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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 5, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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police investigate a brazen attack at a bus stop. the women attacked in broad daylight. blood clot concerns this time with the moderna vaccine. what one man experienced, this time, after getting the shot. facebook expected to make an announcement any minute now. we are waiting to see if president trump can return to facebook and instagram. it is wednesday, may 5th and we start with the weather mike nicco . the wind 's burn blowing north and south. it is not so good news if you were hoping for cooler weather in lens. it will reach the coast with 50s
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, 60s and 70s around the bay area. and then we have cooler weather before the weekend and then hot temperatures come back. o women 80s are in the icu after being stabbed in downtown san francisco. this happened at a bus stop yesterday evening around 5:00. police do have a suspect under arrest. we have amy live it sfpd headquarters with the information. >> reporter: police do not have evidence of a hate crime and they are looking at elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. police arrested a san francisco man two hours after the attack
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less than a mile from the scene on eddy street. the attack happened on market street. witnesses said that the man walked onto the platform and stabbed two asian women. one woman in her 80s and the other in her 60s. people saw the man walk by with a knife in his hand. >> it could have been me. >> it was a pretty big knife. it was like a military knife with a big blade. he walked away like nothing happened, like sunday morning. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> unsafe and like we need more officers patrolling. >> the victims went through surgery last night and are now in icu in stable condition with their families by their side. >> the super of the eye area said this was not a robbery and
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that the man just walked up and stabbed these women and walked away. live in san francisco, abc7 news . someone said a woman 's's hair on fire when she was on a san francisco muni bus. police are looking for her and the person who did it. police want a statement from the victim. this happened at the 5 fulton bus. police say a teenager set this woman's hair on fire and ran off the bus. the woman and the teenager got onto the bus at mcallister street. >> and president biden hoping to get 70% of americans vaccinated with at least one covid-19 shot by july 4th. the plan is to make the vaccines accessible at more locations instead of mass vaccination sites. you can set submit at
6:04 am /vaccine. just click on the big blue box. the county is the first in the bay area to reach the least restricted yellow tear tier. solano county is still red. businesses like hotels and nightclubs will also be able to open. it is welcome news after trying unsuccessfully to open twice in the orange tier only to be shut down by the city. >> it is my turn and i'm on top of the world and it's fantastic . we are ready and prepared and the goodtime will continue. while business travel is not back, leisure travel is picking up and more people are booking rooms. in marin county, it missed
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the tear mostly because of unvaccinated people. marin marin county stays in the orange tier. >> we check these changes as we get more information. you can find the reopening tracker which details exactly what is open and the capacity depending on the tier. you can get more information at . and the decision to keep donald trump suspended on facebook and instagram. >> this is one day after the capital insurrection. this follows 9000 public complaints after the accounts were suspended. he is banned from twitter and youtube but the youtube ceo says he will restore access after the threats of violence subside. this morning republican john cox will hold an event on
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treasure island. yesterday, you can see he brought out a live there. this is brought criticism from analgh ps u a choice between the beauty, gavin newsom, or the beast, cox. he also made an appointment in napa county at a french laundry . >> are beautiful boy decided to come here to the french laundry for a dinner with lobbyists. a pretty darn expensive dinner. he broke his own rules and doing so. >> reporter: governor newsom was alongside the firefighters which offered an endorsement. newsom is calling it a waste of time and money. >> now is not the time to waste hundreds of millions of dollars on a recall effort which is nothing more than a partisan power grab. this is, and forgive me, a republican backed
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recall. and caitlin jenner unveiled her first on abc sunday morning. and total recall is on our bay area app which is available to download wherever you stream . and elizabeth holmes, following after delay after delay in a trial is finally set. and rules not enforced during the shelter in place are coming back. what to look out for or else your vehicle may be towed. signs of change at the golden gate bridge with a west wind drawing in the marine layer
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weather across the u.s. is warming showed by the new climate normalcy which sets the normals every decade. this graphic released yesterday. the areas in red on the bottom right are places where the normal annual temperature is 1.5 degrees higher than the 20th century average. the weather is getting wetter in the north and southeast. even dreyer in places like nevada, utah and new mexico. that's not a good thing for us. we will have more on climate change as the fire season gets longer and longer and more devastating. around pittsburgh and antioch with low to mid 60s.
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those are the warm spots with the rest of us in the 40s to mid 50s. there is the fog moving across the san francisco area right now. in the city, that will make you significantly cooler. 70s around the bay and 80s inland. then look at that as it reaches the inland neighborhoods by this evening and falling to the 60s by 7:00. good air quality through saturday. the air quality will be healthy and we will talk about the hot weekend coming up. here is the morning commute. there is an injury accident southbound 880 near winton. it may take time to clear the area. traffic is jammed from 238 from castor valley through the crash. it's going to be a slow ride and it could be out there for a
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while. southbound 101 out of san francisco to sl bow should be cleared by 6:30 this morning . northbound 101 just turned green at at the bay bridge toll plaza where the lights turned on a few minutes ago. it is backed up right now. thank you frances . transportation officials in san francisco are expected to resume towing vehicles in a couple of weeks. the mta will toe vehicles that have not been moved in more than 72 hours starting may 17th . vehicles with delinquent registration or citations will be towed starting june 21st. they are called poverty toes because they disproportionately impact low income residents. it
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was stopped during the pandemic at the start of the shelter in place order. company finding success making piñata's and how they have been impacted during the pandemic. and putting on tap dancing shoes to help a patient. the growing fan base now found online
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[sfx: bing bing bing ] [sfx: bloop bloop bloop ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait. enter the golden state, with real california dairy. a trial for elizabeth holmes is set to start in august. appearing in court for the first time in more than a year. attorneys made arguments over what evidence that jurors can hear during the trial are the 37-year-old is accused of misleading investors about her
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now failed blood testing startup. there are delays most recently due to homeless pregnancy and she is due in july. more information on the attack on lady gaga's dog watcher walker. according to the report, he was detailed before he was shot and two of the superstar's dogs were stolen. the men drove around areas of los angeles looking for french bulldogs. when they spotted fisher, they followed with car lights off so they would not be seen. the dogs were later returned safely and fisher is expected to recover fully people are not having as many babies. the u.s. birth rate at the lowest point in more than a century. it fell 4% which is the largest single year decrease in more than 50 years. it dropped for moms of every
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major race and ethnicity group. the pandemic no doubt contributed to the decline. anxiety about covid-19 and the impact on the economy caused many in menlo park, a full-time nurse has found a way for people to take out their built up frustration caused by the pandemic. these handmade piñata's are a smash hit for elizabeth mccarthy. she said news about the vaccines inspired her to get creative. she has been developing these giant germs which are modeled, of course, after covid-19. her headquarters is her kitchen and each piñata takes about a week to make. >> it's a huge deal and i want everyone to just enjoy smashing covid. >> elizabeth has sold a couple of dozen piñata's but has not taken a whack at them herself, yet. >> after all that work? >> i wouldn't want anyone to
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break it if i did all of that for a week. for fans of the lion king, we are getting closer to learn more about move fossa and his brother, scar in their early years. the oscar-winning director is filming the movie in los angeles. jenkins wrote the script and said that the young move fossa reminded him of himself. they have not set a release date. is anybody going to say it reminds them of myself? >> maybe there are things that we don't understand. the behavior? >> no. >> he is savage the way he does
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his nephew and his brother. spoiler alert. >> the acting and the voice of the character, i mean, it just works so good. on the side note, marvel released a trailer of face 4. some of the movies they have coming out, man, it's a good time to be part of disney. this is san jose 101 and 800 80 and a glorious morning opening from the exploratorium camera. the clouds are moving across the golden gate bridge and they will do that until 9:00 . the breeze will bring cooler weather to the bay and coast. tonight patchy drivel drizzle and fog. over the weekend, increasing sunshine and warmth.
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the 90s will not be gone long, especially inland. and we have a deeper sea breeze today, tomorrow and thursday. temperatures back closer to average. 76 at centerville and 80 at san jose. 68 in san bruno and everybody else mid to upper 70s at the peninsula. mid to upper 50s along the coast with low to mid 60s in downtown san francisco and sausalito. upper 50s in the north bay and warmer in the valleys. look at the sea breeze up toward emeryville where it is upper 60s. oakland 71 in e s.y you have to wait until tomorrow for the cooling. in fact, you can watch the clouds increase as we get deeper into the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning where we wake to the
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50s, 60s and 70s tomorrow and friday and that is average. on monday and tuesday, a summer spread with 60s at the coast to 90s inland. that is way too warm. now let's look at what is happening at gma today at 7:00 a.m. hi ginger. >> hey reggie and kumasi and mike. it's great to be here with you. president biden has set a new goal to have 70% of adults get one dose of the vaccine by the fourth of july. how he plans to achieve the goal and pfizer's timeline for young children. we have dr. francis collins to help answer the questions. more details on the deadly train disaster in mexico city. people are taking to the streets and demanding answers. they say this is no accident and we are live in mexico city
6:22 am
with that story. plus a scary encounter with a shark at the beach and escaping just in time. if you plan a major home improvement project this summer. the major delay you can expect and what appliances have shorter urges. >> i have just days for the table set for mother's day. they better get it to me. >> i've got plans. >> ginger, are you handy? >> i think i am and that i try something and then i have to order someone to finish it. maybe, sometimes. >> you are a pro at hiring th
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions, this is abc7 news . nauert 6:32, two women staffed and what we know about the victims. we have details of where we are during this pandemic coming up.
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and new water restriction rules that took effect immediately. good morning everybody. it is wednesday, may 5th. let's go to the forecast with mike nicco . good morning. let's talk about the marine layer. live on doppler seven, it is gray. when you look at the winds, you can see them coming down the coast and making a left-hand turn and moving to the inland neighborhoods, that is why the coast in the bay will be cooler today. it is quickly over spreading san francisco as we look to the west. most areas in the 50s and as we stay at the 50s at the coast, we reach 70s around the day. 60s in san francisco and 80s inland. you get the cooler weather tomorrow.
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it will be hot again this mother's day weekend and here is reggie with the news. stabbing that sent two women in their 60s and 80s to the hospital. the women are now recovering in icu after surgery. we are at sf pd headquarters with more. amy. >> reporter: the supervisor said community organizations have reached out to the victims to offer support. the communities are rallying around the victims. police have arrested a 54-year- old san francisco man and they have not released his name. witnesses say the two older asian women were standing on the muni platform at market street last night when they were stabbed. police used pictures of the suspect taken by witnesses who identified him and then they arrested him two miles from the
6:32 am
cnet eddy street. the supervisor, matt haney, says it's hard to imagine anything more disgusting or awful. >> the police say this was a targeted attack and he went after the women. it was random and that he did not know them. he sought them out and attacked them in broad daylight. >> reporter: was it a robbery? >> it wasn't a robbery, he just stabbed them. >> one woman in her 80s and the other in her 60s. the women went through surgery last night and are now in stable condition at the icu and surrounded by family. the police are collecting evidence to file charges against the attacker. i am amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the cdc will review pfizer's vaccine to be given to 12 through 15-year-olds. this
6:33 am
just days before the fda will give the authorization to give the vaccine to teensthas coura >> reporter: good morning, the goal is to get one shot of the covid vaccine to 70% of u.s. adults by independence day. this morning the biden administration is shifting focus away from vaccination sites to a more targeted approach. during an on areas with high demand and low access to get communities to have the shot. >> we have to bring the vaccine to people who are less eager. >> reporter: demand for the shot is falling. vaccinations dropping to 2.2 million doses per day. doctor found she telling cnn. >> as the pool gets smaller, it
6:34 am
gets more difficult. >> reporter: they will soon authorize the shots for children 12-15 years old. they hope to have enough data by september to request kids as young as 2 years old to be vaccinated. starting on monday, a 14- year-old and 15-year-old will join a different trial. they are excited about doing their part to help fight the pandemic. >> it's better to go through it with someone else. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci says if this was a baseball game, we would be at the bottom of the sixth inning. meaning we are two thirds of the way through the pandemic. abc news, washington. approving covid vaccine for students 12-15. many wonder if public schools will require the vaccine before students return to school in the fall. the
6:35 am
superintendent of california's largest district in los angeles says he believes that the covid vaccines will be required. bay area educators and doctors are waiting in >> students are getting covid- 19 and it is still spreading. so, vaccinations are essential to making sure that we keep our students safe. >> it is likely that by the time we get to fall, just like we are seeing in california and san francisco that the children will not be exposed because the adults are vaccinated. >> both vaccines will be mandatory for students in the fall. the california teacher's association has yet to take an official position. and a major milestone was 68,500 people fully vaccinated. that's enough to fill every state seat in the stadium.
6:36 am
this as the county shifts to mobile vaccination to better serve underserved counties. and moving to the least restrictive yellow tier goes into effect tomorrow. every other county is in orange except for solano county which is still red. in the yellow tier, gyms increase capacity from 25% to 50% and they can open saunas and steam rooms. and businesses can open to 50% not in counting employees. wineries, breweries and bars that do not serve food can reopen indoors a 25. >> the mayor and different entities, it was always about restaurants and everyone else. it may be a little tougher, maybe. >> reporter: the san francisco mayor says the willingness of most tempered siskins is a big factor in moving to another
6:37 am
tier. at least 70% of those in san francisco have gotten their first dose. the municipal water district has approved more restrictions that take effect immediately. residents are limited to turning on their sprinklers twice a week. and pools will need covers to keep water from evaporating. it was a unanimous. >> it can be achieved, but it takes diligence. >> it's a good start. >> we don't want to be water cops. our goal is to get people to reduce the amount of water they use. >> there are restrictions on washing cars and power washing driveways and sidewalks. the officer accused of killing george floyd is requesting another trial. the new york stock exchange is up by 25 points and we have
6:38 am
another update on the markets, next. using apps for distance learning. how many cell data about your child? and we will have a look at the forecast. let's look at the changes right happening right now. look at this along the coast. because of the cloud cover, temperatures are up a little bit . you are at 48 right now with thickening clouds along the coast. on the base side of the peninsula, sunny with temperatures at 48-52 degrees. pretty much in the 40s to low 50s everywhere until you get to east bay. as we head through the school day forecast, you can see it will remain cloudy. the coast
6:39 am
will be in the 50s and 60s while the rest of us warm to the 70s and 80s by the time school is over. look at this tsunami of clouds punching through and heading toward sfo. rapidly changing and reducing visibility on 101 and 82 as you travel the peninsula the cloud cover toward the coast. as for pollen, it will be moderate for the next three days but the uv index will be high. here is frances with commute . hi mike, we start with the traffic maps because you can see the hotspots are in the east bay. traffic is recovering in hayward on southbound 880, after an earlier accident. it is slow on 280, but getting better. the lane lights were turned on at 6:07. it is backed up and it is a crowded ride on westbound 80 with the headlights moving from berkeley to emeryville. the drive back time on
6:40 am
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it is judgment day for two bay area college students. they are charged with stabbing and killing an italian police officer in 2019. finnegan elder of san francisco and gabriel natale hjorth of marin county. they were mistaken for someone waiting for a drug dealer waiting on a corner. elder spoke to his father who gave the abc 7 iteam this quote. he said, i stupidly brought
6:43 am
knife to rome but i didn't attack or tackle anyone from behind at 3:00 in the morning. finnegan should not be convicted of murder. >> ultimately others made bad decisions as well and if those decisions had not been made and they had followed protocols for an under condor cover operation, he would not be here today. >> a judge could reduce the sentence or convict on lesser charges or find them not guilty. we have coverage of the story since it started. it is called 32 seconds, a deadly night in rome. you can watch on the bay area connected apon roku tv, fire tv and apple tv. derek chauvin's attorney requesting a new trial. the former minneapolis police officer convicted of killing
6:44 am
george floyd last month. there are multiple reasons including jury misconduct. they lead the courts did not request a change of venue and that media attention prevented a fair trial. george floyd's and, angela harrelson says, i refused to let anything take away the historical moment of hearing guilty, guilty, guilty. i pray that one day mr. show van takes responsibility for what he did to my nephew. we look at how one of the jurors is responding to the claims. federal judge is evaluating whether the utility violated its criminal charges from the san bruno exclusion after the utility sparked the kincaid fire. prosecutors and attorneys for pg&e appeared at a hearing yesterday. part of the probation stipulates that it not commit
6:45 am
another crime. since they are charged with starting the kincaid fire, the federal probation officer says they violated probation and the next hearing is set for next month. an ongoing corruption scandal in san francisco could put money into your pocket. the board of supervisors approved a $100 million settlement to repay customers who were overcharged. the lawsuit stems from an investigation after reports that the public works director was charged with fraud last year . the judge is expected to sign off on the payback plan as early as next month. when that happens, residential and commercial customers will be refunded over charges. two middle schools in san jose will close at the end of the school year. the district says that enrollment will drop to fewer than 150's to students
6:46 am
per school by the year 2027. they will consolidate with renaissance academy which hold classes on both campuses. new concern over the apps that aliens of kids depend upon to do remote learning. 60% of the apps are sharing the data with third-party companies. things like the student's contact list and even the location. the issue was discovered after the team reviewed a few dozen utility apps for the school districts. those apps allow students and parents to review things like school calendars. returning to the classroom with new levels of anxiety. 41% of parents say their child's emotional or mental health is worse this school year compared to last. social and behavioral skills are worse.
6:47 am
mental health experts say that some children may not communicate what they are feeling and to keep an eye out for possible warning signs. >> oftentimes there will be other complaints. things like headache and stomach ache. you can notice clanging this and separation anxiety. there could be moodiness and things they don't want to do. there could be any kind of acting out. >> if parents notice their child really struggling, they should conduct contact a professional psychologist or psychologist. and a company has officially hit the stock market. >> so, that is the opening bell at the nasdaq. ringing a few minutes ago when trading kicked off at 6:30. the initial trading value at $1.4 million. shares are selling , at this point, it's $16 each.
6:48 am
the company has partnerships with costco and target. now let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway and they are up right now. krispy kreme preparing to go public. there is paperwork related to a public offering of its stock. krispy kreme has been public since 2016. at first went public in 2000. the number of shares and the price range have not been shared yet. disney is sharing a real light saber. and the company is asking, how did they do that? it will be showcased at the new star wars galactic star cruiser hotel set to open in florida next year. disney is the parent company of abc7 .
6:49 am
>> showcased as and don't touch it? >> that's what people are wondering. >> will it be something used by the performers or something you will be able to play with? >> there is no word just yet. >> i have read it will be a performance that you won't get to touch it and it will cut off your extremities. it's not that type of light saber. they will do a deep dive until it was made. if you want to see more, possibly go to cnn. that was pretty darn cool. everyone wanted one. you will see changes and that is a good sign if you are tired of the hot weather. it won't make it to the inlet neighborhoods. let's talk about how things will be sunny around the bay and inland. it will be
6:50 am
cool around the coast and that the bay. surging warm for mother's day weekend and beyond . in fact, tomorrow and friday are the only days close to average. 68 in san bruno and 70s for the peninsula. we have great conditions with low to mid 60s in downtown san francisco and sausalito. along the east bay shore, the sea breeze reaches richmond and berkeley. 72 at hayward and everyone else in the mid to upper 70s. the warmest in the east bay temperatures at 85 to 91 degrees. fresno at 98 today. we are not the only ones that have been dealing with unusually warm temperatures. tonight, cloud cover spread and definitely more fog to contend with. i want to talk about this really quick. over the last 30 years, are
6:51 am
temperature has gone up 1/2 to 3/4 of a degree. annual precipitation, as you know, is dropping rapidly. it is dropping the most in january and february which are our wettest months. we are getting hit hard with climate change in that respect. locally today, you can see that. 50s, 60s and 70s and even early 80s starting next month. nor fireworks by the water, at least not in northlake tahoe. the north shore is canceling the fourth of july celebrations because the fireworks demonstrations bring thousands of visitors and they hope that by canceling the celebrations they will reduce cloud concerns and minimize the spread of covid-19.
6:52 am
and the spread of affordable housing in san francisco. the edwin m lee apartments admission bay are designated for homeless veterans and low income families. >> you know what it's like when someone reads your doorbell? i'm sure you know, hey, come on in. a lot of people take that for granted. now, for us, man, my sister, come on in. i couldn't do that before. >> this is the 104th development completed in the mission bay south development area. and becoming a point of contention. it would consist of 500 steel rods with the breeze of innovation. they will illuminate at night
6:53 am
and opponents say it will be harmful to wildlife and people living nearby. and the unincorporated areas of alameda county. the board of supervisors opted into a 2018 law for micro enterprise home kitchen operations. home cooking advocate staged a rally outside the board yesterday. they say it creates a more equitable and inclusive in humann human centered economy. there are tens of thousands of meals sold. no foodborne illness cases or safety complaints. these people are preparing the same food that they are serving their families. >> the law allows home restaurants to have annual grs le capping at $50,000. the permit to do this will be $700 per year. christie's is auctioning a
6:54 am
bottle of wine that spent a year in space. originally had $10,000, christie's estimates it will be $1 million. 12 bottles of wine were sent to the international space station . it comes with a second bottle that was aged on earth. if the buyer opens the space wine, they can compare them. and a teenager tackling her anxiety by turning her green thumb into a business. katelyn discovered her love for plants at the beginning of th pandemic.llccend tsat have iniron them. she says it's a win-win for her and the community. >> it is an escape and brings happiness to others as well. that is really what keeps me going.
6:55 am
if you are interested in buying a plant, you can find her page on facebook. >> you need to get into succulents because they are easy to take care of and they are nice looking. >> they are. i just want my plant to be like it was when i first bought it. >> can you name the plant? >> i named it presents because at the time it had a beautiful presents. now i call it prayer. that's what i decided to name it. prayer? well, hope is not lost. >> i'm just going to take it to somebody. >> someone says that we need to listen to mike. he said to basically read the instructions you get in the soil. coming up, what you need to
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during business hours. if you're just joining us here at the seven things you need to know this morning number 1, facebook's oversight board has upheld donald trump's suspension on facebook and instagram. the former president's accounts of been locked since january after the capital insurrection. to women in the hospital after after they were stopped and brought daylight in market street, police say they were waiting for a bus when police say a man attacked them. the suspect was under arrest. francisco will be the first county in the bay area to move into the states less restricted yellow tear. it will allow more businesses
6:59 am
around to reopen but all the other bay area counties are still in the orange except for solano county which is in red. number 4, the water restrictions have been approved in marin county, they can water the yard twice a week, pulls me covers to avoid evaporation, the county already has restrictions on washing cars and power washing driveways. number 5 the marine layer and cooling seabreeze are back and they will be most prevalent along the coast in the san francisco parts of the bay but not inland where we are still in the 80s and 90s. number 6, traffic is slowing on the san mateo bridge because chb is out there looking for speeders, so westbound traffic is slow with a new crash just listed at the bridge plaza. 9:00 this morning releasing more details about its plan to send tourists to outer space.
7:00 am
now the date of this announcement is intentional at today marks 60 years since the first american entered space. mike are you going to be, i know you're going to be waiting. >> i'm gathering all my retirement money i'm good morning, america. and as we join you this wednesday, the new vaccine strategy set by the president. the administration aiming to get 70% of adults at least one dose of the vaccine by july 4th. how they plan to do it and pfizer's new time line for vaccinating kids as young as 6 months. this as covid cases fall nationwide. nih director dr. francis collins joins us live only on "gma." >>de deadly train collapse that killed at least 24 and injured dozens more. mexico city residents taking to the streets chanting this was no accident. deadly weather slamming the south. overnight, a flood emergency in


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