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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 13, 2021 5:30pm-5:59pm PST

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news" at 5:00. i'm dion lim. see you right tonight, the re-opening fears as nearly half the country begins easing coronavirus restrictions. crowds of spring breakers packing beaches and bars for a second weekend. the tsa scanning the most travelers since the start of the pandemic. more than 1.3 million people on the move. the country ramping up vaccinations by nearly 40% in just one month. but the concern tonight of another possible surge if the country can't get most american adults vaccinated by summer. check those bank accounts. americans starting to see those direct $1,400 payments. how to track your payment, as president biden hits the road to make sure americans know which benefits they are eligible for. pressure to resign. the new images of new york's governor andrew cuomo amid growing calls for him to step down. the governor facing new accusations of inappropriate
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behavior, now losing support from nearly all of new york's congressional delegation and both senators as he continues to deny all allegations. the dangerous storm striking at this hour. millions now in the path of heavy snow, torrential rain, and possible tornadoes. denver bracing for its biggest snowfall in years. tornadoes already touching down in texas, and more possible. rob marciano standing by with the timing and the track. traffic stop shootout. the dramatic new video tonight. a woman killed and an officer shot. what led up to the deadly scene. hot mic outrage. the sports announcer heard using racial slurs about a high school girls basketball team. tonight, his surprising response. and the senator facing racism accusations over his comments about the january 6th insurrection. what the wisconsin lawmaker said he would have felt if it had been black lives matter protesters or antifa marching to
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the capitol that day. and "america strong." the extraordinary high school wrestler. he lost his sight, beat cancer, but not letting anything stand in his way. good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm whit johnson. as we come on the air tonight, growing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. with more states easing restrictions and spring break now in full swing, thousands flocking to florida, many in the crowds without masks. 24 states now rolling back restrictions, including california. the state allowing the re-opening of many businesses, including bars and restaurants at reduced capacity. and a new milestone -- more than 100 million shots administered here in the u.s. a 40% increase in vaccinations from just a month ago. the country racing to hit president biden's deadline that all american adults be eligible
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for a vaccine by may 1st. but experts warning the country may be opening up too soon. abc's will carr leads us off from southern california. >> reporter: tonight, spring breakers are swarming texas and florida, packing bars with few masks in sight. >> there's no [ bleep ] restrictions here. of at least people don't give a [ bleep ] >> reporter: a record number of americans are on the move. the tsa reporting 1.3 million travelers friday, the most since the pandemic began. in galveston -- >> what are you going to do, arrest me? >> yes, for intruding on premises. >> reporter: this woman arrested after refusing to wear a mask inside a bank. >> oh, no. >> do not touch me. who do you think you are? >> 20-10, one resisting. >> oh, back up! back up! some old lady is getting handcuffed here! >> reporter: with texas lifting its mask mandate and businesses re-opening to 100% capacity, health officials are sounding the alarm. >> you will see a few people wearing masks here and there, but if you go outside the clubs, they are packed. i mean, people just congregating, no masks.
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it's very sad. >> reporter: at least 24 states are rolling back restrictions, including california, where l.a. county gyms, movie theaters and indoor dining resume monday at a limited capacity. how are you feeling right now? >> i'm feeling superexcited that it's about to come back. we really miss seeing our customers. >> reporter: residents here haven't been able to dine inside for more than eight months. mark verge owns 20 bars and restaurants in l.a. county. how many times have you thought, hey, we might not make it? >> oh, every day. 24 hours a day. >> reporter: vaccinations are ramping up in the u.s., increasing nearly 40% in the past month, now averaging 2.3 million shots per day. >> this is our path out of the pandemic. >> reporter: but tonight experts warn what could happen if enough americans don't get vaccinated by the summer. >> if we don't achieve that 80% number, then you're going to see a fierce surge of the virus coming back next winter. >> and that is the concern we're hearing more and more now. will carr joining us now from hard-hit l.a. county.
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will, we're also learning that the nation could be just weeks away from having a fourth authorized vaccine in the pipeline. >> reporter: that's right, whit. astrazeneca is on deck. they could ask for authorization in the coming weeks, and it can't come fast enough. you heard the business owners here say just how excited they are. well, it's a cautious excitement because we haven't crossed the finish line just yet. whit? >> all right, will, thank you. stimulus checks heading out to most americans. some already receiving their payments straight into their bank accounts. president biden this week hitting the road to explain the $1.9 trillion package directly to americans. abc news white house correspondent maryalice parks reports from washington. >> reporter: tonight americans starting to see financial help from washington. some of those direct $1,400 payments laid out in president biden's covid relief package already landing in bank accounts. >> that just is so much stress off my shoulders. >> reporter: sue gossland from l.a. county struggles to get by on social security. she said she logged into her
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account last night and saw the deposit. the money will go to basics like rent and groceries. >> it is so wonderful to get this money, to be able to pay it to my landlord, to be able to stock up my shelves. >> reporter: the white house aware millions of americans, often the poorest and most vulnerable, struggled to get their stimulus payments last time. the irs promising to do better, working to send more payments straight to bank accounts, and monday launching an online tool for americans to track their payments. president biden saying now his team needs to deliver. >> we have to get this right. details matter. >> maryalice parks at the white house tonight. maryalice, president biden and others hitting the road this week to explain this bill directly to the american people. >> reporter: yeah, whit, the president and first lady, they're planning to be up and down the east coast next week. the vice president and second gentleman, they're headed out west. altogether they're planning to hit seven states.
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they want to get the word out. they want americans to understand what exactly is in this law, which benefits they might be eligible for. they're going to talk about things like food and rental assistance and health-care subsidies. whit? >> for many that help can't come soon enough. maryalice, thank you. now to the mounting accusations against new york governor andrew cuomo. once praised for his pandemic response, now facing a seventh accuser and growing calls for him to step down. cuomo staying close to the governor's mansion and saying he will not resign. here's abc's trevor ault. >> reporter: tonight, with the investigation into alleged misconduct moving forward, new york's andrew cuomo hunkered down in the governor's mansion, bleeding support from fellow democrats calling for his resignation. but cuomo is unwavering, denying all allegations of sexual misconduct. >> i never harassed anyone. i never abused anyone. i never assaulted anyone. now -- and i never would. >> reporter: one of his accusers, former aide charlotte bennett, is now set to be
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interviewed by the state's attorney general's office next week. most new york lawmakers have already said cuomo has to go, but today the state assembly's majority leader asking for the investigation to play out. >> this is not about mr. cuomo. this is about a fairness process. if you've been accused of something, you are not guilty of it until found so. >> reporter: late friday a seventh woman accusing cuomo of inappropriate behavior. a former albany reporter writing in "new york" magazine that while taking a photograph at a 2014 holiday party, the governor grabbed her hand and refused to let go, allegedly saying, am i making you uncomfortable? i thought we were going steady. cuomo has not responded to the latest allegation, but these comments from the governor are drawing anger. >> there are often many motivations for making an allegation. >> reporter: now former aide lindsey boylan, the first woman to come forward, says the governor is calling up hate and
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speculation to be directed at his accusers with those remarks. while we have not heard from andrew cuomo today, his press team ent out several releases about things like the vaccine rollout, seemingly indicating the governor is still working. several new york democrats who have not called for his resignation said if cuomo can't completely do his job during this controversy, he should step down. whit? >> trevor, our thanks to you tonight. now to that massive storm bearing down on the middle of the country. millions now in the path of dangerous weather. up to 4 feet of snow in some areas. denver expecting its biggest snowstorm in years. ar a tornado watch in effe in ef across the texas panhandle with multiple tornadoes reported. abc news senior meteorologist rob marciano is tracking the storm from boulder, colorado. >> reporter: tonight, that monster storm emerging into the american plains, targeting the central u.s. >> this is a particularly dangerous situation. tornado on the ground. large and extremely violent tornado.
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>> reporter: potential blizzard conditions expected in parts of colorado, wyoming, and nebraska. residents bracing for up to 4 feet of snow. nearly 1,000 plows fanning out across colorado. we're just a couple of hours into this long duration snow event targeting the i-25 corridor, where the roads currently are drivable for now. denver's mayor urging people to stay home. >> please don't drive if you don't have to this weekend. >> reporter: the governor activating the national guard to help with potential search and rescue. >> not good. >> reporter: in beaver county, utah, this multi-vehicle pileup on friday. dozens of crashes in that part of the state. the same system already bringing flash flooding and dangerous thunderstorms to the southern plains. already responsible for multiple tornados in texas, with more strong long-track tornadoes possible in the hours ahead. >> let's get right to rob marciano in boulder, colorado. rob, walk us through the biggest threats in the next 24 hours. >> reporter: well, whit, this
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storm is so dynamic on all sides but especially violent in the texas panhandle right now. and these storms are unforgiving. let's take a look at where these watches are. they've expanded down to the south, across texas. but ongoing warnings and multiple tornadoes on the ground. the snows are ramping up here in colorado with winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings for colorado, wyoming, and parts of nebraska. the severe weather will push across texas tonight and through louisiana and toward mississippi tomorrow, and then 1 to 4 feet of ongoing snow and wind across parts of the foothills. it could be a crippling snow event here. whit? >> we know you'll be tracking it. rob marciano in colorado, thank you. now to another politician under fire. wisconsin senator ron johnson taking heat for comments he made about marchers headed to the capitol on january 6th, and a comparison he made to black lives matter and antifa protesters. here's abc's elizabeth schulze. >> reporter: tonight, wisconsin republican senator ron johnson under fire. johnson saying he didn't feel
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threatened on january 6th because the marchers coming to the capitol were patriots. but then adding in a radio show clip now sparking anger -- >> this could get me in trouble. had the tables been turned and president trump won the election and those were tens of thousands of black lives matter and antifa protesters, i might have been a little concerned. >> reporter: backlash swift. democratic group american bridge 21st century calling the comments racist and unacceptable, demanding he resign immediately. california congressman ted lieu tweeting, "the mob murdered a police officer and injured 140 other officers. they would have hurt you if they got their hands on you. that's why senators hid that day." the officer's cause of death remains unknown, and no one has been charged. federal prosecutors say more than 300 individuals have been charged in the capitol riots, and they expect to charge at least 100 more. but in a statement tonight, johnson doubling down,
5:43 pm
appearing to cite a report that found 570 protests last summer turned violent. saying, that's why i would have been more concerned. whit, the authors of that report telling abc news today the senator is using the data out of context and that 93% of black lives matter protests were peaceful. whit? >> elizabeth schulze's first report on "world news tonight." elizabeth, welcome to the team and thank you. next to the dramatic new video from police in nashville. a traffic stop escalating within seconds, ending with a shootout between the driver and a police officer. one woman killed. and the officer in the hospital. a warning, this video is difficult to watch. here's abc's elwyn lopez. >> reporter: tonight, newly released police video showing the moment a traffic stop in nashville turned deadly. it happened friday morning when officer josh baker pulled over this car. the owner, police say, had multiple outstanding warrants, but the person behind the wheel wasn't the owner. >> i'm really confused on why i'm getting stopped.
5:44 pm
>> he's got several warrants. >> that has nothing to do with me. >> reporter: authorities say the officer then found what appeared to be drugs while searching her bag. the exchange seemingly calm at first, but escalates within seconds. >> do me a favor. turn around. >> don't put me in handcuffs. i haven't done anything wrong. >> ma'am. >> no! >> you're about to get tased! >> no! >> reporter: she takes off. the officer chases her. deploying a taser after she jumps into the car. that's when police say she pulls out a gun, firing at baker's torso. the officer then returning fire. >> 23, i'm hit. >> reporter: before she drives away. she crashed a block away and later died. the officer was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. the case is still under investigation. whit? >> elwyn lopez with that dramatic video tonight. thank you. now to a somber anniversary. today march 13th, one year ago, breonna taylor was killed by police officers in her own home.
5:45 pm
taylor's family and members of the community gathering today in louisville, kentucky, marking the day and calling for justice. >> say her name. >> breonna taylor! >> say her name. >> breonna taylor! >> reporter: the 26-year-old medical worker was shot by police executing a no-knock warrant searching for her ex-boyfriend. no one has been charged in connection with taylor's death. there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. hot mic outrage. the sports announcer making racial slurs against high school athletes. and tonight his apology also facing backlash. the officers racing to evacuate a burning apartment building. one woman pulled from a balcony. stay with us. my dvt blood clot... stayed on my mind... was another around the corner? or could it be a different story? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot. almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another.
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here's abc's zohreen shah. >> reporter: tonight an oklahoma sports announcer reportedly blaming diabetes for a racist slur at a high school basketball game. >> they're kneeling? [ bleep ] >> reporter: the national anthem was playing before norman high took on midwest city when a man's voice, which local media says belongs to video streamer matt rowen was overheard commenting about the norman girls taking a knee. >> oh, norman [ bleep ] >> reporter: a statement later attributed to rowen admitted to "inappropriate and racist comments for which there was no excuse," but the statement adds, i suffer type 1 diabetes. i do not believe that i would have made such horrible statements absent my sugar spiking. slurred and incoherent speech can be a symptom of sugar spikes, but that's not what viewers say they heard. abc news tried to reach rowen multiple times without success. >> this is completely outrageous and completely disgusting, what was said. to layer on top of that it was
5:49 pm
about kids. >> reporter: the live stream's broadcaster apologized. they cut ties with the announcer's company and say they're investigating. whit? >> zohreen, thank you. when we come back, the international outrage after a police officer was charged in the murder of a young woman. s yt big investment. worth is a partner to help share the load. wealth is saving a little extra. worth is knowing it's never too late to start - or too early. ♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire. worth is knowing why. ♪ ♪ principal. for all it's worth. this is an athlete, twenty reps deep, sprinting past every leak in our softest, smoothest fabric. she's confident, protected, her strength respected. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you.
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it's a sunny day for me. -honey you're doing it again. -i'll stop. the only medicare supplement plans with the aarp name. medicare supplement plans have no networks and no referrals so you can take charge. to the "index," and the international outrage of the murder of a young woman in the uk. london police officer wayne cousins charged for the kidnapping and murder of 33-year-old sarah everard. her remains found days after she disappeared while walking home alone.
5:53 pm
hundreds attending a vigil and rally in london tonight calling for an end to violence against women. earlier in the day, the duchess of cambridge among those paying tribute. back here at home to the officers racing to save residents from a burning apartment building. body camera footage from police in overland park, kansas, shows two officers going door to door and evacuating residents before firefighters arrived. at one point, helping a woman climb down from a second floor balcony. no injuries were reported in part thanks to them. when we come back, defying the odds. the incredible high school student taking on yet another challenge. his latest feat on the wrestling mat. that's next. ink dealing with copd is a walk in the park. if i have something to help me breathe better, everything would be fun and nice. but i still have bad days... ...flare-ups (cough cough), which can permanently damage my lungs. my lungs need protection against flare-ups. so it's time to get real. because in the real world... ...our lungs deserves the real protection of breztri.
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challenge after challenge but still rising to the top. >> reporter: high school wrestler caiden hooks beats his opponents on the mat like he beats the odds. refusing to let anything stand in his way. the 17-year-old from central ohio was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer at just 19 months old. after countless treatments and surgeries, he eventually lost both of his eyes. blind, but a fighter all his life. running along a track with a guide wire at 4. by age 7, becoming a cub scout. playing the cello, the trumpet, and piano. a straight "a" student, he's also on the autism spectrum. >> i tend to be very rigid in my thinking, so a sudden change that i'm not happy with will really throw me off. >> reporter: but it's the wrestling mat where that strength and grit is on full display. learning the sport by feel since second grade. >> one. do you feel my foot? >> got that little tendon. >> reporter: his winning record
5:58 pm
taking him to the state tournament this weekend. >> the tables have turned. i'm now the stud that people are scared to face on the mat. >> let's go kid. you got this. >> the rush of winning, that's my favorite part of wrestling, obviously. >> reporter: unafraid of the challenges, driven by faith and purpose. >> the lord put me here for a reason. this isn't really all about winning the tournament. because this is my first time doing this. it's seeing how far i can go. because i'm going up against some really good guys, but i'm also a really good guy so we'll see how it goes. >> what a champ and inspiration. thanks so much for watching. i'm whit johnston. see you on "gma" in the morning. have a great night.
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building a better bay area for a secure and safe area. this is abc 7 news. >> we're feeling the hate. we're feeling the hurt and so we want to show our strength and solidarity. >> a show of support after a wave of violence against asian-americans. the bay area community coming together today to say no more hate. with this we say good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm