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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 19, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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california with, as always, caveats. >> reporter: starting next friday, high school football as well as other outdoor sports such as baseball, softball, lacrosse, softball and water polo can begin in any county with a case race of less than 14 per 100,000 residents. in the bay area, all counties with the exception of contra costa and solano currently qualify. >> there is a mountain of evidence that supports that outdoor use force done safely is not a threat to the community. >> reporter: the news was huge for return to play advocates such as serra high school varsity football coach walsh, who was part of a coach's community that presented data to the governor's office as well as the california department of public health in support of lifting the ban. >> we need love. we need positivity. with need hope. this has been a long grind for people in the state of california. this is a day to celebrate for sure. >> reporter: parents across the state praising the governor for
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his decision. >> what a great study of our highest elected officials in one of the largest anies in the world willing to listen to their constituents. >> reporter: football and water polo applicants will have to under go weekly testing provided by the test due to the high contact nature of those sports. the california interscholastic association hopes all districts will make every effort to resume activities. >> we simply ask they give every consideration to letting these kids back out there. but the decision is ultimately up to each school and school district. >> reporter: but local counties will have the ultimate say. a statement released by santa clara county read in part the county will carefully review the new state guidance that apply to all youth programs and athletic activities and consider the comprehensive benefits and risks. for now coaches say it's important to recognize the significance of today's win. >> today is one of the first days in a very, very long time that millions of kids across the
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state of california can smile and look forward to something. >> reporter: moving forward, indoor sports still face an uphill battle, but as case rates continue to drop, the cif says it will continue to look at ways to salvage the season. chris nguyen, abc7 news. this afternoon, a second wave of oakland teachers received their second covid vaccines in the first ever mobile fema vaccine site in the entire country. governor newsom visited that site as he and other state leaders are pushing to resume in-person learning by the spring. the superintendent of oakland unified got her shot today. she couldn't guarantee whether students would be back in class by spring, but this is an important step. >> it is the intent. i is the priority for us to open our schools as safely as possible. and having vaccination and access to vaccinations is a critical component. >> the site today was located at the alameda county office of education in hayward.
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custodians also support staff also got vaccinated, many chosen because they work in the hardest hit communities in alameda county. after today other teachers will continue to be vaccinated at the oakland coliseum site. governor newsom said he would set aside 10% of the state's next allocation for teacher. some vaccination sites are having to hit the pause button as limited doses come into the state. as leslie brinkley tells us, many of the delays are related to bad weather in the midwest and the south. >> reporter: winter weather shut down a fed ex hundred meaning vaccine doses coming into california are not arriving as expected. fed ex says they are rerouting through a regional sorting hub in oakland to try to speed things up. but the delays forced the vaccine site at disneyland to shut down completely. in the by area, it varies county by county. >> weather delays from storms around the country are impacting
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a l allotments in california. and also the state is adjusting the allotments that individual counties are receiving. so the combination of those factors has resulted in us only scheduling appointments for second doses for the next one or two weeks. >> we did hear from one, one of our pharmacy partners that they had to cancel about 500 vaccine doses because the vaccine couldn't come through. and we didn't have any extra to give them. >> reporter: thousands of moderna vaccines did not show up in berkeley. the city says they can get by this coming week, but may have to cancel appointments in early march. it's a similar situation throughout alameda county. okay for now if more doses don't come in next week, there could be cancellations. san francisco says their vaccine supply is inconsistent and limited, possibly jeopardizing distribution plans next week. and in napa county -- >> we haven't received our vaccine inventory this week, which means we're going have to
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be rescheduling our second doses that we planned. >> reporter: 900 appointments are being postponed there. if more vaccine doses don't start rolling in soon, contra costa county says at the rate they're giving out shots right now, it could take two to three months to vaccinate the people who are currently eligible, let alone adding in any new groups. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> san francisco's mass vaccination site at city college reopened today. today's appointments were reserved only for people receiving their second dose. the city college site and the site at moscone center closed last week because of a lack of supply. san francisco also opened a third site in the bayview district this week to give about 200 shots a day to start. pfizer is asking for authorization to relax the requirements that its covid vaccine be stored at ultra cold temperatures. that's a move that could make distribution easier. currently it has to be stored at
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temperatures of at least 70 degrees below zero. pfizer has some new data it says shows the vaccine can actually be kept at 5 degrees for up to two weeks. the company needs approval from the fda and could potentially allow for the vaccine to be kept in regular medical freezers. starting tuesday in san francisco, you can ride muni for free if you're going to or from a covid vaccination site. mayor london breed says this is part of the city's effort to make it as convenient as possible for people to make their shots. you just need to confirm your appointments and have your vaccination or vaccine card as proof. 78.5 decembers have been administered so far. that number has been creeping up steadily week by week. we're monitoring the progress with our own vaccine tracker available for you at is new information in the case of a missing richmond teenager. 17-year-old antoine whitley went missing nine days ago after a
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ride share driver dropped him off on the richmond san rafael bridge. whitl whitley's friend said the two used an illegal narcotic and whitley started acting strangely. the driver missed his exit and ended up tonight bridge. police say the driver told them at that point antoine panicked. >> while on the bridge, antoine accused the driver of kidnapping him and physically attacked the driver while on the bridge. he asked the driver to stop his car due to the assault that was occurring at the time, the driver made the decision to stop the car midspan. >> the focus is that he is missing. we don't know where he is. we haven't heard from him. and so, you know, people tend to focus on the fact that oh, the media is saying he did drugs. the media is saying this. it changes the narrative. >> so antoine's family believe there's could be more to the story, and they're asking for the public's help finding him.
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police say the driver is not considered a suspect and they don't think a crime was committed. the president of the oakley union elementary school district board of trustees has resigned. lisa brizendine and other members were caught on video making disparaging comments about parents during an online meet thanksgiving thought was private. it was actually very public. that is brizendine seen we're the blond hair. brizendine has since been removed from the district's website. patterns want the entire board to either step down or be recalled. the superintendent issued an apology yesterday. all right. up next, the big mess in texas. it's still freezing cold, and the power is coming back on, but don't drink the water without boiling. we'll check in live. and the first images from perseverance, the largest most advanced rover ever sent to another world. i'm spencer christian. one more wave of light rain and
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we are beginning to see the first pictures coming in from the new rover that landed on mars yesterday. they are like nothing ever seen from the planet. 128 million miles away. nbc reporter alex stone has the reaction from scientists. >> reporter: new incredible
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images in from the surface of mars. teams at nasa and california's jet propulsion laboratory releasing the highest resolution pictures ever seen from the red planet. >> this is our first color front image from the surface of mars. >> and this moment just before touchdown as perseverance was gliding toward the surface, the rover equipped with 23 cameras that during its life span will be snapping photos of the other world. when perseverance touched done on thursday, it was celebration in mission control. >> touchdown confirmed. perseverance safely on the surface of mars, ready to begin seeking the sand for possible life. >> reporter: and liftoff. perseverance had traveled 300 million miles for seven months, moving at 50,000 miles an hour during its journey. then what's known as seven minutes of terror, the crew craft had to battle 2200 degree
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heat making an entry into the atmosphere. >> the only nation that's been able to do that. just incredible. >> reporter: president biden watching the landing from the white house, shortly afterwards calling the nasa acting administrator. >> hello, mr. president. i will. i will tell percy you said hello, sir. >> reporter: but now the real work will begin. perseverance will try to find signs of microbial life in the ancient riverbed where it landed and will conduct tests for an eventual human life to mars. it will try to make oxygen on the planet, and will even fly a small helicopter to see how stable flight works in the thin martian atmosphere. alex stone, abc7 news, los angeles. millions of people in texas are scrambling to get safe drinking water tonight after the devastating winter storm. some are filling buckets at swimming pools in local parks. others are dealing with an almost countywide local boil notice. erica simon is with our sister
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station in houston. erica, you are at a water distribution site? >> good afternoon, kristen. yeah, it was a mass distribution this afternoon here at delmar stadium. and after a horrific week here in houston, today was a bright spot. about 11,000 cases of water, or 260,000 bought. s were handed out just behind me. it was a real organized system. people drove up to 12 drive-through lanes and got the water put in their trunk in a safe and contactless way. for those of us who haven't seen water all week, it was a real blessing. >> good morning. y'all hang in there, okay? >> reporter: this is houston strong. >> it was relatively fast. we came in here. we was only in line for like 20 minutes. we got our water in the back and ready to go. >> reporter: those who were able to make into it friday's mass water distribution got two cases each and a couple of masks. it will go a long way toward what will most likely be under a boil water until monday. >> i need some water.
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>> reporter: it's been a rough go for many of us, including here at abc. i had burst and leaking pipes and lost power and water. >> nothing but a few drips in a few days. >> reporter: houstonians have been desperate to find h20. earlier this week i saw people having to resort to using a spigot at a public park. the combination of frozen water and generators led to the city issuing a boil water notice after the storm. the pressure must get up in order to stabilize the entire system. once that happen, test samples will be sent to the state. and if everything looks good, the advisory can be lifted about 24 hours after that. >> we're making really good progress. but we still had pockets where we had pressures that were still down around 20 in different areas of town. >> reporter: in the coming day, the city's water will be completely restored and the boil water advisory will lift. for now, folks here are grateful. >> it's finally here, and mayor's doing what a lot of officials should have been doing a long time ago.
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>> so the question people have been asking all over the country, i've gotten calls about it, what in the world went wrong in texas? well, there is a number of things, but we're told that the system was not ready to handle winter. they were supposed to winterize years ago. unfortunately, that did not happen. of course they can handle humidity and all of the summer temperatures, but we just weren't ready for these type of frigid temperatures. kristen? >> we do know that water and energy are related in that it takes unreasonable to treat and puffer the water. why is it some parts of the city have water and others don't? >> reporter: well, it's a really good question. and people are frustrated, wanting to know why maybe their grandmother has water but they don't. this is the fourth largest any the united states. so as you can imagine, the water system is massive, about 7,000 miles of pipe run through the city in order to get water to everybody. and so the pressure is different by neighborhood. houston public works spoke about
4:17 pm
that today. they say some parts may have a lot of pressure that goes through and some are still down at that low pressure. the good news is we are getting pressure up more and more each day. and hopefully, learn be back online and everyone will have the full pressure finally once again by the end of the weekend or monday. >> all right. reporter erica simon with our sister station ktrk. thank you so much, and we're all thinking of you there in texas. >> wow. we take so much for granted. you turn on the water and it comes out, or you turn on your electricity, the heat comes. until you don't have it, you don't realize how much we do take for granted. spencer, you're with the weather. we have some sun that earlier was raining. we don't take either of those for granted around here, especially the rain. >> that's for sure, larry. we could use a lot more rain. but, you know, in moderate doses. and we're going get some more rain. right now as you can see on live
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doppler 7, by the absence of green showing up there, it's not raining at the moment, but there is the some on the way. here is a view from emeryville looking at the western sky. it's partly cloudy right now. 53 degrees in san francisco. oakland 59. also mountain view 59. low to mid-60s at san jose and morgan hill 54 at half moon bay. looking northward from the golden gate, skies mainly blue, but clouds are increase manage the north bay because the next little bit of rainfall will originate there before sweeping southward. it is 60 at santa rosa right now. 61 napa. upper 50s at concord and livermore. and our view a nice one from the abc7 rooftop camera. locking across the embarcadero. and these are our forecast features. light rain and showers will develop late tonight in the north bay and move to other regions overnight. mostly sunny and gusty by midday tomorrow, and a much warmer pattern begins on sunday. the approaching storm is a storm of light intensity, ranking only one on the storm impact scale. it will produce fast-moving showers. rainfall totals up to about.15
4:19 pm
of an inch. and it will be quite breezy at times. so here is the forecast animation. starting 9:00 tonight, notice how rapidly that wave of showers swings down southward. late before midnight, between midnight and 3:00 a.m., that system is almost completely out of the bay area, going down, well, south of the south bay, basically. and then there may be a few trailing showers after that isolated showers, but not much. we'll have mainly sunny skies by midmorning tomorrow. rainfall totals, as i mentioned, will not be very impressive. but any little bit of rain we get right now certainly is helpful. for most locations up to about .15 or 2/10. around a quarter inch in oakland and san francisco. that's helpful. a quarter inch at cloverdale and nearly a quarter inch at clearlake. in the sierra, winter weather advisory in effect from 6:00 this evening to 10:00 tomorrow morning. expect about maybe 3 to 8 inches snow above 4500 feet and travel
4:20 pm
conditions will be a little difficult. overnight lows here in the bay area, mainly low to mid-40s. so it will be cool, but not cold. highs tomorrow under breezy conditions will be on the cool side in some spots. only mid-50s at the coast. upper 50s to near 60 around the bay shoreline, and low 60s in the mildest inland locations. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. warming begins on sunday. look for upper 60s inland. monday and tuesday, inland areas will see highs around 70 to 72 degrees. 68 to about 70 near the bay shoreline those two days. low 60s on the coast. we'll have a little bit of cooling on wednesday, but still pretty mild wednesday, thursday with mid-60s inland and near the bay, and finally a little bit cooler still on friday. but looks like a dry week ahead. a beautiful one. but no rain in sight for a while. and we may not have any significant rain for the end of this month. we're looking for some in the long-range, but it's not showing up yet, larry and kristen. >> all right, thanks, spencer.
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4:24 pm
kenyon shows us, the spotlight on the 16-year-old is a little more intense than most other "idol" contestants. >> going to hollywood! >> reporter: for claudia conway, this was the culmination of a long held dream. >> i kind of went back to when i was younger watching "american idol" with my grandmother thinking i want to do that one day. ♪ ♪ we were scared of getting old and it made us restless ♪ >> reporter: she has been singing and playing the piano since the age of 3. >> music has always been a refuge and a safe haven for me. it's kind of my happy place. >> reporter: a place that's become all the more important in the past four years. >> my parents are high profile political figures. >> she describes her relationship with them as iffy. >> you know, i'm still a normal teenager, and i think people tend to lose sight of that, that i'm just 16. and, you know, most 16-year-old girls fight with their parents all the time. >> reporter: but most teens don't fight in the public eye.
4:25 pm
>> it's very hard to navigate between your personal life and your public life. >> reporter: especially when you have more than half a million twitter followers. >> right now i'd say my relationship with both my parents is a lot better. i think i'm in a much better place with them. >> how did it get better? >> i think it took a lot of self-reflection on everyone's part and kind of stepping away from that social media presence. >> reporter: she is following the advice of an "idol" judge. >> you have to calm the storm that is around you. >> reporter: and she has taken katy's words to heart. >> holding that golden ticket, i thought everything i've been through in the past couple of years, every obstacle i've overcome, how hard i've worked, it all paid off. >> reporter: i'm sandy kenyon, abc7 news. >> also this sunday on "idol," a santa rosa man will get his chance to shine. anthony guzman is known online as the viking with a voice, which is a great nickname. he says instagram is actually what got him to the "idol" audition.
4:26 pm
>> they actually found me on instagram. i was messaged from a casting producer named josh randall who is now a dear friend of mine. and he asked me to audition. he found me through some of my covers that i put out. ♪ because all of me all loves all of you ♪ >> and so i told him absolutely i'd love to. >> wow. anthony's got a voice there. in addition to tremendous hair. he says he thought all this was a scam at first. turned out to be the real deal. he would not give us any spoilers, though. we don't know if he actually gets a ticket to hollywood, but anthony said he thought that judge katy perry was the most surprised by his audition. if you want to see how anthony does, check out "american idol" this sunday. starts at 8:00 right here on abc7. the adults are starting to get vaccinated, but what about kids? up next, how long they'll have to wait. and we'll ask dr. alok
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> there is a new timeline today when it comes to getting kids the covid vaccine. the white house says it may be next year before young kids can get the shot. teenagers may not have to wait as long. vaccine trials for young children ages 6 to 17 are starting soon. but how safe is the vaccine for kids? abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is talking to experts and parents. >> i'm comfortable having them go to school, but definitely would be interested in getting them vaccinated as soon as it's available. >> reporter: ashley is a busy
4:30 pm
mom to four young kids living in san francisco. she's hopeful her family can get the vaccine when it's their turn, but the wait may be long. the white house coronavirus task force is pushing the vaccine timeline back for elementary school kids until after january 2022. high school students could get vaccinated in the fall. it's based on what research trials on children will finish up. some are just beginning. 300 kids in the uk as young as 6 to 12 years old are enrolling in a small astrazeneca vaccine trial through oxford university. pfizer, moderna, and johnson & johnson are expected to start trials for this younger group in the spring. dr. george rutherford from ucsf assures parents the vaccine will be safe. >> parents have concerns about getting their kids vaccinated against everything. this is i think a much more heavily studied. it uses new technology, which should be safer.
4:31 pm
>> they want know when they're going get them. >> reporter: san francisco pediatrician lisa dana says parents of her patients are asking for the vaccines already. a safeguard for when in-person learning resumes. >> i the not think they will be released until they're safe, and i do trust that they'll be safe when they're available. >> reporter: but not all parents are convinced. turkey, me, i believe they came up with this method of a vaccine too soon. i'm just not a believer. >> reporter: some doctors say while immunizing children may be important for herd immunity, it should not be a prerequisite for returning to the classroom. >> once teachers are immunized, for kids getting immunized to get them back to school. >> reporter: cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> all right, joining us now for more on this topic. special correspondent dr. alok patel. we just heard the report. maybe next year before young kids can get a vaccination. teenagers may get their shots sooner. if we're pushing to reopen schools, doesn't that seem like a long time to wait?
4:32 pm
>> it does seem like a long tyke to wait. if you're using vaccinating all children as a metric to reopen schools. but the truth is we don't actually need to wait for that. now, you're right. teens 12 to 17 may be able the get their shots by fall, but that may be after schools reopen. and based on what we know, based on all the data and all the science, we can safely reopen schools as teens are getting vaccinated, and we can get those k through 12 kids back into school before they're eligible for it as well. >> there are obviously going to be some parents, and we heard one in the report say i just think this is rushed. in your opinion, are the vaccines safe? now we have multiple vaccines available. i don't know if you want to go down the line here, but what's your overall sentiment about the safety? >> my overall sentiment to the former of what you mentioned is the vaccine process seems rushed because of a lot of the rhetoric last year. the title "operation warp speed"
4:33 pm
and mainstream media talking about how this vaccine was developed at breakneck speed, when people were not focusing on the underlying signs for rna vaccines has been studied for more than ten years. all that needed to happen is a plug and play system with the genomic sequence which we got in january. they were checked very closely for safety and efficacy. the same thing is going to be done for the young children as well. so when the vaccine is released, we can rest assured if it goes through the fda process that it will be safe for children. and that's part of the reason why we're not just giving out this approved vaccine to kids. because children have different immune system, different responses, and they may need a different schedule and/or different doses. we're being very judicious here. >> so what do you think if you have a scenario where you have a classroom, maybe 30 kids. half the kids are vaccinated. half are not. is that problematic? >> not in theory, larry. based on what i mentioned earlier, the cdc guidelines
4:34 pm
about reopening schools and looking at districts' resource, the safety of the staff and the teacher, and you just compare all the other variables, problematic in the sense where we may have some students feeling uncomfortable where half are vaccinated, half aren't. as far as the data among transmission in schools right now, if we keep all the variables in check and keep the safety measures in place, we still can get kids back into school and be fairly certain that we can keep them protected. i'm basing this not necessarily on my opinion, but based on what we've observed throughout several states and studies out of wisconsin, north carolina, and i believe in georgia. >> all right. well, a lot of parents are hoping you're correct about that. let me jump to another topic here. governor newsom saying school sports can resume. that news broke today. we're talking about contact sports as soon as next friday. now, again, in other parts of the country, sports and classes, they're already ongoing. so do you feel the timeline is safe to resume sports?
4:35 pm
>> larry, i think the timeline is safe as long as the plan that was outlined is actually followed. and that included all the safety measures which i don't need to go into detail about with masks and distancing, but also that weekly testing and making sure there is equitable testing for all school districts. there is one thing i want to mention, this is going to be incumbent on high school athletes also being responsible and knowing what they have to do to keep themselves safe. if you have a football team and an outbreak happens because they went to a party nor the locker room or something, that could be unfairly tied to the actual sport. and so it's important that students know that a lot of this is riding on them following guidelines as well. and i do think that the timeline is appropriate. and i think that getting kids back out on the field is really important for their physical and mental health. we've heard countless narratives of the effect that keeping kids out of sports, as well as schools, countless narratives about how detrimental it's been to our kids. negative, question about that.
4:36 pm
doc, thanks as always. have a great weekend and we'll talk to you soon. >> happy friday, larry. thank you. >> all right. you have to see this. two women dress up as grannies to get their vaccine. how they got caugh ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a $500 public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. i've seen how cancer can affect
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if you're an adult through age 45 who hasn't been vaccinated talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk for certain hpv-related cancers, and gardasil 9. help protect yourself. spencer and dan joining us. this is a doozy. authorities in orlando, florida
4:39 pm
cited two women for trespassing after they posed as elderly women in order to get vaccinated. >> you know what you have done? you have stolen a vaccine from somebody that needs it more than youand now you're not going to get your second one. >> that's body cam video of a sheriff's deputy confronting the two women aged 34 and 44. the deputies were called in after workers who check people in at the site noticed the birth dates the women gave didn't match the ones they gave to get their appointments. get this. the women had apparently done this before, and they successfully got their first shot, tribbing people like that. i don't even know what to say. i have nothing polite to say. spencer, what do you think? >> you leave it to me to say something impolite, right? it's just so sad. and it's silly. and now they have to start all over again. i guess when they finally are eligible for their shot, they'll have to get the first shot again. >> no, no.
4:40 pm
they don't get three shots, spencer no, huh-uh. >> you know, any kind of crisis, calamity, issue that we deal with, for example, the big storms back east right now or this crisis we've been through always brings out the best in people, which is the part i love to focus on, but it also brings the worst in some people, sadly. this is an example. maybe it seemed harmless to them when they conceived the idea, but it's utterly selfish when you think about who didn't get a shot because they got one. >> i'm shocked it happened in florida. that's all i'll say. debate is now brewing over whether employers have the right to sue employees who don't want the get vaccinated for covid-19. this is a really interesting issue here. bonnie jacobson lost her waitressing job at a brooklyn tavern after telling her boss she needed more time to decide whether to get the vaccine. she is hesitant. she and her husband are thinking about starting a family. >> i asked for a little bit more
4:41 pm
time. it's a very legitimate reason. i clearly was given no time. i want to make it very clear. you know, i'm not an anti-vaxer. >> the tavern issued a statement saying it could have handled the situation differently, and it's reviewing its process. an abc news legal analyst says the tavern acted within its rights, but he expects there to be endless litigation over this issue. dan, this is a tough one, because you could see where a lot of businesses would say, and airlines also, you don't get on the plane unless you have your vaccine, assuming it's accessible to everybody. and individuals like we heard at the top of the newscast thinking i don't know if it's safe. i don't know what you do in this situation. >> yeah, it's a really complex and tricky question. and i'm torn on it. on one hand, i understand someone's reticence, if they are reticent to take the vaccine. i personally will take it the moment i'm able to do so, without pretending to be i'm older like those ladies in florida.
4:42 pm
but so i understand that. and whatever you have about personal liberties. but on the other hand, this is a business owner who is trying to keep business up and running and provide a service to people and protect those people and do those people who come in and patronize your busy have an expectation, a right that you're making it as safe as possible? it's very tricky. it will be interesting to see legally what happens. >> yeah. kristen, any thoughts on this one? spencer? >> i was just going the say i think it will be interesting to see dan dressed as an old woman. >> i look good. >> but i think this woman sounds reasonable. she just wants a little time to make her decision. she doesn't sound like a campaigning anti-vaxxer. but at the same time, the business has a right to try to provide a safe atmosphere for its customers as possible. >> yeah, i don't understand one
4:43 pm
thing is her turn already up? she seems awfully young to be eligible. and the other question, pfizer is just now launching its first vaccine trial on pregnant women. so the fact that she wants to wait for that data, that seems reasonable. all right. a small town near shreveport, louisiana came together to feed stranded semitruck drivers this weekend amid winter conditions in the state. parts of the interstate there have been closed because of the dangerous travel conditions. so one young woman and a few of their neighborhoods decided to go to their local convenience store to buy beer when they spotted the stranded drivers. they posted this video and the community came together and started feeding everybody in the area. >> nice. >> kudos. >> that's an example of the best in people coming forth in these kinds of circumstances. and you always see it. people, most people try to do the right thing to try to help others in need. love those stories. >> spencer, all the times you spend covering severe weather, i bet a lot of people came out the you to bring you food, right? kind hearted folks?
4:44 pm
>> they absolutely did. it's funny you mention that, kristen. i was just thinking back on the hurricaneses and floods and blizzards and all the natural calamities i've covered. in all the cases where people were desperately trying to survive and keep themselves safe, many people came up to me and said would you like a cup of coffee, would you like a heavier coat? would you like some rain gear? it's amazing how situations like that tend to bring out the absolutely best instincts of people. >> touching. yeah. an ohio man is replacing food with beer for lent, and he is doing it for a good cause as well. brewery owner dale hall's daily diet is centered around three to five beers along with coffee, tea and water per day. he has done this three years in a row now and helps him lose 40 to 50 pounds, lowers his cholesterol and blood pressure. maybe you should do it year round. del also uses his drive to raise
4:45 pm
money for local service workers. last year he raised more than $10,000 in donations. this year he is shooting for $50,000. spencer, you're already on the wine diet, right? this is a slight adaptation. >> the wine diet works well for me. i'm staying on that. i'm sure this works for him. but if he loses 40 to 50 pounds and gains it back? like you said, maybe he should stay on it year round. >> that's not very healthy. worry about him yo-yoing like that. if spencer loses 50 pounds, we'll be able to tie a string to him and fly him as a ki
4:46 pm
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the irs announced this week it's finished sending out the millions of $600 economic stimulus checks that congress approved late last year, but not everyone has received their payment. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with a look at the issue, plus more consumer news. michael? >> reporter: kristen, if you're one of those still checking your mailbox or bank account for that government relief check, and you qualify for it, there is a solution. the irs says for many, the only way to claim the $600 now is to file a recovery rebate credit form when filing your 2020 taxes. now that includes those who do not traditionally file. most commonly, those receiving social security or disability payments. to qualify for the stimulus check, you must earn under
4:49 pm
$75,000 annually. you may remember, heads of households must earn under $112,500. the housing market got a strong start to the new year. the national association of realtors announced today that home sales in january rose 24% when compared to a year ago. home prices were also rising last month the median home price was $304,000. that's an increase of 14% from last year. so what's causing the demand for home ownership? experts say low mortgage rates, millennials entering the market, and americans working remotely who now are looking for larger homes. more consumers are complaining about errors in their credit reports. consumer reports says last year more than a quarter million complaints were filed. that's more than double when compared to 2019. common errors include loans that have been paid off but appear as unpaid, or individual loans listed multiple times.
4:50 pm
consumer reports says some companies are correctly reporting -- i should say incorrectly reporting loan deferrals during the pandemic. it's a new way of reporting and that is causing a problem. by the way, if you should have an issue with this, let me know about it. go online, send me a note and we can help you. >> cool. because it's such a headache. thanks, michael. >> for sure. this is amazing. an italian photographer able to get close enough to capture stunning footage of italy's mt. etna erupting yesterday. the video shows the lava spewing from a crater and flowing down the volcano. at one point the volcano sent fountains of lava 2,000 feet up in into the air. man, that is just spectacular and breathtaking, and you hope nobody is around who is going to be in danger. no fire in the sky here. just some rain, spencer, and then a lot of sunshine. >> yeah. that's exactly right, larry. a little light rain is coming our way, as you can see on the
4:51 pm
forecast animation here. just after midnight, we'll see this line of showers and light rain, just sweeping down through the golden gate, during the overnight and early early morning hours. by midmorning, the storm will be gone. partial clearing, mainly sunny skies for the remainder of the day. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the system is a weak storm ranking 1 on the abc7 impact scale. a warm start to the week monday and tuesday. and the mild weather will pretty much remain with us all the way through friday of next week. larry and kristen? >> nice. >> thank you, spencer. all right. this weekend you can recreate the magic of disney in your very own home guided by disney imagineers. we launched a new series called imagine from home. in episode 2, learn how to build your own r 2droid for re own r >> my name is matthew jamison, and i'm an imagineer.
4:52 pm
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4:53 pm
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coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, shark tank. 2020 is on at 9:00. and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. a milestone earlier this month for the boy scouts of america. the group reset when it takes to become an eagle scout. now the rank includes young women. abc 7 reporter wade freeman spent some time with them today. >> reporter: the first step towards being a good person that when you make a promise you keep that promise. and when you set a goal. >> keep myself physically strong, mentally awake. >> reporter: you reach it. scouts learn those values from the very beginning.
4:56 pm
if they're purerseverant they prove it. >> it means being a leader and being driven. >> it was definitely really hard. >> we did it all together. >> reporter: they're all freshly minted yes, we said eagle scouts, three of four from troop 1015, trail blazers in every way. becoming an eagle scout is not easy. only 5% of scouts earn that honor. and yet in 111 years there have never been any women. not until now. 900 across the country this career. >> it says that scouting is becoming aligning with the times, you know, inclusion. >> reporter: where most young men take five or six years to become eagle scouts the rules changed so late these women only had two. so they did it in the third of the time. today they showed us some of their projects.
4:57 pm
a hill side that will blossom with wild flowers. and a trail that had been eroding with new fencing now to reroute traffic. how did you learn to build a fence? >> well, you just have to dig the post holes. >> reporter: just dig in, a lesson learned by three of the first female eagle scouts ever though gender should be irrelevant from now on. against all odds they set that goal, they made history. a promise is a promise. but you're not boasting about that. >> oh, i'm pretty excited. >> wade freeman, abc 7 news. >> way to go. we salute those eagle scouts. abc 7 has launched new streaming apps so wherever you are you can get our live newscast, breaking news and more with our new abc 7 bay area on apple tv, fire tv and roku. just search nbc 7 bay area and download it. that's going to do it for
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next at 5, teachers and vaccines and the new mobile count. plus what will it take to get football players back on the field one week from today? >> also ahead here, diversity in the top ranks. some of the country's biggest and most well known companies make a new pledge all because of a bay area effort. and when kids might be able to get covid-19 vaccines. a new timeline is out tonight. this is abc 7 news. we'll begin here tonight with two big education stories. the plan for high school sports to return to competition and coaches are thrilled. >> we got to tell our players when something is really, really


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