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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  February 28, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc news 7. ready for the rollout for our country ice third vaccine. the fda green lighting johnson & johnson's single-shot version a big boost to the reinforcement. when will they arrive? and the important differences getting the u.s. one step closer to immunity. good morning. it's sunday, february 28th. i'm liz kreutz. we'll have the latest on johnson & johnson's vaccine authorization in a moment. let's start with a quick look at the weather with lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. nice and sunny out there. it is windy in the upper elevations. live doppler 7, fair weather make we are us today allowing for temperatures to warm up
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already anywhere from 10 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. the golden gate bridge, in the 50s. as we look at another picture here, you can see a blue sky with numbers from the low 50s in napa to the mid-50s by the delta, and concord, livermore, 59 degrees. wind, 48 miles per hour. these winds will be easing up throughout the day. san rafael there, plenty of sunshine, 60s by noontime for most. by the afternoon we'll see upper 60s inland with mid-60s around the bay, even the coast a light sea breeze but highs should top out around 60 there. it will be a quiet night tonight. we'll talk about a spring-like forecast with some showers by the end of the week. liz? thank you. to those new developments in our vaccine watch. this morning delivery trucks are standing by to start shipping nearly 4 million doses of johnson & johnson's one-shot
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vaccine. but before it's cleared for use, the cdc advisory panel meets today to review the data. abc news reporter elwin lopez has more. >> reporter: this morning a new weapon in the fight against the pandemic -- the fda adding a third game-changing tool to the u.s. arsenal against the coronavirus by green lighting johnson & johnson's single-dose vaccine. >> we're confident in our findings that the janssen covid-19 vaccine meets our rigorous standards of safety and effectiveness. >> reporter: outside of louisville, u.p.s. trucks lined up at this distribution center, ready for the rollout. arm to needle for this third shot of hope could come as early as tuesday. today the cdc reviews the data and the public health agent i director has to give the final go-ahead. 3.9 million doses ready to ship out. 2.8 million of those to states and local jurisdictions, the rest to pharmacies, communities,
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and federally qualified health centers. in clinical trials, the one-dose shot is 85% effective this preventing severe disease with more options on the market, officials urging no matter the vaccine they are all potential lifesavers. >> we believe that people should take the vaccine that they are able to access. we feel all these vaccines meet our standards for effectiveness. >> reporter: but for many seniors across the country, scoring an appointment is a battle of its own. >> we feel like we're in the cracks of society. if we were in a nursing home or retirement home, we probably would have gotten shots by now. >> reporter: that's why 14-year-old benjamin kagan launched chicago vaccine angels, helping people. >> it's great feeling to help people like this. >> reporter: ashley is among the hundreds the group has helped so far. >> it's truly amazing what he's doing and what all of the volunteers on the facebook group are doing.
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i'm so grateful for him. >> that was elwin lopez reporting. there is skepticism over the efficacy of the johnson & johnson vaccine. dr. anthony fauci says people need to get away from comparing the vaccines and the numbers because all of them are effective and safe against covid-19. >> it's got greater than 85% efficacy after severe disease and critical disease, and there were no deaths or hospitalizations in any of the countries that were tested. remember, they tested in the united states, in south africa, and in south america. this is a good vaccine. i think we need to pull away from this comparing and parsing numbers. until you compare them head to head, just be really grate that feel we have three really efficacious vaccines. >> as we've been tracking for you, governor gavin newsom says california will be getting around 380,000 doses of the first batch of johnson & johnson's vaccine this week. more than 1.1 million over the next three weeks. remember, this vaccine version
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is much easier to distribute because it doesn't need to be kept in cold temperatures. it comes as the state prepares to switch over as well to a more centralized vaccine appointment and delivery system. that will be headed by oakland-based blue shield starting march 31st. happening today, a vaccine clinic opens up in the south bay for farm workers. 1,000 workers at the monterey mushroom's facility in morgan hill will receive their first dose today and wednesday. the site opens at 11:00 this morning. officials say this clinic could serve as a model for collaboration in other regions of the state. this increased vaccine ply means more harder to reach communities may finally get the vaccine. as abc7 news reporter matt boone explains, that doesn't include homebound patients yet to receive a shot. >> we have been limited in our ability to vaccinate our homebound patients. >> reporter: dr. karla is a geriatric physician. getting to a mass vaccination site or a hospital is nearly impossible for 200 of her
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patients who are homebound and so far have not received a vaccine even though they're eligible due to their age. >> every week we keep getting told, not this week, not enough vaccines. our patients have just been devastated because we've been telling them it's coming, we will get to you. >> reporter: she says she would like more data about the johnson & johnson vaccine for people over 75, though having it on the market will help access for everyone. >> one more vaccine on the market brings us closer to that goal, and it means greater opportunity for people to be vaccinated given that there's been limited supply of the two existing vaccines. >> reporter: she says she's ready to distribute doses when they come in but doesn't have a time frame. >> they're just having to sit back and wait and hope they don't get sick waiting for the vaccine. >> reporter: matt boone, abc news. caretaker es and family members filling that role have been having difficulty getting a vaccine as well. we take your vaccine questions through our website and have gotten many throughout this
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pandemic. ones like this from maria l. she wrote, "my husband and i care for my elderly mother, 85 years old with alzheimer's and livers with us. i am 58, my husband 61. we have no paper work to verify this. can we get vaccinated?" we asked the same doctor this question and she says, yes, they are eligible, though they'll need proof of their elderly care from a doctor. even then, it is complicated. >> i have said many physicians be asked by patients to write letters explaining that i'm the caregiver for x person who's older and therefore i'm essentially a health care worker. they've gone to sites and been declined and turned down. >> we have assembled our abc7 vaccine team stao answer youruestions when it comes to the vaccines. as need developments continue this week, find their in-depth stories and updates here and on or your abc7 news app. all this comes at a time we continue to see encouraging trends in fighting the virus. yesterday california reported a
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little more than 5,100 new cases. that is down more than 1,500 from the same week and the same time last week. the seven-day positivity rate continues to dip, now down to 2.5%. this week is looking to be a big week for relaxed restrictions in the bay area as well. san francisco and santa clara counties have said they are preparing for potential moves into the red tier this week. other bay area counties are close behind. as part of our effort to help build a bay area amid the pandemic we're focused on your health as more activities return to life. this weekend is the first for outdoor sports in some bay area counties. abc7 news reporter ansar hassan has our story from berkeley where student/athletes and warriors couldn't wait to compete. >> reporter: it's just practice this morning, but soon it will be back to competition. >> instead of a training session, actually putting on n your kit and playing and there will be referees on the field. >> reporter: ted kemp is coach
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of the albany berkeley soccer club. his team has been practicing for weeking but the new rules mean they can start playing games. as of friday, the new rules allow club and adult leagues to get back to competition as well. >> they've been conditioning, been working so hard to be able to return to play and they can showcase their skills and what they've learned. >> reporter: outdoor sports are allowed in county with fewer than 14 cases of covid-19 for every 100,000 residents. the guidelines leave it to each county, district, or school to resume play. >> although we're returning to play, we are still in a pandemic and that's something we need to, you know, be careful of. >> playing against teams again, running around more, and seeing other kids playing against us. >> reporter: 8-year-old zoe knows that her season is about to change. what won't change is having to wear masks. coaches and spectators have to
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wear masks as do athletes who aren't actively playing. the coach says being able to compete is an important step in getting back to normal life. >> you practice, practice, practice, and have the payoff of winning a game or going to competition in general. i'm excited for them to see what the end goal is. >> we'll held over this way. let's go! >> reporter: ansar hassan, abc7 news. >> as local counties announce changes to restrictions, we are following the announcements with our active reopening tracker. see how close your county is and what's open now at all right, lisa. it is just such a nice thing to hear some positive news, right. finally things are reopening, the weather is nice too. >> it is, but, you know, feel guilty about that because we're so far behind, up to 15 inches behind in santa rosa in terms of rainfall. right now plenty of sunshine here in the city, going up to about 64. santa rosa could hit 70.
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we'll talk about everyone else falling in between that. also next -- >> this is not okay. what is happening in our community. >> she says, mommy, this is not right. i want to do a march. i said, okay. i've never done this before. >> ending the hate against asian-americans. see what this driven bay area teenager is doing to stop it. i embrace getting older. i'm so much more confident now. but i don't love that as i age, i could develop gum issues. new colgate renewal reverses early gum damage,
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let's do this together and let's stand for asians. [ applause ]. >> hundreds of people showing up to take a stand against asian hate. leading the charge, a seventh grader from san mateo. the way the violent attacks against the asian community during the pandemic is one piece of improving race and social justice and our work to build a better bay area. kris reyes shows us how one young teen's mission is inspiring others. >> stand for asians!
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stand for asians! >> reporter: meet seventh greater ashland, the organizer of this rally that drew hundreds of people saturday afternoon. her call to action -- stop asian hate. in recent weeks, abc7 has been extensively covering a disturbing number of stories of violence against asians, especially the elderly. in many cases, police are investigating the motive but the images were enough to galvanize ashland. >> i was, like, whoa, this is not okay, you know? why is it happening in our community? >> she said, mommy, this is not right. i want to do a march. and i said, okay. i've never done this before. but, hey, you know, let's figure this out. we can do this. >> reporter: the gathering in downtown san mateo is not the first one in the bay area this year. across the nation an even louder rallying cry including from prominent asian actors. daniel day kim has been spreading awareness on social media through #stopasianhate. the co-founder of nonprofit gold house, a collective of asian leaders, has also been working
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to share resources. in a nutshell, what 's the rally cry? >> not just to act, just post on social media or donate. it's to do it together. so buying from black businesses and gold businesses, speaking up for gold folks and latino folks, so foirtd and so on. >> this is part of a long history in which asian communities have suffered violence. >> reporter: back in san mateo, ashland was surrounded by friends but also an older generation inspired by her actions. >> stop asians from getting targeted. >> the reality is this will take generations, but the good news generations are on our side. the seventh-grader sounds like they are our children already. >> kris reyes, abc7 news. a new york city they're for fied. in ten days, seven assaults. >> anyone who commits an act of hatred against the asian-american community will be found, will be arrested.
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>> any attack or act of hate against one of us is an attack against all of us. >> hundreds also showed up for a new york rally to denounce the violence. mayor bill de blasio says the city will meet with asian community leaders to discuss how to stop it. nypd is still investigating the motives in system of theseome oa as well. we are here to help. head to our website, for a complete list of conversations and local resources. in the east bay, st. mary's college is temporarily taking down a skup which are on campus over a possible connection to nazi germany. the statue was in the quad of the school's museum of art. more than 1,000 people signed an online petition claiming it was created by a nazi artist. st. mary's released a statement saying it is taking the matter seriously. they are researching how the statue was acquired in the first place. okay. now to the video that's almost
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too hard to imagine yourself. two skiers taking a death-defying ride down half dome in yosemite national park. jason and zach carefully carved their way down the 800-foot shoulder of the iconic landmark this past week. they were the first to do it ever. and they used ropes to rappel several sections of bare rock known as the death collapse. it took them five hours to ski down. mulligan initially planned to only film his friend skiing but decided, why not, i'll join in on this daring adventure. no big deal. obviously big smiles. very completed thhappy they com safely. takes a lot of skill, lisa. >> crazy. i was liking that snow there. the central sierra, yosemite, is about 60% of average. down in southern california they're only about 40% of average, making for the entire
9:19 am
state, northern sierra about 47%. 60% average for ow snow pack, not great, but we don't see any in the future. here's why. live doppler 7, where's the rain? where are the clouds? there are a few clouds out there, some high clouds, big dome of high pressure to the west and the storm track well to the north. so we didn't have much of a winter. in fact, this february not as dry as last february, zero rain in 2020. we had about 1 3/4 inches in san francisco. of course well shy of that about 4 1/2 inches expected for february. 52 right now in santa cruz. beautiful out there. 65 p lalater today. 60 already in oakland. pretty mild. 5 in san jose with 46 in morgan hill. and there's the snow pack. it looks like it is definitely melting, and with the mild temperatures and sunshine all week long, it's certainly shrinking that sun angle, getting a little higher and
9:20 am
stronger out there. 48 santa rosa, 52 in napa. it's 59 i should say in napa. mid-50s in the east bay. pier 39 looks pretty quiet but a beautiful day on the way with 60s returning to san francisco. so not as cold this morning. sunny and milder this afternoon. that's going to be the trend for the next couple days until we get to the end of the week. then we'll get in more clouds, cooler temperatures, and it should lead to some rain by late friday into saturday. winds have been pretty strong here. they've been over 40 miles an hour 1,000 feet. they're beginning to trend down but the direction will stay offshore north to northeast and we'll see that light sea breeze later on today, right along the coast. we're looking at highs into your monday, more 70s into the east bay, 60s around the bay, and by tuesday, maybe a few more clouds but we'll still get some sun and numbers will still be maybe 5 to 8 degrees above average through the middle of the week. so we'll take the bigger outlook
9:21 am
and show you what we can expect for the rest of the week. that one system was a cutoff low, doesn't get near the coast of california. as we get into the midweek, we'll have the wind shift, but here comes that rain we're hoping for and that certainly will help us out because with these northeasterly winds that offshore flow, it always dries things out and the wind does in general. that will help a bit. 68 in concord, mid-60s in richmond today. a mild afternoon. beautiful day out there. a few high clouds with that northeasterly flow. the accuweather seven-day forecast, little change into your monday as we start march and the next few days looking very quiet with temperatures from the 50s at the coast, mid and upper 60s bayside, 70 inland. by next friday into saturday, we're hoping that we bring in some rain here, liz. usually we have a storm impact scale and we still use that. it's just these systems have been fizzling as we get closer. we'll hope for this one to materialize. >> thank you.
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first we want to let you know that you can re-create the magic of disney in your own home guided by disney imagineers. "imagine from home." watch it on demand with our abc bay area connected tv app for roku and other deviceses here is a look at this third episode of the project. >> i'm reed. i'm l a consult designer. we can have all different sorts of backgrounds. i studied architecture in school, but there's more technical people, story board art artiists. today i wanted to d a drawing inspired by one of my favorite attractions, big thunder mountain railroad. one of the first projects i worked on was a model at the disney hotel. the cool landscape, structure, and because it's fun ride. i wanted to include a lot of that into this one drawing. so happy drawing.
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if you've been struggling to stay in shape during the pandemic, you are not alone. this morning we show you how a group of bay area seniors is meeting the challenge with the help of technology. >> virgil and trish haven't lost a step, but after months of covid isolation, they were getting anxious to stretch their legs. >> we were looking for a source to get reconnected with the outside world. >> if you don't have a resistance band, you can use your free weights. >> reporter: enter an occupational therapist and her team at stanford health care. she's been leading a zoom-based class designed to help cooped-up seniors maintain their balance
9:26 am
physically and emotionally. >> they definitely mention with covid that they're stuck at home, it's been a different life for them. there's very minimal or even no interaction with their families. >> reporter: but during their session, they'll stretch their minds and bodies together. the class is organized around a bingo game with exercises and quizzes in between. >> we do everything from hands to following directions, working on our balance, so i think there are so many fun aspects to it. >> reporter: built on fall prevention classes, the goals are balance, awareness, and flexibility. it's also a chance to be part of a group setting, offering a break from the covid quarantines. even if it's just being part of a big brady bunch square. >> just the fact of being able to see them and see all these different home settings, it helps a lot. i mean, it helps reduce the cabin fever. >> reporter: and perhaps for seniors like injure vil and
9:27 am
trish kline, it's a chance to stay primed for the day they can stretch their potential in the kind of exercise classes they're used to. >> great job, everyone. we can return to our seat. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> fabulous. the stanford team says the mixed game and exercise classes known by the name bingo-cise. clever. up next, the bay area city offering a free mobile vaccine clinic today with no ointment needed. but trouble for another county divorced to put vaccine appointments on pause. new answers on when things could get back on track. plus that covid check countdown, the latest on where lawmakers stand on the stimulus package and how much you would be
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have to be -- consider myself lucky to be able to go into debt and make sure my bills are paid. >> the people of this country have suffered far too much for too long. we need to relieve that suffering. >> right now this morning the wait for another round of stimulus checks. more americans more frustrated with a lack of movement on capitol hill. but the first signs of sorely needed relief are starting to take shape. good morning. we'll get right to the progress on that covid relief package and the talks ahead. first if you are joining us, let's get a check of the weather with lisa argen. >> hey, lisa. >> hi, liz. nice as we take a live look outsided a santa cruz, numb fwhrs the low to mid-50s. low to mid-60s today for afternoon highs and less wind. 54 downtown, 60 in oakland, mid-50s in mountain view, 55 san jose, and how about 57 half moon bay. look at the golden gate bridge. little breezy by the coast today, but nothing compared to yesterday.
9:31 am
mid-50s inland as well as novato, upper 40s santa rosa and napa already at 59. so compared to yesterday, a lot warmer, especially into the east bay. look at the wind, though. 44-mile-an-hour wind gusts out of the north, mt. diablo. if you are biking or hiking earlier this morning, you'll notice some resistance as you go up about 500, 800 feet. winds will be backing off throughout the day. we'll be calm at the surface for the most part and those upper 60s for most of you. how about 64 closer to san francisco, and we'll talk in detail about the week ahead coming up. >> thank you. now back to the covid relief package. the senate is setting the stage for the battle over president biden's $1.9 trillion plan. abc news reporter mary alice parks has more on what's next. >> reporter: for millions of americans, the clock is ticking. extended unemployment benefits during this pandemic set to expire in just two weeks. president biden urging the senate to move quickly to deliver help. >> if we act now, decisively,
9:32 am
quickly, and boldly, we can finally get ahead of this virus. we can finally get our economy moving again. >> reporter: house democrats this weekend bringing biden one step closer to his first legislative win, passing their version of his covid relief bill that would send most americans a onetime $1,400 check, provide grants for small businesses, and extend other programs like food stamps. no republicans in the house backed the bill, saying the price tag was jusz too high. and money like that earmarked in the bill for schools should be tied directly to reopening. >> anxiety, depression in these children, is doing much more than just leaving them back education-wise. i do not understand why we cannot open the schools. >> reporter: two democrats in the house opposed the bill too. the senate could begin debate on the bill as early as this week. there the president likely cannot afford to lose any democratic votes. vice president kamala harris could be the tiebreaker. harris noting this weekend how minority families and communities have been hit hard by covid-19.
9:33 am
>> the fissures and the failures, the defects, the flaws in our system during the course of this pandemic have been blown up for all to see. >> reporter: erica crowder opened a restaurant in norfolk, virginia, with her mother less than a year before the pandemic hit. >> i started the business just out of pocket. it's more so we're not seeing consistent numbers, hit or miss as, like, cases go up, we tend to see people not come as much. >> reporter: mary alice parks, abc news, the white house. and today donald trump makes his first speech since losing the presidential election. this is part of the annual conservative political action conference held in orlando. since starting on thursday, the conference has been less about traditional conservative values and more centered around loyalty to the former president. reports say a poll is expected to show that trump is most attendees' first choice for the republican nomination in 2024.
9:34 am
now to the bay area's vaccine watch. in the north bay, sonoma county is postponing vaccination appointments because of a supply shortage. they're planning only to give out second-dose shots this week. plans to vaccinate school employees are put on hold. that could push back the start for students. they expect to receive about 7,500 doses this week. it's too early to known when it will be getting any of the newly authorized johnson & johnson vaccine. in the east bay, a mobile vaccine clinic is open for a second day at alan temple baptist church in oakland. the site is vaccinating health care workers, those 65 and older, and anyone in education, agriculture, or emergency services. it's been done in tandem with the federal government's mass vaccination site open at the oakland coliseum. >> we're also looking to do vaccinations in the community and had mobile units that were willing to come out where the people were. >> the clinic is open from 9:00
9:35 am
a.m. to 4:00 p.m. today. appointments are required but exceptions will be made for those who meet requirements. one issue of vaccinations is overcoming some of the hurdles in minority communities. doctors and community leaders are acknowledging there is a distrust in medicine. it's why the oakland naacp is focused on fighting for vaccine fairness. >> i tell people it's reassuring that people of all ethnicities were on the trials. there wasn't an exclusion of anybody. and so when we talk about side effects and efficacy or effectiveness, we're talking about for everybody. >> leaders of saturday's event pointed to numbers at alameda and contra costa counties showing vaccinations lagging in black and latino communities. follow along with your county's vaccine rollout. our tracker lets you compare california's progress and find your place in line. it is on okay. all black history month, abc news is highlighting the people
9:36 am
who are working to build a better bay area by making black history right now. in west oakland, women who worked tirelessly to uplift the black community are being honored for the first time. kumasi aaron shows us how. >> i've drawn this drawing three different times. so by the time i get to the wall it's almost, like, it's ingrained in my memory. sni >> reporter: it's not only what rachel goldsmith is pointing on the side of this house that's left a mark. it's who. >> i feel honored to represent these incredible women. >> reporter: she is painting the first mural to honor the women of the black panther party. >> just getting deeper into the work that they did, it's inspiring me to think about what we can do organizing and, you know, fighting for our rights here in this present day. >> reporter: these are the images most often connected with the black panther party, men in berets and blackletter jackets.
9:37 am
but it's these photos of women who made up 70% of the party by the early 1970s that inspired the mural. >> they drove fans. they fed the kids. they printed the paper. they were the editors, the teachers. they literally did everything. >> reporter: jill never intended to have a mural this big on the side of her house, but after the deaths of george floyd and breonna taylor, she wanted to create something to bring her joy. >> i didn't want to memorialize things that had been done to us. i wanted to find a way to honor what it looks like when you do things for ourselves and fight for liberation. >> reporter: this was the result, a mural highlighting the women of the black panther party who provided food, education, health care, and more in local black communities. it will eventually list the more than 300 women by name. this mural will be one of three memorials in this neighborhood to honor members of the black panther party. as you can see, it is larger
9:38 am
than life. but jill and rachel say it pales in comparison with the women who inspired it. >> i was so touched. >> reporter: erica huggins was a leading member of the black panther party. >> the reason we're doing this is not because they didn't acknowledge us. we live in a world that has a central focus, the intelligence, the brilliance, imagination of women quite often. so we just wanted to hold that up, and i think we are. >> this mural is for the community and it's for everybody who walks by it and for everybody that can look up at it and say, i know exactly what those women did. >> reporter: in west oakland, kumasi aaron, abc7 news. >> very powerful. learn more about people, places and events in black history by watching "our america hidden
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stories." the special is streaming on the abc7 bay area connected tv app, apple tv, roku, amazon fire and android tv. as we end black history month, the powerful stories only continue this week. it's the premiere of a brand-new six-part series built by black americans made for everyone. "soul of a nation" hosts reporters, activists, scholars with a unique window into the lives of black people in america. sterling k. brown, rapper common, john legend and more are the guests. it airs tuesday night 10:00 p.m. on abc7. still ahead on "abc7 mornings," getting a ride without a driver? you might see it happen soon in san francisco thanks to a company owned by google's parent company. we have a sneak peek at what it's like. and as we head to break, a live look outside this morning. you can see a nice clear day here in san francisco looking out over the embarcardero.
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it's 9:39.
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i've been talking about it all morning, lisa. i like halal food.
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>> definitely sounds good at this hour. >> anything. >> 55 in san francisco, going for a high of 65, average high low 60s, so above normal. we have a light northeast wind and that's going the help warm us up. but the winds are anything but light in the upper elevations. so we'll talk about how that affects your sunday afternoon and look into march next. >> thank you. so pretty out there. also next, the sharks return to action with a high-scoring to action with a high-scoring affair against the blues. ♪ ♪ are you ready to join the duers? those who du more with less asthma. thanks to dupixent. the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems. it can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks and help prevent severe asthma attacks. it's not a steroid but can help reduce or eliminate oral steroids. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions
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let's talk sports. later today the warriors try to extend their season-high tlooeg winning streak. the doffs battle the lakers at 5:00 p.m. you can watch the game on our sister network espn. the sharks are back in action tomorrow night. last night san jose faced the blues in a high-scoring flil thriller. here's chris alvarez. >> good morning. the sharks return to the tice
9:46 am
after a one-game hiatus due to covid protocol. san jose resuming a season-long home stand against st. louis. they're wearing the throwback sweaters on saturday night the tank in san jose. timo meyer ripping one bast jordan biddington, his second goal of the game. 3-2 sharks. then 3-3, evander kane, 4-3 after his second goal of the night. watch out. biddington got pulled and he was not happy. goes after the sharks' bench, then eric carlson and devan dubnyk sticking up for his teammates. we almost got a goalie fight. get out of the way. back and forth they went. third period, martin scandella, his second goal of the night. blues 7-6. the warriors on their longest win streak of the season at three monopoly that should serve as good momentum as golden state plays three games on the road to end the first half. draymond green had a career-high 19 assists in the nine-point win over charlotte. friday marked the warriors' only home game in a 24-day span.
9:47 am
they have games in portland and phoenix before the all-star break. here's draymond green and coach kerr about things headed in the right direction. >> we step out there on the floor, you can just -- you can -- you just feel better about it. everybody's understanding the game plan better and executing the game plan better. so, you know, i definitely think we're starting to build some momentum. we have to continue to do that. >> you know, the locker room is quiet. that's a good sign. we've won three in a row and nobody's that happy. we know we can play better, an it's a sign that, you know, we think there's more to come. >> hey, spring training starts today. both the giants and a's, games, that is, they're in action today. fans for both squads, you should be excited. san francisco taking on anaheim, buster posey starts at catcher and he's going to bat second in the lineup. the a's, taking on the defending champion dodgers, they're facing matt chapman in action for the first time since hip surgery in
9:48 am
september. both skippers excited to get the schedule under way. >> we'll start most of our starters with three or four innings of work, but there are many that may turn out to play the full seven innings in the first couple games. >> there's some excitement. we'll have fans in the stands. it's going to be a lot different than what we went through last season. so i think everybody's excited about especially playing with fans in the stands. >> that's sports. back to you. a check of the weather. a viewer pointed out earlier to me on facebook we're dressed in warriors colors, lisa. channelling maybe good luck for them tonight. >> go us. for sure. good morning, everyone. live doppler 7, no clouds to be found all across the state, and you know why? a big ridge of blocking high pressure. and we are going to look for this to stick around for the next several days. but the end of the week, it moves away and that may make room for some rain, much-needed
9:49 am
rain to head our way. there's a look at alcatraz. look how blue it is and beautiful. temperatures downtown are in the mid-50s, 55 in san jose. oakland is at 60. morgan hill is at 52. at the coast, we're in the upper 50s. we'll have the sea breeze later on today. it won't be that strong, but as we look at san francisco, it feels pretty mild out there right now. 48 in santa rosa, novato much warmer there, around 11 degrees warmer. 59 in napa. you've been in the mid-50s in concord and livermore. finally a look from our roof camera, where you'll notice that the flag is flat there. not getting much of a breeze. it's been pretty light at the surface. not as cold this morning. sunny and milder this afternoon, temperatures climbing into the upper 60s, maybe a few 70s, and our dry pattern will get replaced with wet one by friday into next saturday. we could even get a little more rain after that. so looking at our 24-hour temperature change, we're warmer
9:50 am
everywhere compared to yesterday. a good 10 to 12 degrees warmer. but there is a cooler air mass up boef, a cabove, a couple tho feet. you're getting the wind and it's cooler. keep that in mind if you're headed out for a hike, those winds an mt. diablo, 41 miles per hour. they've been offshore all night long and will continue to get lighter. we look at the surface and there isn't much going on. out towards the delta, a little breezy, up to about 15 miles an hour. with the lack of wind and the direction we have out of the north-northeast, that's going to allow for a pretty mild day today. here's a look at our east bay communities. you should be in the low 60s for early march, the end of february, and we're already going to be in the upper 60s today. warmer monday, tuesday looks to be in the mid-70s so pretty mild. then we'll lose that ridge of high pressure. we'll bring in some clouds and hopefully that ridge replaced by a trough that will allow whether systems to head our way. that first one misses us.
9:51 am
it's a cutoff low. we'll see that wind shift to more of a southerly component, but other than that, it's a quiet week until the end of the week. we're hoping to track the rain friday night into saturday. heads out on sunday, but we're still looking at activity in the pacific, so maybe even monday we could get some showers in here. in the south bay, then, looking at 67, san jose. on the peninsula, light winds, mid-60s, los altos, a beautiful day today with mid-60s in san francisco, 68 in petpetalum. newark, san leandro, everybody in the mid-60s. inland, some upper 60s, very mild afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we're cool at the coast but 10 degrees warmer inland and then some 70s for sure around the bay as we get into our afternoons each and every day. as we get towards the end of the week, that's when the cooler weather will be with us with that rain arriving.
9:52 am
hopefully we can stamp our storm impact scale friday and saturday with that one. right now a little far out. >> let's hope we can, lisa. thank you. all right. waymo which owns google is getting ready to launch a trial of its driverless ride-hailing service in san francisco. it's been testing it in arizona. david louie got a look at how it works. >> reporter: this is what it's like to ride in a fully awe on the mouse vehicle with no human at the steering wheel. waymo gave us a live ride on public roads in phoenix where they've been doing trials since 2018. on the left is the live camera feed recorded at midday. on the right, a user interface for the passenger with a graphic look at other vehicles, the sensors and cameras pick up. the motivation to develop this technology is to address this reality. each year there are 50 million vehicle injuries and over 1.3 million deaths worldwide. 94% of crashes are due to
9:53 am
driving error or human factors such as distracted driving or drowsiness. waymo is expanding its san francisco trial to allow employee volunteers to ride in the back seat. san francisco poses unique challenges compared to phoenix. >> with hills you have to think about up and down a little more too. make sure you can see high enough to see the person coming down the hill. so we've designed our system to account for those types of things. >> reporter: supplemented by off-road and simulated testing way, mow has done 40,000 tests to fine-tune the detection of pedestrians. a review of waymo accidents filed with dmv indicates minor incidents such as low-speed, rear-end collisions in the past two years, one involving a bicyclist with no injury. waymo says they're also focusing on what they call turbo pads, people on scooters. >> they move very quickly, like a cyclist. so we're adapting our perception system to account for things like that to basically be able to predict that people move quickly and can emerge from a group of pedestrians.
9:54 am
>> reporter: development and testing continues. david louie, abc7 news. next, more on the big batchelor shake-up getting plenty of attention onsign. see who is selected for guest visible is wireless that doesn't play games. no surprise fees, legit unlimited data for as little as $25 a month. and the best part, it's powered by verizon. but it gets crazier. bring a friend every month and get every month for $5. which is why i brought them. two $5-a-months right here. hey. hey. plus the players of my squad. hey. what's up? then finally my whole livestream. boom! 12 months of $5 wireless. visible, as little as $25 a month or $5 a month when you bring a friend. powered by verizon. wireless that gets better with friends.
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welcome back. the big news making waves ahead of tomorrow night's "bachelor" on abc7. we know who will be stepping in to host. best-selling author, on-air personality and former nfl linebacker emanuel ocho has accepted the rose as he put it. regular host chris harrison recently stepped down in trying to defend a contestant for attending a controversial southern sorority party. after the final rose, ocho will sit down with bachelor matt james, the first-ever black lead on the show. you can tune in for that right here on march 15th and watch
9:57 am
"the bachelor" every monday at 8:00 p.m. on abc7. all right, lisa. a final check of the weather today. >> i don't know, liz. i had my money on our own francis dean lawson for that job. >> on season two of "the bachelor." she should make a comeback. i know. good morning, everybody. i hate to do this, but we have a guesstimate of what the rain is going to be seven days out. maybe half inch in san francisco, we hope that happens, highs today 64 downtown, 68 in concord with mid-60s in santa cruz. the accuweather seven-day forecast is going to be a quiet week with very mild temperatures above average. the end of the week hopefully getting some rain in here. liz? >> all right, lisa. thank you. thanks for joining us on "abc7 mornings." i'm kreuz kroitzliz kreutz alon argen. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great and safe sunday.
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