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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 25, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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thing? >> it's called encouragement. >> i don't know about good morning, america. as we start this tuesday, twister terror striking the heartland. 15 tornadoes touching down in kansas in just 24 hours in a scene straight out of "the wizard of oz." the new threat this morning as severe weather takes aim from the plains to the northeast. also this morning, remembering george floyd one year later. his death sparking a racial reckoning across the country. what's changed? where are we now? this as the floyd family is headed to the white house to meet with the president today. shock in the sky. new fallout over that unprecedented state-sponsored hijacking. the commercial aircraft grounded
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by belarus. passengers now describe the frantic moments on board with a journalist put under arrest trying to get rid of his phone and computer. his new message this morning, is it a forced confession? terrifying crash. a plane slamming into a las vegas neighborhood, going up in flames, the search for answers this morning. back in the classroom. the nation's two largest school districts announce plans for full in-person learning. how will it work, and what it means for others across the country as covid cases surge in japan. could it spell danger for the olympics set to begin in less than two months? no more monkey business. this woman caught on camera entering the spider monkey enclosure at a zoo in texas, even trying to feed them junk food. authorities now searching for her. ♪ and "friends" forever. >> oh, my, god. >> it's the one we've all been waiting for. our "gma" exclusive with the cast of "friends." >> no one had to be convinced.
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we all wanted to do it. >> their first morning tv interview before the reunion almost two decades in the making. >> you've been bamboozled. >> this is the best game ever! and we do say good morning, america, and we're grateful that you're starting your tuesday with us. we want to take a moment right now for this live shot. the memorial to george floyd there in minneapolis. this morning marks one year since his death. >> what a year it has been. a year of reckoning in so many ways. floyd's murder under the knee of a police officer sparked a national conversation on police reform and a wrenching examination of race in america. today's floyd's family will have presidt bie. but we will begin with that tornado outbreak striking the
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heartland, 15 tornadoes touching down in kansas, slamming into homes sending debris flying, and there are new threats on the way this morning and ginger is tracking the latest. good morning, ginger. >> michael, good morning. at least 15 reported tornadoes and we're going to zero in on western kansas where this one caught on camera there looks very much like "the wizard of oz." you have not a lot but selden there. start to see the debris fly. that would be the sheet metal from a farm. no serious injuries reported but unfortunately, we have the same potential for it today again in parts of the plains and up in northern wisconsin, and then into the northeast by tomorrow, and so you'll feel the heat building, you'll feel the storminess coming and so anywhere from pittsburgh up h bao new enan you'llanchor damaging wind tomorrow. robin. >> we know you'll be tracking it. ginger, thank you. now we're going to turn to a moment to remember for the nation, it was one year ago today that george floyd was murdered in minneapolis. sparking mass protests all across the country and a
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conversation about race here in america. cecilia vega is at the white house where george floyd's family is meeting with president biden later today but first, we are going to go to alex perez in minneapolis. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. the racial justice movement that spread across the globe started right here at the intersection of 38th and chicago where george floyd took his last breaths. now, i want to step out of the way so you can take a look behind me here. this site a permanent memorial for floyd calling for racial equality and changes to policing in america. every day people pour in to visit this site and pay their last respects and we expect they will do the same today. the floyd family hosting a number of events to move the conversation forward including a rally yesterday and a day-long celebration of life and black culture at a park in minneapolis today, reminder, the criminal proceedings for the former officers charged in the case are still ongoing. derk chauvin is set to be sentenced on june 25th. now, the governor here is calling on residents to take a
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moment of silence for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, that's the amount of time that chauvin was on floyd's neck, robin. >> we do know that, thank you. george. let's get more from cecilia vega. cecilia, president biden as we said set to meet with the floyd family today. >> reporter: yeah, later this afternoon, george, right here at the white house. floyd's family including his 7-year-old daughter gianna are going to be here. at this point the white house, you said it was private, isn't going to allow cameras inside for this meeting. you'll remember this, the president after that chauvin verdict spoke directly to the floyd family, he told them he would get police reform passed, he said that this is the first opportunity to deal with genuine systemic racism but then set the deadline for that to happen today. right now congress is at a stalemate. >> there seems to be a bipartisan negotiation that is stalled over this issue of
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immunity for police officers. >> reporter: exactly. the key, there are bipartisan talks happening, both sides said they are making progress. the house did pass some sort of police reform that would include banning chokeholds, ending no-knock warrants, but the 50/50 senate where they need democrats to get on board to pass this. there is real disagreement over the issue of qualified immunity, this is basically the ability to hold officers legally accountable for misconduct. i asked the white house yesterday, are they going to move forward on police reform, the press secretary told me that they believe they will be able to make progress but right now, george, this deadline is set to come and go. >> okay, cecilia, thanks very much. we'll have a lot more on george floyd, the impact his murder had on our country in the next hour, michael. >> thank you, george. we turn overseas to the growing international outrage over that state-sponsored plane hijacking. the journalist arrested making a statement in a new video, but there's concern it's a forced confession. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, michael. the journalist's father said he believes his son has been beaten
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and his nose broken disguised by makeup in the video after that unprecedented hijacking. this morning, a video of 26-year-old journalist roman protasevich in detention in belarus, telling he's in good health, but offering what is very likely a forced confession for organizing protests but the white house is calling this hijacking a shocking act. >> it constitutes a brazen affront to international peace. >> reporter: protasevich boarded the flight in athens with 120 other passengers bound for lithuania but when the plane crossed into belarusian airspace it made a sudden u-turn. air traffic controllers warning the ryanair pilots of a potential security threat and directing them to land immediately. a mig 29 fighter jet launched to escort the commercial airliner, but once on the ground, it became clear there was no bomb.
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protasevich, an outspoken critic of the authoritarian president lukashenko, described by one passenger as frantic and afraid as he tried to get rid of his phone and computer. >> stand up and open the luggage door, take the luggage and was trying to split the things. >> reporter: the plane was released after nearly eight hours but protasevich was not on it, nor reportedly his girlfriend or three suspected belarusian intelligence agents. the arrest and hijacking prompting condemnation from around the globe and demands for the journalist's immediate release. the european union has now imposed new sanctions including banning belarusian aircraft from using european airspace and airports and european airlines and others are now completely av belar.
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you can see it're oidi ifoa very good reason, robin. >> yes, they are. martha, thank you. now to that deadly plane crash in a residenti the plane going down moments after taking off from an air force base killing the pilot. will carr is there in las vegas with the latest. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, robin. when that plane came crashing down into this neighborhood people here describe an explosion, a fireball and a fear about just how close that crash came to a nearby elementary school. >> it went down. >> reporter: this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what caused this terrifying scene, former military jet crashing into a home in this neighborhood. a jet black plume of smoke filling the air. this was an f 1 military aircraft that just crashed. >> reporter: operated by a
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military contractor taking off from nellis air force base crashing a short time later. police and military officials rushing to the scene securing the area. >> it sounded like a plane in distress. >> i felt the shaking in the house. >> reporter: an elementary school nearby told to shelter in place, students could see the crash from their classrooms. >> my dog was freaking out. he was running around the house like going crazy by the window. >> all of a sudden it went quiet and i hear two distinctive booms and the house shook pretty violently. >> reporter: the pilot, the only person on board, was killed. thankfully no one on the ground was injured. in a statement the company who owns and operates the plane says it's cooperating with investigators, adding, our thoughts and prayers go out to the people and families affected by this event. we are doing everything in our power to assist them in this time of need. this morning, the governor is offering his support for people in this neighborhood as well and it comes as the ntsb is on the way to the scene to try to figure out what went wrong here,
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george. >> okay, will, thanks. we're going to get the latest on the pandemic now and new signs that we're turning the corner. two school districts planning to fully re-open in the fall and eva pilgrim is live at a school in brooklyn on what it means for schools across the nation. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. one thing we learned, how important it is for kids to be here in school when they're learning but what it looks like when your child goes back to school in the fall really depends on where you live. this morning, it's back to the classroom. two of the largest school districts in the country, new york and los angeles, announcing a return to full-time in-person learning for the fall. >> every single child will be back in the classroom. >> reporter: in new york city, students and staff will be required to wear masks, schools will follow cdc social distancing guidelines, desks three feet apart, online learning no longer an option. now a thing of the past. >> the last 14 months put a
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spotlight on how nothing can replace the importance of the in-person educator in class with his or her students. >> reporter: meanwhile, in los angeles, online learning still an option for those staff and students who need it for health reasons. but the school district planning to make the move to five days a week in-person learning, masks are still expected. the district planning to follow any state and local health guidelines in place at the time. the return plans for schools coming as we learn more about a rare inflammation syndrome that has affected children who got covid. a study in the uk looked at 46 children and found most of the symptoms were gone within six months. there were a small number of kids who needed longer ongoing support. this as there are renewed calls for an investigation for how the covid pandemic started. "the wall street journal" reporting three workers from a wuhan lab were treated with covid-like symptoms about three weeks before health officials think the outbreak began in china. it's unclear if they actually
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had covid. investigators from the w.h.o. saying it's extremely unlikely that the virus spread after a leak from a lab, but also saying the chinese government didn't give investigators full access to information. and some good news on the vaccine front. a new study finding the pfizer vaccine holds up well against the latest variant, the indian variant, especially when people have received both doses, and states are getting creative to get people to take the vaccine. in ohio, nearly 3 million people have signed up for that state's vax-a-million lottery. they're seeing a big increase in younger people now getting the covid vaccine. the first winner is supposed to be announced tomorrow. michael. >> all right, money is a great incentive. eva, thank you so much. now we turn to the new safety concerns about the tokyo olympics set to get under way in less than two months as covid cases surge in japan. many are calling for the games to be postponed for a second time.
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maggie rulli iliwark airport anh u.s. is now warning people not to travel to japan. >> reporter: yeah, michael. so fans from abroad were already banned from this year's games but now the cdc and the state department are both warning americans to not travel to japan at all. it's a potentially major setback for these games that are supposed to be right around the corner. this morning, with less than two months to go to the olympic opening ceremony, the new warning raising questions about the safety of the olympics. the u.s. adding japan to its do not travel covid advisory list. japan's travel health notice now a level 4 due to the high level of covid in the country. osaka, japan's second largest city, is buckling under a new wave of infections and some doctors are warning the health care system could collapse. japan's averaging nearly 5,000 cases a day. this fourth wave fueled by variants and a slow vaccination rollout. currently just 2% of the country is fully vaccinated.
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just last week 6,000 japanese doctors called for the olympics to be canceled. one doctor in osaka warning the olympics could mean the collapse of the medical system. [ speaking foreign language ] saying that everyone wants the olympics to be the symbol of overcoming the coronavirus, but we haven't overcome the virus yet. but the international olympic committee saying the games must go on. >> all of the measures we're undertaking are satisfactory and will ensure a safe and secure games in terms of health and that's the case whether there is a state of emergency or not. >> reporter: u.s. olympic officials say despite this new travel warning they're confident that the current safety plans in place will keep team usa safe this summer. japanese officials saying it will not affect the games so, guys, even though polling shows more than 80% of people in japan do not want the olympics this year, it seems like the games will go on, at least for now.
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michael. >> thank you so much, maggie. robin. now to another frightening road rage case. police searching for a man in washington, d.c., who opened fire into traffic after appearing to get cut off. this comes just days after that other traffic case -- tragic case in california that left a 6-year-old boy dead. kaylee hartung has more from orange, california. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: robin, it's a parent's worst nightmare. this is a memorial for that 6-year-old boy, aiden leos, we're just above the freeway where his life was cut short. now investigators are working coast to coast to try to solve these violent crimes. this morning, a road rage shooting caught on camera in washington, d.c. after appearing to get cut off in traffic, this man gets out of his vehicle, he approaches the car in front of him and opens fire. as that car flees he turns his gun on the traffic behind him. police are searching for the suspect. this comes just days after the fatal road rage tragedy in southern california where 6-year-old aiden leos was shot and killed in the backseat of his mother's car.
7:17 am
>> he was beautiful and he was kind and he was precious and you killed him for no reason. >> reporter: joanna cloonan was driving her son to kindergarten on friday when she says a white sedan attempted to cut her off. a single shot was fired piercing the trunk. striking aiden in his car seat, police are asking witnesses to come forward with dash cam video and the family is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. parents at the boy's school pleading for help. >> you killed a child so somebody has to know something and that can't sit well. >> reporter: there's no indication that aiden's mother did anything wrong or could have done anything to prevent this tragedy. now, just as millions get ready to hit the road for this upcoming holiday weekend authorities are urging drivers to remain aware of your surroundings and if you feel at risk you should drive to a
7:18 am
public place like a hospital or a police station. >> good advice. thanks very much. we have a lot more coming up including the memorial day travel boom. millions expected to be on the go this holiday weekend and the top destinations, plus an exclusive interview with the ceo of airbnb sharing tips for booking a last-minute trip. also ahead, this woman call caught on camera in a monkey enclosure trying to feed them junk food. police are now searching for her. back to ginger. hey, ginger. >> hey there, robin. more than a half foot of rain around harris county, plus inches in some places. you see that flash flooding. folks trying to get through the water. we sauls they's not the right thing to do. more rain on the way, houston area itself could pick up another 4 inches, saturated upon saturated. that tuesday trivia now sponsored by consumer cellular.
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good morning, i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco, increasing sunshine today but cooler breezes will keep temperatures down from yesterday's highs, mostly clear tonight for the full moon and the lunar eclipse and summer begins this weekend and it's going to feel like it. 50s along the coast today in san francisco, 60s around the bay and 70s inland, cooler tonight thanks to a we'll be right back. if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame.
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news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc seven mornings. the oakland a's are reportedly shopping around for other shopping for other cities to in portland confirmed that the a's top execs are making the trip to portland sometime next month. last month the president tweeted from a playoff hockey game in las vegas where the a's are also exploring a move if oakland's plans for the howard terminal ballpark don't move fast enough. let's take a look at traffic with jobina. good morning everyone, we are starting with a very busy look at the san mateo bridge for our commuters traveling westbound toward the peninsula,
7:24 am
you can hardly make out cars and brake lights but there is no incident being reported from chp. but traffic is almost stopped. a high wind advisory has been issued in this is a live look from the toll ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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lot of the cloud cover out there. that's kept us milder this morning. most of us in the fifties and for your commute. there's a little bit of low cloudiness, the closer you are to the coast and some of those coastal valleys, but it's really the winds that wilvi a ot bridges during the evening community. that will be the biggest problem. those winds today will bring our temperatures down just a little bit, they'll back up back off for a warming trend tomorrow and then look at that. cooler weather all the way through saturday before the summer
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(meowing) (clicking) and energizer ultimate lithium wins again! energizer, backed by science. matched by no one. or you lose the game. >> something to do with trans. >> transmonster. >> that's not even a word. >> you know you said that. you said that. >> by about three seconds. >> that's not even a word. back here on "gma." loving that scene, so many others from "friends." it's one of the most quotable shows ever. we are excited to share our sit-down with the cast together for the first time ahead of that huge reunion special this week revealing their favorite episodes, most memorable bloopers and so much more. >> that's all coming up. we're following a lot of headlines. the anniversary of george
7:31 am
floyd's killing, it has sparked a racial reckoning across our country. the floyd family is headed to the white house to meet with president biden this afternoon. also happening right now, secretary of state antony blinken is in jerusalem as that fragile cease-fire holds. blinken has vowed the u.s. will rally international support to aid gaza after the 11 days of violence killed more than 250 people, mostly palestinians. we have some breaking news out of ohio. several people killed in an apartment shooting outside columbus. police say they found others outside the building. they are still searching for the killer and a motive right now, and the local police chief has said it's been years since west jefferson's last murder. also right now, news a lot of parents have been waiting for. two of the country's largest school districts, new york and l.a., announcing they will fully return to in-person learning this fall. masks will still be required. michael. the memorial day travel crunch. travel expected to reach levels not seen since the pandemic began.
7:32 am
abc's transportation correspondent gio benitez is at chicago o'hare airport with the very latest. good morning, gio, and nice vest. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning to you. yeah, we're here -- thank you. it's nice. we're on the ramp here at o'hare. so many flights here, they are already sold out. in fact, united airlines' ceo tells me that for this weekend they have 1.3 million bookings already. let's look at what tsa is telling us, they say they could screen more than 2 million people in a single day at u.s. airports this weekend. at least 6 million estimated for the whole holiday. that would be the first time we're seeing numbers that high since the start of the pandemic. and where are people going? hopper tells us that the top domestic destinations right now are vegas, miami and orlando. for international we're looking at cancun, cabo and montego bay.
7:33 am
now, for the busiest airports, atlanta takes the top spot and then you're looking at number two right here, chicago's o'hare. l.a.x. is number three. the busiest time for that travel, hopper says it's looking like friday morning, and if you want to be really specific bit about it, 5:45 a.m. in atlanta, so get there a little bit early if you have a flight there, michael. >> gio, that's very specific. thank you so much. we are joined by the ceo of airbnb brian chesky. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> of course. you say demand is skyrocketing. you put out a call for new hosts for airbnb. why should people sign up with airbnb? >> well, i mean, i'd start by saying that if you become a host on airbnb you can become a host in less than ten minutes, about half the hosts who sign up get a eeg t within four days, an the biggestravelebound notars sy ready tral arouound t
7:34 am
country. >> as we just saw millions are expected to travel this memorial day weekend. what booking trends are you seeing? do you have recommendations for people who want to plan a last-minute trip? >> yes, so we're seeing three trends, right now people are more flexible, i think zoom and other things have taught us how much work we can get done remotely, so they're booking all summer so not just booking memorial day but saying they're flexible and not just going to the same few cities, obviously they're going to the popular destinations but small towns and rural communities and i recommend really traveling off the beaten path to get a great deal and people are staying longer. if you can travel and stay longer you can defer some of the costs because some of the greatest costs are flying. if you want to book last minute i really encourage some of the new features we have launched. one called i'm flexible, willing to travel for a week, a weekend or a month any time this summer, you have just hit a button.
7:35 am
we can show you what's available. >> things look a lot different right now. what are the travel trends that you're seeing? >> oh, yes, so, well, so what we're seeing is the same thing. we're seeing people traveling -- they're going to literally everywhere so domestic travel is really popular in the united states so a lot of americans are traveling within their own country. we're seeing a lot of people traveling nearby so, yes, seeing people go to popular destinations but they're also going to small towns and rural communities all over the country. >> and there have been some complaints that after cleaning fees and taxes, the total cost is higher than the one that's listed. what is your response to that? >> well, i'd say we're pretty transparent about the fees on airbnb. we rank the very best deals and the top of the list so, if you see a really great airbnb value, i think that's going to be one that will show up at the very top of our search results. people choose airbnb because they can get a great value. you can get an entire home with many more amenities and live in a real neighborhood, sit around
7:36 am
a pool and cook at the kitchen table cheaper than the cost of a hotel. >> airbnb is making changes to keep up with the new way people are traveling. what are some of those? >> yeah, so we've launched a number of new features. one of the features that we've launched is a feature that i said before we call i am flexible where we allow you to find any place that's available over the course of an entire summer so one of the big problems in travel, everyone is trying to book at the same destination, the same time, and places are sold out, so we now show you all he different placing you can go including places you never thought to imagine. we also have a really great customer service, we doubled the number of service agents so we're ready to provide great service this summer. >> what is the biggest shift you're seeing you think will americans travel?pact on how - >> i think there's a huge trend and it is that now that more people can work remotely, it and it means therefore people are traveling and staying longer.
7:37 am
you know, a quarter of our s for longer than 28 days. that means they're living in an airbnb and they're starting to blur. it means you can truly travel and live anywhere around the world. this is the story for millions of people, certainly million of americans. >> i guess working from home people are traveling and working from their vacation spots. mr. chesky, thank you for joining this morning. >> thank you. >> george. we turn to that shocking moment caught on camera. police are searching for a woman who entered the spider monkey enclosure at the el paso zoo putting herself and the monkeys in danger. erielle reshef has the story, good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. hard to believe we're discussing yet another incident like this one. the zoo calling that woman's actions stupid, that video now part of an ongoing investigation. this morning, authorities in texas are looking for this woman, seen entering a spider monkey enclosure at the el paso
7:38 am
zoo this weekend getting close to the animals, even trying to feed them junk food before climbing back out. >> these are primates we're talking about here so they can do some substantial damage to you. they're stronger than they look. they may be small monkeys but they are extremely strong and can take you to the ground if they wanted to. >> reporter: the zoo's director calls the woman stupid and lucky saying she put herself and the monkeys at risk. >> we turn it over to the police department. they're doing an investigation obviously, talking to the district attorney about what charges can be filed, and we'll pursue that to the fullest extent of the law. >> reporter: the incident just the latest close encounter with zoo animals caught on camera. in march, a father was arrested after carrying his 2-year-old son into an elephant enclosure at the san diego zoo, and in 2016, this incident at the cincinnati zoo drawing worldwide attention after a 3-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure. zookeepers forced to shoot and kill harumbe.
7:39 am
to rescue the child safely. >> people just have this misguided impression that these animals, because they're in zoos they're not wild animals. it can cause tremendous stress in that animal and could cause a conflict that ends up making the animal be the bad guy. >> reporter: that law firm where the woman allegedly works says she has been terminated. the el paso zoo says they may have to put up higher fences around this exhibit so this doesn't happen again. guys. >> what's going on with folks? my goodness. erielle, thank you. coming up, our exclusive with the cast of "friends" sitting down together ahead of that highly anticipated reunion. amy will bring it to us next. atd reunion. amy will bring it to us next.
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we had a full on "friends" discussion during the break. we're back now with our "gma" exclusive with the cast of "friends" ahead of that reunion. amy got the assignment that every fan of the show has probably dreamed about and this homecoming, amy, nearly two decades in the making. >> reporter: that's right, and so many of us are excited, robin. it is finally the one where they get back together and, yes, it's been almost exactly 17 years since the emmy-winning sitcom went off the air and the cultural phenomenon surrounding the show, well, guess what, it is still stronger than ever. >> did she get off the plane? did she get off the plane? >> i got off the plane.
7:44 am
>> reporter: for ten years -- > payback. >> reporter: and 235 episodes. >> i'm afraid the tv guide comes to chanandler bong. >> i knew that. rachel, use your head. >> reporter: they were the friends we could all depend on to make us laugh. >> i just want to be married again. >> rachel. >> reporter: the final episode breaking records with more than 50 million viewers. >> this is harder than i thought it would be. >> oh, it's going to be okay. >> reporter: season after season millions tuning in, the show and its stars becoming pop culture phenoms. >> oh, i just can't watch. it's too scary. >> reporter: even their hairstyles inspiring fans. countless adopting the rachel named for the hairstyle worn by jennifer aniston on the show. the cast remaining close all these years, regularly going viral online whenever they got together. and now more than 25 years after
7:45 am
the show premiered. ♪ >> where is the tissue box? >> reporter: our friends are back. this time in a reunion special airing on hbo max. >> no one had to be convinced. we all wanted to do it and we were actually hoping to do it a year ago when it was the 25th anniversary of the show. >> reporter: "gma" sitting down with the cast for their first morning show interview. >> all right, let's do it. >> come on. >> reporter: sharing what fans can expect. >> you've been bamboozled. >> no! this is the best game ever. >> what do you hope fans walk away with after they watch this reunion special? >> i hope the fans walk away with a sense of what it was like for us to have made the show. >> we're equally excited to be finally doing it and hopefully to give something back and, you know, put a little laughter, a little love out there to everyone. >> and we're going to have a lot more of our exclusive interview coming up in our next hour including which episode is their
7:46 am
favorite and guess which one of the cast members is now watching "friends" for the very first time. >> no way. >> any clues? any ideas? >> i'm going to say it's one of the guys. >> you might be on to something, robin. [ laughter ] >> i think it's one of the guys. >> the guys, by the way, had a lot of fun during the interview. so buckle up watching this, because they were on fire. >> you got more for us? >> yeah, we do, coming up in the 8:00 hour. >> see how i did that? >> yeah, i did. thank you, robin. stay right there. when we come back it's our "play of the day." it's our "play of the day."
7:47 am
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news and good morning and reggie came from abc. seven mornings. we're gonna check it with me now for a look at the roads a job. hey, reggie. thank you. good morning, everyone, so we're going to start look at the roads. we with a sig alert inside the caldecott tunnel, it is completely blocked and traffic is being diverted. expect delays in the area, speeds are around 6 to 24 ir miles per hour. we have us huge stop and go traffic on the san mateo bridge for people headed westbound and then it is packed at the bay bridge toll plaza, teetering lights came on it
7:57 am
6:40 am. this guy is packed with cloud cover across most of neighborhoods this morning and that has temperatures on the mild side in the 50s but looking at afternoon hours we will stay in the 50s along the coast into san francisco, 60s around the bay and 70s inland and 3 to 7b0 cooler than yesterday. moderate amounts of tree pollen and grass pollen blowing around in those cool breezes this afternoon and a little warmer tomorrow than we back off it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will shake up sacramento, cut taxes. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. twister terror striking the heartland. 15 tornadoes touching down in kansas in just 24 hours. in a scene straight out of "the wizard of oz." the new threat as severe weather takes aim from the plains to the northeast. remembering george floyd one year later. his death sparking a racial reckoning across the country. what's changed? where are we now? as his family is headed to the white house to meet with the president today. ng news moo rn17-yds % fectiv doses planning to ask the fda for authorization. dr. ashton live to break it down.
8:01 am
♪ could we be any more excited? >> how you doing? >> "gma" exclusively sitting down with all six "friends" cast members for their first tv interview ahead of the homecoming 17 years in the making. >> it was so emotional that we just started crying. >> revealing which episode is their favorite. >> my eyes. >> the funniest blooper moments on set. if they watch their own reruns. and how it feels to be back together after nearly two decades. ♪ under da sea ♪ an under the sea surprise. we're giving this little girl a macal hdo-er aer paemicnd she isang -- urine this tuesday. doesn't that make you happy? i was watching the wnba last night and i'm going, is that
8:02 am
you? late night last night. >> that's my bedtime. i was hanging out with ellie the elephant. that's the new mascot for the liberty, a great game. honestly i thought, okay, i'll sneak out at halftime. it was so good and this betnijah laney, 26 points, she started the season with at least 20 points every game. 5-1 the liberty. that's their best start since 2007. remember didi richards, we profiled her. she had that terrible collision at half-court. she is a spark plug out there and don't get me started. that's didi right there. remember the lashes and everything. sabrina ionescu. >> i texted you. she is no joke. >> she got game. her daddy was there and kept yelling mvp. dude, it's six games into the season. >> give it a little time. she's playing like an mvp. i love watching it with my daughters who want to check out a game.
8:03 am
>> you got to go to chicago first. >> i got to go to chicago, yes, i'm going to chicago today and i'll be doing "gma" from chicago tomorrow. i'll do some fun stuff. maybe i'll bring you both some deep dish pizza or something. >> "rise & shine." >> if i don't eat it before i get back? that will be fun. a lot coming up today and this week. we have a lot of news to get to and start with that weather hit the heartland so hard. 15 twisters have touched down in the last 4 hours. new threats on the way for many. let's go to ginger tracking all the latest. good morning, ginger. >> george, good morning to you. the video coming in from kansas in the last 24 hours, pretty unbelievable. it's looking very much like auntie em. the videos from selden and the debris starting to fly, a grain bin, some sheet metal from barn, thankfully no serious injuries and i do think we'll see more tornado action not just today but potentially tomorrow in parts of the northeast. flash flooding also a huge problem. we have been inundated along the gulf coast. harris county reporting more than 7 inches of rain and that was just yesterday on top of
8:04 am
what they've already had and, robin, here are the areas i want to be on the lookout as we go into tomorrow especially northeast, that's all of pennsylvania right up into new england. robin. >> thanks for keeping an eye on weantourn now to bit. this morning marks one year since his death. and the last year has been a real reckoning in so many ways from conversations about police reform to an examination of race in america. alex perez is there in minneapolis. welcome back, alex, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning once again, robin. the racial justice movement started right here where george floyd took his last breaths. i want to step out of the way so you can look at what this has become behind me. a permanent memorial for floyd calling for racial equality and changes to policing in america. every day people paying their last respects and expect they
8:05 am
will do the same today. the floyd family hosting a day long celebration of life and black culture at a park here in minneapolis today. the criminal proceedings for the former officers charged in the case are still ongoing. derek chauvin is set to be sentenced on june 25th. now, the governor here has called for a moment of silence this afternoon asking people to pause for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, that's the amount of time that chauvin was on floyd's neck, robin. >> 9 minutes and 29 seconds. all right, alex, thank you. michael. >> thank you, robin. now to breaking news and the fight against the pandemic. moderna just announcing results of its vaccine trials on 12 to 18-year-olds and the results of everything parents could hope for, 100% efficacy. dr. jennifer ashton joins us now with more. good morning, dr. jen and tell us more about the results of this trial. >> good morning, michael. so not unexpected news, but
8:06 am
absolutely encouraging news from moderna just announced minutes ago, their clinicatr teens ages 12 to 15 showed 100% efficacy and zero serious safety signals. that's after two doses and 14 days following the second dose for the full immune protection. this is potentially really welcoming news for millions and millions of families and really everyone. >> welcoming news, indeed. now that we know this, what the trials say, when will it become available to 12 to 18-year-olds? >> well, michael, moderna is going to submit its data to the fda in early june and then the fda will independently review it and make their decision whether or not they will give it emergency use authorization. it is expected to clear, but i want to be very, very clear with this, no safety corners will be cut and they will be evaluating all of that data very, very carefully.
8:07 am
>> all right, dr. jen, clear and understood. thank you. george. >> thanks, michael. coming up as we mark one year since george floyd's death we'll talk about how it shifted our country and our culture. also ahead, our exclusive with the cast of "friends" and which episode is their all-time favorite. okay, and we're going to head into memorial day weekend but we don't want you to miss our summer sunscreen guide. how much spf do you really need? an option that works great under makeup. i don't know if that guy is worried about that but we'll talk about it when we come back. ♪ run away ♪ ♪ run away ♪
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welcome back to "gma" on this tuesday morning. looking live at george floyd square in minneapolis as we mark one year since his death. >> when you think about all that has transpired in that year, george floyd's death started a national conversation about social injustice and impacted so many parts of our lives. janai norman has a closer look at how that one day in america has led to a national reckoning on so many fronts. good morning, janai. >> robin, good morning. 365 days ago the country and the world, much of the world saw what happened to george floyd. most of us were at home under lockdown. there were few distractions. we had to pay attention and then countless people, so many people all different kinds of people felt they had to act to make change any ware they could so we're taking a look at all the areas of society that that
8:13 am
change has seeped into. last summer the bedrock of our country began to shift as the george floyd protests reverberated across the culture. >> no aspect of american society was untouched. >> symbols of racism being torn down around the world. >> domino effect. >> nascar bans the confederate flag. >> that's a symbol of hate. >> the long running series "cops" being pulled by the air waves. >> bye and good riddance. >> tonight washington's nfl team dropping the redskins' name and locate go. >> i'm happy that's going to be eradicated. >> reporter: it was the start of a racial reckoning so many of us never expected to see. in the midst of history, scholars were charting out the future. >> we began to think about what all of these confederate monuments and buildings named for confederate heroes, what is that teaching us? plain and simple that is teaching us to venerate white supremacy. that was a problem to address.
8:14 am
>> when you see the statue of robert e. lee and images projected on that statue, do you think that is a good use of that space, a reclaiming of sorts? >> i feel it's ideal. i feel it's spectacular. in the face of george floyd or breonna taylor you see the ongoing cost if we continue to live in the way that this country has been living. >> while much of our memorial landscape centers white men, artist hank willis thomas is changing that with pieces like unity here in downtown brooklyn. >> i've always said artists are kind of like psychics where a lot of us are living in and imagining the world that we want to see and then going about building it. >> reporter: his next project, the embrace, will honor dr. martin luther king jr. and coretta scott king. >> he is hugging her and you can see her literally holding him up and something that was so special.
8:15 am
>> reporter: in the years since floyd the memorial landscape isn't the only thing getting a makeover. >> let me fix you breakfast. aunt jemima. >> reporter: after an uproar on tiktok, aunt jemima toppled. >> quaker saying after 131 years it is changing the name and packaging of aunt jemima acknowledging it is based on a racial stereotype. >> reporter: introduced in 1889 is rooted in a minstral song "old aunt jemima," a
8:16 am
stereotypic stereotypical mammy caricature. her appearance has changed over the years but when we look back we still see that mammy caricature. >> it is based on a horrible racial stereotype and over the course of the brand's history there were attempts to evolve that image over time, and last june, you know, on the wake of george floyd, we made a statement that aunt jemima brand needed to retire. >> with all due respect why did it take so long and a tragedy of such epic proportions to do the right thing. >> these are complex questions because the brand has meant many things to many people over the course of history. it clearly was time to move beyond removing that harmful negative stereotype from the marketplace. >> reporter: aunt jemima will be named pearl milling company. new packaging hit store shelves in june. the effect has rippled through american schools. >> we keep telling the same tragic story over and over. >> reporter: this girl asked to be taught more than the basics of slavery and a few famous
8:17 am
icons. >> there are other people to teach us than martin luther king and harriet tubman. >> reporter: the cherry hill school district made black history a high school graduation requirement. >> i feel proud and i don't want to stop, you know, having these conversations. >> reporter: conversations across america. it's what floyd sparked. a legacy that is still unfolding. >> maybe it'll be the kids of today that can really interpret it this time. all i know is it's a different time. the temperature has changed in america. >> reporter: so while any measure of progress is worth noting to see how far we've come from where we began "boston globe" journalist said we sometimes call our dead martyrs. you can't party over progress on the anniversary of their deaths because we're still dying. >> guys. >> that was a very thoughtful piece. >> it was and makes you think, i know how much time you spent on that. and people don't want this to be
8:18 am
a moment. they want it to be a true movement and there is a difference and if we all are really honest with ourselves when this happened a year ago, complete outrage. i heard from so many friends that look like you and you that i hadn't heard from in a while and were just racked with, hey, then it starts trickling back down to what it was, was before so how do -- how do we maintain, sustain that because what that young woman said, janai, is so true, it's about our history and for people not just for us, but for everyone to understand the history, black history is american history and you're only selected to know a little bit of it instead of the whole history. >> it is education is the key so seeing what that young woman did in her school district, if that could carry on so other people get the information and the education that we're not getting and not giving our kids.
8:19 am
>> this conversation has been real for them. >> it needs to start with the kids, grass roots and then generation to generation. but as long as it's stuck with us as adults it's only going to get filtered down to the kids in a watered down way. >> you got us talking. >> got to keep the conversation going. that's part of it. that's why a year later we're talking about it. >> you can see more on "after floyd: the year that shook the world" tonight on abc. >> ginger, good morning. >> good morning to you, robin. may is military appreciation month so i'm with uso staff members and active duty members of our services and they are here just supporting us and, of course, we are so grateful for their service. you are know the uso for 80 years at this spot has made a home away from home for them but we're celebrating them but i have to protect you all. are you ready?
8:20 am
storms are coming here later this afternoon and evening and some will be pretty severe. the north, wisconsin, ashland i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco, increasing sunshine today but cooler breezes will keep temperatures down from yesterday's highs, mostly clear tonight for the full moon and the lunar eclipse and summer begins this weekend and it's going to feel like it. 50s along the coast today in san francisco, 60s around the bay and 70s inland, cooler tonight thanks to a big switch in gears and go back, amy, as you see, more of her interview with the friends together. >> everyone is excited. i sat down with all six members of the "friends" cast for their first morning tv interview ahead of their epic reunion later this week to talk about what it mees to be back together again. their favorite episode and if they actually watch the reruns
8:21 am
like the rest of us. ♪ ♪ no one told you that was going to be this way ♪ >> reporter: it's the one we've all been waiting for. >> does courteney still have her lines written on the table? >> we've literally just slipped right back. >> oh. >> reporter: our six favorite friends together again for a special airing on hbo max, the first time all six cast members have been together in one room in 17 years. >> we were on a break. >> i don't think they -- any of us had any idea how emotional we would be when we walked on to the set to see it exactly the way it was. literally besides the cookie jar that we took home, and the neon coffee sign that jen took. besides that it was exactly the same and so emotional we just started crying. >> i knew it was going to be really seriously emotional experience and it has been.
8:22 am
>> i know you can't give away secrets but can you give us an idea of what we'll see? >> there's some fun stuff. >> entertaining, surprising stuff. >> there's a lot of fun surprises. >> will we hear from janice? >> janice. >> oh, my god. >> won't give away any secrets but we loved all the guest stars we had. >> for ten seasons 236 episodes, "friends" becoming part of the pop culture zeitgeist. tuning in for the comedic exploits of the cast and our favorite on again, off again couple, ross and rachel. >> look at me. i'm chandler. could i be wearing any more clothes? >> anyone have a favorite episode? >> the one where everybody finds out. >> she knows. >> that was my favorite episode. >> that episode where everybody finds out about chandler and
8:23 am
monica's relationship. >> they'll know we know we know. >> not just a fan favorite but a cast favorite too. >> look, i did love the one where everybody finds out because i had very fun things to do. >> right. that was a good one. >> chandler and monica. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. my eyes. >> i like the one with the blackout. >> what? oh. ♪ creation ♪ >> i like doing the routine. >> five, six, seven eight. >> oh, the routine was so funny. ♪ >> oh, no, you didn't. i did. >> oh, uh-oh. no -- uh, uh -- >> do you have a best blooper moment? >> oh, my gosh, so many of those. >> for me i think of the one where joey and ross are sneaking around trying to take naps.
8:24 am
>> what lines doy you. >> how you doing? >> i get quite a bit of how you doing. >> i just get, smelly cat. ♪ smelly cat, smelly cat what are they feeding you ♪ ♪ smelly, really smelly bad ♪ >> we were on a break. >> we were on a break! >> do you guys watch the reruns? >> yeah, court and i watched to catch up on some stuff. >> and laughed and cried. their first kiss, ross and rachel, that was -- ah, so powerful. >> going to watch more now. >> i am going to now. >> she decided it's a really good show when she was -- watching it for the first time. >> she's going to binge-watch friend friend. >> something to do with transponder.
8:25 am
>> transponster. >> that's not even a word. >> the cast tells us a few laughs, some games and a colossal dose of nostalgia. >> i didn't cry walking on to the set. >> today you can't her. >> the cork has been pulled and the floodgates are open. >> we wanted to do it a year ago, give back to everyone, all the fans especially in the dark times we were all experiencing. >> hopefully a year later, people will still enjoy it and cheer the same folks up. >> oh, i think everyone is going to enjoy it just fine. "friends: the reunion" debuts this thursday on hbo max. do you guys have a favorite episode? >> i do. it's when he gets measured for his suit. >> oh, no, no, no. you did not go there.
8:26 am
>> okay, i'm sorry. that's why i phrased it that way. >> so i'm like a 7-year-old boy. i loved when they went to the beach and monica gets stung by the jellyfish and chandler has to pee on her leg. that still makes me laugh. >> how can minot be the one with george stephanopoulos? >> oh! >> yes. [ applause ] >> but it's time for us to pivot. pivot. more "gma." that was an episode. >> the best episode ever. be right back, guys. it started with the pizza delivery, right?
8:27 am
good morning everyone. we want to check in with jobina for a look at traffic. good morning everyone. we have an update on the sig alert we were following inside the tunnel. it has been canceled but we have a large back up here. speeds are around five and 32 miles per hour, so it will pick up once you get out of the back up. very slow through san pablo down to berkeley, packed at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights came on at 6:40. a live look at the san mateo a live look at the san mateo bridge, things are moving on at. yes! with brand-name looks at prices that say it's on.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
tomorrow and then we slowly slide through average, before a hot weekend. >> you can find the latest ♪ heading towards memorial day, michael, that means your show is back, "the $100,000 pyramid." >> it's going to be fun, george. you two were on. you mastered the show. >> oh, no. he -- >> ali is still mad at me about that. >> yeah, the show is coming up. going to be a lot of fun. great new season and hope everybody enjoys it of ginger, ali, who else is on there? a lot of great guests. >> isn't sara haines going to come back? sara haines coming back. >> sara haines is coming back and sara -- is there she's good. >> she practiced a lot. worked really hard. roy wood jr. from "the daily
8:31 am
show" and the category is little house on the scary. things people talk about when renovating a house. i want you guys to take a look at this. >> this is black or it's disgusting and -- >> pollen. mold, mildew. >> yes. we're not married anymore we're going through a. >> separation. >> no, its end. it's done. another word for -- >> final -- >> when you split with your spouse, you get a divorce. >> how you build a house with a divorce? >> the house can lead to divorce. >> oh, okay, that's true, that's very true. >> i know from experience, people. >> ah. >> yeah. >> you did not -- >> we have a lot of laughs. i got george to laugh. that was worth it all right there. >> so much fun. >> i love this show. we have so much fun doing this show and everyone at home loves it. you can play along as you all know.
8:32 am
"the $100,000 pyramid" premieres tomorrow night and every wednesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. >> i was going to say must see tv. >> it is must see tv and we will rerun -- >> no, we will not. >> yes, we will. as excited as i am for that i am more excited for our next guest to join us, emma stone is an oscar winning actress known for her performances in "la la land" and "east a a" now starring in "cruella" out this friday which tells the origin story of the classic disney villain de vil. we have not seen you in more than a year. want to congratulate you and your husband with all the exciting things in your lives. how are you doing. >> we're doing great. how are you guys doing? >> we are aolely astic. >> day by day. but we're very excited, "cruella," already getting some rave reviews.
8:33 am
were you a fan of "101 dalmatians" growing up. >> i was. i was a big fan of "101 dalmatians" and watched the animated movie a bunch of types and love the concept that people and their dogs look alike. i think it's pretty accurate. >> so you watched that and saw glenn close play cruella. how does that affect your performance? >> well, the thing about that is, anything that i would do that would try to imitate glen close would pale in comparison in an extreme way so i didn't rewatch her movies before we did this just because i was like, i have to kind of make it my own, you know, and reimagine it a little bit or else it's just going to be a colossal failure for me. she is the best to ever do it so i didn't even attempt. >> you're so humble but this is really an entirely different cruella. none that we've seen before so
8:34 am
where did you draw your inspiration, emma? >> well, the original cartoon, they were inspired for the voice by tallulah bankhead so watched lotf she are lgheally great voice and, you know, the original book, there was a lot of good source material for cruella and then, you know, you get that black and white wig on and it's pretty hard not to. >> let's take a look at a clip. >> you know, i kept staring at you at the party then it came to me, that's her from school. >> it's not estella. that's the past. i'm cruella. so you -- you go to parties and you take pictures and you print gossip. that's your job. >> yes, well, not as hard as it -- >> it doesn't sound fun.
8:35 am
it sounds useful. >> ooh. >> and, emma, you go toe-to-toe with emma thompson. your dynamic was different. how close did you get? >> we met a few years before we were filming and i had wanted to work together for awhile and it was just -- i don't know what i would have done without her. she's like the only person for that part. she is playing an absolute monster narcissist crazy person but she's the opposite of that in real life so it was amazing to watch. it was really, really fun. >> i tell you what, it's going to be amazing to watch. this will be a lot of fun for all of us and i've been waiting for this for a long time since they dropped the first ad. i think everybody got excited. no one better, emma, to play cruella than you. >> oh, thanks, michael. is it because i seem so mean? >> no, because you are so nice but you can pull it off because you are so -- your range of
8:36 am
talent is -- >> off the charts. >> unimaginable. >> i'm just fishing, thank you. >> fishing and i'm biting the hook, there you go. emma, thank you so much. and "cruella," it will be released in theaters on displus and premiere access this friday. check it out. coming up we have a popular body positivity influencer who is going to show you how to pass that confidence on to your teens.
8:37 am
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we are back with the leader of the body acceptance movement. katie sturino is an entrepreneur and influencer with more than 500,000 followers and encourages everyone to love the skin they're in and she is also the author of the new book "body talk: how to embrace your body and start living your best life." katie, thanks for being with us. your book is all about breaking this negative body talk cycle. so that sounds great but how do we do it? >> well, unfortunately i found that women are around the world of all sizes have negative body image. so one of the things i've noticed is that it's part of the way we talk to ourselves so when you a you're a standing in front of the mirror if you are grabbing different parts of your body and saying bad things to yourself i want you to say nope, stop yourself from saying it and focus on complimenting yourself and that could be just about something you're wearing or a
8:40 am
part of your body. whatever is going to leave that interaction -- leave you feeling good. >> it's not just what we say to ourselves but our kids, parents, how we say it and what we say has a huge impact. what's your advice to parents on how they talk to tear children. >> raising both boys and girls, it's important for parents to listen to the way that they speak about their bodies and diets in front of their children. i think that they're listening and that's something that we need to know so solving your own issues with your body is a great way not to pass those issues down onto your kids and not, you know, not talking about diets and not talking about bad food versus good food. really teaching them that their body doesn't determine their worth. >> i love that. i love it. on your instagram you do something called supersize the look and show people how to wear a look at any size. so how did that come about? where did that idea come from?
8:41 am
>> i think that women are inspired by celebrity style but often intimidated because maybe they're not a size 0 or 2 so i wanted to show women they can pull off the styles they really love at any size. >> i love it. we have a lot of viewers who want to ask you a couple of questions. they want your vision on finding confidence going into summer. amber nicole on twitter asks, for someone both a little curvy but short what is the best advice to give in hiding the belly pouch? >> amber, i think you need to read "body talk." the whole point is clothes are not for hiding. clothes are for self-expression and i think when we're getting dressed with that mentality of hiding it's usually -- it's not a good thing and i think we need to work on that. >> ah. that's a very important bit of advice i think we could all take to heart. sara from wisconsin says, are there any other fashions besides crop tops for girls? what about best fashion summer
8:42 am
looks for women over 40? i' als aor a fend a ll ll, sa,elucky. the '90s are back which means that grunge is back, baggy plaid shirts, baggy pant, there's lots of different ways to play with clothes that aren't just crop tops for girls. over 40 you've already experienced the '90s so time to go back and play with some of the styes that maybe you really loved like a spaghetti strap dress with a t-shirt underneath. a great way to participate in today's styles. >> i've already worn those things so knock yourselves out. you say not to hide anything. what are your thoughts on accentuating what you do have? >> absolutely. i think that like loving what you've got, you love your legs, you love your arm, you love your butt, whatever you love, show it off. i think that's great. >> oh, well, i think you're great. katie sturino, you're inspiring so many women out there.
8:43 am
thank you for being on the shown th i case you didn't know sho we wanted to do something for military families. i know you got to meet a sweet girl with a military dad and you were able to make her day with the help of a disney princess. ginger. >> hmm, it hit me so hard. my sister is an officer in the navy right now so i now it is not just the service member but the military family that serves so we teamed up with the uso, some of their taff members here and we did something a little special with the hartman family, cody, the dad, had to miss two of emma's birthdays but got to give her a magical birthday redo. take a look. >> i'm emma and i'm 7 years old. >> reporter: this little girl brings happiness to everyone she knows. >> emma is full of life. >> reporter: emma loves twirling, playing princess and
8:44 am
one magical mermaid. ♪ look at this stuff ♪ >> my favorite mermaid is ariel. i like her giant collection. >> reporter: but here on land, emma treasures spending time with her prince, her dad. >> he makes me smile. >> any chance she gets, she's like, dad, come dance. >> reporter: first class petty officer in the navy code by has been able to spend most of emma's life at home. when the pandemic hit he was deployed causing him to miss her 6th and 7th birthday. >> missing anything that goes on in the family is always hard. >> a lot of types i heard when is dad coming home? >> it was upsetting just to miss her birthday, you know, two years in a row. >> reporter: with the help. the uso in honor of their 80th anniversary and the give more than thanks campaign we are surprising emma and redoing her birthday taking her under the sea. but first an outfit change. >> my name is ginger, i have a friend and i just got off her
8:45 am
shell phone with her and she told me she wants to talk to you. >> hi, emma. oh, it's so wonderful to see you. emma, you look beautiful. i see that your daddy is with you. you know, he looks just as regal and wonderful as my daddy king triton. thank you so much for spending time with me, starfish. mwah. >> emma, have you ever had a princess call you before? >> no. >> we do have more magic ahead. follow me this way. >> that is awesome. >> oh, my gosh. >> our friends at disney put together this magical table. >> is that a princess makeover? >> local businesses, eli's, sparkle and twine put all these gorgeous balloons up. >> it feels like that's a lot of bubbles. >> she's loving every second of it. >> no birthday complete without
8:46 am
the single. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ >> and a dance with her prince. >> this makes up for daddy not being home for two birthdays. thank you, "gma," for redoing my birthday. >> oh. >> ah, it makes you want to do a twirl in emma's honor. so many thanks not uso and give more than thanks campaign and guess what, we are not done yet. michael is going to be right here in chicago tomorrow and he's rising and shining bringing us a special wedding redo. you'll good morning, i'm abc7 meteorologist >> coming up next we have tips for staying safe in the sun just in time for memorial day weekend. stay with us.
8:47 am
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♪ hot town ♪ actually just the two of us. just the two of us. kick those boys to the curb. we're back now with your ultimate summer guide to sunscreen as we head into memorial day weekend is this that's right, by the way, did you know it's also national safe sun week so we have board certified dermatologist dr. whitney bowe here with expert tips to stay safe while having fun outside, of course, dr. bowe, always great to have you with us. i know you'll give us the latest in sunscreen options. >> hi, ladies. >> join the ladies show here right now but you've got three top tips for people to avoid getting sun damage as we're heading into summer now. >> right so you want to look for an spf of 30 or above and look for the words broad spectrum on the label but also want to reapply every two hours if your skin is dry but even more frequently if you get wet. if you're swimming, sweating,
8:50 am
but, ladies, the most important tip you can't just rely on the sunscreen. you want to wear a broad rimmed hat. want to wear sunglasses and try to seek shade when the sun is at its peak in the middle of the day. >> now let's talk specifically about sunscreens and that we can find an option to help us get the perfect shade s that true? >> yes, yes, so this is a brand-new launch. it just came out from color science, mineral sunscreen that launched last week and it has what are called tone adapting pigments in it so this one is designed for fair skin. it comes in four different shades. it's kind of cool. so i'm just going to put a stripe of the product right there but i also brought the same product designed for tan skin with me so i'll put another stripe right next to it and if you guys can see this, immediately it sort of has that chalky white appearance you would expect from a mineral sunscreen, right? but when i rub it in, it
8:51 am
actually releases pigments into the skin that helps its to blend so this one is more fair skin so that would sn type. wh i the same tng it aually dae a really nice shade match for a darker skin type. >> i love that. >> kind of fun. >> that is something new. i don't want to get greedy, dr. bowe, but how about an option of kind of helping with lines and wrinkles. going to throw that into the mix. >> not that you need that, but this is a multitasker that is hyaluronic acid plus moisturizer plus sunscreen all in one so it hydrate, it plumps while it protects your skin all day. >> i know you have a third sunscreen that's great for makeup. for people who need coverage while out in the sun. >> right. so this one is by super goop called glow screen and basically a primer so it's got that sort
8:52 am
of makeup gripping effect that you would expect from a primer but it also has these light reflecting particles in it so basically acts like sort of like a highlighter as well. it gives you an immediate show. >> reflecting and flowing are all very good things. you know the quick a, b, cs of skin cancer. give them real quick. >> right. so for melanoma a stands for asymmetry, the two sides of the mole don't match. b has to do with the border of the mole. you want that to be nice and smooth. c is color. if there's multiple colors in the lesion, blue, black, red, that's cause for concern. so d has to do with diameter. used to say larger than a pencil eraser is concerning. nowadays we're trying to catch them when they're the size of a pencil point a lot earlier. e stands for evolution or change. if there is any mole on your body that's changing, if it's
8:53 am
bleeding, if it's itching, changing color, see your derm. >> so important. dr. bowe, we appreciate you as always. dr. whitney bowe, for more tips from her follow "good morning america" on instagram. want to come back. >> yeah, i'll stick around. at worksman cycles, we've been building bikes for a hundred years. but our customers' needs have changed, so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles. we used the unlimited 1.5 percent cash back from our chase ink business unlimited ® credit card to help purchase tools and materials to build new models. and each time we use our card, we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling, it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® .
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then thursday, live from maine. grab a lobster and celebrate with us on abc's "good morning america"'s "rise & shine" tour. you missed our rendition of "rise & shine" and give god the glory, glory. we are headed to chicago. michael is on his way there. >> bye, everyone. >> announcer: friday, your summer starts off crazy hot. ♪ >> announcer: with k-pop kicki summer concert series on abc's --
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good morning everyone. i am kumasi aaron from abc7 mornings. we want to look at traffic with jobina. good morning. we are starting with a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. i was tracking average speeds. it's about 13 miles per hour as you approach the toll booths. you are traveling west and it will pick up to 30 miles per hour and check this out, bay bridge toll plaza had not let up, metering lights came on at 6:40. let's look at what to expect. 60s around the bay. upper 50s in san francisco, 70s inland until you get to fairfield and antioch. it will be blowing around that breeze, modern tree pollen and grass pollen the next few days.
9:00 am
summer heat starting sunday and memorial day monday. >> thank you. it's time for >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, academy award winner and star of the new film, "cruella," emma stone. plus, we hope you're hungry because were talking with bugs. the cicada edition. plus your questions and comments when the hosts open up the "inbox." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: morning, deja. >> kelly: i wonder what's going on here? hey, it is tuesday, may 25th. our studio audience -- >> ryan: nice to see you guys.


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