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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  February 27, 2021 9:00am-9:59am PST

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the bill is passed. without objection, motion to reconsider is waiting upon the table. >> the house approved a $1.9 trillion covid relief package, advancing president biden's top agenda. it will provide more resources to schools and businesses, boost funding for vaccinations and testing, and grant financial relief to americans across the country. good morning, everybody. it is saturday, february 27th.zn fi let'startit a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hey, liz. good morning. nice and clear out there. the winds have been cranking.
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it was a cooler day yesterday due to the wind. and we're following that from upper elevations today. 53 in oakland, 50 in san jose as well as half moon bay. winds over 20 miles per hour there. looking at numbers in the mid to upper 40s in the inland valleys. 50 with some gusty winds in novato. you could see white caps later on on the bay as winds kick up especially along the coast. mid to upper 50s by noon time. breezy to windy by 4:00. temperatures near average. winds don't relax until later on. we will look for a warmer sunday. the big question is when are we going to see rain. march may bring us some. i'll have the answers and a look at the next seven days coming up. >> thank you. new this morning as we mentioned, house nrly$2 tllio c 219 democrats voting for it, and
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212 republicans against. abc news reporter has the details. >> on this vote, yeas are 219, nays are 212. the bill is passed. >> reporter: in a marathon late in session, to j biden's nearly $2 trillion covid relief package sending the measure to the senate. >> i salute president biden for his american rescue plan which will do just that, rescue the american people. >> reporter: the plan includes another round of $1400 stimulus checks for most americans, billions for vaccines and covid-19 testing, and more money for schools, state, local governments. the house bill includes raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, a component the senate will likely scrap. >> what does it have to do with covid? does that put anybody back to work? >> reporter: democrats are using
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budget reconciliation allowing them to push the bill through congress, avoid a filibuster in the senate with a simple majority vote. the senate parliamentarian ruling a minimum wage increase doesn't meet the threshold to be tl included in that package. without a federal wage hike, passing the bill might prove easier in the evenly divided senate. millions are looking to washington for help. >> how are you going to pay the electricity, cell phone, food. it's hard. >> reporter: gop lawmakers oppose that relief bill as a whole, critical of the price tag, expressing concerns it isn't targeted enough to coronavirus aid. >> instead, the impaired priorities of democrat mianagedstates,si fundsnwa >> reporter: republihaveotto $1.9 trillion aid podge, booids's top directive, aimed at
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fighting a pandemic that crippled much of the u.s. economy, claimed more than a half million american lives. andrew dimber, abc news, washington. an fda advisory panel voted unanimously to recommend johnson & johnson's one shot vaccine. clinical studies show it provides strong protection. 85% effective against severe illness, 100% preventing hospitalization and deaths. there's another critical finding as well, early data suggests the shot may offer 74% protection against asymptomatic infections, making those vaccinated less likely to spread the disease. the fda says the vaccine and expected side effects like fever and fatigue, and they're looking into preliminary reports of two severe reactions as seen in other vaccines. top health experts are calling it safe. >> we have three highly effective vaccines. importantly, each of them are
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very effective against severe disease and virtually all of them say you look at the data and it is clear that you get usually no hospitalizations or deaths in any of them. this is very good news. >> what comes next? final authorization is expected today. tomorrow, a cdc panel will meet to discuss prioritizing deployment of the new vaccine. that means up to 4 million doses could be shipped starting monday, with the potential of shots in arms by tuesday. california is expected to get the johnson & johnson vaccine as early as next week. abc7 reporter is part of the vaccine team, she spoke to several experts about vaccine distribution for the state, including one of the local doctors that's part of the fda advisory committee. >> in the war against covid-19, there's hope that johnson & johnson vaccine is a step closer to getting authorized. were there any concerns as you were reviewing the data? >> we really didn't have any
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concerns. there's not a big safety signal here. >> she is part of the fda panel that gave the vaccine the green light. data shows one dose johnson & johnson vaccine is 85% effective at preventing severe illness. it will make it easier to distribute, the basic storage requirement. >> there's not a storage issue and there's not the need for the dramatic cold degrees that the other vaccines need. >> johnson & johnson says they're on track to deliver 100 million doses by the end of june. governor gavin newsom says california is set to receive the first batch next week if authorized. >> we anticipate receiving 380,000, 380,300 doses of johnson & johnson vaccine the next week and predictably in the next three weeks. >> the statewide system, by march 31st, california is expected to be switched over to
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centralized vaccine appointment and delivery system by blue shield. this doctor is part of the california vaccine advisory committee. more doses can reach vulnerable populations now. >> primary care physicians who know who their patients are that need to be vaccinated hopefully will be able to able to get the vaccine to their offices. >> with more vaccine available, he says we have a better chance at beating the virus and reaching herd immunity faster. >> only about i think 13% of our population is actually vaccinated at this point. so we have some work to do. but this is now going to accelerate it. i think that we will really start to see our numbers turn around in the next two months. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. the city of san francisco taking new steps to get shots into the arms of homeless residents, 65 and up. the examiner reports the city will be deploying mobile vaccine teams to local shelters,
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permanent housing, shelter and placement hotels, safe sleeping sites and more. the effort starts next month. an exact vaccine schedule has not been released, but will depend on supply and age eligibility. today, san mateo offers the final day of popup vaccination clinic indaly city. this is a first dose clinic for residents 65 and older at jefferson high school on mission street. they hope to give out 300 doses per day, but you have to sign up online first. it runs from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the shots are free regardless of your health insurance coverage. make sure to bring an id. also happening today, a drive through food and supplies distribution in east bay. 2,000 families getting care packages that includes bags of groceries, back packs for kids filled with toys and books. the give away is from 10:00 this morning until 2:00 p.m. on edgewater drive in oakland. you can donate at
9:09 am one person in belmont caught a young mountain lion creeping around. police got the call from a house or coronet boulevard before midnight. the homeowner is completely okay. officers say the young mountain lion took off after a short bit of time. remember, if you see e, try not to approach it. but if it comes close, be as vocal and as tintimidating as possible. indoor church services are allowed in santa clara county. the supreme court issued an order yesterday saying the county can't enforce ban on indoor services, capacity can be limited to 20%. the high court made similar ruling earlier this month, you might remember, then the county fought it. the new case was brought by several churches, including gateway city church which has a location in san jose. a statement released from a lawyer said in part we are very grateful to the u.s. supreme court for reinstatement of our
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rights to gather in houses of worship. in the statement, santa clara county said rules were applied equally to all gatherings, added indoor gatherings of all kinds remain risky and we continue to urge religious institutions to carefully follow public health recommendations. they're looking at mid to late april for in person learning. district officials plan to reopen classrooms april 21st for all grade levels. that is contingent on the county moving to the orange tier and staff being vaccinated. starting tomorrow, they're eligible to book vaccine appointments. good news for san francisco kids. city health officials confirm that youth sports can resume once the city enters the red as this coming tuesday. athletes have to follow extra safety precautions and help get things back up and running, the city providing field space to
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leagues offering a seven week mini season starting april. lisa, seems like spring is coming, starting to open up. it is good. >> the days are getting a bit longer. look at the golden gate bridge. nice and sunny. wind is an issue in some spots. would be nice to get in more rain here. march could bring us just that, a little. i'll explain next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a sacramento teacher accused of making a racist gesture in a zoom
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welcome back. in the east bay, an tee objecting city council created a blueprint for police reforms in a special meeting. as matt boone explains, the meeting was underscored by two recent cases of residents who died in police custody. >> reporter: anglo died the day after christmas, his death only made national headlines after the family filed a wrongful death complaint claiming an officer used a knee to neck restraint until he died, similar to george floyd. this attorney represents the family. >> no question in my mind nonlaw enforcement response would have saved this man's life.
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>> reporter: creating a mental health response team is the first of 8 police reform items on the agenda. it received three hours of public comment. almost all in support, including that from bella collins, his younger sister. >> i wish we hadn't called the police on december 23rd, 2020 and i would like to consider that perhaps the police officers feel the same way. >> reporter: items up for consideration, including body cameras, training, banning purchase of military grade equipment, establishing an independent review commission, barring lateral transfers if an officer has prior excessive use of force violation. measures are being pushed by the mayor, lamar thorpe, who campaigned on police reform, now finds the city in a streak of violent crimes, paramedics and firefighters shot this week and another in custody death. >> the day we talked about the second in custody death matter, we had three shootings in the city that day.
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>> reporter: the an tee objecting police chief yet to publicly comment on the case, saying it is still under investigation. initial autopsy has yet to be released. matt boone, abc7 news. >> the city council voted to move forward on five items which still need to be brought back to council before being implemented. meantime, the calls are growing for a sacramento high school teacher to be fired after caught making a racist gesture during an online class. she demonstrated a pose that's a racial stereotype for agencies. >> reporter: the spanish teacher's use of the pose in an online class sparked outrage from grant union high school community and beyond. in a video recorded by a student and later posted on social media, grand union high school spanish teacher is seen pulling her eyes up and down, depicting the racist stereotype for asians known as slant eye. >> under no circumstance is this
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acceptable. >> reporter: it is likened as offensive and mocking asian americans as blackfaces mocking african americans. its use spans at least a century. the stereotype in this world war ii era life magazine article claiming you can tell chinese and japanese apart from features fueling at the time. it prompted outrage from hundreds, including the mayor and city council woman, the daughter of refugees and city's first asian woman elected to council. >> if anything, it is absolutely harmful for our students and our communities. >> reporter: twin rivers unified school board president issued a statement condemning what she called racist comments. she went on to say the school board will do whatever it can to address the situation. it is unclear what actions might be taken. meanwhile, a petition has more than 450 signatures, calling for the teacher to apologize and the district to
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require racial equity training, adopt ethnic studies core curriculum and fund programs for youth. >> reporter: they urge the community to come together during this time and continue speaking out against racism. now, we have reached out to that spanish teacher, and have not heard back. the nba g league is investigating a claim by jeremy lynn that he was called coronavirus on the court. lin playing for the warriors g league affiliate posted about racism against asian americans thursday. he didn't provide specifics about the incident. warriors coach steve kerr says he applauds him for the post. a mother that racked up quite the resume over the years is finding new ways to serve. she is the first and only blam woman to be a pilot of the u-2
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spy plane. it is known as the dragon lady for being difficult to fly. she retired and is using her compassion to be a foster care mother. >> i want to be the one that steps up to be an example. giving someone else an opportunity. can everyone else do that regardless of what they look like, what their gender is. give them an opportunity and see what happens. >> she put herself through college as an electrical engineer. the advice she has for younger generations, you're going to come up against obstacles. go over it, go around it, keep pushing forward. what an inspiration in so many ways, lisa. i really love that story. >> yeah, fantastic. that's very cool. good morning, everyone. we're looking at chi andoday in spots we'll be eling
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elevations. here's california. so dry. here's the water loop. look at that big ridge. out over to the east of it, california, we are getting weak systems diving over the ridge and that's what's bringing the wind and dry air, north, northeasterly winds. here's the roof camera where not much wind here, but the temperatures are mild, in the 50s downtown. we are 49 here, 53 in oakland. 50 in mountain view. looking at 50 at half moon bay. here is the cove. we had snow here last week. you see how sunny it is. no snow expected for the week ahead. 49 in santa rosa, concord in the upper 40s. mid 40s for livermore. this is on the north shore, looking southeast. it looks kind of fake, doesn't it, that's how pretty it is there. there's a weak system that will skirt by early in the week, but
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late in the week, maybe a few snowflakes. locally gusty winds today, mainly upper elevations. sunny today and tomorrow. warmer for sunday with less wind. looking at hints of rain as we get into the first week of march. let's go out the next seven days. notice we are bringing some rain into california and it looks like the trough will stay over the state for much of the month allowing for systems to move into the bay area. no deep moisture tap. not looking at a big storm. we will take anything we can get. 10:00 today, 20 to 30 miles per hour winds. these are gusts. it will be windy in upper elevations, breezy lower elevations. 1:00, you can see looking at north winds. winds are moving fast through the they get stronger. looking at them dialing back by after sunset. the sunsets at 6:01.
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tomorrow, upper 60s to low 70s. we get a weak system off the coast, a cut off low. looks like it will miss us into wednesday. still looking at temperatures above average. that's the one system. as we get towards end of the week, this one holds together. remember, we have that ridge that has gone away. hopefully that will bring us some rain as we get into say friday night into saturday. 64 in oakland today. 65 in concord. livermore, you're breezy to windy, especially along the coast as well. accuweather seven-day forecast, we look at the warmer day tomorrow, the sun, and dry weather continues through middle of the week, although by end of the week, we look at maybe a little bit of rain and emphasizing, liz, a little bit hopefully. >> we'll take what we can get. lisa, thank you. we want to remind you, you can recreate the magic of disney in your own home guided by
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disney imagineers, our exclusive series imagine from home. you can watch that series on demand with the abc7 connected tv app for roku and other devices. here's a look at episode three. >> my name is reid, concept designer with walt disney engineering. you can have all kinds of backgrounds. i studied architecture, there are story board artists, technical people interested in how things are put together. today i want to do a drawing inspired by one of my favorite attractions, big thunder mountain railroad. one of the first projects i worked on is a model at disneyland hotel. i bse of the cool landscape and structures, because it is a fun ride. i wanted to include a lot of that in one drawing. so happy drawing!
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welcome back. it has been 25 years since poke man >> pokemon spawned a global empire with video games, trading cards and more. >> never would guess who would be here today after 25 years. >> this year marks the 25th anniversary. among the first events celebrating pokemon, virtual concert by post malone. live streamed saturday at 7:00 p.m. eastern at as fans anxiously await news and announcements from the world of pokemon, one game we know about,
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it is modernization of the popular nintendo 64 game. updated version hits the switch april 30th. while february 27th is considered pokemon day, the celebration is expected to last the year. in hollywood, and still trying to catch them all after 25 years. still to come on abc7 mornings. new vaccine clinic in the south bay hoping to reach
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let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite.
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here, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits. good morning, everybody. we're going to start this half hour with loo at th th mlogist argen. lisa, it is starting to feel like spring. >> i know. what happened to winter. we didn't really have one. as we look outside, it is bright and sunny. san jose, 280, beautiful start
9:30 am
to the last weekend of february. 49 downtown, 53 in oakland. 50 in mountain view. the golden gate bridge, windy andoast. 49 in santa rosa, 47 in napa. mid 40s in livermore. surface winds have been gusting in the north bay from santa rosa to no v to novato. northerly winds by the afternoon, about 3:00 in the mid-60s. above average. breeze in the valleys and upper elevations by this evening. less wind and look for a chilly night. looking at a warmer sunday and inexeklooking atlyti wi detl tha in a ntire natioyou tl waitingor the third covid-19 vaccine to enter the race. johnson & johnson is expected to get its fda authorization as soon as today. it says the cdc reports about 9%
9:31 am
of all americans are fully vaccinated. trevor olt has what's being done to prepare for the boost. >> reporter: this morning, a game changing boost in the vaccine race. the fda is working rapidly to finalize emergency use authorization of the johnson & johnson single shot vaccine. >> it is a single dose regimen. >> reporter: a panel of experts recommending authorization friday after trials have shown the johnson & johnson shot is 85% effective against severe disease and 100% effective against hospitalization and death. with two out of 400,000 trial participants reportedly having suspected severe allergic reactions. doses can be stored and shipped in normal refrigerators. upon authorization, the 3 to 4 million doses already available could start to ship out as early as monday. with a goal of 20 million by the
9:32 am
end of march, and 100 million by june. >> we have three highly effective vaccines. you look at the data and it is clear that you get essentially no hospitalizations or deaths. >> reporter: states are ramping up infrastructure, making up for delays caused by last week's winter storm. three new york city sites are offering shots 24/7 now that they have a surplus of doses. the 101st airborne going to orlando, one of five units to help in florida and philadelphia. illinois expanding eligibility criteria to millions more people. >> i am a two time cancer survivor, had a stem cell transplant. i mean even though it has been years ago, i still get sick easily. it was important to me to get vaccinated. >> reporter: the f director wat returning to nor we may be done virus, but clearly the virus is
9:33 am
not done with us. we cannot get comfortable or give in to a false sense of security that the worst of the pandemic is behind us. a new vaccine clinic open in san jose, part of the continuing outreach to disproportionately effected communities. east valley clinic on mckee road. chris win was there for opening day. >> reporter: a new covid-19 vaccination site open as part of an ongoing effort to make doses available to those that need it most. she was among the first to receive the vaccine at the clinic. >> this is a long line, you know, but we're lucky there's no line at all. >> reporter: santa clara has nine sites, this opening one of three set up this week alone,
9:34 am
including emanuel baptist church and gilro h line, signp. day, with capacity to do more if the state were to provide additional doses. until more supply becomes available, the county is focused on community outreach, educating the public where to get the vaccine. >> equitable vaccine access is paramount, we're not waiting. we are laser focused to close whatever disparity exists. >> reporter: the county prepares to expand vaccine visibility to more sectors of essential workers. the county could move into the red as early as next week. >> people are unfortunately continuing to take precautions with masking, hand hygiene, and social distancing. >> reporter: despite progress, reminder to the public that more
9:35 am
work is ahead. chris win, abc7 news. >> the stays will be reserving 10% of doses for educators stting monday. that's part ongcoming ines statewide. eligibility rules will become uniform across the entire state. as we know currently, the rules vary by county. the goal is to vaccinate 3 million per week. we are vaccinating half that rate because of supply issues. something the governor touched on at an event in fresno. >> the only constraint now is supply. we are administering more vaccines now formally than we are receiving from the federal government. it is not an indictment. it is all now about manufacture and supply. it is the only con stranstraint terms of the capacity to do more and better. >> they're switching to a centralized vaccine appointment and delivery system which will be run by blue shield. that should be complete by end
9:36 am
of march. movie night back in the bay area with precautions. cinemark reopened three theaters. they moved to the red tier earlier this week. cinemark is offering staggered show times and disinfecting between streaming. mask wearing is mandatory. >> they blocked every two rows and separate you. >> well over a year. last movie we saw was >> i have been waiting for the last month. it is my daily activity. more are expected to open next week. nasa renamed headquarrsfter w. jackson. the first african-american engineer. jackson was part of nasa put
9:37 am
americans in space. their story told in the book and film "hidden figures." in 2019, jackson was awarded the congressional gold medal, the highest civilian honor. new developments out of los angeles. lady gaga's stolen french bulldogs were recovered safely. a woman that found the dogs turned them into lapd last night. they were not hurt. police say they don't believe the woman was involved in wednesday's attack when thieves stole the dogs and shot the dog walker. the search for the suspect has continued. the dog walker thankfully is expected to recover. lady gaga currently working in italy offered a half millionrd return. still ahead, the fire truck used to celebrate life and not just save lives. the pink wheel inspired engine how it is bringing the community together. and a live look outside. a beautiful start to the
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most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. welcome back. let's check in with the cute sea lions at pier 39 this morning. they're surely loving the sun, aren't they? soaking it all up. so cute. a sign of rebirth during the pandemic that we're sure many people will be excited about, specialty's bakeries reopens monday. the company was a go to for cafe breakfast and catered office lunches. in may, they closed all 50 cafes in california, washington, illinois because of the financial effects of the
9:41 am
pandemic. one is back, monday at 7:00 a.m. on ellis street. lisa, i have yet to be anyone to indulge in a specialty's cookie. >> been talking about it all morning, better get there and bring me one. 52 in santa cruz. high of 63. winds are breezy, up to 20 miles per hour. we're going to keep the wind in the forecast for part of the weekend. we still have 70s for several days and also a chance of rain all in the seven day outlook next. also next, career night for draymond green, leads the warriors to the third this season. highlights
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9:43 am
all right. a live look from emeryville looking over the baty this morning. hope you're waking up and enjoying it. the sharks are set to play
9:44 am
the blues after thursday's game was postponed because a player tested positive for covid. the puck drops at 7:30. the warriors returned home following a four game road trip, looking to avenge a loss to the hornets. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. streak.riors went looking for they were out for payback against charlotte after the hornets beat them last saturday. draymond green was in a dancing mood. and the numbers tell you why. triple-double. steph with the assist behind the back. 19 assists for oubre, 15 points in the first quarter. can't teach that. steph missed the game saturday because of illness. warriors up 15 a.
9:45 am
third quarter. the tear drop, the floater. so pure. and another assist, to wiseman who went for 16. stef showing off the handle, step back three. the warriors finally win three in a row, 130-121. you know the saying, build it and they will come. the challenge for the a's is getting a stadium built. environmental impact report draft for howard terminal site was released yesterday. no major road blocks outside of the group that's suing to try to stop the project, but they already lost once in court. this is for a 35,000 seat stadium with housing, hotel rooms, restaurants, retail. the owner is tight fisted when it comes to spending, but the team president says fisher proved he will pay as he did previously in san jose. >> this is the second project that the fisher family and i worked on in the bay area.
9:46 am
we successfully developed the area in and around. there's a track record of doing a development like this. obviously this one in oakland is bigger but it is the same type of thing. obviously the project in san jose was a huge success. >> if you cannot get this project built at howard terminal, what is the a's future at oakland look like? >> it could be an incredible project, transformative, many community benefits with privately financed ballpark. time is running out. >> i have to admit, i didn't know there was a thing known as ice cross downhill skating until i saw robin going airborne. one of the best in the world. he would be the subfreezing slam dunk king with that. he flew 25 feet in the air. took him and his buddies a week to build this track in quebec. the video has gone viral.
9:47 am
as it should. that is fantastic. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i am larry beil. >> that's awesome. far different look than we experi ibruary. > yes pack oy l rr lookinat drive live doppler 7, big dome of high pressure and weak systems riding over the ridge allowing for the wind and gusty winds at times. here's a look where visibility is pretty good. 49 downtown. 53 in oakland. 50 in mountain view and san jose. upper 40s in morgan hill. winds are breezy from santa rosa through novato down to half moon bay. you can see the hazy conditions here. 49 in santa rosa. upper 40s in concord. you'll feel the wind, even though the temperatures are
9:48 am
coming up above average. it is not as gusty as it will in upper elevations. 52 in novato. look at the tower cam. sunny skies over the weekend. we are dry throughout most of the week but the first system is going to miss us. it is the second system, but it will arrive late in the week, hopefully stays together, the moisture tap. we look at the upper elevations, 30 miles per hour winds, mount diablo, 32, 50 miles per hour gusts overnight. the breezy to gusty winds, above 1,000 feet. throughout the afternoon, gusts stay with us, anywhere from miles per hour in fremont. in the delta, wind advisory, 6:00 tonight. the winds continue to howl for you. at the coast, anywhere from 40 miles per hour, half moon bay, about 30 miles per hour wind gusts. 7:00, the sunset. the winds are breezy above 800
9:49 am
feet. getting into sunday, we'll feel warmer with less winds. we'll see some 70s in the north bay. monday, temperatures cool around the bay. by tuesday, the changes are subtle. it is not until end of the week a ridge of high pressure gets out of town that we can count on a little rain. there's the first system, maybe southern california showers. then as we get to friday and saturday, a week out, we hope for a little bit of rain. we'll keep you posted on that. meantime, the seven day outlook holds together for rain not to just be in the pacific northwest. it looks like it will spread southward into the sacramento valley, perhaps into the bay area with maybe less than a half inch, hopefully. 64 as well as livermore, breezy to windy conditions in the upper elevations. the coasts will be windy. accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer sunday, less wind.
9:50 am
mild sunshine monday, partly cloudy and mild through the middle of the week. as we stay above average, we hope that rainfall brings us something significant. but at this point, doesn't look like a strong system. liz? >> all right. cross our fingers for more. project pink wheels rolling through to honor cancer warriors. the bright fink fire engine escorts cancer patients to the first or last cancer treatment offering hope and support. >> this is a symbol to people within the community that we see you. >> this is going to help people stricken with cancer in a multitude of ways. >> you're not alone. there are other people that have been through the fight and we are here to celebrate that fight with you. >> the purpose behind the whole thing is to let people know we're not alone, there are people out there pulling for you, willing to fight for you. your firefighters are here, not just on a 911 basis, we are moms, dads, brothers, fathers,
9:51 am
mothers, all those things that they are as well. cancer effects us all. project pink wheels is the embodiment of a community vehicle that shows the community that we are here for them. that when you're struggling with cancer, look no further than there's a pink fire engine rolling around, even though it is pink and represents breast cancer, i repsents a cancer. this fire engine is designed to be the escort to people's final cancer treatment or first cancer treatment. anybody within our service area in contra costa county can make a request to have a ride. >> your first treatment you are so nervous. everything is uncertain. and then when you are coming out with your last appointment, it would be so cool to be able to celebrate it all because that's really what it should be. it should be celebrating, celebrating that you're done, you have been through all of this, and you're out on the other side and time to make your new life and go out and live it all.
9:52 am
>> they started in the hospital. pink wheels showed up, took her down the main street where we had the community out and cheering her on. this couldn't be a better wayo end her treatment and just the thought of the experience is like putting a bow on it. and just having that support has meant a lot to us. >> i really liked it, i was happy that i could come home celebrating and the fire truck, too. i enjoyed it. >> we are encouraging people to come down, sign project pink wh we look at it as rolling memorial to cancer warriors, whether they beat their cancer, are fighting cancer, lost someone to cancer. we want them to put their name on it. >> when i found out i had cancer, i had just turned six.
9:53 am
uck will abo ael really hn that contra costa county fire was doing this for cancer survivors. >> i really love that it is a celebration to everybody and what they have been through and reminder that we see you and see your strength and celebrate it. >> kind of that community bonding vehicle where it shows the community we're here for you, we understand the battles and struggles you're going through and want to be a sign of support, sign of strength, sign of hope that your fight, even though you're going through it, we're there with you. >> that's beautiful. you can get more great content and if you want to rewatch it, it is on a state of the art tennis center opening in golden gate park. we look at the $27 m
9:54 am
[ sfx: bzzz bzzz bzzz ] [ sfx: ping ping beep beep bloop bloop ] [ sfx: honk ] [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] [ sfx: pop ping bloop pop ping bloop ] the day can wait. enter the golden state with real california dairy.
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welcome back. brand new state of the art look coming to golden gate park. the new tennis complex opens next week on wednesday. it now has 16 regulation courts, sunken stadium style court and five mini courts for lessons or pickle ball. they have a lounge, rec room, patio and garden. discounts for youth, seniors and san francisco residents. court reservations started yesterday. you can make them online at goldman tennis looks nice there. >> that's right. a lot of dry, sunny days, not much rain. look live outside emeryville now. it looks calm with temperatures in the 50s. gusty winds are in the upper elevations. sunny through the weekend. warmer tomorrow. hints of rain, whether or not it materializes next week, it is end of the week if we see any.
9:57 am
kind of gusty in santa rosa, novato, along the coast. at the lower elevations, not much issue. if hiking or biking, check it out. 48 miles per hour wind gusts, mount diablo, 30 through mount tam. mid to upper 50s at the coast. napa, about 64. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a warmer day sunday. dry, uneventful for much of the week until maybe a sprinkle here friday. liz? >> all right, lisa, thank you. and thank you all for joining us on abc7 mornings. i am liz kreutz with lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 4:30 today because of nba saturday prime time. countdown previews the matchup. tipoff 5:30, and then join larry beil and the team for toyota after the game around 8:00 p.m. thank you again for joining us. have a great saturday. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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jeff: today on "ocean treks", i'm exploring tokyo with my family, where we seek out the ultimate japanese cuisine. marc: cheers. natasha: cheers. jeff: then we wander the icy depths beneath mount fuji... holy moly, it is cold down here. ...and step into the exotic world of traditional japanese dance. erina: very good, excellent. jeff: i'm jeff corwin. i'm on a trip of a lifetime, cruising to the greatest places on the planet. every week, i'll come ashore at a new port and


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