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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 8, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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chaotic scenes of joy all chaotic scenes of joy repeated all over england wednesday, as the men's soccer team defeated zen mark claiming a spot in sunday's urps championship final, england faced italy and the english will have a home field advantage with the match being played in london. it is england's first final in a major tournament since they won the world cup back in 1966. fans have also been celebrating in tampa, because their hockey team just played its second straight stanley cup. >> the lightning beat the canadiens 1-0 last night, with the latest championship party. wig is here with the details --
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will ganss is here with the details of something of a trend, will. >> go back for a second. somebody in the b-roll from europe was doing this, looked like machine gun kelly , i don't know why he would be there but it look the a lot like him. i'm making another call, if you won a cup or two lombardi trophy or the run at the world series, there is only one play to make, pack your bag, we're moving to tampa bay. >> apparently lightning does strike twice. >> the lightning with the second straight stanley cup championship. >> at the event. >> back-to-back. >> defending champions, the tampa bay lightning beating the montreal canadiens in game five of the nhl finals 1-0 on wednesday night. >> score! >> bringing home the stanley cup for the second year in a row. this coming only a few months after the tampa bay buccaneers won the super bowl, in tampa
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bay. >> i'm going to disneyworld. >> and the tampa bay rays making it last year's world series, something they haven't done in more than a decade. with nonstop winning in tampa, there must be something in the water. right? the lombardi trophy almost ending up in the waters of tampa bay during the bucs championship boat parade back in february. tom brady tossing the iconic hardware to cameron brake in another boat. with more championship parades like that one to plan, tampa bay is not only professional sports official title town, it could be the party spot of the year, too. >> oh, to be in tampa bay this morning. tampa bay is no stranger to sports history. babe ruth put his longest homerun ever out of the park during an exhibition game in tampa bay back in the year 1919, that homerun sailing 587 feet.
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guys? >> not to rain on tampa's parade but tom brady did just lose the match to aaron rogers and bryson dechambeau. >> i mean but the lombardi trophy is a good consolation i guess. >> thanks, will to. now to someone else who has something to celebrate, former amazon ceo jeff bezos is just days away from a flight to space. and he just made news for another reason. >> bezos's net worth just rose to $211 billion making him the richest person in history, according to bloomberg. the move put bezos ahead of elon musk, who's worth was an estimated at just $181 billion. >> i guess that will also make him the richest person in space. coming up, america's favorite fast foods, the new survey that shows what really hits the spot for most fast food fans and you may not believe where mckinney's landed. >> first, the l
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♪ don't stop believing ♪ don't stop believing. >> for so many men the dream of fatherhood is frustratingly out of reach. >> mail infertility is a growing problem and researchers say mail fertility has plummeted by 50%. here is abc's trevor ault. >> reporter: there are many ways to measure an za, an entreprene fitness influencer featured twice on the cover of men's health mexico checks a lost the traditional boxes but on this day back in december, brian finished a a-mile ultra
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marathon, he was thinking about something that at one time made him feel like less of a man, an issue that pushed brian and list wife chloe's marriage to the limit as brian realized he was the problem. >> it was very hard for me to look at myself in the mirror and wow, i have this issue and i don't know why i have this issue, what's going on, what's contributing to it, i didn't fully understand, it because no guys ever talk about it. i didn't know any other guy who had this issue. so i didn't know who to turn to. >> reporter: like many men, brian at first kept his fertility struggles a seengt, not even telling his own family out of a deeper sense of shame or fear but eventually, he and chloe decided it was time to open up. sharing their struggles on social media. >> it was really remarkable how many guys reached out to me on social, saying i'm going through the same thing, i feel the same way. >> reporter: in fact, a male factor is identified in 35% of
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couples with infertility. but let's face it, talking publicly about your sperm can often be awkward or taken as a joke. and brian is making it his mission to destigmatize the topic. and many scientists are in favor of. dr. shanna swan is an environmental and reproductive epidemiologist, the author of countdown, how our modern world is threatening sperm counts, altering male and female reproductive developments and imperiling the future of the human race. her team collected and analyzed nearly 200 studies of more than 40,000 men, and they found in western countries, from 1973 to 2011, the average sperm count decreased from 99 million per milliliter, to 47 million, a drop of more than 50%, and a pace that if it were to continue could have an enormous impact. multiple factors may be causing these trends and they are very much up for debate but they generally fall under two
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categories. lifestyle and environment. things like smoking, drinking, stress, obesity, and age have all been shown to potentially affect fertility, but dr. swan says certain chemicals pervasive in our environment are also having an impact. they're called endocrine disrupting chemicals. these chemicals are found in products many of us use every day, from things like electronics to plastics, even cosmetics and food packaging. but regardless of the cause, a growing number of men like brian mazza are grappling with infertility. what it means for their families and how they see themselves. and there is help. today, in vitro fertilization accounts for as much as 3% of births in the u.s. and europe. and while brian and chloe acknowledge it can be expensive and it isn't always successful, it's allowed him to become the father of two beautiful boys. for abc news, i'm trevor ault,
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♪ >e now for "wait "what?" starting with a major disappointment for the world's gold standard in fast food. >> first, the not so surprising news. the american customer satisfaction index says the annual survey finds chikz has taken the top spot for the nation's favorite fast food chain for the seventh year in a row, rounding out the top five in this year's list are domino's, kfc, starbucks and five guys. >> pretty surprising, coming in dead last, mcdonald's. >> wait, what? that puts mcdonald's behind jack in the box, popeye's, and sonic.
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>> and cleanliness and staff factors, were a few of the facto factors used to determine fast food rankings. air fried pasta chips. since the end of june, the simple recipe has been blowing up on tiktok. >> the hash tag pasta chicks has racked up 363 million views on tiktok with hundreds of users sharing their variation, with rig tono coated with buffalo, to a chur row inspired dessert. >> i would eat pasta in any form so i got to give this a try. now to a two story tall cat perched on the side of a building in tokyo. >> wait, what? >> don't worry. not a real cat. but it certainly looks real. take a look. >> it's a stunning optical illusion on a 360 foot curve billboard that cleverly diszbiss itself as a facade before unleashing the female within. >> it is audibly meow wis is
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probably the most terrifying spot. >> the cat will be at the official display launched next week. to a tornado of fish. waits what? >> the scuba diver captured this amazing side in japan's okinawa. >> i think it's better than shark-nado. >> this dizzying for vex is comprised of a vor 'tissies of big guy true valleys and this vortex is common behavior for this kind of fish because they like to swim quickly and around each other. isn't nature beautiful? >>. >> stunning. that is really, really cool. >> being from florida, and going in the ocean, in the water, and going to some areas like this, you see some cool stuff, but i've never seen anything like this. a fish-nado. >> it looks like a little tornado in the water. it is so cool. >> stay in the water. known if you you've seen
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shark-nado one, two, i don't like how those
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