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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 2, 2021 3:30pm-3:58pm PDT

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tonight, the critical phase in the coronavirus pandemic, and the push to get more americans vaccinated. but we begin with breaking news, and the deadly boat emergency off the coast of san diego. the ship capsizing with 25 people on board, and breaking into pieces. at least two people dead. multiple victims rushed to the hospital. the images just in of first responders pulling people from the water.cades sce. > otr headline er vaccine hesitancy in the u.s. daily shots down 22% from the country's peak less than three we drouti inated. the fda may soon authorize use of pfizer's vaccine in children as young as 12. but overseas, countries like
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india facing a devastating surge, with global cases up for the ninth straight week. 40 million on alt r damaging winds, large hail, and possible tornadoes. flash flooding hitting parts of the gulf coast. u.s. troops begin to formally withdraw from afghanistan, marking the beginning of the end to america's longest war. the new images tonight of an afghan flag replacing the stars and stripes as the u.s. handed over a camp to afghan special forces. the concern now for women and girls across the country. ian pannell in kabul tonight. caitlyn jenner's controversial comments, saying transgender athletes should not be allowed to play in girls' sports. an about-face from the california gubernatorial hopeful, as a growing list of states push bans on transgender athletes. and "america stron years old, and his rendition of the national anthem going viral.
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good evening, everyone. thanks so much for joining us on this sunday. i'm linsey davis. we begin with breaking news as we come on the air. a boat with at least 25 on board capsizing, then getting stuck in the shallow surf. the boat was then caught riptide, slamming into rocks and breaking up off the coast of san diego. the boat tearing into pieces. people thrown into the water and on to jagged rocks. ea lstimier scene. authorities investigating whether it may have been part of a smuggling operation. will carr starts us off with the latest. >> reporter: it was a desperate attempt to save lives off the coast of san diego this afternoon. >> the coast guard received a report of a 40-foot trawler
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aground with multiple persons in the water. >> reporter: more than two dozen people were tossed into the chilly waters after their boat capsized. at least three drowned. their vessel destroyed. pieces seen floating along the rugged shore.e tonight, investigating whether those aboard were being smuggled. > they got two harbor police boats out there plus a couple jet skis doing search and rescue. >> reporter: nearly 100 first responders racing to the scene. along one pier, several teams performing chest compressions and administering oxygen. five victims needed cpr. u.s. coast guard helicopters swooping in to rescue thosin e wate wrapping et tm onto il, others taken away on stretchers. ambulances transporting them to local hospitals. harbor patrol using boats and jet skis, searching the open waters for other survivors. throughout the afternoon, waves continued to carry parts of the boat to the shore. this staging area set up along the rocks to catalogue the wreckage. >> so much wreckage there. will, the u.s. border patrol is
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holding a news conference there this evening? >> reporter: that's right. border patrol is trying to investigate if it was a smuggling operation. we know they're at the hospital in san diego right now, trying to figure out who was onboard and what led to this tragedy. linsey? >> will, thank you. now the critical next phase in the battle against the pandemic. vaccines readily available across the u.s., but the daily average of shots has dropped 22%. health officials are trying to make it easy. setting up a pop-up clinic at today's milwaukee bucks game. here's trevor ault with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, the critical next phase in the race to get people vaccinated. with daily shots down 22%, health officials trying to sway the americans on the fence. >> this is a pretty dangerous time to be unvaccinated. >> reporter: physicians like north carolina doctor
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karen smith are using microtargeting, reaching out to individuals at a church, a poultry plant, and a convenience store. >> we're setting up trust in a health care system, which many hese individuals lost a long time ago. >> reporter: vaccine hesitancy is a major concern in texas. weekly shots there plummeting more than 50%. and this week, the state slated to have a surplus of half a million doses, with no clinics asking for them. dallas mother heather simpson, once an adamant anti-vaxxer, now advocating for people to trust the science. >> if somebody can see me and think, she was very anti-vaccine and she is getting the covid vaccine, maybe they can feel safer about it and maybe follow after my lead. >> reporter: and new virus outbreaks are still popping up. in republic, washington, indoor events at one venue leaving 10% of the city infected. and in oregon, with cases climbing 123%, maria nazrio fears the worst. her 2-year-old son jeremiah took months to recover from the virus.
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>> what happens if we were to get covid again? is he going to react the exact same way as before? that's my biggest fear. >> reporter: as early as tomorrow, the fda may grant emergency authorization to administer the pfizer vaccine to children between 12 and 15. 12-year-old caleb chung is part of the trial. >> i definitely hope we get back to whatever we would call a normal eventually, soon. >> so many hoping for that. trevor, joining us now from a mass vaccination site in new york city. if the fda does authorize the vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds, how soon could they start getting the shot? >> reporter: it wouldn't be immediate. the labels would need to be updated, and the cdc advisory committee would have to meet to add that recommendation. but it's likely younger teenagers could start to receive their first shots by the end of the month. >> trevor, thank you. overseas, vaccine rates are much lower, and the virus is
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spreading.the avere for ghw er time d ke sullivan telling "this ld. week" the u.s. is workind to send more assistance as the situation grows more desperate. here's julia macfarlane. >> reporter: tonight, the pandemic raging to new levels overseas. the white house vowing to help the currently hardest-hit country, india. >> we're proud of what we've done so far, which has included multiple plane loads. >> reporter: but that u.s. aid nowhere close enough to put a stop to the catastrophe fast unfolding in india. officials reporting new daily records this weekend. 400,000-plus new cases. more than 3,600 deaths. some experts say the figures are undercounted, and could be as much as ten times higher with ohelmed shutting doors, no oxygen for people gasping for breath. >> my father couldn't get
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anyt >> when i step out on my y, thehi i smell is smoke. rorter:- diis the ndeverywhere have dreaded, and e that could still boomerang beyond india. >> the greater number of mutations that occur, and the virus can become more fit to infect, replicate, and spread. >> reporter: surges also under way in brazil, iran, and turkey. global cases nearly doubling in the last two months. >> to put it in perspective, there were almost as many cases globally last week as in the first five months of the pandemic. >> julia joining us now. tell us about the variant in india that is getting so many attention. >> reporter: so far, there's not enough evidence to suggest yet
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of any variants coming from india are either more infectious or dangerous. but most non-citizens traveling from india will be barred from the united states starting tuesday. the white house on one hand offering help, but also trying to pull out the drawbridge. linsey? >> julia, thank you. back here at home, severe weather is targeting parts of the country over the next few days. 40 million on alert through tuesday. parts of texas getting a month's worth of rain in one day. this is sweeney in southeast texas. homes and cars there flooded. take us through the forecast. >> reporter: linsey, we have a couple of areas of rough weather across the u.s., in the south and high plains. denver, reporting 62-mile-an-hour wind gusts. and tornado watch posted for mississippi and parts of alabama. you see it on the radar scope. tornadoes possible. denver, st. louis, louisville, little rock. you'll be under the gun.
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then tuesday, gets into the same areas getting hit tonight. linsey? >> rob, thank you. now to afghanstan, where the drawdown of u.s. forces is under way. today, u.s. troops turned over control of a camp to afghan special forces troops. the afghan flag replacing the stars and stripes. one day of after the original target for the drawdown of u.s. forces. the taliban is stronger and more forceful than at any time since they were overthrown. there is concern for women and girls in the country who have made huge strides. ian pannell is in afghanistan. >> reporter: as the troop withdrawal gets under way, there are growing fears here about what it'll mean for the women and girls of afghanistan whose capital kabul. walls of the - since the fall of the taliban they've made huge advances. fawzia koofi's political career began after the fall of the taliban in 2001. she's worked tirelessly for women's equality at home and in the workplace, and to help girls get back to school.
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>> they removed bullet from here. deh sentence from the militants. and fawzia herself has survived two assassination attempts. today, she worries about the american withdrawal. >> i feel like a lot of uncertainty, things that will be unpredictable. uncertainty in terms of what will happen to the women. >> reporter: can i ask, do you feel betrayed? >> i must say that, yes, it has become not only a strategic failure for our international frieovth they claim they'll allow girls to attend school, but many are unconvinced. a new generation here has been given something denied of their mothers -- an education. female enrollment in secondary
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schools grew fro 39% in 2017. there are many front lines in afghanistan. this is a key one. women, girls, learning in school. something the taliban banned. and something they're fighting for, equality in afghanistan. for these girls, their hopes and dreams now hang in the balance. >> so if, like, taliban regime to govern was on like everything, the door of our minds, the door of our hopes will be closed. >> reporter: hundreds of women have been targeted in the last year, many of them killed. it's spread a climate of fear that when american troops are gone, the gains for so many, especially for women and girls, will be taken away once more. linsey? >> ian, thank you. and in israel, a national day of mourning and remembrance for the 45 men and boys trampled fridurg religious festival. flags flying at half-staff
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throughout the country. prayers at the western wall for those trampled. 100,000 people attended despite covid restrictions. several children and teens are among the dead. caitlyn jenner is coming under fire for remarks she made about transgender athletes. jenner, who transitioned after her olympic gold medal career, says she doesn't think transgirls should be allowed to compete in men's sports. here's zohreen shah. >> reporter: tonight, california gubernatorial hopeful caitlyn jenner giving this controversial statement to tmz on trans legislation.oues tolic boys who are trans from playing girls' sports in schools. what's your opinion on that? >> a question of fairness. that's why i oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls' sports in school. it just isn't fair. and we have to protect girls' sports in our schools. >> reporter: it's a dramatic shift for jenner, a transgender woman and advocate.
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>> i also want to acknowledge all the young trans are out there, given the chance to play sports as who they really are. >> reporter: her latest comments coming as over 30 stes consider banning trans athletes competing based on identity. governors in seven states have signed bills making it against the law for transgender girls to compete on a public school girls' sports team. lawmakers arguing that transgender girls and women have an unfair advantage. in march 2020, idaho's house bill 500, dubbed the fairness in women's sports act, banned trans girls and women's ability to compete in female sports >> reporter: abc's kayna whitworth spoke to lindsay hecox. who filed a lawsuit with the help of the aclu and others. by august, the court placed a preliminary injunction against the law, meaning while the lawsuit is pending, the law itself can not be enforced. hecox stresses that she's a should have opportunities to play like anyone else.
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>> something about trans women athletes. they feel like it's going to be some huge tall, muscular superstar. and i don't even think most of my teammates would even think of me as trans. i just look like a regular girl court of appeals will start oral arguments in the case about excluding transgender women in sports. >> zohreen, thank you. continued demands for justice for andrew brown jr. the 42-year-old father of seven will be laid to rest tomorrow, killed by police serving a warrant at his home on april 21st. a aseld toef proteerking to aidapeincaio camera footage be released. so far, the family says they've only been allowed to see 20 seconds of that video. still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, the deadly
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shooting inside a casino. at least three people dead. who police say the gunman was targeting. and the investigation under a st dk apd. while holding dozens of people celebrating a birthday party.
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i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at next tonight to the deadly shooting at a casino near green bay, wisconsin. police say that three people are dead, including two casino employees and a gunman. one person is in critical condition. police believe the suspect was targeting an employee who was not working at the time. an investigation is now under way after the collapse of a restaurant deck. police in chattanooga, tennessee, say the deck gave way while more than 40 people were posing for a picture. several people had to be rescued from under the debris. 11 people were injured, including 2 critically. when we come back, the fiery sea rescue. flames ripping through a fishing boat. how the crew managed to escape.
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to the "index" now. the fiery rescue off the coast of cape cod. new video released by the coast guard shows flames and smoke shooting out of the 100-foot fishing boat. the five-member crew jumped from the stern on the ship into the water. the coast guard then airlifted them to safety. no injuries reported. a colorado woman has been killed in an apparent bear attack while walking her dogs. the 39-year-old victim was found dead near her home in durango. it appears that she was mauled. bear hair was found at the scene. a female black bear and her two cubs were discovered nearby and euthanized out of an abundance of caution. and nasa's daring nighttime splashdown. infrared cameras captured the water landing of the spacex crew dragon in the gulf of mexico. the four astronauts on board returning from a historic five-month mission to the international space station. it was the first nighttime splashdown for nasa since 1968. and when we come back, the
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avoid grapefruit it's our time. for more time. we asked for kisqali. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. finally tonight, the 9-year-old who has become a singing sensation after raising his hand to sing the national anthem at school. >> good morning, students and staff. today we have a special treat. >> reporter: each day -- ♪ o, say can you see ♪ >> reporter: right after the morning announcements -- ♪ by the dawn's ♪ >> reporter: -- the students of bates elementary school in louisville, kentucky sing along to the national anthem.
3:57 pm
♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ >> reporter: but on this occasion, it's one of their own, 9-year-old dcorey johnson serenading his classmates. >> now they want me to sing it at a baseball and a football and at a school and everywhere. >> reporter: including the university of louisville. >> and i'm, like, oh, my jesus. >> reporter: it all happened last week, when students returned to in-person classes. dcorey asked the principal if he could sing. ♪ and the rocket's red glare ♪ dcorey's performance, the principal recorded and posted it, only for it to go viral. ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ >> when he was finished, i couldn't finish the announcements. >> reporter: left speechless by the young man whose parents say he could sing before he could talk. >> dcorey started off singing at st. stephen's baptist church. he was a little bitty thing and he would hum along to the song. >> reporter: now he doesn't hum.
3:58 pm
he just belts it out. ♪ the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ ♪ >> dcorey singing his little heart out. "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir right back here tomorrow night. i'm linsey davis in new york. have a great night.
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