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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 27, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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blunt. >> i don't know why so many people are getting points in the face, but i guess that's what happens in good morning, america. it has happened again. we start this thursday with another mass shooting in america. deadly rampage. nine people killed. >> shooter is on the third floor. still another active shot heard. >> after a gunman opens fire at this railyard in san jose during the morning commute. >> we got every police officer out here. >> officers and first responders ran in while shots rang out. the shooter turned the gun on himself. this footage shows the killer leaving his home for the last time before setting it on fire. this morning, what we're learning about the victims and an eyewitness who knew the shooter joins us. also this morning, the new questions about where covid-19 really originated. president biden calling on the intelligence community to redouble their efforts, setting
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an aggressive deadline in the search for answers. overdrive. the push to vaccinate america ramping up. the new research about just how long the shots protect you and ohio announcing the first winners of its vax-a-million lottery. the 14-year-old who just landed a four-year college scholarship joins us live, only on "gma." "doomsday" couple in court. lori vallow and chad daybell charged with killing her kids and his first wife. the new details and the text messages revealing the couple thought the children were, quote, possessed. severe weather outbreak. dangerous tornadoes hitting the heartland. >> wow. >> two twisters side by side caught on camera. >> don't hit the house. >> as extreme winds topping 80 miles per hour pummel the nrtheast. ♪ i want to fly away ♪ want to "fly away?" tens of millions of americans set to hit the road and skies
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for memorial day weekend. the top destinations, the busiest times to leave as we head to one of the top travel spots in the world. it's time for the maine event. >> that's a lobster. >> from the lobsters to the lighthouses. we're live from the easternmost point of the united states as the sun rises on america. good morning, america. you know, i wish i could say that with conviction, but that is very difficult to do on yet another day that we begin with news of a deadly mass shooting. >> you're looking live at the white house this morning. the flags there at half-staff. president biden releasing a statement simply saying, enough, and calling for more to be done on gun safety. >> nine people were killed when a gunman opened fire in a transit yard as wednesday's morning commute was getting under way. the shooter eventually killing
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himself when police closed in. we want to get right to more of the details with kaylee hartung. >> reporter: robin, a fedex facility, now a railyard, mass shootings taking people's lives while they're trying to do their jobs. all men were killed by one of their own. . the suspect was carrying two semiautomatic handguns and 11 magazines of ammunition on him after authorities found him. authorities here this morning they haven't found any clues to his motive, no letter left of any sort but this rail service here is shut down as they look for answers. this morning, a community reeling from another mass shooting leaving nine people dead. >> this is an active shooter. reportedly eight employees at the light rail maintenance yard. >> reporter: just after 6:30 a.m. local time, the suspect identified as 57-year-old samuel
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cassidy opening fire where he worked, at this transit authority light railyard in san jose. right as train service for the morning commute was getting under way and just as some 80 employees were reportedly holding a union meeting. >> every police officer is out here. >> reporter: first responders with headquarters just a couple hundred yards away flooding the scene, a sprawling complex, officers running in while shots rang out. >> shooter is on the third floor. still another active shot heard. >> they go in immediately. we don't wait until the shooting has stopped. they were able to confront the suspect who then took his own life. >> reporter: the bomb squad also combing the property. dogs detecting multiple explosive devices. desperate family members rushing to the area anxiously waiting to hear if their loved ones survived the rampage. >> you know, he was praying the whole time. wasn't sure if he was going to come home to us so it was definitely very scary. >> reporter: johanna's father russell was working at the railyard during the attack.
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she said he ran outside and hid behind a train car until help arived. >> i could see tears in his eyes. you know you think you're going to work. he's worked there for 24, 25 years, my whole life. he knew the shooter. sometimes they would walk in at the same time. he didn't see that anything was off. he would not think that he would come in and shoot up the place. >> reporter: just moments ago we spoke with an eyewitness. >> i just wanted to help. i just wanted to see if i could save anybody. and there wasn't anything anybody could do. >> reporter: describing the tense moments he spent in a room next door to the shooting. >> me and other co-worker sat there only if we were armed we could have gone straight to it. i wanted to stop it. i just felt so helpless.
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so utterly hopeless to be there while this was going on and not being able to do anything and it tore me up. it's -- man, it will change my life forever. >> reporter: he says he believes the gunman was targeting certain people while passing others up, he shared the harrowing experience of one of his co-workers. >> as related to me by her, he looked at her, she went down on the floor and krurld up and he didn't shoot her. she was among everybody else. that's why this was targeted. he walked by other co-workers and didn't bother them. he told other people, somebody's shooting over there, walked by somebody else. >> reporter: the nine victims all men, ranging in age from 29 to 63, officials say at least some of them worked with the shooter but it's unclear if any
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of them were targeted and now new details emerging about the moments that led up to deadly assault. the suspect seen in surveillance footage leaving his house for the last time, the suspect an vta employee owned multiple weapons. >> he would say things, you know, but you don't believe it, you know, because i knew him. >> reporter: the quick rea. of law enforcement the sheriff here says saved lives, those men and women, police officers and sheriff's deputies they ran from their officers just across the street they ran into an active shooter situation. this investigation is going to take time, this is a massive facility, and authorities say they're going to search every crevice for evidence. michael. >> thank you so much for that, kaylee. and the fbi is now
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investigating the shooting as many wonder how this can happen in america yet again. chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is in washington this mornin. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: michael, good morning. our sources are thankful the shooting was not worse given the fact that the killer likely had access to multiple guns which sources say he owned. and they're telling me the fact that samuel cassidy left his home and burned it down was a sign that he had no intention of surviving the day. a secret service threat assessment on shootings in public spaces suggests that police will be looking at whether there were recent stresses in his life. did he have financial difficulties and did anything happen at work that would set him off? >> pierre, are we just reporting more on these mass shootings or are they actually on the rise? >> reporter: mass shootings are increasing at an incredibly disturbing rate. nearly doubling if you compare 2020 to 2021. we had 611 incidents last year where four or more victims were killed or wounded and as of this morning, there have been 232 mass shootings so far this year.
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258 people killed and nearly a thousand wounded in less than six months, michael. >> all right, pierre, pierre thomas, thank you so much. george? we're going to go to white house where president biden has ordered u.s. intelligence agencies to intensify their investigation into the origins of the coronavirus and whether it came from a chinese lab. senior white house correspondent mary bruce has the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. this marks a significant change in tone here. until now the biden administration and the scientific community have largely dismissed this theory that the virus originated in a chinese lab. it's a theory that was heavily promoted by former president trump as he tried to pin this pandemic on the chinese. but now president biden says there's no clear consensus on the origin and he's making it clear that he is giving this lab theory a second look. this morning, the president asking new questions about the origins of covid-19 and setting a new deadline in the search for answers.
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biden directing the u.s. intelligence community to redouble their efforts and report back within 90 days saying they've coalesced around two likely scenarios. one, the virus was transmitted through contact with an infected animal. the other, it escaped from a lab in wuhan, china. dr. anthony fauci yesterday on capitol hill asked about the origin of covid-19. >> i still believe that the most likely scenario is that this was a natural occurrence, but no one knows that 100% for sure. >> reporter: in march, the world health organization determined it was unlikely the virus emerged from a lab, but earlier this week, "the wall street journal" reported three workers in that chinese lab became sick with flu-like symptoms in november 2019 and had to be hospitalized. one month before china reported its first case of covid. now, until now the white house has said that any further investigation should be led by the world health organization, but now, with these questions growing, the president is asking u.s. intelligence officials to dig deeper as they try to figure out what really happened here.
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george? >> it is critical. okay, mary, thanks very much. robin? the push to vaccinate the nation is kicking into high gear. nearly 60% of americans have gotten at least one dose. now states and companies are going all out providing incentives to those who have not been vaccinated offering everything from lottery tickets to a seat at the super bowl. whit johnson has the latest from one of the schools in new york offering free scholarships. good morning, whit. >> reporter: robin, good morning. the seven-day average of vaccine doses administered in this country has dropped by 50% in just the last six weeks. so states are ramping up those incentives, everything from cash prizes to college scholarships. this as scientists reveal new research about immunity for those who have already recovered from the virus. this morning, new research examining how long protection against covid could last.
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two encouraging new studies suggest people who recovered from the virus had some immunity long after antibodies faded even a year later and found cells in the bone marrow still remember the covid infection coming as new blockbuster incentives announced in the race to vaccinate. cvs health launching a new sweepstakes, thousands of prizes available, like a trip to the super bowl for two with game tickets, hotel and airfare included, a vip package to the iheartradio music festival, a one-week norwegian cruise or four-day trip to bermuda. new york state raffling off 50 scholarships to 12 to 17-year-olds who get vaccinated. room and board included. to state colleges. the winners will be announced in drawings over the next five weeks. >> for a parent you're worried about paying college tuition, tell your 12 to 17-year-old, go out, get a shot. >> finally the wait is over. >> reporter: overnight, in ohio, officials announcing the first winner of the state's vax-a-million lottery. abigail bugenski, the first
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in the state to win a million-dollar jackpot just for getting the shot. another winner, joseph costello getting a full ride scholarship. a lot of people excited about those prizes, but back to that question of immunity for those who have already recovered from covid, some health experts suggest that if you've had the virus, getting the vaccine can almost act like a booster shot, supercharging those antibodies with protection lasting much longer. robin? >> whit, thank you. in our next half hour we'll talk to the 14-year-old who received a four-year college scholarship after getting vaccinated. michael? now to those dangerous tornados touching down in the midwest, and the northeast getting pummelled by downpours and winds, more than 80 miles per hour. ginger is tracking the latest and has what we can expect this memorial day weekend. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, michael. thunderstorms blew through right here last night. you got to see the images from nebraska and texas that i have to share with you here. the first one you see there, the circulations, two of them, two
7:14 am
tornadoes in one, one is roping out or maturing. you often see two tornadoes at once. they come in pairs pretty often at least with vortex there and in texas as it passes the road it looks almost landspoutish but the storm chaser said it did have apparent thunderstorms. there were more than 300 severe storm reports, many of them in the northeast and mid-atlantic, where damaging winds in excess of 80 miles per hour. see the damage there around washington, d.c., to the power lines and roofs but when you come back to this beach and you see the sunshine this morning and the gorgeous waves, we saw people jumping in, it's cold by the way doing a swim this morning. you say, oh, good, we're taking kicking off the holiday weekend. this is not what we'll see going into the holiday weekend. a supersoaker coming for parts of the east coast which i will give you in just a little bit. guys? >> okay, ginger, thanks very much. we're going to turn now to the big travel surge expected this weekend. you're looking live at chicago's
7:15 am
o'hare airport. it's one of the busiest hubs in the country as americans are expected to travel at the greatest level since the pandemic began. our transportation correspondent gio benitez is tracking it all. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning. yeah, here on the ramp here in laguardia airport we are just seeing plane after plane take off. delta air lines actually tells us that this weekend they already have more than 3 million bookings between today and sunday. last year that was 300,000. let's take a look at this right now, because more than 37 million people are expected to travel starting today. that's 60% more than last year when 23 million traveled and in just four days delta says domestic leisure travel returns to 100% of pre-pandemic levels. sun and mountain destinations seeing the most activity. for airlines. places like jackson hole, sun valley, vail along with vegas, miami and orlando. in fact, florida is such a big destination right now.
7:16 am
there are so many people flying in and out of the region that air traffic controllers there in the region, they are seeing more planes in the sky than they did in 2019 before the pandemic even started, george. >> what about the roads, gio? >> reporter: oh, it's going to be busy. if you're hitting the road, traffic, traffic, more than 34 million people, they are going to be going on the road and hitting it and driving this weekend. let's get a live look from our chopper cam from wabc over new york. the road is already busy and they're only going to get busier. in many major cities the worst delays hit this afternoon. in atlanta, they're expecting three times the normal congestion between 3:30 and 5:30, and here in new york we could more than five times the usual traffic starting at early as 1:00 p.m. today. driving this weekend, it could really cost you. americans are seeing the highest gas prices in seven years. the national average right now, $3.04. a year ago that was $1.96 so, george, what we are seeing is we are seeing very different
7:17 am
numbers this year, both for driving and for air if you're traveling for memorial day. >> everybody is coming free from that pandemic. >> does seem that way. >> can feel it. we have a lot more coming up here on "gma," including details on lori and chad daybell charged with killing her two kids and his first wife. we'll tell you what the text messages between the couple revealed. and the 14-year-old who just won a four-year college scholarship in ohio's vax-a-million campaign, he will join us live. what school he wants to attend and what his parents are saying about the good news. i think they're saying, yay! all right. let's go back now to ginger. ginger? >> reporter: i heard them from here. yes! so gio was saying most people hit the road late today but look at what's going to happen. you have to see the severe thunderstorm outlook. anywhere in the plains that's highlighted here, i want you to know you could run into damaging wind, hail and, yes, an isolated tornado, so southeastern iowa, much of southern illinois back through the plains, tulsa and oklahoma city.
7:18 am
if you're traveling i-40, you'll want to watch it especially late tonight for damaging winds. east coast, it's not going to stay sunny and gorgeous. that's for sure. these storms approach late tomorrow, where it becomes not just stormy, rainy but saturday the rain showers stick around and it's cool. kind of an ugly start but will start to turn around by sunday and monday. if you got those days to hang out, things get better along the i-95 corridor. let's get the sunny cities sponsored by target. . good morning.
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welcome to thursday. mainly sunny and seasonal today and tomorrow. inland heat wave "rise & shine." you were great in chicago. that wedding was absolutely beautiful. >> thank you. >> it was really special. >> thank you. great couple. they deserved all that and we wish them all the best without a doubt. and take a look at this. first sunrise in america in maine and we are there as we "rise & shine" this morning. we'll be right back. ♪
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when you post your first job at . good morning. want to get to the latest on the vta shooting. we know ten people died including the shooter. santa clara sent out an update that another man died late last night. there's a vigil planned at san jose city hall at six. at ten this morning we expect an update from vta. there are two active investigations right now. the at railyard and the shooter's home. i do want to continue with the vta updates. if you missed i want to let you know that light-rail service is canceled until further notice. bus bridges are in place and commuters encouraged to give yourself time to complete your trip. a live picture from the bay
7:24 am
bridge toll plaza where lights came on at 6:19. the back up isn't too bad but it's to the maze at this point. a live look at the richmond, san rafael bridge, busy for people going westbound. mike has a look
7:25 am
7:26 am
. check out this view from 880. you can see a few of the clouds still around up in the east bay hills where we have 1, 100th of drizzle. it'll be breezy and out on the bay later on during the evening. i wanted to show you the air quality for the weekend will still be healthy. good to moderate for all of us. temperatures coolest saturday but 48 hours later temperatures are hottest so your body won't be able to adjust. be careful this weekend. coming up on gma memorial day weekend is almost here and that means sales. a look at the biggest deals that are live right now.
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another update in about 30 minutes. we will see you soon. have a great m
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fleece vibes. and introducing jelly beans only at old navy, and old ♪ let's ♪ let's go ♪ yes, back here on "gma." what is not to love about bts and the bts army. that's the brand-new hit "butter" and the k-pop megagroup kicking off our summer concert series live tomorrow morning with some very special performances, and speaking of special, it's so special when people who watch us from home come visit us here like this family right outside our window. they are from the great state of nebraska and in the green shirt, that's henry. i went out and said hello during the break. he doesn't have a front tooth. i asked what the tooth fairy is going for these days. he wouldn't give it up.
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he wouldn't give it up but thanks for coming to see us. we appreciate that very much. beautiful family. >> beautiful family right there. following a lot of headlines right, including that deadly mass shooting in a railyard in san jose that left nine people dead. the shooter turned the gun on himself and the fbi is now investigating. overseas, three arrested on manslaughter charges over that cable car accident that left 14 dead. the three members of the operating company were aware the emergency brake was deactivated after a maintenance crew failed to fix the malfunction of the safety device. and in a washington state neighborhood, this cougar on the loose managing to jump over a fence and smash through a screen door into someone's home. thankfully no one was there and wildlife officials were able to get the big cat and return it to the wild. yeah, that's scary. imagine if someone was home. we've got a lot more ahead including this 14-year-old who just landed a full college scholarship in ohio's vax-a-million campaign. his parents look happier than he
7:32 am
is, and he is joining us live. and we're live from maine as we "rise & shine." wait until you meet the lobster woman who is making a splash. >> all coming up. new details in the indictment of lori vallow and chad daybell. they appeared in court to face charges for murdering her two children and his wife. amy with that story. good morning, amy. we are learning new details about the prosecution's case, they say the couple used their religious beliefs to justify the killings of lori's children, j.j. vallow and tylee ryan. this morning, the so-called doomsday couple, lori vallow and chad daybell, appearing separately in courtroom zooms. >> miss daybell is present here. mr. daybell, can you hear me okay? >> yes. >> can you hear me? >> i need you to speak a little bit louder, mr. daybell. >> yes, i can hear you. >> reporter: the couple charged with first degree murder for her two children, j.j. and tylee, daybell also charged with the murder of his wife. >> it's punishable by death or life imprisonment. if the death penalty is not sought, the court shall impose a
7:33 am
life sentence including mandatory minimum period of incarceration of ten years. >> reporter: the pair facing nine new charges in all including grand theft and insurance fraud. >> the maximum penalties of all of those counts carry up to -- they could all run consecutively one after another or they could run concurrently, do you understand that? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: the couple has maintained their innocence. when vallow was arrested in february of 2020, daybell insisted the kids are safe. >> is there anything that you wuld like to say to people at all who are number one concerned about the kids or concerned about you and your wife? anything you want to say to them? >> no, just grateful for any support. we just have to wait for the legal process to work through. >> reporter: their bodies later found buried on chad daybell's idaho property. now we are learning new details about how prosecutors say the couple conspired to have three people killed.
7:34 am
according to the indictment, they justified the killings with their spiritual beliefs. friends previously telling investigators chad and lori believed they were part of the church of the firstborn and their mission was to rid of the world of zombies. at least one friend telling investigators, lori believed her children had turned into zombies that j.j. was considered a dark spirit and that a person's true spirit was stuck until the host body is physically killed. prosecutors say lori and chad exchanged text messages claiming tammy daybell, his then wife, was possessed by a spirit named viola and allegedly chad increased the life insurance policy a month before her dead. vallow accused of collecting social security benefits for months after her children were killed. her deceased brother alex allegedly part of the plot too. according to the indictment he conspired to commit the murder of tammy daybell. chad daybell will be arraigned on june 9th.
7:35 am
no date was given for lori's next appearance, but both could face the death penalty if convicted of first degree murder. george. >> thanks. let's bring in our chief legal analyst, dan abrams, great to have you back in studio right here. the kids disappeared in 2019. why did it take so long. >> i think there were a couple of reasons, first of all, they had been suspects since the children disappeared and have certainly been suspects since the bodies were found on his property and the question became, wait a sec, why wasn't he initially charged with murder, she initially charged with murder? i think that they wanted to make sure they didn't just have a case of disposing of a body, concealing of evidence which were the initial charges against them to hold them. they wanted to cross the ts and dot the is to make sure they had everything they needed on possible murder charges because they already had them behind bars and i think covid delayed things a little bit as well in terms of some of the testing they wanted to do, et cetera, but they have long been suspects, and i think no one is surprised that they have been charged with murder.
7:36 am
>> there was another key player in this case, lori vallow's brother. >> right, i think he is the third player in this. you look at the indictment and it makes clear this alex cox who is her brother who has now died actually had killed her ex-husband at the time the claim was self-defense and it was believed at the time before all of this came to light that he had killed her ex-husband in self-defense. it turns out from the indictment he also had tried to kill chad's ex-wife, so you've got this guy who is now no longer alive who may have been a critical witness here and may have been a defendant, i think, who was seemingly involved in a lot -- he was also with the kids, one of the last people to be with the kids as well. >> how do their religious beliefs play into all this? >> i think there will be some sort of mental defect defense here where they didn't understand right from wrong and you could see by the way one
7:37 am
turning on the other. that's also the possibility particularly when you're hanging the death penalty over someone. you can potentially get whichever one they think is less culpable if they do think one is less to possibly turn on the other. but then, again, they may say, look, we have enough evidence. we don't need either to turn. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. michael. we turn to ohio. the first winners just announced in the state's vax-a-million giveaway. that helped boost vaccine rates in the buckeye state, a 22-year-old winning the million-dollar prize and 14-year-old joseph costello winning a four-year scholarship to college. he joins us now exclusively with his parents, colleen and richard. good morning. costello family, how are you doing this morning and, joseph, i want to say congratulations to you. how does it feel to win? >> it feels very good, i'm very happy about it and excited. just overall very happy about it.
7:38 am
>> well, a lot of people are happy for you and excited for you. you're only 14. you have a few more years to decide but do you have any idea of which ohio school you might want to attend? >> maybe ohio state or miami university and that's it really. >> those are some good choices there. o-h-i-o. i'm very familiar with it. the ohio state as robin roberts just shouted at me. mom and dad, how happy are you, tuition, room and board, that's a lot of money you just saved. >> right. >> yep. we're thrilled. we're really excited. we're super happy for this opportunity for joseph. >> so exciting. >> go ahead. >> i had no idea it was going to happen. i'm sorry. >> go ahead, richard. i'm sorry. >> i just -- you just don't
7:39 am
think this is going to happen. so you see that this rolled out the way it did in the moment it's still going to be sinking in for awhile but we're thankful about it. >> joseph, governor dewine's lottery has gotten a lot of attention. was the chance to win a scholarship the reason you got the shot? >> no. >> we were planning on having all our children vaccinated by the end of the month and the contest, though, did accelerate our decision and we pulled that forward and got it done before the first drawing. >> and do you think because of your big win that any of your friends who have not gotten vaccinated yet that they'll get vaccinated now? >> i think -- >> yeah, probably. >> and go ahead, richard. what were you saying? >> we haven't spoken to anyone specifically but, you know, one thinks that that will help put people over the hurdle, so to
7:40 am
speak. >> i think watching you do that will push a lot to get the vaccine which is exactly what the program is for and what i think we all want to see. thank you all for joining us this morning. congratulations on winning and now when you need a car your parents can't say they don't have the money. there you go, young man. thank you, guys. >> you're stirring up trouble. >> i'm not stirring up trouble. no, coming up next, the memorial day weekend deals that are going live right now. memorial day weekend deals that are going live right now. i was uncertain... was another around the corner? or could things take a different turn? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot. almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to.
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we're back now with those memorial day sales heating up, but shipping delays are complicating online shopping. becky worley joins us with more on this. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning, robin. memorial day sales are here. what's hot and where to buy. holiday savings events provide some of the best savings opportunities we have in the current economy, especially as retailers transition inventory between seasons. >> so with memorial day sales retailers will be emphasizing their items for warmer weather so that's everything from outdoor home items for the patio, that's warm weather clothing. >> reporter: clothing like j. crew discounting shorts and bathing suits with an additional 40% off all sale items and old navy and eddie bauer with 50% off everything but clothing from the previous colder seasons offers big discounts now too.
7:45 am
this popular patagonia puffer jacket $80 off at nordstrom. the north face has 30% to 40% off select items and this rei vest regularly $79 now 56, but for the biggest savings -- >> so anything big ticket home is going to be on sale. >> reporter: this tilting umbrella from bed, bath & beyond is $36 off and the company just announced it has a home delivery deal with doordash. grills are another popular item discounted between 5% and 20% at home depot and lowe's and ace hardware. but -- >> since they're in high demand smart to wait after fourth of july. >> reporter: outdoor deals, just in time for father's day this range finder $40 off at dick's sporting goods and this shade canopy, $30 off at ace hardware. but no matter what you buy, be aware of shipping delays. from product shortages to backlogs at fedex as reported in
7:46 am
"the wall street journal," fedex telling abc news that they continue to see a peak-like surge in package volume due to the explosive growth of e-commerce. now, if you're wondering about purchasing tech, i did see a few deals out there. air pods on sale at target for $129, that's $30 off. the top ranked phone holder for your car $13 off and ipad air $50 off at amazon. robin. >> this is all great. great opportunity to save, but is it -- should we feel like it's now or never or can we wait? >> if you need it now memorial day does present a good time to save a little on many items, but amazon prime day coming up sometime in summer, the date yet to be announced, so if you miss something now you'll get a second bite at the savings apple in june or july so there you go. >> always there for a bite. becky, thank you, appreciate it. have a good one. that little laugh of hers. >> i love it. and coming up next, our
7:47 am
friday eve "play of the day."
7:48 am
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7:51 am
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7:55 am
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. good morning. new details about the deadly vta shooting. santa clara sheriff said that they found two semi automatic pistols and 11 magazines of ammunition on the suspect. she believes he planned to keep shooting people but stopped and killed himself when deputies arrived. we expect to learn more at a news conference at ten that you can watch here. we have a look at traffic. >> the biggest news is of course vta light-rail service being canceled until further notice. there are bus bridges in place. commuters encouraged to give yourself extra time as you make your trip plans. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's packed. those temperatures outside for 50's at the coast. 60's around the bay and 70's
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. deadly rampage. nine people killed. >> shooter is on the third floor. still another active shot heard. >> after a gunman opens fire at this rail yard in san jose right during the morning commute. >> got every police officer out here. >> officers and first responders ran in while shots rang out. this morning, what we're learning about the victims. the push to vaccinate america kicking into high gear. states and companies going all out with incentives. offering everything from lottery tickets to seats at the super bowl. "90210" star jennie garth gets candid revealing what the set of the hit show was really like saying it taught her to be threatened by other women. ♪ picture perfect. the chance encounter with a stranger that changed this woman's life going from
8:01 am
self-conscious to self-confident. we're reuniting them right here on "gma." ♪ "rise & shine," america, and good morning from maine. >> that's a lobster. >> as the country re-opens, one of the country's most beautiful spots is ready to roll. >> would you be comfortable saying that this here is the best lobster roll in maine? >> i certainly think so. >> brewing up a big recovery from its signature lighthouses to its famous forests, meet the lobster fisherwoman making a splash as we say -- >> both: good morning, america. ♪ we certainly do say good morning, america, and thanks for starting your thursday with us. yesterday was illinois. today we are heading to maine. >> yes, we are. you're looking live at maine
8:02 am
where the country starts its day with the first sunrise in the continental u.s. mainers like to say the higher you go, the more beautiful it is. will reeve was up the lighthouse. there he is waving at us. we'll have much more as the pine tree state starts to bounce back from the pandemic in a big way. >> he looks like a mainer. >> he does. >> he looks like a mainer. we have a lot of news to get to. we start with that deadly shooting in california. left nine people dead. a gunman opened fire eventually killed himself. we are learning more about the victims and the investigation. let's go to kaylee hartung in san jose. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: george, lives were saved here the sheriff says because of the quick reaction of law enforcement, be this morning, as employees of the transportation authority here are mourning the loss of nine of their own men are dealing with the trauma of surviving a mass shooting. >> this is an active shooter reportedly eight employees at the light rail maintenance yard. >> reporter: just after 6:30
8:03 am
a.m. local time, the suspect identified as 57-year-old samuel cassidy opening fire where he worked, at this transit authority light railyard in san jose, right as the morning commute was getting under way and 80 employees were reportedly holding a union meeting. first responders with headquarters a couple hundred yards away flooding the scene. a sprawling complex. officers running in while shots rang out. >> shooter is on the third floor. still another active shot heard. >> we go in immediately. we don't wait until the shooting has stopped. they were able to confront the suspect who then took his own life. >> reporter: the nine victims all men ranging in age from 29 to 63. officials say at least some of them worked with the shooter but it's unclear if any of them were targeted. today this crime will be crawling with investigators, the fbi, atf and local agencies,
8:04 am
this is massive complex here at railyard. this investigation will take considerable time because of that. rail service here is suspended as they search for answers. robin. >> all right, kaylee, thank you so much. we turn to the race to vaccinate. nearly 60% of americans have gotten at least one dose and now states and companies, they're going all out, providing incentives for those who have not been vaccinated and we're learning more about immunity from two revealing studies. whit johnson has all that for us. good morning, again, whit. welcome back. >> reporter: robin, good morning. scientists are revealing this new research that examines how long protection against covid-19 could last. these two encouraging new studies suggest that if you've already recovered from the virus, you'll have some level of immunity that could last for a period of time long after antibodies have faded, even a year later. this as we're seeing more blockbuster incentives to get people vaccinated, cvs health launching a sweepsstakes with
8:05 am
thousands of prizes like a trip to the super bowl for two, vip package to the iheartradio music festival. a one-week norwegian cruise and more. in ohio, officials announcing the first winner of the state's vax-a-million lottery, abigail bugenske, and 14-year-old joseph costello getting the first full-ride scholarship, saying this incentive sped up the time line and ended up getting their kids vaccinated before they originally planned. new york state not to be outdone is raffling off 50 full ride scholarships to teens who get vaccinated. room and board included. michael. >> lots of incentives out there, whit, thank you. now, a special honor for a talented actor gone too soon. howard university renaming its college of fine arts after the late chadwick boseman. the "black panther" star graduated from the fine arts school at howard in 2000 and
8:06 am
returned in 2018 as a commencement speaker and he passed away last august at the age of 43 after a private battle with colon cancer. nearly 60,000 people signed a petition asking howard's president to name the school after the late actor and we are very happy that howard university followed through. >> yeah, absolutely. coming up, "beverly hills 90210" star jennie garth revealing her time on the hit show taught her to feel threatened by other women on the show. this chance encounter between two young women inspiring millions to embrace who they are. you're going to want to see the reunion of these two coming up. we're taking you to the beautiful state of maine from the lobsters to the lighthouse, will reeve there live on "gma." . shingles doesn't care. i keep my social distance. shingles doesn't care. i stay within my family bubble. shingles doesn't care.
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♪ welcome back to "gma." tomorrow kicking off our summer concert series one of the biggest bands in the world, bts. >> what a way to kick off our summer concert series. >> oh, yeah, looking forward to that, and now we are going to turn to our cover story, actress jennie garth revealing what it was really like on the hit show "beverly hills 90210" saying it taught her to be threatened by other women. kayna whitworth has more from los angeles on this story. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning. so former co-stars opening up about what it was really like to be young women working in an adult environment that was sometimes toxic and how it changed them in their formative years. >> i'll tell him you're a friend. >> we're not friends. >> i didn't say we were. i just said that's what i'll tell him.
8:12 am
>> reporter: two stars of the hit show dishing about what it was really like on set. >> i came here tonight because i thought i was going to make good friends you guys are so gossipy. >> reporter: in this week's podcast "9021omg" they talked about how on-set tension and competitiveness stayed with them for years. garth, now 49 years old, says as a young actress in the '90s she felt like she was always receiving mixed messages. >> if i'm honest i think it kind of taught me to be threatened by other girls, be threatened by other women. be more competitive because i wanted their -- i wanted our co-stars' approval or attention. >> i want to thank you for teaching me how to be shallow and insincere. >> reporter: the effects stayed with garth. >> it messed with me on a deeper level and not until later in life did i kind of think it wasn't ever about the other girls and why did i ever make the other girls the enemy in my mind. >> neither of us wanted to hurt you. >> reporter: she played kelly
8:13 am
for ten seasons on "beverly hills 90210." ♪ and went on to reprise her role in the quasi-reboot "bh 90210." alongside her original cast. garth's co-host and former co-star tori spelling previously opening up on instagram about the legacy of the show and how working on it had a lifelong negative impact on her self-esteem and well-being. writing, when i started "90210" at 16, i was filled with low self-confidence. i spent years begging makeup artists on my shows and movies to please try to make my eyes look smaller. i would cry over my looks in the makeup trailer chair. now, garth went on to say the show made her a serious person. her character faced a lot of trauma which she says somewhat shaded her real-life experience but, you guys, in a positive way she says when people call her emotional she replies with, no,
8:14 am
no, i'm emotion full and she wonders if maybe she learned that from kelly. >> wow. >> good word right there. i like that. >> thank you, kayna. we are going to move up now to the state of maine, ready to get back to business as we turn a corner in the pandemic, and will reeve is live from one of the state's most beautiful spots. hey, will. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. maine really has it all. it's rugged and wild and unspoiled and hiking and biking and beer and lobster and as you pull out and take a look at where we are, the easternmost point of the united states at this lighthouse it's like you're in a postcard everywhere you look. as the sun comes out what better place to say "rise & shine." from its rocky coast dotted with lighthouses, deep into the famous forests that give it its nickname the sun is shining. long renowned as a top travel destination worldwide, the pandemic hit maine's leisure and
8:15 am
hard, slashing jobs by slashing jobs by 36% but the locals remained strong and now as the state sits among national leaders in vaccination rates brighter days on the hore rise. katie porch owns and operates the lobster shack. at two lights. the local landmark famous for its lobster rolls endured a rough year. >> we thrive on how things don't change and last year everything changed here, business was down but we survived. >> reporter: she believes tourists will once again flock here enchanted by the views and award-winning signature item. would you feel comfortable saying this is the best lobster roll in maine? >> i certainly think so and a whole lot would agree. >> one bite in can confirm, best lobster roll i've ever had. maine is also a destination for beer lovers with over 150 breweries statewide. jenn lever says the craft
8:16 am
brewing industry expects a heady year. >> across the state brewers seem really ready and excited to see what's possible. >> it seems like tourism is going to explode and you'll be there to meet the demand? >> absolutely. >> reporter: baxter supports the service with proceeds from the brewery's annual limited edition beers celebrating maine state parks like bradbury state park, one of the five original state parks in maine, covering 730 acres of land, its scenic trails idea for hiking and mountain biking. the view from the lookout, a reward for all who come to see just a slice of all that maine has to offer. everywhere we've been in maine the locals have been so kind and hopeful about what's in store
8:17 am
and just because we're so lucky to be right here today as the sun has come out some facts about this lighthouse and its location built in 1858. 1 of 65 lighthouses in the state of maine. to my knowledge it was not designed nor inhabited by waldo but it is the only candy-striped lighthouse in these united states and, again, it is the easternmost point in the u.s., the sunshine here, the sunrise fills you with joy. it is great to be in maine, guys. >> it is a beautiful state. >> it looks beautiful. >> we'll check back with you in a little bit, will, thank you. now we have that picture-perfect chance encounter seen by millions online inspiring people to love the skin they're in. we were there as two strangers reunited and stephanie ramos is at magic hour rooftop where it all happened. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this is where the magic happens. it says it right here. a young woman by the name of val
8:18 am
was standing right here trying to get her perfect picture with this beautiful backdrop and look at that, the empire state building behind here, when a wman sitting nearby actually at this table stepped in to give her the confidence that she needed. now, both women are inspiring others after watching their viral moment. it's the tiktok we didn't know we needed. >> yesterday in the city of new york was 90 degrees. >> reporter: 22-year-old val says she's always been self-conscious about her body, but while taking photos on a new york city rooftop the image of herself changed. >> i was taking photos and had a jacket on because i'm insecure about my upper arms. i think they're big and i don't like them. >> reporter: val posing for the camera when a woman sitting nearby steps in. >> look at my face. is this happening right now? do i have my jacket off? >> she actually took off my jacket and she started to pose me and i -- no one has ever done that for me before and hyped me up or just been so nice to me
8:19 am
and just made me feel, i don't know, like good. >> reporter: the recent college graduate posted the video hoping to find the woman who she says helped her confidence. >> whoever you are, i love you. >> reporter: the tiktok getting more than a million views and hundreds of thousands of likes making an impact on so many other women. >> you are confident. you were killing it. now when you posted this on tiktok, tell us about that reaction. >> honestly i thought i was the only one who wore a jacket who was insecure with their arms. the confidence carried over to the next day and now i'm wearing this. oh, my gosh, like i feel good. >> i'm going to call you every day so you can hype me up when i need it. i need you in my life. >> yes, i love your look. look at this. your beautiful arms. you look so good. >> reporter: but the spotlight on val as she reconnected with the stranger who gave her the confidence boost she needed. >> you changed my life. you really did. >> she is a beautiful girl and i needed her to know that she had that already in her.
8:20 am
>> reporter: both women say the important message is for everyone to support one another, no matter what. that is what kay wanted to do for val and that's what val is already doing, paying it forward, because we all have a little show. >> looking good as always. thank you so much for sharing that beautiful story with us. we appreciate that. you do have great arms. all right, let's check in again. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. ginger, how are you doing? >> hmm, you feel that sunshine here on the jersey shore? i'm sending it to you, robin. i hope all of you are waking up, this delectable morning along the beach. it's not going to look like this the next couple of days so i will be telling you about how cold it's going to be, but first talking about what happened last night, more than 300 severe storm reports, you see that
8:21 am
video out of virginia, where the deck chairs, you know you got to put those away when the storms are coming, they start rolling. that is going to be a chance of doing that in the plains again today so keep in mind if you're texas up to, say, southern illinois you have that. ooh, yeah, that water temperature, mellow 60s, i just got a little . good morning. welcome to thursday. mainly sunny and seasonal today and tomorrow. inland heat wave and now to the world exclusive premiere of disney's "jungle cruise" trailer. with a special introduction from the stars themselves. take a look. >> i'm dwayne johnson.
8:22 am
>> hi, dwayne johnson, and i'm emily blunt, and we're from disney's "jungle cruise." >> we are so excited to share this first look. >> please enjoy. >> there they are! >> follow me. >> oh. >> sorry, frank. >> that's all right. strong form. >> my name is dr. lilly houghton. my brother and i are looking for passage upriver. >> it's not a fun vacation. >> well, i'm not here for a vacation. legend has it that there's a tree that possesses healing power that will change medicine forever. >> you need someone to help you find it. here we go. >> needs a bit of -- >> nobody touches my engine but me. what did i just -- >> there you go. >> we're going to do this together. >> she was always chasing after some farfetched idea. ♪ run through the jungle ♪ >> this whole thing is cursed. >> everything that you see wants to kill you. and can. you want to turn back?
8:23 am
>> nope, just getting started. >> hold on! ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> hello. ocean. ♪ >> disney's "jungle cruise" in theaters july 30th or order it on disney plus with premiere access. rated pg-13. >> oh, man, that looks great. i think dwayne johnson should work out a little bit, though. now it's time to gear up for summer fun in the sun. tory johnson has sizzling "deals & steals." just point your cell phone camera at the qr code and go right to the deals. hey, tory, good morning to you, and first up, how can you make a splash this summer with some new
8:24 am
pool tools? >> just like that. pool floats are it. these are from pool candy. we have a huge assortment of floats, inflatable chairs, tubes, games, you name it all slashed in half. price is for a huge assortment you'll find online start at $12.50. >> tell us about how this towel protects you from the hot summer sun which is very important. >> so very important, luv bug has built-in sun protection. not only will it dry you off and it's quick drying but a breathable fabric with that built in sun protection so it's awesome for kids and adults. we've got three different sizes, huge assortment of patterns all 50% off. they start at $14.50. >> but you need a tote, tory, to carry all these towels. >> you do and we got a winner from parker & hyde. these are all-purpose neoprene totes.
8:25 am
when you stuff them with all of your beach or weekend wear or weekday stuff, whatever you choose, it's not going to add bulk from the bag itself. huge assortment of patterns and also have the matching removable wristlet. these are awesome from this company. 50% off, $49. >> that's really, really nice. you need summer comfy footwear as well. >> oka-b has us covered, flip-flops, sandals and slides all made in america. their signature comfort footbed. you can get them plain or with all of their brand-new summer adornments. you're going to look adorable and feel comfortable which is most important. these prices, michael, are slashed in half and they start at $15. >> a little bit of everything for everybody. of course, you have some beach-inspired hair care, tory. >> this is a "gma" deals debut from playa beauty founded in venice, california. it's designed for effortless everyday routine to have your healthiest best-looking hair. they're known for their shampoos and conditioners that have a lot of naturally derived ingredients
8:26 am
in them. i also have to give a shoutout. they have a good weekly reviving mask. everything from this collection feels great on your hair and you'll look good too, all slashed in half starts at $12. michael, we end on a cool one on "shark tank" from rightline gear, the doorstep. if you've ever needed to access your roof typically you have to balance on the seat of your car making it dirty and with this, it's a step that's a universal fit from any car that will allow you to balance to access the roof. we've got two extra products from them too. all 50% off that start at $15. >> thank you, tory, as always. we partnered with these companies. on these great deals. you can find them on our website. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
♪ we hope you're doing well this thursday morning. thank you for joining us and we are going to "rise & shine" from the state of maine this morning. lobsters and will reeve hit the water with one of the pioneers of its lobster fishing industry. hey, will. >> reporter: hey, george. i've eaten more lobster in my time here than i thought possible, but with good reason. it's delicious and the lobstering industry in maine is iconic and steeped in tradition which can often be code for run by men but spent the day on the water with one woman part of a group of women trying to change that status quo
8:31 am
and she's having the time of her life doing it. ♪ in this state there's one catch that's king, lobster. in rockport, 29-year-old sadie samuels has continued her family's tradition and helped redefine the image of a lobster boat captain. >> the only way to change people's minds is by doing it. >> reporter: she let me tag along on the boat she helmed since she was a teenager. aboard the must be nice i got firsthand experience in one of maine's most iconic industries. >> it's a generational thing so i fished and my dad fished an i love that. >> carrying on the family tradition. >> absolutely. >> reporter: lobstering is hard work. sadie and her sternman corey showed me the basics. bagging bait and setting traps. then we check others hoping for a haul. that's a lobster. hello. >> before we get to put the bands on the lobsters we have to measure them because our fishery is highly regulated. >> reporter: it's early in the lobster season. these aren't quite ready. maybe later in the summer. >> see you in a few months. you're going to be so delicious.
8:32 am
sadie's father is also out at sea still guiding his daughter in the job he taught her as a young girl. she says she loves it so much she would do it for free if she could, but sadie has turned her passion for lobster into a budding business. she runs her own lobster truck also named must be nice, a short drive from the harbor where she works all day. her lobster roll a strong entry in the statewide competition to be crowned maine's best. she hopes to win in july, but either way, she's a businesswoman and a pioneer. >> i also found out i really love giving people lobster rolls like getting to talk to the broader community that doesn't really see this part of it and oftentimes they're surprised i'm a girl which is fun. >> reporter: sadie says she's one of a growing number of women in the maine lobster industry, and one of the youngest captains. her job is her life, and that's
8:33 am
just how she likes it. >> i've got the best office in the entire world. >> reporter: sadie told me her typical day starts before dawn and gets out on the water, spends about eight hours tending to all of her traps or gear as the professionals call it. as soon as she gets back on land she puts on her business hat and finally at the end of the day tries to get a little sleep before waking up doing it all over again with joy the next day and the next and the next. guys? >> she does seem to love it. will, thank you very much. coming up one of the stars of "cruella" is going to join us live. ♪ hey now ♪
8:34 am
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♪ we're back with a new documentary telling the story of one of the worst acts of racial violence here in america. the 1921 tulsa race massacre, monday marks 100 years since that tragic day and mona kosar abdi has more on why more people are not aware of this part of u.s. history. >> all across tulsa, angry whites are now organizing. >> reporter: the truth behind one of the worst incidents of racial violence in american history. >> they get their guns. they get their torches. all hell broke loose. >> reporter: a history that remained all but buried for nearly a century. >> firing into homes. >> bombs dropping from the air. >> it was just an all-out massacre. >> reporter: the 1921 tulsa race massacre obliterated a thriving
8:37 am
african-american community known as black wall street. now the focus of a new documentary on the history channel commemorating the 100th anniversary of the massacre. >> when the dust settled, somewhere between 100 to 300 people were killed. at least 1,250 homes in the black community were destroyed. >> reporter: the driving force behind the film, executive producer and nba all-star russell westbrook who spent most of his career playing in oklahoma. the documentary exposing the generations of silence that kept the story hidden. >> it was not talked about in tulsa. the white newspapers didn't cover it at all for almost 50 years. they didn't publish any stories about what happened so that it was just kind of not seen, not heard. >> reporter: showcasing the ongoing fight for justice and accountability. >> at the end of this experience, no white person was convicted of an offense related to killing people or destroying
8:38 am
the property. >> $2 million in black wealth went up in flames, right, that was never recouped. >> reporter: putting a spotlight on the lost legacy of those who made black wall street a success. >> we see, you know, the skating rink, the movie theaters, the stores, the business, the homes. we can't help but think about, wait a minute, what could it have become? what could their descendants become? what could that community have meant to this country? >> reporter: for "good morning america," mona kosar abdi, abc news, new york. >> a story more people should know about. "tulsa burning: the 1921 race massacre" premiers on the history channel on sunday at 8: 8:00 p.m. ginger? >> reporter: thank you, robin.
8:39 am
i can't wait to see that. let's look at this beautiful image. let's take the drone and up the shore so you can get an image of what it looks like this morning. i will say it is so pleasant but we're about to get considerably cooler. water temperatures here are in the low 60s but i wanted to pull out on the map here and give you a better idea of what's happening in case you were planning beach time anywhere from the jersey shore down the atlantic into miami beach where the temperatures warmed up to 80. galveston is close. water temperature in lake michigan, i just touched it when there. it's not warm. never is this time of year. look at your memorial day forecast across the nation, looking like some sunshine hitting us on the west coast, outheast too and jersey sho you will see showers through saturday but then it will clear up and warm up a bit. . good morning. waking up with mostly sunny conditions. by the afternoon about 50's. 60's and 70's in most neighborhoods. a few 80's inland. we're joined by one of the
8:40 am
stars of "cruella." we've seen kirby howell baptiste in shows like "the good place" "killing eve." now making her block buster debut in the new live action movie. kirby, good morning to you. thank you for joining us this morning on "gma." >> hi, michael. how are you? >> i'm doing great. want to talk about "cruella." let's get right to it. it gives us the origin of the disney villain but you were a big fan of hers long before this. >> i was a big cruella fan. i actually kind of struggled calling her a villain. she obviously is a villain but when i was a kid i was just taken by her. she was so like deranged and this woman on the edge. one halloween i went as "cruella" and sprayed half of my afro white. >> i wish we had those photos to see that throwback. >> 10, 15 years ago we didn't have photos of everything. >> you play anita, a reporter.
8:41 am
she has known cruella since childhood but what's the dynamic like between you two? >> dynamic is i think what's interesting is you see, yeah, you see anita and cruella or estella as she was known when she was younger meet in school and they kind of like have a little friendship and then they separate their paths kind of diverge for a really long time. when they meet again they're both adults and both sort of like in the throes of their career but needing, wanting more and i think they meet each other at a time when they can do a lot for each other. they share ambition. that's the thing the two have in common, and actually, i think, something all the women have that in common, ambition. >> we love seeing you on the red carpet. you're with emma stone last week for the premiere. the first red carpet premiere of 2021. feels like we haven't seen one in so long. how did it feel to be back with everybody after all this time at home? >> it was so, so awesome. actually i got this film, i got a screening of it and watched it
8:42 am
at home on my laptop where there's a water mark on it. it was such a different experience seeing it in the theater. i hope everyone who can can see it in theater. it's what everyone wants and needs. such a nice thing going out for the night and being glamorous, not in sweats was just like amazing after a year and then 24 kind of film is so grand and the costumes are so amazing and the set design is so awe inspiring that i think you have to see it on the big screen to really take it in. >> i agree with you because i'm watching the commercials on tv and it's beautiful but i can only imagine watching it on the big screen which i plan to do and "cruella" is such a different take on the villain than we've ever seen before. what surprised you the most about the story? >> i think the thing that surprised me the most actually were the creators involved. when i got the script i came on board fairly late, considering emma had been attached for a
8:43 am
number of years. emma stone. when i came on board, it had been -- gone through a series of rewrites and latest was from tony who did "the favorite" and seeing him on there and then knowing that craig gillespie was directing i think just names i would never ever put together with disney. it was so intriguing for me to be part of something because my curiosity was piqued. i mean i would never think of those guys as being disney people, but i knew i was part of something special. >> you definitely are. we can't wait to see you in action. kirby, thank you for waging up and joining us on "gma." >> thanks for having me. >> all right. we'll see you soon. "cruella" will be released in theaters and on disney plus with premiere access tomorrow. make sure you check it out. robin? >> michael, i don't have any tubes to put around me like you did, but i'm going to do my best. tory johnson is back with
8:44 am
"deals & steals." we're celebrating aapi heritage month. all products are from asian and pacific islander owned businesses. thank you to these talented entrepreneurs. point your cell phone camera at the qr code to go right to the deals. tory, let's get started. we start off with an easy way to get your little ones around. tell us about wonder fold wagons. >> this is really fun, robin. wonderfold wagons, foldable wagons. i see them around new york city and i'm always so intrigued by them so i'm excited for their "gma" deals debut. thoughtful design with important safety features, an alternative depending on the age of the kids, we also have one for pets to normal strollers. it's a wagon, instead. they're easy to fold and unfold. we've got a huge assortment that you'll find online along with a bunch of their accessories, today prices are 50% off and they start at $49.50.
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>> nice to know they're for fur babies as well. the "deals & steals" favorite, ponyflo. how are these hats going to help us when it really starts heating up, tory? >> these are designed specifically to keep hair off your neck where you don't have to worry about tugging, pulling, a lot of times there's a lot of difficulty if you have long hair. not so much an issue for you but to put a ponytail or bun, these have a special snag-free opening in the back. we have a huge variety of styles from them, including one with built-in sun protection. all 50% off, starting at $11. >> nice deal. how about lip products, tory? >> henne organics, "gma" favorite and it's a way to easy elevate your lip care. we've got a big assortment. all made in america in small batches which helps with their quality control. we have their luxurious lip
8:46 am
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looking beautiful. half price starting at $14. >> feeling and looking beautiful. okay, now we have some cosmetics. didn't these go viral as soon as they were launched? >> yes, they launched and there were million of youtube views and now we have them here from live tinted. hue stick, three in one product that is an allure best of beauty winner as well. you can use it as a lipstick, blush and eye shadow so depending on what you're feeling in any given moment and they also have good for you ingredients, so hyaluronic acid. they have a patch with vitamins and this is another. they're bringing us their new spring colors. another product that's just easy to use. no fuss option. half price starting at $10. then, robin, went on one from "shark tank." >> i thought i saw it on "shark tank." >> safe grabs, started by a woman who burned her fingers one too many times taking things hot out of the microwave and says there's got to be a better way. silicon mat that can be used so
8:48 am
many different ways. to cover food, grab food, trivet, jar opener, gorgeous colors add pop to your kitchen. today 50% off and they start at $14. >> looks like lamb chop, doesn't it? remember the little cartoon -- doesn't it look like lamb chop or pac-man. all right. thank you so much as always and we have partnered, tory, as you know with these companies on these amazon deals and you can go to our website and get more information. coming up, the new book revealing the surprising truth about maine's small towns. come on back.
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♪ ♪ we are back with our "rise & shine" celebration of maine and now we'll take a closer look at rural maine with gigi georges out with a new book, "downeast: five maine girls and the unseen story of rural america." will reeve back with that.
8:51 am
hey, will. >> reporter: hey, george. hello once more from the easternmost point of the united states, west quoddy headlighthouse in lubec, maine, part of the region known as downeast, the world of which gigi georges says is fascinating and misunderstood. after an extensive career in politics, public service and academia, gigi georges is taking on a new role, nonfiction writer. >> i always wanted to be a writer. even though i've been through this journey of working in politics and policy, but it was always where my heart lay. >> her debut novel "downeast: five maine girls and the unseen story of rural america" changing the narrative and assumptions about these communities. >> it really wasn't until i met these five amazing young women that i knew that this was something i had to write. >> reporter: the book follows the real-life events of five girls from downeast maine over the course of four years. >> these young women faced tremendous challenges and
8:52 am
overcame them and really banded together with their families and their communities to keep pushing forward. >> reporter: georges celebrating their triumphs and chronicling their hardships. >> it was such an incredible experience. i got to hang out with them in all sorts of places, in their favorite places in downeast. >> reporter: most importantly witnessing the power of family and community. >> i saw a side of rural america that is filled with hope and optimism. a side of rural america that is about community and love of place and wanting to stay and build, not abandon their hometowns. >> reporter: georges said, i
8:53 am
think there's reason to be optimistic despite the many challenges. there is work to be done but something very powerful about what is already present here and more broadly in small towns all across america and what a privilege it is to get to explore america for our "rise & shine" series. that's it from maine for us. >> what a spot that is that will >> what a spot that is that will is on. get your spring on at ross. yes! with brand-name looks prices that say it's on. yeah, it is! get this season's styles for you... ...and you... and you... with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less!
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deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan. today, a chat with grammy award winning recording artist shania twain, plus star of the mysterious benedict society, tony hale. also a performance from american idol runner up, willie spence, all next on live. and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [crew applauding] ♪ morning, everybody. it's thursday, may 27th, 2021. oh, yes, almost to the end of the week. wow, you guys are lackluster today. yeah, they're excited to see us. heading into that weekend with all the oomph of a tuesday audience. -how are you, kell? -i'm great.


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