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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 12, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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independence day. >> coming up, the plans to vaccinate the country. also, justin bieber's new shoe collaborate, how do you feel about crocs and socks? why do i get that tease? >> how old is he? >> we haven't seen them yet, friends. you might be intrigued. mike, you might have on crocs now, we don't know, at the house. >> please say you don't. >> oh! >> okay. okay. >> i do have socks on, though. i have to admit. it is kind of cold in the house. so, yeah, left the slippers upstairs accidentally. all right, enough about my lack of fashion this morning. let's talk about what's going on weatherwise. and we have got live doppler 7, absolutely quiet, going to enjoy a break for today and tomorrow before we need it again. sunday afternoon and monday.
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we have an offshore breeze that was pretty stout at one time, still is around saint helenia. 30s and 40s chased away the threat of the clouds and most of the fog this morning. the visibility, a little bit of fog around american canyon, napa, vallejo. otherwise this is what you're seeing and some of the fog could slip south. we'll keep an eye on that. 37 to 42 this morning. mid to upper 50s at noon. we'll have mid to upper 50s this afternoon. more on that weekend rain coming up. back to you, kumasi. >> thank you, mike. vice president kamala harris is expected to speak at a celebration of the american rescue plan. she'll be joining president biden a day after he outlined his plan to defeat covid-19. last night he predicted we could be returning to normal by the 4th of july. abc news reporter alex bruche live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: we have been searching to the end of the national nightmare that is covid-19. this is definitely good news,
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but president biden's new timeline is dependent on vaccinations and he's laying out his goals for those as well. >> finding light in the darkness is a very american thing to do. >> reporter: in his first primetime address, president joe biden outlining his plan for a return to normal. directing states to make all american adults eligible for a vaccine by may 1st. the president telling americans, if they do their part by wearing masks, social distancing and getting vaccinated when possible, there is a chance that we can gather safely in small groups by july 4th. >> after thi will make this independence day something truly special. where we not only mark our independence as a nation, but we begin to mark our independence from this virus. >> reporter: the white house announcing the military will have a total of 6,000 troops backing vaccination programs. and that the number of community health centers and pharmacies giving out vaccines will
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dramatically expand. people will have two new ways to schedule appointments. a federally supported website and an 800 number. the president's address coming exactly one year after the declaration of the global coronavirus pandemic. it also comes on the same day biden signed one of the largest economic rescue packages in our nation's history. >> this historic legislation is about rebuilding the backbone of this country. and giving people in this nation, working people, middle class folks, people who built the country a fighting chance. >> reporter: the new law will give most americans $1400 checks, extend unemployment benefits through early september at $300 a week, provide funding for vaccinations and testing, help for small businesses, and billions of dollars in housing assistance. those checks could start hitting this weekend. now, this was biden's first major legislative achievement passing without a though a pewol
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ofmeit. in shgton, news. amy hollyfield is live at the mass vaccination site at city college, which just got a shipment of the new johnson & johnson vaccine. amy in. >> good morning, yes, they're going to have 1,000 doses of the johnson & johnson vaccine here at city college. this is the shot that is being called one and done. that's because you only have to get one shot of this one, not two. according to the city's health department, 346 san franciscans have received the johnson & johnson shot so far, but they pla a press conference to make sure people are feeling comfortable about this new vaccine. having this third optionhelps o biden is promising all adults should be eligible for the shot by may 1st. local doctors were thrilled to
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hear the president's projection. >> i hear there is going to be a plethora of vaccine into california. and haven't seen it yet, i hear it is going to happen in april. >> when the president makes promises like that, i think that means the supply will follow. >> reporter: experts say that johnson & johnson shot is 100% effective at preventing death and hospitalizations. 72% effective at preventing the covid infection. officials say the fact that this vaccine does not need to be frozen for transport or storage will make it easier for those smaller community clinics to use it. so more vaccines, more sites like this one here at city college are being planned. officials say it is looking realistic that all adult californians who want the shot can have it by summer. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc news. more on the johns johnson & johnson vaccine.
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topical cal health officials rolled up their sleeves in oakland and l.a., promoting j&j as the one shot safe and effective way to prevent covid. >> the thing that came into my mind when that vaccine went into my arm was hugging my mom again. >> many counties across california receive their first large shipments of johnson & johnson doses this week. california's department of public health broadened its vaccine eligibility rules. 4 million californians will become eligible for the shot starting on monday. and they include transit and utility workers, janitors and people between the ages of 16 and 64 who have disabilities and serious medical conditions. the state also updated its rules to say it will not require anyone who is disabled or sick to show proof of their condition to get the vaccine. santa clara county officials and health clinic ceos are showing what they're calling a united front on vaccine
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distribution. and they're resisting the blue shield state takeover. >> we are proud of the state of california and the work they have done. what we're asking is to keep that partnership alive, so that at a local level we have the ability to meet the needs of every single member of our community. >> the county has said they want to retain control because their system is working. our media partners at the mercury news report the california department of public health says counties will not retain control over distribution. it says the state will determine where the supply goes, relying on recommendations from blue shel shield. san francisco students can return to school in exactly a month. the school board approved the plan to reopen april 12th. preschool through 5th grade and special education students will be first to go back. some students will be in class for four days and then one part time day each week. others would split their time between two days at school and then three days at home.
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and teachers have until tomorrow to sign off on that deal. new research suggests that students can be seated closer to each other in the classroom, while staying safe. right now the standard is six feet apart. but three feet may be enough to prevent the spread of covid-19. researchers looked at students in massachusetts. they published their findings this week in the journal clinical infectious diseases. many of the school districts they studied still require students to wear masks. still ahead, a lawsuit filed against san jose over this incident during the george floyd protests. what the naacp and other groups are saying about police. and the push to make vice president kamala harris' childhood home in berkeley a historic landmark has stalled. the concerns from the property owners. and we begin today with the mostly sunny sky. you can see from mt. tam, it is going it be a great day for outdoor activities. that sunshine and warmer temperatures are going to tempt you, if you can't make it today, at least one day this weekend
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we are looking at clear conditions in our inland east bay neighborhoods. and mid to upper 30s in trivalley. mid to upper 40s around highway 4 in northern contra costa county. i want to show you what is happening sunday. we'll look at our storm impact scale. wintry showers monday up to .4 of an inch of rain in the north bay, a tenth in the south bay. clouds, you see them sunday morning. the rain, the light, the green, the yellow, moderate moves into the north bay 4:00 and spreads into the south bay and east bay by 11:00. you can see monday, just scattered showers here and there. so by far we'll get most of our wet weather from the storm sunday evening. that will leave us with some slick spots for monday morning commute. nearly a tenth to a quarter of an inch of rain falls sunday and
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possibly up to that .4 of an inch by the time all is said and done monday. we'll take a look at some warmer weather in the forecast coming up. here's jobijobina. you say there are issues on the san mateo bridge? >> yes, mike. this solo car spinout we have been following on the san mateo bridge, this is in the westbound direction, right past the high rise there, you can look at the traffic and see that it is slow and crowded as you make your way towards the peninsula, emergency crews are on the scene here. and injuries have been reported as well. it is not clear when everything will pick up and get moving there. so expected to be slow and packed as you head toward the peninsula. i also want to look at the bay bridge toll plaza, do not have mitering lights on yet.nsort getting slower as you make your way across the bay bridge. look at the live camera. overall view of the map here, slowdown at tracy, our usual spot. everything else is looking good. new developments in the attack on an uber driver in san
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francisco. police have arrested one suspect and they expect another suspect to be under arrt . san francisco police say 24-year-old malaysia king was arrested in las vegas yesterday. a second suspect plans to turn herself in to sfpd, according to her attorney. the women are accused of assaulting and harassing an uber driver on sunday after he told one of them to wear a mask. police say one of them also pepper sprayed his car. uber has permanently banned all three riders in this video. coming up, a man accused of defrauding more than 25,000 customers in a mask fraud scheme is telling his side of the story. >> on the front cover we see a light and bright bedroom with textured gray walls. >> ikea wants you to browse its newest catalog with its ears. the store's new four hour podcast. and as we head to break, let's take a live look outside. how beautiful. see the sun starting to come up
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danville police revealed details about what they said led to officers shooting a man in a busy intersection. police responded to calls the man was throwing rocks from a freeway overpass at 680 and sycamore valley road. danville'solice said one of his officers approached the man and that is when things escalated. >> the officer ordered him to drop the knife several times. he then advanced towards the offic officer, who discharged his weapon, striking the man once. >> that man is in the hospital, police have not released his name. they say an investigation is under way with the contra costa county sheriff's office and the d.a. two civil rights organizations including the naacp are suing san jose over how police behaved during george floyd protests last year. organization leaders joined demonstrators yesterday in
6:17 am
announcing the lawsuit. they claim that san jose polices and wrongful arrests. at least 28 people were hurt when police used flashbangs and rubber bullets to break up the crowd. a georgetown university professor was fired and another one placed on leave over racist comments about black students. the comments were made during a recorded conversation with their students. after the students left, the professors kept talking and on the recording the fired professor said that some of her black students are good, but some are usually, quote, just plain at the bottom, it drives me crazy. school officials say the remarks are reprehensible and abhorrent. a plan to turn vice president kamala harris' childhood home into a historic landmark has now stopped. so the man working on this application says he's not going to file it after the owners of the property in berkeley raised some concerns. they told him the historic landmark status would bring more attention to the home and
6:18 am
disrupt neighbors. the city council has been considering a resolution that would grant landmark stat ous to homes of historic residents. right now, only places where historic events took place can be given landmark status. ikea is going from its bulky print catalog to a digital format. the swedish retailer released a brand-new podcast to help customers shop. >> we know that by now you probably binge through every possible podcast, audio book and best of 2020 play list there is. so maybe you could use some new soothing sounds to put on while we all continue waiting for normal life to get back to, yeah, normal. >> we showed another clip where she was describing things in the house. so each chapter of the ikea podcast focuses on a different furnished home which the narrator calls a tour for your ears. the company announced last year it would be discontinuing its print catalog which it has been sending out for seven years. when we heard the other part when she was describing the
6:19 am
homes, that was very soothing. it makes you -- your imagination starts going and you're, like, what can my home look like? what can i do? i can see it. >> i would like her to go into the cafe and talk about the meatballs. i want to talk about the lingenberry, what is that exactly? the ball pit. >> where does that come from? >> where does it come from? >> y'all are worried about the wrong thing. >> don't take my lingenberry and meatball away. >> i won't steal your joy. >> i like to multitask, so i like to shop while i'm driving so i can listen to that while i'm driving and, no. no. not at all. >> okay. >> not at all. think of the money it will save if they stop printing the catalog. what prints a catalog anymore? i can see where they would put that online, but, yeah. let's talk about what's going on from the east bay hills camera. had such a soothing voice. you can see by the soft light of the morning dawn that it is going to be a great day around
6:20 am
san francisco in the bay area. yeah, that's terrible. sunny and dry today, above average highs for most of us. next storm arrives sunday afternoon and trending dryer with a seasonal temperature complex next week. let's look at the microclimate, 63 to 66 in the south bay. 62 to 66 on the peninsula. upper 50s along the coast with low to mid-60s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. upper 50s along the north bay coast with mid to upper 60s in the valleys. east bay shore, 62 in richmond, 65 in oakland and castro valley. east bay inland, a little warmer, 6 6 to 68 degrees. around the state today, still some scattered wintry showers across so cal. for us, a lot of sunshine. look at that, 70 in sacramento today. tonight, mid-30s to mid-40s, but a whole lot more fog as our offshore winds turn onshore tonight. the sunsets at 6:15 tomorrow. we spring forward, the sunsets
6:21 am
at 7:16 on sunday, shrouded by clouds and rain. so we have got a 1 for sunday afternoon through monday. that's light on the storm impact scale. those will also be our coolest days. have a good weekend. here is kumasi and reggie. >> thank you. now we bring in ginger zee with a look at what's happening on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. hey, ginger. >> hey, reggie. hey, kumasi, nice to be with everybody this morning. so much to get to here on a friday. we start with much more on president biden's first primetime address to the nation. the new timeline to make every american adult eligible for vaccinations by may 1st. that would be great. and the hope to get back to some kind of normal by july 4th. white house press secretary jen psaki will join us live only here on "gma" to talk about all of that. and the growing crisis for new york governor andrew cuomo. state lawmakers are launching an impeachment inquiry after a sixth woman comes forward. accusing him of sexual
6:22 am
misconduct. we're going to have the latest on that story. and the royal rift between william and harry, this morning we'll hear from one of harry's friends who spoke to him after that bombshell interview aired. does he see a path forward for the brothers? and the grey's anatomy star joining us live after the big episode last night, something he did on the show that actually helped save a baby in real life. we're going to have the sweet moment he met her, the baby, and her mother and it is all coming up right here on "gma." get you smiling going into a friday. >> i like that. that show has been on -- i had to look it up, i think 17th season. >> and they are all good, okay. and do not tell me what happened because i did not watch last night. >> and they still are going strong. >> that was the show to audition for 17 years ago, i tell you. those people really hit the jackpot.
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[80's music] what? i was an 80's kid. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. a michigan man is accused of
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defrauding thousands of people including some here in the bay area in a multimillion dollar n-95 mask scheme. now he's sharing his side of the story with abc. at the start of the pandemic, rodney stevenson ii, his website advertised having masks in stock. he pulled in more than $3 million in sales. but stevenson's company is a drop shipping company which means that he relied on third party companies to fulfill those orders and it turns out the masks were very difficult to come by. >> google analytics and google trends was recommending it as their product to sell. i had no idea there was a a a a pandemic. >> stevenson says he can't provide customers with the refunds because his credit card processing company froze his account. the company electric commerce says it did so to stop the fraudulent sale of masks.
6:26 am
kit kat has a new special edition flavor coming out this spring, key lime pie. instead of milk chocolate, the kit kat wafer is covered in key lime pie flavored creme. it will be available nationwide. previous seasonal offerings included an apple pie kit kat for summer and pumpkin pie kit kat for fall. huh. >> i like key lime pie. >> i do too. one of pop music's biggest stars is out with a new crocs and socks collaboration. it features a crocs classic clog with tall white socks from justin bieber's clothing line drew house. the footwear creation also features characters from the drew house community. it is the second time the singer/songwriter teamed up with crocs, the lavender colored shoes will sell for about 70 bucks starting on march 16th. crocs are fine if you are a child, a nurse or you work in
6:27 am
the canoe industry. >> okay. so maybe he has a target market. >> yeah. >> coming up next at 6:30, a harry potter actress talking about the racial discrimination she faced and how she was trained to deny what was happening. breweries, wineries, distilleries all getting ready to welcome customers back. rule change that is helping simplify things for businesses. as we head to break, let's look outside and see what we're looking at, at lake tahoe now, how gorgeous. >> the light and the dark. >> it is 6:27. we the power of three is everywhere. but yone you can also save on wireless and streaming. get internet that's packed with power...
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building a better bay area, for a safe and secure future this is abc 7 news. >> there is hope and light and better days ahead. >> now at 6:30, president biden looking to the future in his first primetime address to the nation. his push to make sure all americans are eligible to get a
6:30 am
vaccine. ask what is the best vaccine? the first one that is in your arm, that's the best vaccine. >> safe and effective. that is the message from health officials as the third covid-19 vaccine starts going out in california. san francisco's plan to get a thousand doses out today. and a lot of hype for that van gogh exhibition opening in the city next week. be careful when you book online. why the better business bureau says many people are buying tickets to the wrong show. >> that is not what you want. you walk in, you're, like, van no. >> van no. >> van no. >> happy friday, everybody. it is march 12th, we're going to start with mike and a check of our forecast. >> yeah, quite a busy week weatherwise, but not today. we're going to enjoy a nice break from the rain and tomorrow before it comes back sunday. good morning, let's look at live doppler 7, in relaxed mode right
6:31 am
now. we did have a little bit of fog, but the breeze is out there, thinning out that moisture and bringing in dryer air. it was around napa, american canyon and vallejo. if there is anything left, it is going to slide south and dissipate. mostly sunny with temperatures around 37 to 42 degrees. chilly start. but mid to upper 50s by noon. and we'll stay in the 50s at the coast with mid to upper 50s, back to the 50s by 7:00. a jump in temperature from yesterday. a timetable on the weekend rain coming up. here's reggie. momentum to end the pandemic is ramping up this morning. stimulus checks could start hitting bank accounts this weekend. president biden says all adults will be eligible to get a covid-19 vaccine by may 1st. the president definitely striking a hopeful tone during his first address to the country. >> yes, reggie. so many of us feeling it. we are a year into this pandemic, but president biden is looking forward and telling americans during his first
6:32 am
primetime address that if we slow the spread and get vaccinated we could be having celebrations together with family and friends for the fourth of july. >> there is hope and light and better days ahead if we all do our part. this country will be vaccinated soon. our economy will be on the mend. our kids will be back in school. and we'll have proven once again that this country can do anything. >> white house press secretary jen psaki was on "gma" this morning and said everyone who wants a vaccine should be able to get one within weeks of that may 1st eligibility deadline. >> we'll have enough vaccine, enough supply to vaccinate every adult american by the end of may. he noted that date of may 1st by that timeline, but certainly is hopeful that many states will make all adults eligible even before then. >> you can hear more from psaki coming up at 7:00 on "gma."
6:33 am
that's here after abc 7 mornings. much later today, president biden will host american he white house. and vice president kamala harris will also give remarks there. kumasi. local health officials, they're looking forward to the president's new eligibility timeline and it is coming as more vaccine arrives in san francisco. today, san francisco is rolling out the johnson & johnson shot at a new location. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the mass vaccination site at city college. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, yes. san francisco officials are going to try to help johnson & johnson's pr image. their shot's image. so they're going to have a big conference here this morning as they start administering the 1,000 doses they have for this site here. officials also showed off the johnson & johnson vaccine at oakland coliseum yesterday. some people are viewing this shot as second rate to the moderna and pfizer vaccine.
6:34 am
the johnson & johnson shot is 72% effective at preventing the covid infection while the others are about 95% effective. but johnson & johnson's is 100% effective at preventing death and hospitalizations. and it is easier to deal with. you only need one shot, not two. officials say all of the vaccines should be embraced. >> when i get asked what is the best vaccine, the first one in your arms, that's the best vaccine. >> the vaccine has been tested in south africa, in south america, this vaccine has been demonstrated to be highly effective and very, very safe. >> reporter: some bay area county health officers say they have had people requesting certain shots, or wanting to reschedule if they find out if they're getting the johnson & johnson vaccine. so here at city college, they're going to work on that opinion. they'll have that press conference and show people
6:35 am
getting the shot. they have 1,000 doses to give here. the one and done shot, that's what it is being called, is going to get a lot of love here at city college today. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a big win for california st open without serving food. abc 7 news reporter chris ray spoke with some local business owners who say this is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: they can serve drinks outside with a help of a food partner like spicy roy's caribbean grill. it is not part of the regular business, which is why the co-founder is happy about the new rules that will allow him to serve drinks outdoors with no food, even in purple and red tiers. >> it is going to be really handy for us for the fact that we don't have to necessarily depend on the food to serve beer outside like we have been doing. >> reporter: at tenth street distillery, the smell of whiskey mixing with signs of hope that they will be next to open. >> we looked at the ruling which
6:36 am
has come up and it is an exciting ruling. it is a step in the right direction. once counties are in orange and yellow tirz, the distilleries like tenth street can bring customers back to their tasting rooms in a limited capacity. another good sign, san mateo county is prepping to go orange as early as next week. >> it is not just about us, it is about the whole community, right? when we launch ed whiskey, we hd people who supported us. >> reporter: outdoor operations will still have restrictions including time limits and required reservations. for ehrlich, it is a good start. >> we can open earlier and maybe stay later after people had their dinner and be walking home and say i would like to have a beer on my way home from dinner. >> reporter: that's what cash born wants for his customers too. >> knowing that the restrictions are slowly being lifted is something that is really exciting isn't quite the word, but it is a good feeling to see the light at the end of the
6:37 am
tunnel. >> reporter: chris reyes for abc 7 news. a popular bay view restaurant is celebrating its reopening. old school cafe just reopened for socially distanced indoor dining. the 1940s style supper club gives at risk youth a second chance. and last night was a big one for the young staffers. they have been waiting a long time to serve the first customers. >> both nervous and exciting. they have never -- the youth here have never served. they haven't -- they have been training the whole time. they couldn't be servers or bussers or anything because of the pandemic. this is their first day. >> the nonprofit is hosting special homecoming celebrations through tomorrow with live youth band bands. you see where your koucounty sts anytime on the website. you can find this tracker at new developments in the recent string of violence against asian-americans in pacific islanders here in the bay area.
6:38 am
san francisco da chesa boudin made a public appearance. >> we will not tolerate violence against members of our community, against vulnerable members of the aapi community, against elders or against anyone. violent crimes are and will continue to be my top priority. >> yesterday's event was the first time abc 7 news anchor dion lim confront ed boudin in person. their exchange was intense. this morning, harry potter actress is talking about the online racist attacks she experienced from harry potter fans. the 33-year-old actress was born in scotland, of chinese
6:39 am
she opened up on monday's episode of the podcast chinese chippy girl. >> i remember them saying to me, oh, look, katie, we haven't seen these websites that people are talking about, and, you know, if you get asked that just say it's not true. say it's not happening. and i just nodded my head, i was, like, okay, okay. even though i had seen it myself with my own eyes. >> "gma" will have much more on katie leung opening up about being the target of the racist attacks at 7:00 a.m. still ahead, the weeknd making a statement, his reason for boycotting the grammys forever. and let's take a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange, up now 100 points. another update on how the markets are doing next. the high cost learning loss. what does it take to get students back on track after a year of doing school from home. first, we check in with meteorologist mike nicco.
6:40 am
>> thank you, reggie. kumasi, hi, everybody. neighborhood temperatures in the south bay where we're dealing with some of our coldest weather, mid to upper 30s here, same in the trivalley and east bay as the coldest areas. we have a few lingering clouds but definitely mostly sunny start. you can see 33 now in danville. so that is one of the cool spots, frost probably in some neighborhoods there. same thing around napa where it is 34. san francisco 45 and alameda 47, the mild spots. look what's back. isn't that so relaxing to see that. wonderful sunrise from our exploratorium camera. everything should be good with your commute, breezy in the hills. dry all day with glistening sunshine coming off the bay water. i'm watching this area of low pressure and cold front. next storm, you can see, it is a ways away. sunday afternoon through monday we're going to start with steady light to moderate rain and will end with wintry showers and gusty breezes. here we are at 7:00 in the morning, sunday, mainly cloudy. and you can see by the time we get to 4:00, just now entering
6:41 am
the north bay as light to moderate rain. green and yellow there, by the time we get to 11:00, it is in all of our neighborhoods. and already transitioning over the showers up in the north bay. and then scattered wintry showers, a possibility of snow on hamilton on monday. and a slight chance of some hail. let's talk about rainfall amounts. by the time we get to sunday evening, everybody is wet from a couple hundredths in the south bay to nearly a quarter in the north bay. by the time we get through monday, we're up to about half inch of rain in our highest elevations. so monday's morning commute, a little slippery. this morning, dry though. over to jobina, we mean we don't have issues though, does it, jobina? >> a positive update to the commute. if you were watching earlier, that has cleared. overall things are looking great if you need to head out the door this morning. we're going to start with a live look in san jose. showing off 101 right now. just look at that ride and the
6:42 am
sunshine coming up over the hills there. great time to get out the door if you need to. and we're going to move over now showing you a live picture of our south beach camera, which shows you an overall view of the bay bridge. no mitering lights on at all. so that's good. and the toll plaza is looking clear. i nt wh an overall picture of the map, you can see we mostly have green spots and i'm really happy to bring this
6:43 am
6:44 am
there are major concerns about learning loss when bay area students return to the classroom. studies are showing if a student loses one year of in person instruction, it may take anywhere from 3 to 5 years for them to catch up. san francisco unifiedea fing ln reading among fourth and fifth graders and the results show children from minority
6:45 am
communities suffered the greatest losses. only asian, indian, white and special education students improved. >> white families are doing just fine. and can afford the pods and the tutors and pulling their kids out for private schools or extra lessons or taking time off work to be able to focus 100% on their child's education. >> some education experts caution that the results may not be accurate because these assessments were done online. you can watch all of this week's stories on demand on our app, download it by searching abc bay area on your apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv or roku. a substitute teacher in southern california who lives in his car received a thoughtful surprise from his students. >> being able to digest the entire experience. it is extraordinary. >>e h lived in his car for
6:46 am
eight years. he uses his money to support his family in mexico. when the pandemic hit, his hours were entirely cut. his students organized a fund-raiser for their beloved teacher, they presented mr. villerreal with a $27,000 check on his 77th birthday. >> like every day i would go out to work around 5:00 in the morning, i would see him going through his trunk. and i just felt like the need to do something about it. >> wow. mr. villerreal says he plans on using that money to help others. now to your morning money report, the better business bureau is warning art lovers about pop-up exhibits all over the country featuring van gogh. there are different experiences that are opening in cities across is the country including san francisco and the names are similar, which causes some confusion and frustration. immersive van gogh opens in san francisco next week at svn west,
6:47 am
the philmore west. it allows visitors to see projections of the artist's work filling the room. it is different than the event van gogh the immersive experience, which is a virtual reality headset encounter in new york city. i hope i did not confuse you more. make sure you're going to the right place. okay, marin county released a report about potential price gouging related to the covid-19 pandemic. the county saw a 40% increase in complaints from the year before about possible pricing fraud. but the report revealed most of the complaints were unfounded. most of these complaints were related to governor gavin newsom's state wide order last april that prohibited raising prices more than 10% on essential items over the prepandemic cost. now let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange this morning as trading gets under way. we're up right now by 120 points. today marks one year since
6:48 am
broadway went dark because of the pandemic. it happened as broadway was booming. it halted the spectacular long run of hit shows like wicked, it put at least a temporary end to new productions like mu land rouge, which had made its debut. theaters need to figure out how it reopen safely. >> broadway is the heart of new york city. and when broadway reopens, it will send a national and international single to the world that the pandemic has been beaten. >> that's the ceo of play bill. he says broadway's going to remain dark for months to come because it is a very low margin business and he thinks it will only reopen at 100% capacity or not at all. >> that's disappointing. >> it is. >> i need that back in my life. >> mike, let's talk about something happy. >> something nice. >> sunshine. >> check out this -- how about
6:49 am
smoothing sunrise, soothing sunrise this morning. yep, it is back and it is going to hang around through tomorrow and then it is going to be wet again as we round out the weekend. that's a couple of days away. right now, enjoy total sunshi sunshine -- rebouns levels. now, tonight will start off clear, thanks to an offshore breeze. that will reverse its course come on shore, that's going to bring some fog into our lives tomorrow morning. and eventually that storm comes in sunday afternoon. and lingers through monday. let's break out the microclimate. 64 to 66 with that 66 in san jose and the south bay. cooler in santa cruz, san mateo around 64. a little bit cooler along the coast, upper 50s for you with low to mid-60s in downtown. south san francisco, and sausalito, mid to upper 60s through the north bay valleys, only upper 50s alon the coast. east bay, 62 in richmond, 65 in
6:50 am
oakland and also castro valley east bay valleys. if you're going for outdoor dining, it will be a sunny start at 6:00. 50s at the coast, barely 60s holding on elsewhere. we drop to the 50s all the way up to 8:00 when the coast drops into the 40s. and just about all of us will be there by the time we get to 9:00. a cool night tonight, even with the fog forming. mid to upper 30s in our inland valleys. mid to low 40s around the bay. 8:35 sunset, june 21st through july 4th our latest dates -- latest sunrise, those are the dates. we have that one sunday night into monday, those are our coolest days, otherwise a little bit above average with a mix of sun and clouds for the seven-day forecast. just checked tahoe, sunshine today, sunshine tomorrow, snow sunday, how about getting up there. >> mike, thank you for that. it is time for the toyota tahoe
6:51 am
traffic report. it is going to be so beautiful on the drive up there. we do have new chain restrictions to talk about though. chains that are required for squaw alpine, 3 hours and 15 minutes. north star, 3 hours and 13 minutes for that drive. and 3 hours and 17 minutes for heavenly. you see the chains that are required for 89 and 50. so what is important to note, though, we do have the most snow, the base total coming in for squaw alpine at 78 inches. north star, 24 inches to 77 inches for that base total, and 46 inches to 72 inches for heavenly. let's check back in with reggie. the weeknd is boycotting the grammys after being snubbed by the music awards show. he announced he intends to boycott all future grammy ceremonies and will no longer permit his music to be considered for upcoming awards. it comes months after the grammys totally overlooked the canadian artist, shutting him out of all nominations. critics have blasted the show
6:52 am
before accusing the awards show of being biased and out of touch. >> one of the things that has been very astonishing about all this is that three out of last four grammys have been wracked by one scandal or another. for the weeknd not to be nominated, either points to corruption or severe dysfunction. >> the weeknd isn't the first artive to the boycott the awards. drake, justin bieber and nicki minaj criticized the way winners are selected. according to the new york times, the interim chief executive harvey mason jr. responded to the weeknd's decision by saying, we're all disappointed when anyone is up set. i'll say we're constantly evolving and this year as in past years we're going ing inga hard look to how to improve. beyonce has the chance to a the showmost w b country singer alison krauss
6:53 am
with 27 grammys. beyonce has 24 now, but is nominated for five -- nine, excuse me this year. taylor swift could also make headlines if her folklore album wins album of the year. she will be the first woman to win that award three times. and the buzz around the academy awards is about to kick into high gear. we now know who will be revealing the names, the nominees for this year's awards. actress priyanka jochopra jonas and her husband are slated to announce the nods for all 23 categories on monday morning. the academy awards will air on sunday, april 25th here on abc. this morning, a side of steph curry you don't see very often. he cagave a pep talk to his teammates. it is not clear what he said to his teammates. >> always about what's happening in the moment. that's just basketball. trying to be -- bring competitive spirit and
6:54 am
leadership all different type of ways. but we had an opportunity to set the tone for the second half of the season. we got to do something about that going into the next game. >> curry didn't have a great night. he scored 14 points and the warriors 130-104 loss to the clippers. a new feature is helping to break the ice on your virtual dates. the night in feature on bumble allows users it play games. for now it is trivia questions, they hope to add other games soon. happy birthday, ken. barbie's boyfriend just turned 60. he's looking as young as ever. mattel released this special edition ken doll. this is not what i expected. it is a reproduction of the original with ken wearing a classic beach look with towel and sandals. barbie celebrateded her 60th anniversary two years ago when mattel released a doll for that, it sold out fast. you can buy two each and they're
6:55 am
50 bucks a there is just some things about that doll. >> can we talk about my favorite story of the day? >> okay, please. >> added some new words. >> yeah. >> including one of my favorites. sinna. they also added chile? >> yes. >> it is like chile. >> going to have a good weekend. >> yes, friend. that's how it goes. >> good. i did it right. coming up, the seven things you need to know today. also abc 7 has launched new streaming apps so wherever you are, you can get a live news cast, breaking news, weather and more with our new abc 7 bay area app. it is on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku. just search abc 7 bay area and download it for free. and here is a live look
6:56 am
outside, and we will be right back.
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6:58 am
all right, everyone. it is 6:58. if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, san francisco will be administering some of the first doses of the johnson & johnson vaccine today. a thousand doses will be given at the mass vaccination site at city college. number two, progress on reopening the state. starting tomorrow, wineries, breweries and distilleries can reopen without serving food. number three, today president biden is hosting a celebration of his stimulus plan at the white house. vice president kamala harris will be speaking and you can start receiving $1400 stimulus checks as soon as the weekend. number four, police arrested one person, they expect another to be arrested soon after this attack on an uber driver in san francisco. uber has permanently banned all three riders in this video.
6:59 am
number five, how about total sunshine and average to above average comfortable temperatures this afternoon in the mid to upper 60s. don't forget rain arrives sunday afternoon. number six, we have a new multicar crash in richmond right now. westbound 80 before central. speeds are down to around 7 miles per hour, at least two lanes are blocked. and number seven, look at this, if you are using your sister, your boyfriend, your dad's, your mom's, anybody else's netflix account, you might have to stop. because netflix is cracking down on people who are sharing passwords. some customers are getting a message on their screens prompting them to sign up for their own account if they are not watching with the subscriber. >> you wonder how they're going to do it? >> how are they going to know? if you have two different logins. is this why you wouldn't let us have your disney plus account,
7:00 am
reggie? >> that's what i was going to say. under lock and key. >> still in the right. >> i'm not going to get arrested. >> you're not going to get good morning, america. primetime promise. president biden marks one year since the pandemic upended life in the united states. paying tribute to all we lost. offering new hope for american families. announcing all adults will be eligible for the vaccine by may 1st. >> that will make this independence day something truly special. where we not only mark our independence as a nation, but we begin to mark our independence from this virus. >> the address comes hours after he signed that historic nearly $2 trillion american rescue plan into law. $1,400 checks heading for american wallets this weekend. white house press secretary jen psaki joins us live only on "gma" this morning. cuomo in crisis.


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