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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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yesterday, 94-year-old on taylor was stabbed outside of her home. today she spoke with me in her hospital room. what her family has to say about the man who was arrested. blistering record-breaking heat. when relief arrives, coming up. even record heat couldn't stop these folks from coming outside and enjoying themselves i will tell you where i am. >> the escape from santa cruz. the effort to beat the heat means the boardwalk. abc 7 news starts right now. building a better bay area, this is abc 7 news. 7 we get another west white heat wave it is possible we could have blackouts. >> the threat of rolling blackouts as record-breaking, triple digit temperatures go through the bay area.
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people are hoping to escape the heat, heading for beaches, pools, and anywhere. >> we just needed a break and come out to see the ocean. >> see the ocean and feel the breeze. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> you are watching abc 7 abc 7 live, on abc 7, hulu, and wherever you wish to string. 21,000 customers statewide could lose power between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. that included every area bay county, in sept napa. it is only a stage one and they didn't call for any rolling outages. more than 9000 customers, bay area wide, are without power, including 6000 in san ramon. this is the current demand on the power grid across the state. right now it is 33,000 megawatts. what does that mean? well, it is about 69% of available capacity.
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the demand has dropped off, significantly, of course, as it has cooled off at night. but kauai has called for another flex alert from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow, those three critical hours, where it gets super hot and people come home and start using electricity. earlier, governor newson declared a state wide emergency to free up additional energy capacity. now, we have team coverage for you tonight around the bay area. >> let's begin with abc 7 meteorologist, sandy patel, with record-setting temperatures. sandy? yeah, let's take a look at those records. half a dozen records were set locally and around monterey bay. seven degrees breaking the old record, santa rosa was 104, we have 103 in redwood city, san rafael, which was also breaking work records for the day. take a look at how hot. elsewhere, fairfield was 110
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degrees. 107 in concord, as i mentioned. even though they weren't records, it was still plenty hot. had to go to half moon bay, where it was in the 60s, to get any relief. right now we have 50s to 80s on those temperatures, still warm inland. excessive heat warnings and red, and advisories in orange, until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. risk of heat illness is there. i will be back to show you exactly how hot, and when you will get relief everywhere, coming right up. done? >> sunday, thank you. the bay areamanagement dirict has expanded its alert through tomorrow. you can just see all of the haze that was out there, and heat. a district spokesman says ozone levels are high, as a result of vehicle exhaust, and of course, the warm temperatures. >> reporter: several east bay cities broke the record today. abc 7 news reporter, j.r. stone is life tonight, and jr, people did their best to stay cool? >> well, they certainly did,
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dion lim. there we are, past 11:00, and you look on the screen, 79 degrees, and it is still very warm outside. just looking at this crowd, you would never know it was over 100 degrees for this concert in dublin. heck, what is a little heat, right? >> this is nothing. it is my belief in california, come on, if you are afraid of it being hot, go somewhere else. >> in fact, this was the first of a free summer concert series at glen park. >> it is just so nice to get out, after being locked in, and the pandemic. >> reporter: the kids seem to have the same thoughts too, especially those drenching themselves in these playground water fountains nearby. >> it is really, really hot. this morning i was real-- super hot. >> reporter: but if you think iv tomlinson and the others are just trying to have fun, think again.
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they have solid recommendations for those that are too hot and looking to cool down. >> you have got to try to get some cooler water and get more wet, and stay hydrated. >> air conditioner and drinking water. >> they should turn all of the fans on and stuff. or they should take a cold bath. >> reporter: the only cold bath happening at the san francisco premium outlets in livermore, involved the birds. >> it is a little too hot for my liking. i am burning right now, especially because i have to wear a cardigan to work. >> reporter: but don't bring these complaints to these concertgoers. they are making the best out of their triple digit day. >> good friends with music, good food, good wine, you can't ask for more. yes! >> reporter: they were certainly making the best out of it. and keep in mind, the heat is not getting people home tonight. i walked around main street here in walnut creek a while ago, busy bars both inside and outside this evening. reporting live, in walnut creek, j.r.
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stone, abc 7 news. >> okay, jr, thanks very much. tonight, relief from the heat led to a busy boardwalk in santa cruz. abc 7 news reporter, amanda castillo said some troubled great distances to ditch the high temperatures. >> these crowds signal an escape to santa cruz. california residents, and others, racing to the much cooler coast. >> we came from california. >> tullahassee. >> reporter: visitors taking in the beach, the breeze, doing whatever possible to beat the heat, some seeking shade, others shelling out for an ice cream cone or water cannon. most, enjoying rides without restrictions. what is a typical sign during the warm summer months was made almost impossible during the ongoing pandemic. however, as the state reopened on tuesday, the boardwalk got rid of capacity limits and begun to allow non-california residents in to enjoy.
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>> when there is a warm day, people flock to the beach. and we are seeing that. is a welcome sense of relief here at the boardwalk. >> reporter: but 400 stitching the heat daily, there is still great demand for seasonal staffing. we are told guests will be met with modified operating hours until positions are filled. >> we are talking to our colleagues and other businesses, and they are all dealing with the same thing. yes, we are still looking for seasonal staff that can come help us operate rights, work at ticket booths, work in our food service. >> reporter: crowds are only expected to grow, with the weather is only expected to get warmer, as the official start to summaries just days away. >> the weather in florida is exceptionally hot. >> yesterday at 10:00 a.m. it was 100 degrees. >> i looked at the forecast, realized we had to get out of town, it is going to be super hot, one tends, 111, too hot. >> reporter: but great minds think alike and apparently take the same roads. >> prepare for traffic, i'm not trying to be a negative nelly, but traffic is bad. >> reporter: and amanda castillo, abc 7 news. >> that looks like a fun place to be right now.
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you can check out the temperatures anytime, they are live on our abc seven bay area connected app, download the app for your roku, apple tv, android tv, or fire tv right now. a day after she was stopped on a morning walk, an elderly asian woman is recovering in the hospital. abc 7 news reporter, kate larson, spoke to the woman and her family about what they need to change in san francisco. >> it has been rough. she is recovering slowly. >> reporter: and taylor spoke with me at san francisco general hospital, where ang, who goes by peng was out on a walk when daniel attacked her. she was stabbed in the torso, and through her wrist. >> there's a lot of crazy people out there. >> she is telling me often about how san francisco has changed in the time she has
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been here. >> reporter: peng moved to san francisco in the 70s, with her war veteran husband who died two years ago. she is worried the assault my leave her permanently disabled. >> she is chinese, born in vietnam, so she has taught me great recipes, but i don't think she is going to be cooking on her own for a while. >> reporter: she is well known to the tracked him down, he had cut off on ankle monitor. in the last year and half, he has been arrested about six times for various crimes, most of them, burglary related. >> i don't want somebody on the street like that, who is a danger to society, and the community. at old people, especially. >> reporter: the buses peng is moved by the outpouring of support, and upset that the moments after the attack nobody stopped to help. >> at first, nobody was paying attention to her, and i think we have gotten, in the city we have gotten a little bit dehumanized, less connected, and we are all suspicious of each other. we need to stop and
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listen. >> reporter: viva says, for now, peng will remain in the hospital. kate larson, abc 7 news. things are back to normal in the inter-richmond neighborhood, when a ghastly force evacuations in a shelter in place order this afternoon. e.g. nd found the leak under fifth avenue and closed it. we reported this to you as it happened at 6:00. a crew member suffered a medical emergency and was treated at the scene. president biden makes juneteenth a national holiday, but some make say the work is just getting started. and it is official, the new rules for wearing masks in the workplace, the other changes approved tonight. and where this very big cat force the closure on a popular bay area hiking trail. that is all coming up, but first a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live, and abc 7 news.
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a landmark moment in american history today. president joe biden signed a bill, making juneteenth a federal holiday in the united states. >> reporter: with the stroke of his pen today, president biden signed into law a federal holiday for an event that many americans had never even heard of, till a few years ago. >> this is a day, profound in my view, profound in weight and profound power.
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>> reporter: freedom day for american slaves, juneteenth. it was almost 166 years ago to the day, when federal troops moved into galveston, texas, setting free the last remaining slaves in america, who had no idea that they had been freed years before. >> we are gathered here, in a house, built by enslaved people. we are footsteps away from where president abraham lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. >> reporter: the first black vice president was holding the hand of a 94-year-old black woman who helped make this happen, miss paul lee. president biden thanked her today. she has tried for years to make juneteenth a holiday. >> i am really a little old lady in tennis shoes, getting and everybody else's business. >> reporter: there are many who feel this is no accident following the street protests following the murder of george floyd and the growing conversations of race in this country, the president today is saying there is still work to do. >> you see this assault,
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restrictive laws, threats of intimidation, voter purges and more. an assault that offends the very democracy, our very democracy. >> reporter: across this nation, 16 states have recently passed new voting laws that many feel are meant to suppress the black vote, nearly 400 similar laws have been introduced in state houses nationwide. >> reporter: even lawmakers who fought against legislation focused on racial equality, like police reform, came out in support of this holiday. this year, juneteenth falls on a saturday, but the federal government says that it is set to recognize this holiday for most federal workers today. steve, abc news, atlanta. san francisco mayor, london breed, signed for the holiday, giving employees the holiday off tomorrow, in the north bay,
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city offices in vallejo are close tomorrow, in santa clara county says, most of its offices will also be closed in observance of juneteenth. the san francisco african- american chamber of commerce held their juneteenth business awards gala tonight. they opened the event recognizing black business owners. abc 7 news anchor, karen and tyler were in attendance, as you can see, it was the first major in person event, since the city reopened this week. patrons were also celebrating juneteenth being made a federal holiday. >> today is so important. it is an important acknowledgment of one of the most atrocious events in the history of man, and how we need to come out of this. >> the san francisco african- american chamber of commerce provided rent relief and grants for businesses struggling through the pandemic. and tomorrow at 9:00 p.m., don't miss juneteenth, an evening of celebration and
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resilience, a soul of the nation special, right here on abc 7. as of tonight, california has new mask rules for the workplace. osha approved the today for most fully vaccinated workers, masks are no longer required at work, but even so, employers can still require coverings. employers will also have to document their employees vaccination status. workers may self a test, if they wish, workers, employers will be required to provide masks, and make sure that they are worn indoors, or in shared workspaces. >> so we are turning the page, no capacity limits, no more modifications, no more physical or social distancing. >> the governor signed an executive order, so the rules could go into effect immediately, masks will still be required, in healthcare settings and on public transportation. check this out. if you think it was warm here, the palm springs has tied its all-time he record today, 123 degrees. the original record was set, back in 1995.
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well, we are not quite that hot. >> i feel warm just looking at that video, hoping for some relief. >> yeah, and that relief is going to begin, dan and dion, in the bay area. palm springs? that is torture. what we had here? a scorcher. let me show you heat wave of day three, here's a sampling of how hot tomorrow, feral fairfield, you were one today, tomorrow it will be 104 degrees. i am not going to mess around and tell you it is not going to be hot, but at least it is backing off a bit. 104, antioch, 103, livermore, 100 degrees in gilroy. the hour by hour forecast, notice, by noon time, you are already hitting 90s and 100 inland, as we head into 4:00 p.m. you will be in the low to mid 100's, away from the coast. the good news is a southerly surge develops, and coastal areas will begin to get relief tomorrow. you will feel it, as we head
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toward weekend. now, in case you will be in santa cruz, here's a look at the forecast. a lot of people want to go to the beach to get away from the heat. mild to warm, very high uv index. 84 in santa cruz, 64 degrees, so that is where you will find enough of a sea breeze to keep you comfortable. don't forget to drink plenty of fluids, especially if you are out and about. it is definitely taxing on your body, you don't need pets or kids inside vehicles, it gets much hotter, as you know. here's what is bringing us a hot pattern, southwest, bringing that desert heat our way. also bringing thunderstorms in sierra, nevada. expecting that to repeat again, tomorrow, not here in the bay area, but that heat building definitely a lot for the air quality to deteriorate. good to moderate across the region. we are expecting some poor air quality tomorrow, which is why a spare the air alert is in effect for friday. moderate air quality on saturday as you look at a live picture from our camera, san francisco's sparkly heat wave continues.
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records are possible for a few cities, and we are looking at cooler coast tomorrow, inland relief, arriving this weekend. temperatures right now, you will notice 50s at the coast, but 80s inland. dill pretty warm in our inland valleys. hour by hour, patches of fog early in the morning will lead to a southerly surge, that will put much more fog into our region, especially the beaches on saturday, bringing much more relief then we will see tomorrow. 40s at the coast around half moon bay, to the mid-70s in places like antioch. so, mild warm, afternoon highs in the south bay, 100 in gilroy, 93, san jose, on the peninsula, 92 in redwood city, 65, half moon bay, downtown san francisco, 74 degrees. northbay? 102 in calistoga. 97 in santa rosa. it is going to be hot. east bay, 83, custer valley, heading inland, triple digits as oh, 102 in concord, 103 livermore.
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show, wild kingdom. but this-- this video was actually captured by a mountain biker riding on one of the most popular trails in san mateo county. watch closely here, you can see the mountain lion was just standing over the carcass of a deer on sawyer camp trail, staring straight at the camera. the biker called 911 and alerted others who approached, state fish and wildlife close that trail, but it has since been reopened. what a sight to see. >> yeah, i think that mountain lion just wanted to make sure that biker wasn't coming for his meal. >> yeah, eyes on you. >> larry beil is here with sports. dan, dion, the catcher did something today. who knew kirk sally had
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sports sports sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> good evening. kirk caselli did something we haven't seen from a giants catcher in a long time. triple and a home runner against arizona. stunned the paddleboarder's, injuring a warm day at the cove. caselli's buster backup. check out the fan in the bleachers. i have got a souvenir. and i am going to dance. mauricio, two hits in this game, double, here in the fourth, makes it a 5-0, giants lead. back to caselli though. the husband or wife play. no communication. right between josh, becomes the first giant with a home run. the ball rolls to fresno. kevin gossman, dominant again. eight in, struck out six, gets the win. giants suite.
11:30 pm
26 straight road interferes caselli. >> never had a triple before. so, i knew it was a good day already, but to anybody watching out there, i really appreciate you cheering for me, it meant the world to me. >> coming off of his pga championship last month, mickelson going for the u.s. open. he grew up playing torrey pines, so he has home course advantage, so to speak. but a fan rattled mickelson, taking photos and noisily doing so. this is just bad luck. in the rough, 75 for mickelson. two time, open champ, brooke on 17 for birdie. drains it to under 69. now, look at the artistry. the chip shot. up and down, finished with a 68. leader after round one. russell henley, finishing tied with louis. the play was suspended. well, fear the deer in milwaukee.
11:31 pm
nats and bucks, kevin durant coming off of that 49 point masterpiece, game five. how are you stopping this? you are not. he went for 32. must win for the box. yunus, flexing with the rebound. bucks even the series. 104-89, game seven, saturday in brooklyn. kudos to the 49ers who held their annual community day. linebacker, azeez al-shaair year flew in from his home in florida, just for this a to help distribute food and backpacks with school supplies to more than 1000 families in oakland. a job
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that is it for tonight, thank you so much for watching. >> we appreciate your time. and jimmy kimmel, >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- dax shepard, "armchair expert" co-host monica padman, tony hale, and music from saweetie. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. we are coming to you from our studio here in los angeles, home of the 2021 jimmy kimmel l.a. bowl. [ cheers and applause ] which i announced on our program last night, and news of which has taken the world of sports by storm. >> he's hosted the oscars, had a late-night talk show for nearly 20 years but now jimmy kimmel has a college football game named after him. >> jimmy kimmel has his own college


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