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mind and got quite a show. called the dolphin stampede. scientists are not sure why, but they might be race to catch up to prey or trying to avoid predators, chasing or fleeing. either way it was quite spectacular. and that's "nightline" and watch all of our full episodes on hulu. thanks for staying up with us. good night america.
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people were let out of
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jails and prisons during the pandemic. now the district attorney says her backlog of cases is too long. and with water restrictions in the south bay, that could be changing. i'll explain what the rules are in my we estimate there are about 12,000 cases that are pending and we've seen this big up pick in violent crime. it's a daunting number. 12,000 pending criminal cases. alameda county's district attorney tells us tonight she can't keep up with the backlog created by the pandemic. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beal.
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good evening, the district attorney spoke about what this means. >> we've seen a big up tick in crime. especially violent crime. >> reporter: but the district attorney o' malley tells me she's having a hard time getting suspects into court. >> the court system during pandemic shut down. >> reporter: that means she's dealing with a backlog of of of 12,000 cases. before the pandemic it wasmore like 8,000. >> it's nearly impossible. >> reporter: even though courts are starting to open up, o' malley tells me she's dismissing cases. >> it's contrary to what we do which is seek justice. >> we're dealing with chaos is what we're dealing with. >> reporter:
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supports o' malley and says that the cases were reduced due to the pandemic. >> you could go to jail for 6 to 8 hours and you could steal another car and steal another car and you could just keep doing that. >> reporter: not not not not no east bay law sympathetic. they say it's incumbent on o' malley. >> the arrest of 20 murders so far this year took 1,000 weapons off the streets last year. and what i would ask for the other elements of the criminal justice system is to find a way to do their job. >> do you think alameda county isless safe right now because your office can't prosecute the way it would like to. >> no i do believe that that th
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enforcement is paying attention. >> kate larson. bay area law enforcement says the help can't come soon enough. >> we have an opportunity to come together now. as democrats and republicans. as fellow americans to fulfill the first responsibility of government on our democracy. to keep each other safe. president biden's plan is to crack down on gun dealers who break the law. redirect billions of dollars in covid relief funding to help local police departments and invest in community intervention programs. >> as we emerge from this pandemic with the country opening back up again, the crime will be pronounced than it used to be. >> reporter: they met with president biden emphasizing the needs support. >> what can keeps me up at night knowing there's a potential harm to both police officers as well as community
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members. these resources i believe will help get guns off the streets and make our streets safer and hopefully help me rest at night. >> president biden's plan also includes expanding summer job students for young adults. if you're ready action and make the community better, go to and san francisco would be the first california city to make vaccination mandatory. two types of covid-19 vaccines are linked to rare cases of heart inflammation in young people. the cases of miocarditis
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occurred in people between the ages of 12 and 31. they plan to add a warning on those vaccines about the risk. however experts say the risk of covid is much higher than the miocarditis. >> the risk is extremely small. it is on the order of a few dozen at most per million doses of vaccines. >> reporter: maldonado says people are more likely to get heart inflammation from covid than the vaccines. the same cdc advisory panel says there's not enough evidence to enforce recommending booster shots for now. they did not find that they the will benefit the the vaccine wanes. lawns could go brown, cars
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may stay dirty. >> reporter: new drought rules say this kind of car washing is not allowed for san jose customers like this one but the rules just went into place so many are just learning about them. >> we ask that people not wash their car in the driveway. that they go to a commercial car wash that uses recycled water or just let your car be dirty for a while. >> reporter: with the new rules lawn watering like this is now limiting to two days a week. no more than 15 minutes and not guilty between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. serena cullar says she hopes that people listen. >> i hope so but then again, you can't fix stupidity or common sense you can't the teach it. >> reporter: but at this point there's no points to be given. it's an honor code system
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unless the upmc decides otherwise something that could come in the next few months. >> as we go into september we will have to consider the risk of penalties. >> reporter: they could receive information from the water company if someone were to turn them in. something that cuellar says she's not totally against. >> i know and love all of our neighbors and i think we all feel the same way. but i would not hesitate call the nonemergency number on someone watering their lawn on a hot day. >> reporter: housing complexes are the ones that need to take this seriously. he's saved some thousands of dollars but some continue to waste. >> i'm up 5:30 a.m. and i see water storming town the drains and that's not acceptable. >> reporter: juan carlos tells me he believe this is year will be similar to what we saw in 2015 when we started hearing that saying that brown is e
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new green. in the south bay, j.r. stone abc 7 news. petaluma city officials are ramping up efforts to reduce water consumption by 25%. the city council approved mandatory restrictions this week including restaurants, serving water only upon request. they respect going to be the water police but people can now also face fines of up to $1,000 for violations. nearly all of the bay area are seeing exceptional drought conditions. meteorologist sandhya patel has a water drought. >> and it's going to get worse by the day. and you can see there's shades of red. when you take a look at the rainfall. santa rosa averages 36 inches
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of rain only getting a third of that 12.86. take a look at the drought monitor around the state. it's not much better here either. it's really extreme to exceptional. i'll be back to let you know about a little glimmer of hope. it's not going to help the drought but it certainly will add a little moisture to the fuels that coming up a little later. you can beat the heat by tracking the temperatures any time. on our live temperature tracker wherever you do your streaming. a chp pursuit ends in a crash on a busy bay area freeway. it start with a shooting here from the driver who was targeted, hear from the driver who was targeted. and shocking allegations. what britney spears reveals as she fighting to get control of her fortune and her life. first a look at what's
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coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> let's make some time tonight for us. >> the interesting thing is when you've been zooming as long as we've all been zooming right. when you finally see somebody it's amazing how much bigger you are in person.
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other serious side effects include potential heart rhythm problems and abnormal movements. shift the focus more on you. ask your doctor about ingrezza. it's simple. one pill, once-daily. #1 prescribed for td. learn how you could pay as little as $0 at new details about a pursuit that ended in a three car crash today in freemont. the chp says officers were in pursuit of a suspect after a
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freeway shooting. police say that shooting over a traffic altercation was reported just after 4:30 this afternoon on southbound 880 in hayward. the victim who did not want to be identified says he's fine but he was shaken up. >> there was a black i believe it was a kia. just driving all over the road. he just went to the side, i went to a different lane. then he went to the side and shot through the passenger side and after that, he just took off. >> after the crash the suspect was arrested. he's facing several charges including attempted murder. he and victims in the crash were treated for minor injuries. new developments the effort to recall governor newsom is on. the secretary of state affirmed today that petitioners collected enough signatures. philman tear explains how he thinks it will play out. >> reporter: currently governor newsom sits pretty well.
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the question is what's going to happen over the summer? we still have a fire season and we still have the threat of rolling blackouts and as you know, violence and homelessness in california is still on the rise. so all those things could be working against him with time. >> an exact date for the recall hasn't been set but it will happen sometime this fall. at least 50 people have already said they will run. the last time california recalled a governor was in 2003 and we put together a documentary about that called total recalled. you will find it on our abc 7 bay area app available to download with amazon fire tv and roku. the creator of mcafee has died. john mcafee was found his cell in barcelona. a spanish court had issued a preliminary ruling in favor of extraditing him to the u.s. a cause of death has not
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released. he founded mcafee associates in 1987. he left the company in 1994 and has not had involvement in the company for years. britney spears was released from her conservatoryship. in an emotional court hearing, spears asked conservatorship to end. >> reporter: she's one of the world's best known pop stars. but fans have heard little britney spears in recent years. today she was seen speaking passionately to a judge. spears going on to say i'm not happy. i can't sleep. i'm so angry it's insane.
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and i'm depressed. spears talks about being threatened and being forced to perform. she blames her family singling out her father for not protecting her. >> she's a celebrity but she's still a human being. she need to be heard. >> reporter: but they allow her to go out and make millions of dollars and perform but then they say you can't handle your life. >> reporter: britney's father jamie spears became the conservator of her $16 million estate after his daughter's behavior became erratic. the singer famously captured on video after shaving off her blond locks at a barber shop. during one of her most emotional revelations in court spears says i have an iud inside of me so i don't get pregnant. i wanted to take the iud out so i could start having another baby but the so called team does not want me to take it out
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because they don't want us have a baby. and justin timberlake spoke out. no woman should ever be restricted from making decisions about her own body. the superior court judge told spears she has to to to formal. >> she's certainly been through a lots that for sure. moving on to the pore cast now. mild for now ama buts but but that is going to change. >> yeah, sandhya what's coming our way. >> yeah, heat is coming our way. i have to tell you it's not going to be any where as intense as last week. ama and larry let me show you the conditions earlier tonight from our mount tam cam. that's the marine layer just so healthy coming in. that's what's been keeping our
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temperatures in check from the 50s to the 80s. as that becomes shallower we're going to experience some hot weather. not to worry it's not going to become extreme here but elsewhere it will be. gray skies right along the coastline. the area of low pressure that's been spinning off our coast has been keeping us in this mild muggy pattern also bringing us the drizzle expect it again tomorrow morning. also drew up some monsoon moisture resulting in some thunderstorms. we're keeping an eye on this low because there is going to be a thunderstorms threat from the northern portion of the state all the way across the sierra nevada. with thunderstorms around this time with the land being so parched with the dry conditions concern about fires. all right this is just for our director curt who requested the buoy temperature i'm back in the studio. nice to see you. 55 degrees the water temperature. when you have a south wind that's what makes it even muggier. seeing a lovely view. morning clouds and drizzle. mild and breezy in the
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afternoon. slight chance of thunder and it is going to be heating up inland. tomorrow morning at 5:00 you see a little bit of green there that's drizzle. if you're commuting between 5 and 8:00 a.m. watch out for that drizzle. we'll be watching the sierra nevada where showers and thunderstorms will develop and some of the dry lightning is a concern. temperatures in the morning in the 50s and 60s. a few damp spots due to the drizzle. afternoon highs will look like this. another mild one inland. mid-80s in places like antioch, fairfield. 63 half-moon bay. 69 oakland. 71 degrees in santa cruz. excessive heat watch goes up saturday afternoon through monday night. risk of heat, illnesses for parts of lake and mendecino county where temp temperattempt could be as high as 86 degrees. 106 palm springs.
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it's going to be hotter this weekend on sunday. 111 degrees medford. 116 in palm springs. accu weather 7 day forecast we're going with morning clouds and drizzle. slight chance of an isolated thunderstorms in the north bay. slight meaning 20% or less. mid-90s to low 100s for the weekend. low 60s coast side. we will have hot weather but not expecting any extreme here in the bay area. larry and ama. like director curt i was also concerned about the buoy temps. so now that you're back in here i can rest. ama you too i'm sure. >> yeah i feel so much better. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen...
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outdoor dining. california avenue will close to traffic through september. b . a.r.t. is adding trains for after san francisco giants games starting this friday. four special event trains will leave the embarcadero station each with limited stops. the giants are taking on the oakland a's in the bay bridge series. we had history made today. we also had agony. tracy pratt here with sports. >> the giants and angels made history. the cardinals one out from keeping
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tomorrow as the u.s. reopens, head out with good
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morning america. sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. get this, baseball has been around for 152 years giants-angels the angels used their dh when the giants didn't. those are nasty splitters he finished with 9 ks. otani on the mound. and connects with a solo homer to right. that would be the only run that otani allowed in this game. and to make matters worse the ball gets away and he has to try to make it home on a bad leg, oh no. he's eventually thrown out at the plate. it's a right knee injury. bell will be under going an mri. so we go to the 13th and it was lucky for the giants.
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the flood gates open the giants end up winning this one 13. and the rangers 2-0 texas when shawn murphy absolutely tattooed a ball to center. that's power. his 10th of the year the a's making it interesting late. matt chapman with a deep single to right center. that's going to be the go ahead run and the a east take a 3-2 lead. the rangers would take it right back in the 8th. garcia clobbers his second home run of the game. the a's fall 5-3. college world series stanford and vanderbilt, loser go home. brock jones from stanford that's stash strength. deep to right and gone. one run game in the bottom of the 9th. stanford needs one to stay alive. enrique bradford jr. the tying run scores and vandy is pumped.
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oh no. so now the season hangs in the balance. pressure is on. back airmails the pitch. spencer jones comes home. knocks out stanford. an amazing season for the cardinal though. eastern conference finals. full crowd inside and outside. under forto play in the 4th. trey young floats it in. give 48 atlanta down 5. 34 second left. clint capella with the rebound to give the hawks the 1 point lead. 4 second left. bucks down three. chris middleton for the tie. no. hawks take game one 116-113 the final. final. this abc 7 sports report up here, success depends on the choices you make. final. this abc 7 sports report but i know i've got this. and when it comes to controlling his type 2 diabetes, my dad's got this, too. with the right choices, you have it in you to control your a1c and once-weekly trulicity may help. most people taking trulicity reached an a1c under 7%.
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and thank you so muchmuchmuh
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own affairs. and christian law tells abc news that she has the right to make at least some decisions. >> i think even if the court believes that the conservatorship is in some way needed to protect britney, i do think she should have the right to decide who is in control, and she doesn't want her dad in control and even if her dad has done a fantastic job, her right, her desire should be honored in removing the dad. >> most legal experts agree, adding it will take some time before the judge makes a decision. so researchers say a truly massive shark is making its way up the atlantic coast. they might need a bigger boat on this one. >> they say praya is on the move and has been seen off the coast of new jersey, long island, and ma that's vineyard. over the past several days. her stats are impress ig. over 12 feet long and weighs over 880 pounds. >> first tagged in march ver north carolina and expected to
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continue north through the summer and the fall. it's a really interesting name. fraya. it either means noble woman, or hungry woman. >> which is fitting because if you're wondering why she is going north, it is because she is searching for food. >> all right. and coming up, why a bar agreed to accept monopoly money. >> plus, taking reality tv to a whole new level. the summer crop of new tv shows that could make the bachelor look like mr. rogers. but first, the latest addition to the las vegas strip, opening tonight. you're watching "world news now."


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