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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 3, 2021 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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california regulators approved new covid 19 guidelines for the workplace. how long you will have to wear a mask inside the office, even if you are vaccinated. remembering the victims. tonight brings the first pta board meeting, since the deadly mass shooting. your forecast is coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. i mean, can we actually vote on a proposal we just voted down? >> we can't. >> we can. >> confusion, an hour after rejecting
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all workers to wear masks if one person is not vaccinated, state regulators pull a 180 tonight. you are watching abc 7 live on abc seven. we are glad for you joining us. matt boone on what you should know about these rules. >> reporter: in an unusual double vote, the california board approved new regulations that will go into effect when the state reopens on june 15th. that is when the state is set to lift the indoor mask mandate for fully vaccinated people. the new osha regulations will allow workers to take masks off indoors, but only if their employers can of prove everyone in the room is vaccinated. that puts the burden on employers. >> we do not support the amendments, that does not mean that employers do not support, and indeed are already protecting employees from covid 19. >> reporter: it will also him
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have employers of provide and 95 masks. >> reporter: the board was responsive to the criticism and initially voted down the measure, the result, however, left the current restrictions in place indefinitely, which are even more restrictive. >> i just feel like we don't want to leave the last one in place, when this one is better than that. >> reporter: realizing they had no backup plan, the board decided to bring the measure back again, and passed it, unanimously. the also created a advisory panel to be voted on, this summer. matt boone, abc 7 news. well, california has extended its cocktails to go rule, through the end of the year. the state department of alcoholic beverage control relaxed regulations in march of 2020, to help bars and restaurants get through the pandemic. governor newson made the announcement today, in san francisco. the governor is also
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encouraging parkland's to become permanent. 12 bay officers appear together today, , the first time in more than a year, to urge all school districts to return to full, in person learning, this fall. >> as you know, we have charted slightly different paths over the course of the pandemic, it has been enormously difficult. on this, we are 100% united. >> the health officers say the risk of transmission among children in the classroom is very low. u.s. is sending millions of covid-19 doses abroad. here at home, there is a new plea to parents to get their teens vaccinated. abc 7 news reporter, morgan norwood, has more. >> reporter: a vaccine boost, detailing america's plan to distribute 80 million covid 19 vaccines overseas. >> as the days get writer and brighter at home, we are focused on driving progress to help the pandemic-- help and the pandemic
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>> reporter: the first 25 million doses going to latin america, asia, africa, gaza, and the west bank. here at home, a 30 day operation, encouraging and incentivizing unvaccinated americans, to get at least one shot come before july 4th. >> we are announcing a month- long effort to pull all of the stops, all of the stops to free ourselves from this virus and get to 75% of adult americans vaccinated. >> reporter: while america looks to a sense of normalcy, the cdc is now pressing young people to get vaccinated, finding troubling data showing unvaccinated see teens at risk of getting sick, or worse, ending up in the icu. >> until they are fully vaccinated, they should continue to wear masks and take precautions around others, who were not vaccinated, to protect themselves, their friends, their family. >> reporter: the cvt detailing will be published on friday.
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san bernardino county. here in california, the first 15 winners of $15,000 in vaccine incentives will be announced tomorrow. if you have been vaccinated, you are automatically entered to win. >> tonight was the first pta board meeting, since wednesday's mass shooting. we will tell you how the extended vta family is honoring the victims. >> ♪ amazing grace. >> reporter: the distance, doing little to ease the pain. the vta meeting was condensed, only including items that couldn't be put off. >> as we tread these waters, i want to make it clear that our people are our priority.
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>> reporter: people, the extended vta community, mourning the shooting deaths of nine coworkers. men, honored by the board, and beyond, thursday night. through public comment, speakers also recognizing the heart ache, in the days to come. >> over the next five days there will be seven funerals for our brothers, which will undoubtedly make each and every one of them relive every painful moment. can you imagine that? the answer is no, none of us can. >> reporter: many of them put their support behind 265, a work representing the workers. >> they have been on the line, since march of last year. >> reporter: realizing the impacts of the deadly shooting, and pushing for more to be done. >> the tributes retroactive hazard pay, and must have it now. >> reporter: the county sheriff's office says more than 100 vta employees were at the railyard that morning. the gunmen, armed with enough firepower to do more damage.
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>> we want to specifically call out pd officers unsure of officers and informed the team to stop the shooter. >> reporter: vta board chair, glenn hendrix, >> smiles are powerful, give grace to others. share much joy. >> reporter: in san jose, abc 7 news. right now at we have a way for you to support the families, including links to verify gofundme pages, and a link to donate to a group front. san jose police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead, near the site of the vta mass attack. it happened on san pedro . officer saw two men running, when they investigated, they
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found one of them had been shot. officers started cpr, but the man died at the scene. they emphasized it was just a coincidence it happened near the vta yard. at the same time as today's shooting, california lawmakers rejected a bill to create new taxes on the sale of guns and ammunition. >> before the vote was taken up, that is when we all learned about it, the shooting in san jose that was just a couple hundred yards from the mass shooting of last week. >> the tax would have raised more than $100 million every year to pay for gun violence prevention programs. lawmakers say they will try to pass the bill again. new at 11:00, a missing teenage mother and her have been found safe. san mateo police tweeted tonight, saying the 16-year-old and her daughter were reunited with their family today. the pair had been missing since saturday. fortunately they are safe. new development.
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mohammed will not be charged over a bizarre knife incident. the former director of san francisco's public works department was volunteering at the food bank, when he was arrested for attempted robbery. sources say he was carrying a crate kitchen knife and threatened to take someone's potato chips. san francisco's da says it was a bad joke and charges will not be filed. right in front of my house, there was a pile of suitcases and close strewn all over. >> personal possessions don't in san francisco. one man made it his mission to find their owners. we are heading into another wildfire season, and federal crews are facing a big problem. rev your engines. the first time in two years, nascar is returning to the north bay. i'm meteorologist, sandhya patel. sunny and warm the next couple of days, i will show you the big changes that will follow, coming up. first a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live, right after abc 7
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on the peninsula, a melbourne man is alerting neighbors to a possible mountain lion sighting. he says he had security video. this coyote is found walking down the street from the right, and the homeowner says what appears to be a mountain lion is spotted near a car in the upper
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screen. the owner says this is in the first time he saw a mountain lion in the area. he also caught one on camera, in january. and one san francisco neighborhood, burglaries are up nearly 400%, compared to last year. abc 7 anchor, dion lame says they are reuniting victims with their soul and stuff. >> my neighbor knocked on my door and said what is going on >> reporter: what was happening last week was nothing short of shocking pit >> there was this huge pile of suitcases and close strewn all over. >> reporter: law enforcement tells me people break into the palace of fine arts, and then get onto the neighborhood. >> reporter: it is easy to get on the freeway. >> reporter: he says it seems to be happening more often, now that tourists are starting to come back. >> i think it happens daily. >> reporter: but what is remarkable up about this story,
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is a set of just posting the video about what happened in his driveway, mark and his neighbors took matters into their own hands. after sharing his video on next door, other neighbors started shining in, saying they too found discarded items, and help to return them. a stolen camera, belonging to someone in oregon, thanks belonging to a family in texas. one was on a day trip to tampa, when she had her stole. found her name on a suitcase, found her phone number, and the rest is history. >> i was so grateful, i sent him little flowers, i wanted to say thank you, mark. >> reporter: japanese student, yes the gala, was reunited with has poured his passport, thanks to mark. >> i don't take a chance to go to the san francisco while. >> reporter: he hopes speaking out for this story, it will
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encourage other people in other neighborhoods to be proactive and follow the lead of richmond neighbors. in france san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news. in the south bay, san jose flea market vendors say they are fighting for their survival tonight. >> we are ready to fight for our families! >> reporter: they are demanding city leaders reject a rezoning plan that would displace most of the 61-year-old fleamarket and convert it into apartments, officers and retail space. developers submitted a revised plan to include about 170 flea market vendors, but that is far less than the currently more than 700 offenders doing business. the council meets to consider the plan on june 15th. start your engines. in the north bay, nascar is returning to sonoma raceway, for the first time in two years. this is the scene from sky seven, the ahead of toyota's 350. camping began at the racetrack today. organizers say they have already reached capacity.
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15,500 attendees, and they have stopped selling tickets. everyone will have to wear face masks at all times, unless eating or drinking. a stark reminder that fire season has arrived. these are fire crews battling a vegetation fire, a mile east of 101 in novato. you can see how dry the conditions are. in novato fire department called in three other fire agencies, including cal fire, to help. no structures were damaged. us, for new faces a potentially disastrous fire season, federal fire crews are struggling to keep stations staffed. take a look at video from last year's massive creek fire, which burned on federal land. federal firefighters salaries are a little more than half of what california firefighters make. the starting pay? just $13.45 an hour. and that is making it difficult to recruit.
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>> we are asking these people to do this hard, dangerous work, where they are sometimes putting their lives on the line, it is just not reasonable. >> some crews are understaffed by as much as 30%. it is especially problematic for california, where the federal government owns 58% of the state's forest. new images tonight about how the drought is affecting the water supply. look at this, like ory phil, which is shrinking with surprising speed. it is predicted that it will reach a record low this summer if the lake falls below 640 feet, which it could do, by late august. state officials were checked on a major power plan for just the second time ever. straining the electrical grid, during the hottest part of the summer. so, obviously as you have heard many times, we are in a dire situation, and it is not going to get any better, because there is no rain coming anytime soon. >> no, gosh. that was so shocking to see. let's get to meteorologist, sandhya patel. yeah, the lack of rain is showing in those images, and it is unfortunate, but that is how
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our winter has been. very dry. and that is why our drought keeps getting worse and worse. i do want to show you what is good, and that is we still have our green influence from our tower camera, earlier this evening we saw the fog rolling in from san francisco's, and the fog was hanging around most of the day at the coastline, but overall it was a warmer day, just about everywhere. anywhere from a couple of degrees to 10 degrees warmer. our camera tonight showing you just not much fog out in san francisco. it will be a mild morning, with areas of fog. temperatures through the weekend, and a much cooler pattern is setting up next week. so, live doppler seven showing you just a few patches of fog in monterey bay. that will expand a little bit, but it is such a shallow layer it will not go to the east hills and into the valleys. here is a look at those temperatures. this is what you might be noticing, it is so warm outside
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in many parts of the bay area. anywhere from the 60s to the 80s along the immediate coast line. we are not getting that upwelling, we are not getting strong winds. this is what you will notice. just like today, we had a range of temperatures. summer spread, we call it. breezy, 62 in the city, downtown, san francisco, oakland, 68 degrees. had inland, and it will be warm. will not creek, 82 degrees. 90 in antioch. so we get that wide range heading into summer. if you're heading into tahoe, nice-looking weather. the next three days, 40s in the morning, plenty of sun, low to mid 80s in the afternoon, but definitely gusty on saturday. live look from our suture tower camera, downtown, san francisco sparkling tonight. air quality will be good the next three days. so if you want to get out and do outdoor activities this weekend, it is going to be nice. hour by hour forecast, we will show you a combination of fog tomorrow morning, a little bit
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of missed drizzle, right around places like happily bay. that fog wilson out. so, your morning temperatures will be primarily in the 50s, 60s, except around the bay in the 40s now. and in the afternoon, it is going to be a morning one, as you take a look at what is ahead it will be a sharp drop in temperatures. monday, 70s and 80s, tuesday we are talking about 60s and 70s, inland, 50s, coast side, and wednesday it is still going to be cool by june standards. here is a look at the accu weather seven-day forecast. that heat continuing on saturday, away from the coastline, and below average temperatures with a sharp drop off, especially bay and inland, monday and tuesday. gusty winds. we will have our june gloom. continuing midweek. after that we will warm it back to. i think some people like that cooler weather, especially in june.
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for $1000 you can get carrie underwood to wish you a happy birthday. underwood is one of several country singers helping to raise money for a covid-19 response fund. the money will be used to help
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people in the country music world who have been affected by the pandemic. she will also record video messages for grads and father's day as well. >> yeah, that is pretty cool, for a good cause, right? larry beil is here with sports. is at the end of the line for lebron and the defending champion lakers tonight? plus, the giants,
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sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> good evening, the giants opened the series with the cubs without two of their best players. have no fear, brandon crawford is here. check out the little girl and her popcorn. oh, she is even more locked in then her dad. get off the phone, dad. giants and the third, josh peterson gets all of this. into the cove! the kayakers barely had to move. cups take a 2-1 lead. stephani get himself back in the game. mike comes around, giants score, tied to-2. 2-2 game in the fifth. brandon crawford, whatever he is eating, i want some. his 12th of the year, three run shot. giants up 5-2, and go on to win 7-2. sons look to knock off the lakers.
11:30 pm
lasted only five minutes before limping off, he just could not go. devin booker, he came out as hot as the sun, as the sons built up a 22 lead in the first quarter, booker would end up going for 47! lebron james playing in spurts. bringing the lakers to within 13 finishes, with 29. but the sons finish off the defending champs, they take the series in six portland trying to stay alive. damien lillard coming off of a 55 point game, bombing away again, but only 28 tonight. the blazers built a 14 point lead in the third and then went ice cold, likely mvp, nicole fitch. nuggets will take the lead and never looked back. nuggets take out the blazers 126-115. 4-2 in the series and they get phoenix next. so, what were you doing at age
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17? do you remember? probably not leading the best golfers in the world. round one of the u.s. women's open on the lake course at the olympic club. megan is a 17-year-old high school junior on a journey and sticks this tee shot, setting up a birdie, four under 67. san francisco resident, and resident, michelle 14 14 down, but she, likewise was down, but she, likewise was four ov majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available.
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and we thank you so much for watching tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- michael che, cillian murphy, and music from the linda lindas. and now -- jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, that's me, hi. i'm jimmy, i am the host. thanks for watching. thanks for -- either you're watching us or you're at home just sitting there while we work. what kind of an arrangement is this? meanwhile, there's some woman nobody knows named candy in our audience tonight. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] what happened to the security measures? did you check her out, make sure she works here? >> guillermo: yeah, she works here. >> jimmy: she does? >> guillermo: first day today here. >> jimmy: what does she do here? >> guillermo: uh -- i think she --
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