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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 27, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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how far would you go for a togo? >> that's when i threw down my fishing equipment. >> a man rushes to the aid aid surfer bitten by a shark. >> you are watching abc5 news at 5:00. that surfer is out of the hospital and recovering tonight. the attack happened here at gray rail cove beach in san mateo county. cornell bernard spoke with a fisherman that jumped into act to try to save the man's life until help arrived. >> i may have saved the guy. >> when thomas came to th
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beach on saturday to fish he never expected to give first aid to a guy struggling in the surf. >> hey, guy. to come. and as soon as he realized i saw him he collapsed. >> the san mateo fire department says the 39-year-old man likely surfing was attacked by a gray shark sick to eight feet long. >> there was a lot of blood. >> thomas called 911 and jumped into act. using the straps on his backpack to stop the bleeding on the victim's leg. >> and the straps detached and i unclipped them. >> thomas grabbed the cell phone to captures the moment and first responders arrived and treated the victim before he was taken to the hospital. he said the man stayed calm. >> it was crazy how calm the victim was under -- i was more panicked. shark attacks are rare and serious events. in most cases sharks are more
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curious than hungry. >> there's footage showing the sharks coming up to check out the water or kayaker or stan up paddler and visual they don't have to bite you even to cut you with your teeth. >> if you see a shark swim away and get out of the water. many surfers are not scared even after saturday's attack. >> they don't want to eat you. >> the owing is off limits at gray while cove. in san mateo county. cornell bernard. >> in other news. new banners have gone up along the boulevard in oakland have a timely message for residents. artists are spraying the message of peace by displaying these banners along the thorough fair. 250 banners put up from first avenue to the san leandro border and the east okay lab drag. people behind the project are
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alarmed by the crime in east oakland. >> the bandages are done by students and is done by victims of gun violence and community activists. everyone wants peace and each one has a vision of what looks like. >> funding for the art installation was provided by the city and community groups. another side of pride in san francisco, this one representing brown, black and indigenous people. quite a crowd. this is the march and rally. it traced the first liberation march 50 years ago. >> we decided to do the people's march in order to get
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our voices back for san francisco pride has gone more corporate and more police involvement and that alienates our community. >> despite 51 years of pride, this work says there is still lot to fight for. meantime the new york city pride returned for its 51st year. normally the biggest in the nation, most was virtual with a scaled down street fair. organizers banned all law enforcement from participating as a statement against police brutality. the new york police department announced changes focused on the acceptance of people in the lgtbq plus community. extreme heat in the pacific northwest sweltering. temperatures are expected to soar some 30-degree above normal. >> the pacific northwest is dealing with a historic heat
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wave. washington and oregon seeing temperatures up to 30-degree above normal. >> unfortunately we are staring to see this year after year. >> and air-conditioners are high in demand. >> a lot of people don't have air-conditioning. >> people lined up outside of this hardware store and left empty-handed. >> we are supposed to get more. >> only 44% of homes in seattle had air-conditioning. >> letting the cool air in and closed the mid-morning. >> it is not the pacific northwest only, seven states are included in this heat wave. 33 million people under heat alerts. >> it keeps starting earlier. >> it is usually the 4th of july. >> we are back into it and having to be prepared moment by moment and day by day for an
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eventual brushfire. and public health officials expressing concern about what impact climate change could have on public health. >> my of my colleagues say we thought we would have a decade before situations like this. >> we have a health care at the areas sweltering in this historic heat wave. it is all up and down the coast. >> we are talking about the hottest temperatures, portland, oregon currently at 112 degrees. smashing their all time hottest day that was yesterday at 108 and seattle hit 103 and that ties the hottest all-time high in seattle. and that heat continues with triple digits across oregon and seattle and that continues on tuesday and by wednesday we will get heat relief. it is on its way, drew.
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thanks. in the east bay. a state lawmaker is looking to give oakland's new mental house program a boost. there is a state budget amendment to allocate an additional $10 million to oakland's macro program. the program that city is forming to send a nonrelief response to nonmetal health calls. there is six-and-a-half million dollars in funding already after the city council passed a budget to divert $18 million away from the police to other programs. to the north bay where people have not been vaccinated in sonoma county are being urged to avoid getting together to celebrate the 4th of july. that is what the county's health officer told the press democratic. local health officials say orav cole not vaccinated. the county will have fireworks on the 4th with a higher aerial display to encourage people to
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watch from home or at a distance. just ahead. a single candid image of a cal firefighter is catching a lot of attention. >> it paints of picture of what it is like to be out there. >> we hear from fire crews on the physical and emotional toll they face. an update on how the fire season is going so delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point.
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we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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. in developing news fire crews are making head way in the fight against the wildfire burning in monterey county.
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the willow fire burning east of big sur is 56% contained. that fire started ten days ago and has burned 2900 acres in the last padres national forest. an evacuation order and warning remain in effect in the recreation area. full containment is expected by july 11th. and take a look this photo of a hot shot battling that wildfire has been a symbol of the fellow season. taken by a shot shot with with forest service. liz c r oy has the story. >> a photo is worth a sand words. you can understand the fatigue with the wildfires. this image of justin grunewald taking a break battling the fire in big sur going wild. >> this is so difficult to get to even for the firefighters
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that we were relying on images from crews when it was safe for them to get pictures and we just happened to stumble on that one and it paint a picture of what it is like to there. >> there is a millcreek hot shot crew. these hand crew does some of the most challenging work to lead to burn out. >> since the beginning of the season. we are seeing fire right now and the amount of acres burned towards the end of summer. >> the image is a sobering reminder. there is so many dangerous months a head. >> this image resonates with all of us. a lot of us are trying to recover from what we accumulated from last year. and the public is having to deal with this. especially in their backyard. so the picture really struck a
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cord with a lot of people. >> liz croy, abc 7 news. democrats are set to vote tomorrow on a plan to speed up the recall process. it would bypass the legislative review process and without review the lieutenant governor could be able to set the election date sooner maybe even september. that is when county clerks say they will be ready. it will take advantage of what democrats see as favorable conditions for newsom. he is currently polling well but things could change. newsom's campaign has has commented on the proposal. people enjoyed a unique shopping experience in san francisco. this is not any old craft fair. it is an experience. this experiences local artisans. we are tracking warmer weather coming our way the next couple
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a popular east bay craft fair has moved across the bay attracting artists and crafts people and customers. this event is usually at the craneway pavilion but it moved to an outdoor venue this year. pier 70 in san francisco. so great to see people and talk to people in person and see all of my friends and my tribe of artists and hang out with my friends. such a relief to be around people because it has been tough. a tough year-and-a-half without shows and interactions. >> definitely understand that. eileen goldberg pivoted to online sales during the pandemic but missed connecting with customers. nice day for anything. >> it is nice to get back tour hobbies and do it with people that love doing what you do. >> have a nice connection and
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feel normal. >> yes. >> temperatures for us above average over the next couple of days, that intense heat we talked about in the pacific northwest. kind of stayed there. thankfully onshore flow. keeping us comfortable. live look from the cam showing you that fog against the golden gate. we will have widespread low cloud cover. even some drizzle along the coastline. our numbers right now are at at in the city and 70 in san jose. 92 in brentwood and intense here aren't mendocino county. at 100 degrees. we continue to have a heat advisory and excessive heat warning in these areas until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow it is not as hot but temperatures in the 90s. here is the satellite. we are tracking that area of high pressure essentially sitting over seattle bring that
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record-breaking heat across several states. for us you can take this area of low f igof alg the coast and the onshore breeze keeping temperatures in check and that won't change in the next 24 hours. future weather would have what i call aggressive drizzle. we have wet weather and it won't add to much. it shows you a deep marine layer. widespread low cloud cover around the bay shoreline. first thing tomorrow. a little bit of june gloom on monday. like today that june gloom back to the coastline for afternoon sunshine. overnight tonight temperatures falling in the 50s. 58 in oakland and the same in san jose. tomorrow temperatures above average. 65 in the city and 70 in oakland and 90 in concord and 80 in breeze
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is with us and we can get rid of it and we have had for several week. by 4:00 the onshore breeze gusting to 25 to 30 miles per hour. strongest along the coast and detta. here is the seven-day forecast. the next seven days. we have the gray skies in the morning and coastal drizzle and bright afternoon. tuesday bump the numbers up. the warmest day of the week but not intense by any means. summer spread is with us as we gradually ease some inland heat by friday. all in all it is a steady pattern of morning fog, afternoon sunshine and we will watch the drizzle tomorrow. we will take drizzle or whatever type of precipitation. surprisingly chris joing us now with a look at more baseball. >> the aggressive drizzle. oracle park. oracle park. the a's were down early
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sports with chris alvarez. the giants reached 350 in baseball. oakland among the top ey got 46 this young fan standing attap crowd of 36,000 fans today. giants starter sammy long in trouble. matt chapman extends the high hit to 15
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on fire. 2-0. former giant aramis to right. mike st emsky fields it and safe. cole irvin and tony kemp slides in safely. garcia back to the shortstop. chapman is around in third. we got a play at the plate and he is safe. 6-0 oakland. irvin was on the mound. lamont wade, jr. with eight strikeouts with the leftie. two on and to out. eight scoreless innings. just three hits allowed. the giants scored two in the 9th but lou trevino will strike out brandon crawford. that guy, cole irvin. everything came together and felt good and i felt like the past three or four outings and i have been super close from a quality start like this and you know i'm chasing the
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feeling like this all year and that is what we always do for starters. this feeling feels good and i want to go out and repeat it. >> he has had great command of the fastball all day and featured a changeup that we have seen both on video. i have seen it live. and you know quality pitch but he was putting the ball where he wanted to put it from the very beginning of the game. and continued that throughout the game. >> all right. golf around. traveler's championship. bubba watson the leader at 13 under but went six over on the final five and four bogies and a double boggie on 17. but out of contention. harris english takes the lead and a long birdie on 18. in the clubhouse at 13 under par. kramer hiccup and needed this birdie for a playoff and gets it and what a playoff between those two. this goes to an 8th playoff hole. english wins the marathon. that was crazy.
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tonight on abc7 news at 6:00 there is quite a story out of tahoe and that area where we are learning of a homeowner that shot a bear inside his house. has the race to vaccinate slowed to a crawl. what the new numbers show in california about its vaccinationest. people are searching for hidden treasure in the utah wilderness. john maxemand david cline know where the treasure chest it because they hid it. it is filled with $10,000 and hidden somewhere along the western edge of the greater rockies. for eight days the two friends have been posting clues on instagram. the man say they have reason they are doing it. it is to bring families together in the hunt and bring some positivity to the world. look bringing a news team together. we can scour the wilderness. how detailed are the clues?
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>> edge you are so skeptical. >> booking my flight to utah. tonight, the death toll is rising after the catastrophic building collapse in surfside, florida. authorities confirmed they have pulled four more bodies from the rubble and an additional person has died at the hospital. at least nine people now confirmed dead with more than 150 still unaccounted for. authorities now say they have built a massive trench to try to find any survivors, as hundreds of rescuers work around the clock, including international teams called in to assist. our team tonight on the ground with rescue crews. as we learn new details about the investigation. meanwhile, heartbroken families are growing desperate for answers. today, buses of relatives brought to the scene. the life-threatening heat in the northwest. more than 30 million americans across seven states now under heat alerts. some temperatures 30 degrees


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