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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 19, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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. chaos amid commemor when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didid't t kn whahatmy c caswa, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou
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building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. chaos in oakland after shots rang out crowded with people celebrating juneteenth. police getting an update on the investigation just in the past hour. with that we say good evening and thank you for joining us. you are joining us on abc 11. right away let's get to matt boone in the newsroom. >> the main juneteenth celebration was at a different part of the lake but we are told there were at least 1000
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people where this shooting happened. we are shown someone getting loaded into an ambulance and video also showed people scattering as they heard the gunshots in the northeastern side of the lake. so far police say a 22-year-old man has died. five others were hit. we are told they are all in stable condition. because of this large crowd in the area already oakland police had diverted resources around the lake. because of that, police were able to act quickly and chase two men running away with guns. investigators are still trying to determine what their, told
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tonight a joyous occasion was marred by a senseless act of gun violence. i want to thank our officers for a quick response. right now it's unclear what led up to the shooting. crime stoppers and oakland police are offering a $35,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> that's a story we will continue to follow, matt, thanks to you. we sent this push alert when news first broke. if you want these, download the app and turn on the notifications. new details about this fire that forced people from their homes. a fire tore through the building early this morning. spoke to victims who escaped through their windows and jumped into action to help
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others. >> only a glimpse the agony was captured. the flames were moving fast. >> i didn't see anything because that smoke is coming to my face. >> on the sixth floor, two stories above what's believed to be the epicenter of the blaze, ran back in her apartment and grabbed what's important to her. >> my cell phone and. >> on her way down she saw her elderly neighbors screaming out for help. >> when i saw his window, they had heavy smoke outside and i said, oh, my. >> this captured by one of the residents shows the flames bursting through the units. rescuing people along with many
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pets. tonight 60 displaced. san francisco firefighters thanking police officers who were first on scene saving lives. one officer sustaining minor injuries. >> this is a building that's mostly seniors but thankfully everyone was able to get out safely. >> as the investigation begins tonight supervisor working with the red cross to find housing for those displaced. >> this was a housing project so they are working to find empty units. >> she has got this time she trusted the fire alarm and ran out just in time. >> you thought this was a false alarm because you have heard the fire alarm go off before? >> many times. and usually i open the door it's nothing happened but
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time was terrible. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a man has been arrested for a brazen theft at a san francisco walgreens. video of the theft went viral this past week. san francisco police arrested the suspect today and tell us he was caught in the act trying to pull off another theft of the investigators say he hit the same walgreens four days in a row. he was arrested at another store. >> there is definitely an illegal after market, there is definitely an organized effort in order to get these items and sell them throughout the city and state as well as the nation. >> walgreens says shoplifting has been a factor in why several stores have closed. pg and e customers sent
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several hours in the dark. in parts of freemont, hayward were without power. that outage began just before 7:00, says 34,000 customers got power back shortly before 9:00. everyone else before 9:30. the cause of that outage is still under investigation. shifting gears now, father's day is tomorrow. lots of people looking to get outside with a look at the forecast. maybe outdoor dining is in the cards. >> absolutely. we're going to break our heat wave. tomorrow we have cooler weather moving in. outside a live look you can see that fog is rolling back into the city. we will have some dense fog close to the coast overnight. you can see the changes underway. we are cooler in most spots by
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10 degrees in concord. the numbers mainly in the 50s but we do have some warm spots inland in the 70s. waking up mainly to temperatures in the 50s. warm only in the 70s. the afternoon highs tomorrow, tomorrow is also the first day of summer. i'll have the details. >> i can believe it with these temperatures. all over san francisco there is a renewed return normalcy without public health mandates and take a look at the turn out in san francisco. beer flowed freely at the bars, people gathered with and without masks. tells us gives them hope. >> what i see the difference is a lot of people are coming in, sitting at the bar, ordering
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food. that is the big difference right there. >> i see customers coming in, people that i met during the pandemic. they had to wear a mask, they have got big smiles. >> totally excited, that guy. signs are up telling unvaccinated people they can unmask but for those unvaccinated they will need to keep wearing a mask indoors. now has an optional system to access their covid records. they can receive a copy of the card. call it a digital covid-19 record. be sure to check yours for accuracy because some people have noticed errors. if you have signed up and your information is wrong there is a number you can call. we have posted that along with the state website at ours. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, parties, picnics and
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lessons in history all part of juneteenth celebrations with the day carrying even more significance this year. thru's the giants honored some history. the meaning behind their sea lion histories. paying someday is finally here and we're ready to sail beyond again. without compromise. our crew is working to perfect every detail.
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today the nation commemorates the end of slavery. now it is officially a federal holiday. abc 7 news reporter captured the celebrations taking place across the bay area today. >> juneteenth celebrations brought more than just
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excitement, and smiling faces dancing to the beat. but a real sense of unity and pride. >> it's a celebration of true black independence. >> today is a day of on our ancestors. tried so hard to give us a better life. >> it's like a rebirth. >> it's like a big black family reunion. >> it's a teaching moment for her daughter. >> this is a day when our ancestors got to be free from slaves. >> reflecting on the sacrifices her great grandmother made so her family could have a better life. >> i can show to my kids we are still working for freedom but she did a lot. >> unlike other years this year holds special meaning being recognized as a federal holiday for the first time since
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juneteenth celebrations began in 1866. >> well, because the law is passed that it's a holiday. it's a national holiday which it should have years ago. >> symbolizes a better future for his kids. >> my children can proceed and be president or run fortune 500 companies. >> crowds gathered off fill more sharing that same sentiment. some added the calls for change following george floyd's death. >> more reasons for us to make noise. >> but not forgetting the sacrifice endured to get to to this point. >> it's sad at the same time. >> we still have a long way to go. >> many of the families traveled out of state to
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celebrate together. it was great to see. as part of our juneteenth coverage day, abc news asked prominent activists from across the country what black freedom means to them. >> black freedom for me means joy. however we are able to experience that. >> black freedom means the freedom to, freedom is like black imagination. >> i am thinking about who said i know a whole lot more about what freedom isn't but i think it's the absence of fear. >> true freedom means that we can fail, that we can be a kid who carries a toy gun. that we can be a man with drug problems and we have the freedom to not lose our life with that. we have the freedom to not be successful.
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>> black freedom is the way that we realize the promise of american freedom. >> we have to relate to what said that we will accept their concessions and never compromise our, that's a that we must continue to fight for. >> we need to get our basic needs met. that's what black freedom means to me. >> it's black lives matter. we're just fighting for the bare necessities of life, and i think that when that actually happens then we will be, you know, a step closer to freedom. >> black freedom ain't free. it costs us something. something has to be sacrificed or given up in order to attain it. we have to fight for it. >> we have an entire section
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dedicated to juneteenth at our website abc you can learn about the holiday's food traditions and meet the woman known as the grandmother of juneteenth. the giants donned special uniforms today. the uniforms worn today are modeled after the san francisco sea lions which competed in the negro association. now the team played for just one season in 1946 and this is the 75th anniversary of that season. today's uniforms will be auctioned off on the giant's website next week. the opened sent this apology letter after the team's opener was canceled. league officials said the field was not acceptable for play. fans had already arrived.
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the roots are part owned by former nfl star marshawn lynch. definitely feeling like baseball weather. love it. >> summer officially begins tomorrow but certainly it felt like somer the last couple of days. we will show you the picture outside. live look, gorgeous as the fog rolls in. you can barely see the tower. we will brighten up those skies in the afternoon tomorrow. that fog we will show you live 7. half-moon bay right now, visibility is lowering at this hour so likely some fog over the coast. numbers right now for the most part that off shore breezed cooled us off into the 50s but you can see still some warm
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areas, 72 in concord. so there is still a little bit of warmth out there but we are going to bring back those temperatures closer to where they should be this time of year tomorrow afternoon. that's what bought that intense heat last week. thankfully that's not pushing off to the east. going to bring back those temperatures. hour by hour the marine layer, got some drizzle, some fog. during the morning hours that fog pulls back to the coast. it looks like those clouds are going to linger. overnight tonight we will track that fog moving in from the coast, numbers generally falling into the 50s and again there could be some drizzle right along the immediate
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coastline as that marine layer, tomorrow is a beautiful day, temperatures yes, we have a couple of 90s on the board but it's nowhere near intense heat that we saw earlier last week. it's warm but not as warm as we have been. 72 in oakland, about 81 in santa rosa. tomorrow afternoon we do introduce that wind once again. it's a little bit windier than today. so by the afternoon we will find those winds likely gusting about 20 to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow evening also marks the summer solstice. summer begins at 8:32 tomorrow morning. that's what the rays are directly over the tropic of cancer. tomorrow we have 14 hours, 55 minutes so get out there and enjoy. by monday temperatures showing
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you we are actually a little bit of average for this time of year and much of the week ahead is going to slightly below temperatures. it brings our temperatures down closer to where we should be. cool and continues earlier in the week so we could have some coastal drizzle again and warming back up, it is getting hot right now but right now it doesn't look to be as hot. >> it's hard to believe it is summer already. >> already. >> what
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you are going to see a brand new look to the vacant san francisco school offices. the san francisco jazz center showed this video with us of a transformation happening this weekend.
11:26 pm
they are putting up images from stewart in the windows. stewart is a pioneering. it's the first time work has been displayed in the city. will be up for the next year. now joining us with a preview of sports. plus bonus basketball in brooklyn. could kevin durant come
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sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> next weekend the giants and as go head to head.
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this weekend san francisco hosting philly in the time games but nearly 17,000 fans saw quite a show. wearing the sea is lions jersey honoring the 75 year. two run shot to center, giants take the lead, 2-1 on his 8th of the year. reece hopkins grew up in carmichael and almost hits one to the state capital way back in the bleachers phillys take the lead. brandon belt hits that hanging curve ball and it is a splash. his 11th of the year. that's the last time the giants would score, though. phillies just kept phillys win 13-6, aaron boone got tossed in this one. how about another on saturday.
11:31 pm
solo to right his 4th of the year and a high mom in the dug out. matt chapman, 415 feet to left center as the as led 4-1 at one point but the bullpen let's the lead slip away. center to. wins 7-5. sanford and north carolina state, sanford's first appearance since 2008. a starting pitcher, 2 run shot to right. back ten strike outs. christian robinson makes it a 6- 3 game and how do you deal with the pressure of a game, you eat ice cream. nc state wins 10-4. game 7 of the nets and bucs
11:32 pm
series. to the 4th. game tied at 101. milwaukee up 3 and the deer district going crazy. final seconds of the the kevin durant and brooklyn just going crazy. katy's mom wand a, of course she's happy, that's her son. chris middleton hits the two and the bucks go back up 2. final seconds durant with the ball puts it up and it's an air ball. he had 48 points but the bucs win. milwaukee will play the winner of the hawks series in eastern conference finals. abc 7 sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. much more to come at abc 7 news at 11:00. getting the word out about getting vaccinated. why one group thought it was the perfect place to offer free
11:33 pm
vaccines. plus crews are struggling to contain a wildfire. how previous wildfires
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. residents along the u.s. gulf coast are cleaning up from tropical storm claudette which dropped heavy rain to the region. take a look at the dangerous conditions in gulf shores alabama. the tropical storm is being blamed for spawning several tornado as as well. this is some of the damage left
11:37 pm
behind. major flooding hit several communities putting neighborhoods underseveral inches of water. >> that water was inside the house last night. our house it got up to the front door. >> the storm threat isn't over yet. there is potential for more flash flooding into sunday. developing news a wildfire has burned more than 2000 acres in the forest. smoke from that fire is expected to impact the bay area tonight. the will owe fair broke out. ou some neighborhoods are under mandatory evacuation orders. last year's dolan fire and one in 2016, firefighters say if the flames reach those areas it could help crews get the upper hands by significantly slowing the fire's growth. the holiday of juneteenth now a federal holiday
11:38 pm
originated in galveston texas. the state was the first to declare juneteenth a holiday. >> events and parades like this have been happening not just in galveston but across the country but the people's spirit here is just a bit different as people tell me it's coming to pass because it's time. >> halleluiah, juneteenth. >> happy juneteenth. >> celebrating what is now marked as a federal holiday. hundreds remember the struggles past and present. >> this is a miracle. >> we are so happy that finally the trust about our history, more and more about it is coming out. >> as they commemorate the end of slavery in 1865. >> lord we thank you for those men and those women that have forged the way and have fought
11:39 pm
to make this celebration what it is this morning. >> saturday's event kicked off at ashton villa. the former state representative edwards introduced the bill but his memory lives on. >> he would say with the happy smile on his face, happy juneteenth. >> on the strand on galveston island. >> i think it's fantastic. it's beautiful and i love how it takes the history from the past but also has the future involved. >> i think it's definitely something that galveston needed for everyone to see. >> and the celebration ended with this parade. where even more folks celebrated. >> this is a sowfsowfsowfsowfsof occasion.
11:40 pm
in east bay annual celebration came with an important message this year. get vaccinated. offered free vaccinations to those who yet haven't gotten their shots. 50-dollar gift cards were also handed out to the first people. the african community disproportion naturally. has been detected in at least 46 states. the centers for disease control suspect it will be dominant in the months ahead. it's already taking hold in areas like southwest missouri. >> they are younger and sicker and coming in later in the disease process. >> five states have seen cases climb over the past two weeks. arkansas is up over 72%
11:41 pm
followed by oklahoma, as oklaho vaccination slow, the country is no longer on pace to meet president biden's goal of 70% of adults getting one shot by july 4. a group of american catholic bishops have drafted a document barring communion for public officials who support abortion rights. we spoke with archbishop who said the move is not political. >> the document would create a formal policy for who receive the sacrament of communion. it is not political, instead a. >> we are trying to explain our faith and defend it, and try to guide our catholics, all
11:42 pm
catholics, including those in public life to understand basic principles. >> says it would be up to the local bishops to enforce it even in the case of the president. if that does happen it wouldn't be the first time biden was denied communion. when asked during a news conference president biden said he doubts anything will change. >> the catholic bishops are moving on this resolution that would prevent you and others from receiving communion, are you concerned about the rift in the catholic church and how do you feel personally about that. >> that's a private matter and i don't think that's going to happen. the president and first lady are mourning the loss of their german shepherd. the bidens said champ was our constant cherished companion
11:43 pm
and was adored. the first family has another german shepherd. remembering the summer of soul, the event tonight celebrating a new documentary about the historic festival celebrating black culture. we are tracking a cooler end to the weekend tomorrow. we will take
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take a look at this. footage from summer of 1969 in new york city where concerts were held over 6 weekends to celebrate black culture. the concerts were more than just music and are the subject of a new documentary. a celebration for the film was held in harlem tonight. was there and has this story. >> time stood still in harlem
11:47 pm
when glad is knight sang just a few steps and a half century away from where she performed during the summer of soul. then as now a festive festive prevails. >> and like the original concerts this was free for the community. >> a juneteenth celebration presented by target. >> attended the shows as a child and never forgot the experience. >> it was just electric. you know, it was a day where we just got to be with each other, you know, and. >> are you ready, black people? are you ready? >> the music was the best two generations of performers had to offer but as its name suggests the harlem cultural festival was about a whole lot more.
11:48 pm
>> it's about american culture, it's about american history. it's about what we all share together if we would just look at it that way. >> the tape sat unused in a basement until had them restored to create his first movie and bring it home to harlem. >> i want people to take away how beautiful this moment was in time and this is joy. we need it so much after the year we've had. this is going to come. >> you will be able to see his movie a couple of weeks from now when it streams on hulu, owned by the same parent company as this station. what a celebration. all right, one last check of weather with meteorologist drew and the rest of the weekend. >> we are tracking a cooler end tomorrow. that fog is rolling in tonight and we will find that june
11:49 pm
gloom tomorrow, 6:30 in the morning, quickly pulls back to the coast for a lot of sunshine tomorrow. overnight we will find lows falling into the 50s 57 in oakland. 56 in vallejo. tomorrow we are still warm. we are at 90 in concord. there are no heat advisories tomorrow. 67 in the city. 72 in oakland. 84 in san jose. here's the weather cast for dads, it's looking great. we will keep that cooling trends before we find temperatures warming up i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment
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sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota deal glers stanford and north
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carolina state, stanford 17th overall but that same summer the warriors graduated and, it's been a while. remember this event was canceled due to covid last year. pitcher of the year started for the cardinals. three runs into the game makes it a 2-0 lead. 10 strike outs to keep the cardinal in the game. christian robinson two run blast to right and all of a sudden the lead is cut in half. it's a 6-3 ball game. how do you deal with the pressure of a game. how about ice cream. bagses loaded and it's a sky high pop up. the third baseman will eventually snag it sending stanford into an elimination game. >> we just didn't play as well or as relaxed as i would like
11:54 pm
to so i'm hoping we can move that one out of the way and play more baseball. will face the loser. this game went extras and the youngster was ready. vince gets spencer jones to ground out. some fans fading. others just sleeping. bases loaded for gonzales. grounds ball up the middle and through. vanderbilt wins so it will be a pac-12 elimination game. moving day at the u.s. open. this is the definition of dangerous rough. the old rattler, rory mcilroy wasn't rattled. chipping on 12. that's going to go. just two shots off the pace. canadian mckenzie, he was making moves up the leader board and he's going to get to minus 5. that's tied for first
11:55 pm
with great shot there. third round leader russell henley. are you kidding me. whoa, and luis drains the long 52-footer on 18. this thing is going to go and go as he gets to 5 under, it should be a crazy championship sunday. let's kick it with the quakes. getting the fans fired up for first ever home match. a capacity of 20,000 on hand. check this out. so nice we show it twice. look at that. stopped the early chance right there. the left footed kick just wide. this could get it to bend back in oh so close. late in the second half, rips one for austin fc. the great save stops the goal. this thing ends in a scoreless draw. western conference final tips
11:56 pm
off tomorrow. suns guard is out for game one due to covid protocols. he's reportedly gotten the vaccine, it's unclear if he's in protocol due to contact tracing. also out for game one, not played since injuring his leg monday night against utah. 49ers tight end known for the famous and we all know i have tried to do it as well. had a chance to talk to about that very impression. >> i watched the video you posted. that was hilarious. >> hey man, what would you grade my who game at. >> i am going to 8.2. >> what about jimmy's woo.
11:57 pm
>> still a work in progress. we're working on that. >> woo. >> this abc 7 sports report sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> chris had to get that last woo in didn't he. that's it for abc 7 news at 11:00. continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for drew and chris and all of us here thanks for joining us. have a wonderful night and we [ sfx: bzzz bzzz bzzz ] [ sfx: ping ping beep beep bloop bloop ] [ sfx: honk ] [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] [ sfx: pop ping bloop pop ping bloop ] the day can wait.
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