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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 12, 2021 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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i appreciate it and i love it. >> check out the live stream instead. >> i'm going anyway. good morning, america. happening now, wildfire emergency in the west. overnight, strong winds, bone-dry conditions and intense heat fuel the flames. mandatory evacuations forcing people from their homes. more than 18 million on heat alert. some facing record-breaking temperatures. as the northeast faces another flash flood threat. delta surge. covid cases now climbing in at least 25 states as the new variant spreads in areas with the lower vaccination rates. and the big question, do you need a covid booster shot? pfizer officials set to meet with top health experts today. here on "gma," dr. richard besser joins us live. protests erupt in cuba, the largest in decades. anger in the streets over food and fuel shortages.
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and breaking overnight. a new arrest in the assassination of haiti's president. we're on the ground there, the latest at this hour. major arrest. a hotel housekeeper being hailed a hero after discovering a huge cache of guns and ammunition at an upscale hotel in downtown denver, blocks from tomorrow night's all-star game. what investigators are saying this morning. ride of a lifetime. billionaire richard branson blasts off to the edge of space. what he's telling gio benitez about making history, as jeff bezos gets ready for his own flight. carnival chaos caught on camera. a ride almost tipping over. the base nearly lifting off the ground. we'll hear from one of the people on the ride and how quick-thinking bystanders raced to the rescue. ♪ i'm still standing ♪ the bucks bounce back. milwaukee wins game three led by a powerhouse performance from giannis. will they be able to tie up the suns in game four? who is this week's
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"jeopardy!" host? george at the podium and taking us behind the scenes. >> this is a lot harder than it looks. >> the secrets to putting the show together and what it was like honoring alex trebek's legacy. is good morning, america. great to start the week with cecelia and amy. welcome back from rome. >> thank you very much. welcome back from los angeles. we're excited to have the guest host of "jeopardy!" here with us today. thank you for being with us. >> it was a lot of fun, so much fun. >> so excited to hear some behind-the-scenes secrets from the show. we're getting ready to "rise & shine" from beautiful georgia. t.j. has some surprises for us. but we'll begin with the extreme weather in the west. record-breaking heat has put eight states under alert. those temperatures have fueled wildfires across the region, and
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will carr is in doyle, california. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, george. all this damage comes on the heels of california's third heat wave in a short amount of time. we're talking about dangerous record-setting heat. the people who live in this community had to go running for their lives as flames came through. this morning, the west is burning. at least 47 uncontained wildfires exploding across the region as 18 million people across the east coast are under a heat alert. in southern oregon the boot leg fire scorching more than 150,000 acres. overnight, in california, mandatory evacuations, winds driving the river fire to 4,000 acres. to the north dozens of homes destroyed in doyle, california. fragments and foundations identifiable and these cars scorched. the town is now home to the largest fire in the state this year. the beckworth complex fire
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scorching more than 86,000 acres. this blast of erratic winds billowing smoke through the sky. those nearby scrambling for cover. firefighters working around the clock to stop the spread. but it's a taxing job. >> when it comes to wildfires, especially with this heat, what's your biggest concern? >> heat exposure and not having enough resources. you can fight fire for so long then you need rehabilitation. >> reporter: firefighters tell me if these conditions continue, a perfect for another historic fire season. >> will, thank you so much. let's go to ginger for a look at the forecast. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: unfortunately, cecilia, the answer is no. 117 all time record tied in las vegas over the weekend. 130 in death valley. all under this heat dome.
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it's stubborn. it won't be all time, but still very hot. any monsoon moisture that tries to make it up and make a thunderstorm is evaporating before it gets to the ground. a lot of these don't have rain. they do have lightning which starts more wildfires. drought, big problem in the west, 93% of the west is in a drought. utah, in the highest level of drought. 117 was reached in lake george. that's the hottest temperature the state of utah has ever seen. amy, each degree of heat makes evaporation even quicker. amy? >> we know you'll keep us to date on all of that. ginger, thank you. now to the coronavirus emergency. the u.s. seeing an uptick in cases, as the delta variant spreads through areas with low vaccination rates. half the states now showing an increase in new cases. even new hospitalizations. kaylee hartung joins us from a hospital in burbank,
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california. good morning to you, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the delta variant is the most identified variant here in california. officials say it's responsible for more than half of the new cases across the country. hospitals in l.a. county just last month hit a record low for covid patients during the pandemic, and now those numbers are climbing. pfizer planning to meet today with top u.s. health officials to discuss potential federal authorization for a third dose of its vaccine. the biotech company offering the highest levels of protection against all variants, including the highly contagious delta variant racing across the country. >> even though the cdc and fda correctly said right now we don't feel you need a booster, that doesn't mean we're not very, very actively following and gathering this information to see if and when we meet need it. >> reporter: 25 states now facing a steady increase in new cases. 17 states seeing a jump in hospital admissions.
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in six of those states, the number of people dying every day is going up. in california, an uptick in cases, with several counties placed on the cdc's emerging covid hot list. l.a. county reporting over 1,000 cases in a day. health officials urging people to get vaccinated to slow the spread. >> i really believe we are at a point where we can say pretty confidently that you're either going to be vaccinated or you're going to have covid. >> reporter: here in the los angeles county, where life is seeming to return to normal with bars and restaurants packed, officials say it's younger unvaccinated people who are responsible for transmitting the virus most. about 70% of the new cases here in people aged 18 to 49.
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george? >> let's bring in dr. richard besser. we're seeing this delta variant spread all over the country, even in places like los angeles county with relatively high vaccination rates. how concerned are you? >> i am concerned, george. the delta variant is more contagious. any area where there's a lower rate of vaccination you'll see spread. it's going to vary by neighborhood. here in new jersey, where i am, my community, 76% of adults are vaccinated. the next town over is 44%. you have to be able to look at that closely to see where the risk really is. >> let's talk about booster shots. pfizer saying they're almost certainly going to be needed. so far health officials have pushed back. at some point is the need for boosters inevitable? >> well, we're going to have to see. it depends a lot on what people do right now. if everyone were to get vaccinated with this vaccine, there would be less virus spreading around, less likelihood that there would be variants emerging that we would need a new vaccine for.
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so far we've not been seeing breakthrough cases in people fully vaccinated. >> the cdc put out its new guidance on schools late last week. they're doing everything they can to make sure people know schools should be open in the fall, even saying that vaccinated children and teachers don't have to wear masks? >> yeah. you know, as a pediatrician i think this is a really big deal. what they're saying is the most important thing is to get our children back in school learning full time this fall. you can do that. there's a lot of layered approaches that you can take. it's going to depend somewhat on the ages of the children, whether or not masks are going to be warranted, but that's also something where locals will have some say. parents have a choice. even if a school is saying that masks are no omaption for anyone to put on their child who feels it's the right thing to do. >> how about parents who are still hesitant to get their kids vaccinated?
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we're seeing young people who are still resistant. we're seeing political splits in who's going to be taking vaccines. how do you convince the skeptical at this point? >> as a pediatrician, i've spent a lot of time talking to parents about vaccines, some who are skeptical. you have to meet people with trust. there's a lot of people out there who have had a bad experience with their health care system, with government mandates. you have to treat people with respect. listen to their questions and try and meet them where they are. hopefully over time more people will get vaccinated. everyone dying from covid is unvaccinated. >> dr. besser, thank you. we're going to head overseas now to cuba. protests erupting in the streets over fuel shortages. victor oquendo has the latest. so many there are saying they've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: the word you hear is unprecedented.
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the demands for change resonating loud and clear in south florida too, especially where we are in little havana. let's begin in ce a.reting a e can. worsenineconic crisi a cubans are coping with severe medicine food shortages. cuba's leader blaming tight u.s. sanctions and calling on those loyal to the regime to confront the protesters. the u.s. national security adviser tweeted in part that the u.s. would strongly condemn any violence of peaceful protesters. they are exercising their universal rights. the cuban exiled community hitting the streets in miami as well, voicing their support for the protesters. many calling on the u.s. to intervene. even miami's mayor said the federal government should do everything possible. and not waste this moment. cecelia? >> victor, thank you. amy? now to haiti in turmoil. after the assassination of its
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president, a new arrest made overnight. marcus moore is in haiti's capital port-au-prince with the latest. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. the u.s. teams are on the ground right now helping to investigate the assassination. also assessing the interim government's request for help in keeping the streets calm here. all as new details are emerging about the attack. overnight, a florida doctor arrested and accused of being a key player in the assassination of haitian president jovenel moise. the interim chief of police alleging to assume the presidency and hired colombian nationals under the pretext they would be his bodyguards. the fbi and homeland security now have agents on the ground. authorities have arrested at least 20 suspects, including two americans. haitian officials are hoping to uncover more answers. >> we need the truth to get out. >> reporter: first lady martine
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moise who was wounded in the attack is recovering at a miami hospital. she had surgery over the weekend, sending this message of assurance to the people of haiti. "you can't let the country be lost. you can't let the blood of my young husband, the president you love so much and loved you too, run for nothing." also this morning, a notorious gang leader has called on his followers to take to the streets violently to protest the president's assassination. without a clear leader, this country that has faced economic turmoil and gang violence for years is once again, george, facing an unknown future. >> such a tragic situation. okay, marcus, thanks very much. we move on to that massive weapons arrest. police charge four people pseiz ammunition after a tip from a hotel housekeeper. kayna whitworth is in denver with the latest. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: george, good morning. that terrifying find happening just days before the city is set to host the major league baseball all-star game. with tens of thousands of people
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descending on the city, law enforcement officials are asking that everyone remain vigilant. this morning, a hotel worker is being hailed a hero after discovering a huge stash of firearms and ammunition in denver. four people under arrest on drugs and weapons charges. one of those suspects speaking out from jail overnight saying he knew nothing of a plot to use any of the weapons on the crowd. >> i would have intervened, absolutely. there's no way i would have let something like that happen. >> reporter: authorities seizing more than a dozen long guns, body armor and 1,000 rounds of ammo at this upscale hotel in the heart of downtown denver, just a block from coors field. officials say a housekeeper discovered the arsenal while cleaning a rom friday night. >> the hotel staff is well trained, and they stepped up in a big way. >> reporter: investigators say they believe the suspects were
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involved in an illegal arms and drugs deal. the fbi telling abc news we have no reason to believe this incident was connected to terrorism or a threat directed at the all-star game. >> we were just there last week. it's scary. >> reporter: these arrests come just one week after a similar hotel weapons bust in chicago. authorities foiling an alleged fourth of july shooting plot. from the 12th floor of hotel. again, crediting a housekeeper for leading them to the suspect. law enforcement officials from across the country have been commenting to abc news saying these housekeeping staffs are really the unsung heroes. they're being asked to disrupt everything from human trafficking to potential terrorism. guys? >> kayna, thank you so much. we're going to switch gears and go to the nba finals. behind one superstar performance of giannis antetokounmpo. will reeve is there in milwaukee
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good morning, will. >> reporter: you nailed it. way to go. very proud of you. i was going to tell you, giannis antetokounmpo, he was a beast last night, cecelia. 41 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists. he was in rarified finals air with that performance. this building was rocking inside and out. in the deer district there were fireworks. now, guys, we have a series. the milwaukee bucks and their franchise player making a statement in game three. >> inside for the slam. >> reporter: the bucks boosted by their home fans in and outside the arena blowing out the suns 120-100. superstar giannis antetokounmpo dominant again, putting up 40 plus points in back-to-back finals games joining a short list of legends to establish that feat including lebron james, shaquille o'neal and michael jordan. >> i just want to enjoy the game and be out there, have fun and
7:17 am
compete at a high level. >> reporter: after two decisive wins to start the best of seven series -- >> in for the slam. >> reporter: -- the suns took a step back in game three. their star players missing shots all night. devin booker scoring only 10 points in 29 minutes, spending most of the second half on the sidelines. cam johnson providing only one of the highlights of the night for phoenix with this ferocious dunk. >> he throws it down. >> reporter: but milwaukee finished the night with fireworks of their own as the bucks look ahead to the crucial game four in front of their rowdy fans. suns in four has been the rallying cry for phoenix fans. that dream is dead. after game three. the bucks down 2-1, and the bucks in six is the rallying cry from the bucks fans in this arena. that dream is very much alive. this place will be going crazy on wednesday night as the bucks look to tie it up before heading
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back to phoenix. guys, we now have an nba finals. >> we have a series now. will, thank you. you can see game four on wednesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. we are following a lot of other headlines this morning, including richard branson's historic flight to the edge of space. what the billionaire is saying about it, and what is next in the space race. and watch this carnival ride swing out of control. we're going to tell you what happened when bystanders raced to help. first, let's go back to ginger. >> and george, the humidity is kicking out here. if it feels like we've been really wet in the northeast, we have. more than 7 inches already in new york city so far this july. that's 150% of what we get in the whole month. there's more coming. flash flood watches from cleveland to boston. let's get the select cities now sponsored by verizon.
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it looks like a hit and run. no injuries reported. a live look here showing the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up through the maze and we do have the roadwork in concord that is going to be here until 10:00 a.m. earthbound 242. th [baby crying] i got it. i got it. ♪ ♪ getting some help with the little one, from her biggest fan. some real face time. just an amtrak away. some real face time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning. let's take a look at what to expect with the commute. there is a little bit of drizzle. as far as being windy and choppy, it will be more so all the way back to the golden gate bridge. we have lake county and mendocino county under an excessive heat warning until tonight. for the rest of us, we can see the rush and the marine layer. it will get cooler thursday and friday. coming up on gma this morning, richard branson's
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santa's not leaving. the home with dunkin' is where you want to be. one thing is for sure, i'm one thing is for sure, i'm done running from my past. >> welcome back to "gma." "black widow" smashing records at the box office and streaming this weekend. taking in a combined $215 million. what these numbers mean for hollywood that is coming up in our next hour. big movie there. >> huge weekend. following a lot of headlines this morning including the wildfire emergency in the west. strong winds. bone-dry conditions. residents forced to evacuate their homes. more than 18 million people on heat alert right now. also right now, the latest on the pandemic. covid cases climbing in at least 25 states as the delta variant
7:31 am
primarily spreads in areas with low vaccination rates. and pope francis led sunday prayers from his hospital balcony. his first public appearance just a week after his surgery. hundreds gathered to worship withe vatican says he is doing well after his procedure. we'll stay in italy. hours ago team italy arrived back in rome after winning their first european soccer title in more than half a century. the team winning over england with a penalty shoot-out. overnight, fans of team italy celebrating around the globe. i was among them. i was in rome when they won the semi-finals. probably one of my favorite nights ever. a lot more ahead. including that carnival mayhem. how bystanders jumped in.when t over. let's move on to happier news. george is guest hosting "jeopardy!" this week. we're excited to hear all about
7:32 am
that, george. >> looking forward to it. also looking forward to going to georgia to "rise & shine" this morning. t.j. holmes has been running. >> your coaching of t.j. has been paying off. >> i'm going to take a little credit for him. there he is. he snuck in a quick haircut. getting it all done in atlanta. now hanging out with dwayne johnson and emily blunt. they're helping him with a big surprise along with that great audience. it's all coming up on a big morning. we're going to turn to billionaire space race. richard branson's history launch at the edge of space just days before jeff bezos' trip. transportation correspondent gio benitez is there in new mexico where the launch took place. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, cecilia, good morning. this was a groundbreaking launch. richard branson earning those astronaut wings, a dream 17 years in the making. >> three, two, one, release. >> reporter: this morning, history made.
7:33 am
>> ignition. >> reporter: sir richard branson blasting off to the edge of space. becoming the first person to launch above his own spaceship. floating in weightlessness for four minutes. sending a message back to earth. >> for the next generation of just imagine what you can do. >> reporter: the history-making moments happening over the new mexico desert. the mothership eve carrying unity, blasting branson and five others to the edge of space. >> you could hear the roar of the rocket. you're pinned into your seat. you're going straight up. you're looking straight up. a you're going from -- north of 3,000 miles an hour in seven or eight seconds. it's a ride of a lifetime. then you go from that extreme to complete silence. >> reporter: branson joining us
7:34 am
just moments later. >> i've been to space. excuse us. excuse us. >> you got those wings. >> reporter: fellow astronaut shirisha bandla by his side, only the third indian-american woman in space. her job, science. >> i was carrying research experiments strapped to my leg. this capability will transform research and technology that we can develop in microgravity. >> reporter: children took center stage in branson's mind, before and after the launch, speaking directly with them. >> why is that so important to you? >> look, i'm a grandfather. i'm a father. i just love to inspire kids. i mean, as a kid myself when i saw the moon landing, i was making rockets out of cardboard boxes. >> reporter: 17 years of work leading branson to beat amazon founder jeff bezos to space by nine days. when bezos is scheduled to board
7:35 am
his blue origin aircraft and lift off. bezos sending him well wishes before the flight. spacex founder elon musk flying in to send him off in person. >> a dyslexic kid like myself, and all the wonderful people who created this can do this, imagine what you can achieve. every kid can achieve something wonderful in their lives. >> reporter: such a great message right there. virgin galactic hopes to fly customers to space next year. we told you it's not cheap. about $250,000 per seat, but cecilia, already 700 people have signed up. >> we're still waiting to see if "gma" is going to let you expense on that one, gio. we're still waiting, as we said. in the meantime, all eyes on jeff bezos. he's just days away from his own launch. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. here's the thing with blue origin. his company, they actually don't have faa approval to fly customers to space. time is ticking.
7:36 am
we'll see. >> stay tuned. all right, gio, thanks so much. george? quick-thinking bystanders at a michigan carnival rushed to save the day. that carnival ride full of passengers nearly tipped over. eva pilgrim has the details. >> something went terribly wrong with that ride. the company who puts on the carnival saying they don't know what caused it to malfunction yet. but what we do know, the kindness of strangers and neighbors who jumped in to help likely saved a lot of lives. it's the horrifying moment this carnival ride swings out of control at a festival in michigan. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> reporter: you can see the massive pendulum attraction holding nearly a dozen passengers, tipping back and forth. at one point the base of the ride nearly lifting off the ground. trevor drew was on the ride. >> i've never seen anything shke like that. i had been on that type of ride before and i could tell it's a lot more violent. seems more shaky. >> reporter: the incident
7:37 am
happening on an attraction called the magic carpet ride at the annual national cherry festival in travers city. rushing to the attraction trying to hold it steady. >> once it started moving, i was like this is not happening. it was to the point where the base of it was, like, leaning way back. i was, like, that looks like it's about like to fall back into the river right now. it was just -- i could not believe what i was seeing. >> reporter: so how can you be sure something like this won't happen at your local carnival this summer? the consumer product and safety commission technically oversees the safety of all portable rides which travel state to state, but it's up to each state to implement that oversight. some states like california and new york require regular inspections while others like texas require yearly. according to, nine states require no state oversight at all.w, according t
7:38 am
department of licensing and regulatory affairs, carnival inspected annually. arnold amusement said it inspects their rides every morning prior to operation. guys? >> thank you so much. >> thank you, eva. coming up next, we have george, the next guest host of "jeopardy!," and he is taking us behind the scenes. stay with us. [♪] cooking and eating at home more often means food odors get trapped in your home's fabrics and released back into the air so you smell last night's dinner the next morning. for an easy way to keep your whole home smelling fresh try febreze fabric refresher. febreze's water-based formula deeply penetrates fabrics to eliminate trapped food odors as it dries. spray febreze fabric refresher when you clean up after meals to ensure your entire home smells fresh and clean. try febreze fabric refresher. brand power. helping you buy better. we don't follow the herd. never have. never will. because those who build the future aren't found in a pack. they forge the way forward - on a path of their own.
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7:42 am
>> it feels like so long ago we taped it. i'm so glad it's coming out this week. it was so intense, so much fun. the crew at "jeopardy!" are true professionals. they're amazing. it was just a great privilege to be a part of it all. >> now, here is the guest host of "jeopardy!," george stephanopoulos. >> reporter: it was such a privilege to step on to that iconic "jeopardy!" set that alex trebek made famous. what a thrill for me to be here on this stage. i was lucky to meet alex many times. when he was a guest on "good morning america," he always made us smile and he inspired us with his grace in the face of cancer. it's a privilege for me to honor his legacy. the "jeopardy!" team super kind, hyper professional with me every step of the way. really fun. you get to see what's behind the making of all the clues and the intricate debates over what seems like very small
7:43 am
matters of nuance. >> it sees you crossing. >> perfect. perfect. good to see you all. this is a lot harder than it loks. i'm just telling you. god bless alex trebek and everybody who has been a guest host. >> reporter: the job, don't fumble when reading the clues, stay focused, keep things moving. remember what alex always said, it's about the game. the contestants and i navigated our new rules together. >> if it makes you feel any better, i'm a lot more nervous than you are. >> your job is harder. >> yeah. >> this job is hard. but yours is much harder. >> i think he did really well with pacing. >> the clues were read really clearly. it was easy for me to pick them up. >> he was professional and very courteous and very warm. i was, like, this is excellent. it was a very calming presence in a very nerve-racking moment. >> he fits into the role perfectly. >> reporter: i had so much fun playing a small part in the enduring legacy of "jeopardy!" by the time you get good at it you're all done.
7:44 am
>> i love how you got feedback there. >> got some feedback there. five shows in one day. they just roll through it. the contestants are so impressive. >> i bet you knew all the answers. >> did not. but i tell you what, i went into the writers' room where they write the clues. all the writers have been there for years and years and years and they put so much work into making sure each word is precise, and they say you have to read each clue as if it's poetry to make sure you're really giving a sense of the meaning. it was just a real learning experience and a lot of fun. >> what was the hardest part about it? >> moving things along. you sort of want to -- they really just want everything to keep going and going. if you stumble -- the dirty little secret is, you ever notice the host isn't on camera that much? when you make a mistake, you can redo the clue. i'm hosting all week long. check your local listings for the show time.
7:45 am
>> you know that i'll be watching. we're big "jeopardy!" fans. can't wait. coming up, we have actress valerie bertinelli here. she hits back against body shaming. her reaction to all that social media bullying. and next, t.j., emily blunt and dwayne johnson are live in atlanta with our "play of the day." urance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ like many people with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease, i was there. be right back. but my symptoms were keeping me from where i needed to be.
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7:49 am
"good morning america." you know if i'm knocking on your door before the sun comes up, something must be up. don't worry she's in on it. she knows i'm here, and she knows why i'm here. >> back now as we "rise & shine." from georgia, that's t.j. earlier this morning with a big surprise door knock in atlanta for a dad and teacher. his dedication inspired this trip. t.j. is getting ready for an even bigger surprise to celebrate him. tell us how it's going down there, t.j. >> reporter: robes, good morning to you. i'm at blackwell studio outside the atlanta area. a lot of comeback after the pandemic. you never know who you'll find out here. it just so happens -- >> just so happens. >> look who i found, emily blunt and dwayne johnson. >> that was the most undramatic entrance. >> if you drove any slow, would drive backwards. >> they told me i had to be careful. >> oh, my god.
7:50 am
>> you drive like my grandmother and she passed away ten years ago. >> this is what i get, guys. you all are in this great new movie, "the jungle cruise," you guys don't like each other in the movie. and in real life? >> in real life as well. it's sort of like life imitating art. >> you seem like a good team. when you have a target. >> that's true. >> we're a great team. >> that's true. >> we'll get into "the jungle cruise." we'll get into the big surprise and they'll help me with it all morning. i'll try to do more impressive driving. >> we definitely need some stunts, t.j, got back in the car there. coming up, t.j. has so much more from atlanta as we "rise & shine" right there in georgia. we'll be right back. stay with us. "rise & shine" right there in georgia. shine" right there in georgia. we'll be right b only 6% of us retail businesses have a black owner. that needs to change. so, i did something. i created a black business accelerator at amazon. and now we have a program that's dedicated
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> reporter: welcome back to "gma." let me show you the rain in illino >> reporter: welcome back to "gma." let me show you the rain in illinois. 3 to 5 inches in some places. this is in danville. now we've got the summer storms from florida to the southeast. some of them could become severe with the damaging winds primarily. we'll be tracking that and the heavy rains here in the northeast that could flash flooding. let's get to what else is coming up on "gma." the young woman attacked by a shark, but now one of their biggest advocates. we'll hear from her and so much more. this has been sponsored by carmax. your local news and weather
7:55 am
>> "good morning america" is sponsored by home instead. to us it's personal. red by home. to us it's personal.
7:56 am
building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. a good monday morning. i am julian glover from abc7 mornings. let's get you out the door in time. jobina has a look at the commute. he met good morning. hopefully will make it there in time. we are looking live right now at the richmond san rafael bridge. this is toward the toll plaza slowing things down. one lane is blocked there. traffic is low for north and and southbound. the northbound traffic is being impacted by this. we have roadwork on 242. all lanes are blocked until 10:00 a.m.. good news. other than lake and mendocino county, the heatwave is over. 50s and 60s along the coast.
7:57 am
60s and 70s around the the bay. 70s and 80s inland. the temperatures are below average. lookup clear the air will be until wednesday. thank you. coming up on gma, actress lee bert
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. wildfire emergency in the west. overnight strong winds, bone-dry conditions and intense heat fuel the flames. mandatory evacuations force people from their homes. more than 18 million on heat alert. also this morning, the new report about drowning dangers for children. key ways to keep your children safe. what parents should know. fighting back. actress valerie bertinelli speaking out about body shaming comments online. >> where's the compassion? >> her powerful message about diet culture and weight this morning. "black widow" breaks records. >> are you ready for this? >> scarlett johansson at the center of the biggest movie to hit the box office. the rise of the female super teenage ta survoears.
8:01 am
paige winter going back on the water to keep sharks safe. >> it's kind of cool. i get to learn more about these finned friends. >> the teenager's inspiring work for shark advocacy and her healing journey. and good morning from georgia. we're live from the peach state. >> we just made a peach cobbler. >> yes, sir. >> t.j. holmes is on the run for "rise & shine" from the barbershop to the band and a very special surprise with "the jungle cruise" stars dwayne johnson and emily blunt as they say -- >> good morning, america! look at that all-star cast down there in georgia kicking off the week. with amy and cecelia. t.j. rising and shining from georgia. >> that's right. he's been checking out all the peach state has to offer, and now he's running the streets of atlanta there.
8:02 am
he's also about to pull off a big surprise for a dedicated teacher. so, t.j., how is it going down here? your home away from home. >> good morning to you, robes. yes, i always say that i was born and raised in memphis, but i grew up in atlanta. this is a special place for me. this is stage nine at blachkall studios. this is a huge studio. not a lot of movement this morning, but a lot of activity going on at blachkall studio. here around atlanta because there's so much film production taking place here. that's been a big part of revitalizing the area and coming back after the pandemic. i have now with me two of the biggest stars on the planet and two of the big stars of "the jungle cruise." emily blunt and dwayne johnson, great to see you two. you're going to help me pull off a surprise for a guy that's really, really special, personifies sticking with it, resilience and never giving up. >> yes, very true. we can't wait to surprise him. this poor man has no idea.
8:03 am
i don't know what he thinks he's walking into. >> i can't wait to introduce the world to tylan, he right now is in his car. he has his ear phones on. he has no idea. it's a surprise. >> i knocked on his door at 5:55 a.m. this morning. >> he hates you. >> he does. >> how did he respond? >> better than you would expect. guys, we're going to get into all that. they'll help us pull off a big surprise. we'll be talking to them about the movie as well and all about rising and shining in georgia. >> thanks, t.j. we're going to begin with extreme heat in the west. high temperatures are fueling fires across the region. will carr is in doyle, california. they've been devastated by a second fire. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, george. the west coast has been hit by extreme heat over and over. we just had our third heat wave in just a short amount of time, and it's fueled fires across the state. this is damage from the beckworth complex fire.
8:04 am
people who live in this community had to go running for their lives as the flames burned their homes. we still have a long way to go in fire season. this morning, the west is burning. at least 47 uncontained wildfires exploding across the region as 18 million people across the west coast are under a heat alert. in southern oregon, the bootleg fire scorching more than 150,000 acres. overnight, in california, mandatory evacuations near mriposa county. winds driving the river fire to 4,000 acres. to the north, dozens of homes destroyed in doyle, california. fragments of foundations identifiable in the debris, and these cars scorched. the town is now home to the largest fire in the state this year. the beckworth complex fire scorching more than 86,000 acres. the winds billowing smoke through the sky. those nearby scrambling for cover. last year california saw its largest wildfire ever, and
8:05 am
veteran firefighters tell me they're expecting another historic season this year. amy? >> that is not the news anyone was hoping for. will carr, thank you for that. we're going to turn to ginger with a look at the forecast. a new flood threat for the northeast. good morning again, ginger. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. we saw all-time heat from las vegas tied to utah. the state setting a record, 117. you know the heat dome is responsible. it's not going anywhere. it will not be 117 again, but it's going to be plenty hot. 113 for las vegas. so many states have excessive heat warnings and watches. remember, when you get a monsoon thunderstorm with this, because the flow has started, a lot of that evaporates. then you have dry lightning which starts fires. in the east the complete opposite. that dichotomy is normal for summer, but these are extremes on each end. flash flood watches from north jersey up to boston, all the way back to cleveland. a15noalee another 2 to 4
8:06 am
this month. it's only the 12th. >> ginger, thank you for that. we'll move on to a new report just released this morning about drowning dangers for children. according to the american academy of pediatrics, it is the leading cause of injury-related death in children, the highest rate are 4 years old and younger. the aap reports that the key ways to prevent children from drowning are to be sure they have those basic swimming skills, an understanding of water safety and for them to wear life jackets. parents and caregivers must be sure to surround water with barriers like fencing, to know cpr if an accident does happen, and to be sure this there is always vigilant adult supervision when children are in and around water. always important to note in these summer months. cecilia. >> good reminders there, amy. some good news now. you'll remember the name, zalia avant-garde, the 14-year-old spelling champ making an appearance at the espy awards.
8:07 am
in new york city on saturday night. that's not all. the eighth grader was awarde> a valerie bertinelli. she had an emotional post responding to body shaming comments on social media. we'll take a look at that coming up. also, t.j. surprising an incredible teacher. no idea what else is in store. >> and then, dwayne johnson and emily blunt, they are surprising him too. they're all joining us live. we'll be right back. ♪ they're all joining us live. we'll be right back. ♪ with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems,
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8:12 am
"rise & shine" in georgia "rise & shine" in georgia today. unt d he with t.j. to talk about the new movie "the jungle cruise." we've got a big surprise coming up with t.j. there. we turn to our "gma" cover story. valerie bertinelli is fighting back. the food network host and the star of "one day at a time" taking to social media speaking out about body shaming. stephanie ramos has more on this story. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: hey, cecilia, good morning. valerie bertinelli got emotional in a recent instagram post where she was responding to a body shaming comment she received. she said this post affected her. the criticism has followed. actress valerie bertinelli has taken to instagram with a powerful response to a follower who told her she needed to lose weight. >> if i could lose the weight and keep it off, i would.
8:13 am
since i haven't been successful with that, my whole entire life at 61 i'm still dealing with this. where's the compassion? >> reporter: bertinelli captioning the video, aren't we tired of body shaming yet? i was going to delete my stories. we all could use more kindness, compassion and grace, because we just never know what someone else is going through. here it is. not deleting, owning it. celebrities coming to her defense. singer demi lovato posting i love you. you said it yourself, you're already enough, and whoever said that is hurting. and not being shown enough compassion in their lives. i'm sorry you had to deal with this. here for you always. actress haylie duff writing, you are gorgeous and glorious. an ininspiration to everyone.
8:14 am
even her son wolfie writing, you're perfect the way you are, ma. i love you. bertinelli responding to the outpouring of support with this video. >> thank you. there's so much kindness out there. i certainly do not feel so alone anymore. >> reporter: but not everyone is sending support. some criticizing her for perpetuating diet culture by serving as a former spokesperson for the weight loss program jenny craig. bertinelli quick to respond, she said she bought into the diet culture herself and became part of the problem. i'm not a victim. i can take the heat. i made the video so i could get my feelings out instead of squashing them down and eating them, which is what i do. bertinelli's fans still have here back. while she says that she wishes she could get rid of the shame component, but she laughs some of it off. she said it is time to get back to sharing some of her recipes
8:15 am
again. george? >> stephanie, thank you. we'll move now to the blockbusting opening weekend for "black widow." the movie exceeding expectations in theaters and streaming. chris connelly takes a look at what it means for hollywood. good morning, chris. >> reporter: and good morning, george. once slated for a may 1, 2020, release before the pandemic started, "black widow" is breathing new life into the summertime box office reminding hollywood once again that action films with women starring and directing are really good for business. so, how's the family? on wheels or on wings. battling shoulder to shoulder or everyone for themselves. "black widow" proved to be a huge hit at the weekend box office. after two years, the long-awaited return of the marvel cinematic universe to movie theaters earning a massive $80 million at the box office. that's not all. disney breaking with precedent to report that "black widow" also pulled in $60 million
8:16 am
through its premier access viewings on disney plus worldwide where "black widow" earned $215 million all told. >> that wasn't part of plan. >> well, what was the plan? >> reporter: after so many months on the shelf, it's reception, a career milestone for the director and a major moment for florence pugh, newly minted as an action star. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: a testament to the audience's affection for natasha romanov. her debut in "iron man 2" a far cry from the warrior and avenger, now alongside wonder woman and captain marvel. "black widow" also showing hollywood that the future is female. above all, it's a tribute to johansson. given a chance to go deep into her character's backstory. after more than a decade in the mcu.
8:17 am
now as with "the avengers," committed to the rigors of her role. >> i think these movies can be -- you know, they're exhaustive and the process is long. you know, i think you just have to keep up your stamina. the most important thing is to conserve your energy and give it all in your performance. >> reporter: those efforts paying off this weekend for millions of moviegoers. all of them savoring the marvel cinematic universe on the big screen once again. guys? >> thank you, chris. >> worth the wait, chris. thank you. turning now to an incredible teenager. a shark attack survivor who has used the experience to become a shark advocate. from executive producer, our own robin roberts and her company rockin' robin productions, here's a preview of the paige winter story. >> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> good. >> reporter: paige and charlie will learn a lot about how pollution enters our oceans and how that can affect our healthy ecosystems
8:18 am
and the animals that live in it. >> it's kind of cool that i get to go learn more about these fun friends. >> they never stop making teeth? >> no. >> what silly creatures. >> i'm a little nervous for paige. to come back into close contact like that with no glass between you. this is something she wants to do. >> i've never been on a boat. i am really nervous. i don't think my balance is going to be that on point with all the waves and stuff. my first thought was oh, my god, we're actually doing this. >> i would like to think getting on to a boat and seeing a shark face-to-face like that could be another part of the healing journey. >> dr. heighthouse and laura dredin perimeter from their research boat. >> a lot of the work we do is focused on understanding how important sharks are for their ecosystems and what happens if we remove them. that's something we have to
8:19 am
worry about, because it looks like we're removing almost 100 million sharks from the oceans every year, and their populations can't take that. we have to learn a lot about how the sharks navigate their environment, how they interact with their prey, and then how that affects the wider ecosystem. >> we're going to be circling through and changing the bait. every 45 minutes we check every single line and if there's no shark or no bait we put a bait again to try to get sharks. >> once we get to the last one -- >> we go back to the first one. >> after you got to a certain point, you could feel if there was something on that line or not. >> something is on. >> we got this huge shark just coming right up at you. >> be careful, dad. be careful. >> shark attack investigation
8:20 am
the paige winter story premieres tonight on national geographic. that's at 10:00, 9:00 central. we head back over to ginger. hey, ginger. >> reporter: amy, as stubborn as that dome has been over the weekend, we'll see the breakdown in it. phoenix drops below 100. the pattern will hang around in the 7-day forecast. 60s and 70s on the bay. 70s and 80s let's go back to georgia now. one of the top loc let's go back to georgia now. one of the top locations in the country for film production. big films like "forrest gump," have been shot in that state. "black panther" and "hunger
8:21 am
games." it's also home to t.j. holmes. he's giving us a tour. >> hello, my name is forrest, forrest gump. >> i'm t.j. holmes. >> you want a chocolate? my mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're gonna get. >> i'm doing this "gma" "rise & shine" tour of georgia. any advice? >> like running. >> running? that's great advice. good talking to you, forrest. >> it was nice talking to you. ♪ welcome to atlanta ♪ >> i decided to take forrest's advice. he said run, and no better place to run around georgia specifically than the beltline. when you're running through atlanta, you never know what you're going to find. look what i just found. ♪
8:22 am
>> why is morris brown such a legacy? such a big deal? >> i'm continuing the legacy. i'm proud to say that i attend college in atlanta, georgia. >> lexi continues. look at that smile. the wolverine band has never stopped. >> i came to morris brown in 1975. >> never left? >> never left. >> ain't going to leave? >> ain't going to leave. we'll continue the legacy. >> i got to keep running around atlanta. keep it going. >> all: "rise & shine"! >> you talk about an institution. this is one. this is the varsity restaurant been here since 1928. they served community. served businessmen, tourists and presidents and today "gma." >> you need the money first? can i get some abc money? the number one, and i'll take the onion rings.
8:23 am
>> how about the frosting? >> that sounds really good. >> it's really good. >> how long you worked here? >> i've been working here 40 years. >> look, i just ran here in 80-degree heat. frosted orange is right on time. did you ever get nervous during the pandemic? >> it was awful. pulling off that highway every day for 35 years, and my career here, and looking at this property, it gets me every morning. >> how often do you eat here? >> every day. >> every day. >> do you really? >> every day. best breakfast in the world. >> thank you. i'll take this with me. there is no shortage of historic places and landmarks. let's run to the next one. ♪ >> next up city market. >> all: good morning, america! >> that was mine. that was actually mine. i need this after the run though.weis now we should get running. i love it.
8:24 am
♪ >> let's do it. let's do it. this is my guy. >> that's me. >> my man. >> what's going on? >> why haven't you been running? >> you've been getting in some work. >> you don't want to come running with me? >> this is another atlanta institution. people keep coming back here. who are the folks i'm seeing on the walls? >> l.l. cool j., bill clinton and john lewis. >> i think -- i assume this space is being held for me. i assume it is. >> you got to earn it. we're going to go in the kitchen and cook some peach cobbler. >> is that -- >> oh, wow. just remember you made that. >> you hear that, folks? now, according to chef, i earned my spot. ♪ ♪
8:25 am
>> this is a very famous barbershop in this community. a staple of the community. it had to shut down for a while during the pandemic. thanks to its famous owner, it's back up and running and thriving. let's go in. i heard about this place. killer mike, how you doing? i'm so particular here. can you clean me up around the edges? >> are you they allowed to play any other music? >> oh, yeah. >> why a barbershop? >> it's a social gathering place for young men. >> how did you make it through the pandemic? >> my wife made sure that salaried employees stayed salary. we have staff. >> brother, thank you so much. i'm going back to new york right. >> reporter: so what a tour, guys. i got a fresh cut. i got to meet some great folks. i got to make some peach cobbler which we do have in studio for you all this morning. we're doing a little tour around atlanta. a lot of landmark spots. really this entire state from ko
8:26 am
park, all kinds of places, but it was great to be back in atlanta. i know robach you taught me about the running. between the runs. that might be the only mistake i made. it ended up working out. morris brown band has been helping me out on the trip here. guys, hit it. ♪ ♪ >> okay, thanks to t.j. thanks to morris brown. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from abc7 mornings. san jose mayor will be meeting with president biden today. they are expected to talk about the plan to stop the surge in violence across the country. here is jobina with a look at our traffic. good morning. we are starting up with a live look in san jose showing off -- excuse me, walnut creek and 680. i want to point out the northbound lanes. you can see the slowdown because of road work in the area that will not wrap up until 10:00 a.m. on northbound 242, it is closed , all lanes between 680 and concord avenue until 10:00 a.m. a live look at
8:28 am
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? live with kelly and ryan is coming up. a little drizzle for the morning commute. you can see some clouds and how low they are hanging. it will be a little windy and thldtebridgehr e breeze will d temperatures about two 10 9
8:30 am
degrees below average and it will stay that day. even cooler thursday and friday. we will have another abc7 ne ♪ welcome to atlanta ♪ welcome back to "gma" on this monday. it's time to "rise & shine" this morning in georgia. t.j. holmes has been running around atlanta. literally, he just texted. 8.63 miles. very impressive. he was making peach cobbler, hanging out with movie stars. t.j., i think you have a few there with you. >> yeah, robes, i do. look, i'm sorry, but these two have been misbehaving all morning. i've been trying and trying -- >> you have been trying. you're a gentleman. i have been behaving well. this one misbehaving. >> dwayne johnson and emily blunt, stars of "the jungle cruise."
8:31 am
new movie coming out. you're going to help me with a big surprise, but ri let's talk movie. you shot it in 2018. >> we did. >> and here we are. it was delayed because of the pandemic. what's it like to finally be here? >> it's sort of surreal, but thrilling. this movie really captured our hearts. for it to be seen finally is so awesome. >> it is. you can feel certainly in america that people are going back to theaters and the experience of going back to theaters. to have us be the next movie very eit you all don't really feel each other. in real life, explain the dynamic. >> listen -- >> it's called hate. >> is that what it is? i didn't want to say that. >> we're riddled with loathing most of the time to be in each other's company. no, it's -- >> it's great, yeah. >> it's the funniest dynamic in
8:32 am
the world in the film. it sort of mirrors that in life. >> the nicknames, though. in the movie you call her pants. >> pants. >> you call him skippy. in real life -- now they told me you had a name, but you need to clean it up for morning tv. >> we cleaned it up. >> what is it? >> go on. what do you got? >> what's my nickname? >> lame boy. >> wow. wow. don't encourage that, guys. don't laugh. >> your name for her? >> big head. >> have you seen my head next to yours? >> don't laugh at that, t.j. >> we have a clip from lame what? >> lame boy and big head. >> lame boy and big head. >> let's take a look now. >> ladies, stop. >> not now. >> how you doing, pants?
8:33 am
>> i'm good. >> i was trying to tell you about the -- >> i know. >> come on. >> very funny. >> lame boy. >> i have a pin head next to yours. >> yes. >> they're actually still discussing lame boy and big head. >> he's so horrified. lame boy better not trend. >> he's like where did that come from? i was like i don't know. >> a lot of action. both of you have action experience. what's it like to work -- you had to work together and do these stunts together. what is that like? is one more intimidating? >> who is better on the boat? let's be honest. >> in what way? >> with sea sickness. >> now that we're live and there's no going back. >> no going back. >> sometimes we're on a gimble. it's really, really treacherous. >> it's about as treacherous as your car driving. >> we let that go, emily.
8:34 am
>> i told you, remember. here's an example of it. to answer your question directly, who gets intimidated. story of my life. god delivers and i signed for it. yes, she gets intimidated. >> the stunts were pretty real, some of them. >> look, jokes aside -- >> i was scared running on the rooftop. >> i have a point i was going to make. >> it's long-winded. let's go. we only have a few minutes here in the segment. let's go. >> yes, absolutely. >> that was very succinct. it was. the kids, your kids have not seen it? >> no, they've seen the trailer maybe 35 times, and i'm so thrilled. it's the one thing i've been in that they have any desire to see. >> can't blame them. >> oh, my. >> they do love him so much. >> they're the best. >> they're like, hi, dwayne. they love him. >> have your kids seen it?
8:35 am
theha strailer like hazel and . >> it's violet. >> i know. they loved the trailer. they can't wait to see it. it's a lot of fun. it's daddy in this role. you know, i guess similar to emily there hasn't been a lot of movies they've been able to seen. >> we're excited to see it. i'm nervous to go to a commercial break. >> don't be. >> this was very well behaved. >> america doesn't want to go to commercial, t.j. they want to stay with us. >> they're sticking with us throughout the morning. so gracious with their time. we're going to honor a special guy here. it's a big deal. a big deal for him to see you. >> tylan, can't wait. >> guys, back to you. we'll be back with a big surprise. >> they're having a lot of fun together. "the jungle cruise" is in theaters and disney plus with premier action on july 30th. premier action on july 30th. big plans for the teacher ♪ ♪ ♪ premier action on july 30th. big plans for the teacher
8:36 am
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>> reporter: welcome back to "good morning america." we are so ready to "rise & shine" in georgia with an epic surprise. good morning. welcome to monday. a little drizzle out there. patchy through the 9:00 hour. back to georgia for that "rise & shine." earlier this morning t.j. surprised tylan bailey at his
8:39 am
home in atlanta. now he has a very special "tell t.j." in store for him. t.j., does tylan have any idea what's about to happen? >> reporter: guys, he has no idea. poor guy. i knocked on his door before the sun came up this morning. he sees me. that's not how you want to be woken up. he's in his car. this is his family and friends who have gathered here. he has no idea what's happening. he's been in his car for a few hours with a blindfold on. let me stop the misery, okay. >> it's your boy, t.j. here again. come on. watch your step. you're good. you're good. tylan, i put this on you hours ago. you're good. you're good. i put that blindfold on you hours ago. step out here. i'm going to finally take it off. you're going to just love your boy t.j. take a look. okay. >> what? >> i need to tell you, tylan, you're live on "good morning america" right now. you're live.
8:40 am
you're live. come on. come on. come on. [ cheers and applause ] here's your family. you can stop right here. now, again, tylan, you stay with me. but you've had this on. these folks are here because they know your story. they know how hard you worked. they loved you and honored you. we want to share your story with the rest of the country. meet tylan. >> mr. bailey is the ultimate team player. he's an integral part of our school family. >> he's the first one here every morning. he comes every morning to clean schools. he's constantly working. i never see him stop. >> reporter: for 23 years tylan bailey has kept high tower elementary school running. head custodian at the school and also a father of four. he's prioritize taking care of his community and his growing family.
8:41 am
>> he was working four jobs at once. throwing newspaper in the morning from 2:00 in the morning to 4:30. >> reporter: he's always gone above and beyond, but he always had a different dream in mind. to walk the halls not as a custodian, but as an educator. >> the fact that he's been in the building absorbing what the teachers do, absorbing he said i can do that. >> he told me one day i'm going to go back to school. i'm trying to show you never give up. i'm going to show my kids they can do it. >> reporter: in 2017 at 39, bailey enrolled at georgia state university to pursue his bachelor's degree in physical education. >> today we're going to learn how to catch. >> reporter: his determination was put to the test. his wife areka captured his last late-night study sessions. >> what is that? >> say congratulations, boy. >> reporter: and celebrating that moment he worked so hard to achieve.
8:42 am
>> i'm looking at this like for real? >> the morning of graduation we knew that this was going to be that day that symbolized that, yes, he did it. >> tylan bailey. >> he'college >> h yling? >> blessed. >> seeing him do what he accomplished and wanted to do is amazing. >> he's a coach. he just graduated college and now he's a teacher. >> reporter: bailey also now encouraging the young students at high tower elementary to dream big. >> just remember, no matter where you are, as long as you work hard. >> mr. bailey is going to be a teacher who impacts every student th c
8:43 am
ally comto fruitio it's amazing. >> i know that he will go farther. he's not going to stop at just being a coach. he's going to keep climbing the ladder as high as he can go. [ cheers and applause ] >> when i was at your front, i said trust me. you seem like a man of few words. asked for a sentence in there. you said blessed. what's your reaction to all these folks coming together? >> i can't believe y'all actually surprised me. that's my high tower family. everybody knows that i'm a big jokester, prankster. this is the biggest prank. i feel blessed to have a thateally supp mily of people throughouthis journey.h. it was rough. oh, man.
8:44 am
i'm speechless. >> areka, surely you're one you have watched and been supportive. to get to this point now, what's it mean for you? >> this is an amazing moment. we've done it together. i know the early mornings and the late nights and just to be here, this task, this goal is checked off our list. it's amazing. it's amazing. >> we're not done. i know you recognize your high tower friends and family. everybody here. other folks want to honor you, two folks you don't know. i'm going to bring in them now. they want to say hello and congratulations as well. dwayne johnson and emily blunt. [ cheers and applause ] >> congratulations, man. >> congratulations. >> hi. >> tylan, they've been talking about you all morning.
8:45 am
>> where should we go? >> we'll coordinate there. what's your reaction to seeing them? them come around your cor >> i was just talking about your movie. >> you're probably like who is he? >> who is this guy? >> i just saw some stuff you said about the movie. i was like that's pretty cool. >> let's talk about you. >> what advice do both of you have? >> i want to say what a journey and how inspiring your story is. we just watched the piece that america and the world saw. we're proud of you. your beautiful family is proud of you. like your mom said you'll keep pushing and pushing. and going further and further. the advice you already know. he. it's in your gut. >> i don't know how i can top that. keep shining your light. you're amazing. >> they came bearing gifts.
8:46 am
>> we did. we're going to invite you and your beautiful family to come to hollywood and come to "the jungle cruise" premiere, our world premiere of "the jungle cruise" on us. we can't wait. it's on us and "good morning america." >> what? >> this is where i'm supposed to ask for your reaction. >> you're going to love "the jungle cruise." >> your reaction to all this now, not just friends and family but these folks here have been talking about your story as well. it's touched them. trust me, i've been talking to them about it. >> thank y'all so much. for america, i've had this part of -- meet your blessings halfway. your blessings will come to you if you go for it. sometimes we want blessings to come to us.
8:47 am
just meet it halfway and you'll get there. >> that is fantastic. thank you. don't you go anywhere. we're not done with the blessings for you this morning. ceciliai'llend it b you. >> we've all learned so much this morning. meet your blessings halfway. so much more to come. we have more with tylan when we come back. stay with us. ♪ come back. stay with us. ♪ delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco
8:48 am
the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
8:49 am
♪ we're back now with "rise & shine" georgia. we just surprised tylan bailey. with the help of dwayne johnson and emily blunt. t.j. there in atlanta with more surprises, even more for our teacher, t.j.
8:50 am
>> yes, we got even more. of course dwayne johnson and emily blunt just helped surprise them. they're going to l.a. spirit airlines is going to help get them there. you got round trip airfare. hotels and passes to disneyland thrown in there as well. this is where i'm supposed to say, oh, no, but there's more. our friends at echelon, they wanted to celebrate you. you're a p.e. teacher. you're very much into physical education. they're going to be donating a bike and treadmill to you that can help you with your students. they're going to help you out. you're going to be doing all the p.e. classes. you're getting a little old so you need to stay in shape. we're the same age. >> i want to be like the rock. >> now something for your future students. you're about to start work at a new school this fall, briar vista elementary school this fall. >> yes. >> they got something for you
8:51 am
they want to throw in. they're donating $15,000 to your school. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> that's for real. you're starting your new school with that. what can that mean for students at that school? >> that means a lot. it means equipment. it means anything that they may need, whether it's supplies, books, anything they see fit to further education for students. whatever they choose, how they choose to use it is up to them. >> now you're just starting. you're going to be the newest teacher probably at that skoolt. you might be the most popular. you're walking in with cash. you'll have a picture with the rock, dwayne johnson, and emily blunt. you're the man at that school now. guys, it has been a heck of a morning for our "rise & shine,"
8:52 am
look, honoring this great guy and this family and everybody who came out, also showcasing this state, atlanta, a place still coming back from the pandemic as well. >> all right, thank you, t.j. that's such a heartwarming story. we'll be right back. warming story. story. we'l is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking for help creating an emergency plan, in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to
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you can see how much t.j. loved being at home in georgia. what a terrific day he brought us. thanks to the whole "rise & shine" crew right there in atlanta. >> such a great show this morning. thanks for watching, everybody. have a good day.
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. good morning. i'm kumasi aaron from abc7 in. here is jobina with a look at traffic. >> our hotspots remain the same. this is a live look showing you the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights came on at 6:12. things are improving and walnut creek. this is a live look showing you 680 but northbound traffic will be slow because we have construction in place until 10:00 a.m. on northbound 242 between 680 and concord avenue. let's talk about where it is not going to be hot and that is 50s to near 60 on the coast. 60s and 70s around the bay. 70s and 80s inland to get antioch at 91. lakeport


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