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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 3, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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thanks for the company, america. have a great weekend. good night.
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a step forward for california indoor sporting events and concerts getting the
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green light with some restrictions. cooling continues going into the weekend. how cool will it be for easter, i'll have the forecast. two days away from easter sunday, and even though millions of californians have been fully vaccinated, doctors tell us what you should and shouldn't do. abc 7 news starts right now. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solution, this is abc 7 news. >> we're getting to a point when you've got orange and yellow is there something besides yellow, besides orange, and the answer is yes. >> a friday surprise from governor newsom during his whirlwind trip across southern california today. >> an increase in supply and a low transmission rate, he's ready to change how california is re-opening. >> next week we'll make a significant announcement about the whole tiering strategy. on tuesday we're likely to make that announcement updating the
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whole approach to tiering on the basis of our expectation that manufacturing supply will come into the state. >> governor newsom says he would like to make the announcement on monday, maybe tuesday, but first must talk with local health officials before revealing the changes he has in mind. >> governor newsom also announced the state is expecting a large shipment of johnson & johnson doses next week. he says the state should receive 572,000, but the number will drop in the following weeks. the positivity rate is 1.8%, one of the lowest in the country. the low transmission rate has paved the way for the state to allow concerts, conferences and other indoor events to resume april 15th. but of course, there will be restrictions. >> the return of indoor events is a big step forward certainly, but we'll still need to approve the guidelines. the state has some requirements
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of its own. >> reporter: live concerts indoor, remember those? they could be back entertaining bay area fans by april 15th. the state giving the green light. live indoor theater performances can also resume with capacity limits. christian avar has been waiting a long time. >> i am so beyond excited. i was scared that they'd all shut down. and i'm an avid theater goer, music lover. >> reporter: the bay area theater scene has been shuttered for more than a year. >> it's great news that the performing arts are actually now being identified in some of the chase center with capacity limits. everything that we need to do to ensure that we'll be able to
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return fans to warriors games back into chase center very soon. >> reporter: but as you might imagine, if you want to take in a game, a concert or a show, there will be requirements if you want to go inside. state health guidelines will require people attending indoor events show proof of full vaccination or a negative covid test. a county 's tier level will determine how many people are aloud inside. with approval from the department of public health, san francisco supervisor math haney tweeted the warriors could welcome fans back for the april 21st home game versus the nuggets. the return of fans will be a game changer. >> we'll is a little more foot traffic. the revenue will change. we'll be table hire more staff. it's going to be more fun. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> today the cdc said people who are fully vaccinated against covid-19 can now travel at low risk to themselves. there's already been an uptick in travel at sfo. the airport says yesterday was the busiest day there since the
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pandemic began. the cdc says even with the new guidelines people should only travel if absolutely necessary. people at sfo today were traveling for all sorts of reasons. >> coronavirus scares me. >> but you're traveling. >> i need to see my daughter. i would only do it for her. >> i'm going home to minneapolis. >> i miss my girlfriend. >> well, my mom's 84th birthday. >> the cdc also says if you do travel still socially distance and wear a mask. people to be cautious this easter weekend, especially if you're planning on attending any gatherings. we have more on how churches and restaurants are helping people stay safe. >> reporter: it's year two of easter sunday during the pandemic. unlike last year, now we're closer to getting back to normal. but several aspects of life are still like 2020. for instance, many churches will
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do a hybrid service or continue the virtual route. >> we have brought all of our rites and rituals online. >> reporter: memorial church in san francisco their service will include scenes from several years back with a combination of 2021. >> we'll still have the message of redems and resurrection. >> reporter: during easter of last year, this wine bar pivoted to family meal kits. those kits helped their business throughout the pandemic. now a year later families are signing up again this easter to keep that tradition alive. >> we've realized that we've kind of condense it to letting people enjoy an experience. paella was created as a sunday event. >> reporter: and home is where many are used to gathering for easter. but ucsf's dr. rutherford says take it outdoors. >> if you're vaccinated and meeting up with other vaccinated people, no problems. if you're vaccinated and meeting
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up with unvaccinated people from manufacture than one household, then we're back to the same old stuff. >> reporter: according to the latest state data, over 6 million californians have been fully vaccinated. that's 21% of the state's population. dr. rutherford says that's not enough to let our guard down. >> we have some vicious counterexamples for having light at the end of the tunnel. there's a huge outbreak in the lower peninsula of michigan. >> reporter: dr. rutherford believes if we continue to keep our distance and vaccinate we could be out of the pandemic by the summer. but it's up to all of in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and if you choose to spend the easter holiday outdoors, expect a bit cooler weather outside. aooleruty 7 ns let me give you a look at our forecast features. the cooling that started today continues through the weekend, but easter sunday is bright with
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mild, seasonal temperatures. our projected high temperatures for tomorrow mainly mid-50s near the coast up ander 50s near the bay. cool there, even inland highs in the upper 60s. but on sunday it gets a little bit milder inland. mid-50s coast but low 60s near the bay and low 70s inland. a lovely easter sunday. and a look at the next seven day as little bit later. >> all right, look forward to it. thank you, spencer. and this sunday we will stream that easter service live from glide memorial church in san francisco. you'll find that on our website., on facebook, youtube and wherever you stream. well, it appears the kinks have been at a coleu were able to order food and drinks through the mobile app. they were not happy last night. fans complained about long wait times or not being able to order at all. the a's president told us on abc 7 news at 4:00 that the team is
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adjusting their approach. >> was just not up to snuff in being able to process thousands of orders. and so, you know, we've made some changes. we're adding more mobile hocker, people who are going to work through the stadium and sell food and beer and things of that nature. >> due to covid regulations, fans are not allowed to buy straight from the concession stand. the a's are encouraging people to bring their own food. stanford's women's basketball team is going to the national championship game. earlier tonight they beat the universityouth carolina in a nail biter. final score was 66-65. the cardinal now play the university of arizona on sunday. this is the first time stanford's women's basketball team has made it to the championship since 2010. also today stanford head coach tara vander veer was named the nay smith women's college basketball coach of the year. congratulations.
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>> that is great. she's amazing. well, coming unon abc 7 news at 11:00, a brutal attack on an asian couple caught on camera. a son jumps in to save them. what oakland police are now telling abc 7 news about this crime. some bay area communities are already welcoming back events. the boost first fridays are giving businesses. coming up, healing krisz tales are making a comeback during the covid-19 pandemic. now social media and psychologists are weighing in. that's all ahead, but a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live after abc 7 news at 11:00, jimmy? >> i plucked my eyebrows especially for this. do you think people have you been vaccinated because of your age, but i think it's because you're within six degrees of everybody. and if you were to get any kind of a disease, like half of hollyw
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new details tonight in the attack that killed a capitol police officer. the suspect was 25-year-old noah green. authorities say he rammed his car into two officers at a barricade and got out of the car and lunged at them with a knife. the officers shot green and he later died at the hospital. officer william evans was killed and another officer was hurt. bay area congressman ro khanna was on his way back to his nearby office when he got word of what happened. >> i see how vulnerable these officers are. i mean, anyone can get up to that barrier, sometimes you see people harassing them or not
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being very polite. and i've always been concerned for their safety. >> authorities say no clear motive has been established. they are look at social media posts believed to be associated with green. in the south bay, police are looking for a man they say shoved a filipino woman to the ground and said go back to china. >> as a person of both asian and pacific islander descent, i have been watching with shock and dismay the continuing acts of violence and hate being directed towards people who look like me. >> the incident happened around 5:00 p.m. tuesday. the victim was walking near garden lane and says a man shoved her to the ground. the suspect is described as a white or hispanic man wearing a black or gray bike helmet with a dark-kolared neck gator over part of his face. if you were in the area and saw anything, call police. in oakland new video coming to light involving an attack on seniors and their son who jumped in to save them. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news.
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abc 7 news anchor deon pressed the oakland police chief for answers today. >> reporter: dramatic video coming out of oakland shows the moments an asian cup until their 70s is attacked and robbed on their front porch monday afternoon. the couple's son, hearing his mother screaming, runs out barefoot, wielding a machete, and scares the robbers away. this happened one day before a vietnamese couple were tied up, attacked and robbed of much of their life savings less than ten minutes away. their 7-year-old daughter, home at the time, witnessed it all. >> i'm scared they're going to come back, though. and i don't want them to come back. >> reporter: during a time when many attacks on asian americans are coming to light, these victims tell me they are losing confidence in oakland police, especially after a store owner in chinatown was arrested after firing his weapon to stop a robbery in progress. i attended a press conference held by police friday afternoon where they announced the formation of a new violent
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crimes operation center to address the 230% increase in homicides this year. here's what i asked police chief armstrong about concerns from victims. >> the victims tell me that they feel like they have lost faith in oakland police. they feel they've lost faith in you. is there a message specifically i can give to these families that are hurting that cannot sleep at night? >> the message is clear to me that i've been very clear from the beginning when i took over as chief that i want to reduce crime in the city of oakland. that with limited resources i have to use those resources as efficient and effective as i can. so i understand their impatience. but these investigations take time, take time identifying those responsible for it. but we're going to do our due diligence. aeoremaon sh i preseed chief both responded saying this was still
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not acceptable. a story we will continue to follow. abc 7 news. >> we'll continue to report on this. but for the moment let's switch gears and talk about the weather, ama, and easter weekend. >> absolutely, let's get to spencer christian for what's hopping our way. >> ama, things are looking good up in l.a. i love it. the radar shows fog moving toward the coastline, but it habit arrived in san francisco yet. mainly clear skies over the skyline as 50 degrees here in the city, and san jose 48. uniform temperature readings pretty much. from emeryville a pretty clear view of the bay bridge and the city. 46 degrees rig now santa rosa. napa 49. 50 at fairfield. 48 livermore. 58 at concord. the view from our rooftop camera looking across the embarcadero, it is sparkling right now. these are our forecast features, cooling that started today continues tomorrow. we can expect a steady seasonal range of temperatures on easter
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sunday, so nothing too chilly. a gradual warming will occur early next week, and temperatures will bounce back a bit. here's a look at our overnight forecast animation. fog will push up against the coastline. there could be enough moisture in the air for a couple damp spots. the day starts off by mid-morning with mainly clear skies and it's going to be a mainly sunny day with high clouds around. overnight expect low temperatures to be mainly in the mid to upper 40s with a fog at the coast and perhaps locally out over the bay. and then tomorrow bright, sunny skies in most places by around midday. down the south bay look for highs in t upper 60ser 60ser 60r 70. on and peninsula, 64, 65 mainly everywhere. cool in san francisco with a high of 59 degrees tomorrow. up in the north bay, we'll see some mid-60s. 66 at santa rosa. 67 at sonoma and napa. 62 many oak land.
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castle valley, 64 there. inland east bay and highs will be in the upper 60s to 70 degrees at pittsburg and brentwood. easter sunday looking good. bright, dry conditions. not chilly but not mild ether. milder on monday and warms up tuesday and wednesday. upper 60s to 70s around the bay shoreline and then temperatures start to tumble a little bit going towards the end of the week as clouds increase but we still see no hint of rain. dan and ama? >> okay, thank you, spencer. new at 11:00, during the covid-19 pandemic, many are finding different ways to lessen their stress and their anxiety. for some it could mean taking on new hobbies, new recipes maybe, perhaps, or even finding solace in collecting healing stones and crystals. >> abc 7 explores their return to popularity. >> reporter: donna owns catch
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deez vibes, an online shop of forever popular crystals. business has been booming during the pandemic with people looking to maintain positive protective energy. >> i think that because each crystal has a specific type of property that really helps people like, you know, either find direction and a path of what they maybe even want to do or like where to start. >> reporter: since launching in october and serving customers as far as new york, she has found a growing crystal community on social media, all finding a sense of healing during covid-19. we caught up with santa clara university psychology professor dr. thomas plant to ask about this type of intervention. >> we don't work with crystals or anything like that, because there's no evidence for the psychological efficacy of them. but on the other hand, placebos work. >> reporter: dr. plant calls it a placebo, but doesn't dismiss what they may do for people, especially during what he call as mental health tsunami as we continue with the pandemic,
1:28 am
racism, political conflict and more. >> people are anxious and they are looking for solace. and they're going to look towards things that may make them feel comfortable, and crystals are one of those things. >> reporter: when dealing with anxiety, panic and depression, dr. plant instead suggests seeking professional help. however, she says she wouldn't classify these crystals as placebos, pointing to tangible healing properties she's experienced herself. >> i think it's just something that you can manifest, like you know, right in front of you. like i have a crystal. like i hold it. i can feel the energy from it. but it's just a starting point for whatever healing process or journey you want to go on. >> reporter: in the south bay, i'm amanda, abc 7 news. >> and if you're looking for mental health resources and need somewhere to start, just head to our website, for
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after a one-year break because of the pandemic, first friday's returned in los altos tonight. people have a chance to explore downtown restaurants. similar ra county, being in the orange tier now, has allowed for greater capacity at many businesses. first friday's go from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening on the first friday of every month. and ama, that's a lot of fun. and nice to see a little normalcy coming back slowly, isn't it? >> absolutely. i know people are loving that. all right, now larry beil is here with sports. >> dan, ama, we have so many highlights tonight you're going to be begging me to stop. you've got to see the finish at the final four. stanford survives. they'll play for the national championship, but it wasn't
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sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> good evening, it'll be an all
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pac-12 title game as the stanford women survived a late scare to reach the national championship game. stanford and south carolina of at the final four, cameron breaks six blocked shots but only eight blocked points. lexie hall misses the lay-up, but haley jones, look at the hustle with the loose ball then hits the j. stanford up one, jones with 24 points. final, frantic seconds. brink on the inbound. she has the ball, loses it. here comes south carolina, chance to win. aliyah on the break. no, and no on the follow as stanford barely hangs on, 66-65. they'll meet arizona for the title on sunday. tall.h, a little sparky as a baseball. he's getting loud. the astros bats were as well. bregman, a three-run shot in the third. astros score the first five run thofs game. we need a positive moment for the a's. chad pinder pinch-hitting, launches oneomer ohi
1:34 am
season, but they fall again 9-5. buster posey and the giants visiting the mariners. posey on pace for 162 homers because this is his second home run in as many games. you know, i think taking a year off helps. i might try that. evan longoria on the same pace. 160, so together that is, what, 324? he goes deep for a two-run shot in the fourth to tie it at 3-3. jake mcgee, nice sign after the bullpen implosion. to the iceo.posig shksnd up 1-0 in up 1-0 in up second. meyer scores a nice night for martin jones between the pipes. jones with 30 savers and the sharks win 3-zip. we got destroyed, humiliating, the words of warriors coach steve kerr. tailbone pain.i
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>> and i'm dan. >> "localish bay area" is sponsored by northern california honda dealers. hey, bay area. it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪ today, mom knows best. >> hola, san francisco.
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>> meet your new favorite hot sauce. >> what started as a hot sauce -- one single product, one single sku -- has now become a family of 10 single items. >> then, move over, potatoes. >> we order about 200 cans of spam in a week. right when they sit down, they just order -- "spam fries." >> and an interactive museum that will delight. >> you're gonna see things here that you've never seen before or you will not see anywhere else. >> plus, get your sweat on through virtual reality. >> there's so much happening around me, i'm forgetting that i'm exercising. >> hey, guys. how's it going? back again with another hot-sauce review. and i'm telling you, i have a good one for you guys. >> tia. >> tia. >> tia lupita. >> hot sauce. >> this is a family recipe. it has been passed by from generations through generations. tia lupita is a better-for-you, healthy mexican food. >> i love it! >> yeah! >> we use clean, simple ingredients in all of our
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products. we have a line of our hot sauces that are a family recipe, artisanal, made with local ingredients. and we use cactus as an ingredient for our chips and our tortillas. >> this is awesome. >> hola. my name is hector saldivar, and i'm the founder of tia lupita foods. ♪ i moved here from mexico 15 years ago. and my mom would ship me bottles of hot sauce, 'cause that's what mexicans' moms do, you know? she would send me her family-recipe hot sauce, and i was sharing with new friends and colleagues. and that's when i started to realize that people loved my mom's hot sauce. and the constant feedback was, "you have to bottle this. you have to sell it." and then, three, four years ago, the company that i was working for got bought and moved operations to the east coast. and that's when my wife and i came to the fork in the road and
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had to make a decision, and either we stay here, and -- or we move with the company. and so, with my wife's support, we went ahead and started tia lupita three years ago. >> hola, san francisco. >> this is my mom, tia lupita. >> [ laughs ] >> [ laughs ] >> [ speaking spanish ] >> in mexico, we don't inherit cars or jewelry or houses or money -- what we inherit is family recipes. so, my mother had it, so before her, it was my grandmother, and before her, it was her great-grandmother. she protected that really closely. and when i decided to move forward with doing this business, i had to get her blessing and i had to convince her that the world deserves this hot sauce. [ speaking spanish ] >> [ speaking spanish ] >> she's really proud of where we are right now. she's not really happy about the picture i use to promote, but it's --
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it's the brand identity. tia lupita's real, and that's exactly how you would find her in the -- in her kitchen, wearing her apron and that curler. and i just needed that to live on and to communicate that to -- to consumers. ♪ so, what started as a hot sauce -- one single product, one single sku -- has now become a family of 10 single items. so, we're doing a cactus tortilla, which is better for you -- low-calorie, low-carb -- it's only 30 calories and 4 grams of carbs per tortilla. then we've also done our line of cactus, grain-free tortillas. so these tortilla chips are 100% grainless. they're plant-based, so there's no corn, there's no wheat -- there's no gluten. the most sustainable have been eating cactus since the dawn of their civilization


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