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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 13, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is "abc 7 news". we're feeling the hate, we're feeling the hurt, and so we want to show our strength and solidarity. >> a show of support after a wave of violence against asian americans. the bay area community coming together today to say no more hate. with that we say good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm dion lim. a big show of solidarity this weekend in the south bay as elected officials, police departments and the community joined a united front denouncing hate and vie election against asian americans. "abc 7 news" reporter cornell
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barnard has the story from san jose. >> will you march with us? and, most importantly, will you love us? >> reporter: south bay assemblyman evan lowe rallied this large crowd outside san jose city hall to stop hate and violence against asian americans. >> it is unfortunate we have to gather here today, but one is that recognized so that we must come together and unite to stamp out the hate and violence in our community. >> reporter: more crimes against asian americans are coming to light in the bay area. santa clara county prosecutors upped the charges against a man they say chshouted and ethnic sr during an alleged assault at the station on wednesday. >> hate crimes are your problem. this is my problem. this is our problem. each of us have a real to play here. each of us can do something. let's do something, whatever that is. let's make communi just a little stronger together.
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>> reporter: the united support against the spike in crime is far reaching, some sharing personal stories of discrimination. >> as a young immigrant in this country about 40 years ago, i've heard these comments. speak english, you foreigner. go back home. questions like, do you eat dogs. and i would have hoped that 40 years from then things would have gotten better, but they've gotten worse. >> reporter: many here in the community not only pledging their solidarity to stopping hate, but they're also pledging financial support as well. the sharks and 49ers each pledging $10,000 to a nonprofit hate crime reporting project. >> since this pandemic started there's been over 3,000 reported hate crimes against aaip folks. this must stop. >> reporter: esther stood in the crowd with two american flags. she is feeling hopeful to see so
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much support for her community. >> you can either let the hate get to you or you can look at the hope in our community, and i shoo to look at the hope in our community. >> reporter: in san jose, cornell barnard, "abc 7 news." so much passion. the recent wave of crimes has put the asian community on edge, particularly in oakland as well. earlier this week a 75-year-old man died after he was attacked while robbed on his morning walk. there was another rally today in chinatown where community members came to speak out against a proposed crime bell, sb-82, authored by state senator nancy skinner. they say it would lessen the punishment for crimes like the one earlier this week. >> which will encourage more crime against the entire community, which definitely will be including our asian community. by changing the robbery to petit theft, if the victim -- remember, if the victim is not seriously hurt. >> state senator skinner issued this response saying, quote, if
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enacted sb-82 will not change or reduce the criminal penalty on violent assaults such as the one that happened tuesday. the purpose of sb-82 is to clarify state law so that nonviolent cases of theft are not charged as violent felonies. and as the bay area confronts issues of race and social justice, we are here to help. jut head to our website, for a complete list of local resources. now to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. friday saw the biggest number of travelers pass through tsa screening points in nearly a year, a sign that americans are anxious to return to normal. but as restrictions ease, health officials warn we must continue to be diligent as the nation works to vaccinate millions. here is abc's mary alice parks. >> reporter: more than a year into the covid-19 pandemic, so many americans anxious to return to normal. the tsa says it screened more than 1.3 million passengers friday, the busiest day at their
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check points since march 15th of last year. >> the beach, that's what we came here for. >> the sun. >> the sun. >> the warm weather. >> reporter: hotels in galveston, texas, filling up with spring breakers. >> right now most of them are over 80% in occupancy for next week and really anticipate to sell out. >> reporter: many states and localities continuing to ease restrictions. gyms, movie theater,, indoor dining returning in los angeles. minnesota announcing many businesses can expand capacity. >> we are winning and this thing is coming to an end. let's dig deep and make it work. >> reporter: cities preparing for st. patrick's day celebrations too. savannah, georgia, has cancelled a parade but local officials expect large crowds. >> i think it is dangerous for folks. to guest covid-19. >> reporter: in chicago, the refer once again dyed green for the holiday. >> this is not a time to put down your guard. mask up and follow public health
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standards. >> reporter: meanwhile, across the country vaccination efforts continue to ramp up, the cdc reporting nearly 66 million americans over the age of 18 have received at least one dose of the vaccine. that's a quarter of all adults. more than 2.2 million shots being administered every day. the white house wants all americans to be eligible for the vaccine by may 1st, but didn't put a time frame on when everyone will be able to get those vaccines. >> many of the factors are out of our control including individuals being willing to take the vaccine. >> reporter: just days after president biden signed his $1.9 trillion covid relief package some americans already seeing direct relief payments hit their bank accounts. mary alice parks, abc news, washington. new numbers out today show california continues to make progress against covid-19. the seven-day positivity rate is down to 2.1% and there were about 3,200 newly-diagnosed cases yesterday, which is below the daily average for the past two weeks. and the state has hit a critical
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milestone. 2 million covid-19 vaccine doses administered to underserved communities. now that is certainly paving the way for the entire bay area to move into the red tier for reopening. tonight at midnight contra costa and sonoma counties will move from the purple tier to the red tier. now, for sonoma county it will be the first time it has been in the red since the state created the color-coded assignments in august. this less restrictive tier allows for indoor dining with capacity limits along with the reopening of indoor gyms, museums and movie theaters. this coming wednesday will mark one year since most bay area counties went into lockdown. now the vaccination effort is in full swing and the future is on everyone's mind. all next week we will be sharing your stories of lessons learned and the path forward to a better bay area. now, part of that path forward includes reopening schools. today families in san francisco rallied to mark the one-year anniversary of schools being shut down. abc 7 was at civic center plaza
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where the rally started following a march from alamo square. mayor london breed was there along w scott weiner. the san francisco unified school district approved plans thursday to return elementary school students to in-person learning by april 12th. organizers with decreasing the distance are calling for all schools to reopen full time immediately. >> we should not be afraid to go back for public health reasons. the cdc, san francisco department of public health and california department of public health are all in agreement. it is safe for our children to be back in the classroom. >> we should point out san francisco's transmission rates are the lowest for any metro area in the entire united states. for many music venues around the bay area today marks one year since they had their last show. several popular spots in san francisco have the words "one year dark" on their marquees. it is all part of a bigger
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fundraising evidence called save our stages where they will be getting help from the coronavirus relief bill that was just passed, but san francisco has a fund of about $1.5 milion. they are trying to bump it now to $10 million. > last year a lot of folks have taken on serious, serious debt, and these are just small businesses, you know. they're owned by folks like me and, you know, for even small venues it costs, you know, minimum $1,000 just to stay closed. >> rob says the financial impact is felt by the surrounding community because for every dollar spent on a ticket another $12 is spent in the local economy. much more ahead on this edition of "abc 7 news" at 5:00. up next, traffic returns to twin peaks, the partual reopening at the popular san francisco outlook and what to know before you go. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we've got rain to track tomorrow. we'll have the latest
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breonna taylor is being remembered today one year after her shooting death at the hands of louisville police. today hundreds marched, demanding for justice. the 26-year-old black emt was shot by police serving a no-knock narcotics warrant at her home while she and her boyfriend were already in bed. her boyfriend thought it was intruders and fired one shot. police fired back several times, killing taylor. no drugs were found in the apartment. none of the three officers were charged in taylor's death, however, they have been fired. >> we got two different americas! we got one for black america and one for white america.
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>> some grand jury members say the kentucky attorney general never presented homicide as a charge to consider. they're now seeking to impeach him for breach of public trust. to the south bay now where san jose police say the driver of this truck here survived after crashing during a side show. the driver flipped the truck last night during that side show. police say that wasn't the only one. they also broke up another large side show in the area of blanchard and monterey road. 125 citations were issued and five vehicles impounded. twin peaks in san francisco has partially reopened to car traffic and people are certainly taking advantage of the recent changes. the portola gate has been reopened allowing for cars to drive up to the peak. it was shut down last year, as you can imagine, because of the pandemic. however, karak ecar access to t will be limited. the northern bar net avenue gate will be closed to vehicles at all times, allowing people
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jogging, biking and hiking a car free safe space. still to come at 5:00, a st. patrick's day tradition standing tall in the face of the pandemic. and a special pop-up inside the ferry building. how it is honoring local businesses all month long. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we have rain to finish out the weekend tomorrow. the latest timing and the accuweather forecast ahead. but first here is whit johnson with a look at what is ahead on abc's "world news" at 5:30. >> coming up, reopening fears as nearly half the country begins to ease coronavirus restrictions. plus, the new accusations against new york's governor andrew shingles? dios mio. so much pain. maria had to do everything for me.
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hard to believe but st. patrick's day is just around the corner, and state officials are
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reminding everyone, don't forget about covid. california's department of alcoholic beverage control announced today it will have agents checking on health order compliance this year. current state guidance limits mixing with people you don't live with as much as possible. agents have already made 283,000 site visits during the pandemic to enhance public safety. one thing the pandemic hasn't stopped is -- oh, check it out, a st. patrick's day tradition in chicago. today the city dyed its river green. it was without the usual crowds and fanfare, but local plumbers carried on like they have so many years before. bars in chicago are allowed to reopen just in time for st. patty's day celebrations. drew tuma standing by with a little bit more on the weather. nice to see that. it is always a nice marker and makes me feel like we're back to normal, kind of. >> i know. it really does. i love that sight when they dye the river green. very cool. st. patrick's day this wednesday is looking beautiful in the bay
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area. tomorrow though we've got rain coming back, and definitely some showers to track tomorrow evening. this evening is all about sunshine. live from our emeryville camera right now, we start out the morning with cloud cover. the cloud cover broke down for the afternoon sunshine but we are running from 10 to 20 degrees cooler right now compared to this time yesterday. it was certainly a cooler start to the weekend. we are into the 50s from san francisco, mountain view, morgan hill. we are down to 48 already in half moon bay. to the south bay we go. a live look at san jose. nothing but sunshine, a cloud-free vantage point right now. other temperatures from santa rosa to napa to concord, everybody again is mainly in the 50s. so it is a cool start to the weekend. overnight tonight we will find those clouds moving back in from the coast. mostly cloudy skies overnight tonight and temperatures still chilly in spots, like the north bay in the 30s. around the bay shoreline, low to mid 40s for starting temperatures on our sunday. daylight saving time, it does begin early tomorrow morning
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where we have to turn our clocks forward one hour. that means the sunrise tomorrow happening at 7:21 in the morning. that sunset now setting after 7:00, tomorrow it sets at 7:16 p.m. a really good time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors as well. tomorrow we will find mostly cloudy skies. rain arrives first in the north bay in the afternoon, sliding south throughout the evening. temperatures mainly in upper 50s to around 60 degrees for daytime highs. on the storm impact scale, it is a level one system tomorrow and monday with the showers. on monday there is the chance again of seeing a thunderstorm that could contain some hail, even some snow in our highest peaks. it is a cold storm we are tracking. tomorrow morning, it is a cloudy start. the rain moves into the north bay into the afternoon by 3:00 p.m. we will track the showers arriving in the north bay. throughout the evening the rain slides south, by 8:00 p.m. working through the heart of the bay area. closer to midnight the rain is
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focused in the south bay. on monday showers more scattered in nature, and that's when we could see a thunderstorm that does containail.ta rallbo quart we will get snow in the sierra. winter storm warning begins tomorrow evening, 8 to 14 inches of snow above 1,500 feet. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. morning crowds, the rain tomorrow. the thunderstorm possible on monday. it is cold but sunny on tuesday. st. pat's is looking great on wednesday. then, dion, more showers likely thursday and into friday to round out the week. >> all right, drew. thanks. now to someone who is going to really appreciate that extra hour of daytime. kris. >> that would be me. coming up in sports, it has been a frustrating stretch for the warriors and it has been a frustrating off-season for brandon bell. how the long-time first baseman
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lets us get back to spreading the word without spreading concern. before we can safely come together, we need the facts on covid-19 vaccines. visit so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you.
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now abc 7 sporlgts with chris alvarez. the warriors are on a losing streak with thursday night's loss the woers rst of the seaso. the warriors play host to utah tomorrow afternoon. the best record in all of the nba, draymond green says it is not often we have seen that emotion before. but he has heard from steph before. >> steph yesterday at me a few times, about shooting the ball matter of fact. shoot the ball! or something like that. a little more -- you know, a little different than the words i used. don't y'all be fooled by steph.
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he does yell at me. >> draymond knows how to yell, too. after finishing last in the western conference last season it is clear the sharks weren't going to be contenders this year. is a covid-shortened season. team teal is locked into several long unmovable contracts. the defensiveman says it is a group that can compete. >> we have to find a way to build with the core group we have here. you know, figure out a way, you know, how to be competitive here in the upcoming years. you know, even this year i think is different kind of year. if we can find a way to get ourselves into the playoff, you know, anything can happen because i do think we have a good group of guys here. >> sharks and ducks tonight. to baseball. we are a little over two weeks away from opening day. a's and reds in action. the giants are happy to have brandon belt back in the fold. it has been quite an off-season for belt. in october he had heel surgery.
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today he revealed he had covid in january and came down with mono after that in february which forced him to miss over a week of wut spring training. belt says he feels better each day and making a push to be ready for opening day. >> as big league ball players, you know, we treasure every season and every game because it could be our last at any time. so, you know, i think that's not really what i'm focused on right now. i'm focused on being productive. i really believe we have a good chance of having a good team this year. i know people will sleep on us a little bit, that's fine, that's what we're used to, but i think it could play to our advantage. how about the giants and indians from scottsdale today. bottom two, up 1-0. austin slater connecting for the first homer. 4-0 there. giants win it 5-4. moving day at "the players championship" as golf, what a beautiful sight in florida.
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bryson dechambeau won last week at the arnold invitational. a par putt on the famed 17th island green at tpc sawgrass. 11 under overall, in second place. the field chasing lee westwood. his par putt falls. he leads the way at 13 under. it should be a great day of golf tomorrow, dion. a lot of fun. the weather and fans there in florida, it is nice to see a little more normal every day. >> all right. all encouraging, chris. thanks. next on "abc 7 news" at 5:00, a pandemic pop-up inside san francisco's ferry building. how it is paying special tribute to businesses that could really use a financial boost. and as a woman it is not easy to maintain a good work/life balance right now. if you are a working mom trying to reenter the workforce or just need help managing your job or your family, let us know your questions. then join our team of experts for "our america: women forward in the workforce," a live town hall this tuesday at 10:00 a.m. on
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finally now, the ferry building in san francisco is supporting small businesses in chinatown. they will be hosting a weekly pop-up market full of the neighborhood's most beloved businesses. shops will have tables in front of two newly decorated gates. looks great there. some businesses featured include the fortune cookie factory, chinatown kite shop and china live with sells jarred sauces.
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it runs every saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. until the end of the month. with that, that's all for "abc 7 news" at 5:00. i'm dion lim. see you right tonight, the re-opening fears as nearly half the country begins easing coronavirus restrictions. crowds of spring breakers packing beaches and bars for a second weekend. the tsa scanning the most travelers since the start of the pandemic. more than 1.3 million people on the move. the country ramping up vaccinations by nearly 40% in just one month. but the concern tonight of another possible surge if the country can't get most american adults vaccinated by summer. check those bank accounts. americans starting to see those direct $1,400 payments. how to track your payment, as president biden hits the road to make sure americans know which benefits they are eligible for. pressure to resign. the new images of new york's governor andrew cuomo amid growing calls fohi


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