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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 28, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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enter the golden state with real california dairy. the new covid-19 vaccine is being shipped out as i speak. what this means going forward. >> bart expected to get $140 million for expansion projects through the covid-19 relief bill. why some republican lawmakers are pushing back. >> after a dry finish to february, we're tracking rain in the first week of march. we'll have all the details in the accuweather forecast. abc7 news at 11:00 starts now. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> johnson & johnson's vaccine officially begins its rollout. at this hour, nearly 4 million doses are shipping to locations all across the country, and hundreds of thousands of doses are headed right here to california. with that, we say good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm dion lim.
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we begin now on vaccine watch with johnson & johnson getting right to work to get its vaccine out just after receiving emergency authorization. doctors believe this could be a game changer at a time when it's still hard to get a vaccination. abc7 news reporter j.r. stone brings us this story to build a better bay area. >> reporter: this is the new one-dose johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine that is being shipped to cities everywhre. sent out at a time when there are still major struggles getting a vaccination for those who qualify to do so. >> go to bed thinking about it, you wake up thinking about. >> reporter: doreen hernandez is high risk. her husband is a grocery store worker. despite pfizer and moderna products out there, he's been unable to set up an appointment to get a covid-19 vaccine. troubling, especially seeing that they've had three family members in southern california die of covid-19 complications. >> you call the phone number, you stay on hold forever. someone finally picks up and says, sorry, there's no
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appointments available. >> reporter: the new johnson & johnson vaccine is 66% effective in preventing symptomatic illness and 85% effective in preventing severe and critical illness. dr. dean winslow of stanford says getting this vaccine out there with the others is huge. >> what they're doing is basically increasing the supply of vaccine, you know, by at least 30 to 50%. so i think it really bodes well for getting this pandemic under control. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom says 380,000 doses of the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine will be sent to california this week. those i talk with are just hopeful that this makes a bigger impact going forward. >> my mom is 81, and i still can't get her in to get a vaccine. >> reporter: while she could not get her mom a covid-19 vaccine appointment, kimberly was able to get one for herself since she is a preschool teacher. a bit confusing, yes, but she is
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hopeful that more supply will make for more appointments and allow her mom and others to finally get a vaccination. something that hernandez is hopeful for as well. >> it will really make the vaccine availability much better. that's really the bottom line right now. >> reporter: j.r. stone, abc7 news. >> as california awaits its shipment of the johnson & johnson vaccine, new numbers out today show a steady daily decrease in new coronavirus cases statewide. more than 5100 infected people are in the hospital. that number is down by two,000 since last week. the positivity rate also continues to decline. it now stands at 2.4% over the last seven days. the cdc says just under 15% of all californians have received at least one shot. today there was an effort to bring vaccinations to farm workers where they work. as abc7 news reporter unser hassan explains, santa clara county officials say it is
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critical to stopping the spread and an important part of the economic recovery process. >> reporter: mario francisco martinez says he was nervous about getting his covid-19 vaccination. >> did it hurt? >> nothing. >> reporter: he's one of 500 farm workers getting vaccinated at this pop-up site at monterey mushrooms in morgan hill. >> i think it's very convenient. we come to work and at the same time we get the vaccination. it's easier for us. >> reporter: santa clara county is now vaccinating farm workers, considered to be essential workers along with teachers. advocates say it's critical to vaccinate farm workers since they've been so hard hit. >> it was a 59% increase in death during the pandemic of these workers. so we know that farm workers are at a very high risk of death. >> reporter: monterey mushroom ceo says having a pop-up site helps the county maximize its reach, but it also provides a safe place for those hesitant about getting vaccinated.
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>> you can extend the process. you can have a much more robust vaccination program and get -- by the time you get done, we'll vaccinate a thousand farm workers. >> some of the biggest outbreaks we've had across the country have been in canneries or in fields. >> reporter: supervisor cindy chavez says agriculture is a multi billion dollar industry here in santa clara county. and an important part of the food chain in the u.s. she says vaccinating farm workers keeps the industry strong. >> there are two issues we need to remember. one is just basically making sure that people get the healthy food they need, and the other is it is an important part of our economic recovery as well. >> reporter: in morgan hill, unser hassan, abc7 news. >> you can follow along with your county's vaccine rollout with our interactive vaccine tracker. there you can compare california's progress and find your place in line. it it's at our website, education is one component
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of abc7 news's commitment to building a better bay area. today's oakland parents and students held a rally demanding schools reopen. they gathered near lake merritt where parents tell us distance learning is hurting their children and they want to have the option of sending their kids back to the classroom. >> our kids have been out of school for almost a year now. we believe firmly that it's time for them to be back in. it's safe now. >> last week oakland unified presented a plan to get pre-k through 5th graders back in school by late march. the oakland teachers union says the plan does not address all the safety measures needed. bart could be getting money for two major projects if the covid-19 relief bill passes in the senate. but that is still a major hurdle. as abc7 news reporter matt boone explains, republican lawmakers have been criticizing the proposed funds. >> reporter: the covid-19 relief bill passed by the house of representatives includes
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$140 million for the extension of bart into downtown san jose. >> this regional extension of the system will really link the three largest cities in the bay area with the one-seat ride. >> reporter: bernice is a spokesperson for bart in the valley transportation authority. she says the plan has been in the works for 20 years and argues these funds are necessary because local revenue for the project has dried up during the pandemic. >> this money would alleviate some of the strain on some of the local sales taxes that have really been impacted by covid-19. >> reporter: for bart passenger mark elder, he thinks the money could be better spent. >> seats are horrible and graffiti and debris and the floors are sticky. better maintenance on the current trains and the current system. >> reporter: the money is also drawing criticism from republican lawmakers like kevin mccarthy who tweeted, quote, the socialists have brought the swamp back, $140 million for a tunnel near pelosi's district. when they try to redistrict money for mental health for
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kids, every democrat voted against the kids. central valley devin nunes pandered at the political action conference. >> we already know part of this money is going to build a tunnel from silicon valley to san francisco. now, look, these tech oligarchs are the last people that need anybody's money. >> reporter: bart director bevan dufty said without the funds the plan could languish and rack up more costs. >> the purpose of the funds is about accelerating projects. >> reporter: and by doing so create more jobs. >> what this really does is help keep construction jobs moving. >> reporter: matt boone, abc7 news. >> a dead body was found today near china camp state park in marin county. sheriff's investigators are treating the death as suspicious. investigators are still on the scene tonight along north san pedro road near mcnair's beach. a body of a man was found 30 feet from the roadway just after lunchtime today. the marin county coroner will determine the cause of death. deputies have closed the road
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while they investigate. san mateo police say they arrested this man after he called in to say he shot his neighbor. he was identified as 57-year-old alan runchie. it happened just after 11:30 this morning at an rv storage lot just off highway 92. officers say they found a 57-year-old man with aids gunshot wound to the chest. detectives say the two men knew one another and had been in an argume argument just before the shooting. he is facing homicide charges and being a felon in possession of a firearm. new at 11:00, a bay area woman's missing french bulldog was miraculously found four weeks later and 600 miles away in mexico. >> brody! hi, bro! >> i love a good reunion. that is debbie campbell overjoyed to have her emotional support dog brody back. she said he wandered out of her san lorenzo house on february 3rd.
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they launched an effort to find him including posting on social media, but no luck. then late last week they received a message from a man in tijuana. >> he reached out. it seems to be pretty immediately, and kind of sent a facebook message saying, hey, i think i have your dog. >> when he video called us to show us that he had the dogged, that -- it took my breath away when i saw my dog play on his couch. >> what are the odds? now, it turns out the man had bought brody in mexico and had no idea he was stolen. but while showing him off to family members in the bay area, they said he looked an awful lot like a missing dog they saw on facebook. within 24 hours, debbie's son drove down do san diego, picked up brody and brought him home. it is still unclear, though, how brody ended up in mexico to begin with. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a bay area family is selling their home and leaving
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california. but they don't know where they're going to end up. >> we want to take what we built here and use it to traject our lives in the direction we feel led to go. >> up next, the family of six that's hitting the road, setting out to find their dream home somewhere in america. plus, it is something you've got to see to believe. the death defying images of history made on half dome. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. while we start the week tomorrow with warm weather, we are tracking rain in the it's back, guys! check it out! what up, people? jack! what are you doing in my car? oh, just sharing my triple bonus jack combo... triple meat and cheese, secret sauce... go ahead, tell them how much it is... it's just $5.99! only at jack in the box.
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good news friends, my triple bonus jack combo is back. the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. happening now, highway 101 on the peninsula is closed for several hours. southbound 101 from south airport boulevard in south city to s.f.o. closed at 11:00 and will be closed through 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. the shutdown runs the next three nights at the very same time. drivers will be detoured off the freeway. cal trans is removing four sign bridges on the freeway. a two-night closure of northbound 101 in the area is planned for later this week. well, you've heard the stories. bay area residents are leaving the state for a number of reasons. one north bay family is joining
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that exodus tomorrow, but they don't actually have a destination in mind. they are hoping to find their new dream home by way of a long road trip across america. >> we're going to go with round one of moving some boxes. i'm going to show you the stack here. >> the boxes are packed at the holt residence in healdsburg. their daughters ages 14, 6 and 2 are embarking on a road trip that could last up to six months. they'll zigzag across the lower 48 in a trailer pulled by a chevy suburban, stopping to see family and national landmarks, but also in search of a place to settle down. >> we're looking towards the tennessee, north carolina area, but part of the road trip is like what if we find something somewhere else we like? what if the land is the right price in, i don't know, arkansas or something like that. or wyoming. who knows. >> the holts know what they want. more land for a farm, animals to look after and space to spread out. ben holt says they've outgrown their 100-year-old healdsburg
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home, a place he says the family has loved. the property will hit the market right after the family leaves the bay area. proceeds will be used to buy their new home wherever that might be. >> it wasn't really a monetary drive. it was more the space and being able to show our kids that, you know, it's not always a rat race. >> both ben and briann quit their jobs. ben worked at a food service company and breanne is a school teacher. what do their daughters think about the idea? >> they're up and down. one day they're excited. the next day they're, oh, my gosh, we're leaving, this is getting real, reality. we're going to be on the road four months, dad. how are we going to do this? i assure them they're going to see some awesome places. >> and the idea of traveling months at a time during a global pandemic. >> a lot of people say we're a little crazy. maybe we're a little crazy, but
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we want to take what we've built here and use it to traject our lives in the direction we fee led to go. >> crazy in this case sounds like a lot of fun. the holtz leave first thing tomorrow. they'll start in the southwest, make their way north and then head east. all right. kicking it over to drew tuma with a look at the weather, and i think that we have some of the best weather in the country this coming week, drew. >> you know, we really have. we've enjoyed just a gorgeous weekend. sunshine both yesterday and today, mild temperatures. we'll start march that way tomorrow. but by the end of the week we're going to welcome back some rain thankfully. let's look at sutro tower now. a live look, the city is sparkling tonight. we have clear skies, really calm conditions. temperatures across the region, a mixed bag of 40s and 50s right now. something you would expect this time of year. 52 in the city. 50 in oakland. 46 already in mountain view. san jose a little bit warmer at 51. 45 in morgan hill. half moon bay much cooler along the coast at 41 degrees.
11:19 pm
here's san jose international airport in san jose. the south bay equally as calm with clear skies overhead. plenty of stars out there. 44 the current temperature in santa rosa. we're down to 43 in novato. it will get chilly in the north bay. 38 in fairfield. 48 in concord, 45 the current temperature in livermore. the east bay hills camera showing you the winds are light in the hills tonight. a different story than last night. so calm conditions over the next 24 hours. that's the theme. it will be a mild start to march tomorrow. temperatures again above average by some 5 to 10 degrees for this time of the year. the pattern for much of the week ahead includes sunshine, dry conditions, but that will change by friday into saturday. that's when we're tracking our next storm that will bring us some beneficial rain. we'll show you that in just one second. overnight tonight, clear skies out there. dropping into the 30s in our coldest spots. down to 36 in santa rosa overnight tonight. 39 in concord, 39 in livermore. 45 in the city, though.
11:20 pm
44 in oakland, 43 in san jose. 38, that overnight low in vallejo. as we turn the calendar page to march, we do get some pretty decent rainfall totals this time of year. over the month we average anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of rain. so there is still hope we can make a little dent in our rainfall deficit this time of year. it does not look like it's going to be a miracle march and make a lot of rainfall up in a short time unfortunately. tomorrow it's dry and sunny, 64 in the city, 68 the high in oakland. san jose the same. equally as warm as it was overed weekend. 66 in napa, 69 in concord 70 the high in fairfield. future weather into friday, this is friday night. the storm is approaching the coast line of california, so we'll include a chance of a shower at night on friday. looks like the best chance for that rain really comes on saturday and saturday morning. this is 11:00 a.m. on saturday as the storm moves on shore. and we will likely also get some
11:21 pm
snow in the sierra, that will help our snow pack out. total rainfall not a block buster storm by any means, but i do think we could expect a quarter to half an inch of rain with this next storm by the end of the week into the upcoming weekend. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it is a march beauty around here tomorrow. mostly sunny and pretty mild. through much of the week ahead, then everything changes on friday into saturday. we bring back that rain chance. we drop our temperatures in by saturday. we're only in the mid 50s to low 60s. that's where we should be, dion, this time of year. >> all right, we've just been spoiled. drew, thanks. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a tribute for tiger. his reaction after fellow golfers honored him with his signature sunday color. >> i want us to reframe the way we look at violence. >> physical manifestation of the outcry. >> real conversations with you about equality. >> people are stepping up. >> disparity. >> we're trying to create change. >> and building a better bay
11:22 pm
area. >> this is important. >> we cannot afford to be silent. >> please be a part of the conversation with us. >> abc7 listens. watch
11:23 pm
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ooh, you may find yourself holding your breath while watching this. two skiers on a death defying ride on the death dome in yosemite park. they oh, so carefully carve their way down the shoulder of the iconic landmark this past week. they were the first people to do it ever. they used ropes and rappelled several sections of rock known as the death slabs. it took them a total of five hours to ski all the way down. glad they're all smiles. chris alvarez joining us now with some safer seeming sports. chris. >> coming up in sports, buster
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posey and the giants take the field for the cactus league opener. plus let down in l.a. highlights and react so you're a small business, or a big one. you were thriving, but then... oh. ah. okay. plan, pivot. how do you bounce back? you don't, you bounce forward, with serious and reliable internet. powered by the largest gig speed network in america. but is it secure? sure it's secure. and even if the power goes down, your connection doesn't.
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so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business.
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>> announcer: sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> well, the last time the warriors played the lakers, golden state overcame a 14-point deficit in the fourth quarter to beat the lakers by two. apparently l.a. didn't forget that game from mid january. hey, it's klay, southern california native looking on. could have used him tonight. really all season. midway through the first, stephen curry steps back, four point play. he finished with 16. he's so good at that. l.a., though, scored 41 points in the first quarter.
11:29 pm
lebron james the steal. and all the way to the rack for the score. he had 10 points in the first quarter. l.a. was up 20 after one. things go from bad to worse. draymond green turns his left ankle, turns his shoe. kerr says it shouldn't be an issue. lebron scored 19 points, this triple coming up here. beats the first half buzzer. l.a. led 73-44 at the half. not going to show you anything from the second half. warriors lose 117-91, snapping their three-game win streak. coach kerr says you can forget about this game. >> there's going to be a handful of games every year that are sort of in explicable. this is one you don't spend too much time on. you flush the toilet and you move on. >> draymond said a little at halftime, we have to remember teams still want to beat us and beat us bad. they still have, you know, a lot of memories from the last five, six years. >> giants hosting the angels in scottsdale. welcome back, buster posey.
11:30 pm
first action since 2019. he singles to right field here. one for one and a walk. nothing until wilmer flores swinging a drive. that would go off the wall. posey scores in the r.b.i. double. they win 5-2. buster says it's good to be back. >> i love to be back. it's a game i love to play since i was a kid. being able to get out and compete, watching the games on tv last year seeing cardboard fans in the stands it was definitely nice to see some live humans out there. >> final round of the wgc workday championship, players across the tour are wearing the traditional tiger sunday red in his honor. morikawa entered the day with the lead. he birdied this hole and never looked back. he finishes at 18 under for a three-shot victory. he becomes the second player to win a major event before turning
11:31 pm
25. the other tiger woods. >> tiger means everything to me. hopefully he has a quick and great recovery. i don't think we say thank you enough so i want to say thank you to tiger because, you know, sometimes you lose people too early and that's like -- kobe, i lost my grandpa about a month ago. and you don't get to say thank you enough. so thank you, guys. >> powerful stuff right there. this abc7 sports report sponsored by your local toyota dealers. dion? >> well, more emotional moments from the world of golf as chris mentioned. some members of the pga tour paid tribute to tiger woods during today's championship. golfers donned his signature color red. woods has made it his trademark to wear a red shirt on sundays for the final round of the tournament. he, of course, was absent today as he recovers from a car accident earlier this week. but woods was watching and tweeted his thanks. he wrote, it is hard to explain how touching today was when i turned on the tv and saw all the
11:32 pm
red shirts. to every golfer and every fan, you are truly helping me get through this tough time. much more to come on abc7 news at 11:00, including a rally against new housing. why police in one san francisco neighborhood -- people, i should say, are saying not in my backyard. plus, one doctor's medical mission becomes a personal crusade. how she's helping
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>> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> once again, good evening. i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines now, we
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are just hours away from a third covid vaccine. the cdc recommending johnson & johnson's single shot for people 18 and older. the company is expected to begin sending out nearly 4 million doses tomorrow. governor gavin newsom says california will be getting around 380,000 doses of the first batch. santa clara county expanded its list of those eligible for the vaccine to include teachers and farm workers. advocates say it's critical to vaccinate farm workers since they've been among the hardest hit. and bart could be getting $141 million in federal funding if the covid-19 relief bill passes the senate. california congressman devin nunes criticized the plan incorrectly this weekend by saying the money would pay for a tunnel from silicon valley to san francisco. the money would actually help pay for six miles of the bart extension in the south bay. former president donald trump took center stage today,
11:37 pm
saying he is here to stay. trump spoke at the conservative political action conference in orlando, florida, almost 40 days after leaving office. it's his first major address since leaving the white house where he vowed to play a major role in the midterm elections and reassert his influence over the republican party. >> there has never been a journey like it, there has never been a journey so successful. we began it together four years ago and it is far from being over. >> he strongly hinted that he might run again for president in 2024 and said he won't start a third political party, but will remain a republican. the former president won the cpac conference's straw pole for candidates in 2024. attendees picked trump as their favorite candidate with 55% of the vote. in second place was florida governor ron desantis with 21%. and rounding out the top 3 was
11:38 pm
south dakota governor kristi noem. a 2024 race without trump, his son don junior placed in the top three. new york governor andrew cuomo sa acknowledged some of his behavior has been flirtatious and unwanted. he said playful teasing may have been insensitive or too personal. he denied propositioning or touching anyone. the statement comes after two separate allegations of sexual harassment from two former aides. the democrat says he will cooperate with an investigation conducted by the state attorney general. moving on to the south bay now, sideshows took over many intersections in san jose last night. some turned into a cat and mouse game between drivers and san jose police. officers arrested three people
11:39 pm
on charges of illegally carrying firearms and made one reckless driving arrest. five vehicles were impounded and 40 other drivers were cited for watching the sideshows. oakland police are conducting similar sideshow stings this weekend. an oakland community group will meet tomorrow to organize foot patrols in chinatown. the east bay toy shon association is hoping to get feet in chinatown to accompany shoppers and residents. the patrols are are in response to high profile crimes against those in the neighborhood. they will be unarmed and report incidents to police. >> we are here to help. head to our website, action for a complete list of local resources. now to a doctor who is going above and beyond for social equity. in philadelphia, black people make up the majority of the
11:40 pm
population and the majority of covid deaths, and yet more than half of the people vaccinated are white. doctoral dr. alice stanford took note. >> everyone was talking about this phenomenon of rich folks coming to poor neighborhoods to take the vaccine. no one was doing anything. >> together she gathered medical friends and create you had a consortium to provide vaccines. that consortium held a clinic and vaccinated 4200 people. 72% are black and she is doing it six days a week for no charge. temporarily putting her regular job as a pediatric surgeon on hold. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, the golden globes like you've never seen them before. from zoom speeches to split-screen hosting, it was an awards show fully fit for the pandemic.
11:41 pm
we'll share the can't-miss moments from hollywood's golden knight. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are tracking a warm and sunny start tomorrow, but rain in the days ahead. we'll have the details in the accuweather forecast coming up. >> and abc7 has launched new streaming apps so wherever you are you can get our live newscasts, breaking news, weather and much more with our new abc7 bay area app. it's on apple tv, android tv,
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nearly 80 people rallied today against a proposed low-income housing project in san francisco's sunset district. you can see there one man showed up to challenge the protesters and was quickly shouted down. the proposal calls for a
11:45 pm
seven-story building with 100 low-income units. the group says it is inappropriate for the neighborhood. they say they're concerned about crime and a lack of parking. one city supervisor, though, says they have been misled. >> the unfortunate situation is it is a group of opponents to the proposed affordable family housing development at 2550 irving have been spreading misinformation that has unfortunately created confusion. >> supervisor gordon mar says the developer will meet with the community before the project is submitted to the city. well, tonight the 78th annual golden globe awards kicked off this year's very unusual award season. hosts tina fey and amy pohler shared a split screen and abc7's rena roy said the stars couldn't escape technical glitches. >> reporter: like so much over the past year, the golden globes are unlike they've ever been
11:46 pm
before. >> welcome to the 2021 golden globe awards. >> reporter: amy pohler and tina fey hosting together for the fourth time, but this time. >> now, tina and i are hosting from two different cities tonight. >> you won't even notice. >> reporter: the first award of the night. >> the golden globe goes to daniel kaluya. >> reporter: for his role in judas and the black messiah. >> as you see we have a bad connection. >> reporter: presenters in los angeles with a socially distanced front line workers. netflix, the crown, taking home multiple awards including drama series. >> the crown. >> reporter: actor chadwick boseman posthumously won for his role in ma rainy's bottom. >> he would thank his parents
11:47 pm
and their ancestors for guidance. >> reporter: the hollywood association has been criticized for a lack of diversity. none of its members are black according to los angeles times. and critics hbo series i may destroy you says a black cast was snubbed entirely. >> everybody is upset at the hfpa and their projects. a number of black-led projects was overlooked. >> reporter: they are working to improve diversity. >> just like film and television, black representation is vital. >> we must ensure everyone from all under represented communities gets a seat at our table and we are going to make that happen. >> reporter: and a big win going to -- >> the golden globe goes to mad land." >> reporter: rena roy, abc news,
11:48 pm
new york. >> you had your dog dappur appear in the earlier newscast. >> it's been a year we've been working for home. if you haven't had a technical glitch by now, you have great luck, go buy a lottery ticket. i feel we've all had some issues one time or another. it's the sign of the times we have now. let's talk about what's going on in the weather department. we have warm weather continuing another day. we enjoyed it this weekend. it continues tomorrow. tonight we have clear skies. plenty of stars, mid 30s, overnight tonight. that leads the way to a nice afternoon for the first day of march. we're turning the calendar page tomorrow. highs on your monday, a lot of sunshine, mid to upper 60s. this time of year, a lot of us should be in the upper 50s. this is a warm day for early march. 64 in the city. 68 in oakland and san jose. 64 in san rafael. 66 in vallejo. 69 in antioch. as you head towards the end of the week, 2350ufuture weather i
11:49 pm
showing waive rae have rain on . it predominantly falls saturday and will bring snow to the sierra. good news there. sunshine, mild temperatures through the middle of the week. then we'll cool off those numbers, bring back some rain chances friday and saturday and we'll take temperatures down to the mid 50s to low 60s, dion. >> look at that, drew, your forecast was flawless. >> one, one in a million! >> take it and win. drew, thanks. >> exactly. >> next we'll have a look at sports. >> coming up in sports we bring into action from the cactus league opener. with every swish ano
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11:53 pm
opening play today. a's taking on defending champions l.a. dodgers. kids turning summer salts. buddy reed, the catch every, the great tag, and you are out at the plate. wind also pretty noticeable in arizona. games going just seven innings early in the spring. 1-all in the 7th. a's ball 2-1. the manager is happy regardless. >> that was cool. i think very few people did mention that when they got in the dugout. so that part was great. you know, once the game gets going again, it feels like it used to kind of with the fans in the stands. 20%, it felt like there were more people at 20%. i think the fans were just as happy about being in there as we were. >> senior day for the fourth ranked cardinal women hosting cal. they got their first win of the year last week.
11:54 pm
daniels just beats the buzzer. cal was down 6 at the break. midway through the third, stanford pulling away. senior anna wilson to lexie hall. the lead kept growing and growing. stanford outscores cal 27-2 in the third quarter. senior k senior kianna williams. the pac-12 tournament starts wednesday in vegas. to the ice. somehow this near goalie fight wasn't the strangeest part of sharks/blues game. generally when you score you win. the sharks and blues went back and forth at the tank. san jose despite scoring a season high six goals, they allowed a season high seven goals a second time this year. afterwards the mood as you would imagine, extreme frustration. >> we didn't get a chance to build off it. we couldn't get any momentum
11:55 pm
going after we got the lead. it's tough to build momentum when the next shark goes in the net. we ha we gave them 13 chances. you're not going to win any games like that. >> it was a strange one. try to forget about it as best you can and get ready for the next game. >> the pandemic is taking a toll on many families wondering where their next meal is coming from. golden state warriors is doing everything they can to fight hunger. a program swishes for dishes. >> curry way downtown! and steph curry from just inside half-court. >> with every three, two-pointer and even free-throws, every single point the warriors score this season is a whole lot of meals who need it most. >> every sing the point the warriors scored is 100 meals. we extend it to santa cruz, it's 30 meals for every point they score. >> we saw the need is rising,
11:56 pm
the need is increasing. food insecurity is a big issue, something we wanted to do to help. >> reporter: earlier this week warriors in partnership with kaiser permanente held a pop-up pantry giving food to those in the pandemic. hungry and one in four households with children. that's over 50 million people that don't have enough to eat. >> our goal is to have over to million meals. we're on our way there. >> throughout this season, you can keep progress of the team's total points in meals donated on the athlete's as well as the warriors official website and social channels. >> it's a great program to support the people of the day. we ftry to win games.
11:57 pm
we truly feel like a big part of the community and we try to back that up. >> the more we can help the better. the warriors are going to keep scoring points and we're going to keep feeding families. that's what it's about. >> this abc7 sports report sponsored by your local toyota dealers. dion? >> got to love the warriors even more. that's it for tonight, everybody. i'm dion lim. abc7 news continues bright and early tomorrow morning at 5:00. for drew tuma and chris alvarez and all of us here at abc7, thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow as we take
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