever say farewell, i wouldn't tell anyone. >> just one of those bad days at the office.
4:43 pm
>> i don't know. i'm done. >> she later posted on instagram telling her australian fans, quote, i'm forever indebt and grateful to each and every single one of you. you guys, i think the talk of her retiring is quite premature. these two, they've been going back and forth, naomi osaka she is amazing. >> she has been on the scene for two decades. >> and at the top of the sport for that length of time, which is really difficult. i think people are misconstruing some of the message there. when she is saying i'm done, i'm done with the news conference, not i'm done playing tennis professionally. but you have to be realistic. serena's age 39. she's trying to tie mortgage rat court's record for 29 grand slam single titles. she keeps getting close and close and she's had some injury issues and had a baby a couple
4:44 pm
of years ago. i think at age 39, she's not the end of the road, but she can see the end of the road pretty clearly from where she is. so there is obvious frustration. >> certainly in tennis, 39 is old. >> what she has achieved is obviously remarkable. but you're right. >> oh, yeah. >> most tennis players are done by 32. >> yeah, yeah. she is incredible. moving on. an annual auction that has generated more than $200,000 for napa county community organizations will not be happening. this is the second year in a row they have not been able to hold it. the napa valley vintners saying auction napa valley is being discontinued in its current format. they want to brainstorm a new platform for giving. if you want to get some wine, there is a virtual wine auction happening until saturday. spencer, you're quite familiar with this event. >> i've been to it probably 15 times or more. you know, there is so
4:45 pm
nastna nostalgia attached to this event. people who love wine tend to be attached to tradition. it's sad to see it go away, but the times are a-changing i guess. >> great fundraising that event has had over the past years. >> and for good causes. country music legend dolly parton is saying thanks, but no thanks to a statue in her honor. parton says she is humbled that tennessee lawmakers want to erect a statue of her on the grounds in nashville, but with everything going on, she doesn't think putting her on a pedestal is appropriate. parton says she is not opposed to it happening years from now or after she is gone. the 75-year-old received universal praise last year for donating a million dollars to help in the development of a covid-19. te more i hear about her, the more i respect her so much, man. >> she is dolly. spencer will tell you too. i've followed her for many, many years. you've got to love dolly parton.
4:46 pm
she a winner in every sense of the word. positive outlook, came from very little and built an amazing career and did it the whole way with kindness, dignity, treated people well, phenomenally talented. people don't realize. she has written hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of songs, some big hits for other artists. she has dollywood, the theme park, and she is always so kind. >> she is. she is all you said she is. she has the genuine humility. she made the right decision. no one should be having no celebrity should be having a statue erected in their honor right now during this time. maybe later. >> she is not self-aggrandizing. >> not at all. >> not at all. >> i love ♪ there's never a bad time to enjoy my newest sauced & loaded curly fries. try triple cheddar or spicy pepper jack, only at jack in the box.
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all right. who enjoyed today's weather? if you did, riz your hand. another storm is coming our way. by the way, dan is raising his. spencer, what's coming? >> the ayes have it. my eyes are on the skies right now. they're getting cloudy overnight. lock for increasing clouds. light rain develops in the north bay. swings southward and eastward during the overnight hours. by afternoon tomorrow, we'll have some partial clearing. it will be a mostly cloudy day,s coast t around 60dhe y and re i. the approaching system ranks only 1, a light intensity.
4:50 pm
we can expect light showers and rain during the overnight hours. here is the forecast animation. you can see some time between midnight and the beginning of the morning commute, we'll have most of this rain hitting the ground. so it will be a wet morning commute. but later in the day, things start to dry out a bit. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we've got a similar pattern tomorrow night into saturday morning. another light system producing light rain and showers. partial clearing saturday afternoon. and then bright sunny skies on suday, and quite a warm-up early next week with high temperatures breaking the 70 degree mark in our inland areas by tuesday. layer and kristen? >> all right, thank you, spencer. >> i'll raise my hand for next week also. all right. getting ahead. style secrets of chinatown. up next, we'll show you a new photo book that captures the eclectic looks sported by
4:51 pm
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coming up tonight on abc7 at 8:00, celebrity "wheel of fortune" followed at 9:00 by the chase and the hustler at 10. then abc7 news at 11. in a new photo book child chinatown pretty you will see the eclectic style of senior citizens in chinatowns across the u.s. and canada. dion lim talked to the book's authors to find out more. >> chinatown pretty is a term we coined used to describe the
4:54 pm
eclectic interesting street style you see amongst the seniors. >> it's about joy and surprise and color and patterns. >> i have my book, too. >> yay! >> yay! >> give me an idea of what this book is about in a nutshell. >> yes. chinatown pretty is a celebration of seniors in chinatown and their street style. >> we started the project around 2014. we set out to understand where did they get these amazing shoes, you know, what do they do on a day-to-day basis. >> we interviewed them about their life stories and their outfit. >> reporter: were these planned outfits or were they just kind of, you know, everyday wear for them? >> i think we learned that function kind of informs everything first. so keeping warm. sometimes that means a puffy jacket or two or three. sometimes even two hats. there is a guy called two hats in the book.
4:55 pm
a lot of people are weaving in clothes from hong kong 30 years ago combined with clothes they made as seamstresses combined with hats that they got from their grandkids, way made for this patchwork that we know as chinatown pretty. >> reporter: were there some people, you know, others that really stood out to you, ones that make warmed your heart or elicited a very emotional response? >> yeah. there was the tailor in new york. the outfit wasn't loud and neither was he. when we looked closer he had sown half-inch extensions on his sleeves or, like, two caps and meshed them together to make it warmer and more customized to his liking. he said to us, one day the sun will set on you, like one day you will grow old, too. he is, like, thank you for taking the time to speak to seniors because you will be in my shoes one day soon. dorothy, aka polka dot, came to one of our art shows and has
4:56 pm
become our friend and a big inspiration only inspiration not only in fashion but as an activist. >> one day she was wearing hot holders and a rice bag and i was, like, what is this? she started telling me about it. she was very forthcoming and so cool and totally not what i expected. i mean, her history is pretty amazing. >> reporter: do you think these seniors can teach us about style? >> i think one of our biggest takeaways is that not to care as much. i think that was something andrea said once, like, i kind of learned to kind of, like, let go and wear what i want even if it doesn't match exactly. for me i wore all black throughout my 20s, and now kind of like you, i have a colorful closet. i kind of have a rainbow now and patterns. and i am, like, would grandma wear this? if the answer is yes, i would most likely wear it, too.
4:57 pm
>> we get some messages from folks, usually about our age, maybe a little younger, would have grandparents that, you know, they see, they can see their grandparents in the book. literally sometimes it is their grandparent. but they will be, like, i am in tears, you know, thinking about my grandparents, missing them or just because you have honored them in such a way. and that actually was a bit surprising to me that we could, that this would touch people in that way. but, yeah, i think it shows how kind of hungry our generation and just our culture is for more stories about ourselves and also about an older generation. w, beautiful tribute. you can check out abc's news brand at also on
4:58 pm
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plus, 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time. next at five, a 9-1-1 call that ended in tragedy and a family's fight to understand what happened. the new spotlight on police tactics as a family takes legal action in their search for answers. plus, parents out raged at their school board over reopening plans. hot mic moment administrators are heard saying they want their babe sitters back. also tonight the new push for vaccine outreach and education in san jose. the mayor says he wants an army of volunteers to help target those who are falling behind. plus, vaccines and the variants and the possibility of a third dose booster shot. plus, a man who saw the stars. a poignant story of the day nasa hits a new milestone. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. and we begin tonight with an


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