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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 10, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we're hoping it will bring a lot more business to niles and a small shops here. >> red tier reopening. restrictions easing in three local counties today. covid-19 takes center stage in governor newsom's state of the state address. his message from an empty dodgers stadium. and millions of americans closer to getting that next stimulus check. the final vote expected today. that is what is looked like in the east bay overnight. mike is tracking the showers this morning. i could hear that from the cafeteria bureau. >> thank you for that. >> reporting live from the cafeteria. >> good morning everybody. wednesday, march 10th. >> how's it look for the rest of the morning, mike? >> let's look at what's going on outside. pretty noyes night for some of us and no thunderstorms but
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plenty of pockets of rain, concord, left a, alamo, danville,afayette, alamo, danville, richmond rafael business, the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge. is san mateo bridge. and more waves of wintry showers are going to continue with small hail and snow. yes we're going to wake up to definitely seeing some snow on our peaks. the greatest chance of showers through the morning into the afternoon tomorrow, briefly heavy be lightning and hail and snow to around 2500 feet. walnut creek we've had a third of an inch of rain so far. and temperatures are going to be definitely cool again. low- to mid-50s this afternoon. freezing cold temperatures coming and more chance of rain
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in the accuweather 7 day forecast. more counties in the red tier and that means more businesses reopening today. alameda, solano, santa cruz are joining five others in the red tier. sonoma and contra costa are the only two local counties that are still in the purple. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield live in fremont with what the change means for you. >> reporter: good morning, kumasi. and not many people want to outside in this weather and enjoy a meal. and in alameda county you don't have to now. they can now invite a limited number of customers inside. owners say this will help. they are very happy to be in this red tier. some residents tell us they are synthet sthit sympathetic with what these businesses have beenen
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through. >> i understand the locketen's been tragedy for everybody. i'm looking forward to it. i'm a people person. very social. very outgoing and i really enjoy the community. especially around here. it is reel nice. so yeah. i'm really looking forward. i'm stoked. >> reporter: other businesses that can open indoors, include museums, movie theaters and gyms. retail and grocery stores were already open but now they can allow more customers in than when they were in the purple tier is o you may see the lines go down touds grocery store. alameda, santa cruz and solano are the new counties in the bay area that have just gone into the red tier. contra costa and sonoma are the only counties in the bay area still in the purple. happening today, texas is officially reopened and it is lifted its mask mandate.
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governor greg abbot's new executive order also reopens all businesses without any restrictions. and this is including this gym outside of houston where masks are now not required. and they also have mask-free zones for people who are working out. texas business owners can choose to live at capacity or implement their own safety protocols. if hospitalizations surge in any of the state's regions county judges could decide to resume some restrictions. happening today congress is planning to take up the $1.9 trillion covid relief bill. >> the house is expected to pass the bill along party lines with no republican support. the white house says a family of four making under $150,000 a year is going to get a $5600 stimulus check plus $26 hundred
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from the child tax credit. a total of 8200 dollars per family. democrats say the bill will also help small businesses and cities and states facing revenue shortfalls. republicans say the relief package is too broad and expensive. >> it is focused on pushing more of the far left agenda. >> if we do our job i'm confident that americans will make it to the other side of this pandemic. >> if the bill passes the house, president biden is expected to sign the bill by the end of this week. he says checks could start to go out this month with electronic payments hitting bank can'ts first. kumasi. >> thank you. jobina. covid-19 took center stage in governor newsom's state of the state address. he spoke from an empty dodgers stadium saying that the pandemic will end soon. here is abc7 news anchor dash ashleigh. >>
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mourn with broken hearts. >> reporter: he says the state took action that saved lives still. >> we were the first state to issue a state at holm order. and we were the first to launch these mass vaccination sites in partnership with fina. >> reporter: abc7 news insider phil matier says this speech took a different tone. >> he was speaking painly to the california people. >> reporter: state republican leaders were not impressed. >> he absolutely has no plan for how to get our kids back in school. he has no plan for how to improve edd and he has no plan on how to get our people vaccinated. >> >> reporter: while the governor managed to take a swipe at his critics pushing his recall. >> the critics throughout with parson power grabs and outdated prejudices and rejecting everything that make california truly great, we say this. we will not be distracted from
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getting shots in arms and our economy booming again. >> that was dan ashley reporting. the governor also talked about getting kids back to class but didn't give any specific tonls school reopening plan. he said almost 7,000 of the state's 11,000 schools are open or will be soon. happening today. state superintendent of public introduction tony thermen is going to host a meeting for reopening schools safely. including the strategic use of rapid covid-19 testing as a tool. earlier this week. thurman told abc7 news he feels very confident kids will be back in person by the fall. thurman sites governor gavin newsom's announcement that 200,000 state education teachers very much vaccinated in the first week of prioritizing them. blue shield leading vaccine distribution. the bay area's largest county will not sign a contract with the company because it is another layer of administrative
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bureaucracy. one concern, the state requirement to use the my turn vaccination appointment system. >> it would mean a private insurance company would be collecting all the protected health information and personal information for all residents who are vaccinated. >> santa clara county joins los angeles county in refusing to sign a contract. the insurance company says its goal is to build a network that reaches all of california, especially communities that are disproportionately affected by the pandemic. abc7 news is monitoring the covid vaccine rollout in california with our vaccine tracker, and you can find it on check out this video. snow falling in lake county. this is video from last night on highway 175 outside middletown. there was enough snow you saw
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the caltrans sent out the plow. and we continue to be under a winter weather advisory. so we've got some light rain up and down the eastern shore there and 51, the outlier in oakland. most office mid- to upper-40s. even a 42 in castro valley. temperatures mainly the loem low- to mid-40s until san francisco at 47. dress appropriately. any outdoor activity you have to be aware it could rain at any time and be briefly heavy with some small hail. all of us under the threat of lightning once again. if you hear thunder make sure you go inside and wait 30 minutes until after the last clap of thunder and then it is usually safe to head outside. the morning commute, just peppered with waves of light to moderate showers, continuing through lunch. notice there is a pull back in the coverage as we head towards
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the evenin communityth commute and into 11:00 tonight just a few random showers out there. and that will be the case especially around the bay and the peninsula coast overnight. tomorrow a chance the low is close enough over the south bay that we could have an isolated shower for you. but much quieter pattern on the way tomorrow. and generally another quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain is possible for you today. more chances coming it in accuweather 7 day forecast. see you in a minute with that. it is really slippery outside. let's get to jobina and find out about that commute. >> hi mike, thank you. yes. we've already seen a number of spin out this is morning. i want to bring you to the maps and we can point out some of the incidents around the bay area this morning. the newest update from the chp is that roadway flooding at south bay 680 there.
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and east bay 580 we have a crash between two big rigs and at least one is down on its side blocking at least two lanes right now. so heads up there. and another spin out in fairfield where injuries have been reported on westbound 80 to the south bay 680 connecter. live cameras right now so you can see what it looks like outside because it is very wet starting in oakland. you can see the headlights reflecting off the water on the roadway there. 880 and the coliseum there. and san rafael, and 101 this morning. it is hard to see if the roads are wet from this shot but i can tell you just overwhelmingly they are around the bay area. so be safe and slow down. reggie and kumasi? >> coming up the investigation into a robbry robbery and attaca 75-year-old asian man. what happened in the latest.
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more than 20 potential jurors have been dismissed in the trial over george floyd's death. they say they wouldn't be able to set aside their views about the case. jury selection will resume today. former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin sfals faced second-degree murder and manslaughter charges for george floyd's death in may. three jurors have been seated so far. three white men and a woman. police investigating a robbery and attack on a 75-year-old asian man. yesterday morning at jane avenue and perkins street.
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the victim walking when witnesses describe seeing an older brown truck with two people involved. one person pushed the man's cane, shoved him to the ground and took his wallet and phone. >> anger. anger that you have to target someone of that age. >> horrified. it's like we walk perkins every day. or several times a week. >> last time we checked the victim was still alive. whoever, those who know him tell us it doesn't look like he's going make it. hours after the attack police arrested one suspect. supervisor burma melgar is calling on transit officials to install safety improvements. after last month's accident a pedestrian was killed after an intoxicated driver ran a red light and caused a deadly chain reaction crash. tracking devices show vehicles
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regularly drive above posted speed limits in that area. in between were 154 accidents on the zreets around lake merced. temporary credentials that would show people have been vaccinated. >> reporter: the push to create vaccine passports. u.s. airlines asking the white house to develop federal guidance for temporary health credentials that would help keep track of travelers negative covid tests and proof of vaccination. >> it is really just using your phone in a way we hope will simplify things for the government and for the passengers. >> reporter: while the airlines do not want vaccine mandated for travel they hope the pass will help avoid domestic and international quarantine requirements. >> i hope the state of hawaii is
5:17 am
considering just that. if you are able to show you have the test and the vaccine they are going eliminate the quarantine. so we definitely think that is one of the main benefits. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m. we'll show you how other countries are already using this vaccine passport technology. with your gma "first look," dierdra bolton, abc news new york. this is something a lot of us may have taken for granted before the pandemic. just simply hugging. this week for the first time in a year a new york grandma gave a hug. so evelyn shaw just got her second covid-19 vaccine. so her doctor wrote her this prescription, the hug her granddaughter. and the moment was captured on video. the granddaughter arranged the whole thing with evelyn's daughter. >> what is that look?
5:18 am
>> you know i'm sensitive. it is early. i miss hugging people. and it was so tender. and i'm trying to hold it together. >> i see. that's very nice. how far along before you realized you really missed hugging people? >> umm, all feelings left me, like in april of last year. >> oh my gosh. >> i'm not sewer what that means. >> i really miss hugging people. i'm happy for them. >> sounds like we need to get the tin man a heart. >> something. where is the wizard, there wizard. >> oh my goodness. i think a lot of people probably feel like reggie and kumasi. and i feel like both of you guys. yeah. i can't wait to -- that interaction again. let's talk about what's going on out there. live doppler 7. a heavier shower heading towards pen grove at about 5:43 so get ready 101 you are about ready to get more wet weather.
5:19 am
a heavier cell south of if it holds together heading to pleasanton about 5:46. there could be some puddles out of these heavier showers. and a wintry mix in the santa cruz mountains means is some rain is going to fall down in the south bay soon. we've already had a quarter of an inch there. so wintry showers chilly and breezy today. showers taper. much colder tonight. if you have planted your garden, you might want to cover it just to be safe. dry saturday but showers possible sunday. temperatures today, 51 in half moon bay to about 56 in fairfield. if you are thinking about outdoor dining, it will be a little bit better than last night. there are still going to be showers around but it is going to be windy and chilly more so with temperatures falling into the 40s by possibly 1k6:00 on or
5:20 am
way to mainly 30s tonight. tomorrow the may be a stray showers across the south bay and it could still be full of-like and hail. but that is really going to be the exception. i'm really taking the storm impact scale scale away after today. a back to maybe 60 tomorrow. for sure away from the coast 60s friday and saturday. chance of wet weather sunday into monday and tuesday we'll get dry and get the temperatures back to average. >> the first dogs are returning to the white house. major and champ were sent back home in delaware after major had a biting incident. there were already plans to send the dogs away because first lady dr. jill biden is on a three day trip this week. major and champ are expected to return to d.c. soon. the white house security member who was bit suffer ad minor injury and will be at it gone.
5:21 am
>> rosy is at it again. this time she's vice president kamala harris. >> i am now the first woman to be vice president of the united states. we did it joe. you're the president and the vice president. we did it joe. >> so good. >> we did it. we did it joe. >> okay. this is 5-year-old rosy. she is from detroit. and she was doing her version of the vice president's call with the president after they won the election. rosy was actually on gma last month and that time she was showing off her tina turner impression. she's also done whoopi goldberg, if you remember that. this one's funny to me. >> this is the best one. >> this is the best one. because it is like she has the like, posture. >> she really does. >> the hair flip.
5:22 am
>> the finger. it is the finger for me. >> and the hair flip. >> she's 5 but she's also 33. >> she is. >> it's really -- >> we can hang out. >> the way that time moves right now. is just so interesting. >> oh that was funny. coming up next, the seven things to know this morning. >> also, the local company your kids probably
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it is 5:24, if you are just joining us here are the seven things to know this morning. number 1, three more bay area counties moved from the purple tier to the less restrictedive red tier. indoor dining and other businesses can now reopen in alameda, solano and santa cruz counties. 2, the house will likely pass the $1.9 trillion covid relief bill later this morning. and stimulus checks could start going out this month. number 3 is day three of our storms. and today we have wintry showers on the way once again. that means lightning, hail, and snow on our highest peaks. >> number 4, we are going to check in on a live look at the
5:25 am
san mateo bridge. a new solo spin out for a week traveling westbound. you can see flashing lights from emergency crews. one lane is blocked. you can expect delays in this area. number 5, the u.s. senate is expected to confirm merrick garland for attorney general today. despite the drawn out hearing the federal judge is expected to win bipartisan support. >> number 6, britney spears situation could soon be part of an congressional investigation. two lawmakers are calling for a hearing to examine conservatorships. and number 7, chipotle is adding quesadillas to the menu but online. and here is a hot tip from me to you. you have always been able to get that quesadilla. it's just been off the menu. >> really? >> yeah. just ask them.
5:26 am
they make it. >> how do you know? >> been doing it for years? >> you vip? >> in my mind. anyone can do it. this morning, san mateo based roadblocks will be begin trading shares on the new york stock exchange. the online video platform is going public via a direct listing after postponing its i ipo late last year. no new shares will be listed. instead current investors and employees can sell about 199 million shares when trading opens. the valuation is about 30 billion and about 37 million users play road blocks every day. t-mobile plans to start collecting and sharing customer information with advertisers, including browsing data and app usage. the new privacy policy, which also applies to sprint customers allows advertisers to show you more targeted ads. that goes into effect next month. you can opt out.
5:27 am
well there is a brighter future with yoone of san francisco's premier venues. the oasis nightclub raised more than $280,000 since holding a virtual tele-thon last weekend. they were on the edge of financial ruin because of the pandemic. the nightclub is saying part of the money raised will go to pay back rent, debt and bills and they will be saving the rest as a safety net for the future. and the club is still taking donations online. i'm happy to hear this. >> i'm so happy to hear about that too. it's been way too long since i've been there. we need to get this reopened. >> we're coming back with a another full 90 minutes of news. including the happiest cities. and turns out the bay area is a place to be. >> and vaccines the city that just expanded eligibility requirements. and are
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now at 5:30. rain falling across the bay area this morning. mike is tracking the showers and even colder weather than yesterday. >> and restrictions easing up in three local counties today. the businesses that can reopen in the red tier. >> i think a lot of what happens by the end of the summer depends on the rate at which people decide to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated. >> the director of the cdc on gma talking about the concern with states like texas totally reopening. good morning on this wednesday march 10th. s and a rainy morning. is a live look outside right now and in some instances it is a snowy morning. is that what that is? >> oh. >> is it? it's snow. look at that. this is our camera in lake tahoe. snow is coming down and let's check with mike to see what we have in store here in the bay area. they are dealing with that snow up there, mike.
5:31 am
>> wouldn't that be nice to be up there right now. fire, maybe a cup of coffee or hot cocoa or hot chocolate. congratulations tahoe. we need the snow. at home, with live doppler 7. we're a one on the storm impact scale. more wintry showers. lightning, hail, graupel, snow on our highest peaks as we go through day 3 of this. you can see some rain on four 80, 680, heading from the car keenis bridge and other bridges down into contra costa counties. right there on the san mateo bridge and down into the south bay, light to moderate rain, moving east across the entire valley floor. is here is a look at the san mateo bridge, at least fairway the radar. a look from the east in hayward where we've had about a third of an inch of rain and you can see the rain coming down. the rain is going to be more widespread and steady from 7:00
5:32 am
to noon and then tapers with chances continuing through 4:00 and 7:00. but look at the temperature, from 39-44 this morning. barely low- to mid-50s this afternoon. already down into the 40 business 7:00. let's get back to reggie for more news. thank you, mycosis. limited indoor dining and museums, among other activities are back in three counties today. these red tier rules are now in effect in alameda, solano and santa cruz counties. here in the bay area, only sonoma and contra costa are still in the purple tier. abc7 news amy hollyfield is in fremont with the preparations for reopening. hi amy. >> reporter: hi there, yeah. if you want to eat out today, here in fremont or alameda county, you have a choice. you can eat out door you can go inside to have your meals. the dining rooms are opening. red tier allows restaurants to welcome customers inside. owners say this is a big deal. that the shut down of indoor dining has really hurt business.
5:33 am
if you are concerned about eating inside, keep in mind they can only allow in 25% of their capacity. and of course outdoor dining is still an option. but those in the restaurant industry say that has not been a very particular choice this time of year. >> it's been a lot of slower, i think because more people usually want to go to restaurants to dine in. or, but we also did have outdoor seating available one time. but most people want to come to restaurants to dine in with their families. >> many restaurant managers say indoor dining means they will be able to bring back some employees that they had to send home when the shut down happened. red tier also means gym, movie theaters and museums can open to limited capacity. and you will likely see those lines outside the grocery store or retail store. those are going to get a little
5:34 am
shorter because stores can now allow in more people than they were allowed to have inside during the purple tier. live in fremont, amy hollyfield abc7 news. thank you amy. some essential workers are getting a pay raise. san francisco supervisors approved a plan to get $5 an hour in hazard pay to grocery store and drugstore employees. the measure applies to stores where 500 or more employees worldwide. several other cities have similar pandemic pay boosts. today texas has officially reopened it. has dropped its mask mandate but as more states ease restrictions the director of the cdc is worried this is going to get in the way of vaccine efforts. jobina at the live desk look at that. jobina? >> cdc director dr. rochelle wallsky says her biggest fear with states likes texas reopen right snow a rise in cases just as vaccination efforts really start to ramp up across the country.
5:35 am
so far roughly 10% of the country has gotten vaccinated a walensky says the cdc is not ready to put out guidance for full reopenings. >> what worries me about lifting all restrictions, lifting mask mandates is that we still have a large portion of this population that is not protect asked that we really do need to protect as we scale up vaccinations. >> walensky added states that don't have schools open should not be considering fully reopening at all. she also urged both vaccinated and unvaccinated people to avoid traveling in helps of preventing yet another surge in cases. however walensky did say that guidance will be continuously updated, as vaccinations rise and case rates continue to drop across the country. with youth sports making a rush we are hearing stories of coaches getting vaccinated but
5:36 am
it isn't as simple as it seems. abc7 news reporter kate larson found it is all about how the county is interpreting guidelines. >> i'm really glad to be practicing with my friends. >> i'm comfortable outside outdoors with masks on. i'm not worried about it. >> reporter: a parent and volunteer coach for the youth rugby club. he just found out that because of his role in student activities he's eligible for a vaccine. >> i have not been yet but i do have an appointment scheduled for saturday. i hope everybody gets vaccinated. >> i feel loot more comfortable with the coaches being vaccinate and i would feel like it is a lot safer environment. >> reporter: according to one local health official the state vaccine guidelines as they relate to student care and education are up to the counties to interpret. counties like san francisco and here in marin say all youth coaches are el visible for a vaccine whether or not they work at a school.
5:37 am
other bay area koernts like san mateo, napa and solano are indicating right now only coaches affiliated with a school are eligible. >> will you be getting the vaccine as a coach? >> probably not. people choose to i support it a 100%. people choose democrat to get a vaccine i support that a 100%. >> reporter: while testing is part of the guidelines for youth athletics, vaccines are not. >> youth sports are allowed to play and are being played indoor, outdoor in the guidance from california department of public health there was no guidance at all associated with vaccines. for students or coaches. >> kate larsen, abc7 news. the state of california appears to be doing pretty well
5:38 am
compared to other states when it comes to not wasting available covid-19 reports less than 10,500 have been wested. alameda, san francisco, solano and sonoma counties don't share those specific figures. officials are only saying that few vaccines don't get into arms. >> alaska's governor has announced the state is making covid-19 vaccines available to everyone who lives or works in the state who is 16 and older. this is the first state to eliminate all other eligibility requirements. 16 and 17-year-olds have to get the pfizer vaccine. because under its f darks a emergency use authorization the moderna and johnson and johnson vaccines are only allowed for people 18 and up. coming up.
5:39 am
royal family rift. the queen's response to hairm's interview and the show of support from beyonc >> his hobby that turned into a dream come true. we'll get to that. but first weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hey reggie. hi everybody. let's take a look at temperatures. we'll start in our inland east bay neighborhoods. most of rus low- to mid-to 40s. mound diablo 31. so any storm bumping into the diablo is dropping snow. once the sun comes up, take a look at that. and same for hamilton ha and lake kobe bryant a lot of snow also.county a lot of snow also. here is a look at oakland where we've got about a third of an inch of rain so far. 880 near the coliseum and your commute is going to be hardest this morning as the heaviest of the rain fell last night and will fall through the morning
5:40 am
hours. as you head throughout the afternoon some rainbows are possible so that is something to look forward to. all of us have a chance of lightning today and then you can see just the south bay and more so the monterey bay and the big sir coast tomorrow. future radar through the morning commute, more waves of showers rotating on shore. and you can see the spin in the low starting to move into the north bay by 1:00. numerous showers out there still. into the evening we lose a little bit of a coverage and intensity and definitely by 11:00 you can see the trend of this storm winding down. tomorrow morning a few lingers showers and tomorrow afternoon maybe a shower or two in the south bay but that would be the exception. rainfall amounts, they are going to be sporadic in their coverage. but we're looking anywhere from a tenth to possibly another third of an inch of rain by tomorrow morning. we have more chances coming up in the weather 7 day forecast. here is jobina with the wet community. hi mike.
5:41 am
thank you. starting with a cig leather right now through the altamonte pass. just a small backup in that area. and the south bay right now we're still following roadway flooding on south bay 680 at allem rock there off ramp theum. i was following a car that spun out on the bridge. traffic is moving again. but it is really coming down there it is slick so make sure to slow down and watch out for others as well. and moving to the bay bridge toll plaza the
5:42 am
5:43 am
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an effort to recall san francisco district attorney can move forward. city election officials gave organizers the green light to collect signatures. they need the signatures of 10% of the city's registered voters. that is a little more than 50,000 people. the group has until august 11th. he's faced heavy criticism for several of his handling of high profile crimes including a deadly hit and run on new year's eve. more royal fallout after the interview with harry and meghan on oprah. the queen is speaking for the first time. but as abc news reports, the response doing anything but silencing critics. >> reporter: this morning crisis talks are reportedly under way at bull pens
5:45 am
talking words from the queen's short statement which reads the whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for harry and meghan. the rare response after mega lan claimed the royal family to refused to get her help when she had suicidal thoughts and also reporting conversations in the family about how dark the skin might be. >> he won't be given security. he's not going to be given a title. and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born. >> what? >> the queen's statement did not address those specific accusations but said the issues raised, particularly that of race are concerning. and added while some recollections may vary they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family
5:46 am
privately. the queens three sentence statement ending, harry, meghan and archie will always be much-loved family members. this morning one poll shows a third of brits are more sympathetic to the queen after the interview. on the streets of london reactions are missed. >> i'll say very old fashioned. stuck if their ways. >> keep your dirty laundry to yourself. that is my opinion. >> dierdra bolton. abc news new york. and beyonce is sending a message of support to meghan markle. he supposed saying thank you meghan for your courage and leadership. we are all strengthened skpin spider by you. this photo is of the two of them at the uk premier moof king. 17-year-old josiah johnson's
5:47 am
book is called joe's jokin' jokes. cvs stores nationwide are selling the new book in the easter section. the teen says this deal means he nouz has enough money in the bank to pay for four years of college. >> knowing i can pay for my college tuition for four years. that's like, i don't know like a lot of meme that could do thape >> that is amazing. he's on crutches now but i'm told that he's also, in addition to being an author a really good basketball player. so netflix is making a documenta documentary about him. >> listen. >> what can you do? >> better and better. and he's writing if sequel? >> and the book is only five bucks. so it is meant to go into like an easter basket or something. >> oh wow. >> yeah, i went real deep on this kid. i'm really invested in his future. >> seriously. that's inspiring. >> it is. good for him. >> i love it.
5:48 am
>> yeah. and he's very invested in his future. he's got a good head on his shoulders. i like to see that. all right let's take look at what's going on weather-wise. and you can see we've got rain in the south bay whether it is on 85 or 280 or 17 or all highways that lead to downtown are getting wet. look at this. 237 from mip peeds all the way over to sunnyvale. and coming out of the is a knoll grade or heading in, it is wet on 680 and 880. and the dumbarton bridge a little heavier downpour coming and 680 wet through the san ramon valley. and around sfroanta rosa lighte rain in this area. san rafael a spingal or two so far 0.4 inches of rain. showers taper tonight and that means colder conditions. if you decided to go to your local nurse riff or big box store and get some of your vegetables for the summer, you
5:49 am
have to protect those the next couple of nights. sunday or monday it is trending wetter but let's look at what's going to happen with today's temperatures. low- to mid-50s. that is it. offer coldest day of the accuweather 7-day forecast. temperatures tonight 31 in santa rosa. we could have some frost in the san ramon valley and upper 30s to low-40s around the bay and towards the coast. sunday the medium range models aren't timing this out consistently. so just know sunday into monday there is a possibility of some wet weather. and up to a third of an inch of rain is responsible possible also. as we get closer we'll time that out for you. in between we've got thursday, friday and saturday trending drier and temperatures getting back to average friday and saturday and again next tuesday and that means mid-60s. kumasi, reggie? >> thank you, mike. a new study finds five bay area cities are among the top 40 happiest cities in the country. the report ranked fremont number 1 as the happiest city in
5:50 am
america. they examine cities based on 31 key indicators of happiness ranging from the depression rate to the income growth rate to average leisure time spent a day. san jose ranked 5th. santa rosa was 10th. san francisco 13th. oakland 38th. detroit was ranked 182nd as the least happiest city. >> poor detroit. well a southern california man loves his motor vehicleal mexican restaurant so much that he spent 24 hours sitting in the bean dip. is that a sign of love? well, this is hunter-reay barker. we don't judge him at los he came up with this bean dip idea on his own and wanted to bring attention to the small businesses that have really been struggling during the pandemic.
5:51 am
he also as you can see there earlier had the restaurant's logo tattooed on his arm while he was sitting in the dip. barker says small businesses are the backbone of the nation and they need support. >> i'm feeling -- my stomach. >> the thing is, the actual restaurant looks really cute. >> yeah. did they ask for that? >> did he just show up? with bean -- bean dip. they are like sir, we don't even sell this. >> hmm hmm hmm. anyway, new at 6:00. gig economy drivers will be getting more protection from covid-19. the measure that san francisco supervisors passed last night. >> first hearing from the man stepping in to replace chris harrison on the "bachelor"'s after the final row special. plus historic hire.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
next week, emmanuel acho will step in for chris harrison as host of the "bachelor." the former nfl player also a "new york times" best seller for his book uncomfortable conversations with a black man. chris harrison temporarily stepped back after he defended a contestant who attend ad plantation thooemd party in 2018. >> i don't believe in cancel culture. i believe in accountability. i believe in understanding, i believe in growth. in someone's attempt is malicious but if someone's intent is not malicious but their action still is, then
5:55 am
educate them so we can alter the intent and thus alter action. >> harrison apologized for his comments and says he is going return to the show. happening today. tennis legend serena williams will be spoking to local college students. williams will of course be talking about her tennis career but she's also going to discuss her off the court activities as an entrepreneur, activist, philanthropist and venture capitalist. she'll also discuss the power sports has in changing the world. that event starts at noon. the oakland athletics have revealed their new public address announcer. the first female the a's have had in this role and she is from oakland. amelia schimmel is no stranger to t to the mic. she's the third full-time female public address announcer in major league baseball. and she spoke with abc7 news chris alvarez. >> a new public address announce
5:56 am
for are the athletics. has that hed hit in yet? >> it hasn't. i kind of pinch myself every time in this industry i get to do something i never thought i would be able to do. >> she says she's really excited to announce in front of real fans for the fist time the a's host the houston astros for opening day on april 1st. >> so cool. congrats. >> new at 6:00 a major development overnight in the race to get everyone vaccinated. president biden's announcement about johnson and johnson. >> governor newsom's message to all californians in a state of the state address. what he's saying about the recall effort. >> and we are learning more about santa clara county's decision to opt out of blue shield's vaccine program. the issue the county has with the appointment system. >> but first at 5:56 a live look
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
building a better bay area, for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. now at 6:00, help is coming for millions of americans. here's a live look at the u.s. capitol where house members will begin their session any minute now. the package they are voting on today. and here's a look at live doppler 7. plenty of green out there showing wintry showers and pop-up thunderstorms across the bay area. mike nicco tracking the storm. and starting today, businesses can welcome customers back indoors in three local counties. the restrictions rolling back in the red tier. good morning and welcome to wednesday. it is march 10th. we're going to start with
6:00 am
weather and mike nicco. hey, mike. >> good morning, reggie, kumasi, jobina, hi, everybody. live doppler, we'll head to the north bay, santa rosa, rohnert park, pen grove, light rain right now. you can see in the east bay a lot of our inland neighborhoods receiving rain and that is snow on mt. diablo, the temperature is 31 degrees. help your showers between hayward and fremont, and also just to the east of -- west of red wood city in the mountains there. and down right on downtown san jose. you can see, what to expect out of this 1, wintry showers once again. that means hail, lightning, even some snow on our highest peaks. and so far most of us had a quarter to a third of an inch and more is on the way. it will taper a little bit this afternoon, with the heaviest of the rain through the morning and early afternoon hours. all right, let's get over to kumasi. i'll be back in a few minutes. >> thank you, mike. new at 6:00, new vaccines are


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