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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  April 11, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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vaccine open season and some counties stepping forward in opening the floodgates for those 16 and older. the statewide date ahead this week but questions of access looming large. one county shows us how they are meeting that mission this morning. good morning. it is sunday, april 11. and thank you for joining us and a big step forward this week in the pandemic. will get to that in a moment but let's start with a look at the weather. >> we do have some fog along the coast and not much of it as a look at the live doppler you can see it along the coast
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in create some visibility issues and it will become patchy throughout the day and high pressure built-in yesterday will help to keep that warming trend going. 3 mile visibility and you can see a little bit of a haze here over the city from our tower cam and we are in the upper and oakland and 48 downtown with 54 in mountain view and check out this sky it looks like a watercolor. we are looking at looking at still there and high clouds will be thrown into the atmosphere today and right now 55 with a low of 50 in napa and 50 in livermore and finally from a roof camera breeze picks out throughout the day and partly cloudy skies and low 60s to upper 60s by around the midday our and the the the the warming well through the 70s inland and near 70 at the coast. we will talk about that giants game next. happening today a free vaccination pop up opens in the east bay and they have been hosting vaccine clinics.
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today it will be administering first shots atots atots atots at church in oakland. it starts at 9:30 this morning and the second shots will be given out on may 8 and make an appointment go to united in health this comes as this week california will expandll expandd vaccine access ages 16 and up. and most counties right now eligibility is limited to people 50 or older are those in certain health or employment categories. this is health officials from three bay area counties moving ahead of the states schedule. >> reporter: we are four days away from the state vaccines eligibility expansion, but san francisco, alameda and contra costa county are ahead of the state and opening up vaccinations now. on wednesday of last week alameda county expanded its
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vaccine eligibility to residents in 12 zip codes and those hardest hit by the pandemic. starting monday, they are open and up to residents in the entire county 16 and older. >> right now alameda county residents were 16 and older can go to make an appointment to be vaccinated at the coliseum. >> reporter: san francisco is getting ahead of the state and expanded eligibility to everyone 16 and older if they lived in one of the neighborhoods. what is concerning san francisco's dph deputy director a supply. >> unfortunately, as we expand, there is less vaccine coming in. part of this is due to johnson & johnson having a little bit of a delay given issues going on with the manufacturing. the hope is that in the next few weeks the vaccine will start to flow momomomomomomomomo >> reporter: alameda county is struggling with supply. last week, they got over 40,000 doses. next week, they are getting
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26,000. contra costa county is the opposite of san francisco and alameda county and they are expecting 120,000 doses. that is 20,000 more than last week. >> a large part of the reason why we have been able to do so well is that contra costa county has federal qualified health clinics and those health clinics are in all kinds of counties. but ours are mostly run by the county. >> reporter: contra costa county has been ahead of the state since march 31.march 31.m. >> san francisco is also getting a jumpstart by offering free vaccinations to those in priority zip codes and thousands were turned down due to supply. we were at san francisco general hospital the breakdown the vaccine crunch >> we came to check itititititit
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we did not expect this long line. >> reporter: thousands of people showed up early and got in this long line for a vaccine clinic at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. the wait was painful for some. >> we have been waiting for about 3 1/2 hours at this point. >> reporter: they opened vaccine eligibility early ahead of the april 15 expansion to those living in eight priority zip codes and underserved communities in both reservation and walk-in appointments are available here, but nobody knew how big the demand would be. >> we had a little over 6000 individuals that showed up today before 9:00.before 9:00.b. >> reporter: with only 2000 allotted doses per day, upwards of 4000 people got turned away. >> no more walk-ins. we are done for the day. >> i was surprised. i had some friends that said they had been scouting it out the last week or so and saying the end of the time is the best
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time to come in so that is why i came now at about 2:00 at i guess they were wrong. >> i apologize we can't vaccinate everyone who shows up. >> reporter: lake west is not giving up on getting that shot. >> reporter: you will try again tomorrow? >> yes. >> reporter: hospital officials hope people return sunday or any day next week eight a clock a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the best advice is to get here early to make sure you get vaccinated. facebook is menlo park location for vaccinations. hundreds of people lined up for the first of for saturday events to receive the vaccine and being run by the ravenswood family health center in east palo alto. >> i have a very very close friend down in southern california in icu with so to know i am protecting myself and others by getting the vaccine, i think it is awesome.
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>> the goal is to vaccinate 5000 people within the next month. for everything you need on the covid-19 vaccination, you could headwear website and that is where you will find the interactive vaccine tracker and the difference between this shot and a place to disseminate your questions and that is that this morning a steep drop in the number of people getting tested for covid-19 is starting to worry local health workers in santa clara county said it is handling 5000 test each day and that is only about 35% of its capacity and the peak was that nearly 20,000 a day and we spoke with the county's testing officer about the possibility that vaccines are driving numbers down. >> i think people again are looking toward vaccines and are excited about vaccines, which is fine and while you wait your turn, because again we don't have enough vaccines yet, and it will take several more weeks to get every buddy vaccinated as long as it calms. but while you are waiting, go get tested. >> the doctor said the emergence of the variance is another reason why they should get tested.
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part of this is focusing on the pandemic has change education and today's state college of san francisco students they will hold a march to protest cuts and layoffs. they will be on zoom today to talk about keeping classes and faculty and staff and then at 1:00 p.m. they will march from the 24th street bart positive mission high school. they want to use covert relief states to rebuild. a big day for parents and students in san francisco. some public schools will reopen for in person classes after year of distance-learning. 22 k-12 schools welcomes students back and 11 early education sites will also reopen. by april 26, every student through fifth grade will be on campus five days a week and distance-learning is still an option for families. today it is the spring relaunch of san francisco's sunday streets program in chinatown. this event debuts what is called the rise together season as part of the chinatown
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walkway weekends. it features small format happenings created in partnerships with diverse communities across the city. the space also provides health and wellness programs running from 11:00 to 5:00 between california and washington. it is partly sunny out there and you can see some haze from the fog burning back this evening with 49 downtown and 54 at the airport and more 60s arrived today and the wind will be affected around the coast but him and we could see if you temperatures reach 80. i will tell you where and talk about the week ahead coming up. major allegations this morning pointed at the mayor of one north baytown and what five women are saying laming sexual assault and how the mayor is responding. plus praying for
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welcome back. two n. bay communities are in shock this morning. in windsor the mayor is responding at length the first time after several women are stepping forward accusing him of assault. and now the former mayor is behind bars accused of crimes against a child. that former mayor is still in jail as of this morning and he was book saturday on suspicion of having sex with a minor. we spoke to police about where they stand with these new developments. truck police they received a tip about this on march 30 and quickly began their investigation and apparently finding enough evidence to arrest robert jacob early this morning. the 44-year-old has been booked on five felony counts and one misdemeanor related to alleged sexual assault crimes under 15. while the tip came in last month police say they begin to believe the crimes began in december 2019 and at this time police say they have only heard from one victim though they are asking anyone with information
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to come forward victims age. they couldn't release any more information about the more the details about the alleged crimes and the police chief said the investigation has sent shockwaves through the small north baytown. >> it is traumatic for their survival of sexual assault and everyone and it puts a toll in our community. >> reporter: jacob was the mayor from 2012 through 2016 and according to his linkedin profile he now works as a consultant in the cannabis industry and has an booked into the sonoma county adult detention facility and is being held without bail. reporting in sebastopol, abc 7 news. happening today, a rally at the sonoma county rally as a fifth woman is coming forward with sexual assault allegations against dominic
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foppoli. she said she was sexually abused by dominic foppoli during a three-year relationship in the early 2000's in the chronicle first published the story with allegations from four other women on thursday. so dominic foppoli released a statement last night fighting back saying in part part part anybody who believes they have been victimized should have the opportunity to be heard, and i didn't want to cloud my accusers stories with an immediate response and therefore decided to give them time to be heard. now is the appropriate time for me to address this matter. i am completely innocent of the conduct alleged and have not violated any of these women. >> the sheriff's apartment is now investigating the matter. we will stay on this story. services at a san jose church is turning into a community townhall a week after easter morning morning morning was infiltrated by people spewing racist and homophobic and anti-semitic slurs. grace baptist church is inviting the community to attend in person or over zoom for today's townhall starting at 11:00 this morning. the pastor is concerned that what happened last week could further harm theharm theharm the
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that is still healing after a deadly stabbing in november. two people died with three others hurt. the church is fundraising for physical on-site security.on-sii an issue we are focusing on as we work to build a better bay area is raising social justice. the archbishop of san francisco is calling for an end to violence and racism against asians. the archbishop said he decided yesterday one of the best things he could do was come together to pray. >> i want the asian community to know how much i esteem them. they are a great blessing in our city and the whole bay area and have been a vital and integral part of our life here since the very beginning. >> he said as catholics they belong to a global faith community that is the most diverse and multicultural institution in the world. we will see a no anti-asian hate march in mountain view and it starts at the towns transit
9:17 am
center that served as a japanese internment area in world war ii and it will end at city hall and follows a similar rally in san mateo. >> for anybody whose voice has been drowned out with lies and degradation, i ask you tell your story >> asian uplift called the rally to raise awareness against crimes against asian women who they say are attacked more than twice as much against asian men. well we don't know all the answers for issues surrounding race and social justice, we do have a lot of resources. find out how you can take action and be an ally by going to étake action. a special gesture for 75- year-old grandmother who defended herself from an attacker last month. matt haney and the giants arranged for the giantsthe gian she and her family tickets to the friday home opener and you may recall that it was she who
9:18 am
was attacked on march 17 and she was the one who found that stick and defended herself with it. a gofundme page raised $1 million on her behalf, but she is giving it away to help support the fight against racism hatred and violence toward asian-americans. that is amazing and we are glad she's okay. richardson bay in marine county is closed for recreational use for now coming after a sewage spill that resulted in slightly elevated levels of e. coli. officials say the spill happened last month in sausalito but not detect did because vegetation concealed the flow. nearly 100,000 gallons overflowed and a recent water sample four days ago e. coli and signs are up there until the water is safe. a similar incident happened in july 2019 that also forced the closure of richardson bay. it is so great out there and cloudy. we do have some gray but the marine layer will give way to more sunshine and will mix in with some high clouds and temperatures will warm up.
9:19 am
in fact away from the coast would not be unusual to see numbers flirting with 80 in the inland valleys and we were close to that yesterday and as we look at live doppler seven this is the visible imagery and it picks up on the cloud cover off the coast there and the san mateo coast is where we have the fog and some higher clouds spinning up from a system that is out in the pacific for weeks. we will talk about that with our prospects of rain and the extended outlook in a moment and as a look at the camera it is sunny with high clouds there and temperatures in the upper 40s downtown and 52 in oakland with 54 in mountain view. on the coast visibility improving 50 at half moon bay and this is san rafael we have upper 40s in the north bay with 52 here and upper 50s by the delta. already flirting with 60 degrees in mid 50s in concord and 50 in livermore and from san jose air quality is good. oakland around the central bay
9:20 am
moderate right now but definitely picking up on some of that hayes and a lot of moisture in the air due to the low cloud deck and that will retreat. we will see a milder warm day today with cooler conditions as we start the work week, but the pattern unfortunately goes out nine days throughout the work week into next weekend and early next week and finally this area of low pressure moves not in the right direction. most of the north of us and we remain dry. for rainfall for the rest of the month and into may, we will see anywhere from an inch and a half to 2 inches from san francisco, santa rosa and even an inch expected in san jose and what is average. nothing has been average about this year and last year. but in oakland, we are still hoping that we can get some of that rainfall throughout the rest of the month maybe into may just to help the extra dry brush tamp down a bit because with the wind
9:21 am
coming this week and it will dry out for their. upper 50s to near 60 with breezy wind and high clouds and oracle park hopefully sweet today for the giants and the west winds are lighter today up to 20 mph and mid and upper 50s. a cool day at the beach but santa cruz in the upper 60s in a few high clouds here with low 60s in san francisco and 67 in oakland and san jose will be 73. 80 in fairfield and 76 in santa rosa. the seven-day forecast shows another nice day tomorrow with fog starting out and then giving way to more sun and the system rides over the ridge allowing for breezy conditions for monday night into tuesday and wednesday and that will cool us off bringing temperatures down just a little bit. i don't even know if you will notice around the bay because it will be another comfortable week out there. a dry one. >> drive. thank you.
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as california aims for june 15 golda reopen, there is concern that vaccine hesitancy could be an impediment to ensuring safe workplaces. we look at what consultants are advising senior managers to do to dispel this information and reluctance about the vaccine. truck won't be long before companies need to address hesitancy or opposition vaccines in the workplace is sharply divided according to a survey conducted by a human resources benefits and administrative services firm. at one end of the spectrum are hard-core anti-baxter's and at the opposite in our hard care pro baxter's and in between is a large middle group made up of people and people who distrust vaccines that say they are worth the risk of people inclined to get vaccinated because of family care response abilities and overcome resistance they are being
9:25 am
to provide reliable information in time off to get the shots. >> perhaps it allows people to get time off when they have the vaccine they have some si time that the person can avail themselves of this that is a concern. >> reporter: a psychological tactic called regret a version might persuade others.persuade . >> reminded people that 10% to 15% who get covid-19 have long- term health effects so do you really want to risk that. >> reporter: the study found that six in 10 workers said they don't trust senior management to act in their best interest so a trusted third- party may be enlisted. >> there may be a better way to break through that mistrust and ashore people that i have checked this out and i have talked to experts and i believe this information to be reliable. >> reporter: there is not much
9:26 am
time to act as companies try to reopen safely. dozens of people gathered at the national seashore yesterday protesting the death of more than 100 rare elk and last week the park service said 152 elk died in a fenced in reserve last year because of overpopulation and drought and t conditions. it has severely reduced the amount of water in the area leading the limited access and malnutrition. >> this population which is been here since 1978, for the last 25 years has beenbeenbeenbn and down and up and down. >> yesterday's protesters blamed the park service saying they mismanaged the situation demanding the preserved fence be removed and this heard is considered the largest remaining population of their species in the world and between 2012 and 2015 more than 250 died from similar drought conditions. still to come, a popular resort in honolulu on lockdown for 10 hours10 hours10 hours10 s
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ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪ building a bettera bettera r moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. we will start this hour with another look at the weather. good morning from here on pier 39 and we are looking at some comfortable temperatures and a little bit of fog still in the area and you could see the sea lions enjoying this and the numbers are stacking up like this from the upper 40s in morgan hill in san francisco to the low 50s and mountain 54 with blue sky with high clouds and the golden gate bridge. we will see average readings downtown and breezy conditions here at the shoreline. 55 in concord. not as windy as it has been and
9:30 am
you can see the fog off the coast by 10:00 already getting a head start on the warming in the inland valleys where in the next hour we will be in the low 60s and by the middle of the afternoon you can see if you upper 70s and may be 80 in concord with 70 in fremont and we will look for the northwesterly winds to keep the coast cool. will talk about a further cool down coming up for the week ahead in a few minutes. developing in the hawaiian islands of oahu, a gunman barricaded himself in a hotel has reportedly died after shooting himself and in a 10 hour standoff. that is according to abc 7 news honolulu affiliate. it started around night local time. police say the suspect was alone in the room and he may have had family staying with him but they are in a safe place. officer say he shot through the door of a guestroom. that prompted a shelter in place for guests and staff. no other injuries have been
9:31 am
reported in the suspect was believed to be in the military and may have been stationed in a wahoo. there are growing concerns about a possible new wave of covid-19. hospitalizations are up 12% in the last few weeks but on the bright side the country is making progress on vaccines coming as supply is expected to be down this week. we have the details. >> reporter: health officials fear 8/4 coronavirus wave is taking hold on top of rising cases over the past two weeks and hospitalizations climbing 12% with states like michigan hit harder. >> the number of cases and patients with in a hospitals has doubled over the past two weeks. >> reporter: many hospitals filling up and reverting to mid pandemic restrictions with state officials asking people to stop gathering indoors. the virus put this jackson teacher in a coma over year ago
9:32 am
and he is now relieved to be vaccinated but remembers the terror. >> i remember i didn't want to go to sleep because i was afraid i would not wake up if i did. >> reporter: there is a sharp decline in the supply of the johnson & johnson vaccine expected to drop 85% this week forcing vaccine sites from california to virginia to tap the brakes. >> we don't have a clear answer about why the fluctuation and drop off. >> reporter: while it is not an insurmountable hit, every speed bump gives more time for virus variants to spread. cases of the uk and brazil variant climbing rapidly already across the country. >> reporter: while we may not have as great a surge is on the fall we do have concerns about unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths heading toward the light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: moderna executive say they believe they will have a booster shots available to protect you against the virus variant by the end of this year but before we get to the boosters there are still a few hundred million people who need to become fully vaccinated. abc news, new york.
9:33 am
>> this morning we are learning more about the royal families plans for the funeral of prince philip. we are at buckingham palace with more on how the pandemic is forcing them to scale back. >> reporter: here in london we are in countrywide morning for a week and the flag you see at the top of buckingham palace will stay at half-mast until the day after prince philip's funeral which the pallets -- palace it is next wednesday. >> reporter: they spoke about prince philip for the first time since he passed away calling him the nation's grandfather and saying right now they are here to support their mom, the queen. >> thinking of others before himself and that was always him and amazing. >> it is that wave of affection for him and the lovely stories and they mean so much. attributes has been fantastic
9:34 am
and that is really important and we really do appreciate it. >> reporter: will have more details about the ceremony later this week but we know because of current coronavirus restrictions, it will be a much smaller and quieter event with a maximum of 30 we expected to be only close family and friends which we now know will include prince harry who has confirmed he will be here in the uk to say a final goodbye to his grandfather. he won't be here with his wife. she is now pregnant with their second child and said she has been advised by doctors not to fly. whatever the guest list is, it will be a day for the entire country to mourn and celebrate his life. his coffin will be carried to the chapel by a modified land rover that the prince himself helped to design. prince charles will lead the procession that follows behind him flanked by members of the military and they are saluting one of their own. the palace announced that the queen has decided her family will mourn her husband for a full two weeks. abc news, london.
9:35 am
>> we have a full week and look back at his life including an archive that you can find through the connected tv app available through roku and similar devices. the dry air is hitting the north bay hard and water experts are already saying it is not a matter of if but when they will put conservation orders in place. we went to one branch west of petaluma where the owner has contended with drought for decades. he said he is not optimistic about where we are headed. >> people find comfort in seasonal predictability and flowers bloom and the cows come home and that is how it is supposed to be but this is 2021. >> reporter: what is the one thing you haven't gotten? >> rain, which we need really bad. >> reporter: so bad that this year she has already abandoned
9:36 am
her garden. >> my roses were so beautiful last year. >> reporter: that is just the start of it. >> normally we should be at 18 or 19 inches and we are at 5 inches. >> reporter: to make the point he took us for a ride up the hill to see the reservoir pond that fills with rainwater runoff every year. looking up the window we almost missed it. >> that pond should be running over right now. >> reporter: that pond should have enough water to run this ranch and hundreds of cows for a year and a half. not now. >> reporter: have you ever seen it empty? >> not like this, ever. >> reporter: since 1976 he has worked this land and whether the drought and in 2014 the land was so parched we watched him to go well which turned out dry, but he has never seen an april as dry as this. >> this is probably the worst one this time. >> reporter: he is already buying hay and paid tens of thousands of dollars for a water delivery truck and californians are fixated on covid and vaccinations right now and do they see what is
9:37 am
coming? >> the whole state of california is running out of water. >> reporter: people don't know that. >> you're probably right and as long as they open the faucet and it comes out they think they have a lot of water. >> reporter: why not? most of us don't live on a ranch or rely on our pound -- pond. still ahead, watch out where you walk your dog and in the presidio you could come across a coyote about to get a bird and a look at the efforts trying to keep people safe. here is a live look outside this morning and we will have the forecast about what we can expect in the week ahead coming up.
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concert and because of the pandemic it was a virtual event and his annual event raises money for bay area children in need and the lead singer of reo speed wagon performed. >> tell everybody about what music has meant to you. >> everything. >> ♪ >> last night's event was a huge success and abc 7 is a proud sponsor of his event. for more information you can go to his rock the >> it is cool to see that happening this year and a nice tradition. we are gladare gladare gladare d on. we are at near 50 degrees in santa cruz and we will climb through the 60s today under partly cloudy skies and 15 mph and the wind a little bit
9:41 am
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9:44 am
to four clock p.m.. >> baseball season is in full swing with the giants trying to sweep the rockies and the first home series of the season and the first pitch that one 05 this afternoon and the a's have a rare sunday off. this morning the warriors will get the results of james wiseman's knee hurt during last night's victory over the rockets. we have the highlights of this morning sports. >> reporter: good morning.good . steve would have a hard time sleeping after the agonizing loss on friday night and i trust he is sleeping better this morning thanks to stefan curry. the worriers hosting the rockets. >> they invited aaron showtime taylor to be their guest announcer and he was great and this is not great. scary in the second quarter and this is james wiseman going down hard falling on and walked off on his own power
9:45 am
so good news but the mri is coming. the birthday boy anderson with a deflection and doesn't hesitate and drills the 3 in the warriors up 17 against a behind the back and runs up into the stands and come on. the curry flurry would continue and a splash. 90 seconds left in the quarter and he is wide open and even with a hand in his face knocks it down and 18 straight worriers points and loving it. nearly loses it but when it is going good it is going good and recovers and spends and scores and 20 straight and we are not worthy. finishes with a game-high 38 in the first warrior to have that sin 74 and they win 125-109 and hugs for taylor. >> the sharks of one 6 of the seven meetings of the season the final meeting last night
9:46 am
and jonathan quick thought he had the puck and smothered and loose and 1-1 after one and after that andreas with a redirect to beat martin jones to the 2-1 kings invest than a minute later he scores in the kings go on to win by a final of 4-2 and the a's versus astro and a lot of kids to deal with right here. they are up 2-0 in the fifth. and a high deep and it means goodbye in his first of the year and gives them a 4-0 lead and starting to play better and seth brown and this is downtown and that is seth brown's first major league dinger and they win 7-3 and 3-7 after the 0-6 start. >> the fans are back at oracle and so are the creative hats and this just in he still has a cannon for an arm and don't run
9:47 am
on him and trying to steal his game and they will tap you right there in the bottom six a clutch for the second straight game and a 3 run jack and 4-3 with giants and the third straight win. >> a four stroke lead in final round of the masters and we will see if he could hang on today. enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. we will get over to lisa now. we are starting to get so worried because viruses could be bad this year if we don't get any rain. >> we are trailing behind last year and we thought last year was bad. where almost an entire rainy season behind for what we should have had this year and that is the deficit growing bigger and we do get rain in april and even in may so we are expect in some and hoping for some
9:48 am
doppler 7 it is the low cloud deck you see. this area of low pressure is putting up a few high clouds, but eventually it will finally lift and move to the north of us and we have been watching it for quite a whilea whilea whilee allowed for the possibility of some rain but of course nothing has happened for april and it has not rained since march 18 so over three weeks of dry conditions and here is san jose we look at mostly sunny conditions in a few high clouds with 49 downtown and 52 in oakland. 55 in mountain view and 50 san jose and 50 also in morgan hill and half moon bay. it has been cold here in the north bay valley but already to see numbers well up into the 50s and low to mid 50s for you in napa with 55 in concord and 50 in livermore and by the delta almost near 60 so lighter wind today allows for more warmth here and this is from the east bay hills camera so that moisture you see here is from the low cloud deck and the high relative humidity allowing for haze in the air that it will
9:49 am
get wiped out as the drier air mixes in and we do have high clouds later today and mild to warm this afternoon with cooler inland for the weekend we look at that for tuesday and wednesday and looking at the continue to drive pattern even 10 days out still looking drive. here is a look at the pollen and uv index as you know if you have allergies it has been juniper and oak and sycamore trees very high this time of year so that continues throughout today and tomorrow and into tuesday. we will still see sunny dry conditions throughout the next few days but the heat will fade away a little bit north to south across the golden state you will notice that high clouds spanning much of the state with 80s in sacramento and looking at low 70s in los angeles and the breeze kicking up along the coast with ocean water temperature barely and some of the buoys in the upper 40s and the next nine days looking at no precipitation here in the bay area and as we look at the
9:50 am
rest of the day today numbers are a little bit above average where we will see upper 60s in san jose. 73 today and in the low 70s on the peninsula and the sea breeze keeps you in the upper 60s. 71 in mountain view. we have been in the 60s and gorgeous yesterday downtown. it should be a nice afternoon for the giants game and 50s at the coast and 74 here but further up toward cloverdale 79 and near east bay here and 67 in oakland. it is been nice here in berkeley and oakland at 70. inland, the lighter orange colors indicate you are getting close to 80 with the warmth building from the sacramento valley and those north winds and downsloping winds allow the numbers to go through the 70s. the seven-day forecast has us warm today and cool at the coast and numbers come down slightly and the wind kicks up early into tuesday and wednesday they will dial back and the temperatures come down.
9:51 am
we will talk about everything else except the rain that of course is not visiting us. >> thank you. san francisco wants to create a safe place for coyotes at the city's presidio and that means every dog walker needs to pitch in. the goal is to create a buffer between the dogs and a family of coyotes. we have the details. >> reporter: jonathan young is on a mission to keep some of the presidio's newest residents safe and a fresh litter of coyote pups. he has been busy placing signs letting dog walkers know that certain trails are now off- limits to dogs. the timing is critical and is unmanned wildlife camera captured images of one of the presidio's to resident coyotes construct in a den several weeks ago and monitoring confirmed the female was pregnant. >> we have gotten a lot of footage on her cameras of the
9:52 am
alpha female over the last four weeks and she is very big full of pups. >> reporter: this is the couple second delivery and these are images from last year. the pups are eventually driven off by the alpha parents to find their own habitat outside the presidio. >> each year that litter of offspring it's essentially kicked out of this territory. but we really have one pair. >> reporter: for the next several months the mother and father will defend the litter against threats particularly canine species s so the presidio team is closing trails running closest to the den and dogs an area that dog walkers come into contact with the coyotes. for some it is an inconvenience but for few it is a kinship to help protect them. >> it is there trails as well so if they are keeping us safe, i think it is great. >> reporter: they show the limited trails off-limits which leads miles of pathways open for dog walkers to use until
9:53 am
the season for pups ends. it is a well thought out balancing act designed to keep visitors both wild and domestic safe. a helicopter hangup. we were supposed to see history made by nasa's ingenuity tonight but something has gone wrong up on the - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired school counselor. i swim every day. i like to grill, salmon mostly. as i got older, my hearing was not so good so i got hearing aids. my vision was not as good as it used to be, got a change in prescription. but the this missing was my memory. we've been taking prevagen for around eight years and i just didn't have to work so hard to remember things. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. at chewy, we know walks are made better with our furry friends. and we're here to make those walks easy. from tasty treats on the go, to toys that keep them moving get everything they need, even prescriptions - delivered right to your door. get fast, free, 1-2 day shipping.
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and walk everyday, safely! his days will be filled with joyful moments. she'd have her dignity and i wouldn't have to do myself. here are the winning numbers from last nights 55 million powerball drawing. 14, 16, 23, 50, 53, and the powerball number 3. nobody picked all six numbers so the jack pot will grow to $67 million. the winning numbers from the $36 million was seven, eight, 29, 33, 47 and the mega number was 20. nobody matched those numbers either there so the jack pot wednesday night increases to $37 million. a group of children in san
9:56 am
francisco's tenderloin neighborhood are better prepared to return to class and more than 100 kids received a new tablet yesterday and the event included games and fun and the giveaway was a collaboration involving the tenderloin community benefit district and the supervisor matt haney's office and one need a more. she has been an active of the community as a member and political activist and philanthropist for the last 30 years. history will have to wait. nasa has delayed its and genuity mars helicopter first experimental flight. they said it is because of the tactical error and during a high-speed rotor test on friday there was a timer expiration and the timer oversees the processes that allow researchers honors to issue commands to the ingenuity and goes off when it detects an issue. so now nasa said lift off will be no earlier than april 14. we have to wait a little bit longer, but we will be ready for it when it happens. >> very exciting.
9:57 am
we look at the highs today and we see a few high clouds will be spun up from the system offshore. we are dry and warm once again inland and temperatures there from the mid-to upper 70s and not out of the question to see about 80 today was 76 in santa rosa and look for upper 60s from oakland in san mateo and low 70s for san jose and the seven-day forecast has a little change tomorrow waking up to low clouds and fog the coast. monday night and tuesday, the winds will kick up and temperatures will come down to average readings as we get into tuesday afternoon with the winds relaxing on wednesday. the rest of the week is quiet with a lot of sunshine. >> thank you all for joining us here on abc 7 morning s we continue at 5:00 p.m. today. have a great day. we will leave you with this a gorgeous view of the north bay. have a great sunday
9:58 am
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