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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 25, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the near future and when she can begin touring again. this right now on "america this morning," a bulletin warning of more mass violence in wake of the mass shootings in colorado and georgia. this as the suspect in the boulder supermarket attack makes his first appearance today. what investigators are now revealing. plus, another supermarket scare. a man arrested with body armor and five guns. the alarming spike in people hospitalized with covid in the midwest. what doctors are seeing, plus breaking news overnight a potential fourth vaccine and new york governor andrew cuomo again in the spotlight. how he allegedly got his family special treatment during the pandemic. mystery in the virgin islands. a woman missing for more than two weeks last seen on her boyfriend's yacht. what we're learning about a phone call made in the middle of the night.
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plus, jay leno's apology. why he's saying for jokes he pmade. fast food gets even faster. the new way to order take-out. no phone call or website needed. later redefining clean. the contact vum of the future with lasers. good thursday morning, everyone. we do begin with a new bulletin for law enforcement agencies across this country warning about more acts of violence following the recent carnage in colorado and georgia. meanwhile, there was an outpouring of grief in boulder as people came together to remember the ten lives lost in monday's supermarket shooting. the suspect is due in court today. also police are investigating another scare at a supermarket. this time in atlanta where a man was arrested with five guns and body armor. overnight tributes across boulder for the victims of monday's supermarket shooting.
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from candlelight vigils to this procession for officer eric talley who died in the attack. the city council holding a special meeting for the public to discuss their grief. >> denny was my student for three years. >> reporter: one speaker, a former high school teacher of denny stong who worked at the supermarket. >> it was december of his senior year after weeks of helping him complete applications that colleagues and i celebrated him being offered a position at king soopers. i thought about the santa hat . every year i taught him. the speaker he carried down the halls during passing periods and drove everyone crazy with his old soul. >> reporter: one of ten killed when a gunman opened fire before continuing his rampage inside. that 21-year-old suspect is expected to make his first court appearance today. he is a u.s. citizen who came here from syria when he was 3. sources say investigators are learning about his quick temper
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but still no word on why the supermarket was targeted. this morning, survivors are grappling with a new reality. >> now i wake up every night to, you know, gunshots and i can't sleep. >> is that what happens when you close your eyes at night? >> i just wake up. i wake up to gunfire. i wake up, ba, ba, ba, ba. dirty darcy crawled into a cabinet. >> i was cramped into a little ball. we were just waiting for a gunman to come around the corner to end it and shoot us. i just said to myself if this is the world that i live in, just take me. just take me. >> reporter: meanwhile, 1,400 miles away police arrested a man who walked into this grocery store. he was carrying two long guns and three pistols sent for a .
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warn to take more precautions. a bulletin from the nypd is warning of more public acts of violence adding, malicious actors may view the loosening of restrictions of covid-19 as a chance perpetrate violence. and the white house is considering whether to issue executive orders on gun control. they could include stronger background checks and a crackdown on ghost guns made from kits. north korea fired two ballistic missiles into the sea of japan ramping up tensions with the u.s. it's the first serious provocation by kim jong-un since president biden took office. the launch violates u.s. or i mean u.n. resolutions. a u.s. military official said overnight the u.s. commitment to defending south korea and japan remains ironclad. also breaking overnight, astrazeneca has revised its covid trial data after coming under fire for using outdated information. that was in its first report. the company now says the vaccine is 76% effective against the coronavirus. the earlier reports said 79%.
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the vaccine is in line to become the fourth available in the u.s. health officials in michigan are reporting an alarming increase in people hospitalized with covid. most of the cases are young adults who have not been vaccinated. hospitalizations are up 800% among adults in their 40s. >> it's hard to say what triggered this in michigan but with businesses starting to open up and schools opening up and people i think perhaps relaxing a little bit because they're tired of all the covid restrictions, understandably so, you know, it doesn't take much to kick off another surge. >> hospitalization rates for michigan adults over the age of 80 are sharply lower. most of them are vaccinated. new york governor andrew cuomo faces a new controversy. this morning he is accused of giving members of his family special access to coronavirus testing during the early days of the pandemic. cnn anchor chris cuomo, the governor's brother who tested positive was those who tested before tests were widely available. now to the crisis on the southern border. we're getting a new look
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at the conditions some migrant children are facing. it comes as u.s. border officials release more migrants without a court date raising concern the system is breaking down. faith abubey in washington with more on this. faith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, kenneth. for the first time the biden administration is allowing a television camera inside one of those border facilities housing unaccompanied minors, but it's not one of those overcrowded ones. after weeks of pressure and promises of transparency, the biden administration finally allowing journalists into a facility housing unaccompanied migrant children. the administration carefully controlling what the camera could capture. children playing soccer and classrooms ready for students. the images in stark contrast to photos released by congressman henry cu sellahowed a different overcrowded facility. >> i would release them again because i think it's important for the public to know what is happening. >> reporter: the number of children in custody without a parent is roughly 16,000
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approaching a record. the pentagon has approved a request to use two military bases to house some of them. an air force base in colorado is also under consideration. president biden said the surge started during the trump administration but republicans blame biden for rolling back the former president's immigration policies. >> this is not trump's fall. that's a bunch of bs. this is policy choices that were ill-conceived that have blown up in the biden administration's face. >> reporter: and now abc news has confirmed immigration authorities to reduce overcrowding have been releasing a growing number of migrants pf given court dates, something the white house initially described as inaccurate. president biden has now tapped vice president kamala harris to lead the administration's efforts to stem the influx at the border. >> there are many factors that lead children to leave these countries and while we are clear people should not come to the
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border now we also understand we will enforce the law. >> reporter: vice president kamala harris has admitted that the influx of migrant children at the border is, quote, a huge problem that won't be fixed overnight. kenneth. >> all right, faith abubey in washington, thank you. staying in washington, senate democrats are hoping to push through the biggest nationwide elections overhaul in decades. the legislation calls for automatic voter registration and expanded early voting. republicans insist the bill would put their party at a disadvantage. the changes needed to stop states trying to make it harder to vote. >> instead of doing what you should be doing when you lose an election in a democracy attempting to win over those voters in the next election, republicans instead are trying to disenfranchise those voters, shame on them. >> this is clearly an effort by one party to rewrite the rules of our political system. >> democrats, however, do not
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have the 60 votes needed to pass the bill which could set up a battle over the filibuster. a dramatic rescue in delray beach where police pulled a naked woman out of a storm drain missing for three weeks and has a history of mental illness. she says she got into the sewer system through a canal where she had been swimming. she was treated for dehydration. time now for a look at your thursday weather. skies over central texas will be clear today after the intense hailstorm. a tornado watch was also posted for the area but none were reported. that same system is moving into the southeast today threatening parts of mississippi, alabama and tennessee with tornadoes that could travel up to 25 miles, destructive winds and large hail could affect the area. atlanta could hit 80. 50 both in chicago and denver today and still unseasonably mild across the northeast. a
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jay leno. he told in the past. yesterday it was cinnamon toast crunch. today it's grape-nuts. the big news for cereal lovers next.
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back now with the end of the line for this courageous cat. it wound up on a bridge on top of a light fixture in ft. lauderdale, florida. as rescuers with a net closed in, when they got too close, the cat ran to safety on the bridge. they believe the cat is a stray. it was not hurt. jay leno is apologizing for racist jokes he made about asians, some dating back 19 years. he claims those jokes mostly centered on north korea saying, quote, i genuinely thought them to be harmless.
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cept hispogy butlaadv it oy ai advertisers of his upcoming game show. women's soccer star megan rapinoe helping women fight for equal pay. president biden and the first lady are also trying to close the pay gap between the sexes. here's abc's andrea fujii. >> reporter: this morning u.s. women's soccer star megan rapinoe leading a fight for equal pay testifying at a congressional hearing on pay inequities between men and women. >> they want us to take the stars and stripe, red, white and blue across the entire globe and represent america in the best way possible. we've done all of that and simply there's no reason why we're underpaid for the exception of gender. >> reporter: rapinoe speaking on equal payday, a date that symbolizes how far into the new year women must work to earn what men earn the previous year. at the white house, president
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biden signed a proclamation to acknowledge the problem. >> we shouldn't be satisfied that it is no longer even necessary to members at all. >> reporter: dr. jill biden recalled her last teaching job for which she was paid 25 less than a man with the same experience. >> it was the lack of respect. the discrimination. why was my work worthless. >> reporter: sentiments shared by rapinoe. >> rapinoe shot, goal. the u.s. leads. >> reporter: the u.s. women's soccer team has won four world cup championships and four gold medals, arguably more successful than the men's team. but rapinoe says the women are still underpaid. >> despite all the wins, i'm still paid less than men who do the same job that i do.
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>> reporter: according to the national women's law center women working full time are paid 82 cents for every dollar men are paid. wednesday's congressional hearing also addressed disparity in the ncaa. spotlighted by a women's basketball player who compared the men's march madness weight room to the women's limited accommodations. the ncaa has apologized and upgraded the women's facilities. though rapinoe and her teammates settled part of their lawsuit, they're still appealing a decision on wage discrimination under the equal pay act. kenneth, mona. >> andrea, thank you. some important news for people who like grape-nuts cereal. the company reported a shortage during the pandemic but now post says supplies have returned to normal so it's promising to reimburse customers who paid inflated prices in recent months. fast food could soon get even faster. the company that owns kfc and taco bell is buying a tech start-up to take your order by text message. it tested the technology in hundreds of restaurants. >> two chalupas, please. coming up, a big win meghan markle and her fight against the paparazzi. the disappearance of a woman last seen on her boyfriend's
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. psst! psst! allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! you're good. back now with bald eagle soring once again. once on the verge of extinction. the population in the u.s. has quadrupled since 2009. thanks to new protection. >> filed for bankruptcy as it tries to fight lawsuits from meghan markle. the lawsuits focus on paparazzi
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photographs of her carrying her son in vancouver. claiming they were published without permission. >> a developing story in the u.s. vir vin islands. concerns are growing about the fate of a woman missing since earlier this month. >> this morning the fbi is joining the search for 41 year-old. the british woman last seen with her american boyfriend in the u.s. virgin islands two weeks ago. her friends just want answers. >> the time line of things doesn't add up. that we have. >> police say they had dinner march 7. and returned to his yacht. then around 2:30 a.m., she called 911 to report her missing. officers told him to call the coast guard. he did later that day. >> he was advised to call the coast guard. not until 11:46 the next later that morning. that's almost nine hours. for me if you thought she had
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fallen over board, you would have called straight away. >> police say he denied the request to search the vessel. coast guard boarded the yacht and interviewed him and handed over the phone. his attorney says bane is praying for her safe return. >> coming up later, how his friends are trying to help investigators. >> a referee in the nhl fired for what he said what he thought the microphone was off. he called a penalty. and heard saying this. >> the league says that statement threatened the integrity of the game. fans are demanding accountability from the reves. >> chicago wrigley field is touchless. fans will scan themselves. once inside, everything will be cashless. >> coming up the vacuum cleaner of the future.
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time to check the pulse. beginning with some new robots. soft to touch as you and me. >> russian company creating a new breed of human oids with the most realistic looking skin. using special resin and 3 d printing. it's transferred into a mold. >> for the life like appearance. the silicon skin is applied layer byr. hi to lebrate. the company is out with a new model. which can shine a laser to reveal dirt not visible to the naked eye. it will let you know if you missed anything.
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. now a community in mourning as the man accused of taking ten lives is due in court for the first time. the latest on the boulder, ccpermaress the erence between s ased rlier back since november in the ampm which is great and we have had no transmissions. one local school district ready to send it's younger students back to school, five days a week. good morning. welcome to thursday, march 25th. >> want to start with a check of the forecast with mike. >> good morning. the winds are back. they are pretty fast up in the hills. from 30 to 40 miles an hour. they are fastest along the coast at the lower elevations. that includes san francisco, sfo, look at that. san mateo and heyward and oakland around 20 to 30.
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