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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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next at 5, golf legend tiger woods is in the hospital tonight after a serious car accident. what we're learning as we come on the air. plus, taking secret vaccine appointment codes from minority communities is happening in marin and across the state. what a person told us about why they did it. marin and san mateo counties into the red tier. what one business owner is saying about the whiplash of reopening. aligned to get into east san jose's new vaccines site, the new effort to stem the tide of grief from covid-19. and the man who made proettry cool. now from abc7, live breaking news. >> hawthorne boulevard, vehicle on the side of the road. >> that dispatch call caused shock today as news broke that tiger woods was injured in a car accident in southern california.
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the los angeles county sheriff just said that tiger woods is lucky to be alive. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. he was wearing his seatbelt. he suffered injuries to his legs on the border of rolling hills estates and rancho palos verdes. we don't know the extent of his injuries or his current condition. that information has not yet been released. but he was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery. first responders say woods was conscious and able to communicate with them at the scene. he had to be removed through the windshield. >> i asked him what his name was. he told me tiger. i immediately recognized him. i asked him if he knew where he was. what time of day, just to make sure he was oriented. he seemed he was lucid and calm. >> officials say there was no evidence of impairment. they believe woods' seatbelt helped save his life. abc7 sports reporter chris
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alvarez joins us with reaction which came from across the sports word. >> yeah, the news of tiger woods' car crash sent shockwaves across the sports world. those first images giving many eerie flashbacks to kobe bryant's crash a year ago. the video we are showing you, dwyane wade posting the video on social media with tiger woods. shooting promotional video yesterday, was scheduled for more this morning in stubborn an los angeles. he with was headed to the site when he got in the car accident. here are some of his fellow pga tour pros reacting to the news as they prepare for a beweek evt in florida. >> i saw the condition of his car. you hope that he is okay. that's the biggest reaction really. a little bit shocked, you know. something crazy happened happened to our sports world last year with kobe. i wouldn't say that dramatic of
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feelings, but, man, you just hope tiger's all right. >> i have no doubt he will be back. take a little longer i am sure, but from my perspective he is one of the most impressive human beings i have ever met and i think he will come back just fine. >> several warriors offered their wishes, including stephen curry and klay thompson. bar barry bonds as well. vander cocai vander kane also. from a involve standpoint wondering could this be the end of his career. a lot of details to am could. the fact that the injuries aren't life-threatening that is the biggest news of the day. golf is secondary at this point. back to you guys on this developing story. >> absolutely. that's down the line. focus on making sure he is okay. thank you, chris. you can learn more about the accident and tiger woods' career on demand from the abc7 connected tv app available for
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apple tv, android app, amazon fire tv and roku. our other big story this evening outsiders grabbing appointments reserved for people hit hardest by the pandemic. it has to do with access codes being shared and then misused. liz kreutz is here in the newsroom with more on this story. liz, what are you hearing? >> yes, these access code are meant for people who live in alameda county and low-income communities so they can access the site at the oakland coliseum. we learned those codes have landed sometimes unintentionally in the hands of people they are not meant for and they can use those to cut the line and get a vaccine. >> reporter: as california tries to create an equitable distribution of the vaccine, they are hitting another snag. vaccine access codes meant for people in low-income communities of color, disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, are being misused by people they aren't intended for. in the bay area, the code is being shared in affluent parts of marin county. >> it makes me angry.
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>> reporter: this is bay area residents in his mid-30s. he asked to remain anonymous. a friend texted him an access code to get an appointment. the text said there were extra vaccines so they were opening up slots to anyone. >> well, to all of us, sounded somewhat plausible. it sounded also very unlikely. >> reporter:is instincts were right. while he was able to get an appointment he canceled it after realizing he was taking a spot from someone else. the code is meant to be given to people like this neighborhood in marin county made up of latinos and low-income and essential workers. omar is frustrated he didn't even know about these codes and says it's just another reminder of the inequities of this pandemic. >> i didn't know anything about it. so forget about the community. of course, they want to have access to technology, the ones with connections with the people of the information are benefiting from it.
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>> reporter: according to data from the state, latinos make up 15% of those vaccinated cyet account for 40% of the state's population. today the governor reiterated his commitment to vaccine equity and expressed frustration about people miss using the access codes. >> we are going away from group codes to individual codes and we are working with the counties on that. we don't like to see those abbass. they have been highlighting those abuses. >> again for now they are only for people in alameda county. to clarify again, because there was confusion, the code was not sent out because there was a surplus of vaccine. in fact, the state says if there is extra vaccine, they still do whatever they can to make sure it ends up in the arms of essential workers. live at home, liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> thank you. a new vaccination site opened at a historic san jose church. as abc7 reporter chris nguyen explains, ithe pastor is thankfl
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it's a place where people can come to get help. >> reporter: on the east side of san jose an effort to serve a community hit hard by the pandemic. >> whether it's testing or vaccinations, to get to the people that need it the most you have to go to hem. >> reporter: jason reynolds is proud his church emanuel baptist is the newest covid-19 vaccination site in santa clara county. >> at the heart of what we do as a church, a ministry, always taking care of our people and anybody that wants to come into the doors. >> reporter: it served as a covid testing location since the fall providing almost 40,000 tests for community members. this partnership builds upon months of collaboration with the county and offers up to 500 vaccinations a day for county residents once at full capacity. >> really thrilled to be able to offer this in a location that's become a trusted location for a high-risk community and, hopefully, bridge some of the vaccine hesitancy. >> reporter: emanuel baptist is located in san jose's 95127 zip
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code where approximately one in ten residents has tested positive for covid-19. this site will serve a diverse community and will continue to offer testing along side the vaccine clinic. hector salazar is a restaurant worker able to receive his first dose as part of the soft launch at the site. >> this is the first step. >> reporter: high school teacher sarah was also glad to get the shot today. >> it's a community effort for sure. so once everyone is -- or more and more people are vaccinated, i think that the comfort level will definitely be there. >> reporter: for now no appointments are required, but they will likely be offered in the weeks to come. chris nguyen, abc7 news. we learned today that the ten-day quarantine for san franciscoans who travel outside the bay area is now lifted. city supervisor matt haney says the city still advises a quarantine, but it is no longer rerequired. another development, marin and san mateo counties have moved into the red tier which means
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looser restrictions on indoor dining and gyms. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman has reaction to the tier change from the north bay. >> reporter: blue skies, early buds of spring, and in mar an county they are seeing red where in dealing with covid-19 that is a sign of progress. >> i saw a movie and there was a bank robber who had a mask on and i didn't find that unusual at all. it was really weird. >> reporter: weird is a good word for describing the last few months of purple tier status when restaurants could in the allow indoor dining at all. again -- >> it's been at least three times. >> reporter: he owns the aroma cafe where they will be able to allow 25% occupancy beginning tomorrow. now if only the movie theater would reopen, but management says it's still a week away. are the closures over? >>, hopefully, with the vaccines, i am hopeful that this would be the last time. >> reporter: could it be?
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we asked marin county health officer dr. willis. >> too early to congratulate ourselves. we it will be probably two or three weeks before we start seeing numbers anywhere close to the orange tier, even the best-case scenario, and that's what we want to get. >> reporter: everyone rejoicing while gyms can only, they will only be allowed 10% capacity. at sonoma fit in nono vaught owe that's 40 people. adam owns three gyms, one in marin and two in sonoma counties. this will be the only one he can open and he does not rilike the negative message that 10% sends or the uphill battle that covid closures left him. >> everyone is going back to restaurants. not everyone goes back to a gym. we are already working with 20% of the market. >> reporter: that is another form of seeing red. and not in a good way. from novato, wayne freedman, abc7 news. on the peninsula, san mateo county moving from the purple tier to the less restrictive red tier. starting at midnight indoor
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retail will be allowed to open to 50% capacity. restaurants, museums, movie theaters, churches, and hair and nail salons can open up at 25% capacity or 100 people, whichever is smaller. gyms and fitness centers are only allowed to open at 10% capacity. you heard the frustrated gentleman in wayne's pisa moment ago about that. governor newsom signed a coronavirus relief bill today. 5.7 million californians are expected to receive a one-time $600 payment. people eligible for the payment will not get it until six to eight weeks after filing state income taxes. eligible people include those who claimed the earned income tax credit making $30,000 a year or less. it also includes immigrants who pay taxes and make $75,000 a year or less. people who receive assistance from a low-income program or for a disability are also eligible. and people who fit into two
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categories will get $1,200, double the money. happening now, the debate over reopening schools in san francisco. the district is meeting at this moment. we are live with what's at stake next. plus, a busy intersection gets a new measure of safety. the family that helped secure it only wishes they didn't have to. also ahead here, the covid-19 data superstar who is still living with his parents in ♪ ♪ are you ready to join the duers? those who du more with less asthma. thanks to dupixent. the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems. it can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks
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is meeting now to vote on a health and safety plan to return to in-person instruction. it would be a positive step forward, but there are many other considerations that really still need to be resolved here. abc7 news reporter lyanne melindez is keeping an eye on this afternoon's meeting. >> we are. i have a feeling that this is going to go on for a long time now. let me just say that the health
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and safety plan that they will be discussing has already been approved by both the teachers union and the san francisco unified school district. i am told that the school board will definitely pass this plan. and let me explain it a little bit. it states that teachers will return to the classroom with their students when san francisco is in the red tier, and teachers are vaccinated. now, no vaccine is needed if san francisco reaches the more moderate orange tier. but then, and this is very important, they still have to approve the number of days and hours for in-person learning. they haven't done that. the school district has a proposal and the union has a different scenario. the school district wants more in-person hours, meaning longer days, and the union wants half-days. the superintendent today defended his plan. >> we don't want to just offer half-days. we know that transitions are hard. we want consistency and a full
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day for our students. >> and the teachers union responded this afternoon by saying, and you have it there, at this point, we believe there needs to be a trusted mediator to intervene, as we have lost confidence in the superintendent to manage this process. and i have to tell you, that, dan, is not promising. that's why nobody is even ready to give an approximate mitt date when schools will return for in-person learning. >> complicated and controversial. thank you, lyanne. new traffic safety measures are in place on a hi-injury corridor in oakland. you can see the speed cushions that slow traffic on 35th on 3 avenue. t the family of 34-year-old deonte bush, his family says that he had just handed woman short on
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kashia dollar to take the bus when he got back on his bike and was struck at that spot. the street was later renamed in his honor. >> these speed cushions have been placed out here because we stood out here demanded justice for my brother every night, candlelight, and we saw accidents, we saw people speeding. when you see deonte bush way, that is a symbol of safety. that means slow down. slow down. you can take somebody's life. you take somebody from their family. >> so much emotion. you can hear it. the city of oakland is working to address more high injury corridors. officials say 6% of streets account for more than 60% of severe injury and fatal traffic accidents. while there is positive news in the covid-19 battle, sadly the death toll from this pandemic continues to rise, but forecasting those deaths accurately is, obviously, an important index. now one of the best people to
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crunch those numbers is a young data scientist who came to the bay area from china. the story tonight from abc7 news reporter david louie. >> reporter: for close to year statistics have helped to track the magnitude of the pandemic. they have also helped to project stress on hospital capacity and the mounting death toll. this website created by a 27-year-old data scientist from the south bay started generating attention because of its accuracy compared to others. >> a lot of these models that were there during the early stalks of the pandemic were not clear about kind of the assumptions and the limitations. >> reporter: based in new york, he found himself in lockdown while visiting his parents in santa clara. his background was in analyzing finance, not pandemics. but what he created in two days become his full-time passion. he crunched numbers not only for the u.s. and california but for 70 countries worldwide. >> i have also been wrong many times. i think it's about learning from your mistakes and being able to
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adjust to data and new information as they come in. >> reporter: at times his trajectory of covid deaths turned out to be far more accurate than projections from universities and health experts. using real-time data he said was the key factor along with stressing accuracy and transparency about underlying assumptions of his model. >> once it got the, the website got looft attention, i decided to devote my full attention to that for kind of the next few months, and i guess it's been almost a year now. >> reporter: how long he will continue depends on the pandemic. compensation comes from donations on his website. they came to the u.s. from shanghai when he was 7. he tweeted recently -- >> i can't think of many other countries with the work of an untrained 27-year-old immigrant can garner the attention and respect of researchers and public alike. >> reporter: david louie, abc7 news. from beautiful to breezy to
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two guys just hanging out, fishing at the pier. definitely a gorgeous day for that. i was working up a sweat when i was outside today, dan. >> i know. it was lovely. i went out for walk today, as well. i hope the fliish are biting. looks like a nice day out there. >> i hope so, too. it was the kind of warmth that you expect to see maybe in spring or summer. it was record setting, that's for sure. 79 in san jose, 80 in 81 santa rosa, 79 kentfield, sfo redwood city mid-to-upper 70s. well above the averages of the low 60s for this time of year. winds played a factor. it's a gusty northeasterly wind that brought the warmth, right now 33 on mount diablo and 20 on
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knoxville creek. a wind advisory tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. gusts as high as 40 to 60 miles an hour particularly over the hill. even though it covers some of the lower elevations. there is a possibility of downed trees and powerlines. a lovely view from our sutra tower camera as we look across the bay. sun on live doppler 7. we should be rain around this time of year. unfortunately, no rain right now. temperatures anywhere from the 60s to the 70s unless you are in half moon bay at this hour. then you are in the 50s. hour by hour we go. it's going to be breezy tonight. you will notice though that the winds pick up tomorrow morning. could see wind gusts over 45, 50 miles an hour going into tomorrow evening as well, and once again the strongest winds are expected over the higher elevations. morning temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s. under clear skies tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be a mild one, not as warm as today. even though it's going to be
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sunny, 69 in san rafcal, 67? san francisco. low vefz if concord to san jose, 68 in palo alto. accuweather forecast seven-day forecast gusty and cooler tomorrow. still breezy thursday morning, not nearly as windy and then we have sunshine going into the weekend with increasing winds once again on saturday. a little cooler early next week. i know if you were with us yesterday i said there was a possibility of rain on monday. models are going drier. so i don't have great news in that aspect, but if you like sunshine, you're in luck. >> we do like it. we just know that we need the rain. thanks. >> we like it. we feel a little guilty. >> exactly. stay with us. remembering a giant. coming up, how san francisco
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an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at francisco's legendary poet and artist lawrence ferlinghetti has died at the age of 101 of lung disease. few poets of the past 60 years
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are as well known or influential. his books sold more than a million copies worldwide. he moved to san francisco from new york in 1951. two years later he co-founded city lights bookstore with a handshake and $500 at the corner of broadway and columbus. >> what a great story. he was named san francisco's first poet laureate in 1998 and city lights was granted landmark status three years later. ferlinghetti died a month shy of his 102nd birthday. he may have left clues how he wanted to be remembered in the last lines of his autobiography. he wrote, and i may cause the lips of those who are asleep to speak and i may make my notebooks into sheeves of graph and i may right my own peupon mouse epitaph instructing the heavy rains man to pass. >> all right. well, we want to thank you for joining us tonight. world nice tonight with david muir is next.
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for all of us here, we appreciate your time. we hope to see you in
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tonight, the breaking news as we come on the air. what authorities have just revealed after tiger woods was badly injured in that major car accident in california. the images all day today of tiger woods' car off the highway in l.a. county. the car found flipped on its side. the only vehicle involved. reports firefighters used an axe to rip open the windshield to get tiger woods out. tonight, his agent saying he suffered multiple leg injuries and was rushed into surgery. the images of woods golfing with former nba star dwyane wade just yesterday. and what we just heard from tiger woods himself in an interview over the weekend, after his fifth back surgery, asked if he would be ready for the masters. so many tonight rooting for the golfing champion who transcended the sport, who faced personal struggles and took responsibility for them. tonight, in a los angeles hospital and there is news


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