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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 9, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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rolling. >> now at 5:00, overnight after shocks after a magnaitude 6 quake here in northern california. a lot of you felt it. we will have a look at the te a os with federal health officials over a booster shot, what both sides are saying about protecting you from covid-19. the won't be an issue tonight for these two men trying to break a teeter-totter world record. i said teeter-totter. >> yes, you did, friend. >> this is how it goes. >> the hat a vital. there will be dangerous hot conditions in the bay area for these men who are just trying to complete a record, for some reason. good morning on this friday, july 9th. >> we only have one more day to do so hopefully it will not be
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too hot. >> i think the heat is getting to reggie. he said tweeteeter-totter. >> i'm team see saw. >> our air conditioning is shut off for now. here's a look at the temperatures. 65 in half moon bay, 76 in san francisco. find your spot quickly this afternoon. 76 at richland. then we jump to the mid-and upper 80s for the rest of the bay. look at the 90s to 100 inland. this isn't even the hottest day. we will take a look at those numbers and the latest on the excessive heat warning and advisory coming up next. developing news, the ground is still shaking with the earthquake in south tahoe. >> we have counted at least 230
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since the magnaitude 6 quake hit yesterday afternoon. the epicenter was inmono he'sook atro the aggressive shaking in arnold to swaying in san francisco, the antelope valley earthquake was wide reaching with 15,000 reporting they felt it. >> it was at # 30 in the afternoon, a time when people are awake, taentive, a lot of people at work basically. >> reporter: behind the wheel at the california and nevada border, a spectacle, a large amount of dust launched into the air during the rattle. watch as this group on i-95 realizes what happened. >> it's an earthquake. >> how do you know? >> well, the tires went a little funny. >> reporter: they later had to
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maneuver around massive boulders. a woman at a hotel snapped these photos. the force sent things flying. there have been dozen of after shocks. the largest was a magite 4.5. >> we have produced an after sh ent. there 6% chance of more and more after shocks larger than the initial earthquake. >> reporter: austin elliott emphasizes that is unlikely. this view from meadow view lodge, rocks and bolders coming down the bluff. sharon and george vulairio shared their experience. >> the deck started shaking and rolling. and then we realized it was still going and it was an earthquake, quite big. >> reporter: close to the epicenter in walker, sally rosen spoke with abc news after checking on the business. >> quite a mess in addition to being quite scary. we are feeling the after shocks.
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it is unsettling because you never know what will happen. >> reporter: communities all around lake tahoe felt the quake. the usgs says we can anticipate after shocks for days following one this size. >> san francisco will need to update the tsunami evacuation routes. they updated the hazard maps from 2009 with new technology and this is what they look like. they show areas vulnerable to tsunamis and flooding in san francisco and the east bay. it could impact more of the bay area than previously thought. parts of the north beach and financial district could flood. >> preparing for the worst case scenario which is up to a 9.3 magnaitude off of alaska. that would be the worst case in san francisco. >> in the east bay, a tsunami could bring waves to west
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oakland and lake merit. get ready to feel the heat. as mike has said, heat watches and warnings will be in effect for the weekend. we are live in concord where we kn two will be braving the elements. matt? >> reporter: me and my photographer edgar are out here. as you mentioned, the teeter-totters on the other side of the park are still going. i can still see them going in the dark just going for it. today in concord, it's expected to reach triple digit temperatures. right now only in the mid-60s. it feels nice. that will rapidly start to change. today won't pea the hottest day. tomorrow is expected to be toasty. in concord, expected to be one of the hottest places in the bay area. the hottest temperatures headed out into eastern contra costa . the cooling centers will be open
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in brenton, antioch, pittsburgh, in addition to santa clara counties. melt officials are advising people to stay inside during the hottest part of theay avoid strenuous activities. it is not expected to be as hot has it did recently in the pacific northwest but the warnings are underscored by the fact that the heat wave up there is responsible for 100 heat related deaths in oregon and more than 70 in washington. you know the drill. make sure you have plenty of water available. as we mentioned earlier, stay out of the heat if you can. if you are experiencing any symptoms of heat related illness, seek treatment because those can compound, especially going into several days of heat. reporting live this morning in concord. the power grid is issuing ak
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on energy use from 4:00 tonight. avoid over using your appliances, try to keep the thermostat at, i know it's hard, 78 degrees. our tracker is live right now on tv. you can check out current temperatures and wind conditions any time you want. it is live now on our bay area connected tv app. you can download the app for apple, roku, apple, android, fire tv. pfizer plans to seek fda authorization for a covid-19 booster shot but federal health officials don't think it's necessary. this dose will be six months to a year after people get a second shot. pfizer says this will better protect people from the delta variant which is the dominant strain in the combrous right now. the cdc and fda have issued a statement saying americans who have been fully vaccinated do not need a booster at this time.
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the city of santa rosa is responding to an outbreak of the delta variant at a homeless shelter. 27 peep m tested positive. 43 test results are are still pending this morning. res dependents who are positive are being quarantined at a neighboring shelter an ex. most of the people who tested positive were not vaccinated. president biden will sign an executive order that will encourage competition in key sectors of the economy. new regulations are expected impacting everything from airline luggage fees to noncompete clauses. this will take months to implement. the biden administration is looking at monopolized industries and the lack of competition that is driving up costs for consumers. climate change is causing extreme weather across the country. in the west there is drought and in the east,t is being hit with tropical storm elsa.
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this is a live picture from sea side heights, new jersey. these are some of the torrential conditions elsa has brought to the region. >> reporter: elsa is poweral up the east coast, producing heavy rains, gusty winds, and the potential for tornadoes. in new york city, commuters waded thru what looked like underground lakes as water poured into the subway stations. the storm crippled the highways and streets. more than a dozen people had to be rescued from the expressway. elsa gained strength in the carolinas before heading north. this man got his musstang tuck in feet of water. as of thursday, elsa spawned at least one tornado in every state it hurt. this is a twister that hit jacksonville, florida. 110-mile-per-hour winds destroying everything.
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as flooding rains inundate the east, an extreme drought is extanding in the west. 98% of utah is now in extreme or exceptional drought conditions. in california, nine more counties have been added to the state drought emergency. the governor is californians to reduce water usage. back here in the northeast, elsa could drop 5 ivens of rain as it heads to boston midday with winds up to 50 miles per hour. reena roy, abc news forecast. let's start with that and show you the latest of what is going on. the swath of precipitation has extended farther north. it will be several hours of light to moderate to heavy downpours from elsa just off of the new jersey and new york coast right here. it will head across long island,
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right up the coast, through maine and nova scotia and halifax. it will head up to greenland and towards the u.k. it will cause a lot of flooding as it does. back here at home, we are so dry that the ground doesn't take much to heat up. the same thing for the excessive heat warning, everything is the same. it starts at noon today. let's look at what is going on. a lack of clouds, no drizzle. hot cars will be an issue for your commute as will comfortable conditions this morning. into the evening hours too. even though we are going to be extremely hot, we are looking at moderate air quality which is healthy for all of us. temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s in san francisco. you can see the 60s in the east bay and south bay. that is a sign of a lot less comfort coming in the nights. we will talk more about the heat
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coming up. good morning and happy friday to you folks. looking at golden gate bridge and the big zipper trucks. there will be two in the northbound direction, four lanes coming southbound across the bridge. it is clear and a beautiful morning from marin county. the taillights are headed over to foster city. 15 minutes from 880 up the causeway into san mateo peninsula. starting tomorrow, golden gate ferry will be back by high demand. more prepandemic mass transit will be opening up. goats are getting ready for the fire season. and san francisco's district attorney is sharing a message
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with the i-team about not prosecuting theft cases. making sure you if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america.
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but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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bta expects to get light rail service going by the end of the month. they have been out of service since may 26th. that's when an employee entered the guadeloupe rileyard and killed several employees before shooting himself. they have been spending the last weeks focusing on the employees, providing grief counseling and working with those who want to be reassigned to other jobs. >> we have heard from a lot of light rail operators that they are ready to go back to work and they understand that their work is important that's positive. that's terrific. >> bta is also making improvements to the yard. >> we spoke to jason budean and he responded to the claim that
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his office does not prosecute theft cases. the head of a retailer association made that comment in response in part to his hand bag heist this week. the department said there is nothing more important than making sure that people feel safe. >> when police bring us cases with evidence that crime has been committed including petty theft, and shop lifting, we take action in the vast majority of the cases. we are actively working with law enforcement partners in san francisco and the bay area to dismantle the organized retail crime networks that create a market place for stolen goods. >> the office charged 15 charges against this suspect caught on video. th ret tas forceec camera at aco 8 million sle gds with one operate involving several
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agencies. now to what berkeley investigators are calling a $12 million funding from a tax approved last year. they are talking about spend i >> firefighters will focus on fuel mitigation, inspection programs and public education, developing a wildfire fuel reduction plan and developing a new out door warning system to warn people when they need to evacuate. >> berkeley's fire chief says the funding will change how the department works allowing it to plan for the future instead of dealing with the day to day structure. hungry goats will clear dry brush in east bay. fire officials have hired hundreds of goats to clear about 35 acres of brush . the goats were fast and they thy more nimble than humans. if you got less than 6 hours of sleep last night, go back to
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bet. mental and health.cae great deao look at us here. we are waisting away. >> researchers looked as how sleep deprivation impacts your sleep. mental and physical problems steadily worsen until day three. at that point the body gets used to being sleep deprived. on day six, physical health hit a new low. researchers say people think they can operate on little sleep during the week and recover by sleeping in on the weekend but the study proves you need consistent good sleep to function at your best. >> how many years have you been doing this mike? >> i was going to say how about year 23, 24? >> and mike is a lovely human being but is actually made up of mostly robotic parts at this
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point. >> especially personality wise. it's true. >> these are all preprogrammed responses right now. we are pushing the buttons to do weather currently. >> i feel like something else is controlling me. let's look at what is going on in walnut creek where the high is 101 degrees today. here's a look fort worth the sutro cam. we are seeing a lack of clouds and that means a lack of air conditions coming to many neighborhoods. sunny today, dangerous heat today, starry tonight, less comfort than last night. in the hottest most dangerous heat will be this weekend. area of high pressure is pumping up the heat kwardz us. this is what it will do to the temperatures. we will go to the south bay first. near 98 in morgan hill, 90 in san jose. milder closer to the water. sunday will be 84. 90 in rent rood city. mid-to upper 80s for most of the
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peninsula. a lidl milder in san bruno. the most comfortable temperatures will be on the coast, mid-60s there. mid-to upper 70s in downtown. if you are going tothe game tonight, no breeze, no fog, more comfortable than normal. mid-90s for most of the valley. for the east bay, we are holding onto 70s in richmond, berkeley, and oakland snchltd mid-to upper 80s elsewhere. san ramome is 99, and everyone else is 101 to 106. the closer you are to the water and coast, temperatures in the 50s. once you head inland, 60s and 70s for lows. 80s in the hills. that's going to springboard us to the hottest day tomorrow. it is still going to be dangerously hot sunday. the heat eases monday. tuesday, wednesday, thushz, morning clouds and afternoon sunshine, back to average temperatures. coming up, 7 things to know
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this morning. >> the billionaire blast off, count down to richard this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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welcome to friday, 5:23. here are seven things to know. number one, the dangerous heat, temperatures 7 to 15 degrees above average. from 76 in san francisco to 102 in concord. even hotter tomorrow. number two, there have been hundreds of after shocks after a 6.0 earthquake in south tahoe yesterday. the shaking caused rock slides near the california and nevada border. governor newsom has asked everyone to voluntarily cut water usage by 15%. all bay counties except for san francisco are under a drought state of emergency. number four parts of the east coast have been bum barded from heavy rains and winds from tropical storm elsa. parts of new england are bracing for the weather this morning. pfizer has created a booster shot for the delta variant and plans on asking fda for emergency use authorization. the cdc and fda say it is not needed now. studies show that the two shot vaccine can protect people from the variant. a sign people are getting
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back to normal. bart system wide will be back to prepandemic scheduling. that means trains every 15 minutes between 5 a.m. and 12 midnight. number seven, a world report could be broken today in concord, the two men vying for the title of the longest teeter-totter ride, expected to hit 216 hours today. that is the existing record. british billionaire richard branson is days away from a launch into space on the virginiaen galactic space ship. >> reporter: counting down to the billionaire blast off. richard branson is set to beat jeff bezos by just nine days in what has been dubbed the billionaire space race. i pnteda
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ra. i don' think of us feel that way. >> reporter: there will be five employees for the flight. abc spoke with astronauts on the international space station days ago. >> i think it is good. i think you need momentum and being competitive is kind of part of the process. >> reporter: coming up at 7 a.m., we will tell you how fellow billionaire jeff bezos is getting ready for his trip to space in just 11 days. abc news, new york. the warriors are inviting you to happy hour. today is the first one and they will be happening every friday this summer. everything will be outside of chase center at thrive city plaza. there will be beer garden and live band. it goes until 8:00 tonight. on saturday they will be showing movies on the big screen. that kicks off tomorrow night with the movie seeing. it is all free to attend. the new national spelling
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bee champ making history. and returning to normal, mental health experts talking about the best way to ease back into your prepandemic ruetony. and the free surface at a local airport. >> a live
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building a better bay area, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> it was an earthquake. >> how do you know? >> the tires went a little funny. a. >> magnaitude six earthquake and after shocks still happening overnight. the bay area is heating up. it sounds like pfizer and fda had a good heart to heart talk. >> bay area health officials weighing in on pfizer wanting to offer a booster shot. a local doctor explains one
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concern about a possible financial motive. that is correct. >> yes. the newest spelling superstar, the word that won it scribes national spelling bee. >> happy friday, it is july 9th, on abc7 mornings. we will start with a check on your hot weather. >> it is friday and we are looking forward to getting outside. we need to exercise caution and make sure we stay hydrated and find some shade, not only today but through sunday. the heat advisory through the santa clara valley, mid-90s to around 105 is possible. we have the same excessive heat warning for the same time. it goes until at least midnight monday in lake and mendocino county. the rest of us, it goes until sunday. we have three to four days of dangerous days of heat. you can see the 100's in the
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east bay valley. 98 in morgan hill. ukiah, mid 90s. 70s and 80s around the bay. the closer to the water, the more comfortable it will be. we are tracking the aftermath of a magnaitude 6 earthquake from yesterday afternoon. this map shows all of the earthquakes that have happened in the area in the past 24 hours. at last check, there were 260. new video shows the damage inside a flee market in walker, about 5 miles from the quake's epicenter. you can see a bunch of items fell off of the shelves and shattered on the floor. >> it felt like it lifted the building up and it was slamming it back down. we have had at least 8 or 9 after shocks since. i was in my truck getting out to the store andy tru evenlike, ie
5:31 am
truck buzz it was slamming it so much on its axles. the passenger door popped open. >> store workers estimate that this damage adds up to thousands of dollars. ish disaster include water, flashlight, batteries, and more. you can we have all of the information on our website. you can click on the preparedness link fl more. there is a flex alert in affect starting at 4:00 today asking you to cut back on energy. >> matt is live ibcoun cord where it will be hot today. >> reporter: i just checked and it is only about 64 degrees right now. that is pleasant but that will rapidly change as the sun comes out. as you mentioned, this will be
5:32 am
one of the hottest areas in the whole bay aa from here allasndb. it is definitely going to get into triple digits today and tomorrow possibly hotter. because of this, cooling centers will be opened up around the bay area in brentwood, antioch, pittsburgh, almeeta and santa clara counties. county health officials are advising people to stay inside during the hottest parts of the day and avoid strenuous activities. it is not expected to be as hot as it was in the pacific northwest but all of the warnings are underscored by the fact that there is now more than 100 deaths that are heat related in oregon and more than 70 in washington. due to the heat wave last weekend. those were extremely high temperatures. any time you have several days of high heat, that is a
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possibility. you know the drill. stay hydrated stay out of the sun. as mike mentioned, if you want to stay outside, head to the coast where it will be cooler out the temperatures, air quality, wind, any time on your tv. our weather tracker will let you see the conditions in the bay area. they are live now on our app. you can download the app for roku, apple, android, fire tv. search for abc7 pay area to find it. now we will talk about the coronavirus pandemic. pfizer has developed a covid-19 booster shot to target the highly transmissible delta variant. >> the fda and cdc are both saying we don't need it right now. kate larson spoke with bay area experts who were critical of pfizer's announcement. >> reporter: one month after new data demonstrated pfizer's two
5:34 am
dose vaccine works well against the delta variant, the drug maker made a surprise announcement, that it would be seeking fda authorization for a third booster shot. this infectious disease doctor questions the rational althat immunity declines 6 mupts after vaccination. >> my concerns are that it is financial. the u.s. government is unlikely to purchase the booster vaccines because we have evidence that it has worked against the delta variant. so they will make money out of it when others purchase it. >> reporter: pfizer says they want to stay ahead of the virus and a third dose given after the second dose would produce the highest level of productions. the fda and cdc issued a joint statement saying americans do not need a booster shot yet. >> i got my booster four months
5:35 am
ago tomorrow. >> reporter: seattle resident neal brownie is a volunteer for the booster trial. he feels great and supports the vaccine but he thinks the focus should be on getting first and second doses out globally of worrying about a third shot. >> if we don't get everyone, especially those most vulnerable in large and emerging economies vaccinated, there are more chance for variants to come out. >> everyone i have talked to at the local and national level is in agreement, we don't need a booster right now. >> reporter: this doctor works with pfizer on vaccine trials. >> it sounds like pfizer and fda need to have a good heart to heart talk first. generally that is what works best and they know that. i'm surprised. >> reporter: it is unclear if pfizer will still file for booster authorization in the u.s. this month. kate larson, abc7 news. >> as the delta variant spreads mostly among unvaccinated people, dr. anthony fauci is warning some people may want to
5:36 am
take an extra step and wear a mask if they visit places with low vaccination rates. what does that mean for us in the bay area where there are high vaccination rates? in san francisco, 75 people over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated. 82% of the population have gotten one dose. u.k. berkeley public health says there are some people who may want to wear a mask. >> if you are an immune compromised individual, or living with such an individual, maybe that extra level of protection is a good idea because the vaccines are not perfect. >> san francisco city hall lifted a mask requirement earlier this week. mayor breed says a mandate would only return if it is recommended by the health department. the speaker of the assembly is weighing whether to require covid-19 vaccinations for anyone working in the capital. there was an outbreak among nine
5:37 am
assembly employees. four of the employees were fully vaccinated when they tested positive last week. one of them subsequently tested negative. all nine workers are in the same office. a vaccine mandate is something that would need to be figured out with public health officia and their employment attorneys. for now, masks are required in the capital again. governor newsom is asking everyone to collinitarily cut water usage bay 15%. in the bay area, every county except for san francisco is under a drought state of american. marin, san mateo, santa clara counties were added yesterday. 42% of the state's population is living in an area under the state therere mandatory cbacks. use in the state of california, currently 16% below where we
5:38 am
were in 2013 as we go into this next drought. >> the governor 's office says a 15% water reduction state wide could save enough water to supply 1.7 million households a year. contra costa county residents are asking residents to reduce usage by 10%. marin county allows residents to turn on their sprinklers on one assigned day per week. a 20% cut in sonoma went into effect this week. santa clara declared a shortage emergency last month setting the stage for mandatory limits. more of the coverage of the drought is available on our streaming app. go to the climate watch row to see videos on how to prepare for climate changes like drought including ways to save water. a boost for small businesses. a piece of the pie and a $12
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million fund. >> we are hearing from the new spelling bee champion. i love her celebration dance. plus, the bay area girl who came in just behind her. first, a check of her weather mike nicco. >> are we going to know what the word was? >> i'm going to let you pronounce it. >> the one she went out on? yeah, we have it. neither one of us know what it is but we have it. >> can't use it in a sentence, don't know the origin. those are fun. i like watching that. here's a look at what is going on. here's a little cloud cover hugging the coast. that will evaporate for the most part, bringing in total sunshine today. a lot of danger out there. if you are running air rndz, car could get up to 160 degrees. exercising, taking the pets out, avoid hard surfaces. they could be around 120 to 140 degrees and burn the paws of the
5:40 am
pet. on the bay, gorgeous. that's where the coolest of the air will be except over except p ocean. san rafael, it is 64 but 94 this afternoon. the pollen is not an issue but the uv index is. temperatures are warmer inland. 71 in pittsburgh. look at diablo, 85 degrees. the heat is lurking right above where most of us live. when the sun comes up, it heats the ground. they will heat the air and it will turn over. look how quickly we hit the 80s and 90s inland by noon. 90s and 100's by the after afternoon. if you are headed out at 7:00, still going to be toasty. good morning. i think i will hang in san francisco. 64 degrees. that's pretty good. we go to the east bay now, the east shore freeway and the headlights headed towards the mcarthur maze in the westbound direction. it is busy but still moving at the limit. as we reach the toll plaza, we
5:41 am
have reports of an accident involving a big rig at the toll gates. it is not affecting the flow of traffic here. no metering lights yet. heerg a look at the drive times, had hercules into san francisco, just under 25 minutes. a nice ride for friday morning. not light over the altamonte pass. west 580 after 205 split, accident, one hour commute westbound 580 from tracey what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy,
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breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right.
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usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ president biden says all u.s. combat troops will leave afghanistan by august 31st. he says it is not worth risking american lives to keep fighting the nearly 20 year war. >> will the united states be responsible for the loss of
5:44 am
afghan civilians after the withdrawal? >> no. no, no, no. it is up to the people of afghanistan to decide on what government they want, not on us to impose the government on them. >> the taliban has gained control of more than a third of the districts in afghanistan. many critics wonder what will happen if kabul falls to the taliban. president biden says he will assess how much of a threat that is if that happens. the fence around the capitol is coming down today. this is the last security measurement following the insurrection in january. it will take crews up to three days to take it down. the pandemic has been devastating for small businesses but now there is help for a $12 million fund in san francisco. applications are open now for the ff small business recovery fund. businesses can apply for a 0% interest loan of up to $100,000. a report found as many as 50% of san francisco businesses remain
5:45 am
closed even as the city reopens. it is safe for vaccinated people to return to their prepandemic routines but not everyone is ready. 69% of people don't feel ready to go back to bars. 65% are not comfortable with concerts and sporting events. 54% are not okay with in person religious services. >> an adjustment disorder in psychiatry is a reaction to unusual circumstances that result in anxiety or depression. we have established new habits and we are once again facing an adjustment as we reopen and get back to life as usual. >> i never thought i would let fear keep me from doing something but it is weird how that takes over your body. >> mental health experts say ease yourself back into the social activities. don't push yourself to a point where you may feel overwhelmed or exhausted. there is a new way to pass your time on a flight out of san
5:46 am
jose airport. there is a new elibrary concept where you can download up to four e-books on your phone, tablet or laptop. you have to log onto a network near gates 12 and 24 to access the titles. the list includes best sellers of fiction and nonfiction. we are hearing from a spelling superstar from louisiana this morning. >> murrayn. >> that is correct. >> yes, yes, yes. >> i know you are happy. >> this is 14-year-old zailla montguard making history last night at the spelling be. she spelled the word and became the first black spelling bee champion. she also talked about her love of basketball on good morning america. >> i have been playing basketball since i was about 5 years old. >> we saw the commercial you did
5:47 am
with steph curry. three records for dribbling. just incredible. do you want to play in the wnba some day? >> yeah, i am thinking of playing in the wnba and/or overseas because i like to go overseas because i like going on trips and stuff and also seeing new coaches. i'm pretty interested in that. >> what in the world. what can she not do? >> listen. hanging out with steph curry, making videos. >> you can watch more of this interview, i am so fascinated. she said and/or play overseas. options. that is coming up at 7:00 on gma. and shad raw tamala from richardson came in second pla io she spelled words like before
5:48 am
misspelling into the rolly. >> what is that thing she was doing? >> they write it out with their finger. >> it is just blank. >> yeah, some people do it with their hand. but she had a pad. >> that is new for me. well, congratulations. >> i was thinking of how reggie would have spelled that. >> that's what i'm thinking i'm no, you're wrong. >> i would be like, the legends? i'm still going to spell it that way. >> off the stage. here's a look at what is going on at sfo this morning. look at the lack of cloud cover. 60 the low, 80 the high. that will keep you a little more temperate than the rest of us. notice the flags not moving. the air conditioning is off. that means the hottest afternoons are today, tomorrow, sunday. the risk of heat on us will be
5:49 am
hottest day and sunday. heat relief reaches all of the neighborhoods by tuesday. looking at the satellite, we have a few high clouds out there right now. it will be a sunny afternoon. unfortunately, the clouds won't do much to stop we hi.inun 98 in mor how about 80 on the boardwalk. coolest temperature in san bruno. mid-to upper 70s in downtown francisco. 80 in slaulz leteo. even 100's for clover dale. comfortable in richmond. 87 in union city, 88 in castro valley. 99 to 106 in the east bay valley. record highs possible in tahoe at 90 and fresno at 113. they are definitely out there. look at how much milder it will
5:50 am
be. 60s and 70s in the east bay, south bay, parts of the bay in the 60s. 50s for the rest of us. my seven-day forecast, good luck sleeping in the next couple of days. hopefully it is on the weekend and most of you don't have to work and get up. there may people out there. >> i wouldn't blame them. buckingham palace is opening gardens to visitors for the first time. they can take self guided tours through the 1,000 trees and 23 different wild flowers and grasses. there will be activities for the kids and expert talks for adults. there will also be a rare opportunity to picnic on the garden lawns. bts is looking to post pan deckic future.
5:51 am
all right. the kpop group's latest single dropped overnight. it already has 22 million views. you can see people taking off their masks and dancing to the beat. the song was sung in english and cowritten by ed sheeran. why didn't they call you because i like the mask dance you did. >> i did too. i like that video because it is stuff you can do. i think i just learned that dance in about 5 seconds. so it is very tiktok generation. new at 6:00, a who's who of bay area celebrity chefs cramming into a brand new food hall. the eats and treats opening next month. and the problem that experts say is making lake t
5:52 am
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there is some outrage unt san francisco based wells fargo's decision to stop offering personal lines of credit. the credit was a popular way for people to consuloddate higher interest credit rates. this could have an impact on credit scores. senator elizabeth warren weighed in saying not a single wells fargo customer should see credit score suffer after the bank had years of incompetence. they are shutting down all existing lines in the coming weeks. your next student loan bill may have a different name on it. the pennsylvania assistance agency is ending a contract w ti. tt kwn ased loan, it has been collecting payments from around 9 billion borrowers for a decade. the repayment programs have become increasingly complex and challenging.
5:55 am
san francisco bay grocery delivery app instacart snagged a female facebook executive as ass new ceo. fiji simone was appointed starting august 2nd. she joins? stacart when the company is expected to go public. it is estimated at $39 billion. lake tahoe's famously blue water is getting murkier. researchers now know why. according to a new report from u.c. davis, you can blame climate change. warming waters are allowing microscopic algae to grow, clouding up the water. and increasing car traffic is kickin and dirt around the basin. the erosion is now washing into the lake. what a bummer, mike. >> that's too bad. let's talk about what is going on. you can see it is going to be very hot here. if you are thinking about doing
5:56 am
outdoor dining, you need to find shade or go inside. 98 at 6:00, 61 at the coast. we are at the mid-90s at 7:00 inland. the sun sets and we are still around 82 at 9:00. comfortable mid-70s through the evening around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. i want you to focus on the inland neighborhoods for the temperatures. the models are giving way too much incluns to the ocean and bay waters. the temperatures on san francisco and oakland are too cold. it will be warm to hot everywhere. new at 6:00, are you doing your morning coffee all wrong? there is some pretty persuasive reasons to have it an hour later this morning. it was so hard, the lifted the building up and slammed it back down you will hear from the people right there, the best video showing the after maths and chances of a larger quake in the bay to come. and the top story, extreme
5:57 am
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gma first look, counting turning towards the sky, the human space race. branson versus good morning, it is friday, july 9. you are watching abc 7 news, who live, and wherever you stream. we will start with your accuweather forecast. >> we look at the winds, they are the biggest mover and shaker of our weather. lo a ve5 miles hour, seveat sf the air-conditioning is off. you can see a few clouds hugging the coast as we look back from the


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