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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 25, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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breaking news, a man jumps out of a plane [ birds chirping ] oh. oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. enjoy family. enjoy. he looks smaller in person. i heard that.
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all the rain, wind and smoke here in surf side florida is not stopping emergency crews. their desperate search for survivors far from over. >> 17 whales have washed ashore in the bay area, the latest here at the shoreline. what wildlife experts think is going on. >> the giants go against the a's. and for the first time since the pandemic, no capacity limits here at oracle park. >> abc 7 news at right now. breaking news from los angeles international airport where a sky west passenger pounded on a cockpit t t t t t
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get in. he jumped on to the emergency slide. sky west says all this happened as the plane was taxing to the runway for a flight to salt lake city. that man was treated for injuries and taken to the hospital. nobody else on board was hurt. just last night also at l.a.x. a driver smashed through a gate at the airport leading police on a chase over two runways this as planes were taking off and landing. airport police cornered the vehicle taking the man into custody. now to a big night in the bay area. oracle park hosted the largest local gathering since the pandemic started. the bay bridge series. good evening and thank you for joining us i'm ama daetz. >> thousands of fans packed the
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stands with no restrictions. >> reporter: tonight was all about all the firsts. the first time since the pandemic that oracle park was almost at capacity with almost 37,000 fans. >> are you excited? >> yeah. i'm excited for the giants to win. >> it's kind of crazy. it's like they made it like that because it's the battle of the bay. >> reporter: first time vaccinations were not checked but this a's fan got vaccinated just in case. >> are you telling me you got vaccinated to be able to go to the game. >> i did. i did exactly. and only to do that actually. >> as you can see giant's and a's and no social distancing today. >> reporter: masks no longer required but recommended for those who are not fully vaccinated. >> done with the mask. >> i think that's good. >> i think we're ready for it. >> i know we're ready for it in san francisco. >> the first time these a's fans forgot how cold san
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francisco is. >> you're an a's fan and you don't have a sweater. >> i'm cold, i'm cold, i had to buy a sweater. >> reporter: even with 70% of san francisco's fully vaccinated and almost a packed stadium after a year of social distancing and safety guidelines this is a hard transition. ruben solano is holding on to his mask. >> i'm feeling okay, i mean it might be a little bit early. but better to be safe than sorry. >> reporter: over all today was all about gratefulness. several families sitting together after over a year to enjoy the ball game. >> we're happy to be here. my parents are alive. they made it through. i made it through. i'm happy to be here. i love the camera guy, i love you. like i'm happy to be out about. >> in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> nice to see people out and smiling again. having fun. dave kapler is in his second year as a manager.
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this is his first game nearly a house. up north a historic and potentially heat wave is about to grip southern numerous cities will break high temperatures. >> right now i'm currently outlooking for portable air- conditioning units. i've been all over trying to search for those units. it is going to be hot for a lot of folks this weekend. >> yeah, let's get right to abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel for the very latest. >> reporter: it is going to be dangerous and obviously we're talking about a historic event that could set all time records in the pacific northwest. i want to show you this set up. it's an area of high pressure
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that's over toward vancouver, pushing in toward the pacific northwest that's going bring the heat. millions of people up and down the west coast under heat warnings, excessive heat watch. over this weekend a dangerous heat wave could cause ca lives. the only area under the excessive heat warning is lake county. we have a warning for mendecino county. temperatures will be from the low 100s to 110 degrees. risk of heat illnesses is there. i'll be back to let you know exactly how hot in our area coming right up. ama, larry. all right, thank you sandhya. in the east bay tonight a dead whale is stuck in a rocky beach next to a neighborhood. the caucus washed on shore on saturday. we spoke to neighbors about this very large and smelly problem. >> reporter: it's been floating around the bay for a month.
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>> when we came upon it it stopped us in our tracks. we couldn't see it but definitely smelled it. >> reporter: its decomposing body now camouflaged along the rocks. >> it's kind of sad. >> reporter: denise richardson came to see it for herself. >> i've never actually seen a whale close up. even though it's not alive. i wanted to see it and see if i could figure out what caused ca to die. >> to see a wild creature like that it does take us out of ourselves and realize that it's just, it's just not human beings. >> reporter: the marine mammal center ha not performed a necrophys on this whale. but malnutrition, entanglement and trauma from ship strikes are the most common causes of
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death. >> they're hoping the will wash back out. >> they believe the best thing is for the whale to decompose naturally which that process can take up to 30 days. >> reporter: which is not necessarily what neighbors want to see. >> it's obviously very concerning because it obviously stinks. and we spend a lot of time in the water here. we wind surf, we swim. we stand up paddle with our kid. i don't actually know if this is going to start falling into pieces and floating around. >> reporter: for now, they will tape off the whale to keep it safe. >> reporter: in florida, the search and rescue mission is going on into the night. 159 people remain unaccounted for after a condominium tower collapsed almost four hours
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ago. reena roy in south side where familys are waiting to learn the fate of loved ones. >> reporter: a tireless search mission for any signs of life in what's left of this front condo. teams of rescuers working through the night. at least four have pronounced dead. sonar and search dogs have been searching. >> as long as they have encouraging sounds like the knocking sounds that they have heard we will continue. >> reporter: with wind, pouring rain, smoke and hot spots risking their own lives in
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hopes of saving others. >> small fires have taken place. they haven't stopped searching and they will continue to do so. >> reporter: family members waiting for word of their loved ones. >> kiss your mother, kiss your father, because you don't know when the last time you will see them. >> we're praying every minute. we're hopeful that she's there alive and we're going to see her soon. be able to hold her hand and kiss her. >> reporter: still the cause of the collapse a mystery. >> further investigation will be very critical to understand what was at the root of this. >> reporter: abc news has requested all public records on the building but so far the town of surf side has not released them. in surf side, florida i'm reena roy, for abc 7 news. derek chauvin was sentenced to 22-1/2 years in prison for the murder of george floyd. the sentence comes more than a
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year after a viral video live streamed the former minneapolis police officer pressing his knee on to floyd's knee for over 8 minutes. his father was allowed to speak. >> if you could see anything to your father what would it be? >> it would be i miss you and i love him. >> chauvin is expected to appeal. he's also facing federal civil rights charges as well as three other offices that were there when floyd was murdered. san jose school district has announced they will not have police on campus starting this school year. the board voted 7-2 ending the the superintendent says they're reworking their
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plans. a very small number of young adult and teens who were recently vaccinated recorded having mild the board found the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks. plus watch your drink. where police are warning tourists of a serial spiker. >> and get prepared. several north bay cities are told
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pride month and while san francisco will not host their usual parade because of the pandemic there are certainly celebrations going on. abc 7 was at san francisco's dolores park for the so bootleg transmarch. the official march was stopped because of the pandemic. cornell bernard has a look at the scaled back events this year. >> reporter: pride is showing again in san francisco and it's feeling really good to keelan fowler. >> pride is feeling less restrained. it's feeling free. we're getting back to the hobt that we do what we love. >> reporter: hundreds showed up at the transfair. the community back together again in person. >> oh my good it's so nice to see each other without our masks on. see each other's smile and share love and support with each other. this is a great day and a great
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way to kick off pride weekend. >> happy pride everybody. >> reporter: everything you need to show the love is being sold. harry's bar and restaurant manager porter is busy weekend. no pride parade again this weekend. >> we're expecting it to be a big party. that's what we're expecting it to be this year. >> reporter: merchants association president samari says things are looking brighter. >> we still have a lot of empty store fronts but some of them have being filled by new ventures and businesses. >> reporter: the tavern is ready for pride after it almost disappeared. saved by the community and a go fund me campaign which raised more than $20,000. >> we had a rough time
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it's looking a lot brighter. >> pride is still here francisco. >> reporter: on saturday a street pair is planned in the castro. there's already talk about next year's pride. perhaps bigger and better than ever. in san francisco, cornell bernard. abc 7 news. president biden formally recognized pride month at a white house ceremony today. >> look our presence here this afternoon makes a simple strong statement. pride is back at the white house. >> reporter: the president called on congress to pass a proposal known as the equality act which would amend the 1964 protection for lgbtq individuals. he also marked a memorial at
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the pulse facility. south lake tahoe police are telling people to keep an eye on their drinks. investigators are looking into multiple reports of people consuming spiked drinks and some of them have ended up in the hospital. until the police figure out who is doing this they say the community is really taking measures to protect themselvesless. we found some women who were celebrating a bachelorette party and other. >> we will probably just order our own drinks. >> keep a lid on your drink and never leave your drink unattended. pg & e is advising some napa county towns to expect nor frequent planned outages this summer. there's a high concentration of
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increasing the likelihood of ps outages. it's going to be heating up around here. >> here's sandhya with the forecast. >> get ready for upper 90s in our hottest inland valleys and places like calistoga will be approaching100 degrees at times. the risk is going to be increasing for inland areas of getting illnesses so if you're in any of the inland areas area careful. stay hydrated. our air quality will begin to decline for parts of the bay area. right now sfo cameras showing you the fog. good to moderate air quality tomorrow. as that heat is building you do start to see more moderate for both days on saturday and sunday. we've had some good air quality lately. temperatures will begin to rise quickly inland. you will notice by 1:00 already in the mid- to upper 90s where those excessive heat warnings and heat advisories are
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thenumngup way to the upper here's a look thheat coast we'll be looking at record heat. 107 in portland, 106 in medford. 113 palm springs. look at those temperatures. they soar on sunday 114 in medford. 115 degrees in palm springs. that's dangerous, excessive and obviously could cause lives so something that is concerning. live doppler 7 showing you fog pushing in over parts of the east bay. visibility is coming down. be careful if you have early plans. temperatures in the 50s and 6 os for most of you. it's a foggy one. we are looking at morning fog and drizzle followed by a cooler day on sunday. so hour by hour we go. the fog begins the morning we go into the afternoon and it
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hangs tough. and then tomorrow night into sunday, we do start to see some drizzle. it's already starting to get a little misty around daily city with some fog tonight. temperatures tomorrow morning, 50s, 60s as we head into the afternoon hours in the south bay it's going to be warm. gilroy 91 degrees. 82 san jose. 80 in santa clara. 80 in redwood city. low 60s right near the coast. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. you'll still have a breeze and some fog along the coast to keep you in the 60s here. but triple digits in clover port. 90 in santa rosa. # 4 in oakland. head inland and it's cooking. 91 degrees in livermore. accu weather forecast the heat strikes inland. a little cooler on sunday. low to mid-60s at the coast. i think just a good reminder.
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stay vigilant. high heat danger this time of year and stay hydrat
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lucalandia bars hosted an
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art exhibit weekend. art works highlight lgbtq political artists and vendors and include photography and woodblock prints. the series titled # stop asian hates and protect our street vendors. very cool. >> yeah we showed everybody the fans in the stands at oracle park at giant's and a's. how about the game highlights the most important thing right. >> what there was a game? >> yes there was a game. and chris alvarez is going to tell us about it. >> coming up the bay series rivalry renewed. and it was a good one. it wa
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for the first time since bruce bochy's final game as manager in 2019, bay bridge game without restrictions. top three based loaded for matt olsen and johnny cueto gets him to fly out to center. runner on for crawford and the bay area kid comes through. wilmer florez is going to score and it's 1-0. top of the 5th. cueto against olsen again and a high fast ball. shawn manaya pitching good as well. 7 strike outs. cueto goesseven innings striking out six. giants add insurance.
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solo homer gets just out of the yard in front of 136,000 fans. giants win 2-0. 11 shut out of the season. they're a league best over all. >> excellent performance and as expected johnny i think drew on the energy of the fans in the ballpark. and particularly as the game matured seemed like the fans were more and more influential and energizing. >> just had a tough time stringing an inning together with him and he gets on a role. he gets a lot of confidence. he's tough guy to deal with. >> game 7 of the eastern conference finals. islanders and the defending stanley cup champions tampa bay lightning. second period shorthanded but nobody picks up johnny guord. tampa bay andre. you see the reaction there. stopped all 18 shots he faced. lightning win 1-0. they look to defend their their their their
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we did it week's over. thanks for >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- owen wilson, betty gilpin, and music from spice featuring sean paul and shaggy. and now, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hello. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us here in southern california, where, as of today, we are open for business. we are officially now at 100% capacity. no capacity limits, no distance requirements. everywhere you go. in fact, the only place that isn't open for business is our show. i'm still doing jokes for


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