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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 5, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, the coronavirus in the u.s. and the eye-opening new headline from the cdc. and the breaking news tonight involving two young americans found guilty a short time ago in italy, now facing life in prison. first, the virus tonight, the cdc out with a new report and new projections tonight on the pandemic. saying if vaccinations continue in the u.s., we could very well see a, quote, sharp decline in cases by july. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky saying the variants remain the wild card. and tonight, the major league teams offering free tickets if you get a vaccination at the game. also tonight, that verdict just in for two american college students on trial for what authorities say was a deadly attack on police in italy. news from the courtroom coming in now.
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facebook will keep former president trump off the site, at least for some time to come, after their oversight board today revealed that they agree with the move after the former president's false claims on the 2020 election. also tonight, the war growing within the republican party. the move now to push congresswoman liz cheney out of her post for speaking out about election lies. and tonight, her new message just in. our reporting on the disturbing rise in attacks on asian-americans. tonight, two new cases just days apart in san francisco. two women stabbed in broad daylight. a young father beaten while his son was in a stroller, rolling away. tonight, the emotional reunions. the first migrant families separated under the trump administration's zero tolerance policy to be reunited. the mother from honduras d t seen them in three years. another mother back with her son after being pulled apart at the border.
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and what happens now after the reunions? tonight, news in the case that made national headlines. the mother who went missing on mother's day weekend last year. news tonight of an arrest late today. the husband who had pleaded for her return. peloton tonight issuing a major recall for 126,000 of its popular treadmills. frightening video of a boy trapped under a moving treadmill, freeing himself. accidents blamed for another child's death and dozens of injuries. what you should do if you have one. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. we have several developing stories, that verdict just in from italy. two american college students found guilty in the death of a police officer. facing life in prison now. but we're going to begin here with the major news on the coronavirus here in the u.s. tonight. this evening, for the first time, the cdc is now predicting a, quote, sharp decline in cases
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by july, if we continue to see vaccinations and social distancing in areas where there are still hot spots. today, that hopeful new tone from the cdc director was welcome news. but dr. rochelle walensky did say that the variants are still a wild card. we are still seeing some areas with rising cases, including the pacific northwest. authorities say young people are driving that. tonight, some major league baseball teams now offering free tickets if you get a vaccine. the yankees and the mets among them. and tonight, a number we're watching, as well. the american academy of pediatrics reporting 22% of new cases are among children. and we know pfizer's vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds is expected to be authorized in just days. tonight, the numbers. more than 146,335,000 have received at least one dose. that's more than 56% of all adults in the u.s. now. there's also news tonight from moderna and their vaccine, specifically their booster, if it's needed. and what they're now seeing with the variants. abc's whit johnson leading us off from new york tonight.
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>> reporter: tonight, hope on the horizon. a new cdc projection shows high vaccination rates and continued masking and social distancing could bring a sharp decline in covid cases by july. >> we have the path out of this and models, once projecting really grim news, now offer reasons to be quite hopeful for what the summer may bring. >> reporter: but officials warn variants remain a wild card and there could still be setbacks. >> we are not out of the woods yet, but we could be very close. >> reporter: and should vaccine booster shots become necessary, today moderna reporting early data suggests their booster shots would be effective against those concerning variants from south africa and brazil. >> moderna's goal is to create a vaccine that protects against all the variants of concern, including those we've been hearing about in places like india, south africa and brazil. >> reporter: it comes as the pcific northwest is fighting another covid surge, with cases in the seattle area driven by people in their 20s, many unvaccinated. >> a lot of college students,
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they're just acting like it doesn't matter. yeah, they don't care. >> reporter: officials are now trying to make vaccination easy, doling out shots at the mariners game. >> i've been contemplating not doing it, but when it's in your face and it's free and you're the first person in line, why not? >> reporter: in new york, the yankees and mets also offering a free ticket after a vaccine at the stadiums. and good news for broadway, shuttered for more than a year. starting tomorrow, tickets can go on sale for shows in september at 100% capacity. >> it's the soul of the city. >> reporter: so, this is progress? >> this is absolutely wonderful news. >> yes, wonderful news when we see it this fall and you're right there in times square tonight, whit. we know dr. anthony fauci, given what we're seeing in india, was also asked today about the effectiveness of the vaccines being used here in the u.s. against variants including that new variant emerging in india. >> reporter: and david, that variant has now been identified
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in california, a fourth state. so far, the vaccines have held up against these variants, but dr. anthony fauci says they're collecting data in real time and hope to know within the next week just how effective the vaccines are against this particular variant from india. david? >> all right, whit johnson leading us off tonight here in new york. whit, thank you. we are also following that developing headline from overseas tonight. two american college students have just been found guilty in italy in what authorities say was a deadly attack on a police officer. they have been sentenced to life in prison and here's abc's maggie rulli from london tonight. >> reporter: tonight, they were the two american college kids who made headlines after authorities say they killed an italian police officer in rome in 2019. a jury today finding both men guilty of multiple charges including homicide, sentencing them to life in prison. prosecutors say it was a drug deal gone bad, that finnegan lee elder and gabriel christian natale hjorth went to a trendy neighborhood in rome on the night of july 25th,
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2019, to buy cocaine. but the deal fell through. the two men, 18 and 19 years old at the time, allegedly stole a backpack from one of the dealers. that man called the police, who claim to have set up a sting operation. and when vice brigadier mario cerceillo rega and his partner went to meet the men, prosecutors say elder allegedly stabbed rega 11 times with a seven-inch knife. natale hjorth allegedly helping him hide the knife afterward in their hotel room. during the trial, finnegan elder told the court that the police never identified themselves. >> they didn't even say "polizia," which sounds like the english word "police." >> reporter: the case dominating headlines in italy. the officer had just been married a month before, his wife attending every day in court, there tonight holding on tight to his photo. now david, life in prison is the mximum sentence someone can get in italy, so, these two men will almost certainly appeal. but while they wait, they're going to have to spend at least the next two months in solitary confinement.
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david? >> italy and the world watching this case. maggie rulli tonight. maggie, thank you. and back here at home this evening and two major headlines involving former president trump. facebook tonight will keep him off their site, at least for some time to come, after their oversight board agreed with facebook's decision. and tonight, the former president is also at the center of a new push to oust representative liz cheney from her leadership position in the house. for speaking out against the former president. cheney saying the presidential election was not a big lie, as the former president is now saying. and tonight, cheney just out with her own new message, saying the gop is at a turning point and that history is watching. here's our chief washington correspondent jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: a facebook oversight board today upheld the social network's decision to suspend donald trump for encouraging the capitol riot. >> facebook had sufficient justification to remove mr. trump's january 6th posts for violation of the policy against praising or encouraging
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violent actors. >> reporter: but the panel also tld facebook to clarify its policies and determine within six months whether trump's suspension is permanent. trump remains the dominant force in the republican party, and today, house republicans moved closer to punishing the gop congresswoman he detests the most -- liz cheney, who voted to impeach trump and continues to criticize him. >> as a party, we need to be focused on the future. we need to be focused on embracing the constitution, not embracing insurrection. >> reporter: house republican leader kevin mccarthy wants her gone. >> i've had it with her. it's, you know, i've lost confidence. >> reporter: and today, trump himself endorsed new york congresswoman elise stefanik to replace cheney in the republican leadership. cheney actually voted for the trump agenda nearly 93% of the time. much more than stefanik. but on january 6th, stefanik went along with the election lin
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ted joe biden's win. >> signed affidavits document numerous unconstitutional irregularities. >> reporter: tonight, cheney wrote in "the washington post," quote, the gop is at a turning point, adding, history is watching, and urging republicans to steer away from the dangerous and anti-democratic trump cult of personality. >> all this moving quickly. jon karl live at the capitol tonight. and jon, i want to get back to facebook here, because former president trump remains banned from facebook, twitter, all major social media platforms. and i know you recently spoke with the former president about that. >> reporter: i saw him not long ago in mar-a-lago and david, he shrugged off the social media bans, telling me that putting out written statements as he does now is, quote, much more elegant than tweeting, but make no mistake, these social media bans sting. they cut off a key way of getting his message out and perhaps more importantly, when it comes to facebook, also cut off a key way that he raises money. david? >> jon karl live at the capitol. jon, good to have you. we continue to report here on the disturbing rise in
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attacks on asian-americans across this country. tonight, the new and disturbs cases in san francisco. two women stabbed in broad daylight. and a father beaten while his son was in a stroller, rolling away. here's our chief national correspondent matt gutman from california. >> reporter: tonight, authorities increasingly concerned with new attacks from new york to california on asian-americans. in san francisco, 54-year-old patrick thompson arrested after allegedly stabbing two elderly asian women on a san francisco street in broad daylight. >> it was a pretty big knife, it had knuckles on the handle. >> reporter: patricia lee said she watched as the attacker walked right up to the women. one of them was 63, the other, 84. and just days ago, this father with his son in a stroller, saying he was pummeled. >> he was in a strolling that was slowly actually rolling away, so, it was definitely very scary as a parent. >> reporter: hate crimes against asian-americans are up over 160% in major cities across the country. and in new york city, where hate
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crimes are up 223%. authorities are looking for this woman for assaulting a 31-year-old asian woman with a hammer on sunday. teresa, a graduate from the fashion institute of technology. >> i just touched my hair, i thought, there's a lot of blood. >> reporter: now community members have taken matters into their own hands. in february, safe walks nyc expanded its reach to chinatown. >> they tell us where they want us to meet us and their destination and we can walk with them. >> reporter: we spoke to anna mok, a leader in the national asian-american community. >> we need the people that are creating these acts of violence prosecuted and we need to see justice. >> reporter: david, i just got off the phone with the mayor's office and the office of the chief of police. all of them say that these attacks are unacceptable and right now, they are beefing up high visibility patrols, they say, and community patrols in order to try to bring back a sense of safety here. david? >> they have to do something across this country on this.
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matt gutman tonight, thank you. and we turn next here this evening to the emotional reunions, the first migrant families separated under the trump administration's zero tolerance policy to now be reunited under president biden. the mother from honduras surprising her two sons. she had not seen them she had not seen them in three years. another mother back with her son after being pulled apart at the border. and the question tonight, what happens now after these reunions? here's our chief white house correspondent cecilia vega. >> reporter: tonight, 3 years, 7 months and 13 days after this mother last saw her sons, they are a family reunited. they're among the thousands of parents and children forcibly separated under the trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy. mom, mabel, deported back to honduras, the very country she fled because of violence. her sons, mino and erik, 13 and 15 at the time, staying behind with family in the u.s.
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overnight at a family gathering in philadelphia, they had no idea their mom was coming in until she walked through the door. "i love you," she tells them. their grandmother in disbelief. advocates have spent years trying to find parents in mexico and central america. the biden administration says the trump white house left them with little to no information about many of the families. there are still more than 400 children whose parents have yet to be located. sandra ortiz among four families this week reunited under the biden administration. she hugged her son bryan for the first time in more than three years. deported to mexico without him, bryan stayed with older siblings in california, learning english, graduating high school a year early. >> it feels like a dream. >> reporter: the administration says more families will be reunited soon, but for now, these are tears of joy. this mother saying, "i love you my beautiful son."
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>> cecilia, these are emotional scenes, mothers reunited with their children. and i know a lot of people watching are going to wonder what happens now to these families after the reunions. >> reporter: yeah, david, four reunions are happening this week. all of these families are going to receive temporary protected status for humanitarian reasons, but temporary. they can stay in the country legally temporarily. advocates are calling for permanent legal protection given all the trauma these families have endured. david, these reunions that we're seeing right now, this is hardly the end of the story for these families. >> all right, and cecilia vega, we know you'll continue to follow this as you have for a lng time now and we appreciate it. in the meantime, we turn to a major recall tonight. peloton now recalling 126,000 treadmills after they were linked to the death of a child and some 70 other injuries and troubling incidents. tonight here, the frightening video of a boy trapped under a moving treadmill, then freeing himself. we warn you, though, the video is difficult. and here's abc's janai norman. >> reporter: tonight, peloton's about-face. >> with the peloton tread-plus.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: the company rcalling all of its 126,000 popular treadmills after renewed safety concerns. authorities warning about disturbing incidents like this -- watch in a split second as a 2-year-old playing with a ball gets sucked under the moving treadmill. as he struggles to get free, the top half of his body is then pulled completely under before he finally escapes and walks away. peloton previously resisting pressure from the consumer product safety commission to issue a recall last month after dozens of complaints of injuries and the death of a 6-year-old. today, the company reversing course. in a statement, the ceo now saying, "the decision to recall both products was the right thing to do. peloton made a mistake in our initial response." adding, "for that, i apologize." and david, tonight, peloton is working on software updates to address safety concerns. but in the meantime, urging customers to immediately stop using the treadmills and to contact the company for a refund. david? >> all right, abc's janai norman with us tonight. janai, thank you.
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5:53 pm
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finally tonight here, made in america. and tonight, the ripple effect, creating jobs by simply hitting the road. tonight, our made in america may, we're back at it. the pickett family kicking it off. >> hey david, how's it going? >> from bozeman, montana, seeing america in their american airstream. >> we got to see some pretty amazing places across america. >> we have reported on winnebagos, too, made in america. the country now coming back after this pandemic and they are, too. >> husband and wife kenny phillips and dr. sabrina campbell are now partnering with winnebago. sabrina is a traveling doctor going to hospitals in need of frontline workers. >> it has enough space for two people to walk past each other or even dance. >> and who made their winnebago? workers in forest city, iowa, more than 6,000 workers. and tonight, they tell us they're hiring.
5:58 pm
the vast majority of parts made in america, too. >> hey, david. >> alva manship on the line for two years. >> i get to do all sorts of stuff like make these beds, work on tvs, cabinets. i love that we're made in america. >> for years, our series made in america -- 42 feet. >> yes. >> and we're going to drive this. >> yes, we are. >> everybody ready? we remember that road trip. okay, okay. so many of their rvs powered by volta power systems in holland, michigan. many of their parts sourced in america. and tonight, 12 new hires. >> hi david. >> camaal murray is one of them. >> it's a good feeling to be a part of that. >> meantime, dr. campbell and her husband kenny off to where they're needed next. >> take care everybody. safe travels. and we will catch you next time. >> safe travels to you, as well. the road trips saving jobs and celebrating the country. keep your ideas coming. we'll keep at it. i'm david muir. i'll see you tomorrow. good night.
5:59 pm
herd immunity. is it now within our grasp. california could be closer than you think. the bay area is helping lead the way. >> two bay area college students get life in prison for killing an italian police officer. struck sculptures. now from abc7, lee breaking news. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> the altercation lasted just 32 seconds. this afternoon in a courtroom in rome, two college students from the bay area received life in prison for the stabbing death of an italian police officer. >> thank you for joining us. this case has t headlines and gone on for two years. the i-team has covered it.
6:00 pm
we are back with more on the dramatic video from court. dan, what a verdict. what a sentence. >> dan, the verdict came after 11:00 p.m. rome time. it took just a day to get that decision. the parents are already filing appeals. 21-year-old finnegan elder learned to speak italian during his months in a room prison. to see it on his face as he realized the verdict, guilty for the murder of mario cerciello rega, antisense, like in prison. his widow burst into tears. 20-year-olds gabriel natale hjorth received the same sentence. in newly released video, he insisted he