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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  March 17, 2021 1:41am-2:01am PDT

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♪ landmarks in dublin, ireland are glowing green on this st. patrick's day. nearly 700 locations worldwide took part in the global greening initiative. the event is meant to link those of irish descent around the world. a truck was left dangling off a bridge outside twin falls. the driver lost control while pulling a 30-foot camper trailer. two people and two dogs were trapped inside as rescue teams rappelled down to save them. the crews said the whole scene was surreal. >> it's just like the movies, you show up and it's literally hanging by a tiny chain. miracle is the only word to describe it. >> crews used a harness to get everyone to safety. they're all expected to be okay. the safety chain connected to the trailer kept the truck from falling into the gorge. there are new details about the relationship of prince harry
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and the royal family. >> he has been in touch with his family for the first time since the interview with oprah winfrey. that's according to cbs. the conversations didn't make much progress. they were described as not productive. cbs also reports harry and meghan are glad a dialog has started and that they want the family to heal. >> during the interview, he mentioned that he had not really spoken with his father, not his brother also. but he did say there's still love between them. >> right. >> and that he wanted to look forward to mending that relationship. >> yeah, our friend to the show, gayle king, has been giving details about that, because her bestie's oprah. you think they're just kind of just talkin'? like, call her up, girl, what else they say? >> i think so, because when i was watching the interview they did the day after on cbs this morning, oprah was saying she spoke with meghan since the interview, and it seemed like
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they had the relationship where she just picked up the phone. they're neighbors i believe. coming up, nick cannon, how losing his job over anti-semitic comments may have put him on a new path both to atonement and education. and turning the chicago river green. how do they really do it? details in our weird science. you're watching "world news now."
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widespread. nick lost his deal with viacom cbs and stepped away from a daily radio show. his road back meant more than apologies, he sent atonement. >> he called to show the process of not only repenting but through that if you're ever met with a similar situation that you make a different decision. >> reporter: his journey began with the rabbis. >> when i watched the piece, and there was somebody there who was saying i'm not even a real jew. >> right. >> that goes right to the heart.
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>> i hurt people. i'm going to lean into it. i want to understand why i hurt you, why, what did i say? what are these tropes? educate me. >> reporter: nick's search for education isn't new. he's now pursuing a master's degree in difficult inch at thithis divinity. >> i'm going to hopefully be on the right side of history and bring people closer together. >> viacom has acknowledged his efforts and is back in business with him. he believes this is the beginning of necessary and ongoing dialog about tension. >> good job by linsey davis. and we urge you to seek out that episode, because it was also about the black church and faith, really interesting, airing every tuesday for the next few weeks. >> definitely. coming up.
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how life on earth may have been started. plus, the science behind
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♪ ♪ it is st. patrick's day, and we're continuing the irish theme with our weird science. of course a big tradition here in the united states, particularly in chicago, is to dye the chicago river green. >> we thought it wasn't going to happen. >> right, because last year it was a big blow when they announced that the st. patrick's day celebrations were going to be canceled. so this was like a nice little return to normal, right? but we are going to brake down the science of how they do it. because the chicago plumber's union has been coloring the river since 1962. apparently, it's more or less just food dye. >> you scared me when you said the plumbers were involved. why is it green now? >> because they needed to track leaks.
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so they would use this dye that wouldn't interfere with the water. since '62 they've been tasked with turning the river very festive. and so they don't talk about what concoction they use, but it's more or less food dye. >> they do use two to three motorboats, a smaller one to churn up the water. mm-hm. speaking of churning something up. >> mm-hm. >> apparently, we're learning here on weird science that life was started by lightning. yes, a lightning strike. apparently, they believe that the lightning striking the surface of the planet earth billions of years ago may have unlocked the phosphorus necessary for the creation of dna, cells and bones. this is a new study here. >> >> apparently, dr. frankenstein was on to something here. when there's a lightning strike near me, it scares the life out of me. >> that is very true. okay. that's very different from what i've learned in school. but we're open to new theories, i guess. >> weird science.
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>> a lot of people who are in school have been doing it remotely. this woman in the uk got a tattoo remotely. >> what? >> she was in the netherlands, the artist was in the uk, and he's the one operating that robotic arm, and they did it using 5g cellular technology. it was organized by t-mobile netherlands and another london-based technology company. and maybe this is the future. maybe this is how you don't have to fly to new york to go to your favorite tattoo artist or whatnot. >> people take photo shoots remotely now as well. at least during the pandemic. >> it knows no limits. >> talking about weird science in motion. look at this motion right here. whoa, wait, no one is driving that car? man doing pushups on the car. this is in india, and guess what, y'all, he got a ticket. how's that for lucky on this st. patrick's day. >> he tried to multi-task. >> top of the morning to you.
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