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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  June 27, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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the spirit of pride is alive. how this weekend's celebrations are bringing a much needed boost to local businesses. good morning, everybody. it's sunday, june 27th. this is abc 7 news at 9:00 a.m. live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. i'm liz kreutz. let's start with the weather with lisa argen. so much of the west in a heat wave. >> our surface temperatures are cool. on top of mount diablo it is 88 degrees. look at this. the low clouds and fog reaching all the way inland. actually the temperature has warmed since 5:55 this morning
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in the upper elevations are at the lower elevations the cloud deck stacked along the california coast. up to the north, still extreme heat that will peak today. to the north of us, there's a look at mount tam. 59 in oakland. 56 in the city. we've had coastal drizzle. low 60s in san jose. a sunny shot of the east bay where numbers coming down 2 to 4 degrees. 65 in fairfield. a southwesterly wind allowing for a better breeze there. 61 in navado. a look at the current advisories through tonight through tuesday for lake county for lake port and lower lake. temperatures well above 100 degrees. as for today, 70s and 80s by noontime. 60s at the coast. breezy to the low 90s inland. we'll talk about the warmth. the summertime outlook for june and july coming up. this is the final weekend for pride and while there's no parade in san francisco this year, there are plenty of ways to celebrate. take a look in the distance.
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city hallanight for pride. abc 7 news reporter luz pena was in the castro district where the celebrations got a boost. >> happy pride! >> reporter: pride spirit could be seen and felt throughout the castro. >> pride is my favorite time of year. my birthday and then pride. >> what does this weekend mean? >> just being yourself. >> reporter: dress to impress. >> we've been locked up for so long. the fact we're out and about acting like idiots it's everything. i love it. the parade's not here but we're still here. >> reporter: yes for the second time in a row the pride parade was canceled. but inside the castro theater which opened for the first time since the pandemic, many lined up to celebrate differently. watching an lgbtq film. the pride celebration is helping many business owners recover from the pandemic. ab district had to shut down. >> there were like about i
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would say about 8 businesses that they opened up during the pandemic and they're doing okay. we're asking all the neighbors and everyone to come and support them. >> reporter: and thankful for the influx of customers. >> we're getting a lot of fuel coming in here which is cool. >> reporter: that level of community support is exactly what brought troy coleman back to san francisco this weekend. >> this is in honor of my husband who passed a i way in october so tonight i am the widow sparkle. >> reporter: surrounded by friends, troy decided this is how he wanted to celebrate his late husband. during pride weekend in the city. and at the place where they went on their first date. >> pride was and is the biggest day of the year to us. it was our christmas, our valentine's, every holiday rolled into one and we lived for it. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. happening today, a beloved annual san francisco summer
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tradition is celebrating pride. welcomes perfume genius who is headlining today's concert with san francisco native honey no hogny hosting. doors open at noon with the show starting at 2:00 this afternoon. reservations are required but it's free. you can just head to stern grove's website to register. tokeland is continuing pride celebrations. the indoor/outdoor space was filled with vendors, merchants and non-profits. organizers from oakland black pride say the goal is to bring people together after a tough pandemic year. >> it's reuniting our communities with one another and also like an economic shot in the arm. reigniting the economy because we haven't been able to do this in a while. >> oakland black pride is partnered with the city's parks and recreation department for several other events that will continue today, including a queer kick ball tournament and the slayers ball.
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tickets are available online. today is national hiv testing day. yesterday the oakland lgbtq community center set up free screenings along with covid-19 vaccines and blood pressure checks. attendees got to chance to learn more about a pilot program. it use as smartphone app to connect hiv patients with their healthcare team. you can find a collection of stories for pride month on the abc 7 bay area connected tv app available wherever you stream. let's get to that developing news out of florida this morning. in the last hour the mayor of miami dade county confirmed four additional bodies have been recovered in the rubble after the condo collapse. crews recovered additional human remains. so this means the confirmed death toll now stands at 9. four of them have been identified and their families have been notified. crews built a trench underneath the rubble which helped workers recover those victims. the mayor of surfside talked about concerns of the sister
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building the build that is nearly identical to the one that collapsed and nearby. it it was built by the same contractor around the same time with the same plans and most likely with the same materials. he said officials are providing relocation support for those living in that building. >> we determined that there was going to be support available so we have gone ahead and advised the condominium association that should they feel uncomfortable staying in that building given the circumstances that we have alternatives for them. not sure everybody's going to take advantage of that. that is the state of affairs right now. >> more than 150 people are still unaccounted for. we want to get over to abc news reporter faith abubey joining us live ofside, florida with the latest developments. good morning, faith. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, vanessa. crews in surfside have been working around the clock
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through that rubble. we just heard moments ago from officials that there are about six to eight squads in different parts of that rubble working through to try to get to as many people as possible and that this is very much still a rescue effort, not a recovery. more heart breaking news from surfside, florida where an apartment building collapsed. another body pulled from the wreckage. >> our top priority continues to be search and rescue. and saving any lives that we can. >> reporter: crews found additional human remains. but still, rescue teams remaindered to find any signs of life in the heaps of debris smoldering for days now. workers battling fires and heavy smoke. >> it's a lot to take in. it's the magnitude of it. it's the feeling when you're you know? it's very quiet. but it's just surreal. >> reporter: four victims now identified, including gladys and antonio lozano. 79 and 83 years old.
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both of them lived on the ninth floor. the archdiocese of miami holding a vigil saturday night. in a 2018 report, an engineer warned of major structural damage to the concrete below the pool deck. finding cracked columns in the underground parking garage. germs found another document with the city describing the everall concrete framing as being in good condition. >> there's so many things that could have contributed to the event that any one thing is going to be tough to pin down or eliminate completely from the possibilities. >> reporter: now concerns about its sister condo building nearby, built by the same people statement. >> i can't tell people that it's a safe building. i just, you know, given what we've seen happen here. >> reporter: there are still a lot of family members waiting to hear word about their loved ones. we've been hearing from
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officials that they've been briefing them several time as day trying to tell them as much as they can. crews continue to work through that wreckage. we heard from local officials who say they've raised about a million dollars for people who survived that tragedy here on thursday to try to help them with any emergency needs. in surfside, florida, faith abubey, abc news. liz. >> our hearts are with those families. thank you for that live report. on our website we have more on the people missing in the collapse and you can read their stories just, you know, it's just really sad to hear one after the next their stories each of them. you can read them on our home page right there is where the article is. back here at home a surfer is out of the hospital this morning after being attacked by a great white shark. this happened at gray whale cove state beach yesterday morning. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard spoke with emergency responders at the scene. >> yeah, that's crazy to hear someone got bit by a shark.
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>> reporter: beach goers reacting to the news a shark attack at gray whale state cove beach. posted signs say the beach is closed. first responders say a 39-year- old surfer was bitten. >> can the patient was bitten by a smaller great white shark and was able to swim to shore with assistance from bystanders. where they pulled them on to the beach and were able to start render care until the first responders got there. >> reporter: this shows paramedics on the beach treating the victim. the shark bit the surfer in the back of the right leg. causing a severe wound. >> lost about a pint of blood. >> reporter: that rescue was complicated due to the act fact it was too foggy and rescue helicopters couldn't land here. the victim had to be carried up the steep stairway and on to highway 1. almost a mile. estimates the great white shark was about 6 to 8 feet in length. >> the surfer did get a look at the shark. that's how he was able to
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identify that it was a younger great white. >> reporter: some brave folks waded into the surf, but others are staying on dry land. >> yeah, it's terrifying. great white shark. i've seen jaws. i know what they can do. yeah, crazy. >> just be out having a good time and there's a great white so definitely makes it a little more real when someone gets bit. >> reporter: clearly the shark attack not keeping many surfers out of the water here. authorities say shark attacks are rare but for now they urge caution for anyone going into the water off the san mateo county coast this weekend. in pacifica, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> very brave of those folks. hundreds of santa clara county frontline workers were honored at this weekend's earthquake's game.
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[ music ] >> at paypal park was the first sold out full capacity game in santa clara county since the start of the pandemic. the earthquakes gave out more than 500 complimentary tickets to covid heroes and members of the military. before kickoff there was a moment of silence to honor the victims of last month's vta shooting. let's get a check outside as we head to break. >> we're going to find -- try to find some sun for you. not here though. at the coast where numbers are in the upper 70s in santa cruz going to the upper 70s near 80 today. it's been sunny inland and temperatures in the upper elevations very warm. we have a cooldown on the way for today. but the rest of the week, minor ups and downs. we'll talk about it next. >> thank you. also ahead, ambushed by a gunman. how alameda county sheriff's deputies handled a life threatening situation. a brand new look at mars. find out what country released this new video of its latest
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♪ the east bay two times in the last month alameda county deputies have found themselves ambushed by an armed gunman. the latest incident happened very early yesterday in san lorenzo. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's department responded to a domestic violence call at 1:20 a.m. three deputies knocked on the door of a third floor unit at these apartments along ashland avenue in san lorenzo. a man answered the door and then slammed it shut. >> he then goes into the home, loads up a semiautomatic pistol and returns and then opens the door and begins to open fire on our deputies. >> reporter: they fired back. the sheriff's department says 21-year-old rocky ansola retreated. losing his weapon. he then surrendered. >> this is the second shooting
9:17 am
for us in the last couple months are our deputies have been ambushed where where the suspect has been lying in wait and the suspect has fired first in an attempt to kill our deputies at close range. we're talking within an arms length distance. something is going on in it our communities with the amount of violence. a lot of it involves our young people and young people are being quick to pick up a firearm. shoot at other people but more concerning shoot at law enforcement officers that who are just trying to do their jobs. >> reporter: the sheriff's department saying somehow no one was injured in the shootout. the deputies are on leave as is protocol. the suspect is in the santa rita jail and will face three counts of attempted murder on a police officer. in the east bay, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. new developments with the scott peterson case. his lawyers are claiming juror misconduct. they say one of the jurors did
9:18 am
not reveal she was beaten by her boyfriend while she was pregnant. peterson was convicted of killing his pregnant wife and sentenced to death. the state supreme court overturned the sentence and prosecutors have said if it there is a new trial that will not seek the death penalty. police in new mexico are investigating the deadliest balloon accident in the u.s. in five years. five people have died after the hot air balloon they were riding in crashed into power lines. >> they're on that side. they're on that side. i think they're on that side. the balloon just fell off, you guys. hit an electrical pole. >> reporter: police responded to a hot air balloon accident early saturday morning. >> we have a fire whe air ballo crashed. >> reporter: after hitting a power line, the gondola detached before crashing to the ground. >> going to be right in the middle of the intersection.
9:19 am
we do have both northbound and southbound lanes blocked. >> reporter: five people were riding in the balloon. two men and two women died at the scene, including the pilot. >> tragic situation. our officers who arrived first on scene had a tough time when they saw what they saw. these things are just horrible any time they happen. >> reporter: a fifth person was transported to the hospital where they later died. power was knocked out to about 13,000 homes but has since been restored. the balloon or the envelope as it's known eventually landed in a nearby backyard. authorities say it's unclear what led up to the crash. the faa and the ntsb will be joining the investigation. two investigators on their way to the scene. >> here sometimes winds kick up or things happen that make it difficult for balloons to navigate. we're not sure the cause of this at this point, obviously, the faa will look into this and determine what the cause was. fortunately fatal accidents are pretty rare. sometimes there's a tragedy
9:20 am
that can occur. that appears to be what happened today. fresh look at the red planet. mars. the china national space administration just released this footage captured by that country's mars probe. it showed the lander deploying a parachute before touching down on the planet's surface. china landed the spacecraft on mars for the first time in may. the country is the second to land and operate a spacecraft on mars after the u.s. to the north of us a historic heat wave is sweeping over the pacific northwest. under heat alerts with all time record highs possible. yesterday in portland they recorded their hottest day ever at 108 degrees. today the city could reach up to 112 degrees. seattle could also see scorching temperatures up to 30 degrees above normal. usually during this time of year washington and oregon see average highs in the 70s.
9:21 am
and lisa, we can't help but be so concerned by this. this is record breaking and also dangerous for so many people. >> right. the forecast models weren't even as hot as those numbers. they underestimatedheat and we're getting to the peak heat today. it's lasting longer. it's going to last through monday. so it was 101 yesterday in seattle overnight lows were in the low 70s. 73. that was a record for seattle. and we're going to see temperatures above 110 as we get into monday in the pacific northwest. here's a look at our marine layer which is obviously the source of our cooling, our natural air conditioner and it reached owl the way to our inland valleys. it's up and down the coast. california experiencing the usual low clouds and fog. up in the pacific northwest, nothing usual about that. looking at our camera, clouds moving quicker. they're here and they're going to retreat and come back quicker with gusty winds later
9:22 am
on today. 63 in mountain view. 56 downtown. mist and drizzle at the coast. mid50s at half moon bay. san jose where you can see the clouds stacked up there. 57 in santa rosa. a from our roof camera, southerly winds will allow for that cooldown to makes the temperatures anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees cooler over by the delta. that was a particularly hot spot yesterday. still. hot up to the north of us from lake county. cloudy at the coast with some drizzle this morning. breezy and not as hot inland today. looking at a summer-like pattern as we end june into july with some changes. they're not going to be huge changes. here's a look at today. 115, portland. 103 in seattle. 90s in sacramento. bit after cooldown there. look what happens into monday. 112 in seattle with 114 in portland.
9:23 am
that's on monday. a couple of days left of the heat. you can see how hot it is in extreme northern california. tuesday we're still at 111 in redding. finally getting into cooler weather as high pressure departs. as it departs we'll warm up a bit into tuesday. our low clouds and fog with us each and every day into later on tonight. mist and drizzle in the morning. then into your monday we'll be looking at temperatures once again from the 60s to the 90s. it's tuesday when we're looking at system offshore to depart and allowing for high pressure to build in. here's our sea breeze. 20 to 33 miles an hour today. it backs off into your monday. comes back into your monday afternoon. and with highs on monday in the low 90s, you know we still have sea breeze out there. little warmer on tuesday and by wednesday temperatures coming out of the 90s inland. look for 70 today in 79 in freemont. is down to 83 in santa rosa.
9:24 am
the seven day forecast. cooler today inland. little bit warmer through the next few days inland. not i by much. we'll cool off for etch as we get into the end of the workweek. typical summer-like pattern for us. >> we'll check in with you in a little bit. how bay area youth are using art to help make a statement against climate my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. what if you could push a button
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it's so simple you can order on a walk, at the beach, even over breakfast. and with fast, free delivery there's more time for the good stuff. shop america's #1 pet pharmacy. visit today. termite swarms may be in your area. and can cause an average of over $9,000 in damage and repair costs. protect your home with a free terminix inspection. call 1-833-nix-swarms today. the only way to nix it is to terminix it. e spreading a methg poce to climate change they're using murals to highlight issues impacting our country. the murals went up yesterday in it oakland. the group youth versus apocalypse is behind movement and they recruited middle and high school activists to paint
9:27 am
the artwork. one is pressuring power holders to divest from injuries that impact the planet. >> this is your future that's at stake. it's important that this has sort of been given to us. we have to really save our future and this is part of that looks like. >> youth versus apocalypse shot a music video focusing on freedom. it will be released on july 4th. still to come on abc 7 mornings, pride celebrations continue in san francisco today with drag icon juanita more. she's back with her highly anticipated in person party. this photo of a firefighter at the willow fire is going viral. we'll have a live interview with the public information officer to talk about the photo and why it is resinating with
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serena: it's my 3:10 no-exit-in-sight migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. serena: ask about ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us here on abc 7 news live on abc 7,
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hulu live and wherever you stream. we're going to start this half hour with another look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. it's a gray start in emoryville. temperatures around 70. a few degrees cooler than yesterday and that cooling trend will be with us in our inland valleys as well where it was so, so hot yesterday. the north bay not so lucky. north of santa rosa, still warm for you in cloverdale and clear lake. 56 in the city. 61 in san jose. here's where the sun is shining from san rafael up into novato at 63. 65 by the delta. a south wind allowing for temperatures to come down a few degrees today. some of the hot spots today and clear lake with a heat advisory and a heat warning right on through tuesday for lake county. temperatures here well over 100 degrees. the risk of heat-related illnesses will be with us for
9:31 am
the next several days. the clouds pull back but it's going to be breezy and cooler around. look at 1:00, upper 60s to near 70 in fremont. we do have about 60 in antioch. numbers staying in the mid to upper 80s in santa rosa today. >> thank you. it is the last weekend of pride month as we mentioned. while there is no parade in san francisco this year, there are plenty of events. abc 7 news was in the castro where the celebrations got a boost since there are no covid restrictions. the castro theater opened for the first time since the start of the pandemic. many lined up to watch an lgbtq film. >> the fact we're out and about acting like idiots, it's everything. i love it. the parade's not here, but we're all still here. >> pride is the biggest day of the year to us. it was our christmas, our valentine's, every holiday rolled into one and we always lived for it. >> pride celebrations are also helping businesses in the castro recover from the
9:32 am
pandemic. the castro merchant's association says about 30 businesses shut down in the last year. wouldn't be pride without juanita more's pride party. it will be be be be be reggie aqui talked about what's anticipated. >> your party is happening this year. how are you feeling about that? >> i'm so thrilled. i genuinely start planning this party a year in advance. right after the last one. last year that didn't happen. i kept waiting to see if we were going to be able to do it. that didn't really solid till about two months ago. that's when we all -- my team and i just dove in and try to figure out how to make it work, how to follow all the guidelines and make it feel safe. and we've really organized what i think is going to be a pretty amazing event. it's also been a non-profit event. >> uh-huh. >> with that event and other events that i've put my heart
9:33 am
into over the past 30 years we've raised over $900,000. >> wow. >> so i'm super excited. >> that is incredible. >> it's happening. >> we've posted all the details about juanita's [ music ] >> thousands took part in a pride march in mexico city. many say they wanted to honor the people who died due to violence and discrimination. some mexican states approved same-sex marriage less than a month ago. many others have not taken steps in direction. in europe thousands marched and danced in the streets in is full force celebrating being together once again. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, the warriors are hosting a pride pa about the topics impacting lgbtq communities. here is a live look outside
9:34 am
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the warriors are hosting a pride month panel in san francisco. the conversation will feature olympic medalist figure skater adam rippen. legislation exacting the lgbtq community and it starts at 11:00 this morning at the thrive city farmers market. okay, lisa. another check outside. >> well, liz, what's interesting is that the temperatures have been warming in the upper elevations this morning. we went from about 81 at 6:00 on top of mount diablo to 88. that doesn't translate to the temperatures at the surface. they're cool. we have mist and drizzle and a cooldown on the way. the battle of the bay goes to extra innings with the giants walking off the a's. chris alvarez has highlights an
9:37 am
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let's talk sports now. the bay bridge series wraps up this afternoon at third and king. the giants will be thsweep. cole irvin is slated to start for the a's. first pitch is 1:05. last night the giants walked off the a's in extra innings in a thriller. here's chris alvarez with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. with a win the san francisco giants become the first teem to 50 wins in all of baseball. the a's looking to stop that while adding to their win total of 46. this is a new look in the cove. how about barbecuing on the water. keep that fire contained. giants down 2-0. deep into right center. two-run blast. it's a 2-1 giants lead. nice catcby ou there. top six. two on for moreland. base hit into right field. matt olsen scores and we're
9:40 am
tied at two. two on, two out. hard grounder through the right side. jed lowry with a diving stop. that was a great play. inning over. no runs score. now runner on for matt chapman. extend his hitting streak to a career high 14 games. lodge at the catch by the e e e two-run blast. 4-2 oakland. giants down 4-3. donnie barrels gets all of that one. solo blast. tied at four. we go to the ninth. two on, two out. giants trying to win it. the hometown kid brandon crawford into left. tony kemp perfect. cut off to chapman. the throw home and he is out. we go to extras. bottom 10, e midd. wee tied up as we go deep into next batter rips one to left. way over into left center so here comes dugger. he's fast running around the
9:41 am
bases and he's going to score. he's safe. giants walk off 6-5 winners in ten. they're the first team to 50 wins this season. >> 50 wins it's more than a lot of people thought we'd get at this point in time. we have plans to keep on going. >> it's been fun two games considering the atmosphere. it's nice to play in front of a lot of fans and i know how excited the bay area gets for this series and we're excited and playing, you know, a team that has the best record in baseball for a reason. >> what a baseball game that was. the series finale later today. in the south bay, another milestone. san jose earthquakes hosting the galaxy. full fan capacity. what a sight it was. fans fired up to see this match in san jose. second half. quakes down 1-nil. ofthe ick. d plenty of e. ohe. thanseconds later,
9:42 am
jaerve tied things up. instead it stays 1-nil. l.a. about a minute later. his second goal of the match. 2-nil galaxy as he does a dance. much in the dismay of quakes fans. bad luck for san jose. score in the 82nd minute to brake up the shut you. san jose is winless in their last seven matches. fuller look at the forecast now with lisa argen. a week from today july 4th already. >> you surprised me with that. it's already here. we'll be forecasting low clouds and fog probably for the fireworks. as we look at live doppler 7 checking out the marine layer, you can see it was quite extensive this morning. all up and down the california coast. to the north where the center of e me is we're not looking at cloud cover.
9:43 am
temperatures have been shattering records from portland to seattle not only yesterday but tomorrow as well. 56 in the city. 59 in oakland. it is 64 in mountain view. a few areas in the sierra nevada. this is kingsbury where temperatures will make it to 101 today. they are under that excessive heat warning. 57 in santa rosa. rosa. what a contrast. 63 in novato. they were up to 38 miles an hour earlier this morning. those winds transporting some cooler air. another gorgeous but hot afternoon in store. temperatures over 100 degrees here as well. in south lake about 90 today. cloudy at the coast even with mist and drizzle. breezy and not as hot inland today. we'll have the minor ups and downs but check out what we have in the pacific northwest. 108 was the record yesterday. all time record in it portland.
9:44 am
115 today. 101 yesterday in seattle. 103 today. it gets hotter as we get into i monday. 112 in seattle. portland 114. that is incredible heat there. so the heat wave is stronger, it's longer and it's all due to the successive ridge of high pressure centered over the pacific northwest. it begins to drift to the east. on tuesday as it does that we get our warmest day in the area. they come back inland tomorrow morning. and we'll even get a little bit of moisture associated with that. 60s to 90s for the most part. here's the wind. looking at 10:00 some lighter winds. by 5:00 up to 33 miles an hour. liver more has a bit of a breeze into monday. n see . bit breezy to start , 're upo t 20 ancio,t th bycan
9:45 am
the colors here with those breezy winds once again into your monday. if you're headed into the city for the brgeseries, low 60s to mid60s with those breezy winds. nice day. look for 80 in san jose. in the mid70s in san mateo. 65 downtown. cooler, cloudier there. triple digits for lake port. 69 in berkeley with 90 in concord today. the seven day forecast, cooler today for most except for our friends in lake port. a little warmer throughout midweek. then really typical for summer the end of the week. liz. >> thank you. speaking of the heat and these dry conditions, let's get to that image going viral this weekend. this photo of a hot ot ttng big sur's willow fire. it was taken by a fellow hot shot with the u.s. forest service. joining me to talk about this
9:46 am
is tang nguyen. thank you for joining us. tell us more about this photo. who is this captain in the photo and what do you know about what was happening when w it was taken? >> um, the photo was given to me by lincoln peters, he's one of the crew members of the mill creek hot shots. they came from northern california to help battle it fire. a captain sitting there taking a brief break is justin greenwald of the same crew. it was just a random moment that lincoln took this picture and it came out that way. when i received the picture was when my partner and i went out to the base to capture footage of the hot loadinup in the helicopters to get to the fire perimeter and, you know, one of the things that's been challenging huer is that the terrain is so difficult to get to even for the firefighters
9:47 am
that we were reliant on images from crews when it was safe for them to get pictures. we just happened to stumble on that one and it really paints a picture of what it's like to be out there. you know our firefighters, it's the beginning of the season. we're seeing fire right now and the amount of acres burned so far that we normally see towards the end of summer. year to date we've had more acres and fires right now. this image resinates with us who have been doing this. a lot of us are still trying to recover from the fatigue that we accumulated from last year's fire season. >> right. >> the second side of things is -- >> no, go ahead, captain. >> the second side is we understand the fatigue is not just for the firefighters. it's also for the public too. who are having to deal with it. especially if it's in their
9:48 am
backyard. the picture really struck a cord with a lot of people. >> exactly. that's what my question was. just so well captures how exhausting this work is. to your point you talk about why you think it's resinating with so many people. i want to talk about the hot shots. can you explain a little bit about what hot shots are and the critical work they do? >> hot shots are a hand crew team that the u.s. forest has and they're spread out. there are different types of hand crews. the hot shots are the elite, if you will, of the hand crews that are out there. they're trained to cut vegetation, they carry all the equipment. they go into the most difficult of places. >> and you know as you mentioned they do some of the
9:49 am
most grueling work. we saw how tired that captain looked in that photo. there are some reports that some hot shots are quitting, they're going to fire units with maybe better pay. how much of a challenge is that right now and what is being done to keep thththth burning out? >> that's a whole different discussion in itself. however, you know, as far as taking care of our crews here is that we definitely want to make sure that we get them in to do the work, however we're always looking out for their welfare. making sure they're taken care of. what a lot of people don't see is that all of the personnel that are actually called up to actually support the field troops when they come out and so it's an on going thing. it's a challenge for sure. and so up here we have an incident management team that was called up which i'm a part
9:50 am
of and our job is to support the firefighters that are on the line. >> and what is the latest right now in the willow fire burning? i though you said it's be very challenging the areas are it's burning, very hard to access. >> yes. so the first three or four days or so it was really difficult to get to the fire perimeter and actually get some containment lines in place. so we attacked the fire primarily by air the first several days while our ground firefighters prepared for structure defense on the ground. over time we eventually flew the firefighters in and were able it increase containment line. right now we're at 2,777 acres. there haven't been new growth in the last day or two which we're excited about. that containment percentage is at 56. >> that is good news. last question to you, captain,
9:51 am
you mentioned it we saw the picture just the burnout, the fatigue, this hard work. we're so early in the year already. what are you anticipating in in the months to come? >> well, it's no surprise to anybody that the whole state was in a drought situation. we didn't see a lot of rain up and down the coast. that leaves us pretty vulnerable to fire. like you said, it's the beginning of the season and we've got a long ways to go. so the whole thing is that we have to keep an eye on our troops. you know, the one thing that i subscribe to is when it comes to public safety and making these fires go away is that it's a joint effort between not only public safety the firefighters but the public. the public can do a lot to actually lessen the burden for us. when you're out here, these
9:52 am
forest fires are primarily caused by nature or by people. and nature we can't control but with people we can control. so if you're out in the forest and enjoying it, that's fantastic. you have to be cautious about it and only be lighting campfires where it's legal to do so. and so many of these situations is that if we could avoid a lot of these large fires just by following the rules. >> absolutely. we all need to do our part. captain, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate all you and your crews are doing out there. thank you. all right. next, the boss is back. bruce springsteen
9:53 am
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as he waved after his show. it is based on his best selling aught biography and features the singer with his guitar, a piano and personal stories. everyone in attendance had to show proof of vaccination before being allowed inside. let's get a final check of the weather now with lisa. >> little cooler today inland by a couple degrees. we'll keep the 90s right through the week, slightly warmer tuesday and wednesday. but we've got 70s all around the bay all week long. 60s at the coast. you know what that means, low clouds and fog with us staying at the coast throughout the afternoons and breezy afternoons as well. liz. >> thank you. and thank you all for joining us here on abc7 mornings. i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc news continues at 5:00 p.m. today. have a great sunday.
9:56 am
>> this is the "abc7 spotlight," sponsored by calhope. >> now more than ever, people need to feel connected to family and friends. no one should feel alone or without the support they need. there is hope. joining me now is raiders defensive tackle solomon thomas to share his journey and his dedication on the fight against mental illness. thank you so much for joining us, solomon. >> thank you so much. i really appreciate you having me on. >> solomon, i know you've had a family member affected by mental illness. can you describe what that experience was like for you? >> definitely, yeah, i can. i lost my big sister ella to suicide in 2018. and, you know, it was a shock to my family and our whole world, and it really forced us to dive into mental health and get into the mental-health world, and learn about it and educate ourselves. and, you know, i went through my own journey of depression and grief, and, you know, i learned so much, you know, about the pain -- i learned so much about the struggle of mental health. and from, like, getting help, from getting therapy, you know,
9:57 am
i learned it's okay to not be okay. you know, it's okay to feel sadness. it's okay to feel anger. you know, these are emotions of the human experience that we're supposed to embrace. you know, life is not always good, good, good, you know? there's ups and downs. there's sadness. there's hard times. and, you know, we're feeling those feelings for a reason, and we're supposed to embrace them. you know, i learned that, you know, everyone's perfectly imperfect the way they are -- they're beautiful in every way, and that you should love yourself, 'cause you're so unique. i would say there's definitely so much help out there -- you're not alone. >> how has that loss -- clearly, it's empowered you, but how has it really empowered you to help other people? >> what empowers me to help other people is the pain that i go through daily from not having my sister here and knowing the pain of going through my own journey. and i'll do anything in the world, you know, to save one person from that pain, to save one family from going through that pain. and that's my goal. and that's what i'm dedicating my life to for the rest of my life -- to, you know, end the stigma against mental health, to end the stigma against suicide, you know, to make sure people, you know, understand how serious it is -- that, you know, mental-health illnesses are diseases, just like any other disease. you know, there's a science --
9:58 am
a chemical imbalance. so, you know, that is really my goal, and, you know, that's what has made me doing what i'm doing today is the pain and just trying to help other people and trying to educate other people on mental health. >> if you could give us some good examples, how have you coped with stress and anxiety during difficult times, especially during this last year and the pandemic? >> definitely. you know, the pandemic was hard for everyone, you know, including myself, you know? it was -- 2020 was such a hard year, so much anxiety. it was just -- you know, we never knew what was next. we didn't really know what was going on. it was so hard. it was scary. so, you know, i had to -- i picked up meditation during, you know, the pandemic, and i learned how to meditate. you know, i use that app headspace a lot. i also work with a mental-health support coach that helps me and takes me through meditations, as well as i journal a lot. >> is there any advice that you would give to people who are dealing with anxiety and depression right now? >> i would definitely tell them that they're not alone, that, you know, there are so many other people going through this fight, and you've got this, and you're gonna make it through it. and, you know, there's help out there for you. there's people who love you,
9:59 am
people who want you to get better. >> i heard the word mentioned once, but "hope" -- tell us about the role of hope in this fight. >> you know, hope is huge, because hope keeps us pushing for the next day. and, you know, and i just want to, you know, spread hope and love to everyone to understand that, you know, keep pushing because, you know, there is gonna be a brighter day -- it is gonna get better. >> if someone does need a little extra support at times, where is a good place to turn? >> you know, i've recently done a lot of work with calhope. and, you know, you can visit them at and they have a amazing, amazing organization filled with so many resources and help for all the california people. and i really would encourage them to go there to find help and find resources. >> is the website. thank you so much, solomon, for sharing your journey. we really appreciate it. >> thank you so much. thanks for having me. i really appreciate it. >> and one more time, for people more interested in learning more about calhope, it's, or you can call the warm line -- that's (833) 317-hope.
10:00 am
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