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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 1, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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so for joining us tonight. >> from all of us, w >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- eddie murphy and arsenio hall. alan kim and music from madison beer and now jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. we so much to get to eddie murphy and arsenio are standing by. but first, don't get too excited, but first, the return of the mythical creature known as donald trump who was at cpac, which sounds like the antibiotic you get after being exposed to ted cruz in a hot tub. but it's not. it is the conservative political action committee convention. where things got off to a maga-nificent start. ♪ that our flag ♪ ♪ was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say ♪
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♪ does that ♪ ♪ star-spangled ♪ ♪ banner ♪ ♪ yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ eeeeee >> jimmy: and that was the best part of the whole thing. [ cheers and applause ] that was the highlight. the main event was fiberace himself. after weeks of hibernation, donald trump emerged from his hiding. he was more than an hour late getting started. but once he got onstage, not only was the magic back, he was surprisingly diplomatic. some might even say supportive of his successor in the white house. >> jimmy: joe biden has had the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history, that's true. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so said the president
11:37 pm
who spent his first month arguing over crowd size, ordered a muslim ban, rage-tweeted the womens' march, fired sally yates, mocked arnold schwarzenneger for low ratings on "the apprentice," and golfed six times. yell-vis went on and on for more than 90 minutes. he was yelling. my wife was yelling at me for watching it. it was kind of like, you know that show "dr. pimple popper?" all this disgusting stuff keeps coming out, and you're like, "oh god- when will it end?" but until it does, you can't look away? that's him. [ laughter ] that's donald trump. but he was in good spirits. ready to reminisce. he even shared warm wishes from melania. >> when i made the first remarks, when i came down the escalator with our great future first lady. [ cheers and applause ] who says hello. who loves you as much as i love you >> jimmy: which is not at all.
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you could all fall into the sea, and neither one of us would bat an eye. it was quite a self-love fest. highlighted by trump's delightful delusion that he is more beloved than ronald reagan. >> we had 56 unbelievable packed rallies and nobody's ever had anything like what we had. we started hearing "we love you" i asked somebody because we really liked ronald reagan he was a great president, we had others and i said, did anybody ever say that, and to the best of the political professional knowledge, nobody's ever heard that before. so it's an honor, believe me, it's an honor. >> jimmy: one i'm very humbled by. he is something else. he feels competitive with dead people! it's crazy. trump also took shots at the supreme court. he said they didn't have the "guts or the courage to overturn the election." that's good. the draft dodger who can't open his own diet cokes is talking about guts and courage.
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[ laughter ] and of course, the big question many have been asking is will trump run again? and the answer is maybe, probably -- okay, yes. >> but who knows? who knows? i may even decide to beat them for a third time, okay. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: ha ha. didn't germany say the same thing after world war ii? [ laughter ] now look at this crowd, i want you to watch this guy here, this guy, yeah. going absolutely bananas. over this. just jumping up and down like his cheer squad won regionals. i don't think i've ever been that excited about anything in my life. he's never gonna love you, eric [ laughter ] [ applause ] anyway, you know what, let's just give donald trump florida and say goodbye. let's cut it right here. there were a lot of crazy speeches, but trump out-crazied them all. which was no mean feat, considering that one of the speakers is part of a japanese
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cult that believes its founder is an alien from venus. and another one was don jr. to his credit, trump did urge everyone to get vaccinated. but he did not mention that he got vaccinated himself, "new york times" reported that trump and melania were vaccinated at the white house in january. why would you get a vaccine for a virus that disappeared, that washed away on its own last summer? i don't know. they probably had to vaccinate him by covering the needle in peanut butter, and making him eat it. [ laughter ] as far as we know, trump did not get paid to speak at cpac. even though it is a for-profit event. they sell all kinds of great stuff. this is really a great place to do your christmas shopping, this best part of waking up, this donald trump flag, there are shirts that show joe biden with a hitler and joe biden as the undefeated impeachment champ and this guy wearing a trump mask like a chinstrap is selling products via he sells donald trump-themed
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hammocks. this one goes for 1500 bucks. there's a "fake news" hammock for the unusual price of $499.20. and this one says, "deplorable." on it, also $499.20 all proudly made in el salvador. i was looking through the website. there's a section of "frequently asked questions." section, here are the questions, "how do i get in and out of a hammock?" [ laughter ] "how to sit on a hammock chair?" and "can i use my hammock when is wet?' [ laughter ] yes, but when is wet, why you be in rain? [ laughter ] who buys these? it's like they opened a dollar tree in a mental institution. [ laughter ] speaking of hammocks, guess who else showed up to cpac? >> there's no other country that has a dream. have you thought about that? there's no french dream or canadian dream or nigerian dream. only an american dream. >> american dream. >> jimmy: and as someone who sleeps 14 hours a day, dr. carson knows a thing or two about dreams.
11:42 pm
and not only were philosophies exchanged at cpac. not only were principles and values cemented and shared. there were a lot of laughs too. >> 15,000 fans, three nights in orlando, c-packed with laughs, featuring the funniest whites in the republican party. >> orlando is awesome. not as nice as cancun. >> the kings of conservative comedy. >> but it's nice! >> you won't want to miss the comedy event fox news calls the most hilarious thing since hillary collapsed on the sidewalk. no mess. >> apparently the protocol changed again. >> no censorship. >> fauci me, fauci you. >> no discernible punchlines. >> i hear president biden say, america's back, back to what? >> more than two and half hours of potato jokes. >> mr. potato head was america's first transgender doll and even
11:43 pm
he got cancer. >> starring kimberly gilfoyl. >> leading from behind from behind kamala, that is. >> and flato the entertainer. >> speaking of bombing the middle east, have you seen liz cheney's poll numbers. >> and headliner ted cucaracha cruz. >> you can sit at the table, there's no virus being transmitted, but if you stand up, put the mask on! >> with special guest appearance from robert kardashian's hologram. border wall blake and introducing, goldy. >> a triumphant president will make a return to the white house. i wonder who, who who will it be. melania. >> the kings of conservative comedy, you will g.o.p. your pants.
11:44 pm
>> in the immortal words of wallace, freedom. >> jimmy: all right, good-bye, ted, what just happened? on the other sides of the political coin last night, the golden globes. were on nbc, the golden globes are the opposite of cpac in every way. except for they don't have any black people on the board. that's what they have in common otherwise it was very different. it was a virtual show. and they had technical problems. but there were some highlights. two weeks ago, jodie foster was here on our show. we talked about the fact that green bay packers qb aaron rodgers thanked her when he got his mvp award. which she had no idea was gonna happen. so i asked her if she would thank aaron rodgers if she won the golden globes. >> and thank you to ziggy -- and aaron rodgers! >> jimmy: the answer is yes, you would. the most unexpected triumph of the night was when tracy morgan gave the award for best original score to my cousin sal, instead of the movie "soul." [ cheers and applause ]
11:45 pm
>> and the golden globe goes to -- "sal" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: congratulations, sal. it's about time you were recognized for your achievements in music. [ cheers and applause ] today, by the way, in case you just woke up is march 1st. march is here. guillermo, can you believe it's march? guillermo. >> time goes fast. ha ha ha. >> jimmy: well you're not alone in disbelief. it's time for another montage of incredulous newscasters. >> can you believe it's march >> guys, i woke up this morning like, wow. >> can you believe it's march 1st already. >> no, can you believe it's march 1st already? >> can you believe it's march 1st already. >> march 1st can you believe that. >> march 1st, can you believe it. >> march 1st can you believe it. >> march 1st, can you believe it. >> oh, my gosh, hard to believe. >> hard to believe we are already into the month of march. >> hard to believe we're already
11:46 pm
the month of march. >> hard to believe it's already march. >> hard to believe it's already march. >> hard to believe it is march. >> hard to believe it's march. >> can you believe it's march. >> can you believe it's already march. >> it's funny, i was getting ready this morning and i'm like, i bet you it's march by now. right? so i looked at the calendar, there you go. >> jimmy: there you go. who knows what could be next, april. you know. it's anyone's guess at this point. the end of february marks the end of black history month, and the start of a new time of celebration. >> black history month a time of reflection and commemoration for all americans is coming to a close. to make way for white history months. bring in hannity's favorite 11 months of the year, march through january, with an epic celebration of the caucasian persuasion we got pig pens.
11:47 pm
atv's. potatoes with nothing on them. we got oakley's velveeta cheese. getting off where a warning. and i have a dream featuring three doors down featuring gianna carroo in concert. in kick it off for white kick off month spectacular -- hosted by paula dean and bunch of white folks. white on. >> jimmy: all right, you excited about that? you know what the month of march is? >> no. >> jimmy: it's women's history month. >> oh, it is, wow, that's good. [ laughter ] i don't know. >> jimmy: ha ha. april is drunken side kick month, so look forward to that. >> all right. >> jimmy: yeah. and i can think of no better way to kick off women's history month than with a bachelor: women tell all" special. which aired tonight on abc, all the women who were rejected by this year's bachelor get
11:48 pm
together for a long group therapy sesh led by noted psychiatrist chris harrison. for the most part it was childish. a bunch of immature people yelling over each other. so we as we have been known to do gave it the toddler treatment, and i think you will agree that it makes a lot more sense like this. ♪ >> the house actually did have some good women, unfortunately got over shadowed. >> why are you lumping everyone together. >> there's a lot of girls guys a problem. >> bullying is such a strong word. >> is the house really toxic. >> okay mean girl [ bleep ] what do you want to call it, the house was not toxic until you made it toxic. >> you came at sarah harder than almost anybody. >> excuse me i'm still speaking. >> go ahead. >> it's called learning, it's called growing, you bed-wetter. >> jimmy: such a fun age, it really is. we have a very exciting show for you tonight. from the new movie "minari,"
11:49 pm
8-year-old alan kim is with us. [ cheers and applause ] he is adorable. we've got music from madison beer. [ cheers and applause ] and we'll be right back with eddie murphy and arsenio hall. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ (woman) what should we do with it first? (man) road trip. (woman) yes. (woman) off-road trip. (man) how hot is the diablo chili? (waitress) well, you've got to sign a waiver. [loud laughter] (woman) is this even a road? (man) yeah. (woman) so what should we do second? (vo male) the subaru forester. the most adventurous forester ever. (vo female) get 0% for 63 months on select new 2021 models. now through march 31st. so, you said only we at left twix could put cookies & creme in twix... this is a right twix. excuse me...
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show from the new movie "minari," alan kim is here. he is 8-years-old, and he is adorable. right guillermo. >> yeah he's fantastic. >> jimmy: and from new york city her new album is called "life support." music from madison beer. [ cheers and applause ] this week, we've got new shows with sacha baron cohen, charles barkley, daisy ridley, wesley snipes. and we'll have music from david-o, charlotte lawrence, and
11:54 pm
ashe featuring finneas. [ cheers and applause ] please join us for each and every show. 33 years ago, our first guests starred in one of the most beloved comedies of all. they are together again with a sequel that will be one of the most beloved of all, "coming 2 america" hits amazon prime video on friday. please welcome eddie murphy and arsenio hall. [ cheers and applause ] hi, guys. >> sup? >> jimmy: how you doing? >> good, how are you? >> jimmy: thanks for being with us, first of all. i didn't snow what to expect i didn't know what to expect, whether you guys would be together. when was the last time you were together physically? >> eddie's daughter, my goddaughter went to an art show and we all went and there was a lady there with a mask on and i'd never seen anybody with a mask on but she was the only one there and i was joking, like, look at nurse jackie over in the corner. [ laughter ]
11:55 pm
next day, we all was out looking for masks 74 hours later. >> jimmy: this was a year ago at the beginning of the whole deal. >> yeah, january, february. >> jimmy: do you miss each other? >> ha ha ha. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you guys, you know, i was looking at a bunch of video and found a video of you guys being interviewed before the first movie came out, this was 1988. i want to shop a clip -- show a clip. >> that's the first time i saw him. that was the first time i met him. >> ever since then we've been doing this -- at clubs all over. >> we'll be coming to a city near you. >> real soon. >> here we are. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: here we are, so many years later, you'll still pals. >> 1988. >> crazy. >> jimmy: you know, it was just eddie on the show last time, but rmember when there was a party after dolamite at eddie's house
11:56 pm
and somehow i got invited to your house and my wife and i were the first to arrive, which was embarrassing, we walk in the door and you guys were sitting on the couch watching youtube videos and i blurted out oh, this is what i imagined it would be like. something to that effect. and then you guys were watching, do you remember what you were watching? >> mononeon. >> jimmy: a guy who is an unbelievably talented bass player. who, like, among other things -- >> he's not just a bass player. he's like this -- he's a bass player, and he's -- baskiet and skittles. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, he's unbelievable. i'm reading this interview with the two of you guys in the "new york times" and the guy asked if
11:57 pm
you share a make-up trailer and arsenio said no, we don't share a make-up trailer and why don't you share a trailer? why not arsenio? >> sometimes i want to watch cnn or [ bleep ] and eddie [ bleep ] -- eddie loves -- >> [ bleep ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well that explains it. ha ha ha. ha ha ha. >> eddie has very specific things he likes to watch. he won't watch it and then say okay, what do you want to watch for an hour, we have to watch mono neon for six hours, sometimes those make up jobs are six hours. so i wanted my own tv. my own trailer. >> i can watch him for six hours. >> jimmy: you can, honestly. i was laughing because i was like oh, my god this is what they were watching two years ago. let's show a clip so people
11:58 pm
understand the deal. ♪ >> jimmy: he's unbelievable. by the way, next time you guys are here i promise i will fly him in wherever he is to be on the show. so you can experience him in person. >> i think he's a california artist. >> jimmy: than i'll drive him in. whatever it is. [ laughter ] >> hey, jimmy, i think prince was about to hire him right before prince passed away. he's an unbelievable musician. >> absolutely. i don't know why you dislike him so much, arsenio. [ laughter ] have you guys ever had like a real fight. argument where you didn't talk to each other? >> eddie don't want to fight me. i got hands. the furniture will start moving, jimmy. he don't want to fight me.
11:59 pm
>> he said that in jest. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you have nicknames for each other? >> yes, i call him punk ass bitch. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> okay, now the pandemic can never end because i'm whipping your ass calling me punk ass bitch on national television. >> jimmy: you know what, i find it hard to interview my close friends because i feel i know the answers to questions i ask. arsenio, i wonder if you had that when eddie would come on your show back in the day, he'd sit on "the arsenio hall show" was it difficult for you to interview him? >> have you ever seen those old interviews, we just be laughing. >> i watched one today. >> i think on "in living color" they made a joke when we do interviews, it's just us laughing inside stuff saying [ bleep ] that only us know. later on, ha, ha,, screaming and falling out.
12:00 am
was never scripted. >> yeah, one time i was interviewing him and we actually forgot the whole segment and clip and everything and brought on his uncle ray. >> jimmy: ha ha ha. >> who was the singer that was mad? stephanie mills was mad. remember because we went too long. she was on the show. she was mad. >> jimmy: she got bumped. >> i don't know, i heard she was mad because she was on the show we had uncle ray. >> jimmy: arsenio has the talk-show look on his face, you don't know, i did a million shows and a hundred people were mad. >> that was like, i don't want to get a call from stephanie. [ laughter ] i'm still mad, arsenio, i'm still mad. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: eddie, when arsenio was on "the celebrity apprentice" did you watch him on that show? >> you watched! >> yeah, i might have watched
12:01 am
the finale or something. >> jimmy: ha ha. arsenio when's the last time you heard from your mentor, your celebrity mentor, donald trump. [ laughter ] >> ha ha ha ha. we don't talk a lot. [ laughter ] you know what, it was weird, he got mad at me once, like, he won't text you, he got mad at me once because i did an interview and he said i didn't mention him. sometimes people don't mention everything you say. >> jimmy: what? >> he took the interview and wrote in sharpie, no trump and he photographed and e-mailed it i think someone in his office did, it was the strangest transmission i ever had. >> jimmy: that's crazy. that's what i wrote on my ballot in november, actually. [ laughter ] [ applause ] are there cast members from "coming to america" that you guys had not seen since you shot it the first time around?
12:02 am
>> john amos. >> i hadn't seen ojai. i seen john amos a few time, i hadn't seen ojai since the last move. >> jimmy: wow and louis anderson, i love seeing him in a cap, don't want to give much away. >> it's a dashiki. that's even funnier. >> jimmy: ha ha. how did louis come to be a part of that film? and your world there? >> i love louis but i think we were forced to put louis in it. >> jimmy: what? >> we were forced to put a white person. >> yeah, paramount was like, because the whole cast was black, it was in the 80's, they're like there has to be a white person in the movie. what? so it's was, who is the funniest white guy around. we knew louis was cool so that's how louis got in the movie.
12:03 am
>> wow, he's the funniest white person you know. pretty great distinction to have. >> back then it was 1988, it was like, louis was really funny, it's like we have a white guy, he'd be perfect. >> jimmy: louis is still perfect. -- still pretty funny. >> and jimmy, it was official. i had a list. they gave me a list with three white guys, they said who would you rather work with. i said louis. >> jimmy: really, do you remember the other two? >> oh, yeah. but i can't say. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: when we come back we're going to jump in the time machine and go back to the barber shop. "coming 2 america" coming to amazon prime on friday. we'll be back with eddie and arsenio. >> announcer: portions of "jimmy [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by crown royal. in partnership with "coming 2 america," honoring black heritage month and black royalty all year round. ring black heritage month and black royalty all year round.
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well, i'll be damn, look who doe come up in here. >> ah -- >> diamond and blood diamond. >> yes, mandela and winny. >> it's so good to see you. the neighborhood seems to be thriving. >> that's that gentrification. the color man didn't have [ bleep ], then the white man move in with the dog parks and my brown stone worth $10 million. >> your brown stone ain't worth no $10 million. >> it is too worth $10 million and i'm gonna sell it and get me a tesla. [ cheers and applause ]
12:09 am
>> jimmy: that's eddie murphy and arsenio hall in "coming 2 america" i'd love to talk to the guys in the barber shop you ever talk about that. a movie take threes months to do, to do a movie with those people would take like a year. >> jimmy: i see that as your problem, and not ours, you know. >> well, you know what's a trip, it's kind of like it's thankless because a lot of people don't know it's us in those make ups. last week, i was doing the interview with oprah, she was like, oh, the -- i said something about the barber shop, i said i'm the old jewish guy in the barber shop, she was like what, she couldn't believe it. she saw the original and this one and all this time didn't know.
12:10 am
and she's not the only person that doesn't know. >> jimmy: wow. >> those make ups, those make ups are amazing. >> jimmy: yeah. >> originally they're designed by rick baker, the genius, and those make ups, you can't tell, you can't see, it's like, i could go talk to you and you won't know that it's a make up. it's like amazing. >> jimmy: that's the best old people make up i've seen in any movie, i really think it is. did you ever approach strangers with the make up on and then they didn't mow? they didn't know? >> eddie hit on an old lady once. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> rick baker let us walk around, he said try it out, see how it works of and eddie ran into john amos and then got an old lady's phone number, she thought he was a real old dude. >> jimmy: that's fantastic. and did you call? >> yeah, not only did i call -- no never mind -- [ laughter ] [ applause ]
12:11 am
>> jimmy: tracy morgan is in the movie. and i wonder if you had a part you thought tracy would be great for or if you thought we got to put tracy in the movie, let's come up with a part for him. >> you know, from the very beginning, up until the third draft of the script, tracy morgan was my son when i first got the idea i was like, tracy morgan's going to be my son. we wrote two or three versions of the script and after we started writing for leslie we were like will people believe this is me and leslie's child. because he looks like he's our age. so i started thinking of it differently. tracy was still going to be in the movie but as a different character. >> jimmy: right yeah. >> jimmy, i would drop hints because i never liked that idea, i loved tracy and wanted him in it but i would say maybe for the third one morgan freeman can be your son. [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ]
12:12 am
>> jimmy: i heard you guys say something to the effect of -- >> that's very funny. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: -- that you would like to, after once we can go to comedy clubs again, you'd like to take this whole group from the movie and do some kind of stand-up tour, is that true? >> there's so many comics in the movie. >> jimmy: yeah. >> you got myself, arsenio, jermaine fowler, trevor noah, michael blackson, leslie jones. >> jimmy: tracy. >> tracy morgan. there's a lot of comics, we could do a "coming 2 america" tour and call the tour coming all over america. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
12:13 am
>> jimmy: you know, i like it. things have been too clean up until now with all of the hand washing and mask. >> about to jump things off. >> jimmy: well, i got to tell you my wife and i watched the movie on friday night and absolutely loved it. i don't think there's going to be i a single person who loved the first one who will be disappointed with this one because you guys are so funny and you're so great in it. >> thanks. >> jimmy: it's "coming to america" and will be available to stream friday on amazon prime video. so that's your weekend plan. arsenio hall and eddie murphy, thanks, appreciate your time. >> thank you. ck with jimmy kimm. >> jimmy: and we'll be right we'll be back with alan kim. ♪ we'll be back with alan kim. ♪
12:14 am
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi there. music from madison beer is coming up. our next guest starred in a golden globe winning film, was nominated for a screen actors guild award, and lost at least 2 baby teeth all this year. his movie is called "minari." >> [ speaking foreign language ]
12:20 am
>> pretty cute boy, pretty cute -- >> i'm not pretty, i'm good-looking. >> jimmy: "minari" is in theaters, and on digital platforms now please welcome alan kim. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ welcome. wow. how are you? >> good, how are you? >> jimmy: you know, i thought you were just great in this movie. you did such a great job. >> thank you. >> jimmy: what is your belt there? what do you have going there? >> i have a purple belt. i took a test last wednesday. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and, like, i upgraded. >> jimmy: you upgraded. [ cheers and applause ] this is taekwondo? >> yes. >> jimmy: what kind of belt did you have before this? >> it was a blue belt. >> jimmy: this means you can
12:21 am
beat up all the blue belts now, right? >> no. >> jimmy: no. so you know a lot of moves? do you think you could beat me in a fight if we were to have a battle? >> i guess so. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right, maybe we'll fight at the end of the segment. [ laughter ] >> okay. do it. >> jimmy: i've got a lot of moves. you -- ha ha. your movie won a golden globe last night! that's exciting huh [ cheers and applause ] >> it was exciting. >> jimmy: more exciting than the purple belt? >> no. >> jimmy: that's good. we have a video let's roll the tape. >> and the golden globe goes to "minari." >> jimmy: you got very excited, it seems like. >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: do you always stand
12:22 am
that close to the television? >> i mean, not that much. >> jimmy: not that much, yeah. so in the movie, we saw the woman who plays your grandma, not really your grandma, comes to live with you and one of the things that you do is, she says go get me some mt. dew, and instead, you pee in a bowl and bring her the pee. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. have you ever done that in real life? >> no, absolutely no, that's too -- that's too dangerous. >> jimmy: that's too dangerous, yeah. did anyone have to warn you not to do it in real life when they showed you what to do in the move 1yi? >> no. >> jimmy: is that was fun ji though. >> yeah but a tiny bit guilty. >> jimmy: did she think it was funny? >> not sure. >> jimmy: and you didn't really pee in the bowl? >> no it was actually mt. dew. >> jimmy: it was mt. dew, do you drink mt. dew.
12:23 am
>> well, like, in the move yi, that was the first time i drank mt. dew so i guess shout out to i zack for introducing me to mt. dew. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how much money does the tooth fairy bring you when you lose a tooth to mt. dew? >> well, the first time i lost my tooth it was around $5. and then it became $10 and then $20. >> jimmy: wow. >> and then $2. and then i can't remember the rest. >> jimmy: wow. it really crashed on the stock market. [ laughter ] so it was $5, $10, $20, it's like your teeth are like game stop and then it was like $2? >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: and do you have any tlaeft are going to come out left that are going to come out?
12:24 am
>> i have two teeth popped out and the tooth fairy didn't come sadly because of quarantine. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, the tooth fairy is quarantined also, yeah. yeah. >> even though the humans are quarantined doesn't mean the fairies have to be quarantined. >> jimmy: yeah it's very contagious among fairies and there's only one tooth fairy if she dies that's it, nobody gets the money for tooth any more. what do you do with your money? keep it in the bank? >> i keep it in a toy vault and i kept the password and i'm not telling you so don't try to convince me. >> jimmy: no i don't want to know the password to your toy vault so please don't tell it to me. >> good. >> jimmy: in fact if you try to tell it to me i'll cover my
12:25 am
ears. >> good. >> jimmy: is this working? >> yes. >> jimmy: okay, all right. ha ha. so you're still in school, you're going to continue, you're not going to drop out because you won the golden globe, right? you drop out, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you're going to keep going? >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: i'll tell you something, that's such a good movie. have you watched the move y yourself? >> yes with me mom. i've watched it like eight times now. >> jimmy: oh, eight times, and do you love watching yourself on the movie? >> i mean, like, i like it but i already know what's going to happen since i watched it like eight times now. >> jimmy: all right, what's the next belt, you want to fight a little bit before we go. >> sure let's go. >> jimmy: let's go. here we go. show me how you do it. come on now. oh! see i'm constantly moving. cons. >> ha. [ >> ha. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: punch me right in the chin! here give me one right in the stomach.
12:26 am
oh, my god! [ cheers and applause ] >> did that hurt. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. we can't shake hands, "minari" is in theaters and on digital platforms now. alan kim everybody, we'll be right back with madison beer. thank you, alan. platforms now. alan kim everybody, we'll be right back with madison beer. thank you, alan. >> announcer: the "jimmy kimmel" live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪i would only be in your way♪ ♪and i...♪ ♪...will always love you♪
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>> announcer: the "jimmy kimmel" live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: her new album is called "life support." with the song "i don't speak boy," madison beer! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ i'm letting you in you're letting me down i swear when you
12:32 am
talk you just like the sound ♪ ♪ one too many times i let you ruin my life cause i thought you would change but i see it now ♪ ♪ all the yelling and kissing and fighting we never could see ♪ ♪ eye to eye cause you might seem like a man but you're not one in your mind ♪ ♪ yeah i'm back on my shhh your honor and it's tempting to call you and see ♪ ♪ how you're doing but i couldn't understand ya if i tried ♪ ♪ i don't speak boy you're always coming back but your loves poison ♪ ♪ so i think that i would rather just avoid it i can't understand ya ♪ ♪ cause i don't speak boy no i don't speak i don't speak i don't speak boy ♪ ♪ don't know how to talk or
12:33 am
communicate were so on and off to ♪ ♪ you it's a game if you don't level up i'm leaving you in ♪ ♪ the dust yeah so i'm moving on until you start trying to act your age yeah ♪ ♪ cause i don't speak boy you're always coming back but your loves poison ♪ ♪ so i think that i would rather just avoid it i can't understand ya ♪ ♪ cause i don't speak boy no i don't speak i don't speak i don't speak ♪ ♪ all the yelling and kissing and fighting we never could see eye to eye yeah ♪ ♪ you might seem like a man but you're not one in your mind ♪ ♪ yeah i'm back on my shh your honor and it's tempting to call you and see ♪ ♪ how you're doing but i couldn't understand ya if i tried ♪ ♪ cause i dont speak boy boy ♪ for ♪ cause i dont speak boy boy you're always coming back but your loves poison ♪ ♪ so i think that i would rather
12:34 am
just avoid it i can't understand ya ♪ ♪ cause i don't speak boy no i don't speak i don't speak i don't speak ♪ ♪ i don't speak i don't speak i don't speak boy ♪ i don't speak i don't speak i don't speak boy ♪ i don't speak i don't speak i don't speak boy ♪ i don't speak boy ♪ i don't speak i don't speak i don't speak boy ♪
12:35 am
12:36 am
j >> jimmy: i want to thank eddie murphy, arsenio hall, alan kim, and madison beer. apologies to matt damon. "nightline" is next. i'll be back tomorrow. i am contractually obligated to be back tomorrow, so i'll see you then, goodnight. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
12:37 am
[spoken] ♪ this is "nightline." tonight, reclaiming black wealth. denied three times for a loan. why one business owner believes the color of her skin played a role. >> it makes me think they doesn't want to take a chance on me. >> now the group of entrepreneurs fighting for providing prosperity in once w hpcef tasm. >> we want to reclaim what's ours. >> and channelling the pain of the past, implodes the racial wealth gap. >> jeff bezos was the amazon of his time. >> yes, and dream to aspire and go higher. >> plus, triple threat, the third covid-19 vaccine roll out in the u.s.


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