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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 3, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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[announcement on pa] introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. r kids.
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usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. crews have recovered a body in this section of pleasanton they believe to be missing runner philip kreycik. i'll detail how that discovery was made. san francisco has a plan to give an extra vaccine dose to people who got the johnson & johnson shot after an abc7 report the cdc and white house respond. what they said coming up. vaccine proof for anything happening indoors. a weather pattern thats wildfire concerns. i'll have the forecast. abc7 news at 11:00 begins now. we're pretty heartbroken over this. we wanted to bring e d anso
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dais hard for all of us. >> after being missing for nearly a month, the body of a berkeley runner was likely found in an east bay park today. >> tough news today. abc7 news reporter j.r. stone is live at pleasanton ridge regional park near where those remains were found. j.r.? >> reporter: well, dan, i can tell you police had this area behind me -- it's actually private property out here -- but they had it roped off with yellow crime scene tape for much of the afternoon. they cleared the scene in the last few hours, after finding human remains up in the hills here. they can be e here shortly after a volunteer hiker came across human remains under this brush. >> that person located a deceased individual matching the description of philip kreycik. >> reporter: kreycik was a husband and father. the 37-year-old runner was last
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scene on july 10th. while an official i.d. has yet to be made, authorities are confident that this is, in fact, kreycik. the remains were found just off of a game trail used by animals. one that could look like a normal trail. >> he was located about 250 yards off of that trail, near a tree, and that's what we know at this point. >> reporter: you can see homes in pleasanton in this shot, and then the area where the discovery was made. from the ground we couldn't get close because of the terrain, bit from our sky 7 mapping system, you can see interstate 580, and then the northern ridge. >> once we heard they found philip, it was devastating, especially for the community, because this just doesn't happen any round here. >> reporter: fisher just one of the many who had searched and hoped for better news. >> i know our search team has never wavered, never given up.
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we are heartbroken. we wanted to bring him alive and safe, so to deliver this news today is hard for all of us. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see those private property sign. the remains were found in an area bothering private property and a neighborhood out here, an area that wasn't open for recreation. authorities do tell me tonight they are now trying to piece together the timeline here to figure out what exactly happened, and what exactly went wrong. we also could have a cause of death, a preliminary cause of death in the next 24 to 48 hours. reporting live in pleasanton j.r. stone abc7 news. >> we used the abc7 news app to send out a push alert about those recent developments in pleasanton. sign up so you'll be the first to know breaking news when it happens. an update on a story from laugh night. a bay area hospital is going to offer vaccine booster shots.
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that announcement has attracted the attention of the cdc, the fda, even the white house. vaccine team member kate larson explains what san francisco general is going to do now that its plan has become a national controversy. >> after the story aired monday night, the cdc, fda, and white house all had something to say about san francisco's decision to offer a supplemental pfizer or moderna shot to people who not the single dose johnson & johnson vaccine. >> we, again, know different localities will make their own decisions, but that's not reflective of public health guidance. haven't the cdc said date time they do not recommend additional booster shots. san francisco general's chief of emergency medicine, dr. chris colewell first shared the
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news about the extra mrna vaccine on abc7. >> i was concerned, because it has been an issue for a while. >> reporter: they are not recommending the extra dose, but rather accommodate special requests. >> i'm very support inof san francisco general's decision to allow people that got the johnson & johnson shot to get one of the mrna shots as a booster. despite what the cdc and the white house said today? >> and i'm not necessarily disagreeing with what they're saying. they are say there is not data saying taw have to do this, and i agree with that. >> reporter: some wanted to know how the hospital came to its decision and addressed concerned about liability. >> but there's a lot of places that are thinking about this. the new york department of public health is one of many. the evidence that we have suggests it may help it and won't hurt, and doesn't it make sense to just consider this. >> reporter: the extra shots
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are expected to be available in the next week at san francisco general. new york is set to become the first city in the country to require proof of vaccination for a range of indoor activities. tonight, bay area health officials say they are exploring the possibility of a similar mandate here. amanda explains what that could look like. >> reporter: a number of private businesses across the bay area have already put into practice vaccine mandates, requirements that only allow the fully inoculated indoors. now there is talk of taking that a step further. >> if you're going to go indoors at this critical time when cases are going up and up and up in some quarters, you shall be vaccinated, and you should be able to demonstrate that. everyone san francisco supervisor matt haney posted this poll to twitter tooth tuesday, pointing to new york city's new mandate.
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they will soon require vaccine proof. >> right now we've seen a number of bars and restaurants and other entities are doing that, and we're very supportive of that, and encouraging people to take advantage of that policy. >> reporter: in san mateo county, one supervisor tweeting if you do have proof, you may be turned away and forced to drink at home alone tonight, just like in the big an. >> the county of san mateo has not officially take an position on doing this, but it's something seriously being considered. >> reporter: it is hoped to encourage those who haven't gotten the vaccine to get the vaccine, or be left on the outside looking in. >> it's shameful, and they should be sitting at home. more companies are joining the list of employers that are changing their vaccination and masking policies newspaper
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today are tyson foods, microsoft, and gm, chrysler, and ford. all will require proof of vaccination, except for the automakers, which are reinstated masks mandates. >> a's fans will need their masks when watching games from certain portions of the coliseum. as of now, they are required at tree house hash person and the stomping ground. the giants have not yet updated their guidelines for oracle park. new details the san francisco unified school district answered some questions tonight from parents just two weeks before that some are to return to class. at a a zoom meet, parents were told that eligible students just get vaccinated. masks will be required indoors, and students should say home when they're sick. the district's goal is to have everything in place to prevent an infection. >> all of this is a risk benefit ray slow that each
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family has to decide, the risk of having their child stay at home versus covid, and we in public health, as well as the medical world, really do believe that school is the best place for children. >> the district says parts will be notified if there is a positive case at school. >> the urgency in the battle against the de los santos- fueled summer surge is concerning, as cases in children skyrocket. >> peoplele are burning out. the burnout is very real. >> president biden is urging the private sector to require vaccinations, calling out states that have banned mask mandates including in schools where young children still aren't eligible to get the shots. >> use your power to save lives. >> reporter: 72,000 new cases just last week with millions of students returning to the classroom, experts fear the worst is yet to come. >> the troubling part of this is that we're in early august,
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and with fall sports and school around the corner, that could be obviously a very potent combination. >> 91% of the u.s. is experiences high or substantially high community transmission. the cdc announced a fresh stop for evictions that were set to end in october. the president calls on cities and states to distribute the billions of dollars of federal housing funds to the people who desperately need it. and tonight a senior white house official confirms they expect the fd l.a. fully approve the pfizer vaccine by september. and vaccination clinics were held tonight. we were there in san jose for one of the many events held across the bay area. firefighters and police showed up to mingle with the community. >> there was a fairly big turnout at san francisco's ingle side police department.
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there was a bounce house for the kids to play in. plenty of food, with pizza and pop corp. police also raffled off various prizes. >> that looks fun. >> yes. coming up, a scathing report fines new york's governor sexually harassed multiple women. how he is responding to calls for his resignation. and an artistic mystery in the north bay. have you seen this? the hillside masterpiece that has some drivers doing a double take. >> our days are turning school cooler and we might even have some drizzle. i'll have the forecast in just a moment. i'm anthony. mr. anderson, if you're nasty. >> hi, my love. my daughter coming in right there. >> okay. so tell us about dr.
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you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. political pressure is mounting on new york governor andrew cuomo to resign. an independent investigation determined the three term democrat sexually assaulted at least seven women.
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>> reporter: president biden calling for the resignation after it was found he harassed at least 11 women. >> the worst was unwelcome physical contact with women, including touching inappropriate body parts. >> it was a culture where you could not say no to the governor. >> new and renewed calls are growing for andrew cuomo to step down. >> i believe she should resign. >> we continue to believe that the governor should resign. >> accepting responsibility means stepping down. so i done believe him, and i don't want an an outgy. it's not necessary. it's fake. >> reporter: his attorney is slamming the attorney general's finding as unfair and inaccurate, and the governor is defiantly denying them. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. >> there's no penalty
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specifically tied to this report. the women can decide if they want to bring a civil action. >> reporter: now at least 55 of the 63 members of the new york state senate, which would vote to remove governor cuomo if he were to be impeached, and called for his resignation. >> i think the assembly will take a look at the fact, and then if that's the way to do it, move forward with that.. >> mayor london breed has agreed to pay $23,000 in fines over ethics violations. >> at no time have any of the things related to this stipulation had any impact on the decisions that i've made as mayor, and my hope is that over time, i've been able to prove that. >> the violations are tied to receiving contributions for a 2015 pride parade float for a member of the board board board
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supervisors. a let in 2018 to then governor brown advocating for her brother who was in prison. if the ethics commission approves the agreement next week, the mayor will pay the fine. an east bay walnut eethr ence at in order 0strom plaza. the store asked walnut creek for help. city council unanimously approved the deal tonight. >> the dixie fire blew through control lines today, sadly, pushing into the basin and forcing new evacuations. it has been burning near the feather river canyon for twenty days now, three weeks. a red flag warning going into effect tomorrow, with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour expect fire has burned burned bn
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than 397,000 square miles. thousands of farmers have been caught from tapping into that's rivers and streams. it covers those in the sacramento and san joaquin watersheds, which is most of the central valley. this is one of the most drastic moves so far by the state. i know we're getting late in summer, but we're still a good ways off from getting any rain, dan. >> yeah, spencer, obviously a long way to go, but we may get a little drizzle? >> that's true. we don't have rainfall, but at least conditions that translate into low wildfire risk, which is good. this is the alignment of systems in the atmosphere here. deepening marine layer and increased humidity. the wind is relative bely calm right now, except in the de los the delta area, where it's a little bit brisk. it's 56 here in the city.
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only 58 across the bay. 61 in sa 55 at pacifica. here is 54 in santa 75 in vaccine. vacaville. that's our warm spot. breezy and cooler next two days, and we'll have warmer and more summer like weather developing at the end of the week. overnight the low clouds and fog push across the bay, and locally inland. 6:00 tomorrow morning, after the morning commute gets underway, lots of lingering low clouds and fog, with a chance of spotty drizzle, not only along the coast, but the bay and some inland areas as well. then we'll have a mostly sunny day over the bay and inland. highs tomorrow down in the
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south bay mainly mid-to mid- 80s. 84 at guillermo. redwood city up to about 77. 63 degrees downtown san francisco. up in the north bay, we'll see highs around 80 degrees in the warmest spots. oakland 71. union city highs in the mid-to- upper 80s. not looking for any 90s tomorrow. we may be looking for them, but they won't be there. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. highest reading along the buy shore line about 70, but warns up sharply on industry and saturday when we'll see mid-lie highs in the mid-70s. mid-60s on the coast. and then we cool down and have a sustain period of calm and mild weather through the weekend into early next week. >> all right. thank you so much, spencer. >> calm
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all right. it's a story that's getting a lot of buzz. i apologize ahead of time. a pennsylvania couple bought a new house knowing there were some bees in the walls, but had no idea how many. there were mo
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450,000 bees living in the walls of this house! i don't kn and the hives had probably been there for decades. the bees were safely relocated, and the family ended up with a bill for $12,000. i apologized for this. now that stings. [ laughter ] >> that does sting. thing of all the hope they could have. >> check out this dry hill side in nevada that has turned into huge image of a person's face. it caught miguel sosa's eye. it's located right past the miller creek exit. the artist behind the work remain us a mystery tonight, but it's well done, and we have our best people on it to find out. >> we do. i like it, though. it's fun
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madison bumgarner tonight against johnson katy. a good match-up. cuedo's pitch in the dirt. both runners advance and score. cabrera doubles to the right field corner. he goes three runs. madison bumgarner goes seven innings. the giants fall 3-1. a's and padres. i will have whatever he's having. feeling good. first batter of the game.
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tommy pham takes one deep, and in a flash, it is 1-0 san diego. this should be strike three, inning over, instead the umpire calls it ball through, and then the next pitch, jake, opposite field knock. the padres take a 4-0 lead. and a nice catch right there. trent grisham, to take one away from elvis andrus. the 49ers put the pads on for the first time in training camp. trey lance continuing to make plays that make you go wow. 14 of 15 complexes in the practice. among those impressed is jimmy garoppolo. >> the athleticism he brings pushes us to be better athletes. it's a different style.
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>> steph curry becomes the first player in nba history to sign two $200 million deal. he has a new deal that will keep him as a golden state warrior through 2026. classic summer league ball. warriors and kings sugared up s in sacramento. jessup
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thanks for watching. >> >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live" with guest host anthony anderson! tonight, christian slater. chase stokes. and music from kem. and now, anthony anderson! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> anthony: i see you, i see you! thank you! thank you! [ cheers and applause ] all right, all right! come on! we've got to get the show going. all right. welcome to "jimmy kimmel live." i'm your guest host, anthony anderson.
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