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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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saying we are encouraged that theme parks now have a path toward reopening this spring. getting thousands of people back to work and greatly helping neighboring businesses and our entire community. disney is the parent company of abc7. and baseball really is back with this order. starting april 1, fans will be allowed to go to games as long as the home team's county is in the red tier. alameda county is purple right now, but expected to be red soon. that means the a's could have fans with san francisco already red, the giants will be able to have fans at oracle park. abc7 news reporter kate larsen spoke with giants president and ceo larry baer earlier this week about the team's reopening plans and kate joins us now right now from outside oracle park. hi, kate. >> reporter: hi there, larry. take us out to the ball game, right? we're getting really close, unless something changes, san francisco giants fans will be allowed inside the park for the first time since september 2019 for the giants home opener april
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9th against the rockies. very exciting news for every fan of baseball who may be able to see a game for the first time in a long time. take a look. i spoke to larry baer. they have been working on a plan very hard to make sure that fans can safely return right now with san francisco in the red tier, it means they're allowed to have 20% capacity. oracle seats around 41,000 people. so that means about 8,200 fans will be allowed in if everything stays the same. these state guidelines changed. it used to be you had to be in the orange tier to get to 20% capacity. when i spoke to larry, he explained some of the changes they're working on to keep folks safe. >> we know it won't be a full ballpark, and we know it will be a distanced ballpark. so we have a number of protocols we've been working on for some time. so when we get the green light, for whatever percentage, we have something called fan safe. and it's going to involve sanitizers. it's going to involve checks. it's going to involve pod seating. >> i also asked larry about
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concessions, because you got to have your drink and your hot dog. i personally like the carnation malts myself. what do you do about those? he says they're working very hard to keep staff and fans safe. so they're going to be delivering more food to seats rather than coming inside to wait in line and get all of those concessions. if we improve and get to the orange tier, then we could move up to capacity of 33% yellow tier, 67%. back out here live. there are some giants fans right that's efron and anne. they told me they will be thrilled to return to oracle park. they feel safe because they have been vaccinated. and in fact, we have almost ten million californians who have been vaccinated. so that's why even though we are in the red tier, even though there are still covid cases out there, it is safer to be in a space outside like a baseball stadium. the a's, of course, also trying to return, even though alameda county is still in the purple tier. i am supposed to speak to dave
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kaval, the president of the a's in just a few minutes. so we'll bring that to you live at 5:00 and 6:00. live at oracle, kate larsen. back to you. >> thank you. let's follow up on the a's. they've already made the announcement that they will be welcoming fans back for their season opener april 1st. you may wonder, isn't alameda county in the purple tier? how can they do this? the a's have received assurances that the county will be in the red by april. so fans can go to games at the coliseum. and initially, as kate referenced with the giants, it's going to be a limit of 20% capacity at the coliseum. that works out to about 11,000 fans. and that's pretty close to what the a's average on most nights, week nights especially. fans will be spread out in what they call pod seating. face coverings required. no concessions in the concourse, because they obviously don't want lines. limited food items will be offered via your phone. no tailgating at well at this early stage. but slowly we getting closer to a return to normalcy.
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in other headline today, the senate has started the debating the nearly $2 trillion covid relief bill. one thing it will not include is a minimum wage hike after senators rejected it. sutter health plans to start rescheduling the tens of thousands of appointments it was forced to cancel. arizona has joined the list of states reopening. the governor is lifting occupancy restrictions on all businesses, but people are still required to wear masks and of course physically distance. three zip codes in oakland rank among the highest in the state when it comes to rates of covid-19. health officials are now targeting these zip codes to help bring rates down and speed up the reopening of the economy. abc7 reporter laura anthony takes us to the clinic geared up in oakland's 94601, 603 and 621 zip codes. >> reporter: oakland's fruitvale neighborhood is the heart of the 94601 zip code, one of dozens the state is identified to receive 40% of california's
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available supply of covid vaccine. >> you know, this is an area that emergencies occur daily when it comes to public health. not only do we have the virus issue, we're trying to deal with the lead in the paint, lead in the water. >> reporter: fruitvale's had among the highest infections in the country, more than 4,000 positive cases for 100,000 people. twice as high as the rest of oakland. >> this is where the highest positivity rate during the covid pandemic happened. this community has been severely impacted, and we are trying to address the disparities that we see within the community. >> reporter: juan rodriguez was among those getting his first dose of the moderna vaccine at a la clinica site set up at the school. >> it is important that we all get vaccinated to end this pandemic. >> reporter: a big part of the equation involves getting residents to trust the system enough to come in and get their shots. >> have i heard of people being afraid to come to different vaccination clinics just because they're afraid of being asked for id, afraid to be asked about
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immigration status. they do not ask you about immigration status whatsoever. >> reporter: as important as the vaccine is, la clinica wants people to know that getting tested is still a vital component of keeping the community safe. that's why they're doing it here five days a week. the end goal is to finally provide access and equity to a community that has suffered so greatly from covid-19. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> now vaccine equity has been one of the focal points of the roll-out. in short, it's the state's attempt to reach the most vulnerable populations and underserved neighborhoods. it works off zip codes to determine who should receive priority and narrow it down to who has the higher risk of getting infected. the list of those eligible to get vaccine nated will expand again on march 15th. people with cancer, kidney disease and severe health conditions like diabetes are among those who can get the shot. this will be the first group from phase 1c. the newest covid vaccination
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site in santa clara county opened earlier today, bringing a sense of hope to a community that has really been devastated by this virus. but officials remain concerned over exactly how the state is allocating its doses. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story from east san jose. >> reporter: on the east side of san jose, a new covid-19 vaccination site in the unlikeliest of places. >> it's very easy in a time like this for people to freak out and turn on one another. and that was not the case at all. >> reporter: educator alex carvalho was among the first in line attest east ridge mall, an operation made possible. liz ruiz calls this the most fun vaccine site in the state and is glad to see the building in use after being shuttered since last march. >> i love that we are using it again to help the community and to, you know, to get us closer to controlling our numbers and helping people. >> reporter: as medical workers took care of the first wave of visitors inside the rink, local
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officials were out front calling on the state. >> governor newsom, give us vaccines. hit zip code in all of santa clara county. >> reporter: covid-19 testing and vaccine officer dr. marty fenstersheib says the county now has the capacity to administer up to 125,000 doses a week, but can only do half that amount right now because of the supply shortage. >> if we had plenty of supply, we wouldn't have any of these issues. so it's a critical issue that we are not getting the supply, even though the demand is as high as it is. >> reporter: officials say the county's vaccine distribution network, along with the staggering need in places like east san jose should be reasons enough for the state to prioritize santa clara county. >> there is a real feeling of solidarity outside for people wanting to come together and get it done. >> reporter: residents breathing a little easier after finally receiving the vaccine. chris nguyen, abc7 news. in the east bay, drive-through vaccinations start at 11:00 at the center of hope community church for seniors,
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essential workers and other eligible groups. now you do need an appointment. you can make one at united in health, or you can call 1-800-763-0007. the city of san jose took action today to help boost vaccination efforts. the city in conjunction with gardner health services opened a one-day vaccination clinic with 280 shots being given out. for officials, the reason for choosing this location was obvious. >> it's actually one of the zip codes with one of the higher rates of covid infections. so i thought let's get a vaccine clinic out here. >> it feels great. it's a great peace of mind. >> now this event almost didn't happen. the city almost pulled the vaccines due to supply issues, but the county stepped in at the last minute. abc7 news is monitoring the
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covid vaccine roll-out in california with our vaccine tracker. our vaccine tracker also shows you when you might be able to get the vaccine in california. you can find this on our home page at today governor newsom signed the $6.6 billion bill that's aimed at getting california school kids back into classrooms. >> i am here in the spirit of not just gratitude, but optimism that this bill is going to really accelerate openings all across the state. and with that, let's get that $6.6 billion out into the districts. >> state lawmakers overwhelmingly passed the legislation yesterday by providing $2 billion in incentives for school districts to reopen by the end of the month. now it doesn't force school districts to resume in-person instruction. the districts have not may 15 toth decide, but they get less money the longer they wait. a year online means a year
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off track for so many students. there are solutions for those better ways for your kids to catch up and confront learning loss. that's coming up all next week right here on abc7 news. one year later. we catch up with dr. grant colfax to look back at the past year living with covid in the bay area. road to recovery, a name change in the north bay, but not everyone is on board. and power trip. meet the women behind girls garage, the country's first design and build workshop dedicated to girls. i'm spencer christian. a little bit of sunshine now. a little bit of rain later, and a little bit of both will follow. i'll have the accuweather we have the power to harness california's abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come. ♪ ♪ are you ready to join the duers? those who du more with less asthma.
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a portion of the miles long sir francis drake boulevard is getting a new name. the fairfax town council voted to change the name of its two-mile section, which means the road will now have multiple names. it sounds like that's going to be a little confusing potentially. but this is all part of a social justice effort to rename the road because of drake's connection to the slave trade. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman joining us life now with the details. wayne? >> reporter: good evening, larry, and that is sir francis drake boulevard behind us at rush hour. this is one of those battles we've seen enabled across the country as cities and counties and states look at history and how they want to represent it. fairfax is a very liberal
4:15 pm
community, but this one is pushing the boundaries. they're call it a moral decision. fairfax, california is roughly 90% white and as of this week, 100% polarized. >> give me a good reason why? >> inclusivity. >> all over a name. >> starting route to fairfax. head northwest on sir francis drake boulevard. >> reporter: or what may become the coast trail through fairfax. the town council voted for a name change, that drake was the first white man to land on this nearby shore carries less weight they say than his being a slave trader and his impact on the local tribe. last year a nearby high school removed drake's name. a few miles away protesters forced removal of his controversial statue, and now this. >> no matter what changes you make, you cannot change one minute of history. and if we hide it, we'll forget it. >> reporter: 7500 people live here, and five councilmembers are going to make a decision
4:16 pm
that has lasting impacts. next they're going to try to change the name of fairfax because the fairfax family were slave owners back in virginia. >> there are some things in the name of progress that just have to be done. >> reporter: critics site cost as an issue. changing signs will set fairfax back roughly $2,000, but business owners will need to change their addresses too. most would not comment, letting window stickers do the talking for them. >> we live in one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. i just -- people walk around here with $200 sneaker. i just reject the notion that this is about costs. >> if they want to change the name of anything, let's vote for it. >> i hear the white dominated population that's been not okay with this change. i hear that. but you can't put it up to a vote because that's only listening to the 90%, right? >> reporter: so what is next, you might wonder? well, local citizens are pushing
4:17 pm
around an initiative they want to change this thing. the county will be considering the same issue on tuesday in an anselmo, the city next door will be looking at it tuesday night. we'll keep an eye on it. live in fairfax, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wayne, thank you. there have been stories floating around of a mass exodus last year from california, but a new study says it didn't happen. the california policy says the only big change is fewer people came to the state of california, but san francisco appears to be the anomaly. between the end of march and the end of december, there was an exodus, increase of 649% compared to 2019. but about two-thirds of the people stayed in the bay area, and 80% remained in state with many heading to the sierra. all right. so just leaving the city, but mostly sticking around the bay area. spencer? >> i was going say people don't want to leave this weather,
4:18 pm
spencer. >> well, this weekend, tonight? i don't know. what do you think, spencer? >> well, it's going to be kind of a mixed bag right now. we've got sunshine right now, rain coming in tonight, and some sun over the weekend as well. here is a look on the satellite radar composite image over the last 12 hours of the movement of the system coming our way that is already producing rain in the northwestern corn other telephone state. it will arrive here later tonight. right now we're looking at cloud sat shadows over san francisco. 59 degrees here in city, and mid 60s in oakland, mountain view, san jose. 63 at morgan hill. and 55 after half moon bay. nice view at the golden gate where skies are getting a little cloudier. 62 degrees in santa rosa. low to 60s at napa, fairfield, concord and livermore. high clouds, mid level clouds looking westward from emeryville. these are the forecast features. breezy overnight with light to moderate rain. early morning clearing will occur after some very early morning showers. dry rest of the weekend, and
4:19 pm
then rainy and cooler pattern begins begin on monday. the approaching storm tonight ranks 1 on the scale. light to moderate rain will accompany the storm slick roadways. breezy at times. here is a forecast animation. notice it will be later tonight when the rain fully arrives in the bay area. arrive down into the peninsula until probably about 11:00 p.m. and then the rain will move through and fall apart very quickly in the early morning hours, giving way to a bright start to the day tomorrow. rainfall totals will generally be under a quarter of an inch, but perhaps a few higher totals in the far northern region of our viewing area. and over in the sierra, our winter weather advisory will be in effect from 10:00 tonight to 10:00 tomorrow morning. we expect maybe 3 to 8 inches of new snow above 5,000 feet. in the highest peaks closer to a foot of snow. slick roads, low visibility. just bear in mind if you're going that way. tonight's lows will be mainly in the low to mid-40s as the showers arrive. and then tomorrow by midday,
4:20 pm
look for mainly sunny skies. breezy at the coast. high nears 60 around the bay shoreline. low 60s inland. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we expect mainly sunny skies on sunday after a chilly morning start. it will be a couple of degrees milder than tomorrow, but then we've got a wet and chilly pattern for monday, tuesday, and wednesday with some rainfall expected every one of those days. and notice high temperatures will barely get above upper 50s or 60 the early to midweek next week. finally on thursday of next week, we'll get some partial clearing. and thursday and friday we'll have dryer and much milder warmer -- milder warmer! milder weather. trying a little warmer toward the end of next week. milder warmer. >> i like that. >> easy for you to say. all right. thanks, spencer. well, disneyland may be opening soon, but even now you can recreate a little bit of magic of disney in your very own home guided by days any imagineers. we've launched an exclusive new
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series called imagine from home. light up your night in episode four. take a look. >> hi. i'm elizabeth from walt disney imagineering. i became an imagineer after participating in imaginations, disney's annual design contest. i've gotten to work on so many great design projects over the years. the project we're going to do today was inspired by my time in disneyland working on peter pan's flight. when our team was installing that project, were would do a lot of work at night, and it was always inspiring to take a moment to step back and enjoy sleeping beauty's castle under the stars. >> i'm going teach you how to take a regular box and turn it into a magical disneyland night light. ready to get started? >> elizabeth walks you through the whole process step by step. all five episodes of imagine from home are now streaming on your abc7 connect the tv apps on roku, apple, android and amazon fire tv.
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or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain, high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. good news friends, my triple bonus jack combo is back. the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. all right. time now for consumer news. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with a look at today's headlines. michael?
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>> the federal trade commission and dozens of states including california have reached settlements with two for-profit corporate fundraisers for deceptive fundraising tactics. listen to this. there is a $110 million settlement assessed against associated community services and direct tell. the company solicit donations on behalf of nonprofit. they lied about where the money would go and kept as much as 90 cents out of every dollar given. robocallers are back in action. robocall blocking app umail reports americans receive 4.6 billion robocalls last month. that's a 15% increase over the previous month. people in texas received the most calls with more than 513 million. california number two, 419 million. last month saw the highest robo volume since a year ago.
4:26 pm
931 million tons of food was wasted in 2019, and 17% of that came from our homes, restaurants, retailer, and other food services. now according to new research from the united nations, most of it was from the household level with 11% consumption ready food thrown away. the u.n. wants to cut food waste in half by the year 2030. it says that would cut greenhouse gas emissions and enhance availability of food, reduce hunger, and save money. and to get all of that good stuff, you guy, all we have to do is quit throwing food away? it makes sense to me. >> all right, thank you, michael. the national football league -- oh, this is yours. go ahead and take that. >> thank you for helping me, though. it's looking into ways to help players manage their pain. a committee jointly agreed to by the league and its players is
4:27 pm
investigating alternatives to opioids, including cbd and other cannabis derivative products that may help players recover from injuries. former players like brett favre have spoken out about their addiction to opioids. 2011 survey conducted by espn found that 71% of former players reported misusing opioids during their career. all right. now me. thanks, larry. it's been almost one year since the bay area shut down due to the coronavirus. >> it's been such a challenging year. >> from masks to social distancing, the changes hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news.
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>> tomorrow marks one year since the first major news conference about covid-19 in san francisco. on march 6th, 2020, the city's director of public health, dr. grant colfax announced there were two cases here and spoke about social distancing. it was one of the first times many had ever heard of the concept. abc7 news anchor jobina fortson caught up with dr. colfax one year later. >> i want to share with you a clip. so i'm going to share my screen and bring in for you a look at first major press conference addressing covid-19 last year in san francisco. this is on the 6th of mav, 2020. >> after we learned yesterday of two coronavirus cases among san francisco residents, we had proof that the virus is spreading in our community. we are taking swift action today. we are making strong
4:31 pm
recommendations for social distancing that are intended to reduce the spread of the virus ad protect individual and community health. >> i know when i watched last week in preparation for this interview, i got chills when i heard you say "two cases of coronavirus in san francisco." what are your thoughts seeing that video? >> well, i think first of all, it's been such a challenging year. and i think at that time, while we were taking aggressive action and very concerned, it was still unfathomable to so many of us that we would be sitting here nearly a year later with over half a million people in this country alone having died from covid-19. and unfortunately, including over 420 san franciscans who have perished from covid-19. acknowledging that and also acknowledging because of the
4:32 pm
early actions that san franciscans took under the leadership of mayor breed that fortunately, our death rate has been lower than many other comparable jurisdictions. the other piece that really stands out is that how our understanding of the virus has dramatically evolved over these 12 months. understanding that how to slow the spread of the virus, how to slow the spread through the masking, through the social distancing. we got virtually no federal support to do testing. and i think also looking back at this, the ppe supplies, the personal protective equipment for our frontline workers. i mean, we were literally running out because there were no supply chains, and different counties were literally competing with each other to get face shields, face masks for people who were literally working in our hospitals. and that's what just pains me. and i think that we need to acknowledge that that is something that was a failure on the federal side.
4:33 pm
>> i'm always curious when each person realized that covid-19 was an emergency. some people say it was when the nba shut down or when i went to the store and nothing was there. everyone has their own story. for you, what was that moment? >> well, it was really the moment of look at how quickly this virus took off in wuhan, china and in certain parts of italy very early on. and the fact that it's an exponential spread, right. so once it takes off, it's incredibly hard to stop. and if you had told me a year ago that we would have three incredibly safe and effective vaccines now, i would have thought it was science fiction. so i think it's incredible how quickly we've advanced in that way. and the vaccines may need to be adjusted and evolved as variants come in, right? but we have the technology to potentially do that. so i'm much more optimistic than
4:34 pm
i was just a few months ago. and that day that i woke up and read the news about that first vaccine study was just -- i'm getting goose bumps now because it's such a game changer. >> march 17th will be one year since the stay-at-home order began in six bay area counties. >> it's been a long year for sure. california democrats are fanning out today. they're stressing the importance of senate passage of president biden's $1.9 billion covid-19 relief package. oakland representative barbara lee discussed the urgent need with local health, business and community leaders. >> nationally, over 18 million americans are receiving unemployment benefits. nearly 24 million americans are struggling with hunger. and an estimated 12 million children living in households with food insecurity, which is up to 40 million people who cannot afford rent and fear eviction. >> the leaders told
4:35 pm
congresswoman lee that their budgets and resources have been stretched to the limit, and they're desperate for help. democratic leaders expect this bill will pass, but it's just a question to when that will actually happen. the company that helps people speed through airport security is now poised to make it easier for people who need to verify whether you've been vaccinated for covid or not. new york city-based clear announced a new free app that the company says will allow people to verify their vaccinations and display that securely on their phones. clear has used a similar model when it comes to individual testing results. ready to out of bound from travel to finances, the deepenin
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may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. time now for the four@4 with ama and spencer joining us. california is going to allow theme parks to reopen and fans to attend major league baseball games starting on april 1. at theme park, capacity would be capped at 15%. initial i will only california residents would be allowed. there will be restrictions on indoor rides, including building capacity and time limitations. let's get to the baseball. fans will be welcomed back as long as the home team's county is in the red tier. alameda county is in purple right now, expected on the red soon. that would be open door for the a's on april 1. the giants would be able to have fans at oracle park. their home opener is on april 9th. i know a lot of warriors fans are wondering what about us?
4:39 pm
because you see fans at nba games around the country. the warriors have had a plan in place for many, many months. but indoor versus outdoor, i think city and county officials are probably going to be a little bit reluctant before the doors are open in the chase center. we'll see on that. hopefully soon. ama, are you ready to go to disneyland? >> eek! so my husband sent me a text earlier when he found out. he said theme parks opening soon. i said oh, my gosh, we can take her to disneyland for her first trip. he put in vacation time. i've got put in vacation time. it's just so nice to have something on the horizon. i just can't contain myself. i'm so amped up at this point. i'm sorry. >> you were amped up, ama. the only thing is the number of spots, the reservation is pretty limited. >> right. >> and for us as employees, there are definitely blockout dates and all that. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but i hope you get to go soon. it is something, right? we need that. >> wow. >> i know. whatever. i'm holding on to hope, okay? >> and spencer you're probably
4:40 pm
singing take me out to the ball game, right? >> absolutely. take me out to the ball game for sure. well, of course i'm concerned about how many people will be at the park, but as long as they are distanced safely from each other, i want to go to a baseball game. >> also want to travel to the east coast to see my little grand dudes. >> all right. hopefully that happens soon. now these numbers seem crazy, but a new survey shows americans are desperate to go on vacation. according to travel site trivago, nearly half respondents said they would give up their job to take a trip. well, almost 40% said they'd give up sex for a year, while one in five said they'd dump their partner. >> slow down. >> if they could go on the vacation in the near future. doctors do say with proper safety precaution, it's okay to get away. travel experts say camping is this year's top vacation choice with some 50 million americans expected to hit the road. so larry, what would you give up for that dream trip? >> not -- i could see ama
4:41 pm
laughing in her head already. not some of the above, i'll tell you that. you know what? unlike ama, i'm patient. i'll wait, okay? i'm not -- i'm not putting in my vacation requests, which mean kristen has to work all of your show, ama. i'm thinking about my -- i'm thinking about my fellow employees. >> uh-huh. >> it's been a year. so, yeah, i want to go back to hawaii soon. but, you know, i'm not giving up really much of anything, i guess. >> but the job, giving up your job? >> actually, we're all hoping -- yeah. we're all hoping for larry to go to hawaii soon. >> i'm much happier. i'm much happier. >> spencer for the win! >> absolutely. >> yes. all right. anybody else giving anything up?
4:42 pm
anybody? no. kristen? >> no. >> okay. >> go ahead. >> all right. our lives are just so good. we don't want to change anything. now to a survey on americans' thoughts about rebounding from the pandemic. a new report by the pew research center shows about half of working u.s. adults say the impact of covid-19 will make it harder for them to achieve their long-term financial goals. among those who say their financial situation has gotten worse, 44% said it will take three years or more to get back to their prepandemic status. one in ten said their finances will never entirely be the same. and i think, you know, one of the things that -- i mean, we've dealt with so much this past year. but on top of this, the wealth divide has really increased because the people who are heavily invested in the stock market, they had the money to buy more amazon, to buy more zoom, to buy more tesla before it started coming back.
4:43 pm
so many americans don't have money in the stock market. it's not an accurate reflection of wealth across the country. the rich people got richer. the poor people got poorer. so it's unfortunate, ama. >> yeah, especially for those -- we're fortunate that we still have our jobs. but a lot of people can't say the same. and i can see how for some people they may feel like they may never recover from this fully. >> i mean, especially if you owned a restaurant, my goodness. it's just devastating. >> you know what? we can only hope the folks who are making a lot of money right now like elon musk and jeff bezos are helping out, really opening up their wallets to support people. all right. now to the purr-fect rescue. that's right. it involves cats. thai sailors jumped in to save two cats on a sinking boat. the cats were stuck. look at that.
4:44 pm
images of the heartwarming moment exploded on social media. ama, i bet you're smiling a big smile seeing that rescue, right? >> yeah. those little kitties. oh, i'm so glad they're okay. you know i love all that good stuff. can't help it. >> like they can't swim to safety themselves, right? i'm not an animal person. i don't really know. i know they can jump off trees and be okay. >> they probably could, but i think they'd prefer not. to. >> cats typically don't love the water. that explains the terrified look. i don't know who is more terrified, the cat on that guy's back or his face looked like the cat digging into his back. i'm holding on here for dear life. look at this. i'm not sure who is in more distress there. >> he is like not the face, not the face! >> that guy is a hero. he saved those cats. all right. that's going to do it for the four@4. we're still thinking about what we would give up. we'll be right back.
4:45 pm
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at every stage of life, having the tools to succeed makes a big difference. for a group of girls in west berkeley, those tools are powered, literally. they're members of the country's first design and build workshop dedicated to girls. it's called girls garage, and its founder is this month's abc7 news ally in action. >> i think that there are not enough spaces where girls feel like they can be 100%
4:48 pm
themselves. in all the ways they are a girl. and so i thought what if we could create a space where you walked in and you're honored for exactly who you are, exactly what your identity is and exactly what your hopes and dreams are. >> let's see it? >> sweet! >> if this was filled with a bunch of boy, i don't think i'd feel as safe and confident. >> welcome to tool school. >> i think it's just one of the best experience i will ever have. >> girls garage is a program and a physical workshop where we invite girls ages 9 to 18 to come learn skills in carpet try, welding, architecture, activist art, and to build projects that have an impact in our community. i wanted to create a space that felt more inviting and empowering for young women to be in the trades and to be in
4:49 pm
s.t.e.m. this is a space by and truly meant for girls. >> i'm really proud of the whole hands-on process. and once you build everything and see it in front of your eyes, it's wow, i built that. i actually built that that's the coolest part of everything. >> they give you projects, and you're helping locally, and you're doing so much for the community and you're helping with yourself by learning so many new things. and i think it's just a good feeling, because a lot of the times the things you do on your own, they're not really helping anybody, but this one is just you know you're having a positive impact. and that's all of the projects you do here at girls garage. >> it represents girls following their dreams. >> it represents, you know, people from all different backgrounds, all different places and just supporting girls in that aspect. >> last summer because of covid, we were forced to run one of our team programs on zoom. and so instead of cancelling, we
4:50 pm
gave every single girl a fully stocked tool box with 20 different tools that they got to keep. and we ran our program, and they built their projects. after that program ended, i kept getting texts and emails from girls like i fix mid toilet or i built a bench, and they were still using these tools. and it just reminded us that we have to make sure girls are equipped as builders and creators not just while they're here, but when they're at home and in the rest of their lives. >> i think my favorite part about girls garage is there is a huge community and i'm friends with all the girls here. and emily and augusta, they're amazing mentors. so the skills that i learned how to actually make things, that's definitely going to help me in the future. >> this space needs to be available to everyone. we're deeply committed to a diverse community. we want to make sure that this is a space that honors every type of girl, gender, expansive youth, however you identify.
4:51 pm
>> a lot of times when you're trying to figure out who you want to be or what you want to be, you're not going to know at the beginning. just go for it. and if you end up not linebacking it, that's fine. but at least you can say that you tried it. >> i like to think about girls leaving this space and going forth into whatever college or career and there will be some situation where they're challenged to do something that they haven't done before, or they're in a room with others that make them uncomfortable. and i want them to be able to reach back to their experience in girls garage and say well, this is fine because i've already done. this i know how to use a chop saw. i know how to weld. and those experiences give them a certain type of armor that i hope will help them navigate any of the challenges they'll experience throughout their lives. >> being a maker is absolutely empowering. now you can find out how you can help and see more allies in
4:52 pm
action at action. and wherever you stream abc7 news. >> wow. that is such a cool program. they got the girls welding there. that's amazing. speaking of cool or cooler, spencer christian, how is the weekend looking? >> it is going to get a little cool, larry. you're on to something there. we've got some light rain coming our way with a level 1 storm moving in late tonight and early tomorrow morning, producing light to moderate rain and showers. here is the forecast automation. it's going to move quickly during the overnight hours, although there will be a few scattered showers in the morning. after that mainly sunny skies through the me maineder of the weekend through sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week, get ready for more rain and really chilly weather. it's going to feel like winter all over again. we haven't had much yet. so we need it. and then clearing at the end of next week. kristen? >> thank you, spencer. food and fantasy all wrapped up in one disney movie. >> we're not going fight them.
4:53 pm
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just in time for movie theaters to reopen, a fable set
4:56 pm
in fictional land with predominantly asian-american cast. a preview. >> my name is raya. >> makes history as first disney movie to feature a southeast asian princess. >> cool thing to celebrate being first of something, but consider it part of my responsibility to ensure it's not the last. >> kelly marie tran gives voice to raya next to dragon who is morph into human form. >> i felt like a kid again. didn't know what was going to happen, and i did. >> reporter: together they fight off the evil droon while gathering pieces of magical orb to make it whole again and unite her people. >> maybe it's broken because you don't trust anyone. >> reporter: trust, how to gain
4:57 pm
and keep it is key theme here and those who made the movie had to trust each other, as they t labored in middle of pandemic with everyone working remotely. >> over 450 people working from 450 different locations. it's incredible feat. i'm really proud of the ability of everyone to come together and make this incredible thing. >> reporter: awkwafina, what is best part and most challenge part of working remotely? >> best part, roll up right out of bed. only see waist up, don't know what's going on down under which is enjoyable. i miss that camaraderie in the fi filmmaking process. >> abc7 news. >>
4:58 pm
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just in the past few hours, state has announced theme parks and baseball stadiums can reopen soon. break down the fine print and reaction from local teens and attractions. governor newsom signed a bill for schools to return to in-person training. one calling it a sham. more will be eligible for vaccine in days. conversations people with preexisting conditions should be having with their doctors. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. abc7 news. >> we've drawn a strong distinction, outdoor activity is much less risky than indoor. >> state health officials


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