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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 29, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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we find ourselves in a crisis. our shootings are up. our robberies are up. crime is out of control in a city of oakland. >> making news right now at 6:00, solving the crime crisis in oakland. the city's police chief not holding back in his critique of the city council. the covid-19 vaccines long term success. what a new study is showing us giving you peace of mindful longer than first thought. >> i was so scared. and then i just screamed and ran into the living room. >> earthquake in the east bay. the entire region talking about it this morning. reacting to that dinner time shakeup. oh. >> some of us felt it.
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some of us didn't. kumasi was enjoying herself. >> i was on a rooftop. maybe? but i don't know. >> and you know how you like to sway anyways. >> that's true. >> she likes to feel the vibe. >> there was a good dj. >> how'd i know? >> you were so locked in. >> what happened? what? >> meanwhile all of us are on twitter like alert, alert. >> we felt it. kumasi's like this has a good bass line. >> yeah. i'm feeling it now. >> we're glad everyone's okay. we're glad you're enjoying the tunes. >> i was. >> and mike, you say it's going to be a little hotter today. >> little hotter today. yeah. little bit. warmest day moving forward. and then we will have some cooler weather as we head towards the holiday weekend. all right. look at the winds. considerably slower and look at the marine layer. it is much thinner than it was yesterday. this is sutro tower. you can see how compressed it a
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along the coast into san francisco. mid to upper 60s to above average. mid80s to low 90s in the south bay. upper 80s to upper 90s in the north bay. mid70s to around 80 for the bay. that's just a touch warmer than average. reggie. >> thank you. let's talk about the earthquake that rattled nerves across the bay area. this my shake map shows where people reported feeling the 3.9 magnitude quake. it was centered in ashland and it struck around 6:30 in the evening yesterday. it was felt across the bay area from san francisco to castro valley and much of the east bay. it was also about half the depth of an average california quake. >> it was only about five miles deep and as far as earthquakes go that's pretty shallow. it gave rise to likely greater shaking throughout the region. >> everyone thought someone ran ina little s. >> n its trains at
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reduced speeds while they inspected tracks after the quake. continuing in the east bay, the debate continues on how to aggress the uptick in violent crime. >> amy hollyfield joining us live with what the oakland police chief is saying after the city divested millions from his department. >> reporter: hi, he's really spelling out what this will mean for residents. he is not holding back saying he expects crime to go up. chief says there will be fewer officers on the streets now and that it will now take longer for you to get a response. oakland city council voted to divert $18 million from the police department over the next two years and to instead spend that money on programs geared toward preventing crime. the chief says every type of cr rape and burglary. he says crime is now out of control. >> saturday night i went out to a scene of a young man that lost his life. and a lady yelled out the
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window, do something about it. without the resources it makes it challenging to make oakland safe. >> supporters of this budget plan say it's time to invest more in crime prevention. they also want to take low level 911 calls away from police so officers can focus more on violent crime. the council voted 6-2 on the new budget plan. now this comes as alameda county will be focusing on gun violence. the board of supersigh soars will there meet today. they're going to discuss declaring gun violence a public health crisis. oakland which is in alameda county has had 65 homicides so far this year. compare that to 32 at this same time last year. live in the newsroom, y ldc 7 n there's a new $262.6 billion budget on the governor's desk this morning. that budget includes phasing in
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free universal pre-k for all 4- year-olds. summer and after school programming added in low income areas and billions of dollars going toward homelessness, rent and bills not paid by tenants during the pandemic. but this budget does not come without criticism from state republicans who were questioning tax increases on big businesses and the amount of money the state is spending trying to prevent wildfires. >> it's not a billion. it's not two billion. it's $258 million. that's a status quo wildfire prevention budget. >> healthcare will also be expanded for undocumented immigrants over the age of 50. a bill that would speed up the day for governor newsom's recall election is now on the governor's desk. essentially allows the recall to by pass a legislative review which means the election could september. democrats believe governor newsom will benefit from an election held sooner rather than having it later in the fall when we could see
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blackouts and fires. republicans say democrats are trying to manipulate the election and somehow have even called it cheating. governor newsom is suing the secretary of state to get his party affiliation listed on the recall ballot. the governor's attorney made a mistake failing to identify newsom as a democrat. newsom asked the secretary of state to fix the mistake but that got rejected. newsom claims having his party affiliation printed on the ballot will help voters make a more informed decision. we put together a called total recalled. if. this morning a new study suggests the pfizer and moderna vaccines might offer protection from covid-19 for years. >> it comes as the world health organization is urging fully vaccinated people to still wear masks because of the highly
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contagious delta virus. >> that promising research suggests the pfizer and moderna vaccines could offer protection for years even after antibodies start to fade. that could mean people who got an mrna vaccine might not need a booster shot every year. this does not include the johnson and johnson vaccine because that shot works differently inside the body. researchers found a persistent protective response of plasma cells from the mrna vaccines that makes our immunity stronger and more durable. >> these data suggest that some level of immunity will be long lasting. how that translates into actual protection i think remains to be determined. >> meanwhile the world health organization and los angeles county public health officials are strongly recommending everyone to wear masks indoors. regardless of vaccination status. it's because of an increased spread of the delta variant to be now makes 20u.s.
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more contagious than previous mutations. that youp indoors unless unvaccinated people are masked. he says that last part there about unvaccinated people is rare. >> thank you. shutting down the side shows. the bay area city that could crack down with heavy fines even showing up. it's like armageddon. >> we certainly believe her. when the northwest might see some cooling down and how it's causing much more damage than
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back, everyone. the pacific northwest is getting a slight break from record setting temperatures we're seeing. it is hot. at one point yesterday portland and palm springs were the same temperature. 115 degrees. some flights had to be canceled in seattle at the airport there and that forced travelers to compete with locals who are trying to find a place to stay that had ac. abc7 spoke with some travelers who made it back to the bay area. >> they announced that all the hotels in the greater seattle area were all booked. so they just told them if you can find an airbnb they'll be reimbursed but i don't know how easy that was. >> portland was so hot that the city ended up shutting down its light rail service. >> wires there melted. look at this. roads in seattle buckling and cracking because of the historic heat. several reports of lane and street closures due to the damage. near the canadian border a hole opened up in the middle of the road. thankfully it has since been
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fixed. in fact 118 in canada yesterday. an all time record high temperature for them. so it was even hotter north of the border. back here at home, there it is. our saving grace once again. not quite as stout as it it was yesterday. if you're doing outdoor activities, going to be a little warmer this afternoon. warmest this week. it'll be a little breezy in the usual spots as we head into the afternoon hours. yesterday we had green on all of our pollen, grass is up to moderate. but that's only going to last today and tomorrow. let's talk about temperatures. here we're looking at the east bay where we have cloud cover around 55 to 59. you'll find a little mist and drizzle l hanging in the air. points northward. temperatures pretty much in the mid to upper 50s elsewhere. we do have 52 at santa rosa. 72 in antioch. not much of a change through
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7:00. look at those, near 60 at coast. near70 to 80. 77 to 85. our warmest afternoon and a fairly comfortable eke on the way around 72 to 78 degrees. we'll have 50s at the coast. we'll take a look at the holiday weekend, temperatures are trending down. i'll show you that coming up next. here's jobina. >> good morning. we're going to start off with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. they came on at 5:57. that is really tracking towards our pre-pandemic times. because they used to come on around 5:30. so that's interesting to see. backup is to the maze right now. a live look at what would be the golden gate bridge. it's all fogged in right now. chp does have a fog advisory in effect here. looks like it'll clear up right when you make your way across if you're headed northbound. i do have a stall in san pablo. there's a stall that's causing a slowdown.
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also a wind advisory for the bridge and then for the altamont pass. a tropical storm in georgia didn't stop this couple from tying the knot. >> during this heavy downpour the couple said their i dos and danced in front of of of of of and friends. >> oh. so this is ben and madison. they had their wedding ceremony on the island as the rain came down. >> this man with the cigar. >> i missed it. i'm going to look. they knew there would be thunderstorms from topical storm danny but this was the most important day lives. . the rain would not stop the show. >> ing to it again? okay. >> twirl. >> now twirl. it's not actually that bad. it's not that bad. right? >> i'm sure it's not what what
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had. oh man. okay. all right. there is a battle brewing over what will be the true song of the summer and we're getting into the debate. a terrifying close call at this northern california gas station. oh my gosh. the dramatic video and the whole story of what happened here. as we head to break, live look outside. something more peaceful. right? a nice start to our day at 6:15. we'll be right back.
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featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak,
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sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? today president biden is traveling to wisconsin to try to sell voters on the benefits of his $973 billion infrastructure bill. he's expected to highlight how the bill would boost economic growth. the president says this signals to the world that america is back and that we can do quote, significant things. white house officials say this is the largest investment in transportation, water systems and services in nearly a
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century. , new developments for california's high speed rail project. support has dropped. however it depends on who you ask. the poll found 42% of voters said the state should stop construction. 41% say it should continue. but when you break it down by party lines, 71% of republicans are against the project. only 29% of democrats oppose it. the bay area shows the biggest support. 48% in favor. that's compared to 40% in l.a. and 35% in ey. diego rivera's unity mural is now on display. painted the 30-ton artwork before a live audience on treasure island during the golden gate international exposition in 1940. it's been on display at city college of san francisco since 1961. moving this was an ordeal.
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a truck with custom shock absorbers made seven trips with the panels driving just 5 miles per hour then a crane had to lift it over power lines to put it on the ground floor gallery. you can see it until 2023 that's when it goes back to city college and they reverse that process. >> oh goodness. it is a battle over the top song of the summer. [ music ] >> okay. >> bts' song butter is number one for a fifth week in a row on the billboard hot 100 singles chart and that set a new record for the longest streak ever held for a number one spot debut by a group. second on the chart is olivia rodrigo's good for you and it's been the top streamed song for six weeks and her album returned to number one on the billboard 200 album chart.
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>> okay. i'm still waiting. >> yeah. me too. >> hoping for something better. summer just started. we can do better. >> yeah. i mean. no shade to those artists. i know there's lots of fans and that's great. i just think that something's going to come along. >> i understand. kind of like the movies. waiting for black widow to show up and a couple other i get it. san jose, 101/880. even here from sutro tower we can see over the deck of clouds. we've compressed the marine layer which means it will go away faster. doesn't have as much dress until morning. that will bring us afternoon. warmest this week. that's allowing this high to temporarily take over today.
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we're getting a touch of that warmth. just a touch. not a lot. we're still comfortable. low to mid80s isn't that bad as long as you're not standing out in the sun. now when you get to los gatos, low to mid90s. that'sbe coorbl mid to 70s peninsula today at the coast. how about mid60s. temperatures nearing 70 in downtown. south san francisco. 67 in bodega bay. quite a range from 87 in san rafael to sonoma. cloverdale at 97. for the east bay, 73 at richmond. then we just gradually warm as you head south. eventually peaking around 80 in fremont. as you head into the east bay valleys, that's air- conditioning weather for all areas except for san ramon and pleasantton. upper 70s. may be close to air- conditioning weather also. mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods. a if few 60s out there. look for a little more drizzle in the east bay hills and along
6:22 am
the coast. my seven day forecast locks in a cooler air mass wednesday and thursday wicoolest air mo. ly independence day sunday july coming in quietly. good morning america coming up at 7:00. >> and ginger zee has a look at what's ahead. >> it's great to be with you here on a tuesday morning on gma. we have to start in surfside, florida. we have our live crews on the ground and they're in touch with the crews working around the clock and still holding out hope they'll find some survivors. we're hearing stories from it people who did survive that night. it was horrific and we're getting all of the information there. investigators are narrowing their search. we do have some more answers but not everything about what might have caused the building to collapse. also ahead, the encouraging news in the fight against covid and just how effective the vaccines are. there are new reports coming out. they look good. especially with how long they
6:23 am
might last. britney spears' sister breaking her silence about the pop super star's conservatorship. why she waited until now and what she really wants for her sister. we are rising and shining from nebraska today. you'll see a whole bunch from the cornhusker state. then michigan my home state tomorrow. that's why i'm in traverse city. very much like northern california a couple months out of the year. big wine producers up here. that and so
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a modesto area woman is facing dui and child endangerment charges after slamming her car into a gas pump. you have to see this video. so it shows 23-year-old isabel veering off the freeway and hitting this pump which burst into flames. a family right next to the pump that caught fire barely avoid being hit. the chp says she had a 4 and a
6:26 am
5-year-old in the backseat. >> we were just here like just before that and my wife says oh my god look at what happened. >> you have people driving reckless, whatever it may be. accidents happen but for this to be knocked off, that's crucial. >> oh goodness. so a service technician says without the pump's safety mechanisms the fiery crash could have been catastrophic. the children in the car had minor injuries and thankfully they are all expected to be okay. >> the runways are back. marc jacobs had the first live fashion show in new york since the pandemic started. it was projected bergdorf goodman store. some say it felt like winter wonderland meets glitzy red carpet. what a description. >> that is okay.
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>> next at 6:30, united bets on post pandemic travel. what it juan effort to attract new passengers. a surfside condo building collapse. why most of the residents inside the twin building say they're staying put. porch pirate protection. the new device that could keep thieves from even trying it with you, even with more people going back to work. as we head to break, let's take a li
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6:30 am
affecting us all. what oakland's police chief is telling gma this morning. plus lava fire emergency. the latest brand new video of the northern california blaze showing signs of what might be to come this fire season. and at the beach with bears? the video of the animal kingdom coming together sharing the sand in tahoe to beat the heat. it looks like they spread out. >> they brought blankets. >> and have canoes ready. why are they so close? >> those bears are not bothered. >> would you be standing that close? >> probably. >> no. you would not. you would see them that close and just be standing in the water? >> like they care about me or those people? they're trying to get the blanket right. >> sure. >> trying to get the snacks out. >> that's true. >> get settled. >> she makes points. >> good morning, everybody. it is tuesday. it is june 29th. you're watching abc 7 mornings on abc 7, hulu live.
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wherever you stream. >> we're done talking about the bears for now. >> are we? can bears swim? >> i don't want to find that. >> i'll take my chances. >> i'll let you know. >> when we circle back to that, let me know. it's our last hot day this week. and it's still a danger up in lake county where temperatures could reach 104 degrees up until about 9:00. we have that heat advisory. look at this, we have mist and drizzle in the air. a lot more isolated than yesterday. as the marine layer is not covering as many areas. that means faster sunshine and warmer temperatures. look at those 90s. morgan hill, inland east bay neighborhoods. fairfield, synura rosa northward. 70s around the bay. 60s for the coast in san francisco. >> thank you. developing news out of florida. crews have pulled out two more victims from the rubble of the collapsed condo building. >> so now the death toll is at 11. and 150 people are unaccounted
6:32 am
for. we know family and friends have been coming together holding vigils to remember these victims. >> yes. people have been leaving flowers, candles and pictures of the victims at the site of the collapse. officials say search and rescue teams have made significant progress. they are now mentally preparing loved ones of those still missing of the grim reality. but hope and faith are still driving the effort as teams look through the debris. >> there's certain areas we have not gotten to but we've been able to place cameras that seem to have large enough spaces, voids that occupants may still be in there. >> the investigation into what caused the collapse is also intensifying. wall street journal report written by the condo association president two months ago explains the need for millions of dollars in repairs. the report warns that damage to the building's basement garage had quote, gotten significantly worse since a 2018 inspection. and the miami herald published
6:33 am
photo saying the building shows quote, cracks in the can crete, exposed rebar and wet floor in the pool equipment room. at least one resident is suing for negligence. new at 6:00, residents after condo tower built by the same company that built the one that collapsed in florida are staying put. the building is just a block away. it was built with the same materials. they even have the same name. some residents of champlain towers north have left but most have stayed. residents are confident the 40- year-old building is better maintained. they claim it does not have the same cracking issues as the south towers. two members of the oakland fire department's fema are in surfside this morning. they were asked to respond as part of a specialized incident support team. >> we support those members in need because we know that we had that need in oakland both
6:34 am
89 and 91. the earthquake and the oakland hills fire. so it's nice to be able to support other agencies because we know they've supported us in our time of need. >> more than 80 rescuers are working on scene right now. developing news in the mission. the city finding itself at a cross roads with how to balance keeping citizens safe but doing so in a fair and just way. now for the first time we're hearing from oakland's police chief sharing his point of view. >> we find ourselves in a crisis. clearly that crime is out of control in a city of oakland and our response was for less police resources. >> this morning abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live to break down this deepening debate. >> reporter: he is concerned. he's worried crime is about to get worse, not better. because of these budget cuts. oakland city council voted to
6:35 am
divert $18 million from the police department and to instead spend that money on programs geared toward preventing crime. the chief says every type of crime is up in oakland except rape and burglary. he needs more, not less. >> having 714 officers is too low. we should be working to get this department fully staffed to the officers it's authorized. that's what's key. >> reporter: supporters of defunding the police point out the city has given more and more money to police over the years yet gun violence and other violent crime continue. the council voted 6-2 to divert the money from police. as oakland tries this new strategy against fighting crime, alameda county will also be tackling the issue of gun violence. the board of supervisors will meet today to discuss declaring gun violence a public health crisis to the county.
6:36 am
live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> oakland police chief saying crime in the city is out of control. >> a firsthand look at the issue and spoke with the chief. >> saturday night i went out to a scene of a young man that lost his life and a lady yelled out the window, do something about it. >> city of 425,000. 65 homicides so far this year. how do you explain that? >> it's clear violence is an epidemic in this community. it's clear that people have too easily access to firearms and they're overly willing to use them. >> there's been a challenge retaining officers in a city with this level of violence and a city with this level of scrutiny. >> so coming up on good morning america, matt gupman is going inside the violence in oakland. the biggest challenge facing officers isn't the streets.
6:37 am
that's at 7:00. happening today, san jose will consider a new d japeople who gather at side shows and street races. it's a dangerous and deadly problem. in february four people were arrested and five cars impounded during this side show. more than 40 citations were given out to spectators. if passed this new law would give violators a $1000 fine, six months in jail jail >> now working to connect people with services and help provide a more welcoming presence. last month breed announced ambassadors would be on every block of market from fifth to eighth streets. more sfpd officers are patrolling. a rent relief and eviction protection bill for those affected by the pandemic is now headed to the governor's desk. lawmakers passed it yesterday. this bill expands the relief program by providing funding for all rental debt that's
6:38 am
accumulated since april of last year. renters cannot be evicted before october of this year. a severe gas shortage putting entire stations out of gas and just before the july 4th weekend. you'll want to hear why you should probably fill up sooner than later. let's take a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange starting up this morning by about 140 points. another update next. how to hit this hot job market. employers everywhere desperate to hire. we have tips on how to take advantage of the incentives. now at 6:38 checking in with mike. >> thank. let's take a look at what's going on outside. you can see sunshine on the peninsula. less cloud cover and drizzle there. that's the theme of the morning commute. during the evening commute we have delta breezes. cool this morning. it's going to be warm this afternoon. you can see locally we have a very stout sea breeze. mist and drizzle with the west-
6:39 am
northwest wind about 16 miles per hour. ushering in clean air for all of us through thursday. there's good news. south bay if you're about head r temperatures 55 to we have s gatos. wthugut the 60 morning. watch the cloud cover retreat back. more of a mainstay along the peninsula. notice the temperatures in the 70s and 80s inland by noon. mainly 60s and 70s around the bay. as we head into the 4:00 hour, some of our warmest temperatures still 60s and 70s. 80s and 90s showing up inland. those 90s are gone by 7:00. temperatures fall back into the 60s around the bay. 70s and 80s inland. even nicer for the holiday weekend. i'll show you that in a minute. you telling me there's a new accident? >> you can see it here from our
6:40 am
camera. eastbound traffic on 80 is crawling in emeryville. a car spun out and overturned, injuries have been reported here. looks like two lanes are blocked right now. originally they had one lane blocked. this is underneath the ashby overcrossing. they have not given us an estimated time as to when all of this will reopen. you see it's slow there. on the westbound side. i tracked those speeds averaging around 14 and then 20 miles per hour as you move through albany and berkeley. a heads up for anyone traveling on the golden gate bridge. you can't even make it out you can't even make it out righ if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv.
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6:43 am
the bart station. land size of the market by t nearly two-thirds to help make room for housing and commercial space. some vendors are upset so they went on a hunger strike. city leaders decided to delay the vote until today in hopes of ensuring more vendor representation. the faa is concerned over hundreds of unhoused people building shelter on a a a a a parcel of land. now this piece of land is known as a buffer property. it's meant to cushion nearby residents from the loud noise of the airplanes. according to the federal agency it's exposing this population to unacceptable levels of noise. hundreds of people living ther say they have nowhere else to go. >> they're kind of at the end of the line out here. we're living in a crash zone. it's difficult. >> in a statement the faa said
6:44 am
airports that receive federal funds must ensure airport property is used for its intended purpose. san jose city councilman told abc news that the city is working on it but a solution could take up to a year. just one year ago the nation struggled with double digit unemployment. today though employers are taking unprecedented ventures. companies are offering signing bonuses. we found ads offering $1000 bonuses for cargo handlers. warehouse team members and even home delivery drivers. one amazon air employee we spoke with could get a $3000 signing bonus if he stays on the job for at least six months. >> when i applied they sent me an e-mail i think the following day or three days after and they told me about the bonus. so that was actually a surprise to me. >> nice. he already got his first $1000 bonus and then he'll get the
6:45 am
remaining $2000 after six months. be prepared. there's going to be a nationwide gas pinch ahead of the fourth of july holiday weekend. a shortage of truck drivers from coast to coast is causing nearly a quarter of tanker trucks to sit idle right now. gas prices reason the rise. the national average is at $3.10 a gallon. that's the highest in seven years and it comes as more than 47 million people are expected to travel for the holiday. >> the road trip is going to be strong. roads are going to be heavily trafficked. so where you can get out of town early or leave late, that's probably going to be your best bet to avoid heavy traffic. >> gas outages have been reported in the pacific northwest. northern california. colorado and the midwest. new at 6:00, united airlines is betting big on the post pandemic travel boom. just announced the largest aircraft order in the airline's history. it is also the largest for the industry by a single carrier in
6:46 am
more than a decade. united is buying 270 jets and retrofitting narrow body cabins adding larger overhead bins. united says it is expecting to create about 25,000 well paying unionized jobs over the next few years. now let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. we're starting up points. >> here's this family of bears joining other families at pope beach in south lake tahoe. video shows a mom and three cubs helping themselves to a picnic in the sand. one person says the ma that bear first grabbed a cooler and started eating leftovers. then they decided to take a family swim answering mike's question earlier can these bears swim. they can. people started to shout and
6:47 am
yell at the bears but these bears were unbothered. >> why are you shouting at the bear? >> that's not going to do anything. >> wait until the bear is ready to leave. >> enjoy what you're seeing. they're not bothering you. >> i like how the people. there they are standing in the water. >> that's me. i'm swimming. >> that's when mama bear said i can also swim, just ps. i'll let you be for the moment but i can swim. know this. >> know this is my water. you're enjoying it. at my behalf. >> enjoy yourselves, family. millions of employees in the bay area worked remotely during the pandemic leafing offices empty. with people at home there have been fewer opportunities for porch pirates to steal packages. ai is helping to step up as a deterrent. >> hello, you need to put that package back now. >> porch pirates are being watched by live security guards
6:48 am
from it pleasanton based deep sentinel. the founder and ceo says this device employs ai. >> our ai analyzes every video in microseconds and determines whether there is something actually suspicious happening or not so that our guards are only viewing the events that are very, very relevant. >> the videoe is recorded locally but can be upload the to the cloud and costs about $100 a month. the tech has also helped prevent car break ins. >> now that's the part. if you're looking for a place to vacation, maybe you should think twice about maui. >> the county is asking airlines to reduce passenger capacity to the island because of overtourism and congestion at airports. it comes after the state of hawaii loosened pan determine travel rules. the mayor of maui met with airline executives last week. he doesn't have the authority to order them to reduce
6:49 am
capacity. floated the idea of charging visitors an extra fee. >> i'm confused. >> yes? >> i mean there's only so many places to stay in maui; right? there's only so many bedrooms. so how is this different than any other time? are there more people staying than there are bedrooms? are they camping out on the beaches? what's going on here be. >> that's a good question. >> i have questions. >> i know that britney spears is currently on maui. >> there you go. it's the paparazzi. >> she's enjoying it. >> leap sleeping in their cars waiting for her. >> it is super popular. >> it's beautiful. >> it is a beautiful island. there are also other islands. >> wondering why they're blaming the airlines. >> don't go to my island. >> you land in the airport and reggie is right there saying turn around. go back. here's a look at mount tam. our marine layer hasn't made it all the way across yet. it's going to make a quick return back to the coast today.
6:50 am
expect more sunshine today and warmer temperatures. look how compressed it is. we can see over it from sutro tower. this typical pattern will continue. the marine layer will deep and that will lead to below average highs as we head into and through the holiday weekend. the lows being squeezed a little bit away from us. that means this is taking over temporarily. we're getting a smidgen of of warmth. hotter it's going to be. low to mid90s. low to mid80s for the rest of the south bay. peninsula, bayside. mid to upper 70s. redwood city at 81. over at the coast, mid60s. upper 60s to even some low 70s in downtown south san francisco. toward stinson beach. we jump into the 80s as you head up and ej noma to
6:51 am
ri. 180 in freto the game tonight, rangers in town to take on the a's. 67. dropping down to 62 with a breeze out there. not going to be too bad. heading inland, 87 to 98. that is going to be air- conditioning weather. but as we head towards tomorrow and thursday, we'll drop anywhere from about 6 to 10 degrees and by the time we get to sunday independence day and monday, temperatures below average. >> all right. thank you, mike. we have new video of this fast moving wildfire. the lava fire is burning near the city of weed. two communities are under evacuation orders. a strike team from the santa clara unit that's been sent in to help in that fire has burned about 1500 acres since it broke out on friday. also new video overnight shows a fire tornado. wow. so this is in the area.
6:52 am
firenados are an extreme weather phenomenon that can occur. right now the lava fire is 20% contained. firefighters are working to get a handle on the shell fire this morning. it's burning next to the lanes of i-5 on the grapevine in kern county. cal fire says containment jumped to 50% with acres burned. the goal is to improve wildlife habitat and promote the health of native vegetation. the park will be open while crews are working on this. we are hearing from jamie lynn spears who is responding to her sister britney's testimony to end her conservatorship. >> i love my sister. always have. always will. as long as she's happy. i can assure you i've supported
6:53 am
my sister long before there was a hashtag and i'll support her long after. >> in a series of instagram stories jamie lynn says she's quote, proud of britney for finally speaking up about everything that's going on. she says she didn't talk about it before because she felt it was important for britney to speak for herself and say what she needed to say publicly. their father as acted as a conservator of britney's estate. she has not controlled her life or her career since that was established in 2008. now to a story you will only see on abc7 news. we're hearing from a san francisco family whose backyard caught fire after a firework landed there. bridge lives in diamond heights. she and her husband woke up to smoke and flames in their backyard. her husband jumped th sed downheurweg on house r thought
6:54 am
was wildfire. we were looking at our apps to see where the fire might be. >> entire house uld burnthntire have burned down. >> fireworks are illegal in the city and county of san francisco even the safe and sane kind like sparklers. if you see anyone who is lighting off fireworks you can report them anonymously by either calling or texting 311. a new jersey couple surprised their friends and family with a gender reveal party. >> they didn't cut into pink or blue cake. they held a wrestling match. >> this match can be won by pin fall or submission. >> i want a good clean match. >> i just want arn from iwas a
6:55 am
gender reveal party. after a series of stunts as we can see right here, that's how they figured out they're having a girl. from this man in his tutu. okay. >> i -- >> life is beautiful. >> it really is. >> isn't it? >> yes. >> to bring a new baby girl into the world. >> isn't that great? >> that's lovely. congratulations to you. coming up next, the seven things you need to know today. >> you can watch newscasts live and on demand through the abc7 bay area connected tv app. apple tv,
6:56 am
[announcement on pa] introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. [announcement on pa] how far would you go for a togo?
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all right. it's 6:57. if you're just joining us here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, at least one resident of this condo that collapsed in surfside, florida is suing the condo association for negligence. this is coming ath toll there rises to 11 and 150 people are still unaccounted
6:58 am
for. oakland's police chief is warning of slower response times after the city council voted to divert $18 million from it the police department over the next two years. the money is going to programs geared toward preventing crime. next on gma, abc news is going inside opd to see what officers are dealing with every day. a 3.9 magnitude earthquake shook the san francisco bay area yesterday evening. it struck just outside of san oa leandro around 6:30. number four, roads in seattle are buckling and cracking because of the historic heat in the pacific northwest. washington state hit its highest temperature ever recorded yesterday. they are going to get slight relief today. today welcome to our hottest day this week. temperatures average to a little bit above average, especially the farther you are away from thast. number six, taking a live look in emeryville. we have a sig alert underway. traffic is crawling on
6:59 am
eastbound 80. a car overturned underneath the ashby overcrossing and injuries have been reported. and look at number seven. meet 4-month-old zane. this is the newest gerber baby. gerber picked him out of 90 morning submissions. there is a bunch of incentives including becoming the official chief taste tester where he's going to taste and review new baby food products. do we get to watch? >> youtube sensation. >> there's an interesting back story about this baby. >> what's the story? >> so the mom wasn't sure if she was going to be able to have a baby because she had cancer at very young age. she was only 27. and she didn't know what was going to happen and she got a double mastectomy, she did well, you know, with the cancer treatment and now she has a healthy baby boy. >> yes! >> isn't that nice? >> that's beautiful.
7:00 am
>> she says he's her little comedian because he wakes up laughing. it keeps getting better. good morning, america. as we start this tuesday, the race against time to find survivors in that deadly florida building collapse. holding on to hope. overnight, hundreds attending a candlelight vigil and as the death toll climbs those who made it out grappling with reality. >> what unit were you in? >> 705. if i'm in 704, i'm dead. >> the new pictures from the building's parking garage showing cracked concrete and standing water taken just 36 hours before the tragedy. covid breakthrough? the new study finding the pfizer and moderna vaccines could offer protection for years. this as the highly contagious delta variant drives up hospitalizations in low vaccinated areas. life-threatening heat. record-breaking temp


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