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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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dishon has been identified as the man who was killed in the violence that injured seven other people. rudd's mother and his girlfriend told abc 7 news this evening he had come to the lake for the juneteenth celebration that drew thousands of people. >> i can't believe he went out to go celebrate juneteenth and then he d■on't even ome ome. >> the shooting happened on lakeshore avenue about a mile from the organized celebration. oakland police have blamed the violence on gangs from san francisco. his family says he was not in a gang and had never been arrested for any sort of gang crime. they are in disbelief. >> and everything still feels really numb and unreal. i don't understand, praying. >> i'll just say we love you. >> just heartbroken. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> i'm dan. amid that family's grief, there is hope on the horizon.
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>> in less than 24 hours, we expect to hear president biden address issues of rising crime, especially gun violence. it is from that is gotten worse during the pandemic. and we have seen the impact right here in the bay area. >> in addition to the shooting that killed 22-year-old, and wounded seven of others in lake meriden on saturday, a shooting in richmond left three dead and five others wounded. two mass shootings in two days. now, we have covered these stories for days and we will continue to cover them because looking for solutions, when it comes to crime and safety is a major part of building a better bay area. it is why, today, abc 7 news reporter talked with local leaders. >> we will push you back a little bit. >> a violent weekend amid a troubling year has leaders in east bay looking forward to president biden's anticrime initiative. >> i have been invited to attend virtually the biden administration's announcement tomorrow. >> the oakland chief helps the federal government can help
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make up for the deep cuts his city council is expected to make to his police force. >> my hope is that it continues to support our efforts to address the violence in the city of oakland. to support our efforts to fund violence prevention in the city of oakland. >> in oakland, there is also a model for combating crime that replaces police officers with social workers at incidents were a badge and a gun may not be the best solution. the hope is that biden's plan might help pay for the program. >> we expect to see new grant opportunities and oakland is ready to compete for that subtle funding. to build on what has worked for us in the past. and to further integrate new strategy. >> biden has also expected to focus his efforts on going directly after those who illegally traffic and weapons. >> guns are not available to young people. guns should not be available for people who have a history of violence. guns should not be available without backout checks.
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>> biden is also planning to focus on community policing. something the richmond mayor believes is instrumental in preventing crime. >> i believe that a building having enough enough police to build relationships in the community and in neighborhoods prevent crime. just the opposite happens. when you your police force to the bone, -- >> like the president, local mayors and police chiefs hope they can help some violence that traditionally rises in the summer. in oakland, lori anthony, abc 7 news. >> now, there is a vigil going on right now for those impacted by this tragedy. we will have more in the political and personal impact of saturday's violence tonight on abc 7 news. >> to a frightening situation in sunnyvale. police say a 13-year-old girl fought off a house painter who was attacking her mother. that painter had done work there earlier. investigators released this photo of men arrested in the attack.
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they say just before 4:00 on saturday, the mother woke up to find him straddling her with a knife to her throat. her daughter jumped in to help get them off. >> this is a very violent encounter from a very violent criminal. she did a great job of fighting back and stopping. >> detectives arrested him yesterday. he is linked to other suspicious incidents with former clients in the south bay. officers released this photo in case other victims recognize him. >> we are getting a first look at some intense video of a deadly shooting that killed in northern california police officer. and a second man. let me warn you, this video is graphic and intense. abc 7 news anchor, liz, walks you through what happened. >> stockton police officer, jimmy, was responding to a domestic violence call last month. he knocked on the door of the home. a man opened the door and immediately began shooting at him. the gunmen fired at a second officer who was in a patrol
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car. his body camera capture the terrifying moments. >> shots fired. officer down. jimmy, stay with me. >> he runs into the house, brings his eight-year-old son out side and begins choking him. three. he's strangling the kid. my partner is down. let the kid go. >> a neighbor tackled him, freeing the child. the second officer runs toward him and shoots him several times. both low and the officer died. abc 7 news. >> as you can imagine, several county and state agencies are now investigating what happened. >> turning to our efforts to build a better bay area by focusing on our health. this is because of the pandemic. and collectively, we have been a difference. take a look at this graphic of daily covid cases in the bay area. our rolling average of new cases among the lowest it has
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ever been. at the peak in january, the bay area averaged more than 5000 new cases per day. now, it is fewer than 200. even without many new cases, doctors are still working with coronavirus patients. a stanford healthcare clinic is working on solutions for what experts are calling a shadow pandemic. the so-called covid-19 long haulers. abc 7 news reporter shows us how it is impacting one woman and what doctors are doing to prevent it. >> as california celebrates one week of reopening after the covid-19 lockdown, not all can enjoy the benefits. some are still feeling the great impacts of the coronavirus. >> i have told my family i feel like i'm slowly dying. >> this is the life she knew before her covid-19 diagnosis in december. this is her life now as she suffers six months after a postacute covid-19 syndrome. something 30 to 60% of covered patients have been door. >> some have called it a shadow pandemic. it is, you know, covid pandemic itself has been devastating enough. globally.
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now, we are having to deal with the long-term consequences that it is leaving in its wake. >> my body just feels like no energy. it feels like the life has been sucked out of me. >> the mother of force as she can't eat. sleep, or work due to fatigue, high heart rates after normal activities, and billeting brain fog. all common symptoms of the syndrome. for her long time covered patients, health and support are very much needed. clinics like this one help those who are in it for the long haul. >> we recognize how difficult, challenging, but a big problem this is. and, it is not just our center, but all around the country, more centers have popped up because we recognize the need to advance the care, advance our knowledge, the urgency, and hopefully, we will be able to provide that for some of those individuals here in california. >> 32 patients have been treated at the clinic in the past few months. the doctor says the work he and his colleagues have done with chronic fatigue syndrome has helped them develop a care plan to make sure this issue doesn't
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persist on the road. >> we invest now in the care, invest in the resource, and the therapeutics. if we don't do nothing, the problem will keep on going on. >> people don't realize what this can do to you. and how much it is a life changer. if i knew now, i would have taken a more serious. >> dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. >> we have made progress on the pandemic because we are getting vaccinated against coronavirus. one member of our abc 7 news vaccine team, dr. patel, spoke of this earlier today and says we just can't let our guards down. >> honestly, what worry about is that right now, the cases are going to hospitalizations going on. there is a false sense of happiness ms. singh we are good. we don't need to get a vaccine. the vaccine is a preventative effort. you need to get that because falcon bring about more cases as we start to reopen and lift the restrictions. >> and, on mid-they live today we ask whether sensors should be vaccinate. almost up your answer was 65%,
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which is about where we are now. about a third of respondents say we will get the 70%. the higher the percentage, of course, the fewer folks it actually got. and our abc 7 vaccine tracker is monitoring our progress. in california, we have almost gotten half the state fully vaccinated. we are at 49%. this percentage is based on the overall state population, which includes people too young to be vaccinated. remember, if you have questions about coronavirus vaccines, ask the abc 7 news vaccine team by going to abc 7 >> controversy within the san francisco unified school district continues tonight. where the chair of the parent advisory committee is stepping down. that is coming up. >> enjoy the cooling marine layer while we have
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>> in our effort to build a better bay area, we have chosen to focus our efforts on education. that's because it is not just about making life better now, but for the future as well. as we focus on education tonight, the chair of the parent advisory council for the san francisco unified school district is stepping down citing concerns that the district isn't doing enough to address learning loss. this decision comes amid reports that the district is preparing for dwindling k-12 enrollment next year that may come with significant budget cuts. stephanie sierra is monitoring the districts meeting live tonight from the newsroom. stephanie, what are you hearing? >> dan, just a few minutes ago, naomi made her speech to the
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board about why she is stepping down. she highlighted the fact that she is frustrated a couple months out from the start of the school year. many parents like her are stuck with no direction from the district about how they plan to address costs. >> i had to make a decision that was right for my son. >> naomi is the chair of the parent advisory council that gives feedback to the san francisco unified school district board of education. she is stepping down from her position because she is taking her son out of the middle school and the district after witnessing how distance- learning impacted his education. >> he had a lust for learning. as soon as we went into distance-learning, it just started to go down. >> she says the school district assessment showed he was on track, but an and bench can education specialist showed her son was underperforming at grade level. in both writing and math good she brought this to the school principal. >> he could give me no information about the thousand students at the middle school and how they would assess and address the learning loss.
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>> disappointed with what she said is the district last lack of preparation, she is enrolling her son into a private jewish day school. she says 10% of her friends are doing the same. >> what makes me so upset as i have the means to take him out and put them somewhere else, but there are thousands of students that don't have that privilege. what are we doing about those students? >> abc 7 reached out to see if there are any specific plans underway to help address learning loss for the upcoming school year. we have yet to hear back. we also reached out to the san francisco school board for further common. we didn't get a direct response to the issue. but the following statement says the board is the work the board has been doing since its inception. naomi is a strong addition to that. although it is disheartening to see our chair go, i understand the change and i'm hopeful for their new journey. her decision to step down highlights a broader issue of declining enrollment. according to our report filed by the
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district earlier this month, the number of students who transferred out of k-12 this school year are nearly double the amount of students who transferred in. >> i heard that kids are doing well and distance-learning. but, that isn't the case for most kids. >> now, this isn't the first time the pack was involved with a controversial decision by the board. you may remember back in february, the board rejected a pointing -- a parent volunteer to pack because if he was white. now, to white, the board is voting on the replacement. there are six candidates inconsiderate and that vote is expected to happen any moment now. we are tracking it. >> okay. before you go, obviously, enrollment is directly tied to money, to revenue. as the district indicated how defining annulment may actually affect the budget? >> yes. that's a big concern, as it should be. the budget is based off average daily attendance numbers. and, we did mention this report in our story tonight. and, it directly responds to
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enrollment numbers and if they don't change significantly, the district anticipates there will be a sizable decrease in funding for this upcoming school year. so, we will we will we >> big concern. thank you very much. >> in san jose, the fit of a crystal city council vote is now in limbo as some call for it to be pushed back by at the vote can determine the future of this fleamarket on the road. abc 7 news reporter explains what vendors are demanding. >> outside city hall in san jose, a small group listens closely to the city council meeting with several concerns. >> we need the power input to be heard. >> tonight, council members are scheduled to vote on rezoning, the very urban village. the property next door to the bar station with a massive fleamarket is currently located. since 1960, the market has become a city institution with nearly 430 vendors. many of whom are immigrants who now worry about displacement. roberto gonzalez, president of the vendors association, has
6:17 pm
even started a hunger strike with the hopes of delaying the vote by at least 90 days. >> there is no teeth saying that a future developer or landowner will have to make a fleamarket there or in urban market there. >> if approved, the transit oriented project would reduce the land size of the market by nearly 2/3 in total. to help make room for housing and commercial space. the bum family, which owns the land, has agreed to not evict any vendors before the current market closes, which is expected to happen sometime in 2024. they have also promised to set aside $2.5 million to help support vendors with relocation. >> we would work hard to find solution, especially win-win solutions. so, providing an open market on- site will create the opportunity for hundreds of vendors to actually stay on site in a new reimagined marketplace. >> flea market vendors say it is not enough. councilmember robel paralysis is calling on his colleagues to agree to a one-week deferral at the very least. >> what can be in the future? and how do we actually salvage
6:18 pm
these livelihoods, these businesses of these vendors, whether it is on the site or potentially a different site. >> some urban planning experts say the better vendors should have had more of a say in the process. of last-minute memos with contradicting conditions of approval on them. this is important enough to take a week or six weeks or 12 week deferral. >> another sign of the changing times. as vendors does really try to hang on to the past. in san jose, chris winn, abc 7 news. >> a new phase of construction in san francisco's mission rock neighborhood could revitalize along neglected neighborhood. according to the mayor. it is an area between oracle park and the bayview district that used to be primarily warehouses and rail yards. abc 7 news toward the construction grounds today, which will soon have more than 1600 units of housing. 40% of which the mayor promised will be affordable housing. >> this is how you create a more equable city. by not leaving others out to
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dry. bringing people in. >> the development will also include public parks and trail space. it is connected to finish construction sometime in 2026. >> maybe by then, it will cool off. coming up next, the return of triple digit temperatures. spencer shows you what the spencer shows you what the seven-day forecast looks like. chevy is america's fastest-growing full-line brand. and people are taking it everywhere. taking trailblazer outdoors. confidently taking on new places with equinox. and taking on more with silverado. whatever you do, there's a perfect chevy to take you anywhere. find your perfect chevy and get 0% financing for 72 months on select popular chevy suvs. or, get 10% of msrp cash back on most 2021 equinox models. financing for 72 months on select popular chevy suvs. some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now, he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c
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>> a kayaker who tried paddling from the bay area to hawaii to be rescued is now facing criticism for the cost of his failed attempt. 70s and his voyage, the coast guard had to rescue zero, earlier this month, some people are upset at him because of the $42,000 price tag of his rescue. today, because god! how much effort and resources go into ocean rescues. >> we think risk very seriously. so, we do a planning meeting, we make sure we can do the rescue safely. and because of that, we have launched an air station san francisco. helicopter right there at the airport. also, we launched a quick swing aircraft in sacramento. both of them arrived on scene and were able to do that rescue safely. >> the coast guard says the only time a person would be charged for a rescues if they made a false distress call. about $1 billion in taxpayer money goes to the coast guard for search and rescue operations. it is a lot of hard work and dedication that those crewmembers put in. >> well, spencer is here.
6:23 pm
there is no rescuing us from the heat. >> i'm afraid not. will have to enjoy the numbers that we have right now as we wait for the heat to build. let's take a look at what is going on right now. it is producing the current conditions. low pressure system is just offshore. counterclockwise a chelation has been generating a rather significant onshore flow for the last couple days. it is still with us. it is building a marine layer a little bit deeper now that has been of late. and, bringing in some western as well. we might even see some early- morning drizzle as we did this morning. right now, looking at costs ranging from hour in places like sfo, oakland, all around the bay area. it is pretty breezy. because the alignment of systems i just showed you. right now, looking across the area. we have our rooftop camera. it is currently 63 degrees in sentences. 70 in oakland. mid-70s in san jose. morgan hold, 61 degrees at the bay. here is the view showing that marine layer deepening and deepening now. most of these low clouds are pretty far off shore at the
6:24 pm
moment. certainly, far off shore from this vantage point from the golden gate. but, the coastal areas, seeing the clouds get closer. let's take a closer look at the temperature readings right now. 69 degrees in santa rosa. 70 in fairfield. 72 in concord. 75 at livermore. and here is the view from the south beach, looking at mainly blue skies as we look eastward and these are our forecast features. low clouds overnight, spotty morning drizzle. it will be breezy and mild the next few days, especially tomorrow and thursday, little bit more warm-up coming out early on friday. but, summers is a returns this weekend. overnight, we can expect expending low clouds and fog pushing across the bay and local inland. notice the patches of green. so, there will be some drizzle around, it will likely hit some coastal areas. perhaps even be on the coast. so, early morning commuters make encounter a couple of damp and slippery spots on the roadways. but, skies will clear quickly in the midmorning hours. sadly, over the band inland. even some coastal areas will get a little sunshine tomorrow.
6:25 pm
overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the mid-to upper 60s. again, i will mention a chance spotty drizzle. tomorrow afternoon, damages range from about mid-60s almost coastal areas to 67 in san francisco. low to mid-70s right around the base shoreline. it won't warm up very much. generally, upper 70s to low 80s. now, the focus right now is on inland east bay which is generally our warmest region this time of the year. notice the high temperature trend over the next few days. just low 80s tomorrow and thursday. but, bouncing up to upper 90s saturday through tuesday and perhaps even beyond. so, it is going to be quite toasty in our inland areas. the bay area is not the only place we are warming up. the state wide on sunday is especially in our interior sections, look for high temperatures near the 110 to 115 degree range from reading to fresno to victorville to palm springs. it is going to be hot. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. morning drizzle. mild tomorrow afternoon. a little change on thursday.
6:26 pm
warming begins on friday. on saturday, sunday, and monday, look for high temperatures in the upper 60s. upper 90s to about 100 and perhaps continuing into midweek next week. >> are. thank you, spencer. >> coming up next, a story of pride and a journey from peru to the bay area. plus,
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>> a sweeping elections reform bill won't be debated in the senate. tonight's procedural vote failed 50-50 split on party lines. republicans, calling the bill a patent power-play. >> the fight is far from over. abc news reporter has the latest from washington. >> and a defeat for democrats, and expensive voting rights and election reform bill has failed to advance in the senate. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> all 50 senate republicans voting against a motion to debate the voting rights bill ending its chances of moving forward in the chamber. >> look, what this is really about is an effort for the
6:30 pm
federal government take over the way we conduct elections in this country. it is a solution in search of a problem. >> the bill is a top priority for democrats legislative agenda. as a public and let legislatures and more than a dozen states pass laws along party lines putting new restrictions on voting. the state laws take steps like limiting mail-in voting in about drop boxes and tightening i.d. requirements. making it harder for americans across the country to vote. >> this state has perfected the means of suppressing the vote. of keeping some down to the benefit of others. >> most democrats said the voting rights bill in the senate seeks to counter these state measures. with steps like making voter registration automatic. expending absentee and early voting, limiting partisan gerrymandering, and reforming campaign finance laws. >> nobody's debating, i don't believe, whether all americans have the right to vote.
6:31 pm
the issue here is is the actual access to the voting process. >> the fight is not over. >> a new university poll found more than two thirds of americans say they support national guidelines to allow vote by mail or early in person voting in every state. the majority of republicans say they support the idea. elizabeth, abc news, washington. >> a man who lost his wife to cancer is taking a stand for others who are fighting cancer. ed testified today in sacramento in support of the new bill that would launch a pilot program to allow unused cancer drugs to be recycled. casazza, a former employee, was left with an unopened box of cancer drugs after his wife's death. the medication is valued at more than $13,000, without insurance. he tried to find a way to offer it to another patient, but discovered that is not allowed. >> the boxes unopened. sealed by a patch of tape. and with the medication inside, sealed in a blister pack.
6:32 pm
it is pristine. it is, at present, also, totally useless. >> it's estimated $3 billion worth of cancer drugs get wasted each year. and 70 committee advanced to the bill today. >> san francisco's post-hotel has become part of the city's huge effort to find a permanent place to live for the homeless. located on post near taylor street, a nine units i going to become housing. the mayor's office says this is part of the largest expansion of permanent supportive housing in 20 years. the latest budget includes $1 billion to fight homelessness. >> as we celebrate pride month, we are bringing you the stories of locals who have come out and embrace who they are. today, luis senators says the story of makeup artist who fled south america 20 years ago to transition here in the u.s. >> i am living my life being true to myself. >> words that when she was 25 years old, she only dreamed of
6:33 pm
saying out loud. to get here, she sacrificed everything. and fled peru searching for asylum as a transgender woman in the u.s. >> i continued working while my mom continued screaming to me, please don't go, please don't go. and that is the last thing i remember from my mom telling me not to come. >> she remembers fearing for her life and her family trying to change her. >> they put me on psychology treatment for four years. they took me to the psychologist twice a month. >> today, her mom is proud of her. but, with a collocated asylum case, she is unable to go back home. >> it has been 28 years. since i can have my mother. so, i gave up so much. to be who i am now. that is why i tried to warn her.
6:34 pm
to celebrate who i am. for her. >> how did you come out to your family and peru? >> i printed five by seven. and i got a friend and i sent it to all my family. so they didn't have the excuse to kind of like put it on a, you know, hide it. they would frame already. >> do you feel free? >> of my god, i feel free, i feel happy. i feel a compass. i feel that i am living the life that i always had to live. >> you can see that freedom now reflected in her work. she is a makeup artist for sophora, making others feel something she struggled with in her 20s. >> empower to look beautiful. and, to make them feel that they can conquer the world. because they look their best. are you ready? for my magic.
6:35 pm
>> her message to those strongly. >> it is not easy. it is not an easy role. you need to be brave. >> and in case you were wondering, >> my brenda? >> you are more than brenda. brandy summa. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> you can find a collection of stories for pride month on the abc 7 bay area connect tv app available to download for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, and roku. great stories.? definitely. carl nasa announced that he is and ended up being a boon to the trevor project peered nasa mentioned the trevor project in his instagram video. >> i hope that one day videos like this in the hall coming out process are just not necessary. but, until then, you know, i will do my best and do our part to cultivate a culture that is accepting, compassionate, and i
6:36 pm
will start by donating $100,000 to the trevor project. they are an organization are there the number one suicide prevention service for lgbtq youth in america. and they are truly doing a couple things. >> the nfl says it will match 100,000 donation. since yesterday's announcement, it has seen a 50% increase in daily online donations. in a statement, it wrote the trevor project is so grateful to carl for living his truth and for using his platform to support lgbtq youth. we hope this historic moment for the nfl will foster lgbtq inclusion in professional sports and inspire young lgbtq athletes across the country to pursue their talent. >> coming up next, the impact of the pandemic on the arts instead of going to the theater this past year, it came to us via the internet tonight. a look at the chances changes that will stick around also. plus, a spicy celebration. the
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>> people can now get back in the flow at a unique yoga class. grace cathedral just relaunched its yoga on the labyrinth this evening. >> we had six or 700 people coming on tuesday nights every
6:40 pm
tuesday night. now, all of a sudden, there was no one. so can we moved everything online and it was great to come online and join us for yoga. but, it is so good to come back in person again tonight. >> there are some changes. people have to register and bring their own mats. masks are required and classes will be kept at 100 people. it has been about 15 months since the church offered yoga in person on the labyrinth. >> zoom, of course, became an important part of everyone's toolbox during the pandemic. that includes bay area theater groups. abc 7 news reporter shows you how some of them won't backup their zoom cameras, even as live shows are trying to resume this fall. >> a 500 strong collection of prices taped. >> this is what we invention information as live theater. during the pandemic, theater works silicon valley shifted the digital realm and quickly discovered an expanded global audience. >> we had 42 states that we have been able to reach with this. and over 15 countries.
6:41 pm
that have people from those countries have viewed our work. many of them, have never been to a live show. >> this is a really scary thing to do. >> staging had to be reimagined since there were no elaborate stage sets. >> they want from life sketch since into becoming full renderings of what the scenery would be in a full production of the play. >> 40 different theaters across the country collaborated on this production. writing fragments home. >> erased $25,000 to support anti-asian hate programs in oakland. the successfully to hybrid model as live production is scheduled to resume in the fall. >> we will continue doing that sort of work where we are collaborating with other companies and creating virtual pieces that can accompany our mainstage work and use it to reach out and to community and the way. >> the the th marsh, in san francisco and
6:42 pm
berkeley, seized demand for its growing library and virtual performances created over the past year. >> it was this an credible combination of film make life performance. and so, a performance was the perfect genre for it, for what i call the digital black box. >> live theater will return, but -- >> a nice looking spread. >> virtual shows will go on. david libby, abc 7 news. >> theater is great in any form. well, enjoy this cooler weather. while you can. it won't last much longer. it won't last much longer. sp if you have risk factors like heart disease, diabetes and raised triglycerides,... ...vascepa can give you something to celebrate. ♪ vascepa, when added to your statin,... clinically proven to provide 25% lower risk from heart attack and stroke. vascepa is clearly different. first and only fda approved.
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>> a favorite condiment is celebrating its 50th anniversary. the video is still a family owned and operated company. reporter eric from our sister station in los angeles has the inside story. >> whether you edit it to popcorn or an enchilada, the hot sauce is a household name in many latino homes. they are salivating the 50th anniversary. >> it was absolutely my mom's initial recipe. my father would take it to work everyday and his coworkers loved the hot sauce. then, after the and closed
6:46 pm
where he worked at, he decided to open up the business and start selling it in the local area. the east los angeles area. >> he says his father started the small family business in 1971. in started with a five ounce sized bottle. >> when my father started the company and he longed the product, it was mainly for hispanics. it was something to give the flavor of home to their meals. little by little, the products started growing. >> fast-forward 50 years later, their headquarters are located in vernon. they make about 200,000 bottles a day. and export globally to nearly 30 countries. they have also partnered up with other big brand names and have expended their product line. >> but then, the military start requesting the product and our serviceman overseas, they love it. so we came out with the little packets. >> they pay homage to their home state of mexico. the natives are called -- for their 50th anniversary, they are launching special products that will be sold online in the
6:47 pm
community events to celebrate. >> one of the biggest commitments is that we are celebrating 50 years and we arae still a family run business. >> in vernon, eric. abc 7 news. >> our weather is getting favorable also. >> speaking of hot. it will be my caliente. very caliente. let's take a look at what is going on. our air quality will be pretty good tomorrow and thursday. despite the approaching heatwave. so come enjoy the good air quality while we have it. how did we get so far into this? i will start back at the top were meant to. okay. that is the seven-day forecast all right. overnight, we will see increasing low clouds and fog pushing from the coast across the bay, locally inland, spotty drizzle is likely as well near the coast and bay. the early morning hours. we will have mainly sunny skies for the remainder of the day. overhead those would mainly in the mid-to upper 50s in high tomorrow will range from mid- 60s of the coast to lower mid- 70s right around the bay
6:48 pm
shoreline to upper 70s and low 80s inland. a mild day tomorrow, but a very warm one. then, we will have this big warm-up coming our way starting on saturday with inland highs in the upper 90s and the same range of highs on saturday and sunday and going into early next week. so, hot weather is on the way. original due but the good air quality. now, let's have accuweather seven-day forecast from saturday through next tuesday. looking for inland highs to be in the upper 90s to around 100 degrees. we will see low or maybe even some mid-80s around the bay shoreline and low to mid-60s on the coast. but, the next few days, before the arrives, will be quite tolerable. >> sound like it. thanks. very much. abc 7 is here with the warriors tonight. >> a lot of anticipation. what would happen with the ping- pong balls? the warriors are hoping to move up in the draft lottery, and they did. it wasn't far enough. speaking of far enough, the a's speaking of far enough, the a's unloading early and
6:49 pm
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>> good evening. for two decades, the draft lottery was like christmas morning for warriors fans. we got the number one pick. it is joe smith. bummer. tonight, the warriors had a chance to land to lottery pics. ended up with their own pick, which was number 14 in round
6:52 pm
one, and minnesota selections as part of the d'angelo russell trade, which turned out to be seventh. not fourth. this is not what they were hoping for. >> i think we will look at it, it can still be involved. there is no shirt way to weigh in on their thoughts and weand will welcome those. we always do. if there is something that makes sense for them and for us, we will do it. but, again, it depends. you don't really know what those pics are worth. as least trade was, until it gets probably at least a week out. maybe two from the grab would if we can do some, we will. if not, we will craft. hopefully, that will help us where we end up. talk about myers, trying to look positive, but disappointed. we will see what staff claims to weigh in on. these are encouraging photos here with thompson working out of chase center. is coming off two years of rehab following acl surgery and a torn achilles. rocking the headband from semi pro. best thing about these pictures quickly is off the ground. he is taking jump shots in this
6:53 pm
little baby hook. you know he cannot wait to get back on the fourth. onto baseball. a three-game losing streak has dropped the a's out of first place again behind the astros and al west as they took the field tonight. oakland and their damage early and often this evening. in texas, these game on youtube tonight, of course, the fan base, really loves not. the a's come off to a great start. chapman, a two run homer, dead center. is not of the season. to nothing, a's come a flash. later in the first place is loaded for x ranger, and a set of the middle from larry, both score 4-0 a's. in the second, the keep adding on laureano. high defense. aloha. 2-1 homer. they open up a cushion right now. is 9-2, athletics in the fifth for the giants will play angels tonight in anaheim. san jose earthquake little soccer at orlando fc. all orlando in the first half, looks at why benji right here, the goal is okay, look at
6:54 pm
celebration. this is more impressive than the goal. in the backflip. he sticks it. then what happened. i will tell you. bob spencer, not the only one who can rock the espanola. okay. in other words, they were blamed by lightning. and, i want to thank luis because i only rehearse that with her about half an hour. tom brady is getting ready for the gulf exhibition known as the match. along with his playing partner phil nicholson. the thing about brady, he posted this video that shows not only is he the goat in the nfl, but a master on social media. >> bryson. this is for you. erin, this one is for you. >> real or fake? real or fake video?
6:55 pm
>> i will say real. >> there is no way he makes three of these in a row. i don't know who does this video. but, i looked at this first on my phone and it was so small, and kind of grainy. there is got to be -- >> once you get the line, you can, if you -- >> you think that's real? >> i think it could be real. what he had the line, you can put it >> i think tommy had somebody dug, i think there is a little cgi, something going on there. that is why he is the go. right? sports on abc 7 sponsored by the little rock casino. so come with a little comedic three in a row. >> i don't want to say i can do, but it could be done, certainly. >> somebody could do it. >> i'm saying you might be i would be surprised. let me ask you before you go, about the draft. this whole weird, these machinations, they are number seven. number 14. they want better. i mean, it is, they are not happy. but, it wasn't a disaster. >> the funny thing is bob having to deal with the media afterward.
6:56 pm
i've seen suspects under interrogation that had better personality. it was just like we are going to look at the toothpicks and see what we can get for them. >> hardly contain. >> his joy was, if you speared >> thanks. >> coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it is a goldbergs. home economics. the conard's and blackish. that is followed by the truth tr at 10:00 and thomas abc 7 news at 11 a clock. you can watch all of our newscast live and on-demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app that is available for apple tv, android tv, and some fire tv and roku. and let the app now she can start streaming. that is going to do it for this edition of the abc 7 news. thank you so much for joining us. >> spencer christian. larry, skeptical about tom brady. and all of us here, we appreciate your time. have a great evening, we will see you again tonight.
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