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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. beginning today, santa clara county is expanding its list of those eligible for the covid-19 vaccination toclude teachers and farm workers. with that, we say good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm dion lim. it included a farm clinic where they worked. county officials say, not only is it critical to stop the spread, it's an important part of economic recovery. mario francisco martinez says he was nervous about getting his covid-19 vaccination. did it hurt? >> no, i feel nothing. >> reporter: he's one of 500 farm workers getting vaccinated at monterey mushrooms at morgan hill.
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>> it's very convenient. we come to work and at the same time, we get a vaccination. so, easier for us. >> reporter: santa clara county is vaccinating farm workers, essential workers. >> there was a 59% increase during the pandemic of death with these workers. >> reporter: maucht ray mushroom ceo says having a pop-up site help st helps the county maximize its reach and for those hesitant about getting vaccinated. >> much more robust vaccination program. by the time we get done, we'll vaccinate a thousand farm workers. >> some of the biggest outbreaks we've had across the country have been in canneries or fields. >> reporter: she says
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agriculture is a multibillion dollar industry in santa clara county and an important part of the food train. >> there are two issues. one, is base clae making sure people get the healthy food they need and the second, it's an important part of our economic recovery as well. new numbers out by the state show a steady daily decrease in new coronavirus cases in california. more than 5100 infected people are in the hospital. that number is down by 2,000 since last week. the cdc says just under 15% of all californians have received at least one shot, all while the governor expects to receive about 380,000 doses of the new vaccine. now, all should be available soon. abc news reporter tells us johnson & johnson is expecting to begin shipping out nearly 4
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million doses nationwide in a matter of hours and they'll be available tuesday. >> reporter: the united states has a third weapon in the fight against coronavirus. johnson & johnson single shot gaining emergency authorization. >> we're confident in our findings that it meets the rigorous standards. >> reporter: and making its public health recommendation. ups trucks already lined up outside louisville, ready for the rollout. 3.9 million doses of johnson & johnson vaccine ready to ship out. the rest to pharmacies, communities and federally kbaulify -- qualified health centers. >> it's been shown to be 100% effective against death and 100% effective against all variants nationwide. >> reporter: urging them to get
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vacinated. >> we believe people should take the vaccine that they are able to access. we feel all these vaccines meet our standards for effectiveness. >> as more americans get vaccinated and states begin to ease restrictions, dr. anthony fauci says we still need to take precautions. >> so, you can still be protected and have virus. that's why you hear all the health officials saying to wear a mask. and the reason is to protect other people from, you may inadvertently protect someone else, even though you're protected. >> reporter: he says they're working with the cdc on updated recommendations for those who are vaccinated. >> you can follow along with your county's vaccine rollout with the interactive vaccine tracker. you can find your place in line. er for it's all available to you at abc 7
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well, education is one component to building a better bay area. and today oakland parents and students held a rally, demanding schools reopen. parents tell us distanced learning is hurting their children and they want the option of sending their kids back to the classroom. >> our kids have been out of school almost a year now and we believe firmly it's time to be back in. it's safe now. >> reporter: last week they presented a plan to get pre-k through fifth graders back in school by march and says the plan does not address all of the safety measures needed. both san francisco and santa clara counties are preparing to enter the less stricted red tiers. you can see how close your county is and what's open when right now at abc 7 former president donald trump took center stage today,
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saying he is here to stay. trump spoke at the conservative political action conference in orlando, almost 40 days after leaving office. it's his first major doctor's since leaving white house. he vowed to reassert his influence over the republican party. >> there's been a journey like it. never been a journey so successful. we began it together four years ago and it is far from being over. >> reporter: trump strongly hinted that he might run again for president in 2024 and said he won't start a third political party but will remain a republican. a number of side shows took over the streets in the south bay. police moved in and targeted both drivers and those in the crowd. the action officers took that they hope will serve as a warning. also a rally against new housing.
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why people in one san francisco neighborhood are saying not in my backyard. and i'm meteorologist, drew tooma. we're wrapping up a wonderful weekend and as
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♪ baby just to let me down! ♪ ♪ let me down! ♪ ♪ and mess me around... ♪ ♪ and worst of all, worst of all ♪ if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. sideshows took over many intersections throughout san jose last night. some turned into a cat and mouse game to drivers and san jose police. officers arrested three people on charges of illegally carrying
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firearms and made one reckless driving arrest. 40 other drivers were sited for watching the sideshow. oakland police are conducting similar sideshow stings this weekend. nearly 80 people rallied against a proposed low-income housing project. one showed up to challenge the protesters and was shouted down. the proposal called for a seven-story building with 100 low-income units. the group says it's inappropriate for the neighborhood and they're concerned about crime and the lack of parking. >> this is a very appropriate location to build affordable housing, specifically for families. boss it's very close to good schools, public transit. it's right on a commercial corridor with shopping and markets and restaurants and it's also a block away from golden gate park.
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>> supervisor says he and the developer plan to meet with the community before that happens. happening tonight, highway 101 on the peninsula is closing for several hours. southbound 101 from south airport boulevard will close at 11:00 to 4:00 a.m. the next three nights. drivers will be detoured off the freeway. caltrans is removing four bridges on the freeway. two astronauts were hard at work outside the international space station today. coming up. the project they're working on that will help boost spacex ploration. oh, hard to watch this. a little later, when every move matters. the story behind this gripping video of two men who just made history at yosemite. and i'm meteorologist, drew
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tooma. we do have rai
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thin north bay, a family is hitting the road for a home for sale. one reason they're leaving is to find more space at an affordable price. so, they are going to explore 48 states over six months. >> it wasn't always a monetary driving thing. but we do want more space and seems like that's how we're going accomplish it. we do love it in sonoma county and we've been here. we're feeling like there's a little bit more for us out
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there. >> the entire family, including their four children. an effort to make streets a little safer for bicyclists is officially off and rolling in one san francisco neighborhood. abc 7 news was at the intersection of alameda boulevard and san bruno avenue, where there are protected bike lanes, meaning there is green boxes on the pavement for designated box zones. and they've been reduced to make it safe to get between the portal and neighborhoods. astronauts installed new solar panels outside the space station. you see them there, lugging eight-foot bags stuffed with hundreds of pounds of mounting brackets and struts. the new panels will be delivered by spacex and expected to boost the station's electrical capacity.
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there's a bay area connection. rubens was raised in napa and studied at stanford. drew tooma, i know you always appreciate good space video. i think gravity helps play a role in making it easier. >> you know, it is incredible what they can do in outer space. did you get a chance, though, last night, to see the full moon? if you didn't. a gorgeous weekend with lots of sunshine. equally as gorgeous at night with clear skies and plenty of stars. a live look. i'll show you the gelden gate bridge. sail boatsen the bay hour. right now in the city, we're approaching 60 degrees. oakland, mountain view, in the mid-60s, upper 60s in san jose. half moon bay at 57. speaking of san jose, we'll take
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you down the south bay. not a cloud in sky. complete sunshine from start to finish. from napa to north bay in the mid to upper 60s. and people still enjoying the sand. just a light chop on the ocean water. plenty of sunshine on the coast. and that forecast feature. a new month and it does start on the mild side. so, warm temperatures on the way for our monday. the week ahead, the pattern is sunshine, dry weather. but that will change by the end of the weekend and the upcoming weekend next weekend. that is when we're frackitracki next chance of rain coming back to the bay area. tonight it's clear with moon lit skies from santa rosa to napa. low to mid-40s for oakland, san francisco, san jose. and if you like today, you'll
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like tomorrow as well. temperatures mild in the 60s. 68 in oakland and san jose. 66 in santa rosa. 69 in concord. let's show you the rain coming our way. future weather, fast forwarding into friday. it's approaching our coastline. so, a chance of a shower late at night. and it looks like the moisture, the bulk of it, moves on shore. right now, the early call, looks like we'll end with a quarter, if not a half an inch of rain. not blockbuster storm by any means but nice to see the pattern is changing. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies on tuesday. then the rain returns friday into saturday with a morning shower posable to start off the weekend next weekend. >> hard to believe it's already march, drew. thanks. well, you can re-create the magic of disney guided by disney
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imagineers. part of our new series, "imagine from home." and our bay-area connected tv app for roku and other devices. >> my name is reed and i'm a concept designer with disney engineering. i studied architecture in school. more technical people, who are interested in how things are put together. i wanted to do a drawing inspired by big thunder mountain railroad. one of the first projects i worked on is at the disneyland hotel. i've always loved thisroid because of the cool landscape, and it's a fun ride. i wanted to include a lot of that into this one drawing. so, happy drawing. ♪
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>> it looks like fun. stay with us.
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now, abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> tonight just three games remain in the first half of the regular season for the warriors. golden state is going to find out a lot about their team. games in portland wednesday, phoenix the following night. warriors, 19-15 overall. good enough for seventh place. draymond green, a career high 19
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assists. here's coach kerr on his journey this season. >> where he had to start with no training camp, because of covid protocols. and where he is now is really amazing. in about two and a half months, he's playing at search a high level and when he first started the season, he didn't have the conditioning or the timing that he needed. so t took him some time but he's worked hard to get to this point. he's having a fantastic year for us. >> and hosting california. they got their first win last week. daniels beats the first-half buzzer. a team high 11. midsway through the third, here comes stanford. to lexy hall. cardinal up 13 and the lead kept growing and growing. stanford kept out scoring cal.
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she had 12. stanford ends on a 11-game win streak. the pac-10 tournament starts wednesday in las vegas. and for the first time in 2021, we have baseball highlights. cacactus league starts today. fans are back and so are the somer salts. we know the a's outfitters have canons for arms. the rocket. your catcher makes a great tag and out. the winds noticeable. game goesing to sooeven inningsn the early spring. giants hosting the angels in scottsdale. welcome back, buster posy. remember, he opted out last year. a classic opposite field with a one for posy. giants down 4-0. until wilmer flores, deep the wall. posy scored.
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that made it 4-1. the giants do lose 5-2. and wearing sunday red, honoring tiger. wgc work day championship. morikawa with a two-shot lead. he birdied to retake the lead on that hole. the birdie on 12 right here gets him to 18 under and a two-shot lead. he finished with six straight pars. how about some great touch on 18 for a three-shot victory. morikawa's first win since taking the pank championship just down the road last summer. the second player to win a wgc event and a majors before 25. the other, tiger woods. it was great to see fans in arizona. a little more normal. >> i can tell you're itching to get back in the swing of things. >> definitely. >> definitely. ahead, it's back, guys! check it out!
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finally now, you may find yourself holding your breath while watching this. two skiers down half dome in yosemite national park. jason torlano, so carefully carved their way down the 800-foot shoulder of the iconic landmark this past week. the first people to to it ever, using ropes o repel several
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sections of rock, known as death slabs. in told t took them five hours to ski all the way down. stage, making his first speech since leaving office. trump speaking at a conservative conference in florida, vowing not to start another party, but hinting at a possible run for president again. >> i may even decide to beat them for a third time. >> speakers full of praise for the former commander in chief, but other republicans saying they do not want him to lead. imminent rollout. the cdc just recommending johnson & johnson's one-shot vaccine to anyone 18 and older. the first of nearly 4 million doses ready to start shipping from this facility at any moment. expected to increase vaccine supply for states this week by 26%. california's governor saying nearly 400,000 of those doses are set to arrive there within days. the country now with three wes


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