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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 26, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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breaking news, just in the as ion against governor newsom, signatur. es. that is more 1.5 will stories as we come on the air. the coronavirus and masks in . america. the cdc is expected to release new findlines when it comes to mask outdoors. what dr. anthony fauci is now saying about the risk outdoors if you've been fully vaccinated. also tonight, news on the johnson & johnson vaccine and could there now be a case of a man with a clot potentially connected to the one-shot vaccine? the horrific scene from india tonight. we continue our reporting here. more than353,000 new cases of the virus in 24 hours. a global record. overcrowded hospitals, patients dying outside. and you will hear from a doctor
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tonight pleading for oxygen. the white house vowing to send help. the other news this monday night, a state of emergency in one north carolina community after the deadly police shooting of andrew brown jr. his family and lawyers say they were allowed to see just 20 seconds of police body camera footage today. lawyers now say his hands were on the wheel and he was shot in the back of the head. also tonight, news on the louisville police department and the new justice department investigation. tonight, the change on the map. political power shifting after the 2020 census. several states picking up congressional seats and the ones losing seats, including new york, michigan, pennsylvania and california. among those gaining, texas and florida and mary bruce breaks it down. in new york city tonight, the nypd releasing this surveillance video of a series of synagogues are targeted. they are stepping up security. evacuations in the west tonight. flaming fueling high winds and dry conditions. hundreds forced to leave. red flag warnings now in effect.
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the unidentified object. new images tonight from that spacex crew dragon flight. the object that flies by the rocket, just 12 minutes after launch. also tonight, is the earth's axis now shifting? and where to see the pink super moon tonight. good evening and it's great to have you with us as we start another week together. and we begin tonight with the coronavirus in the u.s. and the hope that we just might turn one more corner. the cdc is expected to release updates guidelines on masks outdoors for those who are fully vaccinated, with a renewed push to get to americans who have not been vaccinated yet and those who have skipped their second doses. with his 100-day benchmark approaching, president biden is expected to reveal the new guidelines tomorrow. dr. anthony fauci say nowing the
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outdoor risk for fully vaccinated people is, quote, quite low. tonight, at least 32 states now resuming that one-shot vaccine from johnson & johnson. the cdc confirming tonight they believe more than 5 million americans might have now passed that six-week window to get their second shot of pfizer or moderna. they urge americans to get that second dose. nearly 140 million people in the u.s. now receiving at least one dose of vaccine. that's nearly 54% of adults in this country now. abc's eva pilgrim leading us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, with nearly 96 million americans fully vaccinated and spending more time outdoors, the cdc expected to release new guidance for masks outside. >> i think it's pretty common sense now that outdoor risk is really, really quite low, particularly, if you are a vaccinated person, wearing a mask outdoors, i mean, obviously, the risk is minuscule. >> reporter: one study showing less than 10% of covid infections occurred outside. from rhode island to nashville, officials starting to lift
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outdoor mask rules. >> i think everyone's kind of ready for this. we're getting back to normalcy. >> reporter: it comes vaccination sites are once again offering the johnson & johnson shot after that 11-day pause. the cdc found out of the 8 million doses given, 15 women suffered blood clots, concluding the vaccine's benefits outweigh the risks. and doctors in california are reporting the case of man in his 30s now recovering from a clot in his leg. he earlier received the j&j shot. the cdc has not confirmed any connection. the fda adding a new warning about the risk of extremely rare blood clots. >> i would have taken whatever they were giving. >> yeah, i'd get it, just because it's one and i would haven't to come back. >> reporter: but a new abc news poll reveals lower trust in the vaccine. less than half of americans see the johnson & johnson vaccine as safe. 73% of those not yet vaccinated say they wouldn't take a j&j shot.
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>> they pulled it off and then put it back and then pulled it off, that's the reason i didn't want the johnson & johnson. >> reporter: and the cdc now reporting more than 5 million people may have missed the recommended time frame for their second dose of the other two vaccines. zvi ish-shalom is holding off on his second dose, saying he still has a headache that started after the first moderna dose. >> it didn't make sense at this point to get a second dose, obviously, until these symptoms resolve. >> reporter: with the daily vaccinations dropping to an average 2.75 million shots, the challenge ahead is how to counter overall vaccine hesitancy. nearly 24% of americans aren't inclined to get any covid vaccine. in west virginia, the governor today offering a $100 savings bond to 16 to 35-year-olds willing to get a vaccine. >> i'm telling you, it's time, west virginia, to shut this thing down. >> eva, back to this updated
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guidance on masks to come. anymore on what we were likely to hear? >> reporter: david, people are hoping to see a breakdown, a road map that breaks down those really big questions as far as masking, especially as it pertains to vaccination status and how far do we need to social distance outside without masks on. david? >> all right, we'll be watching torp. eva pilgrim, thank you. and we continue to report here on the horrific scene unfolding across india. and tonight, this number. more than 350,000 new cases of the virus reported in just the last 24 hours. that's a global record. hospitals overcrowded, reports of patients dying outside waiting. and you will hear from a doctor tonight pleading now for oxygen. here's our foreign correspondent james longman now. >> reporter: tonight, an entire nation struggling to breathe. india at the global epicentre of the pandemic, more than 350,000 new cases a day. and the death toll surging. hospitals are so full, patients are forced outside, some left to
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die on sidewalks. railway cars turned into icus. a crippling oxygen shortage forcing overwhelmed doctors to beg for help. >> we have young patients who will die in a matter of two hours. i request you, please send oxygen to us. we need oxygen for our patients. please send oxygen to us. >> reporter: oxygen that used to cost $80 a tank, now demanding over a thousand dollars on the black market. this man attempts to revive his brother in a motorized rickshaw. >> hospital, no more beds. no more beds. >> reporter: families feel abandoned by authorities, left to care for their own. others having to transport their own dead. and this -- the disturbing end. funeral pyres at creto so busy the requests are coming in to cut down trees in parks for kindling. the tsunami of infection possibly fueled say experts by a double-mutant variant detected in the country. but there is some hope.
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president biden calling india's prime minister today to offer emergency help including ventilators, ppe, and testing kits. and the white house tonight pledging to share as many as 60 million doses of the astrazeneca vaccine with the world when it completes its fral safety review. >> really just heartbreaking images playing out in public view. james longman with us from london tonight. and james, when you think about the numbers on vaccinations in india, less than 10% of the people in india have had even just one dose of the vaccine. so, this could potentially get far worse. >> reporter: i think that's absolutely right, david. the world health organization said today that the reported number of cases and deaths are likely unestimate of the true figures. we've seen reports at crematoriums that suggest a higher death toll. the sad reality is that we may never know the true impact that covid is having in india. david? >> james longman on the scene in india tonight. james, thank you. back here at home tonight, and a state of emergency now in effect in elizabeth city, north carolina, after the deadly police shooting of andrew brown
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jr. tonight, his family and lawyers say they were allowed to see just 20 seconds of police body camera footage today. lawyers now say his hands were on the wheel and that he was shot in the back of the head. authorities today saying this whole incident was over in just 30 seconds. abc's victor oquendo now from north carolina. >> reporter: tonight, calls for transparency growing louder in the officer-involved killing of andrew brown jr. >> we only saw a snippet of the video. >> reporter: the family and their legal counsel saying they saw just 20 seconds of one body camera video, although multiple sheriff's deputies were involved. >> let's be clear. this was an execution. andrew brown was in his drive driveway, andrew had his hands on his steering w450 iing wheel. >> it's like we against all olds in this world. executed just by trying to save his own life. >> reporter: following days of
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peaceful protests and demands for transparency -- >> release the tape! >> reporter: elizabeth city is now under a state of emergency in anticipation of the video's public release. according to the county sheriff's office, deputies and the local s.w.a.t. team were executing a search warrant at brown's home wednesday morning. in the application for the search warrant, authorities stating that they believed brown was using his home to store, package and distribute narcotics and two vehicles to store, traffic and distribute them. brown's neighbor claims he was driving away when deputies opened fire. >> he's trying to get away. and they're actually shooting at him. >> reporter: authorities have yet to say what led to the shooting. the family's attorney saying the sheriff's office told him brown was unarmed and that no drugs were found in his car or in the house at the time. the sheriff has urged patience during the investigation. >> if any of my deputies broke any laws or violated any
3:41 pm
policies, they will be held accountable. >> reporter: seven deputies have been placed on administrative leave. it's not clear if that number included the deputy who the sheriff has said killed brown, a father of seven. >> this is the youngest daughter of andrew brown. and it is my prayer that we can say to her that we as a community stood up united to demand justice against injustice. >> rorter: what is it that the family wants most right now? >> transparency. >> victor, there's late word tonight on the release of the body camera videos? >> reporter: david, under north carolina law, body camera video can only be released with a judge's approval. we just heard from the sheriff's office moments ago, they said that the county attorney has filed a motion in court to get the video released but there's no word on when a judge might make a decision. there's no doubt tonight that the pressure is mounting on this small county. david? >> victor, thank you. there is also another police shooting under investigation in virginia tonight.
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authorities say isaiah brown is in intensive care tonight after being shot ten times by a deputy responding to a domestic incident. it's believed the deputy might have mistaken brown's phone for a gun. >> show me your hands now. show me your hands. drop the gun. he's got a gun to his head. drop the gun now, stop walking towards me. stop walkinged towards me. stop, stop. >> authorities say at the time brown was actually on the phone with 911 over an argument with his brother. the family attorney calling it a failure of communication between the dispatcher and officers. that deputy has been placed on administrative leave. and we turn to the sweeping new federal investigation into the louisville police department tonight revealed today by attorney general merrick garland, coming more than a year now after the police killing of breonna taylor. let's go to rachel scott at the department of justice tonight. what have you learned? >> reporter: david, well, this is the second investigation
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launched in just one week by attorney general merrick garland, looking into a police department. first minneapolis, after derek chauvin was found guilty in the killing of george floyd. now, louisville, kentucky. this is a police department that has been criticized after the death of breonna taylor, the 26-year-old was shot and killed inside of her home. officers using a no-knock warrant to carry out that police raid and her death prompted national outrage. tonight, we are learning that this investigation will be sweeping. looking into all aspects of the department, from training to use of force to the execution of those search warrants. it will also look to see whether or not race plays a factor. david? >> all right, rachel scott at the justice department tonight. rachel, thank you. and we move on tonight to a change on the map, political power shifting after the 2020 census. several states picking up congressional seats and the ones losing seats including new york, michigan, pennsylvania and california. among those gaining, texas and florida.
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so, let's get right to mary bruce tonight, she's going to break this down for us. >> reporter: david, these numbers are out and they continue to show that shift in political power in this country to the south and west. historically democratic states are now losing congressional seats to republican ones. so, let's look at the map here. states that are growing in population and gaining seats include montana, florida and texas, which is gaining two seats, while states that are losing seats are concentrated mostly in the rust belt, ohio, pennsylvania and new york. and california is losing a seat. so, too is new york. and david, this was extremely close. just 89 more residents had been counted, they would be holding onto that seat. it is likely to raise questions about conducting a census in the midst of a pandemic, but tonight, the census bureau is standing firmly ly behind thei count. >> mary, thank you. in the meantime tonight, we're going to turn to that unidentified object in space. new images from that spacex crew dragon flight. the object flying by the rocket
3:45 pm
just 12 minutes after launch. here's abc's gio benitez tonight. >> reporter: tonight, new attention on this video captured just 12 minutes after that friday morning spacex launch. look closely, as part of the falcon-9 rocket separates from the spacex crew dragon carrying four astronauts, some kind of object appears to fly right between them. look again in slow motion. the incident under scrutiny after officials reported a scare in space over a different incident more than six hours into the flight, just as the astronauts were getting to bed. mission control telling them to put those pressurized suits back on over fears of a possible collision with space junk. the u.s. space command later saying there was no threat. but what exactly was that object seen early in the flight? sources tonight telling us it appears to be ice from the liquid oxygen in that rocket, likely posing no danger. >> great to be back in space again.
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>> reporter: the astronauts giving a tour from space. >> coming up on madagascar. >> reporter: and ultimately arriving safely at the international space station over the weekend. and david, spacex will likely analyze that video frame by frame. it's what they always do after a launch. that's going to tell them for sure whether this was truly just ice. david? >> ice from liquid oxygen. all right, gio, thank you. the supreme court setting the agenda for the fall session and the justices taking on a major second amendment case. they could decide whether americans have a right to carry a gun outside their home. a case involves a challenge to new york's law restricting the carrying of concealed weapons to those who can prove, quote, a special need for a license. plaintiffs say it violates their rights. at least six states have similar laws. when we come back here tonight, here in new york city, a series of synagogues targeted. heightened security tonight. and the fires and evacuations tonight in the west. the images coming in now. ent they heard...
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here in new york city tonight, there is a hate crime investigation after a series of synagogues were targeted. the nypd releasing surveillance video. at least three synagogues vandalized in a matter of days. they have stepped up security. to the wildfire danger in the west tonight. the flag fire near kingman, arizona, burning more than 600 acres. at least 200 homes and a nearby resort evacuated. several tanker planes joining the fight. red flag warnings across nine states tonight. when we come back, this question, is the earth's axis shifting. and where to see the super moon and where to see the super moon tonight. even with higher stroke risk due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,... i want that. eliquis. eliquis reduces stroke risk better than warfarin. and has less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis has both. don't stop taking eliquis without talking to your doctor as this may increase your risk of stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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3:57 pm
>> this is for anyone who has the faith and the courage to hold onto the goodness in themselves and to hold onto the goodness in each other. >> frances mcdormand winning best actress for "nomadland," too. >> one day, very, very soon, take everyone you know into a theater, shoulder to shoulder in that dark space and watch every film that's represented here tonight. >> the late chadwick bozeman, a favorite for best actor going into the night, after winning the golden globe and the screen actor's guild award. >> i'm going to get me a band and make me some records. >> but last night, anthony hopkins winning for "the father" instead. and today, paying tribute to bozeman.graceful to the academy and thank you and i want to pay tribute to chadwick bozeman, who was taken from us far too early.
3:58 pm
>> daniel kaluuya. >> daniel kaluuya winning best supporting actor. his mother and sister watching. supporting actress for "minari." >> the first korean person and second-ever asian woman to win an acting oscar. her humor on full display last night. >> mr. pitt, finally, nice to meet you. >> her keen sense of humor, just as it was in "minari." so many history-making performances this year. i'll see you tomorrow. good night.
3:59 pm
now from abc7, live, breaking news. the secretary of state's office has delivered the that opponents of governor gavin newsom have been working for and want to hear, good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i am larry beil. >> i am dion lim. word came in about an hour ago the groups behind the effort to recall the governor did, in fact, collect enough verified signatures to call for a recall election. keep in mind, this is not quite a done deal yet. elizabeth kreutz joins us now with the breaking developments. >> reporter: here are the numbers from the secretary of state's office. the recall effort has submitted 1.6 million verified signatures. that is well over the 1.5 million needed to qualify.
4:00 pm
the initial petition began nearly a year ago now, june 10th, to be exact. that's when people started gathering signatures. the groups behind the effort are upset about newsom's record. in particular, his handling of the pandemic, his laundry moment was really a turning point in this effort. so, a few days from now, the 29th, that is a few days to submit the signatures. it might even be more coming in. that would be followed by a 30 day period where they could withdraw their signatures. it is not a done deal yet. there are some democrats who are asking to their -- remove their names. though we are told it is unlikely to happen. they are moving forward as though there will be a recall. so really, it means california is all set
4:01 pm
election. this is the second time it