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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 7, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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heart break. taking a live look outside for our weather. mike is tracking our forecast. he has way more details than i do. >> good morning on this monday, june 7th. you're watching on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. there's going to be a bit of a cooldown. >> stay in your lane, bro. >> i'm not going to ad lib this. i'm just going to send it the expert. >> appreciate you. no summer heat in the forecast. winds gusting to 28 at sfo. 18 at fairfield. they have calmed down. they could be dangerous from noon to 8:00. east bay hills and valleys along the coast. north bay mountains gusts up to 55 miles per hour coming out of the northwest. we need to make sure we have everything settled and taken
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care of before we leave this morning. temperatures in the 50s at the coast. 60s around the bay. 70s inland. only going to get cooler. i'll show you that coming up. >> all right. thank you. as we work to build a better bay area here at abc 7, a major part of that is the return to work and what the commute will look like as the bay area starts to reopen its economy. >> bart comes back to life more with increasing service. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with what we can expect today. hi, amy. >> reporter: they're adding more trains. that's going to add up to about 26 more trips monday through friday during those commute hours. bart officials say it is clear command is up and they need to respond. they saw their highest high ridership on thursday. they will be adding trips on their busiest lines. mostly during the commute hours. that blue line from dublin to daly city, you're going to see
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30 minute frequencies through august 30th on that line. august 30th is the big date when bart says service will really start to look normal again. right now they aren't back to regular hours. you're only going to see the trains running from 5:00 to 9:00 on week days and 8:00 to 9:00 on the weekends. they'll be going back to being open till midnight on august 30th. still a few more steps to go toward being back to normal. instead of waiting 30 minutes between trains on those lines you now have to wait 15 minutes. that'll help for those of you commuting now or those of you who are trying to get to the airport to go on summer vacation. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> ac transit is relaxing social distancing on buses. you will only need to stay 3 feet apart from other passengers instead of six feet. it means increased capacity for buses and fewer people being
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bypassed by full buses. hand sanitizer is still available on board and face masks are still required. starting today, the white house press briefing room will return to 100% capacity. the white house has been holding socially distant media briefings for the past 15 months. all press restrictions on the white house grounds will be lifted, including camera crews on the north lawn. taking a live look at the capitol. president biden will continue negotiations on his infrastructure bill. house democrats are preparing for a vote on the floor wednesday with or without republican support. the president rejected republicans latest bill offer on friday. it included about $300 billion in new spending to fix roads, bridges, to have some broadband work and other public projects. president biden is asking for at least $1 trillion. s. as the investigation into the vta rail yard shooting continues we are learning more about the victims. 63-year-old abdi alaghmandan
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immigrated to the u.s. after fleeing iran during the revolution. he was a beacon of pride for his family. we spoke with his nephew who is trying to process his uncle's death. on instagram he shared his favorite memory of them, a photo at a lighthouse in half moon bay. >> to see someone try so hard. this is their faith and the country that claims to be the greatest country in the world. it breaks my heart. doesn't make any sense to me. >> alaghmandan left behind his wife, two children and countless others who loved him. right now on our website we have a way you can support these grieving families. nine victims here. so head over to to find links to verified gofundme pages and a link to donate to a group fund. family and friends are remembering the live of sean moterosa. abc 7 news was in front of san francisco city hall where his
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family spoke at a rally sunday. the 22-year-old was killed outside of a walgreens where police were there for a looting call following a george floyd protest. conducting a review to determine whether charges should be filed against the officer. monterrosa's sister called sean a loving brother. >> there are hundreds of families like ours whose loved ones were taken and pleas for accountability went unanswered. we hope that our struggle and sacrifice will ultimately build a bridge between impacted families and legislators and elected officials who have the power to bring justice to our loved ones. >> vallejo police say monterossa was kneeling when police shot him. the family of a mexican high school graduate who says he was denied his diploma because he wore the mexican flag at his graduation will hold a press conference today.
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they will explain their version of what happened as abc news reporter megan reports, the school is clarifying. >> reporter: a north carolina high school is now the target of violent threats. after a senior student was temporarily denied his diploma for wearing a mexican flag over his gown during graduation last week. >> this is messed up, you know, like i did nothing wrong. >> reporter: police say they're investigating one e-mail that said i'm going to shoot up this school if it you don't give that young man his diploma. they say at least ten e-mails threatening violence were sent to school employees. it all stems from this moment, the principal seen here pausing, then appearing to give everlopez his diploma. but the school held it back. >> i was confused. what? she's like yeah, the flag, you can't wear that. >> reporter: lopez's family confronting school officials. police escorting them from the
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ceremony. asheboro high school says he was denied his diploma because he violated the dress code. the school says the incident is not about the mexican flag. adding it supports our student's expressions of their heritage in the appropriate time and place. the incident creating a fire storm on social media and drawing attention from dozens of students who protested the school's decision. but now the school says lopez' diploma has been available for pick up since friday. adding it never requested, expected or required an apology from him. lopez, whose family is from mexico, says wearing the flag was important to him. >> it means everything to me. my whole family from over there, you know? i did it for them. they had a rough childhood. they didn't get to go to school like i did. i was doing it for my family. an attempt to beat a world record ends with a rescue. the challenges this man faced when he tried paddling from the
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bay area to hawaii. facing the consequences of drought in california. how one winery is looking ahead and finding ways to adapt. here's a live look at sfo. winds are gusting to 28 miles per hour. they're going to spread across much of our neighborhoods. in fact blowing sand at the coast. poor conditions there. a small craft advisory out on the bay. free air-conditiong in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity
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with 100% of california suffering from drought conditions, officials are scrambling to find immediate solutions and people are looking for other sources of water. that includes acquiesce winery. the owner there susan tipton says her harvest took a 25% hit last season. she is so concerned she recently donated part of her land to uc davis so they can study which grapes farmers should be planting to best
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thrive in these changing conditions. >> it's a worry. i wonder if my granddaughter will be able to walk through this vineyard one day and make wine from it. >> right now california's 1500 reservoirs are 50% lower than what they should be at this time of year. and it is only expected to get worse. mike, there's really not good news on the horizon. >> there's really not. i don't know how to spin it to tell you we're in trouble. look at this. we're losing 1 to 2% of our reservoirs water compared to historic averages every single week. lake oroville is 44%. new melones and don pedro are 88 and 86% of this time of year. that's going to continue through november when hopefully we get some rain.
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sunnyside at 49. there's a few clouds hugging the peninsula coast. that does include san francisco. 48 in petaluma. we have 47 in palo alto. most of us in the low to mid50s. that's where we'll stay. notice these temperatures from noon to 4:00 don't change much. mid 70 inland. mid60s around the bay. more fall-like. mid50s at the coast and all of us need a coat this evening with the breezy conditions and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. not too much pollen in those breezes. grass pollen down. biggest producer is tree pollen. it's cedar, juniper, oak and olive. we'll have winds on that coming up. we have a couple of problems now. we do have metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. a couple of problems there with a four-car accident just west of the toll plaza blocking two lanes of traffic. then further on the span just before treasure island an accident there that bridge
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crews are trying to get cleared out. so things have just turned on your bay bridge commute. we'll check back on that in a little bit. we had an earlier stall mid span that's blocking things about halfway towards the middle of the span. the toll plaza here is moving pretty lightly as you make your way into marin county. problems on the grade with an earlier car fire and an accident making things back now southbound all the way into pleasantton if you're headed towards the freemont area. the controversial guest reportedly at sunday's service. after five years of hard work, this rat gets to retire. the life saving mission ahead to compete. >> can't wait for that story. >> taking a live look outside beautiful sunrise over the bay bridge here. it's 6:13. we'll be right back.
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the san jose church that defied public health orders earlier in the pandemic is facing backlash this morning. the church are rtedly hosted an anti-gay leader. about 30 people protested outside of calvary chapel. tony perkins leads the national family research council. a group the southern poverty law center has named an anti- lgbt hate group. protesters wanted to highlight far right organizations spreading misinformation and lies. now to the peninsula. the fair is back. the san mateo county fair celebrated the lgbtq plus community with pride day. the aids memorial quilt was on display in the expo hall. last night's free concert featured a queen tribute band. the fair is closed today and tomorrow but it comes back wednesday and runs through sunday. we've put together a history of pride month along with the list of many events taking place. you can find it just by going
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to our website an innovative free bike share program is back in san francisco's golden gate park. allows cyclists of all abilities to rent hand cycles, strikes and side by side tandem bikes. the station is near fell and tanon streets. the program started in 2019 but was put on hold last year. it will run every sunday from 11:00 to 4:00. racing fans got their high octane reduce at sonoma raceway. kyle shanahan served as grand marshal. >> drivers start your engines. >> all right. sold out crowd filled the stands. capacity was capped at 33%. that's why you see so many empty spots. many fans were thrilled to be there despite some of the covid restrictions. >> we go to a lot of monster
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truck shows. a's games. this has been the first time we can get back out and we jumped at the chance. >> last year it wasn't happening. it was a dead silence. it was sad. >> there were star sightings off the track including michael jordan. who is now a nascar team coowner. the east bay was a trip back in time this weekend. abc 7 news was at the shadelands ranch museum where the walnut creek historical society hosted its first car show. there were nothing but fords ranging from vintage mustangs to the famous model t. the owner of a rare 1915 model told us he was all set to name his beauty after a famous disney character. >> i got the little carriage and stuff like that for cinderella and all that. that's the way i was going to go with it. i couldn't get the license plate. >> okay. first time this was their first car show since the start of the
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pandemic. a world record attempt has been cut short. the marin county kayak had to be rescued. he was anchored for several days because there was bad weather and then lost gps signal. derreumaux says his sea anchor got damaged. water came into his cabin and that's when he had to get an evacuation. he and his support team are trying to figure out how to get the kayak back. i got a chance to talk to to a few weeks back. when you do watch it you'll see that he is a very determined man and he also has a ton of experience. he has done this trip before but he had people with him. so the new part was it was solo
6:20 am
and that makes it harder. no one to bail you out. no one to help when you're by yourself. i'm bummed for him. >> i'm glad he's okay. >> great spirit. >> you think he'll be back at it again? >> this doesn't seem like a man who gives up. >> right. right. >> put another channel in front of me and i'll overcome that. we're looking at san rafael. south on 101. no june gloom there check out the trees. they're not moving too much right now. neither are the flags on the fore building. they'll have giddy up later on. we have a chance of wind damage today from about noon to 8:00. mostly sunny and cooler than average. our afternoons will be that way through friday and our lows are going to be cooler than average also through about friday morning. we'll try to warm back to average. microclimates. south bay. a whole lot of upper 60s to even a few mid70s.
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there are the exception in morgan hill. if you break it down 12 hours, 56 at 8:00. we hit the 60s at 10:00. 67 at 2:00. most of the afternoon is going to be in the mid to upper 60s. quickly falling to 58 degrees. remember it'll be breezy with that 58 during the evening hours. mid to upper 60s on the peninsula. 65 to 68. upper 50s along the coast. low to mid60s. 70 to 76. along the east way bay y y y y 65. about 70 in hercules. upper 70s around pittsburgh, antioch and brentwood. low 50s around the bay. seven day forecast. winds will be fastest today. temperatures will be coldest wednesday. you can see that slow warming trend that brings us back to average by the weekend. >> thanks, mike. good morning america's
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coming up at 7:00 on abc. >> a look at what's ahead. >> good morning. good to be with you on this monday. hope you had a nice weekend. we are sizzling in the northeast and the midwest. heat wave continues to spread. more records expected to fall today. i am tracking that. plus all that's happening on the west coast as well. also ahead, we'll have the latesten the pandemic as we head into summer. the rate of vaccinations continues to drop significantly across the country as we push people to get shots and got to pick up the pace. we'll be discussing that as we go through time. also ahead, there is royal baby news. you've got it. there is a new baby in the royal family. harry and meghan welcoming their daughter into the world. lilibet diana is the name. we'll have the story behind that name and what her birth means for the line of succession as many wonder if it this happy news could mend the royal rift with the palace.
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love the drama over there. especially when it involve as beautiful new baby. so we've got that - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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two big stories. one the cooling trend and the winds that could pose some potential damage. especially for the east bay hills and valleys along the coast into the north bay mountains. winds could gust up to 55 miles per hour. they'll be coming out of the northwest. look at this, they're bringing us temperatures anywhere from 4 to 10 degrees cooler than average today. cooler weather is on the way. look at this t tomorrow's even cooler. wednesday's our coolest day. just barely some 70s in concord, antioch and fairfield. little bit after warming trend. sorry to hear that the san francisco zoo has lost one of its oldest animals. in fact the oldest male chimpanzee in u.s. history. 63-year-old cobby died on saturday. he had a distinguished gray beard and was a visitor
6:26 am
favorite. he got sick recently and of course age was a contributing factor. the zoo says cobby was a gentle soul and a calming presence to the zoo's troop of seven chimpanzees. another hero animal that's been saving lives for the last five years is now retiring. this is magala, an african giant pouched rat. doesn't look that giant. the rodent has found 71 land mines and 38 other kinds of bombs in his career in cambodia. he has cleared the equivalent of 56 acres of land. his handlers could tell he was slowing down so he's being taken off dangerous duty to enjoy his golden years. >> whoa. this is the first i've ever heard of this. i had no idea. >> i don't know what i was expecting to see. >> you thought it was going to be like a dog.
6:27 am
>> like possum sized. >> right. >> as long as you don't know what a possum tastes like. >> hello. hello. we don't fry those, okay. we don't do that. >> you just see them and keep walking. >> keep it moving. don't run it over. >> no. next at 6:30, a first look at dr. anthony pho key and a live look outside
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monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪start spreading the news♪ ♪i'm leaving today♪ ♪i want to be a part of it♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪it's up to you♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪new york♪ now at 6:30, the bart comeback. new numbers show how crowded each route is getting with more people going back to the
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workplace. the major post pandemic changes you'll notice starting today. two people have been arrested in that deadly road rage shooting of a 6-year-old boy. what authorities are now saying about the high profile case. we're following vice president kamala harris' first trip abroad. >> good morning. it's monday, june 7th. we are first going to start off with a check on the accuweather forecast. >> hope you had a good weekend. >> oh, yes. >> the weather was really nice. now it's going to get a little guessive. that could pose the potential for wind damage. gusty winds starting through noon. areas in yellow along the coast. north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys. talking several million people under the gun. right now the fastest winds are at sfo about 28. they are definitely going to pick up and spread throughout the day. look at the cooler weather.
6:31 am
70s inland. 60s around the bay. 50s at the coast. >> thank you. it was one of the first things to clear out the the first signs of covid-19. now bart is making a comeback. new numbers prove it. it means some new you'll notice starting today. amy hollyfield live for us. >> reporter: looks like word isn't quite out yet. the new trains they just added started today not many people showed up for so looks like people are still spacing they're thinking the trains are spaced 30 minutes apart and that's how they're doing their planning. starting today bart is adding more trains. so they'll start coming evev 15 minutes. that'll be the yellow, green and red lines. people are coming back. thursday bart saw the highest ridership since the pandemic started. the agency is responding. this is going to add 26 more trips monday through friday. really adds up.
6:32 am
they have not extended their hours. they're still going to be shutting down at 9:00 p.m. they won't be going back until having service till midnight until august 30th. that is the big date bart is targeting as a return to normal. to lure people back to trains and routines they'll be offering 50% off of fares for the month of september. for those of you commuting now or going to the airport for a summer vacation, check the schedule because you're going to see more trains now starting today. they're starting to come every 15 minutes. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. another sign of reopening. city hall is back open. four couples are celebrating by tying the knot. several city services will be available as well as access to the general public.
6:33 am
weddings can happen again. the city will raise the pride flag today. california continues to build on its progress in the fight against covid-19. our state's seven day positivity rate is holding steady at .8%. nearly 18 million californians are now fully vaccinated. that's a number that's been creeping upwards. the u.s. is now at risk of not reaching president biden's goal of 70% of adults receiving at least one dose of the vaccine by july 4th. this comes as alameda county drops its death count by 25% percent. >> friday the health department reported about 1600 deaths but later changed that number to 1200. the change was made to comply with the state's definition of a covid-19 death which requires the virus to be a direct or contributing factor or situation in which it can't be ruled out. the county included anyone who died while infected with the
6:34 am
virus. >> there are situations in which people are in a car accident and get screened coming through the door and turns out they have covid and they die as a result of their traffic accident. that would have been counted under the old system. across the country this weekend a surge in gun violence is leaving countless cities looking for answers. some instances include children caught in the cross fire. more than 300 children under 11 have been injured by gun violence. 129 have died. the numbers are more devastating for kids 12 to 17. nearly 1300 injured and more than 500 killed. many are angry after a federal judge overturned california's three decade old ban on assault weapons. california attorney general promised to make an appeal. the couple arrested in the road rage shooting that killed a 6-year-old boy in this southern california are
6:35 am
expected to be charged with murder. that is according to the chp. andrew dimbert has the latest. >> reporter: police in california announcing two arrests in the deadly road rage shooting of aiden leos. >> it's sad because two young people ruined one family and ruining their own families. >> reporter: authorities say a man and woman marcus eriz and wynne lee were taken. >> he was beautiful and kind and precious and you killed him. >> reporter: last month joanna was taking her son aiden to kindergarten. a single shot was fired, piercing the trunk. striking aiden in his car seat. the are e ward ballooned to $500,000. >> the community just started pouring funds into the reward
6:36 am
and pouring in tips and information about the suspects. >> reporter: officials have not said if anyone will get the reward money. the arrests stemmed from tips they received after releasing this image of a white volkswagen wanted in the shooting. authorities believe wynne was driving and her boyfriend fired the gun from the passenger seat. the arrests come one day after aiden's funeral where his sister gave a powerful eulogy. >> i don't get to play mario kart with my little brother or take him to the park. that breaks my heart. because of the monsters that took aiden's life i will never get to hug my brother again. vice president kamala harris will meet with the president of guatemala during her first foreign trip since taking office. >> she's leading the administration's response to the crisis at the border. more than 96,000 migrants have
6:37 am
been apprehended. vice president harris will talk with leaders about ways to increase economic opportunities. she will also visit mexico. the administration is trying to address challenge of lifting some of the more restrictive trump administration policies but also not encouraging another period of increased arrivals. >> the vice president's plane had to turn back just after tickoff because of a technical issue. she left in another plane an hour and a half hour. an alabama lawmaker says eric swalwell's team. -- brooks says the agent illegally struck inside and accosted his wife. swalwell is denying that claim.
6:38 am
happening now. two wild fires are prompting evacuations in eastern arizona. this is the telegraph fire about 60 miles east of phoenix. the fire broke out friday. there's also the mezcal fire. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this large grass fire in sacramento. firefighters were called out just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the fire grew to 125 acres and spread slowly due to a lack of strong winds. no one was hurt and there have been no reports of any challenge. that is good news. there have been multiple fires in this area in the past week. coming up post pandemic travel. a look aboard the first cruise ship to set sail.
6:39 am
looking live at the big board. another update on how markets are doing, next. a sneak peek at the newest bachelor's journey to find love. we'll check on your contact forecast with mike. >> let's take a look. it's going to be the winds. you talked about that fire in sacramento. we need to be careful about what we're doing outside today. it is dry and will be windy. right now it's 47 to 52. low to mid50s just about everywhere. we do have exceptions as we always do. temperatures are going to be in the 40s. we may dip into the 30s thursday morning up in the north bay valleys. just beginning this cooling trend. 23 if you see when the winds start to kick in, temperatures don't change much. 64 to 64 around the bay.
6:40 am
56 to 57. that's a dry cold front bringing in potentially damaging winds. heading out this evening, 55 to 66. but with those winds you'll want to have some layers on. at least. here's a look at what's going on. 880 at the coliseum. just a few clouds in the east bay hills. otherwise it's clear this morning. we'll have windy areas on the roads. more so during the evening as winds spread to more neighborhoods. as that happens the small craft advisory will develop. it's going to be quite choppy on our bay. mass transit, it's cool this morning. most of us, it's going to be comfy this afternoon. positive side effect, green, green, green all of us monday, tuesday and wednesday. we probably stretch that almost into the weekend. that's how long these temperatures are going to stay below average. i'll show you that in a second. let's talk about that monday morning commute. it's a bear at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a couple of accidents one just west of the toll
6:41 am
plaza. metering lights were turned on about a half hour ago. a second accident right before treasure island. that is blocking the left lane. hopefully they'll get bridge crews to clear those out quickly. it is backing up at this point. farther north at the richmond san rafael bridge, we had construction and a flat tire about mid span westbound. that is backed toward the approach. we'll take a look from outside s at our maps. no problems on the san mateo. we'll be right back after the break.
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it is show time for apple. the company is getting ready to unveil new products today at its annual developers conference. we'll have to wait till 10:00 this morning. insiders talking about the possibility of new software for iphones, macs, apple watch, apple tv. home pod. that's not a surprise. we may also see a new mac book pro. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange now. you can see that we are a little bit up about 47 points. there are two big guests on live with kelly and ryan that are coming up this morning. >> that's right. first lady jill biden and dr.
6:45 am
anthony fauci. >> we have about 50% of the adult population vaccinated. we have a bit more than 60% of the adult population having at least one dose. so we're really going in the right direction. we want to and we're going to hit 70% of the adult population by the fourth of july. >> if you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for your best friend who might have diabetes or do it for your grandma who might be compromised. so you have to do it for someone else, your neighbors. >> dr. fauci and dr. biden toured a historic church in harlem yesterday to encourage more people to roll up their sleeves. you can watch their full interview on live with kelly and ryan today at 9:00 a.m. here on abc 7. taking a live look at sfo. you may soon be able to hop on a flight to france. the country is reopening to foreign visitors in two days. if you're fully vaccinated. you'll still have to show a negative covid test taken no
6:46 am
more than 72 hours before arriving. if you're not vaccinated you can travel to france. the french government says those people are quote, obliged to present a compelling reason for entering the country, show a negative covid test or antigen test and get tested when they arrive. you'd also need to self-isolate for seven days. if you're itching to book a cruise, we're getting a sneak peek at what that experience is like now. it's the first north american cruise ship to set sail with paying passengers since the pandemic started. the protocols in place. >> reporter: they scanned my actual vaccine card, not a picture. my negative pcr test. they have me answer a health questionnaire and i'm on board. all crew members and adult passengers are fully vaccinated. the mask is optional for passengers. so one of the bigger changes, you don't just reach out and grab something. >> now we have extra crew that we have trained and they will
6:47 am
serve for you. >> you can watch gio's full report on gma at 7:00. although a lot has changed, oh. okay. there's still dancing, live performances and water aerobics. where's gio though? >> right? gio's still at the buffet. not really a buffet. >> he's at the gym. >> i was just going to say. he's doing a spin class. i'm a fan of celebrity cruises. they have the peloton bike. i think they're the only ones. >> i didn't know. >> i know you're saying am i really going to be on the peloton bike? yeah. >> after hitting the buffet. you sure are. >> i was today years old when i found out celebrity cruise didn't have celebrities on it. i thought there was a special guest. >> if you board,
6:48 am
>> oh. look at you. >> look at that. oh, there he is. see him at the bottom? >> what did you see? >> oh, he's behind the ticker. you can't see him. he's being shy. our sear gull. >> there he is. >> there's a bob of the head. >> going to take reggie's line and say good morning to only him or her. >> good morning to the sea gull. >> thank you for letting me borrow that. look at this. the reason i show sfo, look at these winds. 28 to 35 miles per hour. this is just the beginning of what is going to be a very windy day. in fact they're going to increase and spread throughout the day and possibly cause some damage. now the breezes will back off. they'll be around through
6:49 am
peninsula now. we're looking at upper 50s there to 58 in the sunset. low to mid60s around downtown. south san francisco. as you head through the north bay we have 70 to 78 degrees. 78 being the outlier. most of us in the low to mid70s. along the east bay shore, 65 at oakland and hayward. as you head inland, temperatures supposed to be around 82 degrees. we're looking at 70s. barely some upper 70s around fairfield. pittsburgh, antioch and brentwood. winds are going to be dangerous along the sierra. no more record highs. we do have a red flag warning. we should not have red flag warnings in the sierra this time of year. that gives you an idea how fast the snow melted and how dry it is up there that they have to worry about wild fires today. back at home, how about some 40s. low 50s around the bay tonight.
6:50 am
those will get cooler. tuesday and wednesday, we'll start to rebound thursday and friday. back to average by saturday and sunday. have a good one. >> thank you, mike. there's been another bear sighting in the bay area. this latest one was in discovery bay a viewer caught it on her home security camera yesterday. we've been seeing more bears and more unusual places and there's a few reasons why, including the drought. >> in the urban areas we have 24/7 access to food, water and shelter. we'll probably see more bear encounters as the years progress. >> there were several sightings of a bear in oakley. neighbors told us wildlife experts were out searching for the bear in discovery bay yesterday. we haven't heard back about its status. looting of ancient art in italy is not a new phenomenon. tomb raiding is on the raise. italian authorities say there were at least $20 million in
6:51 am
artifacts trafficked last year in 2020 alone. the italian cultural police tracked down 500,000 stolen attempts. experts say the pandemic is offering thieves new opportunities to raise closed down archaeological sites, churches and museums. >> people want to participate in history. people want to own history. obviously you want to do it legitimately. you want to go to the proper norths. the right auction houses that can say i guarantee what you're purchasing has the provenance. >> police budget cuts are contributing to the uptick. there are not enough officers to protect cultural treasures. a new season of the bachelorette is here. katie was among the women in season 25 was bachelor competing for matt james' heart. now she's getting another chance to find love. >> oh
6:52 am
>> katie. >> cheers. [ laughter ] >> okay. looks pretty wild. >> the 30-year-old washington native says she is ready for a man she can build a life with. here's a sneak peek as she prepares for her journey to find love. >> did you find love? can you blink once if you're engaged. >> i can't do any of that. >> the hope is you find love; right? >> that's the show. you can watch the full interview with katie on gma at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings. you can watch the two hour season premier tonight. it starts at 8:00 right here on abc 7. can we normalize not asking them any more if they got engaged because what's the point? >> i just want to go hide. i'm cringing after that whole story. shaking. shaking. in much better news here, bay area homeowners are getting a chance to show off their best efforts to go green. first virtual east bay green home tour happened yesterday
6:53 am
from all electric appliances to gray water systems to smart landscaping as well, which i didn't know you could do. there were all sorts of homey ways to fight climate change. you can even go green when pouring the foundation. >> i apparently in the production of concrete it releases a tremendous amount of both in the production of concrete and in the curing of the concrete it releases a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide. >> that homeowner says by adding fly ash to the concrete it becomes sustainable. and check this out, so there's a new mural up right now in clarion ally in san francisco called the world is on fire. it brings attention to climate change and protecting the environment. the message is pretty clear. it encourages people to break free from using harmful fossil fuels or suffer the devastating effects. we're waiting to find out more details about prince harry and meghan markle's baby daughter. she was born in santa barbara
6:54 am
friday. we do know the it's lilibet diana mountbatten- windsor. they'll call her lili for short. the middle name of course honors harry's late mom. the royal family extended congratulations to harry, meghan and brother archie. lilibet has already joined parents at madame toussaud's. you can see meghan is holding a pink baby carrier with a doll in it. >> these are some of the best? >> these are actually good. >> yes because we know. >> sometimes this can go wrong. >> very. >> wow. >> i'm impressed. >> i am too. i wasn't expecting it to look like that. i appreciate the baby carrier. they should put it on harry though. >> you know what? thank you. >> that's all i'm going to say. >> i was ready to dunk on this.
6:55 am
i thought it was going to look wild. it looks good. >> it looks nice. congratulations to them. >> nothing nasty to say about it. we love those two. >> we do. >> and >> all them. archie lilibet. the team. >> you can watch our newscasts live and on demand through the connected tv app. available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire, roku. download the app and you can start
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6:58 am
instead of six. give yourself more time if you're flying. the tsa revealed it screened the highest number of people yesterday since the start of the pandemic. the number was just 15,000 shy of 2 million at airports nationwide. number three, san francisco city hall is reopening today. that means weddings can happen there again. mayor london breed will officiate the first four ceremonies at 11:00 this morning. vice president kamala harris will meet with the president of guatemala today. she is leading the administration's response to the crisis at the border. number five, wind damage possible today from noon till 5:00. all the areas in yellow. we have the peninsula coast up to the north bay coast. north bay mountains. east bay hills and valleys. number six, we are following your friday -- pardon me. i wish it was friday. your monday morning commute. >> boo. >> i'm sorry. i jinxed it there. mid span you can see the metering lights have been turned on. once you get past mid span your
6:59 am
commute looks good. >> number seven, some personal news. look at that. that is jobina fortson engaged. >> look at you. >> yay! >> her now fiance brad popped the question over the weekend. did he come up with this on his own? >> he made it all himself. picnic. >> the whole weekend he planned; right? >> the whole weekend. it was so nice. and our friend took the picture. >> i was goings to say who took it? >> i don't know how much time we have. i'll tell a 20 second story. earlier in the week he said chris needs photos. can he borrow your camera. yeah, he is borrow it. he had my long lens with his girlfriend and chris went to college with us and was hiding in the rocks like. >> paparazzi. >> like no one. >> you didn't see him? >> no one was on the beach. >> where were you? >> bodega bay. >> i just missed you. >> probably on another beach.
7:00 am
thanks to chris and jess for snapping the pics and thanks. >> so happy for you. >> we're so good morning, america. the heat is on. millions of americans waking up to scorching temperatures. heat emergency. record highs across the country. a dangerous heat wave from north dakota to massachusetts. some say these opening cooling centers. the new alerts this morning as fears of extreme drought and strong winds out west could spark new wildfires. vaccine slowdown. dr. fauci and first lady dr. jill biden hit the road to encourage people to get their shot as the vaccination rate slows around the nation. the warning from health officials. the new headline out of india about covid this morning. overnight, road rage arrest. two suspects behind bars for the shooting death of 6-year-old aiden leos. after another weekend of gun


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