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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 19, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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did not hold back emotions. he spoke at the chinese culture center. side-by-side with local legion american leaders. they are asking him to continue to amplify their message. >> this breaks your heart. it actually infuriates me. i think all of us. the idea that people have to live in fear because their race, their ethnicity >> reporter: local asian american leaders, governor gavin newsom voiced his commitment recent spike in hate crimes and incidents against the community. many happening right here in the bay area. >> we have close to 3800 incidents of verbal and physical attacks against the asian american community. >> reporter: cynthia has been gathering those numbers for entire year
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initiative she cofounded. her fellow leaders are concerned about covid related anti-asian racism. >> now parents are scared about the kids going back in person, not because of the virus, but because of hate. >> reporter: assembly members say his fellow leaders are working to address anti-asian racism. starting with the bill asking the doj to start tracking heat incidents. >> it is important that is to address hate crimes, but we have to track, and address it at a root level of heat incidents, to step that out. >> reporter: this group called on the governor to amplify their message and address the issue of anti-asian racism. their fear, what happened in georgia where a white gunman rampage causing six asian american debts. >> we are very concerned. what happened in the atlanta area is reminder that are vulnerable at this time. these last few days have been extremely painful. >> this is emotional. it is not intellectual. you know? it's impacting all
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>> reporter: we can't tolerate hate against any community because it leads to real violence. many leaders say this is what happened in georgia coming as early as a year ago. san francisco supervisor matt haney is taking an active role following these attacks. he shared up picture after visit one of the victims, the elderly woman who defended herself. she lives in haney's district. the supervisor put out a statement on twitter reiterating his support for the asian american, pacific islander community. an update on the story we brought you over the weekend. oakland police say they have arrested a man for an assault at a gas station. the owne told us the suspect use a slew of racial slurs after going inside to pay for his gas with a pile of quarters. things escalated after the tirade when the owner followed
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the man outside. he said the suspect backed up his car toward him and also pepper sprayed him in the face. in washington, lawmakers pause to remember the eight people were killed in the atlanta shootings. >> the chair asks that all members in the chamber, as well as members and staff throughout the capitol, to rise for a moment of silence in honor of the victims of the horrific shootings in georgia this week. and, in solidarity with all members of the community facing discrimination and violence. >> the moment of silence lasted close to a movement. a solitary event in honor the victims as plan for tomorrow in san francisco's chinatown. it will be held on kearny street to give people the space they need to mourn. it starts at noon as it ends at
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2:00 pm. they will have translators. folks are being asked to rsvp through a facebook page. tonight, tune in for a one hour 2020 special at 10:00 pm, called 2020, murder in atlanta. it is about the aftermath of the land's shootings this week our own anchor's dion lim's work will be featured in it. today, the u.s. reached 100 million total of vaccinations nationwide for covid-19. that is weeks ahead of the white house's initial target. white house officials say, with three currently authorized vaccines, a new goal of 200 million doses is possible, although try getting a shot in
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california. it is pretty challenging. use reported more than 59,000 new virus cases and over 1600 deaths. science is back. it is not only the vice president and i and the whole cold -- covid team are committed, the american people have moved. you are a model for the world you guys do this work around the clock we're here to say thank you. it is not easy. two officials say the u.s. is in a position to supply our neighbors in canada and mexico with vaccine shots. despite nationwide success, some bay area counties are struggling with vaccine supplies. santa clara county has canceled thousands more vaccine appointments. we explained, it is's for some people working in sectors that were supposed to be prior to rise. folks occurring a covid-19 vaccine has been equated to winning the lottery. feelings of dread and seemed to be the norm. >> there is no perfect way to do it. we have to do better.
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>> reporter: this teacher was days away from receiving her second dose from the santa clara county health system. last night, she became one of the nearly 8700 kaiser permanente members who were told there being transferred from the county to kaiser due to the insufficient vaccine supply. >> i want to make sure that i am focused on teaching and giving my students the best i can give to them. now, my mind is freaking out about getting vaccinated. >> reporter: the county's allocation has gone down as more vaccines are being directed to southern california at the direction of the governor. >> expectations were set at the state level, that everyone who qualified would get a dose. there just isn't enough vaccine to go around. >> reporter: a spokesperson for kaiser permanente released a statement that read we're identifying affected members and reaching out starting today to confirm they will have access to the vaccinations. this will be followed with a separate communication provided instructions for these members.
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but she got the email from kaiser but said the system would allow her to make a second dose appointment this cause more uncertainty as she tries to be fully vaccinated. >> i can't look at that as a first dose. i will receive pfizer. i'm back to square one. >> reporter: both kaiser and the county trying to make do with what they have as community members continue to plea for help. the vaccine shortages come as several bay area counties are struggling to make the transition to blue shield's vaccination network. stephanie sierra follows the latest. live in the newsroom. will the counties of a say in how many doses are coming in? and, whether more doses coming in next week? it is an exercise in huge frustrations. >> reporter: that's a great question.
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there is somewhat of an expectation that it will happen now. and they should be getting more doses. the state will announce that it will direct blue shield to give some decision-making powers to better assess faxing those allotments. most of the bay area counties are questioning what to do next. but 13 days ahead of the deadline for all california counties to fully transition to blue shield's vaccination network and only two bay area counties have announced their plans. santa clara county opting out. sonoma county opsin meaning blue shield has officially taken over distribution. >> the remaining seven other bay area counties tell us they are in discussion with the insurance giant. if they do, counties will be signing them. >> what is in the process of happening? we have inside. we expectwe expt shortly. >> reporter: he is a manager san mateo county.
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they are leaning towards opting in with blue shield with hopes it will bring more clarity on weekly dose allotments. >> we need several weeks to plan for these operations. we are literally getting it week by week. it makes it very difficult. >> reporter: previously, san mateo county would administer between 10,000 per week. that number is shrinking. the county receives only 4001st doses per week. >> the number first doses have been going down. but this is a result of the state committing 40% of all incoming doses following equity directives. the governor confirmed bay area county should start to see an increase over the next month. >> within five and half weeks, where we can eliminate all of the vaccines to everyone across the spectrum. supply will exponentially increase. >> reporter: until that happens, mass vaccination sites
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will only be administering second doses. the hope is messed sites in san francisco county one of the follow suit. we'll be right back. grant colfax is still uncertain blue shield will make the process more efficient. >> the more we can cut out the br, see, we get vaccine faster. that will be our choice. the governor says california should get 1.8 million doses next week. as far as when we can see a significant impact from supply increases, newsom says that is about three weeks away. we heard about this equity metric brought up a lot. we are talking about blue shield, especially when it comes to allocating more resources to southern california. do we know how counties are working to meet those goals in the bay area? >> yes, right now it all varies for each county. san mateo county, a portion of their allotment of doses has been reserved for mobile pop-up clinics that will be set up in
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vulnerable populations that don't have easy access to public transportation. we know of at least seven of those clinics that are currently in the process of being set up. thank you. abc 7 news is monitoring the covered vaccine rollout in california. we have our own vaccine tracker that you can see right here. you can find it on her homepage at coming up, the cdc has new guidelines with regard to the amount of social distancing needed for students at school. the science behind the changing guidance. a variety pack this afternoon from a shower, too far, tucson. we have your
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the cdc is saying a distance of three feet is enough to keep teachers and students safe in the classroom instead of six feet. education and healthcare are both pillars of our efforts to build a better bay area. while this is promising news, districts in the bay area are cautiously optimistic. we explained. >> reporter: schools in pleasanton reopened including high schools. the hybrid mode means some students are learning from home, online, while others are in the classroom maintaining
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the proper protocols including keeping a distance of six feet. this parent sees the benefit of returning to in-person learning. >> it socializes her. soci it is important. she was really anxious to get back to school. >> reporter: the cdc says three feet apart is just as safe. >> we've seen data demonstrating this is safe, even of -- >> reporter: the cdc reference three studies reporting that distance of three feet showed no difference in the number of cases of covid among students. the key, according to those studies, is that everyone must wear a mask and take other preventive measures. pleasanton schools are optimistic but are not ready to commit to that three feet guidelines when they start again in the fall. >> the guidance really will depend on what conditions are like come august
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>> reporter: schools in oakland will reopen at the end of this month. any new requirements in the fall left to be negotiated between the school district and their labor unions, regardless of the cdc recommendations. the oakland education association already told us they will demand the six feet distance requirement. >> while they may say it is okay to be closer, understand that we are having multi generational families at home. we want to take precautions. >> reporter: even with signs leading this decision, some teachers are skeptical. last august, a ucsf study found that size does matter. kids who are shorter and viral particles dropped to the floor which means they can't spread upward towards the adults in the room. >> reporter: when it comes to schools, the county makes recommendations, but as we've seen, the districts, and their labor partners, can choose to fall them or ignore them.
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california has approved the nation's first ethnic studies kirklin for high school. the board of education voted to approve the plan that took 3 years to develop. the studies will focus on the histories, stories, and contributions of african- americans, latinos, asian americans, and pacific islanders and native americans. lessons include the study of the black lives matter movement and poetry and art by japanese- americans put in internment camps during world war ii. disneyland opens next month. the place that help inspire disneyland, it is opening today. we were at fairyland in oakland as it welcomed families back. >> reporter: sliding, climbing, running and exploring. all the good things that were out kids and make their parents smile. the opening of fairyland in oakland brings all of those activities to life. >> the best thing is to watch
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them be happy and to enjoy your life. >> reporter: fairyland has mostly been closed this year. the park briefly reopen in the fall. it has been well since joy ran through here. >> it has been it is great to see parents and their children walking through. happy to play, even on a chilly day. >> reporter: it has been tough to stay afloat but donors have stepped up to make sure fairyland makes it to the other side of this pandemic. >> they really came through for us. we relied on them. >> reporter: there are still restrictions in place. the rides are not open yet and no performances at this time. but, the animals are here to greet guests and the slides are open. parents say they will take it. >> it is her first time here. we are still exploring. they will have a good night sleep. right? but rides and performances return when the county reaches the orange tear.
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parents are not willing to wait. there ready to come now. this weekend is sold-out and next weekend is almost fully booked. to be ready wants ready wane and, how does the weather look for those hoping for a little outing? either. it looks good for the upcoming weekend. if you go check out fairyland, it should be nice. just a mixture of sun and clouds. right now on live doppler radar 7, an isolated shower is showing up around antioch. lone tree way, across highway four, may be a few sprinkles. let's take a look at the wider picture. moisture lingers across the southern and eastern end of our viewing area. look at the change in the air. temperatures are up. it is 10 degrees warmer in fairfield. 7 degrees higher in concord and
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santa rosa. we have a beach hazard statement as swales billed along the coastline. the statement is up until 11:00 pm. if you check out the way scott be careful. strong recurrence and large breakers along the coastline. you'll notice a few cumulus clouds. upper '50s, san jose as well, 54 degrees. a live view from our camera. there was fog earlier but we're getting sunshine. 59 degrees in santa rosa. napa, 63 degrees. 62 degrees in concorde. look at this, right blue skies here's a look at what you can expect. chilly with areas of fog overnight. spring begins at 2:37 am and the pattern will change. will go with warmer pattern as we head into next week. hour by hour we go, we have areas of fog forming through
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the overnight hour. i can't rule out an isolated shower in the northbay hills tomorrow afternoon and evening. for the rest of you, it is dry. running temperatures will be in the mid-'30s to the upper '40s with areas of fog. tomorrow afternoon, south bay temperatures, 61 degrees in san jose. 60 degrees in santa clara. 60 degrees in mountain view. 50 degrees in san mateo. along the coast, hang on to the jacket. 53 degrees in pacifica. in the northbay, you know those temperatures pop up in the low '60s. in the east bay, i'm sure of sun and clouds. 59 degrees in newark. 60 degrees in fremont. heading inland, temperatures will be in the low to mid '60s. 60 at livermore and 61 degrees at pleasanton. spring i know people have been
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inquiring about the warmth saying it is too cool out there. well, i'll tell you what. sunday is the warmer of the two days. upper '60s showing up, inland mid-50s macked. coastside, the monday warmth is on hold as the drive front passes through. we continue with a warming trend. temperatures rise into the '70s inland on tuesday through friday. coastal highs will be in the '50s and the '60s. nice-looking weather ahead. i know we need the rain. but for now, but the rain on hold. wednesday at 74 degrees? it looks like a good day to call in sick. not that we would do that. >> maybe you would do that? >> i would never do that. 74
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now for consumer news. a recall involving a flea collar. we have more about that. >> reporter: we reported on this years ago. this is the number one flea and tick color on amazon. a congressional subcommittee is asking its maker to voluntarily recall the callers after thousands of complaints suggests they have been involved in nearly 1700 pet deaths. you remember, i reported on this issue back in 2014. the natural resources defense council warned about pesticides
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being used in the collar. it is supposed to kill fleas, ticks another pass. the company has issued a statement saying it stands behind the safety profile. it is not planning to recall the callers. two college students continue to face economic hardships because of the pandemic. there were 11,000 students surveyed in more than 60% say that food and rent are now their top two financial needs. 22% say they were receiving unemployment benefits and 6% had actually dropped out of school altogether. the pandemic has turned the movie industry on its head in 2020. box office sales were down $2.2 billion in north america alone. that is an 80% decline from 2019. on the other hand, the home and mobile entertainment markets
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since the first case of covid- 19 hit this country. since then, half 1 million people have died from covid. health inequities have service and racial reckoning has happened. we spoke to community leaders who look back how cold it impacted minorities and asked themselves where do we go from here? >> reporter: these are some of the age of visitors encapsulating last year. half 1 million people lost their lives to covid. latinos and other and americans were disproportionately impacted by this virus. >> were you shocked to learn the numbers? >> honestly, never did i imagine the first study we did in april 2020, we find that 95.5% of all the people that tested positive from the latino community. >> reporter:
4:32 pm
targeted and vilified simply for being asians. >> the anti-asian racism stuff is not due. it depends, whenever times get bad, then it comes out again. >> reporter: has we stayed home protecting ourselves from this virus, community leaders and active this point to racism as the intangible virus that the pandemic enhance and the killing of george floyd was the tipping point for many. >> i would be lying if i said that the pandemic had nothing to do with how many people were outraged. because, at the time, for months, everyone was inside. >> reporter: to understand where we go from here, dr. jennifer trend, an ethic studies professor, believes lasting change will change. >> we have to work together. otherwise, our communities will continue to be overlooked. >> reporter: we're seeing this transformation now in the mist of the pandemic at a xavier brown. >> i think it is a unique moment in our history. we have an opportunity to truly
4:33 pm
bring equity to those committees. >> reporter: covid highlighted inequities that the latino community have been facing. reverend fong came out of retirement after 30 years of service. >> we are in the community what do you see? >> i see a lot of history. this is our living room. all the seniors used to hang out here with no fear. and now they can't. >> reporter: reverend fong continues to set up meetings with that there groups. but he says there's a lack of education playing a role in these attacks. >> on one side, on a high level, total solidarity with the black community who get it. the latino community, muslim leaders understand what the asians are going through. but, how do we get the youth,
4:34 pm
you know? to understand that as well? on the youth level, that is where a lot of the violence is taking place. >> reporter: xavier brown his friend mobilized 15,000 people to protest the death of george floyd and police brutality. today, he stands with the asian community. >> my heart goes out to the asian community that is just being so unfairly discriminated. the work is never done. we can always improve you know? a martin luther king and markham ask, they did what they needed to do in their lifespan so that we could improve on. >> reporter: he believes that educating minorities on commonalities will be the key
4:35 pm
in changing stereotypes and ending racism. >> this is a circle. we're writing the circle and who encompasses us. >> reporter: us, meaning the asian america community, the latinos, as one. >> we are dismantling this false binary between us versus them. we cannot succeed or survive and thrive until we come up with solutions that elevate all of our humanity. >> reporter: community leaders emphasized why you and i can do every day. become an ally to those facing systemic racism in our circles, workplaces and communities. they say that individual work will make a difference. reflections and predictions from the executive director of silicon valley's institute for the future. she says the topic we are tackling today, these inequalities, influences
4:36 pm
everything we've talked about this week, from the health of all of us to the economy. whether it is wealth inequality, income inequality, there is a huge, racial differences. that wealth inequality is 10 times greater between white and black families. so, improving conditions of people who have been marginalized, improving their economic well-being actually benefits everybody. this improves health outcomes in the community. it improves everybody because we are seeing the pandemic. it is a collective experience. you are only as healthy as the homeless person on the street from you. it is not about, you can isolate yourself and say, i'm just going to be really in great shape while all these other people are suffering. >> that is well said.
4:37 pm
as we wrap up our week of coverage on the path forward, we are checking in with bay area residents about how the past year has change them. it is the latest installment in our covid diaries. >> things that have changed for good, it can just be a coffee shop. we have to be like a cafe that is offering interesting food items to take out. so, that is like the direction we're headed in. just to adapt to the times. >> i think a year ago, when i tried to put a time frame on it, all the things will be better in a month or two. i think i've learned that i can't really put a time frame on it. and there's no way you can really say how much longer it will last. and, you just have to roll with the punches and that's what i'm doing.
4:38 pm
hopefully, in the future, things will get better with more vaccinations coming out. but, who knows? >> the key of the struggles, there's been articles about the toll of the pandemic has taken on parents. and, while i am a privileged, educated person and i will be fine, i am a statistic. i'm someone who has not gone back to an employee paid worker. i have to say home and we have three little ones. that is the social inequities around women, professional women, working women across the spectrum, across the income spectrum. >> we got to know our neighbors better. and i would say that there is an increase sense of community in our little, our little part of the world.
4:39 pm
but mostly, this has sucked. >> mostly? >> yeah. >> you can watch our covid diary stories and all of our path forward coverage from this week, on our abc
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i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking
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time for the four at four. we start with the that is weighing in on reported firings of five suffers because of past drug use, including marijuana. the white house press secretary said official factors were in play for the five people who were fired. in the past, atomically disqualify applicants. this comes after the daily beast reported on the firings. recreational marijuana is legal in washington d.c. but, it is illegal federally. a top secret security clearance is required to work at the
4:43 pm
white house. normally, drug use can be disqualified. for most people, if there is hard drugs being used, you can understand why that would disqualify a person. but, i think, especially with the democratic administration, our country is heading to the legalization of marijuana. and, each individual state will have an opportunity to decide. i don't know if this will be the same rule 4 years from now. >> i suspect you are right, larry. the pendulum is swinging in a different direction. i understand the white house probably has has different requirements than a lot of other organizations and entities. so, i get there is a heightened sense of concern about any issue that may, in their judgment, affect security. but, as you suggest, things are changing. and, i don't think that would be the case in a few years. >> yeah, kristin, are there any thoughts? >> i think this is a surprise to some of the younger white
4:44 pm
house staffers. but, president biden had indicated that may be an issue. i would be interested in finding out what those other factors are. it's like in those cases, there may be more to it. i see. he's getting some praise and criticism >> then you get into the privacy issues. and it gets complicated. moving on, the ncaa is is scrambling to address an equipment issue that prompted complaints of inequity between men and women in sports. this is unbelievable. it began with a sports performance coach posted a photo on twitter comparing the way one for women, they had a single set of dumbbells to you compared to the sprawling facility at the man's vineyard. steph curry, who treated wow, you are all trip and initially, the ncaa blamed the problem on a space issue. it turned out not to be the
4:45 pm
case. it is working to rectify the issues i saw this on twitter. this is one of the good things about social media. if you see something that is so obviously wrong, sandy, i don't know if you saw it. the guys had this vast weight room and the women had like one tiny rack. they said that they didn't have the space. but, there is a whole ballroom that was completely empty. come on. people? the ncaa, we don't need the ncaa. >> that is just too bad. there shouldn't be that inequality, larry. i did not see that. it is clear that there are differences between the two. let's fix it. what do you think? >> that is so dumb that they had to be
4:46 pm
of and fix it on their own? we have a much different sense of right and wrong these days. the good news, it is being rectified and they are embarrassed and maybe other schools or institutions will take action as a result of this and be afraid to be embarrassed. for the record, for me, the single rack of weights would be plenty. >> all right, can i say how many years have we had title ix now? why am i not surprised? >> and will allow cheerleaders on the sidelines at high school football games after all. the new guidance comes just days after state health officials band so-called supporting groups from attending games which drew complaints from cheerleaders and parents. under the reversal, sidelined cheer will be reclassified as a recreational sports subject to the same rules as competitive cheer which is allowed. it is not clear if the change applies to other supporting groups like bands and drum lines. i will say i do know that right now, fans are still not allowed. it is important to note, strict attendance rules are enforced. only a single adult per household is allowed to attend.
4:47 pm
again, here is confusion. the state rules to say family presumably, both parents are allowed. some school districts are enforcing the one parent only. you to choose who is your favorite parent. you know, there's the whole cheer issue. you know how athletic it is. my daughter was a cheerleader. this would be a problem for us because, if i can't go, who is going to be screaming at the bases, catch my daughter, please? she was a flyer. it is better that i don't go to anything anymore. i would make a fool of myself. who is this moron yelling out there? >> well, cheer these days is athletic as almost any other sport. it is amazing what these people are doing. larry, to your point, it makes me nervous watching. but,
4:48 pm
with a due. >> it is just as much a sport as a basketball players or football players. >> they just need to social distance on the side. tied covid protocols will be the only thing in place for next month's oscars. reducers request all nominees attend in person and no one will be allowed to appear by zoom. they are asking those attending to avoid casual attire for the kennedy says strict covid protocols will be in place with an on-site covid safety team and pcr testing. only those nominated, their guests, and presenters can attend the ceremony which will air right here on a bee seven on april 20. >> no sweatpants at the oscars? >> i know. this is an attempt to make sure the ratings are better. award shows haven't done as well will resume. i think they want the
4:49 pm
walking the red carpet in the gown. what do you think? >> i think so. that is what people envision when they think of the oscars. everyone is decked out and making an appearance. if city protocols are taken, i suppose you can do it. what if a nominee is not ♪ ♪ are you ready to join the duers?
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a new series premajor leaguer premiering on the aretha franklin. >> i am writing a new song. it is going to hit you hard. >> it may just be one of the toughest jobs in show business. playing a legend called the "queen of soul" to reigned for more than half a century. >> i was overwhelmed with having to tell the story and her voice is one in a millions so it is making sure the music feels right and doing it in the right way. >> ♪ my father said come on home ♪ >> it was a huge honor to take it on. if things don't have a little bit of scare factor in them,
4:57 pm
then probably not worth doing. part of me is also thrilled by that. if it scares me a little bit, it is probably a good thing. >> was part of the difficulty the range of music?, the different styles of music, the different eras? >> my goodness, yeah. that was more delight than a dealt. i listened to her growing up. i knew how far her range stretched. that for me was really exciting. >> the limited series spans the entire life of aretha franklin who became a mother at the age of 12. the young performer with the big task of playing her as a girl is the remarkable cheyenne jordan. >> those are like really deep emotions for aretha and i feel the hardest part was trying to connect to that. >> the miniseries places the queen of soul at the hearts of the civil rights movement and shows how she made her way in what was at the time a music business ruled by men. >> i think that people don't realize just how much she
4:58 pm
fought for herself and how constantly she was ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a $500 pulic charging credit.
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ask your doctor about jardiance. governor newsom standing side by side with asian american leaders. his commitment to stopping the spike in violent hate crimes. also, the new video of an older asian woman knocked to the ground and robbed. the new bill that would reclassify this kind of attack from a felony to a misdemeanor. getting kids out of distance learning and back to in-person learning. the pushback is already under way. the lack of demand for covid testing has led to test site consolidation. why some say it is way too soon. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. >> the idea that people have to live in fear because their race, their ethnicity. the idea that we are still having conversations that we were having in 1881


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