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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 3, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," new mask mandates and vaccine mandates as the surge in covid cases surpasses the peak of last summer's surge. hospitals in one hot spot now seeing a new covid patient every hour. one mayor calling the current spike in cases horrifying. from your gym to target, the changes being announced. plus, another country says yes to booster shots, so why the delay here? simone biles' big return. the champion gymnast trying to stage an olympic comeback story for the ages. the headlines from tokyo overnight. flying frustration. thousands of people are stranded as airlines cancel more flights. what's behind the new chaos? the controversy surrounding this
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scene. flight attendants using tape to tie a passenger to his seat. also this morning, the new technology on school buses this fall. can lights keep kids safe from viruses? in the holiday spirit. why experts say you should start your christmas shopping now. and from the 4-year-old piano prodigy. ♪ to the elusive cat delaying yankees game to the beer brands you'll remember from college that are going away for good, all the trending stories for your tuesday morning. good tuesday morning, everyone. we'll have the latest from the tokyo olympics in a moment, but first we begin with information about the surge in coronavirus cases now being called horrifying. >> cdc figures show the current surge is now worse than last summer's surge. it's so bad in louisiana, they're imposing a new statewide mask mandate.
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in california about half the state is now imposing a mask and when it comes to vaccine mandates, new york's governor is now asking bars and restaurants to require customers show proof of vaccination. meanwhile, in washington senator lindsey graham has tested positive despite being vaccinated. we're learning more about the recent cookout he attended with other senators, but first abc's andrea fujii with the latest from hospitals across the country. >> reporter: this morning the country's top doctors are sounding the alarm about the current phase of the pandemic. >> covid-19 is clearly not done with us. >> reporter: according to the cdc, the average number of daily cases last week topped 72,000 surpassing the peak of last summer's covid surge when there was no vaccine. >> this is hard, this is heavy, but we are in this together. >> reporter: the highly contagious delta variant is driving the surge. a top doctor in louisiana says her hospitals are seeing a new covid patient every hour. >> there are no more beds left. these are the darkest days of
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this pandemic. we are no longer giving adequate care to patients. >> reporter: texas and florida account for one-third of the country's infections. >> the numbers are doubling every 10 or 11 days. geometric progression, this is horrifying. >> reporter: the cdc says less than 0.004% of vaccinated americans have been hospitalized with covid. the u.s. has finally one month later reached president biden's july 4th goal of partially vaccinating 70% of adults. and vaccination rates are soaring in some of the hardest hit areas. >> louisiana has seen a 302% increase in the average number of newly vaccinated per day. mississippi, 250%. alabama, 215% and arkansas, 206%. >> reporter: but now new questions about when or if americans will need a booster shot. germany says it will offer
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booster shots to older residents next month after a similar announcement by israel, but the cdc says there's not enough evidence yet that a third shot is needed. >> sources are telling me in the public health community that we are y see probably rolled out to those with immunocompromised states, so we will see them soon. >> reporter: in the meantime, the list of mandates for businesses and governments now growing. on monday denver announced a vaccine mandate for city workers as well as some high-risk private sector workers, and now fitness centers, equinox and soulcycle, announcing their gyms will require members to provide proof of vaccination. and beginning today, target is requiring all employees vaccinated or not to wear a mask in areas where transmission is substantial or high. mona. >> andrea, thank you. senator lindsey graham has tested positive for covid after going to a cookout with at least seven other senators, all of them vaccinated. graham says he started feeling
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mild symptoms saturday night after the cookout on senator joe manchin's houseboat. manchin who tested negative defended his decision to host the gathering. >> we were outside, okay, and we were all -- everybody has been vaccinated. >> how long was the event? >> oh, i don't know. >> a couple hours? >> whatever it takes to eat a hamburger or two. >> the other senators have either tested negative or they're still waiting for results. graham is in quarantine. he says he's glad he's vaccinated or his symptoms would be far worse. house republican leader kevin mccarthy is facing calls from democrats to apologize or even resign after telling gop donors it would be, quote, hard not to hit house speaker nancy pelosi with a gavel. an aide says mccarthy was just joking. >> i want you to watch nancy pelosi hand me that gavel. [ cheers and applause ] it will be hard not to hit her with it, but i will bang it down.
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>> just last week pelosi called mccarthy a moron aftere criticiz t cmbs in response osspokesperson slammed what he called mccarthy's threat of violence. y air strikes for the past two weeks targeting the taliban. the goal has been to support afghan security forces as the taliban makes significant advances across the country. now, it's unclear how long the strikes will last. afghanistan's president blames the speedy pullout of u.s. troops for the increasing violence in his country. and the surge of migrants trying to cross the southern border shows no signs of slowing. preliminary figures show more than 19000 unaccompanied minors were picked up at the u.s./mexico border in july, which is likely a record high. 80,000 families were stopped. that's the second highest monthly total on record. the increases are notable because crossings typically decline during the summer heat. we turn now to the tokyo olympics and simone biles
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returning to competition. biles won the bronze medal on the balance beam event, her seventh olympic medal. it came after she dropped out of the all-around competition and three other events citing her mental health. she completed a solid routine this morning with only one slight balance check. none of her skills involved twisting, her performance was not enough for gold. every competitor hugged her after her performance. >> let's get the other headlines from tokyo overnight with will ganss. >> might have been a slow start for the men's basketball team in tokyo, but the boys are back and looking to score another medal for team usa. the game ending just a little bit ago, and team usa coming out on top in a 95-81 victory over spain. kevin durant leading the team with 29 points including a trio of threes early in the second half that helped turn a tied game into a more comfy win for team usa, and on the track karsten warholm of norway winning gold in the men's
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400-meter hurdles breaking his own world record. right behind him, american rai benjamin taking silver. let's get a closer look at that gold medal reaction. the internet jumping for joy over these photos. karsten saying after the race, quote, i've spent thousands of hours thinking about this adding that he's been training like a maniac, so a well-deserved win there. and then in women's gymnastics, american jade carey bouncing back after a stumble in the vault finals, but this morning jade is a gold medalist winning the women's floor routine earning the 21-year-old her first gold medal, and finally american allyson felix won her first round heat of the women's 400 meters as she began her quest for a tenth olympic medal. she's now one step away from becoming the most winning women's track and field athlete of all time. and in terms of the medal count, the u.s. held first place overnight, but china has the most gold medals, mona.
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>> all right, thank you for that update, will ganss. time now for a look at your tuesday morning weather. new video shows fire crews surrounded by flames as they drove through a wildfire near polson, montana. other areas of the west including northern california and oregon could see more fires erupt today due to dry lightning and gusty winds. meanwhile, a flash flood watch has been issued from new mexico to montana where several inches of rain could fall in less than one hour. checking today's high temperatures, heat warnings are in effect from southern california to washington state. highs could top 110 in some areas. coming up, why you should start your holiday shopping now four months early. also ahead, forget suvs. why minivans are making a comeback. but first a travel nightmare. why airlines are suddenly canceling hundreds of flights in
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the last few days and what's being done about it.
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at 8/7 central we're back with disturbing video from a hotel in miami beach. five police officers now face battery charges for allegedly beating two suspects last week. one suspect was handcuffed when he was kicked three times and had his head slammed to the ground. police say he had struck an officer with a scooter. he denies that claim. a wild scene on a frontier airlines flight from philadelphia to miami. a passenger accused of groping two female flight attendants was duct taped to his seat. the man was later arrested but the flight attendants have been suspended for not following airline policies. meanwhile, thousands of people experienced a nightmare
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when thousands of flights were canceled. here's megan tevrizian. >> reporter: chaos at airports across the country hundreds of flights were canceled monday leaving passengers stranded from cleveland. >> this has been the worst weekend ever. >> reporter: to philadelphia. >> something must have happened with spirit and like all hell broke loose. >> reporter: to orlando. >> so we're stuck here. look at all these people. >> reporter: spirit airlines canceling nearly 300 flights. more than one-third of its scheduled flights blaming weather and staffing challenges saying it had to proactively cancel flights to get crews in planes in the right places. >> four hours in line. >> you were in line for four hours? >> four hours just to get our cancellation. >> reporter: frustrated passengers forced to wait in long lines to reschedule. >> the line was out the door down the road and three times, four times bigger than this. >> reporter: many passengers claiming they received no explanation or warning. in some cases flights were canceled right before boarding.
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>> as we were waiting to get on the gate to the flight, they, i guess, canceled the flight on us. >> reporter: american airlines also canceling flights monday, 420 of them saying bad weather in dallas forced a repositioning of planes and crews. it all comes as a major airline vows to hire new workers to meet the massive spike in travel. customer service also a challenge. some travelers have reported wait times of more than six hours to speak to someone on the phone. the number of americans flying continues to soar. the tsa screened a record number of people sunday. the highest number since the pandemic started. andrew, mona. >> megan, thank you. and from the air to the ground, minivans are apparently making a comeback. analysts say practicality is back in style after the pandemic. many customers previously interested in suvs are realizing they don't need those off road features.
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one report found minivans are in such high demand, they're selling for 8% above sticker price. >> those are not your mother's minivans. well, coming up, the special lights being installed in school buss that could help protect kids from coronavirus. kathy griffin opens up about her lung cancer diagnosis following her struggles with addiction and mental health. what she says may have saved her life. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk
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back now with a charter school in california. using new technology on school buses to try and protect students from covid-19. the school is installing led lights on buses. the company behind the technology claims it can kill bacteria and viruss on surfaces including covid. the flu and common cold. lights are being tested to see if they can help fight airborne disease. >> it is a tested and certified for unrestricted use. meaning we can live, work, play. under the lights at all times with no exposure limits or safety concern. >> the company says they are already being used by delta airlines. >> kathy griffin revealing she has lung cancer. she has never smoked. >> best known for her brash stand up comedy.
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she weathered many storms from the controversy sur rounding a photo shoot with a bloody likeness of trumps head. to a painkiller addiction and suicide attempt. now lung cancer. >> not denial. once a day i'll turn to nobody and say can you believe this? >> the comedian writing quote i'm about to go into surgery to have half my left lung removed. i have lung cancer. i have never smoked. speaking to abc the 60 year-old says sobriety may have saved her life. >> do i have arthritis? i had a bunch of tests. the doctor said we picked up a mass on your lung. >> 10 to 20% of lung cancer occur in individuals who have
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never smoked. speculating smoky bars may have kriblt contributed to the cancer. >> she was subjected to secondhand smoke. there was always a joke. there was so much smoke in the room. >> her cancer is in stage 1. and doctors are optimistic it hasn't spread. >> what does the next chapter look like? post surgery. >> the beauty is, i like don't worry about that. as much anymore. i'm a survivor. whether i like it or not. >> griffin's surgery went well. >> coming up the unusual delay in major league baseball last night. >> the 4 year-old piano prodigy >> the 4 year-old piano prodigy hitting all the right notes. this is not just innovation. this is smarter innovation. with appliances that let you check it here, start it there,
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time to check the pulse. we begin the pulse with christmas music. early bird christmas shopping is happening. >> experts say start now. that's because toy companies are facing global shipping bottlenecks and supply chain disruption. scrambling to get products from china to the u.s. in time for the holiday. >> average cost of shipping jumped 500%. shoppers will see higher prices and empty shelves. >> piano prodigy. >> only 4 years old. her dad signed her up for lessons on zoom. a year ago. and says he wanted to keep her busy during the pandemic. >> do you love piano? >> yeah. >> i observed she has a curious mind. and she has loves to learn.
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that's we call the passion. >> she can play beet >> beer lovers. coors is eliminating 11 brands of beer. >> here's the list. milwaukee best, keystone ice and miller high life. they want to emphasis premium legacy brands and hard selzer. >> a feline took over the field at yankees stadium. >> the game was delayed while the cat checked out the surroundings. staffers tried to get the cat and an officer put it through a door. >> he had no idea a praying man 'tis was on his head. >> making a bold fashion statement. >> a visitors dropped her
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news.
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now at 5:00, masks on indoors. a new mandate just went into effect in seven bay years. now that we're facing another surge, it hang sense. >> a local hospital is going to mix vaccines. the steps pg&e is taking >> and space exploration back in the spotlight. boeing is taking center stage. good morning. it's friday, julyit's tuesday, august 3rd. >> hi, everybody. let's take a look at what's going on outside. there's a few subtle changes. that's a


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