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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  April 21, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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in 1968, the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice. as we leave you this evening with the scene from george floyd square in minneapolis, for the many gathered there and for many more across the country, justice found itself sweet spot today, this time. that's "nightline" for this evening. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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derek chauvin has been found guilty on all charges,
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tonight george floyd's family members are reacting. >> now that derek chauvin has been found guilty, what's next. i spoke co-counsel. a vigil for george floyd. why community m■embers are calling for change. >> find out when wet weather moves in. abc 7 news starts now. we the jury in the above entitled matter find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: after nearly a year of protests and three weeks of testimony, former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin is found guilty on all three counts for the death of george floyd. >> ecstatic crowds celebrating
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the verdict. floyd's family sharing relief. >> and president biden sharing his hopes. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. we have details of what happens next. let's start are reena roy who is in minneapolis. >> reporter: america was watching and listening closely as the judge read the verdict that everybody was waiting for. >> former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin convicted of second degree murder. third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. silent and stoke as he was cuffed and taken back into custody. outside the cheers echoing loud throughout the streets of the city that's been hurting for nearly a year now. >> george floyd's family
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breathing a sigh of relief. >> today, we are able to breathe again. >> just because you're the love you're not above the law. >> reporter: president biden saying this verdict is a step in that direction. >> no one is above the law, and today's verdict that she understand message but it's not enough. we can't stop here. in order to deliver real change and reform we can and we must do more to reduce the likelihood that a tragedy like this will ever happen and occur again. >> the jury of 7 women and five men that included 6 people of color stayed late monday night and came in early tuesday morning. they worked swiftly and didn't send o out a single question during their 10 hours of deliberations. >> are these your verdicts stay you one, say you all. >> yes. >> they listened to nearly three weeks of powerful testimony from 45 witnesses and came to the conclusion that chauvin's actions did in fact, kill george floyd.
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>> chauvin's bail was remanded and he will remain in a jail cell until he faces a judge again in about two months. reena roy. of course there was a wave of emotion following the guilty verdicts. j.r. stone continues our team coverage tonight and shares some of the most powerful moments from around the country. >> reporter: family members of george floyd reacting chauvin's verdict.
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>> we got justice for my uncle. >> we're so gratified to get the result we had prayed for. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., president joe biden and vice president kamala harris spoke but the imagine from outside the white house was lasting one. an african-american man who had just heard the news fell to his knees and cry. for family members it came from inside the courtroom and well after the verdict was read. >> to see him pack up and walk out of that courthouse, he has no power. he's not in control anymore, my brother is in control. >> reporter: family members say they are satisfied but this is just the beginning. sentencing is yet to come and they would like to see
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reform go forward. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. following a celebration. many moved to a near by church for a vigil in san jose. how tonight's crowds are remembering george floyd and others killed at at at at at at police. >> reporter: for those gathered tuesday, the sounds of celebration, reverend moore says tuesday's verdict is a step in the right direction but he adds this is only the beginning. >> we just hope that more police officers when they see injustice will begin to step up. >> reporter: they also seek justice for locals who's loved ones were killed by police. religious leaders and south bay residents taking a time to reflect. >> today is a day for us to have a little revelry because
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justice won the day but it's also important for us to have a little bit of relevance because there's more work to do. >> reporter: honoring george floyd and south bay families. oliver saying the church has long been a church for champions and a day of refuge to return hope. >> what it must be for a young person to know that justice is possible. that their life is just a little more valuable today than it was yesterday. >> it's a great step for america. and everybody needs to understand it as such. all we're asking for is accountability and respect and fair treatment. >> reporter: both moore and oliver say the world's eyes have been on america. they say tuesday's verdict may very well have saved her. >> so great today to know those tears were not in vain. that what they have sewn in tears we now will be able to
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reap in joy. >> reporter: abc 7 news. when do we want it? now? what to we want? >> justice. >> reporter: a small group of protesters gathered in san francisco's mission district following the announcement of the verdict. they're looking for con convictions in more cases where police used deadly force. today's verdict also resonated with san francisco police chief bill scott who says this may bring a sense of closure to some families who may feel cheated by the justice system. >> like i said, i think this case brings some joy to a lot of those families that may not have gotten justice in their cases. and for whenever that reason is and i think it affords us an opportunity to move forward with progress. with real progress. >> reporter: for some today's verdict represents a culmination of years of work. julian glover spoke with activists who took to the streets last summer demanding accountability. >> why are we going through
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this again? why do we have to continue to experience these moments and then ask ourselves, constantly, how are race relations and community relations. >> reporter: jace taylor capturing the relations of so many in the verdict against chauvin. >> leads to a lot of ptsd signs, a lot of depression. >> reporter: reminding us to take our mental health into account. for kat brooks a reminder to breathe. >> that black people get a chance to breathe even though just for a second. we never get to breathe. we never get to stop, we never get to exhale. >> reporter: brooks has led the charge for more than five years
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to reallocate money to invest in social services. she said she saw momentum la mm like oakland creating a panel sending mental health professionals to deal with quality of life calls instead of police. >> we're in danger of happening though is people being like, there we go. we solved it right. it's settled. the courts are going to take care of us now. police are going to be accountable now and the exact opposite is true. >> reporter: for the younger generation a sense of momentum. >> this is a day of hope. >> reporter: xavier brown a 19- year-old ucla students organized one of the largest organizations in oakland last summer. >> that his family was able to get some sort of closure. >> the people saw the system work today and that's something
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they're shocked ocked ocked ock >> reporter: bernice king said, the verdict does not erase the trauma. >> we see these tragedies play out across this country for so many years. one of the first times i really felt there was accountability and there was justice. >> reporter: we brought you complete live coverage of the trial from the beginning on our abc 7 bay area app. download it now for your roku and other twices to get caught up on the case and to continue to follow it as well. now that derek chauvin has been found guilty what next. i spoke to the family's cocouncil about sentencing and what's likely to take place even beyond the trial. get ready to cut back on your watt water use.
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the new mandatory restrictions for one bay area county. >> up in smoke, 4/20 celebrations looked very different this year. >> i'm sandhya patel, it's going to look much different this week. i'll tell you what you can expect and when it will arrive. first we'll tell you what is coming up on jimmy kimmel. >> today we say no to hugs. >> have you ever built anything. >> no i never built anything. >> never tried. >> no i just buy
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developing news, protesters taking to the streets in columbus ohio after police shot and killed a black teenager. just hours after this afternoon's shooting police released body camera video of the incident. they were responding to the result of an attempted stabbing. in the video a girl identified as 15-year-old bryant appears to swing a knife at another girl and the officer fired a weapon. what's next for derek chauvin who is handcuffed and taken into custody today after being convicted of all three counts against him. abc 7 news reporter kate larsson spoke to an attorney
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for the floyd family about this could help the floyd family. >> have you spoken directly with the floyd family today? >> yeah, i called them in the celebratory moments. moments after the verdict was read. >> what are their expectations as we move to the sentencing phase. >> they want to want to want toa extensive sentencing. that falls short of their ideal of justice. >> reporter: merit will be present for sentencing which takes place in 45 days. he expects former minneapolis police officer to get 45 years. since 25, 143 police have been arrested for criminal use of force. of those cases 73 resulted in a criminal conviction. 26 police including chauvin have been arrested for choking
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on neck restraint crimes while on duty. >> those numbers tell me that we cannot be by a case like this. >> reporter: rori little says the number of arrests are problematic. >> i would say the cases that are charged are very rare. that number 143 given how many incidents there are that's a pretty low number. there should be more charges filed. >> reporter: as for chauvin little does expect the defense to appeal his three guilty verdicts. kate larsson, abc 7 news. water restrictions are coming to marin county just a short week ago the marin district approved use restrictions and mandatory conversation rules. the board still needs to agree on the specifics for now though people are asked to voluntarily reduce their water use by 20%
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starting next month. cynthia koler says this this th driest season. >> every little drop helps. maybe just by planting more drought tolerant plants. >> the board removed restrictions on refilling pools and push back water limits on golf courses until may 20th. today johnson & johnson has said it's rerolling out the vaccine in europe. this after the company warning had to be possible blood clots. we'll of course keep you posted on everything happening with that. first though, time to check on our weather. >> yes ama and it sound like, sounds like we may be getting
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some rain coming in. sandhya we know it's not going to be enough but it will help. >> absolutely we will take any rain we can get. time to get those umbrellas ready you may have have have ha them and get them ready. let's take a look at what we are seeing right now on radar which is a mix of rain and snow in the higher elevation. thunderstorms south of the tahoe area as you take a look here some thunderstorms moved in from lake county earlier this afternoon and evening going into napa county and those storms fortunately did bring some rain with it which you obviously know we napa about.2 of an inch.
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we're expecting that sunday going into monday and we will need it. we're way behind. most areas are within 27 to 39% of average. over 20 inches behind in santa rosa. 8.70 for san jose. san francisco you need over a foot of rain to get you to where you need to be. yes this storm over the weekend is not going to erase the drought but it certainly will slow the onset of the fire season which we need and wash that pollen away. live doppler 7 two the live view from san jose camera looking at the shark tank. visibility is good here. morning fog and low cloud along with drizzle. watch out milder the next few weeks and that storm is arriving this weekend. winds have relatively pretty much calmed down. they were over 58-miles-an-hour around sfo right now. fairfield is 24-miles-an-hour. temperatures are in the 40s and the 50s tomorrow morning. fog, low clouds and spotty drizzle. 40s, 50s out the door. you might need that extra
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weather. but it's a milder day. most areas will see the sun. mid-60s to the low 80s and here's a look at the storm that's coming. there's a possibility for a few showers in the southern part of our viewing area. we're going to see rain here and snow. continuing into friday morning until this system wind down. since we're in a drought we definitely need that. rainfall totals through sunday night about a half an inch to just an inch add a little bit more than that for monday morning so we will take anything we can get. accu weather forecast it's a milder pattern the next few days and a slight chance for a few showers. but on oscar sunday enjoy the wet weather and enjoy the oscars from the comfort of your home. a light system will be coming in. >> we shall do both. sangdhya thanks very much. >> just a reminder that the oscars are going to
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two years ago hippy hill was packed with people lighting up to celebrate 4/20. this year the park was fenced off to keep people out. police were also on stand by in case any revelers decided to try to sneak in for a smoke but, it really didn't happen. it was very calm out there today. >> certainly was. all right larry beal is here with sports. larry. >> the giants clubfive homers in philly. that's impressive. what
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good evening, first they couldn't win a game now they can't last. the a's started out they've now won 8 straight. the only thing that could slow them down, the coliseum lights went out, let's have thumb wars. jesus lozardo a stu, stu, studio. machin. looking to secure the save two on in the 7th. a studio this is high deep and caught at the wall by mark cana. that was their 10th straight. let's rewind to the opener this afternoon. and oh the wind was blowing hard. scoreless in the second until
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mitch moreland finds the jet stream. the big blow though comes from matt olsen. bases loaded now they're unloaded. off the foul pole. grand salami. and sean menea going for his second shut out. grounds ball ends it 7-0 is your final in 7 innings. a's now tied with seattle for first place. giants in philadelphia fans. they would rather keep the masks over their eyes than watch the game. this is why. buster posey walked two homers in this game. one in the fifth, the other in the sixt s first rst rst rst rst rst rst season. wilmer florez hit another blast. 10-7 is your verdict there. controversy for the
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