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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  June 6, 2021 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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the countdown is on. california is due to reopen in a little more than a week, june 15. bay area counties are having to try new strategies to reach as many arms as they can. good morning. it's sunday, june 6. i'm liz kreutz. this is abc7 at 9:00 a.m. .et's start with a looking at just a little bit of fog. the satellite picture shows it's from south of half moon bay
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towards montero. looking at cloud cover in the san mateo coast. a lot of activity in the pacific northwest. we will get in on so on so as soon as today with breezier winds and a cooler afternoon. a sunny look at san rafael. the winds will be strong at the higher elevations. 62, santa rosa. 65, concord. it's breezy from concord to % sunny skies through the day. noontime, upper 60s, bayside. upper 70s inland. 50s at the coast. with windy conditions, wins over 30 miles per hour at the coast but some 80s and land. cooler to start the week and we will talk about it in win it. the full reopening of california's economy front and center for the entire state. there is work to be done in the days ahead. with less than nine days to go
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before the june 15 date, local counties are doing what it takes to get the rest of the bay area vaccinated. contra costa counties driving to your home if you still need the shop. abc7 news reporter luz pena as part of our vaccine team. she spoke to leaders on how they hope to reach herd immunity. >> reporter: time is ticking before california reopens. contra costa county is noticing a drop in their weekly vaccination numbers. >> while we have cite churches and schools and centers in communities, they are not filling up quickly. >> reporter: with 65% of contra costa county fully vaccinated, county officials are changing their vaccination strategy. >> there are people stuck at home and have not been able to go down to one of the vaccination centers. >> reporter: the goal is to reach herd immunity. that means 75% or more of the
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population fully vaccinated. as we get closer to june 15. >> go into the homes of those who are homebound and vaccinate them at a convenient time for them. we know that is what it will take to get the last 20%. >> reporter: to have help staff members visit your home, you would need to fill out this digital form on the county's website. lack of transportation could be a reason. once you check you were homebound, the supervisor says their mobile vaccination team will drive to you. no questions asked. >> we aren't going to check into it. >> reporter: according to the deputy health officer, contra costa county is in the process of vaccinating 700 residents at home. the plan is to expand accessibility as they continue with vaccination sites. >> the bottom line is we have enough of vaccine and we have enough staff to deliver it. we are fully capable.
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we won't hesitate to go to your home. >> if you have questions about the vaccine including how to make an appointment, local incentives and freebies, or when the vaccination lottery prize, you can ask the vaccine team by going to the controversial gun- control ruling in california. this morning, bay area gun- control advocates are firing back to the federal judge ruling that overturned the states three decades-old ban on assault weapons. >> in my personal opinion, the decision is absurd. assault weapons don't belong in civilian hands. >> indefensible ruling given the history of mass shootings in california. so insensitive and thoughtless. >> activlda sterday fod survivo
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several pro-gun-control groups organize the vigil to coincide with june's national gun violence awareness month. they support the attorney general's plans to appeal the judge's ruling. reaction has been strong on both sides of the gun control issue. abc7 reporter colonel bernard gives the background of the new court battle and what state leaders are saying. >> this is a judge that is in in reality. >> reporter: he was shocked to hear about a federal judge's ruling overturning the three decades-old ban on assault weapons. his wife was one of eight people killed by gunmen in the 101 california shooting massacre in 1993. >> he needs to go to a couple funerals and find out what the reality is of how these weapons are used
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the devastation it has to these families. >> reporter: and the ruling, the federal judge said the states ban on illegal military style weapons violates the rights to bear arms. he wrote like the swiss army knife, the popular ar-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment. governor newsom blasted the comparison releasing a statement saying in part the fact that this judge compared the ar-15, weapon of war that used on the battlefield, to a swiss army knife completely undermines the credibility of the decision and a slap in the face to the families of lost loved ones to this weapon. house speaker nancy pelosi demands the ruling be overturned. >> how do we face the families who have lost their loved ones to gun violence when we have a judge saying that kind of automatic weapon is the equivalent of a swiss army knife. something is very wrong. >> reporter: the san jose mayor said less than two weeks after the mass shooting putting more weapons on the street isn't the answer. >> it's hard to escape the conclusion that a nation with
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more than 300 million guns, the solution is not more guns. >> reporter: not everyone is critical of the ruling. the nra said the judge highlighted what all gun owners know. these types of restrictive gun laws don't make anyone safer and infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. >> the executive director of the gun owners of california group is hailing the decision is a long-awaited win in the fight against california's strict gun laws. >> this is a huge victory. we are piling up victory after victory in defense of the second amendment. we are within a years distance of being able to challenge all of california's gun laws. all of them. >> california's attorney general says the state will continue to advocate and defend common sense gun laws that will save lives. the decision is
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days meaning the assault ban will stay in place for now to give the ag's office time to emotional moments as family held a funeral for the man they called the kindest soul. of the nine slain victims of the vta railyard mass shooting. >> all i felt was peace. it's the thought of him not saying anything that breaks my heart. all i feel this peace. >> carmen said he is remembering his older brother as a hero. his actions saved the lives of others that day of the shooting, just moments after the gun fire started, they say he called one of his coworkers to tell them to stay away. right now, we have a way for you to support the families of the victims including links to verified gofundme pages and a link to donate to a group fund at we have breaking news.
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half a year news. prince harry and meghan markle have welcomed their second child. it was revealed in the interview with oprah early this year that their baby is going to be a girl. they named her lily. she was born friday at 11:40 a.m. at santa barbara cottage hospital. it's a tribute to queen elizabeth and her middle name diana honors harry ross late mother princess diana. both mom and baby are healthy and well, and they have a 2- year-old son archie who is a big brother now. congratulations to them. still ahead. funnel cakes, pig races, and the pandemic specialty. what a local county fair is offering that is only something out of 2021. a live look aside. you can see the pride flag weaving in of windy san francisco this morning. classic june.
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my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. family and loved ones of sean monterrosa will honor his life with a rally for justice at the civic center plaza. this is happening this afternoon. this weekend marked one year since he was killed by a vallejo police officer. a separate memorial was held saturday in san franciscohe livd
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he was shot tostanding ouhad been ag a esfoa gun. it turned out to be a hammer. an independent review is underway to determine if the officer should face criminal charges. it's family pride today at the san mateo county fair. it is back again with those some are carnival rides, food, and prizes. and now covid-19 vaccines. people 12 and older lined up at the clinic at the fairgrounds. the vaccine will be available for any county residents today and next weekend. there's a special deal for anyone who gets a shot. free admission to the fair, a >> geing a ine is go on itself and getting a better deal, it is great. it's a good deal.
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>> the fair runs through next sunday. the san francisco giants are celebrating the opening weekend pride month with those brand-new special uniforms we have been telling you about. they swept the orange and black wearing the rainbow threats against the chicago cubs yesterday. they are the first major league baseball team to ever honor the lgbtq community and they held a special pregame ceremony. >> i am very proud of our group are publicly supporting the lgbtq plus community. it's an important step. >> this is a city that is inclusive. it was something to be a part of. befe it s cofirst openly gay teacher in san francisco before the game. the oakland a's are hosting pride not in singh. we put together history pride month along with a list of the many events that will be taking place all month long. you can find it by going to our
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the two-headed save mart 350 is back at sonoma raceway after a one-year hiatus to make to covid. the 49ers head coach will be the grand marshal at this afternoon's grant race. martin truex jr. was assigned the 19th starting position. he found victory lane in 2018 and 2019. the race starts at 1:00 this afternoon. let's get a check of the forecast with lisa argen. good morning. a visible picture shows the actual marine layer is on the san mateo coast. we have haze out there due to the high humidity. there's a difference between
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the lack of a strong onshore flow to the north of us and the marine layer got wiped out. we will be looking at the same scenario because of the cool air to the north of us. that won't do much to help us reestablish low clouds and fog. it's going to bring in cooler air and windier conditions beginning today. 55 in the city. 64, mountain view. 55, half moon bay. here is a pretty picture despite the low overcast. upper 60s today with some sun. mid-60s by the delta. the winds have been breezy through the east bay. you will notice its breezy downtown. miles per hour. ts up to with the clear air this morning, it's a little hazy and breezy and getting gusty in cooler today and cooler monday, tuesday, and wednesday. here are the winds right now.
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by 4:00, winds over 25 miles per hour across the bay and up to 30. along the coast, we could see winds surpass 40 miles per hour. it will continue overnight and the windiest should be monday where you can see the wins anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour and even through the livermore valley. that will issue win cooler air. temperatures will drop down from 5 to 12 degrees below average. 60s and 70s for monday. little change on tuesday and wednesday then we will get into changes. the first system brings rain to the pacific northwest. wednesday and thursday time frame, this system wants to hold together. twe wi rmup a little bit. the end of the week looks somewhat promising. hoping for a little bit of moisture by the second have of
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the work week. 84 in concord today. 80, livermore. low 70s san mateo. starting out nice right now but the winds continue to bill through the day. the onshore winds keeping a gusty. cooler than average and windy on monday. by wednesday, well below average. by the end of the week we will increase the clouds. if we see rain, it will favor the north bay. likely south of san francisco, not likely. we know the gas prices they seem to keep going up. one northern california gas station might be able to claim the highest in the country. see if you can guess where it is and when we can all expect to hopefully see
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or learn how much you can save at here are the winning numbers from the $286 million powerball drawing. 44, 52, 54, 64, 69, and the powerball 26. a ticket purchased in florida matched all six two win the huge jackpot. wednesday resets to $20 million. after the let cyber attack on the colonial pipeline, gas prices have been up and was part of the country. one northern california gas station has the highest price
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per gallon. at last check, schleifer's auto by the and repair in mendocino is charging $6.73 per gallon of regular unleaded gas. gasbuddy said we could see some relief by july 4, but don't expect too much. lower prices are expected toward the end of september due to a decrease in demand. that is rubbed to read. over six dollars max a gallon. plenty of sunshine and: breezy is the winds billed today. people take the temperatures down 5 degrees inland and the rest of the workweek, it's cooler and windy tomorrow. we will look for the warm up to begin at the end of the workweek but with that we could see a few showers. >> that is good news. thank you for joining us on abc7 mornings. i'm liz kreutz. along with lisa argen. we are off of bitterly because of the nba playoffs on nbc. nba countdown get you ready for the big games.
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10:00 a.m., the atlanta hawks face of philadelphia's 76ers in game one of the east semi finals. 12:30, the dallas mavericks at the staples center. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. we hope you join us for that and have a great sunday.
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. this sunday of hoops brings you game one of the eastern semis. trae young took a bow in new york looking for encore in philly and a game seven following it. a lot to talk about as we count you down. >> another iconic performance performance leonard. >> assic on . ant to go home. etwi it >> it was on kawhi leonard to force one last game against the


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