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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 21, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PST

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. building better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. >> has this pandemic been harm you think? >> yes. >> no doubt having serious emotional and mental drawbacks.
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good morning, some san francisco families are fed up. but there is a new sticking point at what it will take to reopen. good morning, it's sunday, february 1st, thank you for joining us. we will get right to that school reopening debate in one moment. so important. first, let's have a quebec look at the weather. >> good morning, grab the coat. it is certainly chilly out there. temperatures have dropped into the 30s. live doppler 7 shows we are looking at a nice and sunny start to your sunday, 37 in walnut creek checking in at 35. while the north bay is a little milder, upper 30s, free in san carlos, 40 in the south egrees colderhey ar king the gusts at 44. radiational cooling. it is looking at that
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34-mile-an-hour wind gust, so going through the afternoon, we will warm up. it will feel milder. by noontime in the upper 50s, sun name, mild with mid- to upper-50s, that sun setting closer to 6:00 tonight, we will talk about our warming trend and widespread 70s in the next due days in the next few minutes, liz. >> thank you. this morning, we announce day six six six six six six six abc 7 news reporter liz talks to students and teachers about what it will take to reope reopen. >> we want to lift up people as they are students and educators.
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>> it's been a year of classes and this six-year-old has had enou enough. >> it's tough being on zoom. >> reporter: with his parents by his side, he is ready to go back to in-person classes. >> so, they're not safe yet. >> reporter: the president says, they're still not on the same page with the school district. >> we propose kids be in school four days a week. we still have to secure a home. >> san francisco says they want to reopen for in-person classes five days a week. tonight the superintendent of
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construction explained. >> some students will be able to choose to return for five full days a week. for these schools, we'll offer hybrid schedules. >> both sides agreed to go back to in-person classes. >> what is it about the safety aspect concerning you personally the most? >> there is a set of conditions to be met. >> the deal requires for teachers and staff to get vaccinated. but for now, a date for schools to reopen for classes is still up in the air. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> meanwhile, in berkeley
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schools will begin to be ready for in-person learning. they will acquire vaccines. a vaccination site opens tomorrow at colden gate fields in berkley. it will continue through march. the reaction from students is next. >> i didn't think it was real. i was happy, though. >> we have so many kids, rubbing elbows in the hallway, i don't know how it will work. >> students will return to campus. other students will be back by mid-april. the district says the schedule can change depending if the ge sped up. >> reporter: covid is still a three. on reopening schools we know
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what happened if we don't put safety first. >> the ad goes on to say that schools should not reopen without more safety protocols including smaller class sizes. coming up this morning, we have an exciting conversation for the debate, state assembly member will be joining phil matteer live. we will break down his legislation to break down schools. you can watch that interview ahead on abc 7 morning, at 9:00 a.m. in the meantime you can find out where the school reopening plan will work where youok, new this morning, edition of the "new york times" features another striking front
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beiger page.p of a single dot, each representing an american death, depicting the totality of the virus devastation here in the u.s. here in california, it seems we have turned a major corner in the past month. 6700 newly diagnosed houses were diagnosed. there were more than 50,000 reported per day. cases are a reflection of the positivity rate and the deaths keep dropping it's down near 3%. but typically, the last thing to see a trend in decline, 47 deaths were reported above average. happening today, a clinic opens up inea suddenly hn working with can gold ngolden grades and wil
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expand to 1,500 doses a day shipments are starting small, appointments are required, also in marin county, costco offering the vaccine. there is some availability, though, on friday, california is one of just five states where co costka plans to open up a vaccine. for now, through tuesday, the hospital wants to vaccinate as many seniors as possible remov barriers. >> i know, trying to find websites, signing up, making appointments can be a little challenging.
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so we wanted to take that away so that's why we decided to do the drop-in clinic. >> all drop-ins must live in san francisco. starting this week, kaiser will be scheduling further in advance, they said the state is increasing the amount of vaccines it will get starting this week with state supply. with more doses on the way, they can schedule appointments further out. they are reaching out to seniors. starting tomorrow, anyone 65 and older as well as groceries and food production workers can get their shot. it is the biggest expansion sense they started a ministering covid vaccine. abc is monitoring with the tracker. we show you when you can get your shot. it is all right there on abc 7
6:10 am we turn to china town, where luan ar new year draws thousands to san francisco it didn't stop the celebration entirely, though. there was a virtual event streamed online. one couple we spoke with is more important to show support in businesses impacted by the up pact. >> it is desolate here now. it's kind of a ghost town, to be honest with you. >> it's tough to see. >> it is, it tugs at the heart. >> the parade float will be on display from noon until 8:00 p.m.
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volunteers gave cornell bernard a story you will see only here on abc 7. >> reporter: it could be the newest weapon in rising crime in the oakland community. and a warning. incredibly loud. >> it works. >> volunteers are fanning out, distributing airhorns to china town business owners many who have been the victim of crime. many asian seniors have been targeted walking down the street. cheryl hoeg from the chamber of commerce demonstrated the air horn for jeweler lee lee. >> you keep pressing it. people will come helpyou. >> reporter: le has been robbed more than once. >> that's why you see that. >> the most unlike sound. >> reporter: the airhorn tells
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ray, he raised $6,000 in private donations to buy more than 400 of the ear-piercing gadgets, which he hopes will be an alert to all of the communities. >> it's a network we are trying to create so people know to elkeut cameras and start filming. that's what will help law enforcement. >> reporter: business owners are asked to post these flyers to warn about the airhorn new york. so far, feedback has been positive. >> so far they seem to like the idea. >> we want to make sure that our community knows we're on alert so we don't want criminal activity going on here anymore. >> reporter: that's the idea, 50 other air horns, many hope they will help stop the violence here. in oakland, cornell been ard, ac
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7 news. >> a good idea, let's get a check outside. >> all right. this is a fake picture. although, not fake. in nevada, temperatures are right now in the low 20s, going for a high of 39 so promise, no filter on that, the natural beauty, we'll be back with a pretty nice-looking forward here locally next. gorgeous, lisa. >> thank you, the small town at the center of a national controversy. a school district in shambles. >> my wife and are were sitting next to the window there, a big bang. >> pieces of a plane falling from the sky. >> i'm just 16, most 16-year-old girls fight with their parents all the time. cking to following, claudia her
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okay, developing news in the east bay. police are investigating a drive-by shooting that september a fire fighter and paramedic to the hospital. it happened on century boulevard. a woman described what happened. >> a guy came in our stores. he was talking about oh i need help, my guts are hanging out. so i kind of stepped back. >> police say they were called
6:17 am
to a gas station when the first responders were hit. the fire fighter was shot in the foot. the paramedic hit in the leg. both, thankfully, are expected to be okay. police have not confirmed if anyone was arrested. in nearby oakland, a school temporarily taking over. parents and students rallied. members were caught making disparaging comments to parents during school board meeting. developing news in colorado, wild new video shows shocking modems when debris from a plane falls down from the sky. >> honestly, i didn't know what to think. i had a slew of some of the scariest odds at one point or another. >> that is a passenger who was on the plane at the time. the united airlines flight from
6:18 am
denver to honolulu was forced to land after a frightening sight outside the cabin windows. >> mayday, mayday, big 28 aircraft experienced an engine failure. >> reporter: an incredible video showing the united airlines flight after it exploded sending piece of metal falling to the ground. the plate was headed from honolulu to denver. passengers reported they were nearly at cruising altitude and the captain was making an announce. when a large explosion shipped the cabin. experts say it was a dangerous situation. >> an engine failure like this at takeoff is very dangerous. because the crew is fighting to fet up and away from the terrain. so they're working on flying on one engine report. people on the ground reported hearing a loud explosion, seeing
6:19 am
smoke and pieces of metal falling from the sky a. large; lar piece of metal that appears to be a part of the engine casing can be seen. it landed in the kitchen. the faa says the plane will return to dve iernati landed sa. officials say they're amazed no one was hurt on the ground. >> the fact that we are not getting increase is absolutely shocking at this point. >> the ntsb is leading the investigation. abc news, new york. just a wild story, thankfully, nobody was hurt. >> wow. >> hard to believe. we have had some pretty calm wet here. yesterday the wind dialled back, this mog,veer. th why condi are chlypp into the
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30s and some of that is due to our radiational cooling, but with upper elevation winds, we're not as cold as other spots, live doppler 7 pick up on the moisture, far away from the bay area, from seattle to portland, this is an atmospheric river that won't give us any piece of the action. in fact, as you look at mount i 40s. 42 in san jose, dropping to the upper 30s for you in morgan hill, half moon bay at 46. a leave look here this is over in the south bay. 280. 38 santa rosa. 37 in napa, upper 40s in vacaville and 35livermore. so as we look at those upper elevation winds, they are straight out of the north. that will aid in our warming trend throughout the afternoon. these will relax.
6:21 am
for now, it's breezy, mount st. helena, 30 hour. you can see how flat the winds are here in the city. clear and cool to start. sunny, mild this afternoon. looking at a warmer day on monday. tuesday should be the warmest day of the week, rainfall into this upcoming workweek, not a drop here in san francisco, it all goes to the north. we desperately need it. but we will focus on high pressure, what it brings. it will be well above average, low 70s, napa and concord, upper 60s for you in hayward, 71 in san ro say, by tuesday, we're looking at warmer numbers from mid-70s in concord, upper 60s in the city. slight cooling on wednesday. we're watching the upper elevation winds. they can get quite gusty tuesday in the latter half of the week. upper 60s in napa, the
6:22 am
accuweather 7-day forecast, we are milder today. spring-like weather on tuesday, the second half of the workweek, still dry and cooler. >> lisa, thank you. that brand-new episode of "american idol" dropping tonight here on abc 7, known as the viking with a voice this santa rosa man is on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ discover new lines— in the stylish toyota highlander and 36 mpg highlander hybrid. toyota. let's go places.
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. all right, happening tonight. another new episode of "american idol" back here on abc 7. you will want to watch this because a santa rosa man gets a chance to shine. >> they found me on instagram, , dear friend of mine asked me to audition, now he found me through some of my cover only a
6:25 am
i put out ♪ because all of me loves all of you ♪ >> and so i told him, absolutely, i'd love to. >> how cool. he is known as the viking with a voice. he says instagram got him to the idol audition. he said he thought it was a scam but he thought judge katy perry was most surprised by his audition ♪ everybody loves the things that you do ♪ ♪ and the way you talk ♪ >> one example of "american idol's" new push to find stars through social media, claudia conway, she became the trending topic of the season programmer. er in new york showster with our us the spotslight a little more intense than most other contestants. >> for claudia conway, this was
6:26 am
the culmination of a long-held dream. >> i kind of went back to "american idol" thinking i will do that one day ♪ we were scared of getting old ♪ >> yes. >> she's been sing and playing the piano since the age of 3. >> it's always been a refuge and safe haven for me. >> reporter: a place that's become all the more important in the past few years. >> my parents are high profile political leaders. >> she describes ler relationship with them as iffy. >> i am such a normal teenager, people lose sight of that, most 16-year-old girls fight with their parents all the time. >> reporter: but most teens don't fight in the public eye. >> it's hard to navigate between your personal life and public life. >> reporter: especially when have you half a million twitter
6:27 am
followers. >> right now my relationship with my sparnts a lot better. >> how did it get better? >> i think it took a lot of self reflection on everyone's part and kind of sting away from that social media presence. >> you have to calm the storm e that the around you. >> and she's taken katie's word to heart. >> holding that golden tick, i thought everything i have been through in the past couple years on how hard i worked, it all paid off. >> you can watch anthony guzman does and the new episode ofoidoid right here on abc 7. theirst time since leaving ew or >> and t tormt needs most right now and the easy way
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that you can help, plus, they only like video pictures of us carrying guns, that was not what the black panther party was about. >> going behind the group known as the black
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6:31 am
that breeze down south, let's look at the bay area forecast, lisa, we're lucky we're not in a position look so many of our friends right now. >> i was looking, temperatures into the 60s for dallas and houston. yay, the thaw is on. locally we got cold weather. what about this, santa cruz, 48 in san francisco with 38 in morgan hill. there is san rafael. 35 in livermore, some of you in the 40s, downwinds, you are chilling 11 degrees colder. the north mix, a warmer day mid and upper 60. concord 67 at 3:00 and we're clear and chilly tonight. we'll talk about a warmer day
6:32 am
for your monday and beyond coming up. >> lisa, thank you. hope on the horizon in texas after a week of dangerous and disastrous freezing. millions of people trying to cope with the aftermath. >> we started harvesting snow. we lost water at that point, harvesting snow for toilet water. >> it's been a struggle after major utility failures. andrew dinberg says hopeful improvements come tomorrow. >> reporter: president biden after the state was devastated, he went to his truck to retrieve a device to help him breathe after his home lost power. >> i went out there, he had no response, he was already cold. >> while much of the power was restored, many have clean drirpging what under the circumstances. >> a lot of central workers, a
6:33 am
lot of marginal people. so many suffered hardships more than you might imagine. >> nearly half of texas is under a boil water viry>> msi sites a. >> obviously, we have to go inside to find other people, if not, we have to wait until it's resolved in there supplies are still limited. >> if there is anything the federal government can do it would to fill them with water bottles. this is big we've gone way t wat lo long. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez waizing more than 3 million for texa texans. >> we need to make sure this devastation, preventible devastation, never happens again. >> reporter: montana's mayor says there is still a long road ahead. >> even as the people's homes
6:34 am
are repaired, lights on, water pressure up, we'll be here and there will be many miami dealing with this for weeks and months to come. >> there is concern over the nags's blood supply. the american red cross and american association of flood banks, blood centers have 25,000 donations this month. you can call the numbers on your spring, 1-800-red-cross. >> good news, shipments are getting back on track, 50 states have been delayed. the white house says they should be cause back up in a week. new assembly lines will be able
6:35 am
produce 700 vaccines per hour. >> i think we will be heading to normalcy, but i can't make that commitment to you. >> new stimulus checks, one of bid biden's bedrock promises. coming up, white house pretty secretary will talk about push for covid relief and immigration reform. you can catch that right here on a abc 7. president trump is scheduled to speak at cpac next sunday source says trump will speak of the future of the republican party and comments on president
6:36 am
biden's changes to immigration policy okay. it's about building racial and social justice. this black history month, there is a new rich ristory and reframe the narrative. julian glover was there and explains why they have a permanent tribute in his honor. >> reporter: on what would be his 79ing birthday in west oakland now bears the name of the founder. his widow, fredericka filled with joy. >> overwhelmed a tangible
6:37 am
result. not the last. >> there is a reason, so many years later, because his name was demonized by the media. he prayed that the most popular organization of the 20th century. >> for decades, the founder had centered around images like these. but what about the black nther's breakfast program? why were those positive images virtually non-existent until now? >> they are on video, pictures of us carrying guns, that was not the black panther party, we fed them, clothed them, so that's based on love. those are the positive things about the black panther party that the media never shows.
6:38 am
>> the street rename ottowa newton comes less that a week he plays fred hampton, leader, here he is talking about the push to rewrite the narrative. >> we articulate this moment p t party and the philosophies and the strategies in order to help the community. >> the black panther party for so long denied. now we can't. >> no, we can't. >> what does that mean to you? >> it means everything to me. now we will give them hope that they, too, can make a diff in their community. >> reporter: the renaming of west 9th street is only the first of many public tributes to the black panther party. a bronze bust will be unveiled
6:39 am
right here on this granite slab ensuring black panther history is a part of oakland's history forever. >> and if you have a story, you can find him at julian g at abc 7. all right, just ahead, a house on the move. what makes this one? is there so much extra treatment it will be getting getting ge >> what a great idea. >> what effect you have on us from now on. a look at the brake, the sun starts to come up. here's a look at the golden gate
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that? we're not up there right now. just beautiful. okay, happening today, a historic san francisco victorian embarks on a journey. the home has been near the corner of franklin and turk streets for 1239 years. but at dawn movers are picking it up to a new space, giant dollies will carry the house at 1 mooin-mile-an-hour. it still has the original anchor bolts. more than a dozen city agencies had to agree to the new location. the mover says homes like these are worth preserving instead of demolishing. i wholly agree, lisa. >> yeah. a nice day to do it, too. itear. rfacin have diadac at the upr elevation breezy, w a gorgeous om rfcame0s wn,hat does that m
6:43 am
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diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. , here's a live look outside our walnut creek camera. >> all right, let's talk sports. the warriors hope to be at full strength. last night the doves were in charlotte to take on the hornets, but golden gate has to play without their all stars. >> reporter: good morning, just before tip-off, a surprise saturday night. stef stephen curry was out after feeling ill. a sight any warriof
6:46 am
likes to see second quarter, the miss, kelly ubray big time, that slam, winding down, half court buzzer beater. he got it. warriors upt two at the break doves down 5, 16 off the bench. under a minute to go, golden state goes up 5. charlotte answers, rosier, triple, setback. the hornets down two. now this is big, demonday green, mixes it up. another jump ball. double technical and an ejection, hornets have free throws and scary terry for the win. buzzer beater and the hornets win it 102-100. >> he crossed the lean.
6:47 am
that's the main thing. we love his passion and energy. but that doesn'ttlithe team ouhi he there will not be a lot of energy. i said it many times. i enjoy working with him. they compete. but we bought to get better and learn to post-gains. our execution has to improve at both ends. >> to the ice, the blues second perd, a quick pass, hess first goal of the year, 4-1 sharks. ryan o'reilly, third married now, the captain is going to flip it to the net, bounces off the goalr pads and in. san jose, second goal of the night. the sharks defense, dubnyk hang
6:48 am
on sharks are back. the nhl, picture-perfect views. colorado scores first in the 1st. the ice conditions, though, not good due to that sunny weather you see. how about an 8-hour intermission. the teams came back. the ice much better, ask nathan mckinnon end to end breaks the 1-1 tie. that is your look at sports, back to you. >> all right. let's get a check of the weather. so nice out there this morning. >> the winds are in the upper y we lk at live doppler 7. this is what we call the pacific northwest, bringing them more
6:49 am
rain while the bay area stays dry. mount tam here looking clear, 48 oakland and san francisco. 38 in morgan hill with 42 in san jose and in the north bay, this is san rafael, where temperatures have been in the 40s, except for napa and santa rosa, live in livermore, still cold there with 40 and concord, the winds were over 50 miles per hour. down to 27 miles per hour. you can see mount st. helena, kind ofnk th lows forhat mixing. it's allowing for the north bay numbers to stay a little milder and that radiational cooling allowing all that to escape to space, so 30s in the livermore valley. there is san francisco clear and cool, warmer monday and tuesday.
6:50 am
as we look at the month in general, remember 2020 was all dry for february. 11 days of rain, ten dry days, that adds up to about an inch and three-quarters of rain for san francisco so it's a little better than you think, when i tell you, we should have four-and-a-half inches of rain for the month of february, not so great you know we can add all of those yellows for more dry days right on through the end of the month. so back to back dry februarys with pacific northwest, bringing in some rain while we stay dry. in terms of the warmth, we're building into it, mid-60s, sausalito 64. this should be the warmest day of the week. widespread 70s and mid-60s.
6:51 am
we cool off, tuesday into wednesday. really the end of the week where the numbers will come down. they will be above average. 65 in fremont. 68 in napa, enjoying upper 50s at our beaches. the winds out of the northwest. 20 miles an hour. a t accuweather 7-day forecast.. spring-like weather, getting breezy, the dry pattern continues to close out the mont month. >> we saw that sharp draft on the pandemic. now might be proving we are capable of feeling differently. one our pillarsing a workple, better bay area. >> reporter: even as vaccinations continue, remote work keeps getting extended.
6:52 am
employe employees starting working away from home a year ago. one key thing is balancing with kids doing learning. she says mid-level and top managers should be focused on one thing, it's empathy. >> there is a higher degree of understanding of empathy, which i think is a critical skill. if you want to retain and more importantly engage with them. you have to understand where they're coming from. >> everyone at all levels is adjusting to the evolving changes. engagement is another buzz word as companies envision employees swinging from home, interact will change. >> if you pop in someone's office, you have an idea, now you won't have that convenience. >> reporter: brokenstorming will shift to video conferencing or internal messaging platforms. perhaps the biggest change could
6:53 am
be a shift in focus, putting people ahead of their tasks. >> pivot between better transparency and a whole big investment on employee wellness and mental benefits. >> david louie, abc 7 news >> okay.effects. what is area is doing to help and i embrace getting older. i'm so much more confident now. but i don't love that as i age, i could develop gum issues. new colgate renewal reverses early gum damage, for a beautiful, revitalized smile. i can't wait to see what comes next! reverse early gum damage with new colgate renewal.
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6:55 am
okay. here are the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing. and the winning numbers from last night $22 million, 2, 5, 5 21, 45, the mega-number 11 him nobody matched all six numbers.
6:56 am
wednesday night increases to $23 million. all right, with some of the severe weather rocking the state of texas, the oakland zoo in the bay area is stepping up. it is pledging to help raise money, to help sea turtles in texas. 1,500 washed up along the state's southern shoreline, they're going through a cool time. volunteers are working to warm them up and get them back in the water. the san francisco zoo raids $150,000 for a rescue fund to save the turtles. like we've mentioned earlier, we have more on how you can help texas families in need and see the other stars pitching in i want to hug those little turtles. >> very cute. it's a greatidea. good luck to them. all right. we're looking at a 61 u stunning
6:57 am
view it is chelly, sunny and mild weather, warmer wonder and tuesday, upper elevation winds are breezy, later on today, it helps to warm in livermore, 66 in morgan hill. the accuweather seven-day forecast, warmest day should be tuesday. wind will be a factor. the second half of the workweek, maybe even into tuesday. we remain dry to round out february. >> thank you all, i'm liz corey. along with lisa argen, abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. gma is next. we'll see you, have a great sunday.
6:58 am
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that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. good morning, america. scare in the air. >> mayday. mayday. >> the terrifying moments when this jet engine catches fire shortly after takeoff. >> all of a sudden there was just a big boom. >> oh, no. >> debris raining from the sky and neighborhoods, front lawns and through the roof -- >> i'm just wondering, are all of these people okay? >> the incredible emergency landing and the investigation into what went wrong. desperate situation. texas tapped out. millions of people without running water. >> no running water at all. >> president biden declaring the state a disaster area following the devastating storm. plus, how did this happen? a $17,000 electric bill. and the miss


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