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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 3, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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games. >> don't forget the fish. >> it's all sports related. >> and the fish is fine. good morning, america. as we start this tuesday together, simone biles is back at the olympics. olympic comeback. simone biles takes home the bronze in the balance beam finals after the superstar pulled out of all other event finals. jade carey takes home another gold medal for team usa. amy is live on the ground in tokyo. new this morning, the u.s. now reaching president biden's vaccine goal, 70% of adults have at least one dose. this as the delta variant keeps tearing through the country. senator lindsey graham saying he has covid despite being vaccinated as classroom battles heat up over covid guidelines and mask mandates. meltdown in midair. a travel nightmare for thousands. spirit airlines canceling hundreds of flights. passengers stranded.
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what the airline says is behind the trouble. abc news exclusive. comedian kathy griffin opens up about her lung cancer diagnosis. >> i was definitely in shock. i'm still a little bit in shock. >> how sobriety may have saved her life and what she's saying about her future. breaking their silence. the couple harassed by former ebay executives alleging they were victims of a campaign that left them fearing for their lives. now sharing their story on the on "gma." it's august and there's already a christmas crunch? the new warning from toymakers about possible supply shortages and price hikes for the holidays. why you may want to buy now. dramatic rescue at sea. what happened when a fishing team heard a distress call from a competitor? the incredible moment caught on camera. ♪ one way or another i'm gonna find ya ♪ and feline on the field at yankee stadium. the grounds crew chasing it down.
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the crowd cheering on "mvp" and the "m" this morning stands for meow. ♪ i wanna meet ya ♪ ♪ i'm gonna meet ya ♪ want to repeat that line, t.j.? >> you have to own it, right? the "m" is for meow. they had a hard time trying to catch a cat. it's impossible. >> they did catch it. >> and they did. good morning, america. thanks for starting your tuesday with us. >> you just said it, simone biles is back. we were all watching this morning as she got on that balance beam. she's back in competition in the finals. she was able to pick up another medal, a bronze medal for her performance. >> and with that bronze she now ties shannon miller as the most decorated u.s. olympic gymnast with seven medals. amy live there in tokyo with all the details for us. good morning, amy. >> reporter: yes, good morning, to you, robin. what a good morning it is. all eyes were on simone biles as she walked into that gymnastics arena this morning. the pressure was on. this was her final chance at
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medaling this olympics and she did not disappoint, bringing home bronze. this morning, simone biles returning to glory with a stunning performance on the balance beam overcoming mental health struggles earlier in the games to take bronze and silence her critics. it was biles' first event since last week and her last chance to medal. the superstar olympian pulling out of all other event finals after getting what the gymnasts call the "twisties," losing spatial awareness while spinning in midair. after falling short on the vault last week, the 24-year-old says she's been taking things day by day, pulling out of contention for individual bars, vault and floor routines, now returning to form and overcoming adversity placing third behind two gymnasts. biles' teammate suni lee finishing fifth after stumbling on the beam but managing to hold on. suni's family and friends cheering her on from minnesota.
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lee became the breakout star after winning gold in the individual all-around but overnight america getting to see another gold medal performance from fellow gymnast jade carey. the 21-year-old scoring her first olympic medal for a stellar floor routine. her dad and coach right by her side as she won. >> it means everything to me to have my dad here. we've been working so hard for this together. so i'm really glad that i was able to do that for us. >> reporter: now, simone biles' bronze medal win matches her performance in rio back in 2016 where she also came in third and i just think it's worth repeating. this latest medal now has her tied as the most decorated medalist in u.s. history. >> amy, you saw it firsthand. you were there. she looked visibly relieved after her routine. what was it like in the venue? >> reporter: oh, my goodness. visibly relieved and genuinely happy.
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when those gymnasts came in and beam is a nerve-racking event no matter what. but especially when the stakes were what they were tonight. you could almost feel like everyone in the stands was holding their breath and it wasn't until she landed that double pike dismount, which is so incredible, did everyone really feel like they could cheer and relax and cheer her on and she certainly -- you could see the joy in her face as she hugged her coach there. she knew she had nailed it, robin. >> everybody was exhaling. just the reaction from people all during her routine, the support that she was feeling there in the venue. >> reporter: yeah, she was getting cheers. you could see her teammates on the other side of the arena cheering her every time she stuck any one of her tricks on the beam and she really felt it. you could see she felt it. she actually looked up to the stands as if to say thank you for all the support we were giving her actually visibly and audibly so it was helping her along the way. >> all right, thank you, amy. we'll check back with you in just a bit. t.j.? of course all eyes were on
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simone biles, a lot of eyes on gymnastics, but that wasn't the only highlight of these olympics that we've been seeing over the past 24 hours. track and field under way. those athletes taking center stage and james longman on the ground there. good morning to you, james. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. all kinds of records are being broken at these games. today probably one of the most incredible, in the 400-meter hurdles an american athlete actually smashed the world record but he had to settle for silver because the norwegian ran one of the best races of all time. this morning, team usa setting the track on fire. rai benjamin taking the silver in the men's 400 meter hurdles right behind norway's karsten warholm whose time set a new world record. allyson felix in her final appearceft bomg ioin t w00 meters preliminary race, moving one step closer to becoming the most decorated of all time with nine medals
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already under her belt, and sprinter noah in the final of the men's 200. track and field already seeing two new world records and five new olympic records. off the track brittney reese snagging the silver medal in the long jump in her fourth and final olympics appearance. former dancer valarie allman winning for discus becoming the first from the u.s. to medal in that since 2008 while on the beach, alix klineman and april ross beating out germany for a spot in the semifinals. and on the court, the u.s. men's basketball team overcoming a slow start against spain, superstar kevin durant leading the squad to a win and a place in the semifinals. and tonight, team usa going for two more golds. gabrielle thomas in the 200 meter finals. george? >> okay, james, thanks. now to the pandemic. the u.s. has reached president biden's vaccine goal, 70% of adults have at least one dose
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right now, but the delta variant continues to rip through the country, and in washington, senator lindsey graham announced he has the virus despite being vaccinated. congressional correspondent rachel scott has the latest. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. senator lindsey graham becoming the first known senator to have a breakthrough infection. he announced on twitter that he has in fact tested positive for covid-19, even after being fully vaccinated. we know that these cases are extremely rare. graham says that he has mild symptoms but that he is glad he got his vaccine because it could have been much worse. and there is another twist to this. this morning, we are learning that this weekend graham attended a cookout hosted by west virginia senator joe manchin on his houseboat. we are told that at least six other senators were in attendance including senator john thune, senators chris coons, as well as mark kelly, but so far graham is the only one that has tested positive, george. >> meantime, rachel, former
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president obama is taking heat from members of congress and the white house is taking questions about this big 60th birthday party he's holding in martha's vineyard. >> reporter: george, hundreds of people are expected to attend that birthday party for former president barack obama. it will be outdoors as you said at martha's vineyard. we are told that there will be a covid coordinator to make sure that they are in line with all of the cdc guidelines and every single guest will be required to show they have tested negative for the virus. the white house says president biden will not be attending, george. >> rachel scott, thanks very much. robin? with covid cases rising we are once again seeing scenes like this one right here. long lines to get tested. this is a live look at one in florida where the state is reporting hospitalizations are at a record high. this as children across the country head back to the classroom with parents clashing over school guidelines and mask mandates. steve osunsami has the latest for us. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. here's the latest guidance from the cdc. anyone from a k through 12 school should wear a face
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covering. it's what's happening at this grade school behind me just outside atlanta where yu can see parents are dropping off their kids to school right now and where classes have resumed in-person instruction for the first time in 18 months. but not every school system or every parent feels that this is what's best for their children. and this is where this debate sits right now. it's back to school this morning across parts of georgia and maddie is worried. you have kids in two schools two miles apart different protocols. >> yes. yeah, i mean, as parents we're just trying to navigate the noise. >> reporter: her children are going to class in cobb county, georgia, in the atlanta suburbs, where she says her two different schools are making slightly different safety decisions and where parents get to decide if their children wear masks. when you went to school today what happened? >> none of the teachers were
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wearing masks. there was one. none of the administration was wearing masks. only probably 60% of students were wearing masks. i was livid. where are the people protecting our children after they have sacrificed for a year and a half? >> reporter: the cdc changed its guidance last week saying that because of a rise in new cases and the more contagious delta variant, that it's a good idea once again for everyone in a k through 12 school to wear a mask. >> while we desperately want to be done with this pandemic, covid-19 is clearly not done with us. >> reporter: but from state to state and school district to school district, they're making different rules and in every place, there are parents who disagree. in dekalb county, georgia, closer to atlanta, masks are required. >> it went surprisingly well. every student had their mask. they were riding the bus. they were in the classroom and they even used it for the outside playground. >> reporter: in gwinnett county, georgia, north of the city, school starts tomorrow. they're requiring masks here too, but a number of parents are protesting at the school board.
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philip holloway, an atlanta-area attorney, says he's hearing from dozens of parents and teachers trying to find ways to fight mask requirements in court. >> parents should be able to make the decision, this is what i think is best for my child. >> reporter: here's what some schools are afraid of. what is happening at this charter school in north carolina where masks weren't mandatory. more than a dozen people have already tested positive. more than 100 students and staff have had to quarantine and now masks are required. it's real easy to demonize parents and school systems who sit on both sides of the mask issue but one thing we are hearing over and over again is that no matter how these parents or school systems feel, they all only want what they feel is right for their children and many of those parents tell us that they wish they could vaccinate children at younger ages. robin? >> all right, steve, thank you so much. george?
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we will go overseas now, to afghanistan, where the u.s. is stepping up air strikes against taliban positions ahead of the full withdrawal of american troops. senior foreign correspondent ian pannell has the latest. good morning, ian. >> reporter: that's right. three major cities now under assault by the militants and the u.s. official telling abc news that american warplanes launching air strikes every day for roughly the last two weeks. the fighting now heaviest in helmand in the south of the country, and now street-to-street fighting going on. america's top general admitting the taliban control more than half of the 400 districts in the country and it's the taliban who have strategic momentum. an afghan general, who is leading the fight down in the south, now saying al qaeda and other foreign fighters are helping the taliban. america's withdrawal is expected to be over with by the end of this month and is now planning to expand that emergency visa program for afghans, but the situation is dire. ever since that deal was announced with the taliban the
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violence has exploded. major advances by the militants and we're now seeing hundreds of thousands of people being forced from their home. george, in 20 years of covering this war, i've never seen the situation look quite as dire as it does this morning. >> it is such a desperate situation, you're exactly right, ian, thanks very much. t.j.? we turn to the dangerous weather in the west. on the one hand we have new wildfire evacuations but on the flip side of that monsoon is bringing flash flooding. ginger zee tracking it all. ginger, good morning. >> t.j., good morning. there's flash flooding and then there's the type of flash flooding that shuts down a highway for what could be weeks. interstate 70 through colorado, west of denver because of this, that's an aerial look at the mudslides over that area. they had more than two inches of rain within five days. that's more than they get, two times what they get in a month so it was a lot of rain. ook it debre rn aing r state oe fires are still popping, more than a dozen in montana in just the last 24 hours. there were 35 fires that were
7:15 am
sparked by lightning in oregon alone so you're seeing some of the areas seeing new evacuations. folks trying to get out with those flames on both sides. it's always very scary. dixie fire, a place in california we've been watching for weeks, almost 250,000 acres burned, they were getting it under control and now the winds are making it more erratic. there is a tough forecast ahead which i'll bring you in a moment. robin? that is leading to some travel nightmares for thousands, spirit airline passengers stranded in airports after the company canceled hundreds of flights due to, quote, weather and operational challenges. victor oquendo is live at ft. lauderdale airport with the latest. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is one of the main hubs for spirit airlines. we just went inside the terminal, and it is a mess again this morning. take a look. hundreds of people waiting in line. many of them spending the night here sleeping with their families on the ground. and with even more flights being canceled this morning, many tell me they simply don't know when they'll be able to return home. this morning, airline meltdown.
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>> i will never, ever book with this airline again, ever. >> reporter: a travel nightmare for thousands of spirit airlines passengers over the last two days. many stranded waiting in these long lines, others have been rerouted. >> i can't even check my bags. i can't go back to a hotel. i can't do nothing. i'm just stuck here. >> reporter: the airline canceling more than 313 flights due to weather and operational challenges, including staffing shortages, i.t. issues and crews maxing out hours they're allowed to fly. this traveler at the san juan airport where staff left their positions, watch her bang on the customer service door. in a statement to abc news, spirit saying we needed to make proactive cancellations to some flights across the network, but the majority of flights are still scheduled as planned. meanwhile, american airlines canceling even more flights. 530 on monday but they say weather is to blame. this as more americans are taking to the skies.
7:17 am
the tsa screening a record number of people sunday, the highest since the start of the pandemic. spirit tells abc news they are working around the clock but so far today they have already canceled 226 flights. american airlines canceling another 276. it is shaping up to be another very long day for travelers. guys? >> it certainly is. all right, victor, thanks. t.j.? all right, want to turn and take a look at this video here of an incredible rescue during a fishing competition. what we're seeing here, the crew of the fish bone, one vessel, they were hoping to catch a marlin worth $9 million. that's part of the competition but they got sidetracked and they decided to get sidetracked when they saw the crew of a competing boat in trouble. they were 60 miles off the shore of virginia and they heard a distress call. another vessel taking on water and they sprung into action. the other crew from a boat called "not stressing," would you believe that? they were all in a life raft at
7:18 am
this point. their boat was nearly underwater. look at the video. you see their vessel going under as the crew was actually being rescued so they got there just in the nick of time. again, they were in that life raft. no serious injuries reported. the competition continues but that's not the most important thing right now. >> good for them. following a lot of other headlines this morning including our exclusive interview with kathy griffin. she revealed she has lung cancer even though she never smoked. the couple harassed by former ebay executives. we'll hear from them. first back to ginger. >> robin, i told you this is a tough forecast. here it is. that front will bring in the gusty winds going into thursday. let's get the tuesday trivia sponsored by dell technologies. let's get the thursday trivia sponsored by dell technologies.
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good morning. most of pus off to a foggy start. clouds will blanket all of us. expect more drizzle. after friday being the hottest day, a pretty nice weekend is in store. 70s around the bay mainly 80s until you get to the east bay valley tonight the 570s. tomorrow's going to be our coolest day. friday you know, some of the olympians are already heading home. caeleb dressel will join us live in our studio in our last half hour
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with 25% off and free store pickup it's a win-win. kohls. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui. if you're getting ready to leave your house, don't forget the mask. seven counties are facing mandatory masks inside. napa and solano counties are jo. 'lt in jose. e'a ushfire sl things down. northbound 101 at story road, you'll run into crews.
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it's backed up past 1330 moving up to san rafael, we have a three-car crash before lincoln avenue. speeds are down to six miles per hour f you're headed toward the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights came on at 5:52. >> mike nicco is up next with a look at your bay california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. ♪ ♪ ♪
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all right. the temperatures are in the 50s this morning. let's see what will happen with the commute weather wise. the marine layer is hugging the ground more. the summer spread will be in the 90s there, in the inland east bay to the coast. of course we got the breezy conditions through the golden gate and delta. reggie? mike, thank you.
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coming up on "gma," an exclusive. comedian
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hi! awwww, so pretty. dogs bring out the good in us. pedigree® brings out the good in them. ♪ ♪ dancing on the ceiling ♪ what a feeling, indeed, the one and only lionel richie performing "dancing on the ceiling" on "american idol," that was in 2019. this morning, we have an announcement from the entire "idol" team coming up in our next hour. >> he is such a great performer. following a lot of headlines this morning, simone biles, she made a return to the competition at the olympics and took home the bronze in balance beam finals. guan chenchen took home the gold and tang xijing the silver, both
7:31 am
for china. the latest on the pandemic. the u.s. is now reached president biden's vaccine goal of 70% of adults receiving at least one dose. of course, the delta variant is still tearing through the country as kids head back to school. dr. besser will join us to break it down in the next hour. time to "pray" ball. that's a praying mantis sitting on robles' cap. it stays there. he goes back out into the field. it's still there. >> does he not know? >> he doesn't know and don't you hate when you have friends that won't tell you -- >> pretty chill praying mantis. >> it is. the game was so exciting it just sat there apparently but stayed there for quite a while. they ended up losing the game, though, but they got a highlight in on "good morning america." >> there you go. >> a lot more ahead. >> thank you, our cue, t.j., keep reading. we're talking about christmas. yes, christmas, people are already saying you need to get on top of this because of the shipping crunch. i was just told by the good
7:32 am
folks in houston, there are 144 days, guys, left until christmas counting down already. >> we'll turn now to kathy griffin. she revealed her battle with lung cancer warning even nonsmokers can be at risk and she's recovering from surgery this morning. the doctors say it went well and dr. jen ashton standing by. first, juju chang's exclusive interview with griffin. >> here's the incomparable kathy griffin. >> reporter: controversial comedian kathy griffin. >> linsey lohan, mel gibson, "jersey shore." "real housewives." >> reporter: known for her in-the-face comedy, revealing a frightening diagnosis on instagram monday. writing, i've got to tell you guys something, i have cancer. i'm about to go into surgery to have half my left lung removed. yes, i have lung cancer even though i've never smoked. >> i was definitely in shock. i'm still a little bit in shock. >> reporter: speaking exclusively to abc news the 60-year-old former fashion police star who recently opened up about her struggle with addiction says sobriety may have
7:33 am
saved her life in more ways than one. >> there's no more oxy, there's no more vicodin. do i have arthritis? my joints are hurting. i had a bunch of tests. yeah, i just found out it's cancer, lung cancer, though i've never smoked. i like to be the exception to le >> exactly. >> reporter: griffin says the cancer is stage one, doctors are optimistic it has not spread. lung cancer in nonsmokers is not uncommon. in the u.s. about 10% to 20% of lung cancers occur in people who have never smoked or smoked fewer than a hundred cigarettes in their lifetime. other famous nonsmokers who developed lung cancer are donna summer, andy kaufman and dusty diamond. joy behar saying doing stand up in smoky bars early in her career could have contributed. >> she was subjected to a lot of secondhand smoke as were all of
7:34 am
us comedians. we used to be on stage and there was always a joke, what are we electing a pope because there was smoke in the world because it felt like downtown beijing. >> reporter: hopefully means a quick surgery without chemo or radiatioshe's optimistic oes th chaptk this setback. like post-surgery? >> you know, the beauty is, i like don't worry about that as much anymore which is by the way an exercise. you don't plan a tour a week in advance. you plan it months or years in advance so what i'm learning is, you know, not to sound cocky, but at this stage of the game i think people know who i am and you know what, i think i'm going to see what comes in. i'm a survivor. i think i'm a resilient survivor. >> that is for sure. let's talk about this now with dr. jen ashton. so not a smoker. >> yeah. >> what are the other risk factors? >> if people remember one set of things from kathy griffin's announcement, this is the number
7:35 am
one cancer killer of men and women in this country. 15% to 20% of lung cancers occur in people who never smoked. there is a low dose c.a.t. scan if you have a history of smoking or if you're a current heavy smoker, i think the important thing for risk factors, secondhand smoke is a major risk factor, so is radon gas. >> now she said she was feeling some joint pain. normally wouldn't associate that with lung cancer. what are warning signs? >> true, true and unrelated. i'm sure she was feeling joint pain. that's not one of the classic warning signs. if you take a look, they run through the gamut, fatigue, coughing, particularly coughing up blood, chest pain that doesn't go away after one to two weeks, wheezing, shortness of breath. any of these warning signs are symptoms, whether you're a smoker or not, you want to see a medical provider and trust your body is the bottom line. hopefully good news for her, stage one. >> jen ashton, thank you very much. j. campaiment bfoer were subjecteds ebay ecu let me bring in rebecca jarvis,
7:36 am
and, rebecca, some of these details about what they went through are just downright bizarre. >> reporter: totally bizarre and mind blowing. imagine executives at a major american corporation getting together, conspiring to make your life a living hell. it is not a horror film. this is what the steiners say happened to them. david and ina steiner, a couple living in a quiet suburb outside of boston, say it started with graffiti spray painted on their fence. >> it was really disturbing. it just didn't make any sense. >> reporter: the pair run a 22-year-old website dedicated to e-commerce news that could be critical of ebay's policies and prosecutors allege that's what made them a target. >> i started getting harassed online through twitter, through unwanted email subscriptions, and these were really disturbing emails. >> reporter: but according to a recently filed lawsuit, that was just the beginning. >> got a phone call from a shop
7:37 am
in arizona that said that they couldn't deliver the wet specimen that we had ordered and not having any idea what a wet specimen was, i asked her. she said it was an embalmed pig fetus. >> reporter: the steiners aarh woleth fring their lives. orchestrated by former executives of ebay, the e-commerce giant worth more than $47 billion. speaking out exclusively to "good morning america," the couple and their lawyer detail what they call in the complaint, a systematic campaign to emotionally and psychologically torture the pair in order to stifle their reporting on ebay. you also received cockroaches, a book on surviving the loss of a spouse, a funeral wreath, your neighbors received pornography that was addressed to david.
7:38 am
did it cross your mind at any point ebay was behind it? >> no, it was a psychopath. who could devise these tortious packages and the depravity, the messages, if you read the language, i've never in a million years would have thought it was a company. >> reporter: one package even allegedly contained this disturbing mask from the movie "saw." >> this is the mask the killer wears right before he kidnaps, tortures and kills his victims. >> reporter: at one point they say ebay employees attempted to place a tracking device on their car. >> we still can't believe it and we still want to know why. >> reporter: prosecutors have also criminally charged six ebay employees and a contractor with cyberstalking. five have pleaded guilty. two maintain their innocence and await trial. ebay says they have fully cooperated with the investigation adding in a statement to abc news, the misconduct of these former employees was wrong and we will do what is fair and appropriate
7:39 am
to try to address what the steiners went through. the events from 2019 should never have happened and as ebay expressed to the steiners, we are very sorry for what they endured but, guys, this story is not over. the fact that this could happen, it could come from a company like ebay that is supposed to help the little guy sell his or her stuff on ebay is just wild. >> great point there. thank you for bringing that to our attention. thank you so much. wow. >> thank you, robin. coming up, we have a consumer alert. why you may want to jump on your holiday shopping early this year. come on back. ♪ very special christmas for me ♪
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♪ this christmas will be ♪ ♪ this christmas will be ♪ yeah, just stop what you're doing for a moment. ♪ very special christmas ♪ >> mr. hathaway. we have a consumer alert. it is the middle of summer, we know that, but it may be time to start thinking about christmas gifts because with so many recent supply chain issues, toys are already getting delayed. becky worley joins us with a story we first saw in "the wall street journal". "this christmas." good morning, becky. ♪ this christmas ♪ >> good morning. it is insane that we are talking about holiday shopping in august, but experts warning, act now or you may see disappointed children on christmas morning. >> where have you guys been? it's only the hottest selling christmas toy ever.
7:44 am
>> reporter: this morning, santa's workshop in overdrive. a new warning from toy manufacturers that a global shipping bottleneck has holiday items stuck in transit. >> everybody is scrambling right now. everybody is trying to get goods out of china and asia and into the united states. >> reporter: toy analyst chris burns says summer is crunch time to get toys stocked in time for christmas. but in a covid era, every aspect of the transportation process from containers to ships to trucks and railcars is backed up. that has affected cost. >> you can't find enough containers to get your product here in time or this coming holiday season. we're going to see fewer items, fewer choices for moms and dads over the christmas holiday, probably at higher prices. >> reporter: one index showing that since last summer the average cost of a shipping container from china increasing almost five times over. >> i've been doing this 15 years and there's never been anything like this.
7:45 am
says squeezed by these shipping costs -- >> you'll see prices increase and empty shelves. >> reporter: his company forced to raise prices on their newest item by $3. some l.o.l. surprise dolls will see price increases from 10 to $12 and hasbro says shipping costs will cause price hikes later this year. >> santa is going to fly. he has never failed. he just doesn't know exactly what's going to be in that sleigh yet. >> reporter: there's one very clear message here, if there is a must-have toy on your list or you want to get your shopping done before toy prices really skyrocket, guys, now is the time to buy. i'm sorry. >> all right, becky, i'm a bit older than you, but i can remember when my mother was freaking out because she culdn't get a cabbage patch doll for one of her grandkids. >> the cabbage patch crisis, oh. >> crisis. >> crisis. >> well, you really moved her there.
7:46 am
>> bringing back -- flooding back memories. thank you, becky. thank you. coming up here, an amazing display of speed and agility at yankee stadium last night and it was not from an athlete. it's our "play of the day." stay here. jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. depression makes it hard for me to follow through with my plans. my antidepressant helps, but there are times i still feel depressed and make excuses not to go out. is it just me? no, many people taking antidepressants
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now with our "play of the day." you've seen animals get on the field before at games. you've never seen it quite like this and you'll never root for an animal as hard as you are for this cat. yankees/orioles, cat sprinted onto the feel. the groundskeepers try to come out. this will go great. how is this going to work? okay, the cat gets away. now, watch what the cat does, it makes it over and tries to jump out of the stadium. you're going to see. look at that. tries to get out. oh. that's not going to work. let me try this direction so the groundskeepers and the players are rooting on the cat. the cat now -- in the outfield. >> oh. >> you see that move. >> good play-by-play, t.j. >> finally they open the door. the cat gets out. >> that got you up and moving. >> s it gotutually.-1, by y. >> thanks as always, t.j.
7:51 am
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7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. olympic comeback. many eyes on simone biles taking home bronze in the balance beam finals. amy live on the ground there in tokyo. and as kids get ready to go back to the classroom, what is rsv? how to recognize the symptoms versus covid as doctors sound the alarm. plus, what to know about the vaccine time line and the new school year. dr. besser joins us live. ♪ hometown heartbreak. >> i told everyone in this family that you were the one and i would marry you. >> i felt so helpless. >> all the moments you didn't see from last night's explosive episode and what former bachelorette becca is saying aboukae's jo ♪ buckleti
8:01 am
down with "the suicide squad." >> i want my blender back. >> margo, john, stallone, storm, only on "gma." ♪ all you people can't you see can't you see ♪ plus, he's the swimming sensation making a splash and grabbing five gold medals in tokyo. caeleb dressel joins us live here in the studio as we say, good morning, america. ♪ all you people can't you see can't you see ♪ hey, good morning. >> 'nsync. >> i got it mixed up. apologies to all the fellows. >> it is tuesday, folks. good to be here with george and t.j. coming up here some places have started school. a lot going back soon so it's on the minds of a lot of parents. covid cases surging around the country. what you need to know about vaccinating your kids and keeping them safe in that
8:02 am
classroom. dr. besser, our good friend, is back live. he' he'll break this down. simone biles is back at the olympics and has won a bronze. it was in the balance beam finals. guan chenchen won the gold, xijing won silver and amy has the latest. >> reporter: yes, simone biles has proven once again why she is the greatest of all time. she overcame such intense scrutiny and so much pressure to return to the games and, guess what, she's bringing home another medal. this morning simone biles returning to glory with a stunning performance on the balance beam. overcoming mental health struggles earlier in the games to take bronze and silence her critics. it was biles first event since last week and last chance to medal. the superstar olympian pulling out of all other event finals after gng gymstsal l sti spinni midair. after falling short on the vault last week, the 24-year-old says
8:03 am
cease's been taking things day by day pulling out of contention for individual bars, vault and floor routines, now returning to form and overcoming adversity placing third behind cne gymnasts. biles' teammate suni lee finishing fifth after stumbling on the beam but managing to hold on. suni's family and friends cheering on from back home in minnesota. lee became the breakout star of the games after winning gold in the individual all-around. but overnight america getting to see another gold medal performance from fellow gymnast jade carey. the 21-year-old scoring her first olympic medal for a stellar floor routine. her dad and coach right by her side as she won. >> it means everything to me to have my dad here. we've been working so hard for this together so i'm really glad that i was able to do that for us. >> reporter: as soon as simone biles came into the arena all eyes were on her. every camera was pointed in her
8:04 am
direction and you could feel the pressure building inside that room but after she completed her routine, you could see she was visibly relieved. she was very happy hugging her teammates and now she cements her place in olympic history with seven medals tying shannon miller as the most decorated u.s. olympic gymnast, robin. >> a lot of us exhaled after her, but you saw it in person. we were doing it, we were back in t.j.'s dressing room watching it. you were there and saw it with your own eye, okay, amy, thank you. >> reporter: the pressure was on but she delivered. >> yes, she did. we have now the rise in cases of a respiratory virus, rsv, the condition usually more common in the winter and early spring is now affecting children as they emerge from covid restrictions. google searches for rsv usually peak in the winter but they are skyrocketing right now. eva pilgrim joins us with more. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. as families are returg infectio
8:05 am
usually only seen during the winter months. specifically of concern respiratory snnctial virus. it can start off similar to covid. it's hard to tell these two apart. runny nose, cough, fever, temporarily lung inflammation and sometimes a loss of smell or taste and you can in fact have rsv and covid at the same time. normally we see cases of rsv rise when school goes back but health experts say we are seeing an unusual spike now and they find that worrisome. their concern, a surge on surge effect as kids actually do go back to school and some doctors are worried they will run out of beds to be able to treat those children, robin. >> are there steps that you can take to prevent it? >> there are things can you do. very similar to how we've been dealing with covid, masking, social distancing and good hygiene, the key takeaway. if your child is getting worse
8:06 am
not better it is really important to take them to see a doctor, robin. >> do not wait. all right, thank you so much. eva. okay, coming up with covid cases rising we'll tell you what parents should know about the vaccine time line. dr. besser joins us live. and simone biles is back on the beam. dominique dawes and christine brennan are going to join us live with their take on simone returning to competition. major drama on "the bachelorette." greg laying it all on the line during his hometown date with katie. stay with us here on "gma," folks. we are right back.
8:07 am
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♪ oh, what a feeling ♪ ♪ dancing on the ceiling ♪ back here on "gma" this tuesday morning, "american idol" fans about to start dancing on the ceiling because it is official, judges lionel richie, luke bryan and katy perry plus ryan seacrest are all back for a fifth season like it was ever in doubt. they're fantastic together and they're going to be live virtual auditions starting this friday with idea idol across america." go to we poff to our cover story. with covid numbers rising children across the nation are getting ready for back to school. it takes five weeks to be fully vaccinated. many are wondering how to make sure their kids are protected. dr. richard besser is here with answers. good morning, rich. let's start out with the time line for vaccination. >> yeah, george, you know, this
8:12 am
is really important. it takes two weeks after your final dose to have full protection. so this is a really good time to sit down with a trusted source, your child's doctor and talk it through. get your questions answered and the other point, george, is really important is that what we saw last year is that there was more transmission to children in the community than in schools, so don't wait. the sooner they're protected the sooner their risk will go down. >> if i brought my child to see you how would you walk through the pros and cons of getting vaccinated? >> well, you know, first i'd talk about the risk. it's very unusual in america for children to die from infectious diseases and we've seen more than 500 deaths in kids. we've seen several thousand cases of a very unusual inflammatory syndrome and we've seen thousands of kids who have been hospitalized so i talk that through. i would share the information in terms of the hundreds of
8:13 am
millions of doses that have been given safely and i'd listen to what the concerns are that a parent has about the vaccine and compare the risks from vaccine with the risks of the infection and i would listen. it's so important that health care providers treat their patients with respect and listen. >> some parents may be so concerned they don't want to send their kids to school and want them to learn from home. what's the risks associated with that. >> well, you know, over the past year we've seen a number of risks. we've seen children fall behind academically with months of gaps in their learning. we've seen a lot of challenges in terms of social and emotional development. that's one of the critical things that kids get in school. and then on the mental health side, the isolation for kids is causing issues in terms of stress, anxiety, depression. it's really important to do all we can to get every child in america back in school learning. >> so the parent decides i'm going to hold off on the vaccination but to send my kid back to school, what's the best way to protect the child? >> well, a couple of things, get
8:14 am
vaccinated yourself. one thing we've seen in states that have the lowest adult vaccination rate we're seeing the most kays in children because kids tend to get it from adults and then kids can spread it to other adults. the other thing is, have your children wear a mask when they go to school. some states have banned mandates but that doesn't mean that you can't choose to have your child masked and explain to your older children why it's important for them to do it. we can get through that. what this fall looks like will depend in large part on whether parents guide to get their children vaccinated and get vaccinated themselves. we can have either a mild covid season or a very disastrous one, a lot depends on what people do right now. >> rich, you always give clear and compassionate advice. thanks. mes. simone biles returned to competition this morning taking part in the individual balance beam taking home the bronze as she did in rio.
8:15 am
former gold medal olympic gymnast dominique dawes and sports columnist christine brennan joining us. good to be back with you both. dominique, after simone pulled out of the other events many people were wondering why the balance beam. explain why. >> well, she didn't have to worry about the twisties as much on the balance beam if she chose not to do her full dismount and did a double pike and was conservative, probably learned that when she was 8 or 9 so felt confident mr. that but i'm so proud of that young lady. she faced her fears and got out there and this won't be something that's looming over her that she didn't get back out there on the podium and compete. >> i know. you know, dominique, you know, you know the pressure. what does -- what does it mean when you have all the eyes on you, many eyes as simone did and to go back and compete as she did today? >> i mean, it's amazing.
8:16 am
it takes me back to 25 years ago at the 1996 olympic games when i had a mental and emotional breakdown prior to walking out and competing for my team and then i ended my olympic run earning a bronze medal on the floor exercise after having fallen and embarrassing myself. you know, in the georgia dome in front of nearly 50,000 people in the all-around competition. it's hard to do it but yet it will be difficult to move on without getting there and proving it to yourself. that's what simone did. you saw the smiles on her face. she seems elated. she was the biggest cheerleader for her teammates and i know she will feel great about her end result. >> you did not embarrass yourself, my friend. not at all. christine, you have covered virtually every sporting event imaginable. i just want your take on what we saw today with simone. >> remarkable, robin, and dominique and, yes, you know, we've seen athletes come back
8:17 am
from injury and come back into a game or come back and lead a team to super bowls or world series, what have you triumphs. this was better than that, robin because this was about much more than a physical issue. this was about simone overcoming the twisties, overcoming her doubt, overcoming all of the fears and all of the issues that we've talked about for a full week now. it was last tuesday night when she -- when this happened when she pulled out of the team competition and here it is tuesday night in japan and so a week's worth of drama, a week's worth of heartache and tough questions for simone and then she comes out there and she performs beautifully and i think that's why this was such an incredible moment in sports and obviously in life. >> you bring up a good point because, christine, we felt we were going to be talking about simone biles at this olympic games. had no idea that the conversation would be surrounding mental health, mental wellness so in many ways as you said a bigger impact this
8:18 am
conversation that we're having as opposed to her being on the podium. >> without a doubt. if she had won four or five gold medals we would have said that's exactly what was expected. the greatest of all time and talking about simone the athlete, only simone the athlete. instead because it's a silver and bronze which, of course, is so surprising at least at face value, when you dig deeper you go below the surface and such an important week for her and such an important week for the supports world and frankly for kids and everyone else looking at her saying this was more than just an athlete. this was a human being telling us her story leading the way, who is going to help countless young people and adults as well because of what she did. much more important is the human being as it turns out than just the athlete simone biles. >> well said. what do you think is next for simone? dominique, you go first.
8:19 am
>> i would say she's still on her road to healing. she is currently the only survivor on the floor of the larry nassar sexual abuse scandal and even said that, it's not just about sport, it's really about changing the culture of the sport of gymnastics which is why i'm standing in my own gym. it's about creating a more positive culture. i know that simone biles is going to be able to do that as well. >> christine? >> yes, we certainly have not seen the last of simone biles. she will have her own tour. she will be out there with young girls cheering for her. whether she comes back for another olympics or not only three years away, probably doubtful but you never ever count her out but she will be a part of our lives and culture and society with potentially book, movies, documentary, whatever she wants to do, simone biles will be able to do it and we'll be telling her story every step of the way. >> in other words, stay tuned. stay tuned. all right, christine, thank you. and, dominique, nice job giving
8:20 am
yourself a plug. nicely done. proud of. >> well, no one would have ever thought i would be in my own gymnastics gym, neither >> announcer: this is an abc news special report. hi, everyone. i'm diane macedo. we're interrupting your program with breaking news. the new york attorney general announced the findings into an investigation into new york governor andrew cuomo. let's listen. >> the independent investigation has concluded that governor andrew cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state law. specifically, the investigation found that governor andrew cuomo sexually harassed current and former new york state employees
8:21 am
by engaging in unwelcome and nonconsensual touching and making numerous offensive comments of a suggestive and sexual nature that created a hostile work environent for women. the investigators substantiated these facts through interviews and evidence including notes and communications. the evidence will be made available to the public, along with the report. this investigation was started after a number of women publicly alleged they had been sexually harassed by governor cuomo and on march 1st of this year the governor's office made a referral to my office pursuant to state executive law regarding these allegations. executive law 6338 permits the
8:22 am
new york attorney general's office with the approval of the governor, or when directed by the governor, to inquir into matters concerning the public peace, the public safety, the public justice. this referral issued by the governor enabled my office to appoint independent, outside investigators. >> you're listening to the new york attorney general announcing an investigation found new york's governor cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and created a hostile work environment. several women accused cuomo of inappropriate kissing or touching and he has apologized for making people feel uncomfortable. i want to bring in abc's legal
8:23 am
analyst dan abrams. walk us through the key findings. >> she called it conduct of cuomo that corrodes the state government. these women interacted with gov governor cuomo and they interacted with a state police trooper who acted as cuomo's driver. he's named in this report as well. this investigation found nonconsensual touching and suggestive comments that created what james called a toxic work environment. di diane, there's been no comment by governor canucuomo. he's called into question whether june kim the former
8:24 am
prosecutor was truly independent because he investigated some in cuomo's orbit. he sought to cast doubt on the women's stories. first he apologized for making anyone feel uncomfortable. he said people will be shocked when they hear his side of the story. the side by james appears to corroborate what we heard about cuomo's behavior. she said it corrodes the fabric of state government. >> she said the governor violated federal and state laws. what could this mean for cuomo legally? >> we need to separate civil from potential criminal. what this means is legal manner. the attorney general had the authority to compel testimony, to force the production of documents, but not pursuant to criminal law. this is basically an order to
8:25 am
issue a report, which it sounds like she's going to do. it's devastating to governor cuomo. if there's going to be a criminal charge, at least at this point, it would still have to be brought by the local district attorneys. that is not what she's been empowered to do here. that's why you have to listen very carefully to the different kinds of allegations here. meaning, there is a dirfference in the criminal law between comments versus unwanted touching. unwanted touching could be a criminal charge. unwanted comments are considered sexual harassment, subject to possible civil lawsuits. we'll see what happens from here. remember, the state assembly is also doing its own investigation. so one might say, well, this report is going to lead to, for example, impeachment
8:26 am
proceedings. not necessarily the case because the assembly is doing its own investigation. this is important and devastating for the governor first piece in this. there are a lot of additional questions that need answered. >> there sure are. federal investigators were looking into concerns that cuomo withheld data about nursing home deaths in the new york. he's also under an assembly investigation. the governor has denied these charges and has asked the public and fellow law makers to withhold judgment. we will be waiting to see if we hear more from the governor. we'll return to your original
8:27 am
good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from abc7 mortgages. soon offering supplemental vaccine doses. while she supports offering extra doses, there's not enough data yet to support any benefit. thank you, kumasi. we have a sig alert right now underway in rodeo that is causing a bit of a slow down. a car overturned on eastbound 4 at cummings skyway. speeds are down to 20 miles per hour. we do have some improvement at the bay bridge toll
8:28 am
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good morning. i hope you're having a good start to your tuesday. temperatures holding in the 50s just about everywhere. 63 in los gatos. let's check out the view from the camera around the coliseum. there's plenty of low clouds around there. watch out for fog, especially in the north valleys.
8:30 am
hot today and again friday. we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes. you can always find the latest [ crowd chanting "good morning, america." oh, my, those are some of the stars of one of the most -- of the summer's most anticipated movies, "the suicide squad." chris connelly talked with some of the cast, so, chris, do tell. what was it like to sit down with them? good morning. >> good morning, robin. i'd say we had a lot of fun so not a sequel but a stand-alone movie written and directed by james gunn who steered "the guardians of the galaxy" to box office bounty. it keeps coming at you with irrepressible humor kind of like the members of the cast. >> this is suicide. >> that's kind of our thing. >> reporter: supervillains of "the suicide squad," misfits let out of their cells to wreak
8:31 am
havoc with the government. >> people are like, harley quinn, i love you. yeah, me too, she's awesome. >> reporter: from james gunn who did "guardians of the galaxy". >> they have a lot of heart and big spectacle and action and really funny in a bizarre way. >> doesn't seem to be any incoming traffic. >> bird. >> reporter: that's sylvester stallone as the voice of king shark, dorsal fin of few words. >> one of my most memorable lines. bird. rumbling stomach has more dialogue than i have. >> do you get paid by the syllable. >> no, but i like that, the less, the better. i find the more i talk, the more trouble i get into. really. >> reporter: plus 18-year-old storm reid as the daughter of idris elba's blood sport. >> it was a challenge. he is so passionate about his
8:32 am
work and he pays attention to detail, so i actually felt like i was in a fight with my father. >> reporter: and wwe superstar john cena as the ruthless peacemaker. hold on. >> just not going to talk about the fact you showed up in your costume. >> they said we were -- you know, promoting "the suicide squad" and interested in talking with peacemaker and i may or may not have taken a costume or two. >> i want my blender back. >> yes. that is your hand. very good. >> we're all gonna die. >> what did you do to get in shape for this movie? >> eat a lot of sushi. i showed up in a parking lot and did my part. really nice, just voiceover which is great. interesting because they're all flesh and blood and he's i guess computer generated and i'm reeling to that now as i get older. that's the future for me. >> reporter: the film's savage wit and cartoonish violence
8:33 am
helping the writer/director set the mood for epic scenes. >> gave me an incredible action sequence in the middle of the film which i'm proud of. >> reporter: on set mishap had robbie thinking about something else entirely go what was going on while shooting that was that one of the bullets had ricocheted out of the gun, hit the camera and went down my corset. it's like hotter than a curling iron and i had this bullet going -- that's what i was thinking about. i need to put this gun down. >> to see it, i was blown away. i think it goes back to what miss margot was saying about the moving -- movie having that intersection of, yes, it's a genre piece and superhero movie but it also has that heart and that meaning and that message. >> i think that's what makes "the suicide squad" so entertaining is because we want to root for flawed individuals to grow. it doesn't fall off ever. you start at full rev and go until the end.
8:34 am
>> you're taking ownership of this summer. >> i'm keeping myself busy, you know, walking around hollywood boulevard in a peacemaker costume. >> reporter: so he does with the spirit that sums up his new movie's appeal. >> i think there is tremendous joy in life by not taking yourself too seriously. man, i just enjoy those moments. >> reporter: can i just say wearing that shiny helmet in the heat of a hollywood afternoon, that is commitment. part of a summer movie that never stops trying to surprise and delight its audience, guys. >> that is one word for it. all right, chris connelly, thank you, thank you, thank you so much and john cena, you said he's really funny. >> he is hilarious in the movie. >> we'll see what he's wearing tomorrow when he joins us live here. "the suicide squad" is in theaters and on hbo max on friday. coming up, the stephen king joining us live. come on back.
8:35 am
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welcome back to "gma," everybody and we are back now with the duchess of york, sarah ferguson releasing her new novel, "her heart for a compass" and she is joining us live this morning. good morning, good to see you and, look, at the beginning you have a dedication page of this book, praising your daughters for being strong enough to follow their hearts. would you say your daughters have done a better job than you did maybe around their age at
8:38 am
following your heart? america b just, you know, i'm anglo-american, you know that, don't you? i have to thank the american people because you gave me my life, you know, when i went there and i did two cities a day for 12 years for weight watchers so i love -- i'm very sort of very pro-america so that's the first thing, second thing, yes, my children, 32 and 31 and nearly 33, they are incredible girls, feet on the ground, they know exactly what mistakes not to do because their mother made them all so it's just perfect and also, yes, "her heart for a compass," of course, the book is about this very strong courageous resilient redhead. i wonder where she is. and so, yes, the girls -- i dedicated it to the girls. i don't want them to wait till 61 to follow their dreams. it's always been my dream to be
8:39 am
a novelist and don't wait till 61. >> wait till 61 but how is it that at 61 and writing this book and all you've gone through in life that at 61 at this point the book still is helping you to find your voice in some way? >> yes, well, you're very kind to ask, t.j. i think that women are very suppressed still actually and i think it's time for women to not be silent whisperers and what happened was that for many, many, many years, whether it be the front pages that have really hurt me mentally and i've really believed it or whatever it might be to cause me to go off the rails or taken the wrong road, you end up shriveling a little bit inside and hiding yourself and i've always wanted to do that but every time i put my head above the parapet i lose it. i went and actually found this incredible marg
8:40 am
please, can you help me? during the pandemic in our situation we had zoom calls and telephone calls and together we merged into this one voice of lady margaret through "her heart for a compass" and it is just so incredible to be able to talk to you, t.j., without really worrying about what i'm going to say to you. i'm just being myself now. thanks to -- thanks to writing a novel. i mean, it's pretty exciting. i also think just quickly, i know i'm going ton but i think it's fascinating in 1870 where women were suppressed so badly they would not be educated and now women are still not with their voice and i think this book is to inspire women to get up and keep your voice with great gentleness, kindness and goodness but to say what you want to say and i think that's why it's very important today
8:41 am
the debut of my first novel. >> well, last thing i want to get at in the 15 seconds i have left your grandchildren. you're a new grandmother. what is the lesson you give to your grandchild? >> oh, my goodness. august, he is a little chap. i've got to learn to play train, trucks and diggers and because i've always had girls in my life and barbies but good news if he wants to play with barbies i'll do that too so sorry i only got 15, t.j., you're great. i'm going to come over and see you. >> can't wait to see you here. would love it. take you around town, sarah ferguson. so good to see you. congrats on everything and good to hear you talking the way you are finding your voice at 61 but "her heart for a compass" out today. thank you so much. let me go back over to ginger. >> i'm taking let's bang on for the saying of the day like, yeah, just bang on. talk all you want. i only have 20. let's show you what'shappening. the atlantic quiet after elsa but the pacific total antithesis
8:42 am
kicking up surf. the west koeshgs another ridge and high building in and the heat building from death valley right through burbank over to good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. we're pretty comfortable and cool. it gets warmer inland, 90s there. and we are here now with the king of storytelling, published over 50 books, newest "billy summers" getting rave reviews. stephen king, welcome back to "gma." >> george, thank you very much. good to see you. >> tell us about "billy summers." >> oh, "billy summers," billy is a hired hit man who only does jobs if the person deserves -- he calls them bad people. he only goes after bad people
8:43 am
and he is -- wants to get out of the business, of course, one last job, you know in a book like this, the job has to go wrong so it does and i think it's very entertaining. >> cannot wait to read it. you've written just about everything, horror, fantasy, time travel. when are you going to write a romance novel? >> i'm going to leave that so sarah ferguson. [ laughter ] >> that's a good one. i think you told us before your new year's resolution was to watch all the flips you have never seen before or the ones you don't remember well. you were up to 197 of the last time we spoke, the year came out. >> i'm up to 2016. >> you made a lot of progress. >> yeah, i'm making a lot of progress and got a couple of takeaways, one is that paul
8:44 am
newman was just as gorgeous at the end of his career as he was at the beginning of his career. i think one of the first movies i watched was "hud." he was gorgeous then. the other thing is that computers have gotten smaller and cell phones have gotten a lot smaller. 1984 is the first time that you see this huge blocky thing in some guy's hand, you know, and then little by little they get smaller and smaller and smaller. >> who plays billy summers in the movie? >> oh, man, i mean, there's so many actors but billy is a 44-year-old guy. he has a lot of adventures and there are a lot of arcs that could play that. my favorite, the one that i saw in my mind's eye was jake gyllenhaal. i think he is a fantastic actor and he could do a great job as billy. >> he'll probably be calling in right now. >> that's my opinion. you may have yours. >> well, yours is the one that
8:45 am
counts right there. before we let you go, we heard your daughter gave you a haircut. any concerns there? >> well, it's kind of molting now. this is my covid-19 haircut and i went down to her house and she said would you like a haircut and i said, yeah, how long will it take you? she said five minutes so it's sort of in between right now but i'm getting there. >> i think she did a pretty good job. stephen, great to see you, thanks for coming on. "billy summers" is out today and coming up, five-time gold medal swimmer caeleb dressel joins us live right here in many tim california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. we are back with one of the heroes of the tokyo olympics. american swimmer caeleb dressel. bringing home five gold medals dn't be happier to have you in person. five gold medals. let's see,rd
8:48 am
it's like highlight after highlight after highlight but i want to know what's the highlight for you from the games? >> ooh. yeah, so there's -- there's a few but usually the memories i get to bring back home with me have nothing to do with the pool. it's fun competing. it's fun getting to do what i love to do but camp, we had camp in hawaii for i think we were there a little over two weeks then we had a little minicamp in tokyo before we got sent off to the village. i would say some of the highlights were team usa becoming team usa. peple have different college program, different states all coming together for about three weeks before you get to compete together as team usa and the memories that we've made along that whole month, i think one of them is some of the guys taught some of the girls how to play poker. >> ah. >> the person i was with brooke and she was out second to last, i feel bad. i was a bad coach in that situation but that was probably one of the highlights for me.
8:49 am
>> that's cool. >> a lot of mario kart, a lot of mario tennis. ares about the gold medal? [ laughter ] >> poker. >> yeah, i won five goals but that poker nig something. >> some of the worst poker i've ever played. i only won one game, i lost both the tournaments and probably played over 12. i did terrible, yeah. >> where are the medals? i expected you to come weighed down. is it in the bag? >> i don't know. >> they're in there. just curious. where do you keep those now? you have some medals already. where will they be kept? >> i don't know. i'm not sure. maybe my -- might give some out. let other people enjoy them but i don't know. >> who is with you? >> i have megan, my agent, and then my speedo plug that makes everything -- >> wow. [ laughter ] >> they were quick to hand you the medals right there. >> yeah. >> i heard you told reporters
8:50 am
after this exhausting week 12 different events that you were pretty over swimming. is that true? pretty over sw yeah. no, yeah, i don't want to be anywhere near a pool right now which is normal. that's tot is at hand. once it's up i can let the guard down and be sick of swimming -- >> what are you going to do? >> not swim. >> my body is still in the pool from that last relay. i'm not sure. me and megan still haven't taken a honeymoon. >> come on. there you go. >> maybe we'll try to plan that here in three weeks. i got another competition in three weeks so -- >> i can see her beaming under the mask. there she is. so you're down about ten pounds. >> yeah. >> you said that you couldn't wait to get some food. what's the first thing you ate?
8:51 am
>> i want to get a pity party. i threw that out. i usually always drop weight at swim meets. when i am nervous i don't eat much. my first cheat meal was truly in tokyo. i went to the athlete dining and it was me, townley and zach apple. i don't think blake was there. me and my other two roommates had five or six pieces of pizza, two burgers, made a coke float, yeah. i felt -- then literally right after that we went and had a football from our common area for the team usa building and my shoulder still hurts. we threw it around for probably two hours, yeah, fuelinged up on pizza and burgers. >> so glad. we always here about the pressure but to have some fun and let your guard down. >> it's just a bunch of people. it's just a bunch of guys and girls doing what we love to do. it's human beings at the end of the day. we might be pretty fast in the water but we like playing poker and video games and we eat pizza
8:52 am
and burgers. [ laughter ] >> just like us. just like us. >> what's the key to keeping that mental balance? we've heard so much about stress at the games. >> for me it's taking one race at a time. like i said you have to know what the task is at hand. i knew what i signed up for even from trials. i knew how many events i would swim at the games and what my schedule would be and had everything written down, what day and what i was swilling and what helped is physically checking off each day, each block so i think there was 14 different -- i think there were 14 sessions, i think i had 12 swims so i would circle each swim and after every session i would look forward on the bus back picking up and crossing off each day and helped looking at something i could actually reciprocate with and know there's one day gone and before know it there's seven xs. halfway done and after the last day i still got to cross off the
8:53 am
very last box, that helped a lot just taking it one race at a time, one everything at a time. >> smart. >> this one belongs to you again. i don't want to be accused of -- but thank you for making the time and being with us here in the studio. i hope you felt us cheering you on, all of team usa back here in the states. >> of course, my favorite part, seeing the videos of the people back home get together. made me really
8:54 am
8:55 am
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jobina now for a look at traffic. >> much better. i just want to start with rodeo on the map. the sig alert we followed earlier has cleared. so i'm giving i the thumbs up on eastbound 80. slower on the western span of the bay bridge, we had an earlier stall that is cleared. a lot of the low clouds hanging around the bay and into the north bay and south bay, but not the east bay. look at that inland, low to mid- 90s, our hottest temperatures. 80 to 90 in the south bay. mid-80s in the north bay, and 60s along the coast and n ancis
9:00 am
little cooler. now it's time for kelly and ryan. we'll be back >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new series, "mr. corman," joseph gordon-levitt. plus, a performance from a recording artist grammar. plus, dr. pimple popper herself, dr. sandra lee. and actors katie lowes is back at the co-host desk. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are ryan seacrest and katie lowes! >> ryan: welcome back pure nice to see if you'd >> katie: nice to see you. >> ryan: thank you. please, have a seat. it's going to be a very long hour. [laughs] it's tue


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