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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 11, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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$50,000 each in the morning 10:00 a.m. this morning and on tuesday 10 vaccinated people will win 1.5 million dollars each. of course, you know we will share the results on midday live today at 11:00 a.m. you can also watch more on our connected tv apps on amazon fire, roku, android tv, everything you see on your screen.
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group of senators have reached a deal on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. the proposal would be paid for without tax increases. there are 10 senators behind the package, five republicans and five democrats. you still need support from a larger group of lawmakers and the white house. the agreement comes days after president biden called off negotiations with senate republicans. high-speed trains are one step closer to becoming a reality california. the u.s. permitted transportation restored a $929 million grant to fund the high- speed rail project. the funds had been revoked in 2019 by former president trump. the first phase of the project involves a 165 mile stretch from bakersfield to merced, a second project would allow prod travelers to take a train from san francisco to los angeles in less than three hours. >> nice. san francisco muni could offer rides to kids 18 and under started july 1. the mayor is setting aside $2 million in the next budget to fund the program.
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it is a counter to the free muni for all proposal passed by the board of supervisors last month. the mayor plans to veto that bill over budget concerns. muni is still experiencing all- time lows in ridership because of the pandemic. president biden is on the world stage this morning for the g7 summit in england. day one of the three-day meeting of world leaders is going to focus on the economy in wake of the pandemic. leaders are expected to agree on a global minimum corporate tax of at least 15% to help with recovery. president biden wrapped up his first day in england yesterday by announcing the u.s. is donating 500 million vaccines to nearly 100 countries. >> it is also in america's self- interest. as long as the virus rages elsewhere, there is a risk of new mutations that could threaten her people. >> today at members of the british royal family, including queen elizabeth, will join the summit. the first lady will highlight early childhood education with kate middleton, duchess of cambridge.
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the california drought spiking firework fears. a look at what police have seized in the east bay. and the u.s. is no longer the only country to land a rover on mars. the newcomer to the red planet. here is a look at what is going on in santa cruz. is in that gorgeous and serene this morning? a small craft advisory for the bay if you're out playing on it this afternoon through the evening. up right and called at the beache ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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dry conditions and the upcoming holiday have firefighters worried about illegal fireworks
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. and contra costa county firefighters demonstrate how quickly a roof can burn when he firework lands in a gutter. two weeks ago an apartment building in antioch was destroyed by a fire ignited by fireworks, displacing 40 people. all fireworks, including so- called safe fireworks, are illegal in contra costa county. police are conducting undercover operations to catch people who are setting off illegal fireworks. they seized these fireworks are a group of teenagers wednesday night at the corner of cherry street and georgia avenue and an 18-year- old was arrested and charged with possession of illegal fireworks. 90% of our wildfires are caused by us. we're already off to a significant increase over last year. that is something else to think about as we head through the holiday. let's talk about temperatures. locale chilly it is in redwood city. everybody else in the low to mid 50s. even 57 right now in san bruno, easily one of the warm spots. 45 santa rosa, 50 oakland and san jose.
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let's talk about what is going on. low clouds. they are going to increase as the marine layer starts to take over. will also have some high clouds moving in, especially to the north bay. not as much in the south bay. temperatures warmer everywhere. 60s at the coast, 66 to 73 noon to four clock p.m. for the bay. inland up to 77. uncomfortable, 68 a 7:00 p.m. for the bay and inland neighborhoods. 60 at the coast. i had to show this again. this is so beautiful, the sunrise near santa cruz. moderate tree and grass pollen but it will drop to low. burn time 15 minutes today through the weekend. check this out, some rain and, will look at to the north bay? i will have future radar in the seven-day forecast. look at that. you can predict the weather and traffic and mike. of morning everyone. we are starting with a live
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look and san jose showing 101 with very light conditions this morning across the bay area. you can see that reflected at the bay bridge toll plaza behind the glare on the camera. now that the sunrise is when it is, it is tough to work with the camera here. overall look at the bay area, still wind advisories in effect for the bay bridge. also, for the altamont pass a slight slowdown coming out of tracy. still ahead, new details about the shooter in the vta mass shooting. we know about his past behavior at work. and a san francisco superv
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the vta released new documents about the man who shot and killed nine of his coworkers before taking his own life. the documents reveal some of his disciplinary past. the transit agency says samuel cassidy was never formerly disciplined or violent or have threatening behavior, but numerous complaints were filed against him in the past two years. in one case, after a verbal altercation in january 2020, it witness reported "he scares me." he also said, if someone was to go postal, he will be him. the supervisors says -- nobody threatens an elected official unless they have done something wrong, and connie did nothing wrong, and i did nothing wrong, and it totally [ bleep ]. >> we could try to be a little bit more civil. i do want to say this, and i want to read this out loud. >> that was civil. >> in that meeting on wednesday,
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peskin publicly chastised the parks and rec director over a controversial letter causing another supervisor to step in that on thursday he announced in a statement that he has decided to enter alcohol treatment. he apologized and wrote that he takes full responsibility for the tenor he had in his public relationships and the former mayor willie brown defended him. >> he is one of the best, most qualified, competent elected officials we have in san francisco. i don't understand why people in this town are concerned about somebody having a drink. >> supervisor peskin indicated he will continue working while seeking alcohol treatment. if you or someone you know needs help with substance abuse, we have compiled a list of local resources. you can find that on action. i don't think the next story -- cancer is killing california sea lions at an alarming rate
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and is now linked to a human made chemical. the marine mammal center says the disease is partially caused by ddt insecticides banned in 1972, but the chemical was recently discovered at a toxic waste site near the channel islands. researchers say another cause could be a virus that is often detected in the animals. sea lions have the highest rates of cancer among any mammal, including humans. first 25 model s plaid sedans with plans to roll out several hundred a week. last night elon musk unveiled the redesigned model and a delivery event. he says the four-door electric sedan goes from 0 to 0 to per hour in just under two seconds with a top speed of 200 miles per hour. where you going into hundred miles per hour?
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>> got together quickly. >> it has an almost 400 mile range on a single charge and supercharges 197 miles of range in just 15 minutes. it starts at just under $130,000. >> asking you for alone. the china space agency has released new images from its mars mission. photoshop by its rover showed the landing platform with the chinese national flag and even captured a selfie of itself when it landed. on may 23 the rover first set foot on the red planet, making china the second country after the united states to land and operate a vehicle on mars. the rover will be there for three months exploring as part of its mission. that's cool to see. >> that is cool.
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it looks like a desert here. >> this is so fascinating. >> i want to know. >> you can take that tesla up there. >> a tesla rocket. >> is on the way. i'm all about that. you know that. >> we know. >> i am all about the weekend too. >> i really think so. back to average temperatures. the breezes will get to aggressive, which is nice. here is a look at san jose, 101 with a few low clouds. were starting a partly cloudy. look at this quarter shot on. 15. looking good san francisco. high clouds and sunshine farther north you are, the more clouds. temperatures are little bit milder today, but still not quite where we should be this time of year. that will happen this weekend
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under slightly humid conditions for us with a building heatwave on the way. here is a look at future radar. one of the reasons we will see humidity increase is the southwesterly flow. a cold front is inducing it, but it will stay mainly north. look how close the rain gets. that is the coast of sonoma county. mendocino and lake counties could get sprinkles and a light shower. saturday it pushes back to the north as the high pressure starts to take over and bring us a warming trend. let's take a look at temperatures today. 74 to 79 south bay. mainly 73 on the peninsula. out of the coast, low 60s. mid-to upper 60s downtown south san francisco. low to mid 60s north pecos. 76 through the valleys. east bay 67. as you move inland, 73 to about 78 degrees. tonight we will be much more in the way of milder temperatures with mid-50s to even low 60s.
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accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures warm back to average tomorrow and sunday, very humid days. the humidity goes away and temperatures stay the same monday. we warm a little bit tuesday, but the heatwave starts wednesday and will peak on thursday. good morning america's coming up right here. >> here is a look at what is ahead. >> hope you had a great weekend. we have lots coming up on gma. topping the show, present abided in europe about to take the world stage at his first g- 7 summit since taking office. is meeting with world leaders and the queen. we have the latest. also ahead, prices are rising across the board. we will show you simple ways to save. plus, raven simone opening up about how she lost three of 30 pounds in three months. why she says she did it. and we have a feel-good friday story for you. the 911 operator developed keep a mom calm while she was giving birth at home meeting the baby
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[hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪
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watching next week at 10:00 a.m. monday through 8:00 p.m. friday, five days of temperatures 108 to 118. here is a look at the north bay valley starting wednesday all the way through friday low to mid 90s. even warmer temperatures in the east bay valleys, upper 90s to near 100 for wednesday and thursday. down to 92 friday. so enjoy those mid-80s saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday because he will pay for it late next week. the oakland a's will celebrate pride month tonight by honoring the first and only open the gate player in baseball history.
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he grew up in berkeley and played four seasons in the big leagues, first with the dodgers in 1976 and then finishing with the a's in 1979. he died at the age of 32. it was 26 years ago last friday. he is buried in oakland at mountain view cemetery. the team will remember him by and ewing pride night in his honor. tomorrow the 49ers are holding a job fair as the team prepares to allow fans back inside the stadium. they say they have more game day positions open now compared to any other times since the stadium opened in 2014. all departments, including janitorial, housekeeping, retail, parking, security and concessions, are hiring. the playmaker job fair rents tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. until 4 pm. applications are online on levi a brilliant high school senior from salinas proved hard work pays off. he has been accepted into more than 20 of the top universities
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in the country and offered over $2 million in scholarships. stanford, ucla, he got in. sanchez will graduate as the valedictorian of his high school class after a year he says was unbelievably tough. >> i think many people underestimate how difficult it was. it was difficult having wi-fi problem sometimes, not having help right away when you need it . >> you can tell by his letter of choice where he chose to go. is headed to harvard in the fall. congratulations. next, therapy dog who is getting her big break. what she will be doing in d.c. plus, memories frozen in time. a special way of
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[typing sounds] i definitely want to have kids at some point in my life and it would be heartbreaking to find out that, you know, there were something in the vaccine that, you know, made it difficult to get pregnant. hi penelope. i want to reassure you that no fertility loss was reported in the clinical trials or in the millions of women who have since received the vaccines.
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we are warning back because of the incredible work that has been done in cities large and small. >> governor newsom expected to iron out some final details that the state sets for reopening in a few days. the confusion he hopes to clear up. and three fda three fda thr stepping down. what they're saying about the decision by the agency to approve a new alzheimer's drug. it has been the best years of our life. >> the bay area sisters celebrating a big milestone this weekend and getting ready for their next adventure in life. good morning everybody . it is friday, june 11.
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first we are checking in with mike. >> good morning. nice to see both of you. >> you too. happy friday. >> yes, happy friday. i think you will like the weekend. let's talk about how we are starting off with mother nature teasing us. we have been tracking this the last few days. look at that rain . it is reaching the ground and will mainly stay up there. here is a look we're looking down towards clear skies. just north of there you have an abundance of high clouds today. that will keep you in the mid- 70s. we have mid-to upper 70s in the south bay and also into the east bay valleys. look at that, near 70 around the bay and low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco. still a little bit below average, but this is the last day. i wish i could heatwave coming up and even some humidity that we are not used to. we should get more clarity today and what to expect when the california economy reopens in a
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few days. we are county down to this tuesday, june 15. that is the day restrictions are set to go away. governor newsom is expected to talk more about it today in southern california. we are live this morning in san ramon. we have been discussing this throughout the morning. people really want to know about masks in the workplace. >> reporter: that is on everyone's mind. osha has flip-flopped on masks in the workplace. many hope the governor will nail this down today, that he will give us some clarification. businesses have said this has made it very tough to plan for next week. the state has said those who are vaccinated can take off their mass starting tuesday when the state is set to fully reopen. the governor is expected to get more details about that today. the big question is been about masks in the often. osha at one point had a controversial rule in place saying if one person in the office wasn't vaccinated, just one, than everyone would have to wear a mask. many people spoke out against that and osha reversed itself. they tossed it out and the governor applauded that move. he has signaling he will help clarify what to do next week.
6:33 am
>> making specific announcements , that decision was encouraging and more consistent with what we have been saying for some time. we will be highlighting more nuanced orde orde executive orders, as we wind down and move successfully to june 15. >> reporter: labor unions have showed support for the mask role saying masks are a layer of protection for workers. for many business owners, they say they want the mask mandate lifted for those vaccinated. they also want clear guidance from the state, not this confusion. many are hoping the governor will clarify this today. developing news, despite providing
6:34 am
boarding and proof of vaccination two people tested positive for the first ship to set sail the 2020. the celebrity millennium is still at sea. the individuals are a dramatic and in isolation. contact tracing is already underway. doctors say despite being vaccinated, breakthrough cases can happen. these are likely less severe and not as transmissible. most of the people have very mild symptoms. we did not see a large outbreak on the ship. this is the benefit of vaccination. this would have been far worse if he had a lot of unvaccinated people on that ship. >> tomorrow the ship is disembarking in saint maarten. the passengers will have to stay there until they test negative. pfizer had launched a new incentive program to help increase covid- 19 vaccinations called the unity sweepstakes. members vaccinated by july 9 will get a chance to win one of 1000 rewards including trips to theme parks and national parks, wellness retreats, gym memberships, personal fitness equipment and more. if you have questions about coronavirus vaccines, asked the abc 70s vaccine team
6:35 am abc news confirmed the former justice department under president trump secretly seized the data of at least two democratic members of congress. sources a prosecutors under jeff sessions subpoenaed apple for the data in 2018. according to the new york times, the prosecutors were investigating who was leaking information about contacts that from associates had with russian officials. congressman adam schiff and eric swalwell have confirmed they were the members targeted. >> i'm not above the law, just like no one else's, but to go after this many people, boy, that feels like a donald trump driven investigation. i don't have a lot of faith in his ability to fairly interpret the law. >>
6:36 am
nancy pelosi, are demanding an investigation. a former california police chief is among six men indicted on conspiracy charges related to the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. >> court documents accused the men of plotting to block the certification of president bytedance 2020 election win. among them is a former police chief, the founder of american phoenix project and four members of the three presenters movement. this two-year-old black lab is joining the u.s. capitol police force to provide emotional support after the january 6 ryan. her name is lila job is helping officers coping with the trauma. >> when you work with such violent crimes, especially when it is a kidnapping, dog on the ride home lowered my stressors. having a dog sit there with you breaks a lot of barriers down and gives you comfort instantly. >> lila is starting a new role on january 5. caitlyn jenner is making
6:37 am
the tv rounds to talk about running for governor. she also released a new campaign this week. >> nobody's faces were covered, but the governor has been preaching something different in public. >> where the mask. >> that was in reference dinner by the governor at the french laundry last year. she says he thinks he is a king. she was on the view yesterday and also spoke with her sister station in los angeles. she says she is not worried about how much covid-19 has improved in california with one of the lowest transmission levels in the country and how that could help newsom. >> they really destroyed an entire generation of kids. parents are not going to forget those types of things. all of the companies out here, 33% of all restaurants have closed permanently. people are not going to forget that. >> the california department of finance estimates the recall
6:38 am
election will cost counties $215 million. democratic senate leader said the legislature will cover the cost. the last recall california was in 2003 and ended with arnold schwarzenegger becoming governor. there is a documentary about it called total recalled. you can find it on the abc7 bay area app. a decision about a controversial plan to permanently convert the great highway into a car free promenade is expected in the fall. the north-south corridor on the west side of the city has been open to pedestrians and bicyclists only since the pandemic started. the mta board and parks and rec department held a joint meeting to hear public feedback. >> it is truly extended to its full extent down the coast all the way along the beach. >> this is a practically empty highway close to during the week that causes more
6:39 am
greenhouse gases, great stress and increased lack of safety for thousands of commuters and residents alike. >> opponents say traffic normally and is trickled onto neighborhood streets and they are worried about safety and congestion. coming up, looking for leads and a 20-year-old cold case. why palo alto police are making another plea to the public now. you're looking live right now at the big board of the new york stock exchange. starting about 100 points. another update on the markets next. also ahead, these identical triplets from fremont are heading down separate paths after graduation this weekend. the big things ahead for them and what one of them says will be the biggest challenge. i love that story. first, we want to check in with mike with a look at the weekend forecast. but hopefully you're happy with what i share with you also. you should be. here's a look at the south,
6:40 am
partly cloudy. most of us around 49 degrees. we did have 50 in san jose and also in the we have 56 brentwood on the warm side, alameda 55, san callers 54. redwood city 49. here is a look from the east bay health camera. morning clouds are getting mo aggressive. by the afternoon hours, north bay will be seeing more high clouds in south bay with more sunshine. 60 at the coast today. 66 around the bay. 71 7:00 p.m. inland. warmer but below average. 60s, barely some 70s by 7:00 p.m. this evening. a very comfortable evening for outdoor activities. one of those could be at the a's game where it will be 66 and dropping down to 61. not as breezy as it has been. here's a look at what is going
6:41 am
on with the western span of bay bridge, which is not being plagued at all by fog. but during the evening we will have definitely breezy conditions across some of the bridges, especially north of the bay bridge through the delta where the small craft advisory is going to be. as far as air-quality, even with heat and humidity this weekend, we will have good to moderate air-quality. we will take a look at the humidity and the chance of a heat wave coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. good morning everyone. we're starting with a live look in oakland showing 880 a pretty clear ride and things are moving at the limit. same thing at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is so empty there. this is a story across the bay area except for one issue i will bring up in a moment. i'm circling the bay bridge because we do have a slowdown, but really it is not that bad. we do have a high wind advisory.
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it has been 20 years since 21- year-old downtown palo alto and police still need a lead to break the case. maria was celebrating her birthday with friends and family at the now closed q cafc near hamilton avenue on june 10, 2001. while outside one shot was fired, hitting maria in the head. police hope people who may have been unwilling to talk back then are willing to talk now. >> many of the people that were out there that they might have children now that are her age. we are really hoping for someone , this case hits close to home and they're willing to reach out. >> there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to the identification and arrest
6:45 am
her killer. a san francisco fertility clinic is paying millions in damages for destroying eggs and embryos. we first reported this case in 2018 when the pacific fertility center sent a note to patients that one of its cryo- tanks ran low on nitrogen and failed. that meant that more than 3500 eggs and embryos were destroyed. now a jury has awarded $15 million to five plaintiffs in the case. attorneys for the victim say there are hundreds more waiting in arbitration. the fda is facing growing criticism of the approval of a controversial alzheimer's drug. this week the fda approved aduhelm . statement of this agreement by three scientists who resigned from the panel. one of them said this might be the worst approval decision that the fda has made. last year the panel concluded there is not enough evidence to
6:46 am
support the drug. the fda, though, says the benefits outweigh the risks. now for your morning money report. consumer prices around the rise, up 5% in may over the last year and it is fueling concerns about inflation. experts say consumers are spending more now, and there are supply shortages as a result of the pandemic. the pricing increases are across-the-board. beef prices are up more than 2%, closing up nearly 6%, airfare up more than 24% and, as we know well here in california, gas prices are up a staggering 56%. coming up on gma, why top economists are split on whether this inflation is temporary. a live look of the new york stock exchange right now is trading gets underway this morning. we are up about 74 points. the chinese ride hailing giant dd plans to go public in the u.s. it intends to list on either the new york stock exchange or the nasdaq. dd is reportedly seeking a
6:47 am
valuation of more than $100 billion. the company describes itself as the world's largest mobility platform offering ride hailing, taxi and carpooling services. this morning triplets from the bay area celebrating a huge milestone. the sisters are all graduating from uc san diego over the weekend. they will go their separate ways for the first time. >> i am taylor, i'm 22 years old and graduating uc san diego this year. >> we're not doing this by ourselves. come on in peerk >> reporter: your eyes do not deceive you, these are the triplets, extremely rare identical triplets graduating from uc san diego on sunday. they actually do finish each other's sentences. >> even though we have grown independently, we still just
6:48 am
run away back to each other. >> it has been the best four years of our life. >> reporter: the sisters from fremont california say as kids they did everything together. >> ballet together, swimming, ice-skating. >> reporter: so when it came time for college, they applied to u.s. got accepted. they joined the same sorority and declared similar majors. trr with computer science and taylor and tiger computer engineering. their inspiration is their parents. >> our mom and dad are like superheroes honestly. her dad software engineers. >> reporter: after 16 years of schooling together, they embark on a new separate journey for the first time in their lives. taylor has accepted his offer engineering internship in san diego, terah is headed to milpitas and tiger to oakland. >> it is for software engineering for software engineering. >> reporter: the biggest challenge of being alone?
6:49 am
>> i'm worried about having to get my own clothes. >> reporter: in all seriousness, they say they're not worried. they will only be one flight away and will always have that sister connection. >> it is not goodbye, more like a chapter is closing in a new one is opening. >> i really want to know the inspiration behind their names. taylor, terah, tiger. >> i love them. >> they fit these personalities. i wonder. >> tiger. >> you kind of grow into your name i feel. >> i agree. >> with triplets, someone is got to leave the pack. let's talk about what is going on weatherwise.
6:50 am
here is a look at what is going on from walnut creek, one of those areas where it will be in the mid-80s this weekend with slightly higher humidity than normal. you may notice that if you're doing vigorous activities outside. beautiful shot from san francisco this morning with a little fog. temperatures will climb today, but still below average. high clouds especially cross the north bay. more sunshine south. milder tonight under mostly cloudy skies and humid this weekend with temperatures warming back to average. this is the last below average afternoon with 74 to 79 across the south bay, santa cruz about 72. the rest of the peninsula 7273. look at the low 60s along the coast. without that obnoxious breeze, you will feel pretty nice next to the water sitting on the sand . let me think about that for a minute. it sounds good. mid-to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. 76 through the north bay valleys. of east bay, about 67. inland 73
6:51 am
money not using the air conditioner. as far as dining out, you will be comfortable just about everywhere until the coast around 8:00 p.m. dropping into the 50s. still mid-60s a 9:00 bn for bay and inland. tonight significantly milder than this morning. a lot of mid-50s to near 60 when we wake up because this cold front, which is bringing rain to mendocino lake and the northwest corner of sonoma county, will draw in more humidity. you see the cloud cover hanging around tomorrow. that is why it will be milder. but look at the next system pushed even further north is high pressure takes over and drinks temperatures back to average. but look at wednesday and thursday, 80s, 90 someone hundreds. friday will be just as warm. have a good weekend. this morning the search continues for a man who fell overboard off of a ferryboat in southern california. it happened yesterday several miles offshore.
6:52 am
this high-speed catamaran was heading to catalina island. crews told coast guard officials they saw the man go overboard at the back of the boat. they searched the area with the help of a helicopter last night, but they were unable to find him. memories frozen in time. lucile packard children's health is silly a milestone with a time capsule. they celebrated their 30th anniversary to mark the special day. staff members contributed mementos that commemorate the last three decades. the items were placed in the time capsule that was buried at the hospital. >> these masks are really a true symbol of the covid-19 pandemic. >> this was kobe bryant. he is our mascot for the covid- 19 unit. here we have socks the monkeyed. one of thousands made by the volunteers. >> unearthed in 20 years. mercedes-benz is recalling more than 375,000 vehicles.
6:53 am
the company says a software issue is causing the backup camera screen to fail. the recall affects model years 2019 through 2021 in cars, suvs and vans. vehicle owners who have a mercedes me since i can update over the air. if you don't have that, you have to take her car into the dealer. amazon says it will allow employees to continue working from home, but only partially. the seattle times report full time office workers can work remotely two days out of the week. the other three days workers have to go into the office. they will also be allowed to work from home 44 weeks each year. the ftc has agreed to a $61 million settlement against amazon for failing to give its flex drivers the full amount of their tips. the ftc claims in 2016, despite saying 100% of tips went to the drivers, the company pocketed about one third of the tips and use them to offset the guaranteed minimum payment to the drivers. the settlement represents the full amount of the tips that were withheld. the ftc will send the money to the drivers directly. the warriors hailing
6:54 am
another first for jay center, in this one doesn't evolve steph curry. check this out. the arena hosted its very first wedding. look at this. this is angelina they tied the night at sky bar. this is a private rental space located at the very top of the arena. how nice. the warriors gave us this video. the team says the bride and groom are both lifelong warriors fans, and their first date was actually at a game at oracle arena. >> they also got a view up there. this is so cute. i love it. okay. i will move on. a team of artists finishing a 45 foot tall sculpture in palo alto. this is also an experimental instrument. you can use your smartphone to
6:55 am
play musical arrangements on the 18 steel pipes. the number has a special meaning along with the symbols on the work. >> those symbols are high, which is the title of the piece. it simply means life. it refers to the, to 18 prayers . it is the root word for to life. >> an artis was working on the piece when his studio burned down last year, but the artwork survived. >> meant to be. >> we can always use some music. >> really interactive and nice. good for the city. >> i was still thinking about the wedding. it was really cute. the heat have a similar thing. you can look over all the water in miami.
6:56 am
>> that view was stunning. >> i loved it. >> it is the place to have any and everything. coming up next, the seven things you need to know today. as we had to break,
6:57 am
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if you're just joining us, here the seven things to know this morning. number one, as we approach the reopening, governor newsom is expected to clarify the state guidelines today. there has been some confusion about masks flopped on his workplace rules. >> number two, the first day of the g7 summit in england. world leaders are expected to discuss the covid-19 pandemic. president biden and the first lady will also meet with the
6:59 am
royal family. >> number three, a bipartisan deal has been reached on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. the proposal would be paid for without tax increases. is still need support from a larger group of lawmakers and the white house. >> number four, officers are conducting undercover operations to get people setting off illegal fireworks. police ceased all of this from a group of teenagers as we. >> number five, advertise around 66 to 83. look where we will be this weekend. average. >> number six, bay bridge toll plaza. pretty light around the area. >> number seven, please don't forget $50,000 is up for grabs today for 15 vaccinated californians. the state is holding its second drying this morning and on tuesday 10 vaccinated people will win 1.5 million dollars each. one of the man who said he won thought it was a joke because he didn't recognize the number. just watch the phone. have some patients. >> you have to answer all the spam calls just in case. it
7:00 am
might be worth it. you can always good morning america. president biden on the world stage saying america is leading by example. the president at his first major summit, joining forces with critical allies to tackle global challenges from the pandemic and covid shots to economic recovery as the first lady shares her own message. a stunning report about president trump's justice department targeting democratic lawmakers and their family members including a minor, seizing their records from apple. overnight, the demand for an investigation into the abuse of power. gun violence in america. police racing to a supermarket in florida after reports of shots fired. a woman and her grandson killed. the latest right now. return to normalcy.


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