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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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pandemic has taken its
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the signatures needed to recall governor newsom were due today. what a difference a year makes. we will take you to a concert on the beach and talk to guests who are ready for better days ahead. >> it has been struggling for years. now the college is closing what it means for current students. winter is almost done. rain is not. the time line is coming up. abc news at 11:00 starts right now. building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc news. >> happy saint patrick's day. today's holiday was quite the reflection of the progress we made this past year. a year ago san francisco and several other counties just entered a stay at home order. bars and restaurants shutdown
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and owners did not know what was next. >> it was all unnerving. here is a look at some of our coverage from that night. >> i am at a bar in san francisco. you can see the owner here has boarded up this window also boarded up this window. >> today in san francisco restaurants and bars with food are allowed to serve guests while abiding by health restrictions. diners say it is a much different mood than last year. >> last time this time of the year it was scary now we have more of an understanding. >> city hall was lit up for the holiday tonight. the officials there is a san francisco could enter the orange tier as soon as next week. paving the way for bars without food to have limited outdoor seating. celebrations across the bay area looked quite different this year. abc 7 news reporter is in santa cruz at a covid-19 safe beachfront concert where the event held special significance
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for some. >> reporter: balcony dancing, a concert with plenty of social distancing. the kind of party that no one would of imagined. celebrating was the last thing on her mind last saint patrick's day. >> last year at this time unfortunately i got shutdown as a hairdresser. your work group completely closed down, that is your family. as a hairdresser you have your salon family. and when they are completely gone -- [crying] -- it is hard. >> reporter: like so many businesses this vertical concert was a pivot for dreams inn. a way to bring live music to their guests. they remember how the mood was different same time last year. >> the vibe was spooky and interesting. nobody really knew what to think. >> reporter: what does it take to put together a covid-19 safe event like this one? a long list of protocols. >> no one is allowed on the pool deck but the band and crew and staff members. no guests allowed on the pool
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deck. they all go through the covid- 19 safety precautions when they come in. the band and the crew. the temperature check. signing waivers. >> ticket sales prove people are ready to get their social life back. nearly every room booked the prices ranging from $300 to $900. she plans to save up as late as possible saferring every moment. after a year of struggle her friends agree she earned it. >> who knew you were going to cry. it is a really big deal to have a really good time because it has been a full year. i only gotten allowed to work three months out of the whole year. >> reporter: back to you. >> a nice evening for those folks, certainly. new at 11:00. santa clara county is confirming a second case of the covid-19 variant detect inside south africa. a reminder we made great progress there is concern. county health officials believe it is a case of community transmission and not travel- related. in the meantime, vaccination efforts are ramping up across
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the state and the bay area. governor newsom tweeted tonight that the state administered more than 13 million vaccines now and one million in the last 48 hours. that is a new record. sanfrancisco mayor says the city surpassed its goal of 10,000 vaccinations a day. supporters of the effort to recall california governor newsom are confident tonight they say they submitted well over the 1.5 million signatures needed to put the recall on the ballot. time could be on the governor's side. >> all eyes on california governor newsom. the deadline for the recall gavin movement is here. making a movement on total signatures at a a a a a a a hall. >> 2, 117, 730. >> oh my god! >> reporter: those signatures now have to be verified and 1.5 million are needed. as to why this is happening?
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a number of reasons but many point to the long period of time that schools and businesses have stayed closed during the pandemic. something not seen in many other states. also rising homelessness problems. the governor quick to fire back about his pandemic policies on tuesday's "the view". >> i think what we have done is save lives in california. it is a dense state. california was impacted by this pandemic early. >> reporter: organizers bold on wednesday night about why this is happening. >> this is about newsom and his failed policies that put california in the state of dispair that we are in today. >> reporter: outsiders say the timing here may be more beneficial to the governor since schools and businesses are now opening and we are still many months away from a public recall election. >> people are getting closer to living quote unquote normal life than the memory of the
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struggles would have faded. >> reporter: those 2.1 million signatures have been turned over to county official who's have until april 29th to verify them. we could see this issue on the ballot come november. jr stone, abc 7 news. in developing news a deadly shooting spree in georgia sent fear through the asian american community. investigators say robert long admitted to killing 8 people yesterday at three spas in the atlanta area. six victims were of asian descent, seven women. investigators believe the killings were racially motivated but about violence against women, particularly, they view it as an attack on asian community. warriors coach, steve kerr commented today on the attack in georgia. >> it is so devastating, so disappointing that we would judge each other based on our
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heritage, our ethnicity. i just feel bad for everybody out there who is dealing with this kind of hatred, this kind of racism. >> assembly member choo is proposing a hot line for the reporting of hate crimes. new developments, charges filed against one of the women in this bay area assault on an uber driver. 24-year-old woman was seen in the video coughing on the man earlier this month. she is now faces charges of attempted robbery, assault, battery and a covid-19 health violation. >> new developments, several people arrested in an attack on a 67-year-old asian man in a san francisco chinatown laundra- mat last month. three 19-year-olds face robbery and elderly abuse charms. the victim was treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. to combat the recent violence san francisco police increased pat rotes in predominantly
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asian neighborhoods. >> we have to investigate these cases with all resources brought to bear and we need to make arrests which we have done that. >> the community needs to know that we stand with them. we support them. this is horrific. >> part of building a better bay area is fighting for racial and social justice, to find your ally go to our website. all right, let's move on and talk a little bit about the weather. you may want to grab the umbrella on the way out the door tomorrow. another storm headed our way. >> we do. let's check in with our meteorologist for an hour by hour time line. >> reporter: yes. it gets here bright and early tomorrow morning. a light level 1 storm coming in. it looks like a winter storm. it is a winter storm. one of the last before spring begins this weekend. the hour by hour forecast showing you showers beginning during the commute. it will be really spotty and light at best and then it picks up as we head into the afternoon. so, let's begin with your
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commute planner for tomorrow morning. it is going to be light rain and drizzle. so, watch out, give yourself the extra time, slippery roads and areas of low visibility. i will be back to let you know how long the storm will last and how much it will bring coming right up. >> okay. sandy, thank you. after nearly 170 years, this college is closing. coming up, why one ever the country's few women's colleges could not survive the pandemic. the pandemic changed our workplaces, some places the better. how it could make for happy employees and plannagers. >> the irs is delaying the tax deadline by a month. a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live, jimmy? i am the only drinking buddy you have tonight. >> all right. >> here we go. >> oh, he is free pouring, okay. [ laughter ] >> he is a
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the in the east bay, mills college in oakland announced today after fall of will no longer enroll students. we spoke to students who are heartbroken. >> reporter: it is recognized as the most diverse liberal arts school. a 135 acre campus in oakland, one of 34 women's colleges in
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the u.s. and the first first sex college to welcome transgender students. >> in recent years our numbers have declined and it is difficult to have the cost operation. >> reporter: it was the pandemic according to college president that forced the school to end enrollment. >> mills needed to consider a different way to fulfill its mission. >> the school will close to college and graduate students the campus and organization will stay open as a new leadership institution. >> that institute will do what mills does best, promote women's leadership. advance gender success. >> so many people i have met at mills are working for cities around the pay area. >> reporter: berkeley vice mayor got her masters in public policy from mills. >> just a wonderful place. and you know it really an additive to our community that
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is what makes it so sad. >> reporter: barbara lee sent a statement saying she is heart broken and outraged. she wrote i was able to attend college and earn a degree as a single mother on public assistance who had to driven her sons to class. something impossible at many other colleges or universities. i am asking the board of trustees to reconsider the decision to close the college. it is critical the board not allow any path that would diminish opportunities for african-american and latin students. mills will most likely confir the final degrees in 2023. kate larson, abc news. covid-19 hit home a year ago this week when the bay area went into lockdown. we all lived through dramatic changes in how we work over the past year. the pandemic created a changing workplace, a focus of building a better bay area every day. >> abc 7 news reporter asked experts to map out which of the many changes will become permanent. >> reporter: looking back we know how the
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workplace had to change because of covid-19. people work from home. they held seamingly endless meetings over zoom. remote learning that parents had additional childcare duties, stress and anxiety increased. all of it is expected having a lasting impact. managing employee's lives. dealing with it effected mental health. many companies began to offer mental health counseling. as women elected to work at home they lost visibility at the office. the gender wage gap will worsen. >> what we are likely to see if we don't do anything about it, managers giving raises to their male in office at the expense of their female at home employees. >> reporter: breaking the mold of working 9- 5. by demonstrating remote work has not hurt productivity workers determine where and what time they work. >> there are morning people,
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night owls, let people work when it makes the most sense for them and you are rewarded by having a more productive workforce and they are happier as well. >> reporter: calling for inclusion are workplace values, companies will need to stand for something to reflect the values of their employees and executive leadership. >> they put their reputation on the line to support one cause or another cause. they actually get really good results. the employees that care about that issue are more engage friday it. >> reporter: some workers -- engaged from it. >> reporter: some workers expected to split between offices and home, the company may downsize. the bay area it costs companies an additional 45% over salary for an office, parking and other perks. >> the volleyball courts, the basketballs to go back and forth from building to building. the cafeterias are probably a thing of the past. >> reporter: still, construck of new office
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space continues. -- construction of new office space continues it could have more hiring or sit vacant. one thing is certain. service and retail workers that lost their jobs learned how to survive a pandemic taking on gig jobs to get by. this shows how they can reinvent themselves during turmoil. >> we have human resource, we have people who are resilient who are eager to do things and just given the opportunity they can do amazing things. >> reporter: back to you. all weeklong we are taking a look at the lessons learned and the path forward to a better bay area. tomorrow, how the pandemic is giving educators the opportunity to see transformations that will benefit all children. if you want to see the rest of our path forward pieces on demand right now, download the abc7 bay area app wherever you stream. the entire 20 minute special is in the feature row ready to stream right now. let's talk taxes, if you have not filed yet youville
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more time this year. -- you will have more time this year. they are extending the filing deadline to may 17th. the decision was made to give people more time to navigate pandemic-related tax changes. but , it is up to individual states to change their deadlines. it remains april california. turning our attention. >> absolutely. we will give you the whole package. all right? let me show you a live picture right now from the tower camera for saint patrick's day. a lot of cloud cover and a cool day. a lovely evening as you will notice looking at san francisco and city hall all lit up. all right, tomorrow morning it will look different. light rain arrives, gusty winds are expected. in the afternoon that is when we will see pockets of moderate rain, low visibility. watch out if you are commuting
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during these times. live doplar 7 showing you that storm system. we get you in closer. the atmosphere is moistening up. here is a look at the temperatures n the 40s, the 50s, not cold because of all of the cloud cover. a level 1, tomorrow through friday. light to moderate rain, impacts to both of the commutes, 25-35 mile-an-hour winds. mainly over the higher terrain and some along the coast. it is not going to be a windy day. just gusty at times. hour by hour we go. 5:00 tomorrow morning, watch out for wet roadways as we head into 9:00 a.m. more areas begin to see the rain. it starts out light and then by 1:00 in the afternoon the intensity begins to pick up. you will notice pops of yellow there. especially for the afternoon and evening commute. moderate rain. it really starts to taper quickly, early on friday morning and then maybe an isolated shower or two for the afternoon/evening on friday.
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rainfall totals are really going to be at a range from a quarter to 3/4s of an inch. there will be some areas that will be wetter up to the north and those will pick up up to an inch or more of rain. especially over the higher terrain. that is going thursday and friday. winter weather advisory, 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, until midnight friday. above 5500 feet. expecting more snow. it will cause difficulty traveling, best to hold off until the storm has morning temperatures, 40s, good idea to grab the jacket and umbrellas, you will need them both. for the afternoon keeping it on the cool side. upper 40s to the lower 60s. this is when most of the moderate rainfall comes in for the afternoon hours and continuing into the evening. so, here is the way it breaks down for the seven-day forecast. it is a rainy day, gusty winds, mainly morning showers on friday. a level one system, and then spring arrives on saturday at 2:37 and just in time we are going to brighten the skies up
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going into sunday early next week. we will start to notice the temperatures beginning to rise on tuesday and wednesday into lower 70s inland. it will feel like spring, heading towards spring. not until then. a winter storm to deal with. mike will be here by the way in the morning. >> great,
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in just six weeks time disneyland will reopen. they made the official announcement today. >> after a year of being closed we are ready to make magic all over again. >> the reopening for disneyland and california adventure set for april 30th to start, only california residents will be allowed to visit. they will have a 15% capacity limit. guests will use reservation system and wear masks. >> most of the attractions will be open but there will not be any parades or nighttime spectaculars, disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> it will still
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abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. good evening, covid-19 protocols of greater concern for the warriors, steph curry hurt in houston. start with green, 17-game losing streak. green to curry, back board, 10 assists, 16 points, 12 boards, triple double. poole he is like a new man. six threes, steph loving it. maybe i should go to league. then a vintage hard move. 23 points off of the bench. warriors up 18. curry finding space. deep three, finished with 18. and then, just before the 4th quarter loses his balance and falls awkwardly on a metal step and he is out with a tail bone confusion. painful. unclear if he will play friday
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in memphis. the warriors win this game 108- 94. randy bennett in saint mary's. -- [broken audio ] up two, charles with a hammer on the other end to tie it up at 67. 14 seconds left. tommy loses the handle and turns it over. western kentucky takes the lead on free throws. and then with three seconds left, a desperation three, it is not close. saint mary's season comes to an end, 69-67 the final. to the ice, saint patrick's day. hockey in vegas. sharks, golden nights, green beer it was epic. second period. now, rebound, 3-1 sharks leading for the first time with five meetings in vegas. they score 4 straight. reefs, the deflection, the first of the season. and you know when these teams
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meet it gets chippy. mark stone, a nasty he responds with fists. 5-4 sharks. hopefully 49ers tackle, williams, is enjoying delicious lobster on his mexico vacation, he can buy all of the lobsters now everywhere. red and gold gets the biggest deal in history. six years,
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thanks for watching, happy
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saint patrick's day. >> yes, for all of us here, appreciate your time. we will see >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, anthony mackie, edgar ramirez, and music from tune-yards. and now jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hi, there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host. welcome, thank you. top of the almost morning to ya. happy st. patrick's day. this is interesting, it's a bit of history i didn't know. i googled st. patrick today and the first line that came back was "st. patrick wasn't actually irish." that's fake news too? [ laughter ] who the hell knew that? st. patrick is believed to have been born in scotland to roman parents. which would mean he was italian. when he was 16, he was kidnapped and taken to ireland as a slave. and then here we are today going "kiss me! slainte!"


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