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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 2, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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is currently investigating. we are told he was allegedly holding a small kitchen knife and attempted to steal a bag of potato chips but then said he was kidding. the food bank said it happened in the break room and he had an interaction with the person working at the food bank. police say the victim felt threatened. you may remember he has been under investigation for corruption charges since 2020. the former public works director -- >> the u.s. it needs to versus the two men participated in kickback schemes.
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he could face prison time. that is in addition to the robbery charges he was booked on today our sources say. i do want to reiterate there are two main s.f. marin bank locations. this all happened at the marin street location. we are told there were no witnesses and people who work there are surprised. we actually spoke to some employees at the other location who said they have seen him, they know him wellwellwellwellwl we have more information update you with any information. >> last year oakland saw four days of protests following the murder of george floyd in minneapolis. today, the the addressed four independent reviews that led to the
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disciplining of at least 17 officers. most of the violations happened june 1, 2020. chief armstrong said bottles were thrown at officers and officers fired tier gas. >> this was not a policy failure. officers deployed teargas outside of the policy. policy is very clear. in order to use that level of force, there must be imminent danger to the officer or community member. during these investigative processes, they determined that did not exist.not exist.not exi. >> the president of the oakland police officers association tells laura anthony that officers were blindsided by the disciplinary action. she will have more on abc7 news at 5:00. a part of building a better bay area is is justice. we have a lot of resources to help you. to find your ally go to fire burned on the top level of a parking garage at
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universal studios hollywood overnight. a witness captured video of the blaze. a representative says no rights or attractions were damaged by the fire and it was business as usual. the fire broke out 13 years to the day after a devastating fire at the themepthe themepthep the king kong attraction. >> a long-standing job-related dispute seems to be the motive behind yesterday's shooting at a small rural fire station in los angeles county. a yet to be named off-duty firefighter shot and killed a colleague and wounded a captain at the station 45 miles north of los angeles. as morgan norwood explains, the suspect apparently took his own life after setting his home fire. >> a southern california community reeling after another deadly workplace shooting. this one, less than a week later. du death and i never thought
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occurred that it would occur in this fashion. >> and off-duty firefighter storming into a fire station killing one of his own colleagues. according to our station, the suspect was apparently involved in an ongoing dispute with a coworker. >> >> the firefighter with multiple gunshot wounds trying to get him into the hospital. >> investigators finding the suspect barricaded inside of his home dead from up here suicide.
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>> still no sign of a missing 84-year-old san francisco grandmother has not been seen or heard from since friday. today city leaders are weighing in saying that have been missed opportunities to bring her home safely. wayne freedman has this story. >> in san francisco the mystery of her disappearance has only deepened. this is about more than a missing grandmother now. even san francisco district atty. has weighed in. >> we do not have any reason to believe a crime has occurred at this stage. >> she disappear friday while walking from her home in the richmond district. later a 911a 911a 911a 911a 9111 entering the macarthur tunnel but because this falls under highway patrol jurisdiction, they responded and gave her a
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courtesy right. she appeared to be of sound mind and body but had no identification. the chp says they dropped her off the corner of fillmore and marina and she asked to get out of the car and she may have said something about safeway but there was a language barrier. critics are trying to make something out of that. >> we have reason to believe the language barrier may have played a role in in misplaced and is now lost or missing. >> it seems there were missed opportunities for her to return home safely. if it weren't for the lack of language support and cultural competency. >> when they dropped her off on friday she had yet to be reported as a missing person. now that she is, san francisco police have assigned officers to the case. they are scouring video and have found nothing. now, appeals to the public for help. >> the family released this statement reinforcing their love for her and asking people to help with the search. the family has not come publicly. they say they are too busy on the streets looking
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efforts are underway around the bay area to help support the family members of the victims in the vta shooting. today, denny's is joining the effort donating half of the proceeds from all of the santa clara county restaurant and the families of the nine men who were killed. amy hollyfield shows us how the effort is going. >> a hotmail with a side giving. half of the proceeds will go to families of the nine people who were murdered at the vta facility in san jose last week. >> it hit home for us. we are here in san jose right outside here is you can see. we have a vta bus stop. it is very big in our community. it hit home. >> food service at the s. 1st st. location in san jose let their customers know they were doing a good thing by grabbing a meal here today. >> that is great. that is very nice of you guys. definitely! that is going to help a lot. >> i think it is great they are
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getting involved in trying to help out those in need. it was a tragedy. i think it is great. i think more businesses should do what they are doing here today. >> it is not an easy time for denny's to be donating money. profits were down up to 60% during the pandemic. one location had to temporarily close. managers say they are focused on the victims families today, not the company's bottom line. >> we may not know them personally or who they are but we know they are dealing with a struggle. we know they are emotionally unstable. this is something we hope never happens to anybody in their lives. >> customers who didn't know about the fundraiser plans to spread the word. >> i never heard about it but yes, i will tell my clients to come over. >> hopefully word-of-mouth will bring more people in for dinner. denny's is thinking this could raise around $10,000 at their dozens locations if people go out to eat and donate.
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in the 19 picked up very lightly. it was at .7% yesterday. overall, the rate has trended downward the last couple of months. nearly 17 1/2 million state residents are vaccinated representing 43% of the population. the l.a. times reporting more than 70% of california resultcalifornia t have received at least one shot. >> bay area pediatricians are giving covid-19 shots to young teenagers. i thought now most teens forgetting their shots at larger vaccine clinics, pharmacies or through county health departments. pfizer's vaccine is authorized for ages 12 and up.
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moderna may follow. the minimum age is expected to drop gradually to five years older than two years old then potentially babies as young as six months old. if you have questions about coronavirus vaccines you can ask our vaccine team. all you have to do is go to a key part of building a better bay area is taking care of your health in all its forms. time and time again cancer drugs are among the most expensive for patients. when they die, their loved ones are often left with unused medicines that can't be donated to others. david louis shows us why california is trying to become the latest statelatest statelate that. >> it is estimated $3 billion worth of cancer drugs like this are wasted each year. although sealed and unopened, this box with 21 pills with a value of over $13,000 without insurance has to be exposed. -- it has to be
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>> he lost his wife maggie three weeks ago to breast cancer. the cancer drug arrived while she was in the intensive care unit she never left. he tried to find a way to offer it to another patient through a doctor or other means but discovered that was not allowed. >> i think the situation is >> this san gabriel valley lawmaker has offered sb 310 that would launch a pilot program to allow unused cancer drugs to be recycled. >> we have narrowed it down to only 53 participants doctors. hopefully when we see the data we see it works there will not be a problem expanding it. >> it passed by a unanimous vote tuesday and goes to the assembly. cancer patients pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for drugs even with insurance coverage. >> the co-pay can be high so it
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can delay the starting of the treatment >> it will be too late to provide the drug to someone in need but it would give a lifeline to others in the future. >> if we can save one life, that is great but i really want to save thousands of lives. people in a florida senior living community are volunteering in a unique stanford study. they are taking a trip to the international space station with these virtual-reality headsets. researchers are looking at the participants moods in virtual reality can improve the emotion of being with older adults. the residents can also tour paris. they can attend car races or go on a hike. spencer, i will get you this. i will save you a 10 hour fight. you just slip on the goggles. you are in paris in no time. >> any of those wonderful places i love to travel. absolutely! i know it seems a little rtdon'
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the weather is chan d foh every to non-breezy. today it is another breezy day. we have 24 mile an hour wind speeds. the breeze is lighter as you move further inland and across the bay. it is cooler today in most locations than at this time. about re-70 degrees -- seven degrees:. was of you looking toward the golden gate. in the marine layer is quite prominent. current temperature readings are 58 in san francisco. oakland 64. 86 in morgan hill. 55 at half moon bay. there is another view of the fog at the golden gate. the flag waving inthe brqueezy golden 82 at livermore. looking across the embarcadero
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see the blue sky. a mild to warrant a life ahead and they will have a: than average pattern developing next week. >> we will have bright guys under filtered sunshine with a few high clouds hanging around. clausen of the coastline will move away partially. we will have partly sunny skies at the coast. overnight lows will be generally in the mid-to low 50s. e low to d 80s. 85 at moanhill. to upper 70s. on the coast it is a breezy but a little milder than today with highs near 60 degrees in some coastal locations. downtown san francisco will top
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out at 64 degrees. in the north bay look for some mild to warm weather. nighty at santa rosa. 89 at sonoma. east bay has about 72 to hayward. 70 in oakland. the inland east bay not surprisingly will be the warmest region with highs ranging from mid 80smid 80smid s mid 90s at brentwood, antioch, pittsburgh and fairfield. here is a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast. temperatures drop off a couple of degrees friday. they bounce back up to low 90s inland on saturday than the calling begins sunday and going into early next week we will have further cooling with temperatures dropping a little
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you have probably seen the video in los angeles about a teenager pushing a bear. that encounter, although rare, appears to be a encounter is increasing. we are in san anselmo where a bear was spottedwas spottedwas d >> whether it is in this backyard or los angeles or in this suburban neighborhood in marin county if it feels like you are starting to see more bears in more unusual places you are not exactly wrong. experts say they are noticing
4:22 pm
this happening >>wi probably s encounters as the year progresses. >> rebecca is a wildlife biologist with the california department of fish and wildlife. >> in the urban areas have 24/7 access. >> in marin county a bear hadn't been spotted until last month when a young black bear was spotted in those trees. a part of it has to do with the time of your. spring is when bears come out of hibernation and forge for food. there are other factors too. >> steve is a wildlife expert known as a bear whisperer. explained the extension of the grizzly bear has led to a huge rise in black bears. there is about 35,000 in state.
4:23 pm
>> that is another added factor with bears moving into other areas to look for food. people shouldn't be worried about seeing them. >> we celebrate. we are in the city and they lock down the schools and put up the helicopter and called the swat team.swat team.swat te. that really needs to change. no person has ever been killed by a black bear in the state of california. >> safe to say that is good news. >> how might san francisco hotels hold the key to the homeless they change and if you have risk factors like heart disease, diabetes and raised triglycerides,... ...vascepa can give you something to celebrate. ♪
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this week as a part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we are focusing on bay area tourism and how it has changed to the pandemic and how it is bouncing back this summer. asked tourism ramps up the demand for hotel rooms will go up as well. many large hotels have been sitting empty while some smaller ones took advantage of state and city incentives to house people experiencing homelessness. failed midtier goes inside one of those hotels. is it a path forward to solving our homeless crisis? >> that is a big question. it is definitely a
4:27 pm
as tourists come back the city gets going to be grappling with a homeless problem no matter way. finding a place for all of those people who are now in hotel rooms, that could be tough and it may mean not moving the mountain at all. look inside anthe formerof the shelters. >> from the second you you know this is not your average union square hotel. security and temperature checks are required for everyone who comes in. >> everyone visiting a guest has to sign in. >> yes. >> steve good lives up to his name. he hardly -- he describhe descrb
4:28 pm
they do. >> currently 79 rooms being occupied. >> out of how many? >> 96. >> how come you're not full? >> it is a come and go situation. we also need rooms on each floor for an office. >> it is one of 25 hotels across the city that closed down when the pandemic shutdown san francisco and then reopened after the state and city provided the money to lease them and shelter thousands of people who once camped out on the streets at the head of the pandemic. >> tell me about the program. how does it work? how does someone get in here? what do you do when they get here? >> it is a part of a coordinated entry system. when the pandemic really started to take hold over a year ago, the city had to react again with as many as 6000 homeless people off the streets. it was kind of tourist season completely fell off the cliff. we have caterers and food- service folks that were out of business and we had a huge problem with the fear of spread of covid. the city reacted in may and
4:29 pm
opened up and fight 35 became one of the shelter in place hotels. >> what does somebody get when they come inlike this? >> they all get a of the rooms equipped with at least a double bed. >> site 35 as they call it offers occupants three meals a day, laundry service, cable tv and medical attention all on- site. >> all of the roomsthe roomsthes have different notations on them. once a day wellness check cut off at 9:00 p.m. how many guests are in the room? if there are any special needs like dietary needs or if there is a pet. >> other hotels around the city were offered money to reopen fund. ovide houscod relief meanwhile, the key program is funding the purcseinto
4:30 pm
supportive housing. >> unfortunately it is pretty high. drug problems and alcohol problems are the cause of problems are the cause of homelessness per se.r se.r se.r. >> unfortunately, that is a real problem. >>
4:31 pm
francisco are on track to break new records. 700 people died in 2020 and more than 250 already this year. health officials say it is a byproduct of the sentinel crisis that is sweeping the country and opening these hotels to the homeless has likely kept them not only off the streets but alive as well. >> we save 155 lives. we lost approximately 20 people to overdoses out of eight sites in san francisco. >> violence is rare. the staff is trained in de- escalation techniques. when they need back up to have to call the police. >> for the residents here, having a roof over their head is better than being exposed in the streets. >> with the best thing you like about the program? >> the program here? i am not on the streets. >> how long have you been on the streets? >> 10 years.
4:32 pm
10 years. >> this hotel comes with very personalized care. things you normally wouldn't get from a taurus hotel concierge. >> they help you out.yo. if there is anything you need they will help you. if you need counseling or you need to talk to a therapist or get your drivers license or social security card, they will help you. >> he is looking for a job and hoping to move to a place of his own. for many of the people here, they are going to need long- term housing assistance and other services. >> if this was a taurus hotel and we are spending 200-300 and i. >> we are feeding your body. we are providing nursing care. they are providing around-the- clock services. they are vastly greater than a turn and go
4:33 pm
>> that is a part of the challenge and a part of the problem is because there are so many services. meals are delivered. people feel so comfortable they don't want to >> you can tell how this woman has really made it home. >> right now that may seem attractive. what about the future? >> the future -- the state and city are asking the feds to continue financing the program which funds for a year. the other part, turning it back into tourist hotels will be very, very expensive.
4:34 pm
>> you have and homeless people that have been there. have to be realistic about it. to get them back to the point where tourists want to be there it will take a lot of work. one way or the other it will cost money to keep this program going. >> there are a lot of forces pushing us in that direction. >> including the mayor's recent budget she plans on spending $2 billion more over the next couple of years. >> there is a lot of pressure to keep these hotels and keep off the streets. what they don't want to see our tents on the street. >> i am hearing a question that needs to be asked for you. what did you want to know? >> just more specifics on that.
4:35 pm
this is going to be kicking in. the mayor's plates bad. that is on top of the 300 million we are already spending. it will be a very intensive. this is also clear. you can put roofs over people's heads. that behavior changes going to take more than a hotel room. >> one last quick question. >> if there is anything they would like to see more the have to get long-term housing but in the interim this may be the short term housing that winds up being long-term. >> they get so much. >> tourism in the bay area.
4:36 pm
tomorrow, vexing passports. how important are they? friday, wine country tourism. how the region's response to the pandemic is attracting out- of-state visitors. good stuff. you can also watch any of these reports anytime on our abc7 connected tv app wherever you stream. co it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will shake up sacramento, cut taxes. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at
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athletes early. the covid brett has prompted some 10,000 people who signed up to volunteer at the games to withdraw. organizers say they are worried about that because they have had some 80,000 volunteers signed up but japan is struggling with a fourth wave of the virus. i checked a few moments ago when i was really surprised that japan has vaccinated only about 3% of their entire population. given you knew this was and you're talking about thousands of people coming into the country it is a huge dilemma. it is not like you say we are not prepared. just moved all of the olympics to city x. this is a problem. he could be a really awkward and challenging olympics for volunteers, athletes and everyone involved. >> that figure would give a lot of people
4:40 pm
pause. as they deal with the fourth wave i felt bad with the athletes. sometimes you have to know when to drop back and plants but maybe it is not meant to be this time. it is hard to say. >> one of the things the athletes look forward to is seeing the other superstars at -- sports they wouldn't normally see. simone bios doesn't necessarily interact with nba players. you may not have added. they may have to have this thing really locked down. >> you're right. it is sad because the athletes are disappointed if they don't get to compete anyone would have going into a place where there is a fourth spike in the virus in such a low percentage
4:41 pm
of people in our vaccinated. it is a tough call. >> a lot of the world has had vaccine access issues. people in japan there are some people that want to have the olympics canceled. >> you may have noticed the cost of rideshare rights going up. our recent analysis found the cost of a ride was 40% higher in april than it was a year ago. some passengers reported their rides to the airport with as much as their plane ticket. they say it is simply an issue of supply and demand. more people are getting out as the pandemic receipts but there aren't enough drivers at this point to accommodate them. >> supply and demand wins again or loses again depending on what decide they are on. >> there was not a lot of work. people were not going places. i would imagine like so many other people who work a variety of different jobs, they got out of the game.
4:42 pm
maybe even some left the state. this lag may take a while. eventually more lyft and uber drivers will step into the picture. it may take a >> there is pandemic assistance as well which is giving some people an opportunity to take care of their health. >> as more people are traveling as we begin to get slowly back to normal i think dan is right. you will see rideshare companies recover. >> by the way dan, if you are expecting me to resume driving you back and forth from the station to home, my prices are going up as well. >> that is expensive to now.
4:43 pm
>> schmooze is headquartered at palo alto. you stripe -- swipe according to text crunch the app was beta tested last summer with 200 stanford students. it led to about 10,000 downloads. they recently got $270,000 in seed funding. i am not a big emoji guy or mean guy. analyzing somebody's sense of humor or lack there of is a pretty good place
4:44 pm
>> i am way out of the dating game. i am married. >> all of us are. >> if i were on the market i would certainly want to be matched with somebody with a sense of humor. >> larry and i arched trying to come up with entrepreneurial ideas. >> i think this is more scientific than clicking on someone because you like their appearance or someone else. if you show the same sense of humor i think you're good. >> i don't know if there is such a thing as a humor algorithm. i wish i was a guy that came up with that line. you can run with that. that is all you need. >> missed out again, larry. >> he will be driving me now forever.
4:45 pm
>> how about this for a date idea? it is a sky pulled. look at that. the see-through swimming pool is open built on top of an apartment complex in london. it is 82 feet suspended between those two buildings giving swimmers the sensation they are flying. engineers believe it is the only one of its kind in the world. don't look down, then. >> that is cool. heights don't bother me. i kind of think they are fun. that actually looks neat. i haven't seen anything like it. it makes you a little nervous. all of the weight with the water and everything else. it is a pretty neat idea. i guess ing? >> unless you are very skinny. heights do bother me. >> that is a hard pass for me. did you say it gives people the sensation they are flying or dying? dying? >> i
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on behalf of the city of saa cland tyent you with a key to the city of >> the accolades keep coming for the national champs.
4:49 pm
the santa clara university women's soccer team.ccer team.c. mayor lisa gilmore said it is the first time in her memory that anybody or any team has been given a key to the city. santa clara captured its second national title on may 17 with a victory over florida state. >> that is awesome. is aweso >> congratulations to the team. a fabulous job.fabulous job.fab. >> it is cool one day and warmer the next. overnight -- here it just skipped on me. i will give you a look at the forecast features. marine layer expands tonight. we will have coastal clouds and clouds over the bay. high clouds as well. mild to warm days into the weekend.
4:50 pm
we can expect a colder than average pattern. here is the here is how this will push inland overnight. we will see high clouds overnight as well. it will be a bright day even as high clouds continued to pass through the sky. let's take a look at overnight lows. relatively mild. >> temperatures will drop off a couple of degrees in most locations. friday they will bounce back up and on saturday. a colder trend begins in the and going into early next week you can see the high temperatures low average for this time of the year. tuesday we will see temperatures barely reaching 80 degrees. mid-60s around the bay and only low to mid 50s on the coast. a little something on the 7-day forecast. >> speaking of taste, of
4:51 pm
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we're the largest wine producer. >> there's vineyards everywhere. californians can visit wine vineyards throughout the state. >> it's been the center piece of our existence. and we take great pride in what we do and it ties in to so many aspects of our history. and the quality of the wines that are produced in the state. you have a wide variety of
4:55 pm
grapes that grow throughout the state with different regions having different personalities. and it's a very interesting industry and it's ever changing. >> what makes california the center of the fine wine industry in the u.s. is the combination of climate, soils and the devotion that those in the business have do making the best wines that we possibly can. despite all of the inherent advantages california has for making great wines, we're facing some challenges. the covid pandemic closed down restaurants that was a big part of the market for consuming california wines. we had to pivot have done a tremendous job.
4:56 pm
and we had the fires that this last year was devastating. there's an estimate the cost to the wine industry alone was $2 billion. our small vineyard was about a mile from where the glass fire broke out on september 27th. and within four hours, the fire had rushed through our property. we lost about a third of the vines as they were protecting our homes and protecting the rest of the vines. all of the trade associations. the wine institute has helped. >> and the e e e e e e
4:57 pm
legislation to help the wineries. we helped the wineries understand some of the protocols. everyone has challenges and i think this industry is very resilient. >> the industry is here. people love going to the wine country, people love going to relax. the fact we're producing good wines in this state because you have to. the consumers expects it. >> the wine industry has always been a great industry economy. and i don't think it will change. i think it's a real big ig ig i for california. you can stream all of our california dreaming stories on bland including the 40 minute california dreaming story right now on our streaming app. for any of your connected tv, devices lots of great episodes
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