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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 2, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a brain area hospital is breaking new ground with the johnson & johnson vaccine. that's a chromebook with the everything button. one button that finds your files, or apps, and even answers online. instantly. who says you can't have everything? with the everything button. switch to finding things instantly switch to chromebook this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores
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and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. if you got the johnson & johnson vaccine, a booster start is expected to be available for you this week in san francisco but they are not calling it a booster. i will explain. kaiser hospitals explaining all employees must be vaccinated. and a major fitness club also making its members show vaccine proved. mask mandates go into lays in seven bay area counties. but not in solano county. some are saying yay and some are saying name. tracking warm weather tomorrow. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future.
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this is abc7 news. nearly all bay area counties will require you to wear masks indoors as of midnight tonight. kaiser permanente, the largest hospital chain in the country is mandating all doctors, nurses and staff get vaccinated by the end of september. and san francisco general is going to start with booster shots to anyone who originally got the johnson & johnson vaccine. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> we begin team coverage with that surprising covers from san francisco general hospital. abc7 reporter and vaccine team member , kate larsen spoke with leadership about why they are expecting an extra shot for those who got the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> reporter: by the end of the week, people who got the johnson & johnson vaccine will be able to get a second shot at san francisco general hospital.
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booster is not the word health officials are using. instead the department of public health is calling it a supplemental does. >> it is not a booster because it's not specific for the variants which the booster will be. >> reporter: the chief of medicine at san francisco general voted on monday to allow the hospitals vaccine clinic to give a supplemental mrna vaccine to somebody who had the j&j shot. >> potential benefit, no downside, to me as we look at the future of what the virus and what we are facing with a 4th search. it does make sense. >> reporter: 665,000 san francisco and have been vaccinated but only about 8% have received the johnson & johnson shot. >> we are worried about breakthrough infections. people were having concerns about whether the single-dose was going to be enough. >> reporter: that concern is why dr. winston says some people has doses on their own. hospital epidemiologist, she
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supports the supplemental dose but wants to be clear there is not enough data to support any benefit. >> there is not a specific recommendation to give it. it is not part of an emergency use authorization. >> reporter: but you think it is safe? >> yes, we think it's safe. >> reporter: san francisco general is priors icing city residents but the doctor says as long as the clinic has space and vaccines, they will give the mrna supplement to people from other counties. kate larsen, abc7 news. starting next month, germany and the uk will offer booster shots. germany will prioritize those with weak immune systems but anyone who received the two dose astrazeneca or single-dose johnson & johnson shot will have access. will offer 32 million shots to adults over 50 and people who are immunosuppressed. today kaiser permanente announced it is requiring all employees and physicians be vaccinated by september.
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abc7 news reporter, amanda del castillo explains. >> reporter: kaiser permanente says it's taking protection a step further, requiring all employees be vaccinated. >> we know that it is maybe more assertive than what other organizations have done. we have been a leader in preventing disease and we believe we have to lead this across the country. >> reporter: starting august 23rd, kaiser will test unvaccinated staff twice a week but by september 30th, the health company wants 100% of employees and physicians to be fully vaccinated. >> reporter: healthcare workers are tired. they are disappointed that we have to have this 4th search and we believe this was mostly preventable. luxury fitness company equinox group is taking this to its staff.
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an email read in part, employees and members will be required to show one time proof of vaccination to enter all clubs and offices starting in new york city in early september. >> if you joined after but you don't know if other people are so now that they are taking this step, then, yes, i expect to be a lot more comfortable in the gym. >> reporter: workers at several bay area equinox locations confirmed they are rolling out the new mandate beginning tuesday. elsewhere, similar vaccination requirements are at least being considered. sutter health says it is developing its own workforce vaccination policy. another county will implement a vaccine mandate for 22,000 employees which includes santa clara valley medical center. and john your health says it is not currently mandating the vaccine but is evaluating that option. in less than an hour, most of the bay area will require
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masks indoors. seven counties announced they are mandating face coverings because of the delta variant surge. the exceptions are napa county and solano county. sarah collector officials and one county made it clear. >> you need to wear a mask indoors. it's that simple. it is not any more complicated than that. health officials recommend if you are planning get-togethers that include people that are not immediate family members, hold it outside. an stone continues team coverage in the north bay with why solano county's health director says he does not believe a mask mandates would have a big impact. >> i wear a mask. >> i don't think we still need to wear a mask. >> reporter: the back-and-forth has started to those who believe indoor masking should be mandated for those vaccinated and unvaccinated and those who are against it. st reqmentsigns
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will be put out before this store opens on tuesday. >> hopefully this will have a better outcome. >> reporter: but that is contra costa county where there will be a mandate in solano county, no mandate, just a recommendation. >> the data do not support the need for a mandate. this disease in our county is clearly spreading on during social events, people going to parties, barbecues, picnics, campouts. >> reporter: the health director says indoor public spaces are not where they have seen covid-19 transmission. therefore, he does not believe an indoor mast mandate would help. >> i will use a metaphor. we are filling our tank with gas to fix a flat tire. it is not going to fix the thought flat tire. >> reporter: many in solano county were wearing masks. >> i'm not vaccinated so i will keep on my mask. >> reporter: others were in favor of solano county's decision not to mandate. >> we are already vaccinated and i mean, i can't really
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breathe when i wear a mask. so for me it is annoying to wear a mask. >> reporter: the health director says they have a lot fewer cases in covid county. if people were a mask to parties and did not go to a party if they had any signs of being sick. j.r. stone, abc7 news. abc7 news reached out to california's department of health the see if they plan to issue updated mask guidance. health officers say right now there is no plan for a statewide mandate. the department is recommending masks indoors. it gives local jurisdictions the authority to be more restrictive. we learned today facebook is requiring all u.s. employees to wear a mask in the office in addition to being vaccinated. home depot associates will have to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. mcdonald's is making masks mandatory for employees and customers in high transmission
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areas. target will require masks for employees and recommend them for shoppers in high risk cities. a hospital in fairfield says the number of covid cases there has increased 900% since july 6th. north bay medical center says it is close to capacity and is now restricting most visits. visits with covid patients not expected to survive are limited to an hour. the head of the hospital says unvaccinated people make up at least 80% of cases cases. north bay medical center is offering free vaccinations to anyone who wants one. the delta variant surge is pushing one-state to the limit and requiring masks indoors again. more breakthrough cases including a member of congress. >> reporter: south carolina senator lindsey graham tested positive for covid and is showing mild symptoms. he said on twitter he is glad he is vaccinated because he would be feeling a lot worse right now. louisiana is ground zero in the united states right now with the highest infection rate in
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the country. some hospitals are running out of heads. >> there are no more beds left. these are the darkest days of this pandemic. we are no longer giving adequate care to patients. >> reporter: today, louisiana became the first state to reissue the indoor mask mandate. nearly 80% of u.s. counties are reporting high or substantial community transmission. over the weekend, more than one of the thousand covid cases were reported nationwide in 24 hours. that is the high list in daily numbers. since february. >> this is the vast majority of spread in this country among those who are unvaccinated. >> reporter: today the u.s. hit the presidents july 4th goal of getting 70% of adults partially vaccinated nearly a month late. but 90 million americans eligible for the vaccine have yet to get a single shot. an unruly passenger attacks the crew on a frontier flight.
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what it took to am worried abou. >> are you? >> yes! >> then where is your hazmat suit? >> where is my hazmat suit? >> see what some bay area retail workers are dealing with. plague infested chipmunks. the serious warning for anyone heading to a popular tourist destination. the fog is rolling in tonight and tomorrow we are tracking a warmer afternoon. details in the forecast. a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live with guest host anthony anderson. >> thanks dan and ama daetz. don't take this personally. is at the suicide squad or the suicide squad? >> here it is the suicide squad. >> i thought it was
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breaking news. a deadly shooting on highway for four shut down all eastbound lanes tonight in antioch between elm street and hillcrest avenue. nine days ago, a mother from oakland was shot and killed while driving on the highway. no arrest yet in that case. this is the sixth shooting on highway 4 since april according to california highway patrol. in trouble for how they dealt with this violent passenger. it happened on a frontier flight saturday from philadelphia to miami. maxwell berry is accused of groping flight attendants, yelling and cursing at people, even throwing punches. he was taped to his seat as you are seeing here. his mouth was even taped at one point. he was arrested when the freight flight landed. flights are being suspended and
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they are being investigated for not properly restraining the passenger. dealing with customers who refuse to mask up and taking it to extremes. dion lim takes a look at what is happening. >> i started getting emotional like i was shaking. my heart rate was elevated. for hours afterwards. >> reporter: the uncomfortable interaction we are witnessing again when these two men i'm a without mask, walked into recycle books friday. >> they walk in with cameras, coming in, looking for a fight. >> are you suggesting there is a mask mandate that i have to put a mask on? >> reporter: the men who refused to sign up despite signs and employees' requests. >> this puts our lives in danger. >> reporter: they start making accusations. >> i am worried about my health. >> are you really? >> yes. >> where is your hazmat suit >> reporter: and even called her a "karen."
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finally, fern alberts repeatedly told the mental event they did. >> it is terrible. we are also tired of it. like every worker has been dealing with this the entire pandemic. >> reporter: san jose police tell me during the pandemic they focus more on education, not so much enforcement but business owners, if they encounter this behavior can first admonish the customer and only then can a citation or arrest be made. a person who requested to stay anonymous, says men from the same group barged their way, unmasked, phone cameras rolling, into the lego store in the valley fair mall. contending with anti-massacres is not uncommon, they said. just days earlier, a group of woman dropped off this fake arrest warning to the store. their message? >> leave working people alone. this is not our fault. we are just trying to pay rent. >> reporter: in san jose, dion
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lim, abc7 news. late today we received a statement from the group in the video saying in part, "we are not saying covid is not real. at this point, we are against mask mandates. we have not seen the science to show that masks are effective at blocking covid. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital needs help identifying a patient. the woman in critical condition was admitted over the weekend. an ambulance picked her up on dorman avenue in the bayview. she is about 30 years of a five foot 10 inches, and 240 pounds, a tattoo on her right arm with two skulls and bones. chipmunks in the south lake tahoe area have tested positive for plague. the animals have not come into contact with people but two areas are closed through friday. taylor creek as well as beach are close. the weather has been pretty
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pleasant. >> it will stay that while longer. >> you will notice warmer weather moving in tomorrow evening. tonight i'm a marine land gets traditional track inland, live look over san francisco, overcast skies and a little missed and drizzle from time to time. tomorrow morning, along the coast, don't be surprised if that cloud cover is slow to break down. air quality tomorrow, you can see it is moderate and good depending on where you are. pm 2.5 levels on either side of that 50 so if you are above do you are in the moderate
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category you will notice hayes in the atmosphere tomorrow afternoon especially. close to the water, we are in the upper 50s to low 60s, 56 in the city with the fog and 59 in oakland. 62 in san jose. away from the coast, upper 60s to low 70s. 72 in brentwood, the warm spot at this hour. live doppler seven along with satellite low pressure of the coastline keeping that onshore flow with us each and every afternoon but across california, high pressure is slowly building in. and with that, that will bring about warmer temperatures in line. we
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san francisco's historic cable cars are back. riser free all month while mta tests service. cable cars were suspended last year because of the pandemic masks are required to ride. cable cars are expected to return to full service early next month. it is nice to see them coming back online. >> is this going to be an every night thing? where is larry? where is waldo? where is he supposed to be quite here, there? he just ran across here. >> there he is.
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>> thank you. i don't know. >> you are too close! >> i know, i know. >> nice hops there. >> alex dickerson was in a terrible slump much like myself. he found the slump buster. the giant grand desert, a four ho
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sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. good evening. the giants opened a four game series in arizona tonight. the diamondbacks took the field exactly 33 1/2 games behind the giants who actually win this game twice. superman at the game. well, at least he has a gig.
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the giants looked ready to leap tall buildings with a single bound. mike yastrzemski in the third, his eighth with the 2-0 lead. alex dickerson came in and deep law hello how means grand slam. g?ants d in t bottom of th6, christian walker, to run two- out double and tied at eight. 8-8. they went to extras to the 10th. buster posey clutch, doubles to left, giants add on to win 11-8 in 10 innings and the oakland a's have the night off. it gets real tomorrow for this team putting on training pants. according to a peter king pole the list poll, he is studying the playbook on his ipad. what does that mean? >> electronics work, you can
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press plan watch a movie and act like it was on for eight hours. >> that is what i dot k. just to see are they prepared and i'm really surprised because he is taking control o offense while he's in there. he calls a play with confidence and he knows what everyone's job is. nba free agency, the warriors land, turning down more money from other teams. eight-year vet hampered by injuries but a career ported 40% three-point shooter. leaving the doves and signing with the warriors, turned on more years from goldens state. it is believe the lakers have a better chance of winning a title than the warriors. the warriors are facing a couple of challenges. it is believe the lakers and the nets are closer to a
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live" with guest host anthony anderson! tonight -- from "the suicide squad," margot robbie, john cena, and director james gunn. plus metta world peace, and music from pnb rock featuring swae lee and pink sweat$. and now, anthony anderson! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> anthony: all right! i see you! i see you! i see you! okay! all right! [ cheers and applause ] keep it going, keep it going! [ cheers and applause ]


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